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June 17, 2022

Ep 205- Mineral Rights & How To Find Land Virtually

Ep 205- Mineral Rights & How To Find Land Virtually
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So we're gonna talk a little bit about mineral rights. That's what Christopher was talking about, and he wants to learn about today. So, mineral rights, they're in mostly most states, it's really only important in oil states, like Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, that's usually where you hear about a lot. There's mineral rights that come up in like West Virginia, that are pretty crazy. But essentially, if you're in Texas, you can wholesale property and keep the mineral rights as long as you're double closing. So double closing gives us the opportunity to keep it Alright, so it is done this in the past, and we've done this in the past with properties is that we'll get a property contract with mineral rights being conveyed to us, and then we'll convey it without to our buyer. And that's how we'll keep an eye writes. It's a cool strategy to just keep keep potential oil in the future. without really doing just doing a regular transaction. crazy stories that come out with mineral rights is I think, like West Virginia is like a big coal area in the mountains. The state took like rights to all the coal in the mountains and in the whole, pretty much state of West Virginia, just to like control that. So if you're doing like deals in West Virginia, all the mineral rights are already owned by the state. And that's just it's been like that for like 150 years or something like that. It's crazy. So that's, yeah, corruption, for sure. And that's something like West Virginia did back in mid mid, probably late 1800s Midnight's 1800s. So a lot of there's a lot of crazy stuff that come with mineral rights, but it's just, we came across properties with with oil producing wells in them. They give cashflow to certain, a few $100 a month. Rockefeller was attending the color on that side. I don't know. I don't know, I haven't done much research. I read a story about it. And I'm like, that's crazy. Doing about about the coal in western Yeah. But essentially, is that a drill will company will come onto your land and say, Hey, we find oil will give you essentially cashflow. And they'll drill the oil for it for you and produce oil for you. But they'll just pay a monthly cash flow for producing oil or depending on how many barrels of oil it produces, and how many little pumps they can get on it. So it's gonna vary pretty much property by property, some properties may not have already some property and made knows, it's one of those things where like, you really don't know, there's potential on the property unless it's already producing something. And use if it's already producing, they already have what it's paying out at that time. So usually, if somebody has oil producing property, they're going to let you know that they have it. And it's going to convey with the rights or without the rights. So that's pretty much just the short answer for mineral rights in general. Try and catch it if you can, when you're contracting properties, and don't let it go whenever you're selling it. So there's a quick little strategy to kind of get mineral rights for free. But government corruption for sure, as a whole can be a possibility. That's mineral rights. In a nutshell, there's a lot that goes into it, except I can barely scratch the surface on it, because we've only come across this a couple times. But there's, I'm sure there's probably a bunch of oil people that know a lot more than I do. And it's just, I know the basics about it. Get by, but it's all conveyed in the deed. So if you want to see who owns the mineral rights, it's going to be in the deed of that property. So if you find the deed or do a soft poll of the of the certain properties or want to see who owns and all rights, it's going to be in the deed, it's always recorded with the deed. So mineral rights and the deed of ownership would be all conveyed in the deed. Sometimes the same person sometimes it's not. The question though, about mineral rights, but what type property you're trying to get because we're okay, so this one is so this is like right next door for the actual 1420 acres that is turned on turned into one and 20 acres. Okay, so right now this this particular 50 acres it's is good for commercial development. So is near like a major highway. It's in country still. We recently spoke to the mayor and are so, so busy that A new developer is looking to actually investigate more and see what see what details they can do to actually build around the area. But we're not sure if that actual area has been authorized, but I'm pretty sure she has it. Because it's a former farm. So it's still producing right at this moment, but she's looking at all of our stuff our property because she's in her 70s right now. So he's looking to settle all that stuff. So you should so she can retire peacefully not have to have that stuff in the back of her mind on time, because I know because I know that she hasn't. Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. This is the one you something Anthony. Yeah, that one too. And I think I think Anthony is working 111 deal in Beasley, which is 95 acres are supposed to solve that. But I'm not sure when there's going to be getting to tackle like should be within a week or two song when things come back online. And then we have another 20 acres out in Dayton, which is well they're looking to make something like that. And yeah, that's about it. But are you already texting How are you marketing right now Christopher, just mostly cold calling really and just buying list and just buying this from from this website called gurus give their their afford as well as your usage of those lists. They're very, they're very good. But the thing is like, it is much more better to search up on like, such as a website, such as that one guest website from the west. RSC, something like that in our rural commission texts. Don't Then another one, go for landline. That one's good, too, is very tedious when you integrate information to the spreadsheet that takes longer to well, it takes work, you know, do the boring work first to get on. Sorry. You got your first deal recently right now? Yeah, it's, it's in process right now was we're in we're both in due diligence right now. So we have one that was signed under for an option contract, which is 20.5 acres. Okay. Like three days the market that see where we go? Is it in Texas? Yes. In Texas. Okay, we're, we're launching a new thing to dispo properties in Texas. So if you haven't for Okay, privacy, let's see if this will work for you guys. Yeah, for sure. And also, I'll be looking for some more tickets. I'll be moving soon. So either invisible road. Yeah, there's definitely more opportunity everywhere. I don't think your backyard is on place you could play by now. For sure. Any other questions? Like I said, this kind of open call allow to ask any questions we don't need direction. Okay, for everyone, I think like, could you talk more about like, mean time on camera? Could you talk more about when it comes to like speaking with sellers, right. And you're looking to eventually, like negotiate a meeting, because that's how I got to this Sylar lesson is Bernard and countin. I was like, in my mind, I was like, for me. Like, what do you think, is very important when you're negotiating with the seller and to get a meeting, because most times, they might like kind of give you an excuse of trying to sell you can close you on not meeting when it's very important to meet, because in person is very important. So could you don't want to know more about that. So one thing I always try and get out before I meet, because I've done this so many times prior is I was always trying to meet people whenever I can. Just like when I first started, I was just trying to meet people just to talk to sellers eventually. But when it comes down to it, you need to talk to motivated sellers. So you need to differentiate before you meet them that they're even worth talking to. So generally, when we're talking to sellers, if they're close by our opportunity to meet, we're using it to make sure they're what price point they want. And it feels it's even worth our time. Because especially in Texas, a lot of people are like, Oh, it's an hour away, well, you might be there an hour, hour back three, four hours, you could have done other things versus driving, technically waste time for that property. And yes, it may produce in the long run, but you'd rather be doing revenue generating activities. So always understand that what number they want, before you even go out there or what their motivations are before you go out there because it's gonna be I've done it, you're gonna waste a lot of time talking to a lot of people that aren't just motivated, they're not motivated. So, number one was make sure they're motivated make sure you get number two is make sure that they've been a price point and number three Need to make sure everybody that you're going to is going to be there at that same time, because there's no point of going out there to talk to somebody who's not the decision maker. So make sure all of the decision makers or potential decision makers of this property are going to be there, whether it's a husband, a wife, brother, sister, for having that conversation all at once. So we're always trying to coordinate those people to be together at the same time, and then move on to a conversation. As far as what are we going to get for the property? How much was the time where they want to sell? Us? If there's leads, I mean, the motivation, definite family probates, all that good stuff, you're gonna find out on that in person. conversation. So it's understanding that not everybody is motivated and wrong looking for motivated sellers? is the short answer. Sounds good? Yeah. So understand where your time is best utilized. And where should be used. I was asked when you come across some land for sale, get the number they want? How do you come up with a good number to offer? Do you give them a number while you have them on the phone? Or us call them back with your offer? So that's okay. So I think, yes, two different questions are so if you if you're calling people, and they say make me an offer, generally always trying to get a number out of them? Well, I'm sure you give it to me, Well, I don't even know what to offer. Because it could be Tell me a little bit more about the project trying to find out more about the property, and always transfuse them to give up a number. First, there's a strategy and sales like whoever gets the first number loses. Because if you are potential trying to get the number, if you provide the number offer that there's gonna shatter your offer around. So usually, we try not to give an offer till they're ready to sign paperwork, or so we're giving paperwork in general. So if I, if I provide, if I provide an offer, will you sign it? We always try and get confirmation before they're going to sign. And then yeah, whoever gives the offer first usually loses. So don't give your offer out without getting a signed or not, not a signed agreement, but a verbal agreement that they're going to sign the paperwork. And I'm sorry about that. Because like, it's very important that you sell them. Don't let them sell you. Because they're trying to give us a bullshit excuse. You're trying to do that used to show you a year to get out of them. But get to know them first, though, which is very important. Yeah, that's the other thing. Yep. I'm Irish last last, I don't have to meet the seller. If I don't have to use DocuSign for signing paperwork, 100% you signatures. notaries, we use a lot of those virtual either people as a virtual notary, or Docusign. And a lot of times the contract can be overwhelming. So sometimes what we'll do is we'll get on the phone with the seller, and if we send them a hey, I'm gonna send you this DocuSign Why don't we be in front of the computer to review it? Oh, 6pm Okay, I'm gonna call you at 6pm I'm gonna send you the contract. And you can if you have any questions you can ask me while we're going over or reviewing the contract, because one thing you really want to understand is make sure they understand what they're signing. And they don't have any questions about what they're signing what one does what it means because a lot of contracts, even wholesale contracts don't make sense. So you as a wholesaler, or a potential buyer, you understand your contract and its basic form, to explain it to a seller. Because there might be wordings that they may not understand. So I always, always, always tell people to understand your contract. And what's in your contract that you're you're sending them to sign and then kind of convey it all while they're while they're overlooking it on the phone in front of you or with them virtually. So they understand what's going on. Because a notary and get to know your paperwork means notaries they do a lot of different types of paperwork so I can understand some of the paperwork. So you always want to be on the phone with the notary whenever they arrive to kind of go over the paperwork to make sure that they have any questions are there to answer them efficiently? So they just sign it keep it going. Question is, but yes, say sales sale when it comes to sales. It's just make sure you get an understanding from the seller that you are. If I send the contract for this price, would you sign it? And I'll answer all your questions there. Whenever you get whenever the contracts presented, and it's just overcoming objections when they look at it. Is there a good tool to use to get a good area of Using land throughout the US, is there a way to find property owners with 10 acres of land without having to sift through texts of records. So we use a lot of I use a lot of Google, Google Maps, Google Streetview, Google satellite view, you can use out combination of sometimes Zillow, if you zoom in on properties, it might have the property property lines in there, like grayed out between the neighbor's property. So you can sometimes see property lines on Zillow. We use a lot of Google. And we use the Isaac and whenever I used to do this, I would do like Google and the tax assessor's sites, they can kind of put it next to each other like hay. House is right here on the neighbor's property. This is the Google where the houses from the satellite view and kind of understand where the property is. And then I'll do a Google Streetview. If I can, if there's one available to kind of show what it looks like if they're to drive by it. But sometimes, they'll drive by the property and like, Oh, this is this is what I saw on Google. 10 acres or land of land without having tax records. Frank, my notice when Frank, is there a way to search parcel sizes and like map right or the source or something? Can you enable screen share? Yeah, I can. I guess it's going to show us now there's a lot of resources out there for pulling lists and data. It's just finding one that works for you. Like if you're pulling certain sizes, you might want to use gnabry you go okay, so we'll pull Texas Texas and Florida being states that I bought and paid for and you can see that a little green, green circles where I've searched. But you can also believe we can focus down into parcel size parcel. On this, thought we could which is why I jumped in line shapes feature set ranching, oil and gas urban Ooh, the No, I can do urban, I wasn't aware of that. thought we could do size on this. So address latitude longitude abstracts, you know, if you know that parcel ID. So yeah, it doesn't look like it's got that option on this. There are other software's you know, a lot of other data aggregator software's like, you know, this is commercial Empire deal flow CD flow by Tim brats. But it's based on the real flow platform, which is similar data. So I pulled storage in on that I can get down into parcel size, minimum parcel size, up to a maximum parcel size. So imagine the real deal, real, real deal, really deal flow or whatever it's called Real really flow. Has that feature and I would wager, most of the other data aggregators that you can pull data from also have that feature. I honestly thought map right had a controlled size. So when you pull the data, now here, I know I can do this. Let me change what I'm sharing cancel the share. Let me share a find to find your window that's got the right files. Because the data you pull down, you can control that. Sorry if I was putting a bed together two minutes ago from my 14 year old and the answer because like I said, I we don't. Right now we're doing a lot of PPC. And we're doing a lot of stuff like this. I've never actually pulled this from other sources. But having an answer. Yeah, I mean, you can it's just a matter of where or where you can get to the data, give me one moment I've gotten yammer on if you want to, I'll get, I'll get to the info, and then I'll share the screen on that folder. Or actually, I need to open up an Excel file, and I will share it to share the Excel file. So so it's gonna, it's gonna vary by, by by data provider, I'm sure the source which is that this last provider actually used outside of my own back. And I think they could do it too. But there, I mean, it's just gonna, it's just gonna vary by provider in general, who can who can actually pull it by certain sizes, I know I can't, it's just all data in certain areas. And the reason why we do that, it's just that we sell it by the boat, we sell it by boat, and is, if people pour a certain area, we're just not gonna be able to ride enough leads, that even makes sense for them to pull. So he's just trying to do larger list orders. So we're just gonna pull all their whole orders of areas, versus Nestle by size for when it comes to land. Okay, found those looking for. Okay, so this is an example of the sheet that you get from here, let me shrink this down in size. So it doesn't take up so much of your screen. manual backup comes in CSV format from them. But you can check first thing you want to do is change it to an Excel. So column man is acreage, so sort smallest to largest, you can't have to pull all the data and then source it. Correct. You put so like, let me let me go share two things. News share will shift a lot that also. So jumping over here real fast, you see one of these circles here in Texas. And yes, I realized the the list I'm showing you right now is Florida. But basically, when I draw a circle to search an area, you know, I'll turn on, you know, the reports, Export Excel to you know, so it says draw radius. So I click and draw my beginning to draw my circle. So now once it's done that, I'm going to come down and on overlays, now, not overlays feature palette. To to do map features, there we go pivot, I can go in and on this pivot. And oops I'm losing my mind shapes, here we go. Could have been doing this on this, Eric, I can do my pivot. So I'm going to create a report first. So it's gonna let me draw radius. So when it turns red like that, it means you've gotten bigger, or that's outside of the state that I'm looking and so Okay, there we go. So there's okay, it's greater than Okay, so let me they have a size limit of 11 miles. Okay, that wasn't what I wanted to happen. So 11 square miles is the maximum when you're trying to draw a circle like this. So I'm taking trying to do a piece of Dallas here, draw the radius. And it's, of course, clutching and draw a line, let me draw a radius. Okay, so there's my new circle. When it pops up requesting an email address, that means it fits the appropriate size. But this is where I'm also going to draw the pivot. You put the mouse the cursor right in the dead center. Damnit thing flipped again. Okay, so I've got it over here. I still haven't saved it. So. Okay, so I think I've overloaded my browser, but what I'll do is I'll start in the middle click and draw the green circle also. And that leaves that green circle and I want it to match the yellow highlighted circle, then put your email address in generate CSV. So over here is the CSV that you get. And I converted it to an Excel file just because it's easier to have all of these sheets you see down below a CSV file. If you tried to save a CSV file with multiple sheets. It deletes everything because CSV can't handle multiple sheets. So first thing you always want to do is convert to an XLS. So after that, you see here how I've got size under the acreage column. So these you know, there's a bunch of them that are 10.1. And then we're down 12 650 1.9. So we have different sizes. These are, you know, smaller and larger is what I'd set. So you pick the size lot that you're looking for. And you go forward from there. So if you're looking for quarter acre lots, you just scroll the section of that lead list that you've downloaded now that are quarter acre lots, or 10 Fake or locks or whatever the size it is that you're looking for. So after all of that chaos I hope that helped to answer that question. I apologize. Currently, we clearly need to reboot my browser because it's crashing like crazy. Nods cool, man. That sounds kind of cool. So but yeah, map rates great for that but yeah, there's you know, there's several several other data aggregators that you can you know, that can just becomes one of the sections that you can choose to share for a good demo of that software. You're welcome Iressa happy to help. So yeah, Mac writes good. You know, I don't use prop stream right now, but I'm fairly certain it's got that capability. I know data stream does a few of the others. You go there you go. The question is Yeah, so yeah, different different data sources different nations. That's why it's called Cat for the sound called human alright. So that's a great question. Great question who's got another question I need help with today I got time for one or two more depending on how difficult is it question as you can put it in the chat to open to either one if you're don't want to meet yourself then you want to use a title company and Dallas Texas area we are talking about is in San Antonio but you can use any title company in the state of Texas I remember the talking about we use off top my head. Africa Yeah, so you can use good Frank. I was gonna say John would probably know some and if you don't know anybody offhand, I was gonna say asking the actual group itself where there's yeah members active at the time. Yeah, Anthony we use the Lisa has been uses hip talk for a bit for years. But yeah, you've seen you need one one title company per state. One, good one, call it a day. Even if you're in another city doesn't really matter. They could still handle that closing for you. Yeah, that was the other thing I was gonna say find a company. It doesn't matter where they are, as long as they work that state. My title companies here in Jacksonville that I've worked every deal on the state of Florida, except for one that I'm doing with another one of the group members Eloy Chola. He's got a company in Tampa that he's used for years that'll be my second Yeah. So like I said, He's deals over 40 years the same type of property in Jacksonville so and we the deals over Texas is the same person as Antonio so it's always going to find a good one that find one good one, just run with it. And Chris versus patent law firm protects Texas. So plenty of options out there that you can use for sure. So don't don't overthink that part of it. At any point. Your kids sound like my kids. Yeah. Start food. It's like because my wife wasn't here. So my wife was here to have both kids and mine are going crazy because we've got a six week old kitten for two weeks that my 14 year old is fostering community service hours. has them extra hyped up. Nice man. I was awesome to hear stuff like that. Everybody from tonight. If in case I missed that just wondering I asked where everybody was from. I'm assuming Iris is in Texas or at least trying to do business in Texas. Oh for me, I'm in I'm in Houston, about to move to a to keep his game usually. Moving from Houston Access to Key Biscayne walk. Welcome home to Florida. The hard assets Iris is from Dallas. Joseph is trucking. So he's probably somewhere. He's here I live in Southern California. Yes, I am now in Massachusetts. You went to Seattle, Washington. Yeah, I hate drive in the Northeast. That's terrible. Yeah. Now what is very cool nice 68 That's plus for for nighttime or daytime driving. Daytime, I drive I drive in my for myself. So I dropped during the daytime and when I have to push it to probably nine or 1111. But next day, I drive during the daytime. Very cool. Very cool. Appreciate your work out there, man. Look forward to getting off the road permanently. But I appreciate your work while you're out there. In the back. Thank you have several uncles and relatives that did that for most of their lives. So yeah, yeah, I got all my brothers sisters in Florida, two sisters, two brothers in Miami, and LA, but I'm the only one who left Miami and moved to Delaware and then Louisville, Kentucky. And I'm in Texas. So I think takes us. I mean, there's like almost seven years. So everything's cool here takes us so probably stay there. My family. And so that's why that's why I moved to real estate last year. That's cool, man. He froze. Drive safe out there, Joseph. Yeah, that's a trucking man sold this whole thing. Ya wants to join me in a giant fund raise. I saw a portfolio of 21 storage facilities someone posted earlier today. They want $124 million. Wow. I'm willing to put the syndication together. What's the minimum buy? on that? I mean, we'd be looking at around $25 million capital raise. So yeah, it'll probably be a chunk. Even if we get 100 grand or so it's sort of for the people. Yeah. But it's worth it. So probably 100 150 to 200. But I mean, it's it's it looked like it was all class a Class B plus properties. And all fully stabilized. Some it's not a super high cap rate. But it's you know, that's a rock solid portfolio. You're basically buying a cash flow at that point. That's a retirement right there. You make your purchase and you retire. Even as the GP side, you know, you make your purchase and you retire was maintained over time and good to go. That's crazy. That's a lot of property on 25 million. Didn't have I know it doesn't make sense to me when people sell for cash out. I'd be like owner financing if I was exiting at that point. Well, I mean, it's kind of hard to owner finance 21 properties. So because it's a portfolio that you know, they've built I'm sure they built that up over a period of time. Yeah, it's probably 21 separate syndications that they pulled together you know, via fund to funds or evergreen fund, where they kept raising more of you know, additional funds as they needed to to put them into the portfolio. And then you know, okay, now it's time to you know, they're getting nervous. So they're taking their exit now. I think it's going to stay recession proof. You know, even if a recession hits people are not going to want to get rid of their crap. That's one of the advantages of storage why started to look into it? Yeah. selves stores stores finish, man. Hopefully we'll go down that direction sooner sooner than later. But I think I like self storage more than multifamily. IRS. What do you mean what I borrow the money I need to invest in that syndication. I would put very little of my own money into it, Iris. I would put together the marketing and the pitch deck and start finding people who wanted to put the money into it. And I would operate as the GP and take 24 percent of the prize, along with a couple of other people who I know are extremely experienced in the storage facility world. And they would be the primary GPS and sponsors and we take the thing down, and we split that 20% You know, for doing the work, and everybody else is along for the ride on the investment, they probably earn between six to 8% per year on their money for the life of the loan, essentially. So but yeah, we come up with the 20, maybe 25% At most, and we borrow the rest, the commercial loan. That's crazy. do maths and big money. What's really freaky is just a few years ago, I couldn't have conceived of looking at something like that and actually requesting the info, and sitting down and starting to run the underwriting on it. Thinking Yes, I know the people who can help me take this down. And being you know, thinking back then I would have thought that's egotistical to think you could do that. Now. It's just honestly believing, yes, I can do this. terrifies the hell out of me, but I'm going for it nonetheless. And that's also this guy, I don't know for my screen, he's in the upper left hand corner, his name is Daniel. He's one of the cofounders of the hive mind, that's a result of this wackadoo starting this group up a year ago and pushing everybody to believe that they could do stuff that they didn't think they could do. So if you're new here, keep sticking around, it will expand your mindset. And you go appreciate that Frank, appreciate that. Fee feels undeserved, but I appreciate it anyway. Deserved in the slightest, buddy. Man. It's a it's been a crazy journey. This hive mind thing. It's been a crazy physical experience for but it's been around for a while. We appreciate it really contributes. And like said, we wouldn't even do these calls if people didn't come out to these calls in general. So I appreciate you coming out and participating in some fashion. Whether you're here asking questions, or you're here, submitting questions in the checkbox and the chat box. It helps out a lot just to carry the conversation because everybody has uses the same issues and problems. It's just no one wants to ask the question. So I appreciate everybody contributing. This is a good Thursday, I can't believe it's about to be the end of June. A lot of people they I commend everybody for being here in general, because it shows you're trying to do something better and learn to do better. But end of June, most people who wanted to do something 2022 has already wasted six months by not doing anything. So there's a lot of time has passed and we weren't active and productive with it. They haven't produced anything from it. But at least here you're educating yourself and hopefully taking action at the same time to produce something out of the time that was given to you. It was time and we and we know people who sat here for months and did nothing and finally took action. And now they're on the podcast for doing six deals in a short period of time. So that's it. It's crazy. It's crazy. It's crazy what happens. But don't don't take time for granted. You only get it always. It's always a winning, it's always it's always you're always losing it. So don't waste don't waste your time doing stuff that doesn't make sense. And make sure you capitalize on it with all that you're doing. Make sure you're doing revenue generate generating activities. One of the one things I suffered with when I first started it was I thought I was busy. But I was busy doing the wrong things that weren't actually producing. So after I kind of realized that I kind of focus on doing the right things with my time and now it's able to do this stuff like this. So we're worrying about what what your time is actually needs to be doing versus what can't be doing. You know, revenue generating activities is so important for everybody out there. Time management. The days fly by these days, Cambodian stars, they can feel like it was a short week. But I appreciate I appreciate you coming out. Series business like Iris says it's a serious business for sure. So don't don't take it lightly. Takes a lot of work and the year is halfway gone? So, use this time wisely. One thing about real estate is this a long time to turn out deals. So like, Frank, if you were to somehow raise the money, how long would it take you to raise the money? Like 30 to 60 days? Closing? I that the terrified version? Oops. Yeah, I'm unmuted. Okay. The terrified version things 90 to 90 days to six months, realistically with the partners that I know I would bring in immediately, which I would take this into uten uten and whatever in Jennings Smith's multifamily deal room because I know there's also some players in there that are interested in storage 30 days would be crushing it honestly. Between the people that I've done syndications with before and I know the people in that group have done syndications and Ben part of an who I would bring in as the key principles, yeah, 30 days or less, to pull that together, if the numbers work so and keep and the mentor that I've got, I worked I learned from a lady called Stacy Resetti I'll smack called that surname. But here she runs a program called the storage nerds Yeah, cool lady real down to earth, she decided they sold their home up north and they bought an RV and they traveled around the country now looking for storage and enjoying life while they're while their daughter is young. But learn from her she's got extremely aggressive criteria and underwriting they're usually looking for extreme value add situations, but you know, they've bought a couple of a plot a properties and you know, sit down with a couple other people have done this stuff. They're like, Okay, if you're looking at a you know, an a property or B property, here's where your numbers need to be percentages wise and cap wise cap rate wise. So if you can achieve this, you know, where the, you know, mortgage output and stuff, you know, and costs, yeah, then this will work. So it's just knowing people who you know who having good underwriting software, and knowing what to do to underwrite it, and having people who give guidance for where those numbers be need to be, just like the hive mind is doing for land on a regular basis. So people are asking in the group, you know, we just need to know where, you know, if you're gonna post in the group, my only comment, say where the land is that way we have an idea of now because if you ask him, What is this property worth? Well, I don't know. And in Florida, in the middle of the state, it's worth five bucks an acre, if it's on the ocean, it's worth a quarter million dollars an acre or, you know, for a quarter acre or more. So, same thing in Texas. If it's near oil, or near one of the big places, it could be worth a fortune for a quarter of an acre, or there are spots where you can get 100 acres for 100 bucks the desert the desert is where you can get stuff for 100 bucks. Or if you buy it, I've had it offered to me in the Far West Texas desert. fact when I pulled the comps, it stuff was coming up from New Mexico. And that was like one of the closest cities Las Cruces? Yes. Yeah, that's Chris This is right Excel path. So like 45 minutes Texas is a big place but definitely an opportunity out there so don't don't Looking for some cheap land with undiscovered oil. You and every oil company Wildcat are out there. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. There's plenty of people looking like that. If you come across anything, let me know. I'll invest with you. And I know I've got the exact people to introduce you to that I happily Wildcat it for you to find the oil. That's cool. The real estate business is a cool business and there's so many different avenues to take. And so many different niches. Yeah, get those shopping. Good to go once they find all good. You house. Good. Why did you go to so you go home? Well, I think I think once a year. Good questions today. I think we covered a lot good questions. Christopher and Iris and thanks for help. Frank. As always. We do these calls every Monday and Thursday. I know we haven't had last two Monday's covered but we use it every Monday and Thursday. Um, I will be driving so I pilot out Ron Mondays call But Anthony, somebody else will run it and some some that I will be able to run it myself reach out to me that they read driving to. I am going on a road trip this next week to Yellowstone which is washed out because of a flood. Yeah, you might want to you might want to reschedule that. I wasn't going like directly to Yellowstone but we were like planning to stop in Yellowstone on the way but they closed on the park because of the flooding out. Good luck with that. For those people who live near there, yeah, I guess now we're going to Idaho, I guess is the thing. Okay, it's right next to Yellowstone. So grab some potatoes while you're there. Yeah. Prizes are half off. But yeah, appreciate you doing this, Daniel. Yeah. Hopefully somebody recovered next Monday. Yeah, I think I'm I think I'm off for the next week. So you might not see me here a little bit. But it sometimes I mean, we'll get my calendar real fast. And I'll give you a commitment if I can. Yeah, thanks. Sometimes spend time with your family. We're still working on products and services. coming out soon. I find event August which is two months from now. I'm excited about that. Andre is doing his own little real estate mastermind. We're gonna cover that tomorrow and tomorrow's call to Anthony is so about for live out tomorrow. Yes, I can do next Monday. Just send me an email to remind me. Okay. And if you're listening to this on the podcast, we're gonna take a little a few few week breaks. So this might be last week's so we'll we're going to build it though. The episodes again to release it Monday to Friday. So supply and replay on Friday and automatic weeks off. So as always continue bringing our content releasing stuff and we'll be on the live and what time is the last moment the 100 Tomorrow it is 3pm Central. We're doing a live with with the Andre. So check it out. And for all people on the podcast it'll probably be the next episode after this one. Live will be so definitely check that out. We'll see you all next week. Enjoy time during weekend. July 4 is coming up so that's it sometimes goes but some of the family and your limbs off. Have a good weekend guys. Bye. See you guys. Okay, bye. Bye, guys. Take care

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!