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June 15, 2022

Ep 203 - Where To Draw The Line In Real Estate With Frank Spaulding & Daniel Martinez

Ep 203 - Where To Draw The Line In Real Estate With Frank Spaulding & Daniel Martinez
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Welcome, everybody to today's call. Welcome, welcome, welcome. We can have we kind of do a lot of q&a questions, question concerns, winds kind of goes along different directions on these Monday, Thursday calls. It's usually stuff that people are struggling with us to try and address concerns. We usually have a lot of knowledgeable people in here that provide value in their own way, like Mr. Spalding. So we appreciate every coming out. Usually people start trickling in as as the call comes in. My son also contributes to as well. So if anybody has any questions that they've dealt with this this past week, or any big wins they've had this week. Me personally, I've I've had I've been having title issues on one of my properties with the lien. But hopefully, we'll get it closed Saturday on Monday, this next week. But it's a deal going on for a while. But it's been an interesting, interesting to go. All transactions are uniquely different. And you always come across new issues that you've never dealt with before. And it's always fun coming across as new crossroads. When you get an easy deal, it's like man, that was an easy deal. That's nice. I wish all of them like that. But I'm not most of them don't come across like that. So whenever the curveball deals come across, it's always good to adjust and adapt to about it, which I'll probably make a video I'll probably make a video about that in general, just because I like giving people the right expectations because people think real estate is very easy. And there's no hang ups. But it's actually opposite, which is the a lot of hangups and obstacles you have to overcome. So a great podcast episode or even a panel, get john alexander in there doing it on his own way he does. And then I know a couple of really good title attorneys in the state of Florida that would probably happily happen and put in a lot of input in that. Maybe we had one from Texas and one from California jackpot by Charles property. They did a quiet title or was it was a cloudy title or something whatever is called has led to clouded title, but they still bought it but we just had to wait on like, like something to ensure that the buyer felt comfortable by still closing even though there still was like an issue on the title. But they wanted the property so we made it happen. Yeah, probably just extended your when they go through quiet title. They have to like it takes a little takes a little bit longer timeframe to get that property closed. So yeah, I was everybody's on board. I haven't got a seller so I was on board. You that's a good good sin, whatever it takes. Yeah. Whatever it takes, for sure, man. Nah, man. There's there's a lot that there's a lot of curveballs that come from across the line that you'd never you never deal with a lot. But when it comes across, you have to deal with a lot of stuff. A lot of different stuff. We actually had. We actually had Uncle Carl from North Carolina from he does a lot of title issues. Yeah, my son is he likes giving us two cents today. But he was covering a lot of like, different issues, because he totally deals 100% and trouble in trouble titles in general, dealing with judgments. One of the interesting things he did that I've never heard a lot of will do is that he he bought a judgment and foreclose on a property through that, Jeff, but you can do it. Yep. So it's a lot, a lot of cool stuff you can do through creative niche real estate. And it's just interesting hearing different people's perspectives. How they conduct real estate is very interesting. Sounds similar to going after tax lien properties. In Florida where it's a lien and deed state, you start out buying a lien or someone will buy the lien when the tax assessor puts it up for sale, if the owner doesn't make their payments, and then typically they can get up to I think it's a maximum of 18% and it has to sit for at least two years once that lien is purchased at that point in time. And whoever the lien holder is, you know, even if there's five more years in the process or seven more years in the process, you know, any one of those lien holders who's held that lien for at least two years, can request that the sheriff hold a tax sale against the property at that point in time. So then, you know, whoever ends up with the deed ends up with the property completely free and clear. But that's something that investors will start to do is they'll see the liens, and they'll start hunting down the lien holders to try and get them to sell it to them, and they'll pay them, you know, whatever their fee was plus 18%. Or even if, if potentially, they had to bid it down lower, and maybe they're in at 12%, they'll still offer the full 18%. Above, you know, above and beyond whatever it was they paid. And then if they can find the owner, sometimes they'll just try and get a quitclaim deed from them for a set fee, you know, whatever amount, but say the property is still worth a lot more, they'll let the property go to the auction. And then you have two possible options at that point in time. Once that property goes to the auction, you can either make sure you've got the winning bid, and whatever, above and beyond the amount that was actually owed on that lien, even if you're the lien holder. Now you get back the money that was owed on the lien, you get back everything that goes above and beyond because now once you file that quitclaim deed with the county, it notarized quitclaim deed, you're the owner of the property. So you get everything goes above and beyond what was owed to the lien holder, and the person you know, and the interest and such like that. So but at that point, that that, that tax deed wipes out any other liens. So there's definitely you know, there's always a process that's, you know, gone out to notify any of the lien holders, the owner has a two year right of redemption, or a four year right of redemption in Florida. But if you're the quitclaim deed holder, you're the if you're the last deeded owner, you're the only person who has the right of redemption. So it makes a suit for to clear the title, fairly easy process. But there's also a lot of ways to go about that if you don't own it. But you can still go in and go after that, even if you buy a text property, that's one of the common ways that a lot of people are doing is they'll either just sit on it, you know, either assuming that possibly the person is dead, and they know that the person is dead, and that's why it went to taxes, or the person sitting in jail, or just person can't be found odds are they're not going to come back. So but the law allows that any work you put into the property in Florida, you can get that back. Now anything that was paid to purchase it any money that was put into it. If the owner does come back within that four years of the original owner, they have to pay back everything in order to be able to reclaim the property. So, I mean, that's still advantageous that way, but there's a lot of caveats in between as well. And Frank, how does that how does that work, so anybody can buy the tax lien at any any stage units, like a year, two years late, they can essentially buy it two years already behind and then hold on, hold it for two years, till eventually that redemption period is already up, when the taxes get far enough behind the county's going to hold the tax deeds or tax lien sale. Okay, so but that's a matter of public record. So you can contact whoever purchased that say, say, you know, they're six months in, you know, if it's a really desirable property, you can contact them and offer them, you know, whatever their fee was plus their 18%, you can even potentially offer them the full 18% for a year. So you know, regardless of whatever their bid was, say you're only six months and you can say, Look, I'll still pay your full 18% Straight up, you know, what you would have gotten over a year, over the two year process, if there's enough money in the deal there to make it worth their while. And they'll just sit on it, they will just assign you the interest. Yes, you just you're basically you're buying that tax lien from them at that point in time. So then, you know, there's still an owner who actually owns the property. Now, whoever the owner of record was, if the person is alive, or you're able to find them, or you're able to find the descendants or whatever, you can still go and get the quitclaim deed from them to purchase the property, even if there's still other liens against it. That's why that's where you'll see some sometimes they'll look at it. Can I negotiate those liens down? You know, whoever the lien holder, you know, the other lien holders are, you know, whoever the other debts are from, can those be negotiated down? Or they'll go ahead and let the auction happen. And you can either at that point in time, you know, if there's enough money there, you know, one of the options is let it go to auction and whatever it goes for Above and Beyond you get, or you go ahead and do the auction, you make sure that you are the winning bidder. Because everything you know, that was owed for the lien, you know, the, with the interest that was paid, you get back, everything that goes above and beyond. Now you also get back because you're the owner. So that's one of the advantages in the state of Florida. So Well, one thing I like about Florida is that Florida is very open with their documents, and they're up to date with all their stuff. So if anybody wants to look for a market to invest in Florida is really, really nice, just because a lot of their records are online. And it's just a matter of searching it out and finding it out. They make it they make it really simple. So there's no market at Target. Florida's really do. Yeah, public info states are definitely a blessing. I see it. We've got ourselves good crowd here tonight. So there's anybody right now we've just been kind of talking about liens and deeds and title issues. But has anybody got anything that's come up this week? Or when a problem question that they've got, we'd definitely love to hear about it and love to help. Records I tell you, crickets, there's no. Hello, this is Nick Bencivenga. Hey, Nick, I've been on periodically and have been networking with some of the guys in the hive. But I this past month, I put on my first direct mail campaign and I actually just started getting some calls and some leads. So I've been working with some leads. I'm planning on putting in an offer tomorrow, actually. So it's, you know, I've been targeting land parcels in Tennessee. And now it's, it's been really great, because I feel like I've had a lot of guidance, and it just feels like like there's a path to action. And I finally feel like I'm kind of going down that path and hopefully heading in the right direction. But very excited. Outstanding. That's cool thing about the the hive also is if you've got a property that you're thinking of making an offer on, feel free to post you know, in the group, or ask any members that you've come to trust for for input on it. If you're especially if you're new to help you to be able to figure out the best offer and stuff like that or to deal with any comments or questions that come up as a result of the offer and anything that they may counter. Absolutely, I've already kind of done that with a few members. And I actually had a question regarding, I guess, soil testing. Because a lot of the lots in the area, you know, there's there's probably only value if it's if it's buildable, and potentially might need to do some PARCC testing to it. Do you need to get like the property like cleared of certain rubbish? Or? You know, like, if it's a word like is it tougher to do that type of testing? Or how does that work? In my experience, tests like that come down to the state. Also the size of the lot. I mean, if you see a lot of houses already in an area, odds are that's not so big of an issue. Are any concern there your biggest concern becomes waters that waterlogged to any degree, you know, we're just implementing spreads, we're just looking at a nearly two and a half acre lot for commercial build for an assisted living facility. And barely half an acre of the whole thing is actually usable. The rest of it is either underwater or you know, to wetland or also there's a large percentage that also has to go to satisfy the county for their offsets and stuff with commercial property. So that's more so the concern and stuff that you need to look at. If it's in a residential area, if you see say, say, you know, I used to live in Tennessee so I know some of the areas pretty well fits, you know, kind of rural and you see houses on that particular road, and they all seem to be set back a certain distance. Odds are when you look into the records, you're gonna see that there are certain setbacks required. So take that into account. You might tell someone look, you know, I've got an acre, but 10% of it up front or, you know, 100 100 foot from the road is not buildable, you know, that's just a requirement other than having a right of way driveway. So that's the stuff you have to look into. Beyond that, you know, clearing it, yeah, I would say your rubbish and crap like that, yes. Before you photo, it, that helps it to look a little better. But also, it's going to come down to the value of the lot. Clearing trees and stuff. You know, at that point in time, we were putting out a lot of money. So there would have to be some pretty significant value there to do that. Especially in Tennessee, you might be dealing with people who want that wooded lot. And they'll barely take out what they have to so that they can build, but still keep as much of the rustic, it's possible. It's a subdivision, that might be a completely different answer, though. From my experience, they when they're doing a protest, only going to I came across this when I was in Georgia, they only get a protest wherever you're planning to potentially build. And usually they can look at the lot, if it's any average size, and kind of like cave house would probably go here, let me let me test this. So it's just them digging a hole a certain amount of deep and seeing if it percolates, and it's one of those things were, they're only gonna, they're not gonna test, like, every portion of the lot was gonna say, like, hey, house is probably gonna go here, based on the front edge, we're gonna test these three spots. And if all of them are good, this is a good home site, potentially. So the larger the lot, the more flexibility you have. But like with Frank said, you only need a portion of the lots actually buildable, and that's where you need to build, everything else could be back yard, front yard, whatever. And that's fine. And it's surpass 100%, you see where the house is actually going to be. And where the leitchfield are going to eventually spread out to would be Park. Your other concern then also becomes if there's no sewer available, then you also have to make sure that you've got septic, the ability for septic and leach field and stuff like that. And if there's water nearby, you got to make sure there's the ability to put in what needs to be put in appropriately while not affecting the local water or anything like that. So that's going to become very location specific. So you would need someone in that particular area that knows what's going on in that area. So all right, awesome. Thank you guys for the advice. Appreciate it. Yep, yeah, it's a I know, surveys, PARCC tests, they get backed up. So if you if you're looking at a certain timeline, you always need to push that forward or make a relationship with them in some way to get your to get your stuff done sooner, just because they get backed up all the time, especially if they're usually understaffed. For any given area, they usually understaffed, especially if it's a booming area, they just get overloaded with surveys and protest all that stuff. So it happens. When when I when I came across this, I was I went to the action, what's his office? He parked the property, I think, like 15 years prior, so I went to his office, he was still he was still doing the same thing. He pulled the records like, yeah, they didn't work for this reason. Here's the results. I'm like, Okay, thank you. So this was one of those things where like people that do it, they do it for a long time. And they're just busy all the time, especially in booming areas. Good question. Good question. Anybody else have any know how that goes, Nick? Yeah. Yeah, let us know how it goes. Like I said, there's so many things that can come up. And it's just overcoming overcoming objections. Which is why like, I think wholesaling makes it a lot easier, just because you don't worry about these things, you just give time to the buyer to do it, and be done with it. Or the buyer doesn't care, you know, one of those two things, but it's always nice, not having to worry about it, per se. And this is like if you're just wholesaling. You might have to worry about it. Just understand what needs to be done. And make sure you give enough time and really the information to the seller that hey, we need, we need to lock up these land these land parcels for 90 days just because you must wait 30 days just leave and get a protest. You know, so it's one of those negotiation tactics you can use in your field to get longer contracts. Make sure everybody's on the same page and let your buyer have that time to actually do whatever tests he wants to get done to the property before he buys it. You I was actually I was speaking to a local realtor, and I think I might have him helps helped me sell the property. Because I just kind of came across him, he had done quite a few land deals in the area. And he was able to kind of help me comp it a little bit, the one that I'm gonna put put an offer on, and he was like, Yeah, their soil tests are probably close to three months out. So I'm probably looking at a three to four month due diligence period would be what I need. So definitely, definitely good to know people in that area. And I've just been trying to reach out to people and get to know and also just trying to connect with builders a little bit to to see if they're interested in the area to go the go. It's all about the network, man. A lot of people really underestimate. It's almost cliche that people need to network in real estate. And it almost seems like it doesn't pay off. But once you find the right people that you need to network with, it makes things so much easier to do anything. So much easier. So one of the high finds reached out to me, and she had a deal here in LA. So I kind of gave his recommendation similar finding a partner with it out here. And it's been a great, so it's having it's having people everywhere that you can connect with and leveraging people in the marketplace, understand what they're doing, and really are doing it, you know, so it's kind of cool to facilitate that need for different people everywhere. So if you get stuck, you only stuck as long as you don't ask for help. And a lot of people, they just, they don't know who to ask or where to ask and just gotta put it out there in the world, and somebody will usually help you facilitate it in some way. The real estate community isn't really giving community in most cases, there is some sharks in the water sometimes that are overlooked. But in the most part, I think the real estate community is a really good and camaraderie community in general. So just be aware. But don't Don't be naive as well, because there's some sharks in the water that we came across to that we've had to purge. So whenever you're doing transactions with people, make sure you get referrals, references. Make sure you do your paperwork, right, because somebody will, somebody will screw you over for $500. When you deal with a 10 $20,000 property, it's going to be a blink of an eye, you know, if that's a person, so just make sure paperwork is in order. And everybody's on the same page 100% Because that'd be bad. Document Document, document and disclose, disclose, disclose. So anybody have any other things are dealing with? Share me and continue on our banter, like we do with Lincoln Daniel show. Yeah. Daniel show you guys are all pervy, but no, these calls are really for you guys, man, like, like, so we always tried to give back to the community in some way. So you guys need help or assistance, need help with marketing. We are launching new programs with the hive mind in general, you guys are interested in that. The hive mind is a CRM for end users know to helps you organize and organize and automate your your marketing channels. But we're also launching a hive leads, which we've kind of been pushing a little bit right now. But if you need inbound leads, PPC leads, we're launching that as well. You can go to have leads IO and check it out. And we will have a call with you about that. But we've had one of our part time investor clients get a lot of success with it. Santana did 10 deals in six months using it. So there's a lot of potential good benefits from it. And we're trying to hopefully get people into into traction quicker and faster. So we're trying to push that and see how it goes for a lot of our clients, which we're excited about. But there's been a lot of questions of where the market is going, I think is definitely softening up. And you need to be adapt and be ready for the changing markets. So one thing I mean anthy are doing is we're trying to get out of all the properties we are in that we're potentially trying to flip, just because we're trying to get into cash heavy right now, just so we can buy more properties as it turns. But don't be afraid just because the market is turning not to invest or wholesale. There's a huge opportunity to start a wholesale. Once the market turns just be ready to put your negotiating hat on as a sub to creative finance. A lot of those other strategies that you're going to be able to utilize and capitalize and make a lot of money on during this downturn that's potentially coming. So I'm educating yourself as 100%. necessity, know the market that you're choosing to be in as well and watch it steadily. I saw something today that I have not seen in months. And that was a wholesaler putting out an email for a property that they actually lower the price. No, so know your market. That's what 10 cents to 100% True. But as the market changes, you might look at numbers to go, Oh, I just did a deal in that neighborhood. Yeah, a month ago for X amount of dollars. Don't assume that that's still the number for this month. If if the market does shift, you know, may shift in small increments, it may shift in larger increments, depending upon the neighborhood and depending upon the city. So just do your research, keep an eye on what stuff is going for. So that when you do put that negotiating head on, you know, the numbers that you're working in, you can also use those doing that research and knowing what properties are going for, whether it's houses multifamily, and my focus is commercial. Just you know what the land just note stuff is going for. That way if someone starts to oh, well, I think it should be blah, blah, blah. Okay, here's three similar properties. This is what they went for this and of course, I need to make a lot of money in this process. Also. I'm always honest about that fact. So just Yeah, no, no, no, really well, what your numbers are. And then it's a matter of, you know, a lot of what Daniel said, get that negotiating head on, and how creative can you be, because there's a way there's ways to give people exactly what they want the numbers that they want. In many cases, as long as my terms are accepted, I'll give you 100% of your asking price. If you spread that, you know, spread that money out over a long enough period of time. But me I'm for next to no money down, oh my god, yes. Now a piece of property that I can get into for 1000 bucks that CMP What $20,000 For that I can turn around and make payments to you for a long period of time, that can turn around and sell at somebody else for $5,000 down and double whatever you want monthly. I've gotten nothing in it now. I've used their money for the down payment, I've made a profit plus I'm getting paid monthly to sit there and act as a go between. That's one of the biggest blessings of this is cash flow. That's why I'm in real estate I don't I'm not here to get rich overnight, I'm here to get rich over many years and control you know, massive amounts of real estate and massive months. I don't have to have a huge net worth. I need and want more specifically a large assets under management with a large cash flow with that you can take off travel for six months if you want to or longer depending on how you got stuff set up. And you've still got the cash flow. It's still there. So that's just my own personal preference others they want to get rich overnight. That can happen but little more aware. I just bought it is deeper. We had a Logan former on the show and he just he just everything he buys is like super deep, like really go home run off homerun deals on every deal he does, just because he just buys really deep. And the reason why you can buy really deep is because he's going after more problems that he's facing up front and so he's just gonna die really deep on every deal he just goes into. So just by deeper, Charles, you unmuted yourself a second ago. Do you want to comment or contribute? Asking if anybody had anything going on in Georgia specifically? I think John Pham is here in Atlanta. I do some stuff in Atlanta occasionally. I'm not going to be over there right now. What are you doing in Atlanta? Well, you know, I'm a real estate broker here. And I also just do some wholesale stuff, buying anything that they wanted to know me to take a look at or review? Yeah. Our Atlanta people we have junior, junior Lee, Virginia Lee. He's out of Chattanooga, just last week in Atlanta and Florida. Versus an Atlanta buddy case in Atlanta. There's Shonda, Shonda lives in Atlanta. You're probably Texas looking what they're like you've been out. Okay. Yeah, I'll just post it in Facebook. Yeah, that's what I was just about to say be sure to post in the group who you are, where you are, what markets you know, really well. And what you do, you're on the edge of being a broker, you have a wholesaling and you're the very viously investor friendly, and you know, as people need it, they may or may not reach out to you tomorrow, but we do search through the group and use that search feature regularly to know who's where. So, definitely, yeah, and I've passed by some vacant land, they I gotta get to you have to get the the picture that I took and reach out to the owner and see, exactly, this is like one of those signs that just says, like, you know, 23 acres for sale, you know, by owner call this number. So I'm working on trying to get in touch with that person. message me on Facebook, once you get that information, something of my interest, I've got a buyer up there broker also, she's got a lot of investors who develop and build and such like that, in that market. So there's a good likelihood, we could end up doing some business, if it's the right property, I just like to verify the steel for sale, because, you know, I've come across a lot of stuff that's already on the market, with brokers, you know, and I understand that that stuff is already kind of like at the top of the market, but some of that Fizbo stuff is like you call it number three or four times, nobody ever calls you back, leave a voicemail. So then you got to dig deeper and do a little bit more research to see if you can like, find out where they live or something, you know, go over the house and try to like pitch and luckily, I have a business card from appropriate. So it's a little bit less alarming. If I want to contact somebody if I have to go see him in person. Yep, yep, yep. Yeah, do what you gotta do. Yeah. Cool. Charles. Excuse me. I didn't know you were in Atlanta. This is the rare. Anybody who knows me know, I'm gonna call you so? Yeah, I've been seeing some stuff in Atlanta too. And glad to know that you there. Right, Frank? You know, I'm gonna call him right. I'm gonna stay in. Everybody, that part of the Hi. So thank you so much. I appreciate you. No problem. I'll put my phone number in the chat. Thank you. Anybody else got any questions or winds or things that they'd like to bring to the hive today? I don't have a question. Um, my name is Taylor. I'm based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. This is actually my first appearance in the hive call. And I'm just doing some listening. I began my wholesaling business. And back in October of 2021. only did it because, you know, I had the opportunity to sit down study for about two years, you know, I'm still kind of new to it. I closed my first deal in January, it took about four months. But I got to close it was pretty difficult, but I gotta close. As of right now, I'm going through a lot working two full time jobs. And I'm also you know, trying to do some wholesaling on the side as well. So I have a small list. But my problem is actually tracking down the owner, because when I try to use my resources and and to track them down, I'm having troubles I'm hitting dead ends. So that's kind of where I'm stuck in my career. What type of property is it? Um, that's what I feel. I think just having the off types of properties. Mainly single family, though single family. Okay, so single family homes. Are they occupied or vacant? That's why I'm hitting a bed appears to be vacant to me. They look very vacant, you know, dropping paths. Are you doing? Are you doing driving for dollars? Are you pulling lists? Yes, I've been recently driving. I extended my financial resources. So I've been driving, you know, so it's doing what I can. Okay, so, driving for dollars, it's, it's a good list. It's probably one of the best lists out there just because you're physically seeing distressed property. So I would continue doing that. As far as finding who the owner is, that's, you go to the county. What state are you in? North Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina. So every every state has a Texas or website that you can go to to see who the owner is. Generally, we like using like if you use like the director dollars app, you can use the find the information of who the owner is and their mailing address. sessions can help facilitate where they are or where they live if they're owner occupied or absentee. So you might want to use some type of Domino's app if not use something simple like landline or just write the address down, make a list, put in a spreadsheet, and then start doing some homework on the computer. It's, it's time it's time and money. So if you have the time to get the list then you can manually skip trace it, or you can send it to skip tracing company to get it skipped and get the numbers for them. But you just need to find out that basic information, Hey, I saw 123 Main Street on that corner corner lot. Like when a window was broken and those tarp on the roof, let me go write the address down and they found it. Oh, it's John Smith always wants to do your main street, but he lives at 567 Johnson Street. Okay, now we have his address, and we know he owns a property doesn't live in. And then we just we find a way to skip trace them, you can use free resources, free resources, like true people search to find out Mr. Johnson or John Smith on Johnson Street, look him up, find out that's his number. And start calling and see if you get a hold of one or a family member that through those resources to try and get a hold of him about his property damage. So it's mostly getting the right information that's 100% proper. So if you're doing driving for dollars, just make sure you're getting the right mailing address, and who the actual owner is, whether it's an individual or LLC, you see a bit of doing research on that side, on the backhand side once you actually get the list to get the property's information. 100%. Correct. Yeah, yeah, that's the part I'm stuck on Slack. And so I get there, and I get to skip trash. And I figure out who the owner is like the name of the owner. I get to skip tracing, but it's like I hit a dead end, because the number doesn't work, or I don't know, I'm just hitting a dead end with it. You know, I've tried true people search I tried to skip, no, what is it that skip tracing, I try, I've tried a lot, skip D. O. If you're doing this on a book scale, you're there are some people you can't find. But if you can't find them, there's a good chance nobody else can find. So usually those are the ones you have to dig deeper. Usually, we're the one thing that if you can't find them, look up their name and obituaries, it's kind of morbid, but it works out in the past is that if you usually can't find them is because they're passed away. Recently, your years prior, so you're not going to find any information on them because there's not. So then you look for the relatives, yeah, really, for the relatives, you're gonna go down that path and figure it out, possibly get a really good deal on good a good house. So the the houses that you can't find anything, dig a little deeper, because if you find the owner, there's a good chance a lot of people can't find them either. So you're just by doing a little bit extra homework, you know, if you're making good find a good transaction out there. Yep. Another trick there is look at when you look at the tax records, I don't know how public North Carolina is with their records. But if you check out the property, you check its tax history. If you see a lot of tax liens against the property, then odds are they have no idea where the person is either. In nobody's paying it. Another trick that works, especially if you're driving for dollars, go to the post office and get yourself a they're free the big cardboard envelopes that are about the size and shape allowance. And that showing priority shipping for the other priority shipping envelopes, they're free, Okay, grab a stack of those, you know, spread yourself tender 20 To start, you know, just for the trial. And if you've come across the property that looks interesting, you know, grab a sheet of paper, your pen, right? Hey, this, this is Taylor, I'm interested in this property at whatever the address is, give me a call and put your number on it. And then stick it in the envelope, seal it, and then stick it in the crack of the door, walk up to the front door of the property and stick it in the crack of the door. Do not stick it in the PIO box or the postal box because then you have to pay postage. And the postal person if they notice that it looks different, they will open it and look and they'll yank it out. But if you put it in the crack of the door, a lot of times there are neighbors of a property who still know how to contact the owner or someone in the family of that owner. You know, even if the person is deceased, they know someone. And a lot of times if you put something in the crack of the door like that, someone who knows them will go grab it and reach out to them, Hey, you want me to someone stuck this in the door? Open it they'll read the letter. And because of the fact like you said maybe they can't be found because you know, maybe they passed maybe they moved to Timbuktu and they've just dropped off the grid whatever the case may be, you know you like everybody else nobody can find them. So if you if you get that way in sometimes that works and I found property owners that way and was able to make deals a couple of times they were dead and found relatives a couple of times it was people who are in Brisbane and just gone for long periods of time. And the houses were just sitting there so you never know what will work along with obviously all the tricks standing abroad. Okay, definitely worth a try. Thank you. The envelope makes it more official to and you never pay postage, it's all free. So you can use that free postage and just drop it off on the door and you can have free so you can have pre printed paper already sealed it is right the after sign it. Dear owner, if you go with the owner's name, put the owner's name on it. And that's it. Call it a day. Just don't stick in the mailbox. Mailbox. Okay, gotcha. Thank you. Yeah, like Jimmy beans got something there. That'd be starting the show. Oh, Taylor, I was just gonna say to you, excuse me. Taylor, I was just gonna say to you, I've done that too. I have done everything on this twice. Just, I just found out that she's here in California with me. But the person that was taking care of her property was very vague and didn't want anyone to know. And the family didn't know. But so far, that particular property that I'm trying to get is in Atlanta, Georgia, so that I can gift it and buy it for my daughter. And someone came to that property and asked my daughter if she had any information on Twila even though they knew she was here, but because she's in a facility that is a caretaking facility. Someone else was taking care of that. But anyway, to make a long story short, I did everything you did I skip trace. I call relatives I call everyone and now I've just been gold and just hit so I'm gonna go from there now. So I'm just in that prime part right now. But it's because of the high and what I've learned with them that I begin to understand and just begin to search. Like they say search, search search, and that's what I did. Okay, so I just wanted to kind of encourage you to do that. Okay, thank you so much. Thank you. Thanks. That's awesome. No, it's, uh, I'm glad I'm glad you said that, Loretta, because Loretta, it's no no discount to her. But it took her a little bit to understand what the process was, but she's getting it now. And she's doing a lot better. So I congratulate you Murata forgetting it. Thank you. Hi, baby. Boy, you got the boy. Yeah, this is my son, Romeo. Okay. I'm gonna start. So thank you. You're, oh, no, it's okay, great. Frank, I'm just going to piggyback on what you said, because what I used to do is I just used to go to Dollar General. And I would actually go give me some sticky notes. And now go ahead, purchase a sticky note and slap it on the door, hey, I'm interested in buying your house, give me a call a relative sister, cousin, whoever will show up to see that number there. Call me up. And I got a nice few deals. And just like that, if I can't reach them, I knock on the next door neighbor doors as well. Get in contact with all the neighbors because everybody in the area know everybody. So not only do I ask them, Hey, do you know your neighbor? Right? Did you take their via threats and sell it? And then one person will come out and say, Yeah, I know them, they passed away, I know, the sister got her number, I'm gonna give it a number. And I got me a deal like that, too. It's, it's really, it's really and then it's really simple, but it's a lot of work. And, and if you want to find relatives, it's this. Phone companies use been verified. It used to be free on iPhone, for some reasons are free normal. I mean, they give you the cousins, the brothers, the aunties, friends, everybody that you want to, you know, that you could call that you want to name that you can name Mandela, you can actually call one by one. And the phone numbers are accurate. And you know, the sky's the limit your reach out to them with no problem. Another side that you could also use Jimmy, there's a site called fast people And that is free. It will give you all of their relatives, you can click on the relatives names, it'll tell you all of the past addresses they've ever lived at their current address if they're alive if they're not alive, every telephone number they've ever had. So that's another economical way to kind of track down the numbers as well. I use the different color bar was actually accurate because it gave me social media information as well. And it was like real good. I liked it. I'll try that too. And that sounds good. I'll follow them on social media too. Okay. Lot of free ways to be able to find people, find owners or find relatives. I want three of the people and to until you get to the position where you've got a little bit of budget. And I know Anthony likes to say it I know Daniel, Senator John Alexander is an extreme fan of saying you know, start with the cheapest method when you're trying to find properties or trying to contact him numbers and then work your way up to the situations where you're paying. Yes. But uh, you know, I don't I use prop stream as well. And I found out most of the numbers that I find on Prop stream as well are the same ones you can find for free on fast people Okay, all right. Oh, wow, good pricing. When it comes to skip tracing now I use the hive mines. The list guy service, just because it works extremely well. And it's extremely cheap. I found one service that was cheaper, but they don't do commercial. So the hive hive minds list guy service, which I believe Daniel loans is just so much better. And they do commercial as well. So that's what I'm using the list Guys, guys. That's what it's worth. I put that link in the chat. For the list guys. Daniel Daniels getting it. He should have that on a SpeedLink. Oh, Frank, I what I heard you say about, about the post office envelopes, not the envelopes where we call those seams. But anyway, that's the greatest ideal, the creative ideal I've ever heard. And I'm going to do that because there's this property that I actually went to knocked on the door. And I can tell she's an older person. Of course, she didn't answer the door. But I'm going to put that through there. All I want to do is cut her grass. That's all I had a gardener there to cut her grass. That's all I want to do. And of course, if she will begin to talk, then I'm going to find some information out right. So I just want to go and cut her grass. Because in that neighborhood is such a nice neighborhood. And I'm sure other people have tried to talk to her. But I just want to go cut her grass. So my note was going to say, Can I cut your grass? And if you see me cutting your grass, will it be okay, so I'm happy my garden to go over and just cut her grass. That's all I want to do. And if she comes out and we get to talk, then fine. If she doesn't come out, I'll put another envelope backup in there. If because I'm, I'm sure she'll move the first one and say, Would you like to talk about your property? Are you interested in selling it? Whatever the correct word would be. But I'm going to do that. That's what I'm going to do. That's next on my list. That's so creative. Frank, thank you so much. It wasn't my idea was somebody else's idea that hey, you know, I thought same thing. Wow. I like that. It's free. And I can go do that. So yeah, thanks. Hey, guys, I've got a creative deal. I just want to throw out what not creative deal I've got this potential deal that I'm working on, want to throw out what I'm going through, and I'll take all feedback. I have a property in a very up and coming area here in San Antonio, Texas, very hot area in the last year is just, they're really revitalizing this area. So I have a family that's due for foreclosure. On July the fifth, the Father, the home was paid for the father did a reverse mortgage. He's an elderly man, he did not tell family members didn't tell the son who actually lives with him until it was too late. So now they're like about $90,000 behind in the mortgage and their foreclosure. The father, he's ready to sail. He's Of course now because he's ready to get out of there. He doesn't want that on his they don't want to be kicked out. So the son who is basically takes care of his father, he's not on the deed, but he's the one that's trying to kind of help facilitate stopping or slowing the foreclosure and helping with the sale. The father is kind of like I want to add for the house. And I was like, do you understand that homes in your area and I explained this to the son the son understands homes in your area with no rehab whatsoever. The house was built in 1920. We're talking about no updates, no central air, they're not going for two at the most they're going for in that area is one 133. So I'm being very creative and trying to help them find another place to go to that a deal on the ARB that I can offer them what to actually pay off what they need to pay off for that. The Foreclosure to stop the foreclosure and give them money to go into a new place. The thing is, again, the son is not on the deed is the father that's on the deed. So am I wasting time helping the sun and the reason why I'm dealing with the sun because the sun speaks English the father does not. But we know the Father is motivated, very motivated, but his numbers are just off, we have three weeks. So one thing I will say one thing I'll say is that is, is in his right mind to make financial decisions? Well, that's the thing. I don't think so because he stopped paying the mortgage. Like he stopped paying the mortgage, he stopped paying the insurance like he stopped opening the mail. And those sorts of things he has, technically, he's not in his right mind. But he's not been deemed by the courts not to be in his right mind. So if he's not been deemed by the courts to be his right mind, and technically, he still has to be the person to facilitators attraction, which is why I say that. So if if his son can find a way to get rights, or what's the power of attorney over his estate, then he can facilitate the transaction. But if he's still in his right mind, and he can't get power of attorney, then you have to go through that you have to go to the Father. Now, is it is it wrong for me to talk to the son about okay, you and your father need to have like, at least a joint bank account because of the fact that we know that once the sale happens, all the funds are going to go into his account. But at least that way, that son can kind of oversee what's happening with the funds. You don't want to have any thought or say in that conversation, essentially, what you've just done is committed fraud. Okay, by discussing that, so no, you don't want to do that. But this is coming from a former realtor, that will be a discussion between the son the father and an attorney. Okay, protect the father's interests, okay, nothing on your side. Okay. And it sucks, because I mean, I, you know, we're here to we're here to solve problems, you know, true real estate investors and stuff like that, in groups like this. You have to be a problem solver and a solution provider. It may come down to he may he may, I have to look into a short sale, starting a short sale process that could potentially stop it. You know, as Daniel said, we can't solve every problem, unfortunately. And sometimes, I mean, I've dealt with foreclosures, I've dealt with people who were facing tax sale evict the eviction, you know, for foreclosure and eviction from a tax sale, to the actual tax deed sale where once that happens, they're going to be thrown to the curb. And they don't see it, oh, something's going to come through, something's going to save me. And, you know, right up until that last moment, when they've lost it, oh, my God, it didn't work out. I could have swore somebody was gonna give me three times what I thought it was worth, you know, it's, it's unfortunate. That, yeah, defy it to the very end, talk to try and get the son to talk to the Father with you there and explain the situation. You know, show him potentially what some other houses similar condition to his are selling for maybe that will help them to understand, offer to bring a real estate agent and to help them potentially with me, because it'd be a requirement, you know, a real estate agent, and attorney or just a proper attorney who handles short sales, and try and get the protection that way to give him a little bit more time. But he's going to have to come into reality and accept what the actual value is, unfortunately, or it may, in that process, get proven that he's just not of legal sound nine to be able to make that decision. So thank you, no problem. What I would do, I would try to see if I could get the son to do a three way call with the mortgage company. And see if the father get on there with them and let the son be like, an authorized person on the account and see if he can get an extension saying, hey, my father is not doing too well, mentally. He's on three way right now. He's willing to make me authorized person on this, this mortgage account, to speak with you guys and see if they'll give him an extension on the foreclosure due to circumstances. And then I will try to get it under contract. I might even say, hey, whatever price you want. I'll try to put it on a contract for that price. But what the appraisal comes back at, you know, that's what's going to determine, you know, you do a subject to the appraisal. Is it worth more, or is it worth less? Charles Charles did a really good point there too. If he possibly forbearance, there's been a lot of stuff of forbearance possibilities with COVID. Sorry, there's there still might be some of those available to him. That may be offered to stop the pending foreclosure. Yep. Yeah, he definitely needs someone advocating on his behalf, who's co here? And, and aware and understands the situation. And you know, and, you know, obviously, you know, the sun would be a good potential or, you know, if he doesn't trust the sun, get an attorney, you know, suggest that to get an attorney to move forward, which I'm never a fan of attorneys, but it is what it is something to do to protect him legally, and also protect you in this transaction, should you manage to buy it and turn around and sell it, you want everything documented, that shows you went above and beyond trying to make sure he was legally competent or properly represented, that you didn't take advantage of him? Because there's a lot of scams going on nowadays. And you don't want that to fall back against you either. So, but yeah, Charles got really good suggestion we're trying to get on the phone with with the mortgage company and the dad and see if he can get him to make him a authorized person that discuss things and try and help make the deal. But in the end, the dad still has to be willing to sign to sell the property. That's most of any deal that you you do come up with. So the dad, that's the thing that dad is ready to sign is just that number that he thinks he's going to get for his property with, like, no rent, and we're talking about 1920 property that's not been renovated. That is no central heating and air is. Yeah. You know, this is what I would do. Can you show him in writing, what it's worth the neighborhood or some comps or something at this, just my suggestion, so that the father can see that he's now going to get that price? So yes, I have, I'll go back and talk to the Father with the son. I've showed the son and accuracy signs and numbers because he was talking about, you know, my dad wants this, my dad wants this. And I was like, Well, let me show you what has sold in your area. So I brought up the comps. And after I showed the son, he understood, but I have not been able to get with the Father, we were not at the son's house, the son was actually looking at another property at this time, because they're trying to transition at the same time trying to find something to get into. So I will see if I can go back and sit down with him and the father, to show the father what I share with the Son as far as the comps go in that area. Exactly. And let me ask one more question because this is an interesting story for us to learn. So I'm just trying to learn. I don't know, everything like everyone else doesn't know everything. But the question I want to ask, is the father competent? Is the son saying his dad is competent? Yeah, we were already asking that Loretta. Okay. Okay. All right. I didn't hear that. Okay. Yeah, but I No, not really known. Yeah. Okay. All right. Um, thank you. You're on the right thought process though, Loretta. But yeah. Unfortunately, it's not completely known. Right. Anyway, let us know how it works out. Yeah. Sure. Well, thank you. We appreciate anybody coming out today to Thursday's call. We do these calls every Monday and Thursday. If you want to get notified for these calls, you can text us at 21097 to 18.2 just text the keyword like he said hive if you guys really appreciate her coming out bring the good greetings and good questions. Like I said we sometimes do speakers sometimes just Q and A's but we appreciate the feedback and we appreciate the good questions because it helps everybody in the room learn and everybody listen on later on. If they have any questions about something similar, so we appreciate everybody coming out. Enjoy your weekend. Is a holiday almost a holiday in two weeks July 4, enjoying during weekends but some of their family they appreciate everybody have a great day guys. Keep coming back. And I guys and

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