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July 19, 2022

Ep 212- Hou$e Ri¢h;Land Deals: Daniel Esteban Martinez

Ep 212- Hou$e Ri¢h;Land Deals: Daniel Esteban Martinez

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Yeah, I cancelled like my, my email and other stuff like last week. And I was like, like so I was going to do and I was like, I don't know how to have all this website stuff set up and I was like, Okay, someone do to finally. Alright. Got it. We're live. All right. Okay. I'm on my closet as you can see. All right. Grab my cup of water. What's your YouTube channel? Man? It is house rich. The real estate show. All right. You ready to go on your? Yeah. All right. Yes, because we're all waiting on me. All right. Welcome to house rich the real estate show we talk to average people that have done above average Real Estate. Today, we're gonna talk about Daniel, Mark Tiktok. Today, here's me. Daniel Martinez, the co founder of Hi Fi. I want to talk about his entrepreneurial journey from leaders to drive trucks, you know, whole bunch things. So being the co founder of a tech platform CRM hive mind, so appreciate you being on with us, Daniel, anything else you want to do to introduce yourself to the good folks here? Truck driver, Real Estate Software? It's kind of sums it all up like you got it? Yes, I was. Of course, I was reading your. And we'll jump back in a little bit further back into your origin story. But how do you even get to the point where you're setting up like a CRM platform? Like do you have any like tech background at all? Or How'd you even get into that? I mean, I guess I've always been kind of a techie type person, by no means my a techie person because that's like when I think a techie and like, like nerdy nerdy people that build computers and stuff like that. Like, that's my brother, my brothers, that person like, he's a data analyst for the government with like two degrees, I'm like, I have no degrees have nothing. Nothing to that. I'm just a normal guy, man. It's one of those things. When you when you start the entrepreneur, entrepreneurship journey, like paths get presented to you. And then you kind of take a path. So like, people always ask me like, What do you be in five years? Like, I have no idea the path I'm down right now. It kind of just appeared in front of me, and I'm on it right now. That's kind of free flows from there. So I fell into real estate and I fell into software. And there's really no way around. So So as of like, 2000, like 1920 Yo to trucking business. Are you in trucking at that point? Yeah, so I used to my I'm 30. Now I started loading trucks when I was like, 1920 years old, did that for a couple of years, actually worked for the same company for I think, almost six years. And they trained me how to drive trucks through that company sites and load trucks for them. And then they had a truck driver training program that I went through to learn how to drive trucks with them. So I drove trucks with them for two years. After two years, I left them and started my own trucking company and drove again for two more years. So I drove total four years. That's kind of like my transition point. And so just just like, as I was reading, kind of your bio, your your your dad's way saying that, you know, manual labor is not not a thing to do, basically. So is that kind of why he got out of the truck? Or what made you say, hey, I want to get out of trucking was it was the business profitable was doing well? Like what made the transition from trucking to spice literally, it was out of desperation, sorry, desperation, forces you to do things you don't want to do. And the reason why is that and when you income when you come into business, all businesses aren't, are like good profit margins. Like I didn't know that at first, but that's what it is. And Trucking is just one of those businesses. So like on paper, a trucking business profitability is like 10% or less fortune 500 companies or fortune 100 companies like publicly traded companies, they're usually operating off a profit margin of 3% or less billion dollar companies are burning off 3% So it's one of those things where like, I didn't know it wasn't it was that bad of a business I kind of went through the fire and learned it, got my ass kicked a few times and then pivoted into something else just because I had to. I lost my ass and trucking Yeah, I used to work on the dispatching side for JB Hunt but I had no clue the the the profit margins were that were that skinny it's it's a it's a pain in the ass business in general. From everybody's in your pockets when you're operating a business like that. And it's just, it's hard man. And there's always so many up and up and up in the air variables. I literally talked to my dispatcher today. He told me that one of his clients is still waiting to get paid on over 20 loads from one from one broker. They're just not getting paid on. And that's business man. It's just a pain in the ass. Okay, gotcha cash is that so is that we decided to kind of transition. So the skip tracing part. So I started I started real estate first I kind of went down the real estate rabbit hole first. And it was more of like I learned about wholesaling and going through YouTube. When I was driving, I had a lot of time with my hands. So listen to podcasts and YouTube a lot. So I learned about wholesale real estate, I took 19 At that time, 19 year olds course, on how to do real estate. I'm doing my first deal like six months in, and that's how you get real estate. From there I trends I learned about the data company phone, so data company type thing, where I know now I sell data nationwide for marketing people marketing list, and then from their phones, the software. So how that first that first real estate deal go Was that like a wholesaling deal. flipper, what happened there? Yeah, it was also a deal. So it was actually a land deal, which is kind of funny at the time. I'm a partner, because we were we both at the same course. And we both were focusing on land. And that's how we ended up working together. But I was living in Atlanta at the time. And I was doing PPC which is pay per click marketing, Google ads and seller. It lived in Atlanta on a property and Florida's like, Hey, I'm getting all these citations for the city for garbage on the property. And I need to get I need to sell the property. So I took I found I was worth about 20, I guess was worth about 20,000. I really don't know, I really didn't know at the time. So I was like, What do you take? $4,235.63? So for the same precisely, yeah. She's like, can you do 5000? And I'm like, yes. So I liked that for 5000 ended up selling it on Facebook marketplace for 12. And so how did how do you refine their property to begin with like either come across your as PPC pay? Okay, okay. Okay, gotcha, gotcha. Yeah, so those Pay Per Click marketing. That's how we came in. I was so scared to talk to the seller. I just emailed them. So I contracted it author email. So it came in through Google ads. And then I just emailed emailed him all the materials and had a contract. So that author email never talked to the owner. Okay, that's awesome that that's the ultimate sales. Letter to the customer. And so is that was that part of like the skip tracing? Or is that how you kind of got into that as a as a whole? That's how I got into real estate? I mean, I don't know nothing about real estate before that. I just, I knew people were doing it. I know, it was a profitable thing. But you don't know what you don't know. So could you actually explain what like what the skip tracing is? And kind of what I do it on? And what basically what what is it? Exactly? So skip tracing is your in short form is your information is everywhere, everybody's information is everywhere, online. So essentially, if you have anybody's first name, last name and mailing address, you can find out their phone number, email address. And that's the process of skip tracing. So what we do as investors is we'll pull a giant list of homeowners or property owners, landowners, and certain areas will skip trace it which is in the process of getting their phone over email, and then we'll market to them directly to get a below below market deal. Okay, so like, cuz I've always heard that time I never really dove until it's like when people are doing wholesaling, and they're finding like abandoned locks. Is that what they're doing to find the owner? Or are they finding the locks with the skip tracing, because it doesn't work both ways. So everything is public information. So if you go to whatever county you live in, let's say it's, at least live in Georgia. So Henry County, Georgia, you can go Henry County, Georgia tax assessor. There's literally a public forum to actually search properties in that whole county, and it's for every county nationwide, that you can find out who owns that property. It's all public information. So you can find, Hey, John Smith owns 123 Main Street, his mailing address is 567 Johnson street. So I put 123 put by seven Johnson street with John Smith, put it through the skip tracing process, and it usually spits out a number in the email. Okay. And so, um, okay, so I'm going to kind of jump back to that in a second. But now I want to kind of, kind of fast forward to hive mind. And so what what makes you think, Hey, I just started a CRM. You fall into it, man, I had the opportunity, the opportunities presented myself, and the one thing that we're in real estate and there's other products and services out there, but they're really difficult to use. Really, really difficult to use. And when here's a statistic like 86% of businesses As, don't use a CRM, and it takes them five years, like 50% of businesses start using a CRM after five years. So they just they're doing spreadsheets or doing paper or they're doing scratch paper, like there's no way to build a business, you can't control, nurture and market to these potential clients no matter what business you're in. So when we are in real estate, we have to do the same thing for such potential sellers. And we're struggling to coordinate and bring in those leads in general to convert because it can get pretty chaotic. When you're texting, emailing Cold Calling 1000s of people like he gets crazy, you don't remember conversations you don't remember nothing follows a nightmare. And it just create gets crazy after that. So the hive mind Sam can opportunity came about, we took advantage of it. And now like the CRM has changed my businesses in general, because now I'm more optimized, I'm able to control and automate my business, my marketing, all that stuff is is controlled under one system. And now I can do more and have more flexibility to do more. So it really controls your output. And that's what all is here. I'm this kind of essentially paid pays for sell. But could you talk about like what, like, what are some of the aspects of the of the CRM? Like what what is all under that? hivemind? Roof? Sure, sure, sure. So the average business this is from Torrance Torres told me this one, the average business uses, like 30, different systems, average business, every smart, every small business use 30 different systems. But what's the system, it can be your email platform, it can be your website platform configured your texting platform, it could be your course platform, it could be all these different things that just aren't connected at all. So you have to coordinate and manage all those things. They don't talk to each other. So it's hard to do that. So hive mind is one of the things that kind of brings a lot of those services together, that we can combine and control a lot of those automations is all done internally. If you're not doing stuff internally, it goes out to Zapier and you can kind of really create any lit like limitless opportunities. So high demand comes with texting, emailing, calling a dialer, websites, website, hosting, emails, email builders, and like back in automations to work with cohesively with all that stuff. And like, that's just the tip of the iceberg. But it's one of those things really, if you have if, like, if you're thinking about like, Hey, I wish when a lead came in, I wish I had the lead came in, text that person, email that person at a task to my, my team member to do ABC, and then send a checkout page, create checkout pages, click money, sent invoices, this will have my does it does all that stuff. On one thing, we have an app, and you can just coordinate and control all that stuff. through automation and the app and phone and desktop. Okay, cool. Cool. You also have like a Facebook community. Can you talk about like some because I see you post stuff. I think it's cool, because I don't really see you post about like your wins, but your post like, hey, somebody made six figures is like you talked about some of the wins in the in the community. Yeah. Man, the community, the community is the best part of the software. A lot of people are like, Oh, it's just the software doesn't do much for like, the community part is like the underrated aspect of the hive mind in general. And that's one of the big reasons why the hive minds amazing. So like, if you look at my screen, I got these little brains around me, yes, this logo, but it's a representation of everybody that contributes to the hive mind. So we grow infinitely smarter. So there's kind of an underlying statements of the hive mind, including with the logo and the branding of it. But the community is amazing. Then, we've had 10 clients still for six figure months. I literally I get like testimonial pictures like every day, it feels like I definitely get two to three a week. And it's like, they're not like repeat screenshots or nothing. This is all new stuff that just came in yesterday or today. And it's pretty amazing. So we have planned close to entertain a month, we've had 10 Go over six figures in a month, we probably have like two or three contenders that are close to a million dollars. I haven't confirmed that. But I know they're pretty close, considering they've done six, multiple, six figures multiple months. And like I said, we were only a year and a half into it. So to make millionaires and under a year and that these clients that have started with us when we started. They're usually six months to nine months out since we started so people are getting that much traction that fast. It's really become like if we have 10 people that can make six figures in a month, we can potentially have 1000s Yeah. So what are they what are they doing and there may not be the same room they're finding like deals with discrimination like what are they actually like doing? So it's on these. So it's all it's all property. Real estate is such an amazing niche to be in because you can find huge wins and opportunities with real estate. So like the client I interviewed yesterday, he did, he bought, he got two houses and high using hive mind, he ended up buying both of them he sold one just bought it and sold it didn't do nothing to it sold to retail. And the other one he like trashed it out and sold it. So two deals made 200,000 a month. And that's just being of the ability to market find a good deal, purchase it and then sell it to the open market. So real estate, there's huge, huge opportunity to make 10 $200,000 on one deal. I hadn't had a client last month make 100k on one deal. On one deal. So like 100k is life changing money. I mean, the average American makes $50,000 Less. Imagine if you get to me to your salary with one transaction. That's a that's a huge opportunity. And so like, I'm like, Your experience may vary. You're listening. But like I do these people have like, are they experienced? Are they? Are they new? Were they just kind of coming into the community? Like what kind of what is it like the average background of somebody putting up those, it's a little mix of both man, I'll tell you a new client. So I had a client. He's been with us maybe about six months. No experience in real estate came in. He's a roofer part time or for still a part time referee, he has been doing real estate part time using our lead our leads that we provide him with our PPC leads. So now we're in the business of we have the system to get leads now we're providing leads for people. So for him, they're a little bit more expensive. But they're delivered instantly. So this kid he's 22, part time, part time real estate, full time, roofing sales. He's done 10 deals in six months, and he's generated over 60,000 in revenue, part time real estate. Not bad. So I've seen you talk about kind of creative financing kind of kind of buying stuff with like no money down, or can you explain that a little bit? You know, they do like buy land and then, but then sell it for more than what it was. So it's kind of like no money. You talk about something like the creative financing? Sure, sure. So the reason why we like land is because there's no attachment to it. There's no attachment to the property. So like if you if if Susie inherits grandma's property, she grew up in the house, and that is the house when she was younger and played on played on grandma's lap. All that stuff, there's a physical attachment, she knows, if I inherit the house, I can put it on Airbnb, I can sell it, I can rent it, there's options, you know. So the reason why we like land is because we can get creative opportunities out easier. So what we like doing with creative finance with land is what determines the value of property. It's the recent sales in the neighborhood, right? Houses, everybody knows what it's worth, because there's so many houses around that soul. And recently, because they change hands so often that the house is worth $250,000, give or take 510 1000 And it's pretty dead on like there's pretty verifiable comps, and really popular markets that that's what it is worth. With land, you get the opposite because it doesn't sell. So you can honestly create a number. Since money is fake, we create, we create opportunity. So with land, they have no attachment to it. So let's say with houses, you have to get like 50 5060 cents on the dollar and minus repairs. And that's gonna be a deal for for houses. With land, we're trying to get it 50% or less. Right off the bat, maybe 10 to 20% Depending on the property. Like we've gotten, we've gotten property literally deeded to us for free because they didn't want it. With land, so we're trying to try to get we're trying to try and get it for like 25% or less, we can usually get a good deal 10 to 25% on the 2010 25% of the for asking of the worth property property worth that. I mean, we say 25% of this stuff, they don't ask for any one of those. One of those deals, are we talking about the sales price, or just the value that you think the land is worth? Yeah, so let's say you get a property and that's worth potentially 15,000. Right? We try and get that property for five to $10,000. So how are you coming up with 50,000 dogs? If there's like no, no, no cops or they're hard to find the cops, they do a price per AIRCARE we just we just do like a roundabout guesstimate worth. I mean it's recent sales recent price per acre. If it's larger lots if it comes in utilities, it's gonna be there's a lot of different varying factors that come with that. And it's gonna be really, really loosely based because there's lots that might sell 50,000 And then there's a random comp that's over 250 and it's literally a unicorn but somebody paid 250 for it. I don't know They did, but they paid 250 for it. So like, we totally discount that unicorn out because like, that doesn't make sense. Everything else is selling 50,000 an acre. Why that one sell for 250. That's crazy. Okay, we're just gonna stay over here and not ignore that one, because that one's that one was crazy. So what we do is the $1,000 lot we're trying to pick up for 10 to 10,000 or less. The beauty of that is, is that the buyers are always asking for a cash price in most cases, because if they asked for if they were to go listed on the MLS for $50,000, it might sit for 10 years. Yeah, that's the honest truth. So it might be worth $50,000, it's just that it might take a year may take a year to two years for guy to come by $2,000. So what we do is, if we get it, negotiate it, really, if we get a really good deal on the front end, then we can one owner financing it. So let's say we get a $15,000, we can go put it on marketplace for 50 $60,000 for $15,000 down, because one of the problems that people have with land is they can't finance it. So they have to come with cash. So here we come with cash, we're always asking for a deal more than what it's worth. So if you become the bank, you can essentially sell whatever you want. Okay, so you find a Land you find some land, we say you owner finance, like you got to explain how that process? Sure, sure. So let's say 50,000 are a lot potentially what it could be worth, we get it for under contract 15, well, then put it on the marketplace, Facebook marketplace, or you might buy it for 15 and then sell it on the on open marketplace, whatever. Usually we do this under contract. So we'll get under contract for 15. We'll put it on Facebook marketplace $15,000. Down 500 a month for six years, or for five years. Oh gosh, the total purchase price is is 660. Grand. And that's just like, I don't you can't you punch up my numbers. I'm probably wrong. But that's how we do it. This $1,000 down, what do you do with it? Well, $15,000 goes straight to the seller. And then I click 500 a month for doing nothing. Okay, for creating opportunity. And what the seller is happy because he got his cash, the potential buyers happy because he had to come with the full $50,000 down, and then you just click 500 a month for six years. Well, that's a move okay, well, so you can do that with any type of property. And then you can sell that note for cash. So when you create mortgage notes, you can sell that note for cash because people buy at certain interest rates. So it potentially let's say sold that you sold that lap for $60,000 $15,000. Down, you now have a $35,000 or $45,000 note, you can then sell that $45,000 note to a note buyer for probably 40,000 or 30,000. And you still get paid cash. Okay, wow. Okay. There it goes. Well, that's I usually buy like get land for free. That's a good move. And so. So basically, you get it under contract, you put it on the marketplace, you get the money, and then you pay the contract with the money and that I know you can't give, like an official timeline. But typically is that I mean, is that done pretty quickly? Like are you are you holding the property? Well, land is land moves a lot slower. So whenever we lock up properties, like houses, you have to move on, like in 30 days or less land, we're locking these up for 90 days, nine days minimum, like we locked up a property last year for a year. They will lock up this property just for a year. So technically, like, what we do a lot now is like, we'll just message sellers like, hey, how much you want for your land. I want 60,000 for it like alright, we'll give you 60,000 We just need six months. Okay? And which once we have it under contract is certainly an option. And then we just put it out there and see what happens if nobody bites on it. And we're like, Hey, Mr. Seller, 60,000 is too much. Could you take 45 Or she at that point, but like it's one of those things where like, if you can create a win win opportunity, they're gonna take it. So we've done this a few times where we'll be like the say they want 50,000 For what? Hey, Mr. Seller, if we give you $1,000 And, well, he wants this he wants 30,000 We don't really we don't want cash price of 15 Hey, Mr. Seller, we'll give you $30,000 If we give you $1,000 $1,000 give you maybe 100 bucks a month and we'll pay it will give me a balloon of one year or two years. What that does is You're such you got control over property for 1000 Give him 100 bucks a month or whatever that money that amount of money is then you take control the property since you have the deed you can sell it for whatever you want. Okay, gotcha. Um, maybe a month or so ago. I saw you you did like the the MTV Cribs with like this mansion like in in San Antonio says that says that like we You're like a down sell headquarters or what happened with that property. So we got that we have a list that is it's a bulk data list is if you've given your name and email to CVS pharmacy, they've done sold your information and we probably bought it. So we just said we have this Texas list that we just hit up. Seller wanted 750 for this property in Texas. And it was a need a lot of repairs. It was like a 5000 square foot house. It's a five bed nine bathhouse, 5000 square feet. It was listed with a realtor. And we bought it subject to, which means is that we are subject to the existing mortgage mortgage, we bought it with like 10 grand out of pocket, okay. So we gave the seller 10 grand, they transfer over the deed to us. And then we're paying off the mortgage and they're on their behalf. And we just paid the mortgage and we were giving them payments on the side for the whatever that split was between the mortgage and the purchase price. But we essentially got control that property for 10 grand. And it's okay, though, are you are you? Are you working on it? I think it's meant you may turn into an Airbnb or it's our office. It's actually our office. We have it on Airbnb and we have it on VRBO and we have it on. There's like a short term rental place that you can do like hourly rentals for like parties and stuff because we've had parties there. So I just put it on the party site too. So we're trying to make revenue out of it. Yeah, it was a it was a con space. peerspace peerspace. We put on peerspace. It's on Airbnb. And we have it on a bunch of different places. But it's a really cool property. It's not a double lot, and it's literally out of place in the whole neighborhood. Like Avery is kind of ghetto in my opinion. But it's like a frickin mansion in the middle of the ghetto. But we're monetizing it. Okay. It's funny, like, where I live like Deion Sanders as as a house like where you had a house like that was like this. It's kind of like an average neighborhood. But like there's, there's this huge mansion. And I remember hearing about it like, a couple years ago. And then my wife and I were driving. And I was like, what is that mansion that no one seems to be living because he's moved out. I was like, oh, that must be Dionne town. So it just stood out. It just stood out so much feels like I guess cool for him. But it makes no sense. Like in that area, where it's where it's located. And that's what that property is. So we pretty much got it. We got a $7,000 house for 10 grand that we're making payments on. And we're just monetizing it. And that's our office. Gotcha. Gotcha. So what what's what's kind of the the next moves is just kind of kind of keep keep on pushing with the harmony of the conference coming up, I think in Florida, if I get there, right? Yeah. So we do we're doing we do a live event each year one at least right now we're doing one live event each year. Ours this year is gonna be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, August 25 and 26th. And then we're next year we're probably doing Phoenix. Three, but we kind of bounced around throughout the US like last year was Dallas, our first show. And this year is Florida. So we're gone East Coast, West Coast, central central Texas, based off of where our clients are generally at. So we're excited about that. What can folks expect it just Real Estate Talk, like what people can expect so I can't talk. It's uh, it's very man we do. Like I said, we do a lot of real estate. But I mean, a lot of our clients aren't real estate people we have a lot of attorneys refers we have you name it different types of clients. So we have we helped a lot of different businesses in general automate their business. But when we do a lot of different types of calls to sometimes talk about business, business structure taxes. We did a training yesterday on sales training that you can probably use for anything. And we did just a lot of trainings, a lot of given a lot a lot of time to give information back to the people so no matter what type of business you're in, you can learn something. Gotcha. Gotcha, gotcha. Thank you. So my last question for you is if I get you had a million dollars and you had a week to spend it on real estate or real estate related stuff, what would you use it for? Marketing and the reason why is because marketing is marketing as your best ROI to make more money no matter what business you're in, guys, you guys who live there you have no bass lessons. You're the first person to actually say to not mention a physical object we're going to make sense you spend marketing you get get a great ceremony you you you get you get you get it back tenfold or whatever folder Do you want to say? So where can folks find you? Where can folks find your product set? So we have $1 course you can text us at 210-972-1842 just text the keyword course, to how to make six figures on land deal. It's literally $1 Check it out. Once you do that, you're getting Ben to our private Facebook group. We're on all social media channels. If you think you've probably been on at once, we're probably on it as we post our social media, so we're even on Pinterest Tiktok. Twitch are everywhere. At nine zero, check us up what is tWitch I was about that or no that is that. So Twitch is actually a streaming platform. Okay. That is most notably known for gamers. But podcasts have been popping up on it. And that's where we post our podcasts. Okay, they're gonna go and learn to learn another thing today. So for appreciate it. So you appreciate your time, a wealth of knowledge, there's like said all that information will be in the bio to sign up. So I'll be I'll be a hive mind or if that's the name of five time listen to this, this podcast, as well. So appreciate your time. If you all enjoyed the podcast, you know, leave review. If you're on YouTube, hit the like button share with a friend. That's how we get the message out to more people. And as always, by LAN rumor has it making any more of it. So see y'all next week. Thank you. Thanks for time yeah, that text feature gets hit everywhere. I post that on social media and on my all my podcasts, and I get leads that come in almost every day from that. Okay, cool. Okay, yeah, I'm probably for like I said, it's like to Moscow, but our prize I want to sign up for tomorrow. And so like literally, if I just put the WWE dot like in Hi Fi it just it just the whole website just goes over that. Yeah, if you give me if you give me a sprint shareability I'll show you. Okay. Cuz that's just oops, I know, I can share mine was not we're asking multiple participants to share simultaneously. I got it. Okay. All right. So literally creating a funnel. Have all of the Click Funnels you have to do through a funnel. We have websites too, but you want to get through a funnel. So essentially, you create a funnel, it's going to be like this add a new step. And then import from Clickfunnels Okay, okay. There you have it. Okay. So I can I don't know if the Euro Click Funnels comm depending on what's on your website, it can take longer, okay. And that sort of maybe a hyphen or something? Here? Yeah. Just copy and paste my thing. Yeah, you just paste your URL there. And that's how it works. It's really simple. But the simpler website it takes maybe five, five minutes or less. Okay, that's really really easy. Oh, god, okay. Okay, cool. I thought like I'd been googling it I thought was gonna be like a super drawn out process. Like I need to hire somebody to do it. So I so like I have a main page is like house Rich If I put that in there, does everything come over after putting like each feature? Like page? Can I have like six or seven pages? For your podcast? No. Do just for just for the website. Oh, yeah, no, copy everything. Okay. Copy your whole system from that side. What are you using for the podcast side? I'm just someone anchors what I used to host. Oh, do you have like a podcast website? Yeah, the website is house Rich Doesn't host that like WordPress. So it's through. Its through Click Funnels, I guess Click Funnels in house and I'm not sure what the second what I use. The blue host is the host. That's it that's that's who has so when I create the pages through through Click Funnels. I. The reason I say it, I love this. And this is it's not even hivemind This is it works really well. It can essentially create a page for you. That auto updates with RSS feed. This is not loading right now. But it's really cool man. Your guests can create guest profiles. So let's say I clicked on Anthony. He has done more than this because I've done it later but you can see all the suits that he's done recently. Okay. But this is called up pod page. Okay, that's really really cool. I've tried a lot of different like, I was gonna make it on hive mind. And then I came across that and I'm like, that's way better. And auto updates off the RSS feed. Okay, cool. Yeah. So yeah, that's okay. That's maybe easier conceptually. I'm using the collec. Five May I have a funnel for Click Funnels, but I've been using it just to build out like the, like, web pages for the for each episode, because, you know, suppose I want SEO, I don't, I don't know that page. That's gonna do it for you. Okay. And you can upload transcriptions. If you get the to YouTube page, every YouTube video and post it posted. It makes like a put a post there too. So it gives you more SEO. Okay, okay. Okay, cool. Okay, so this weekend, okay. But create a text feature man text features pretty cool, man. I went on stage a couple months ago, I was like every pull out your phones. And it was positive phones. And I'm like, text this number to this. And I had like, 90 people text me in 30 seconds. Okay. So so how does that? So So I've looked at that, too. It's like, I have a have a phone number. And then so when I text them, I there's a cost for the text? Is there a cost for each conversation? Or? Okay, so the text is depend, depending on what plan you get, it can be a penny to two and a half cents protects? Okay, which is really minimal. 1000 texts will cost you maybe 20 bucks. Okay. You know, it's really minimal. But like, if you're not using it extensively, like this oil refinery uses refineries building is list. Do you have a Facebook group by chance? No, I don't, I probably need to get on that. So get a Facebook group, Facebook groups free. Facebook drives people to you organically in most cases. So get a Facebook group, call whatever you want. What I do is I make it private, it's private public. The reason why I do that is because I ask questions when they come in, that when they ask questions, ask them for their email and phone number. I can that's a hive mind. And when they come into that I collect their information. So it's like a toll bridge type thing. If they don't provide it, I still up the men, but people that do provide it, I take it. So I've collected like 400 emails just off of that, okay, off the Facebook group. So it's a cool little thing. The text feature works great. Because then people text the text feature, I build that a campaign and it sends up to the Facebook group says which leads to page, send them to all that stuff. Yeah, I need to, I need to step up my, my, my game as far as contact you because I got lazy on the the email thing. But ya know, definitely want to get into the text and like, so you gotta get the text, right to write to your phone, you know, so email, I like, I like I'm on my own email list. And my emails go on my spam box. I'm just like, so I know that people aren't getting them. So I'm just like, What in the world? Okay. So one thing that we do is that I'm not good at email marketing, either. But I send out, I sent out like, 170,000 emails last month. Okay. On automation, okay. So what I did was I have like a 1516 email campaign, every time I create a new email for that flow, I add it into that whole campaign, essentially throw like a weight stuff to three days, four days and kind of stretches out. And the reason why I do that is and then I rotate it over and over again. So people never actually my email flow, and they get hit with emails every two to four days. Gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah, I think I did the I would do the demo. I remember whoever did it. Show me that. That circle you? Basically. Never. I get I get hate email all the time. Like, get me off your list. So many freaking emails. Sorry. Is it unsubscribe? Or you have to like manually get them off there. You can set up automation unsubscribe, and it does automatically. Okay. It's one of those things where like, I just throw everybody in it. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. worst worst case scenario they just described was like, Okay, you weren't going to do any work. So I hit him hard. That's only for my like, my cold list. Like I have my guess that I'm really bad at email marketing. So like, when everything gets better, and I hire somebody to do that, for me, I'll have like a customer email campaign and I'll have like a cold email campaign that gets hit all the fucking time. And hopefully I'll add more emails though. So it looks like it's not the same old shit eventually, because it rotates like every, like 50 days or something like that. So you Get the same email campaign every six times a year. Okay it's cool man. Yeah, yeah, I got I got I got some got some homeworks I got I got pi page and looking to I wrote down some chicken scratch. Oh, baseball group project. Well is that st restream restream. briefing. Okay, yeah, check that out as well. Okay okay, cool. Yeah, cool. I appreciate your time I want to know that I learn something from this conversation so that was beneficial to me I'm sure my my users when I'm gonna use my followers will enjoy it soon so that let's say I plan to sign up for that. One of those affiliate ones I forgot I could just advertised on the podcast because I looked the price like if you if you sell like my two subscriptions, it's the same as the base model anyway, so we're still rolling out YouTube right now. Okay, all right. I guess that's always forget one there but okay, cool. So I've got my timer anyways, I gotta go fix some, some dinner for my wife. So. Alright, man. Sounds good. Okay, cool. Appreciate it. Thanks.

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Daniel Esteban Martinez

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!