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June 7, 2022

Ep 197- Creating A greater Purpose With John Alexander

Ep 197- Creating A greater Purpose With John Alexander
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Yeah, yes. I'm JB and with with one of my students here, and you know, when you're JV with people in the hive, you know, like, if you come in here, you don't have the experience of getting on the phone and talking to the seller and closing a deal. Well, you come in here and you find somebody who, who has that experience. So this is one of my people in my, in my mentoring group. And so they they did the, they brought me the lead, right, so they just gave me the lead. And so I looked it up, I priced it out the way, the way that we do it. And so I jumped on the call with a guy. And we ended up hammering out a deal. But, but the way I do it, this was a four or five acre track. And the guy wanted a little bit more than what I even wanted to pay. So my standard go to and you guys should use this, Jim here is what I do is, as soon as as soon as they get pushed with me, or the kind of like, you know, they dig their heels in the ground, what I do is I turn I turn it back on, make him pay for it, you know, so there was somebody said, the basic thing I teach is, if somebody asks you for something in a negotiation, then you ask them for something else, it's always a give and take, because if you just give in, without asking for something else, they'll just keep asking. And you you're the one losing all the way through. And they'll keep asking sometimes even past when you've signed your contract. So you're teaching them at the same time not to be trying to change the deal, right. But in this case, we're right here at the beginning of a transaction where I'm just trying to get to a price for the guy. And so I give him you know, I anchored to a low price, like we all do. And then from there, what I did is, is he came back a little bit higher, and it's still we're still talking to 50% below 50 cents on the dollar for this property, the price you wanted, but I was much lower than that. 25% And so what I do, like change, I say, Okay, well, it sounds like, you know, time is not as important as price to. So what I could do, because he was already pretty hanging up on me like, Okay, well, you can't do it, you know, I'm just gonna end to my kid, like they always say, and so what I said, Well, you know, time isn't, isn't the issue, what we what I could do is probably max out, you know, looking for a buyer, and I've got this incredible machine that I market to, you know, for buyers. And I just need more time, if I have more time that I can probably get up to that price at your meeting. So if you give me six months, I bet I can get it done for you. And you said yes. So now I've got no earnest money, that tight of a five acre track and 50 cents on the dollar. I've got six months to get rid of it. So a lot of times, you know, a lot of people come in out of the wholesale industry where they're thinking, Oh, the sellers gonna turn me down. If I can't say I'm gonna close in 30 days, that's ridiculous. It doesn't. That's not the way it is and land, we're different. And you know, we shouldn't even be training the sellers, because that's what we're doing. We're training them to get used to 30 day closings, when you don't have to ask for more time I never asked for 30. But you know, my typical one, if they do agree to my really low price, then yeah, give me a month and a half 45 to 60 days is typically 60s what to ask for the contract. But don't even tell them that on the phone. So in that negotiation, I don't go to that, to negotiate a time to close, I don't tell them what time to close never comes up with me unless I'm asking for six months. That's the only time I bring that up. Otherwise, we're negotiating to that 25% And the first time they see closing date, which will be whatever I kind of think I can sell it in is when they see the contract. Because now there's like oh well just sign in and go on. So we don't even bring up something that they haven't brought it up. Anyway, I thought I'd share that with you so you guys can use Jim's today. And that was a quick call. But let's we'll do something for Anthony since his birthday. That's such a good gem right there in general just because it's like a it's like you're playing cards you don't want to show your cards too early and nobody always asking to see them. So why give it up? Give it up. Yeah, I have all this in my I have what I call call to I do call one call to that sort of series of calls. And this is all part of a call to script so it's all scripted out. It's nothing. It's nothing that I you know, just do on this one guy do on everybody. So, so frank put in the comments. He says motivation I got write four books in 10 years. How many say So how many how many you've written total? John? Oh, God, I lost count. I know that I've got no, I didn't ask how many total? I said, How many before that? If 10 When you were 60? How many did you write Oh, or that? I wrote, I wrote, I wrote five, when I turned 16. That one year. I gotta write one year. Yeah. I've read so many books. I, some, so many of them are even unpublished because they, you know, the techniques don't work anymore. I can't publish them. So I'm publishing them. But I wrote another one. I just haven't had time to. I wrote one last year, I don't know this year, but I haven't had time to put it out yet. Motivation either way. So me and Anthony are working on a book right now. All right, Oregon, book number one. So that's exciting. You to have a book for sure. Yeah, we're working on book number one. So it's kind of a kind of hope. Hopefully, we're hoping to have it released by the end of the year. So we're excited about that. But it's one of those things, we're open via different different mediums like So the whole point of this is providing value. So Frank, but the fair everybody, it is man for everybody here, man, find a way to create something, create content, create a house, find a way to create something, there's so many, there's so much value given? I'm sure. John Alexander, he helped pass by a lot he sold or something and see a house there. And it's something that that property moved and the house has been built, or these builders are building houses and making properties. And there's something there's something cool that happens when you see something flourish. Because of you, even if it's a minimally you know, so there's there's a lot to go say with that. So do you find something to find somebody that produce Go make something happen, man, it's pretty, it's pretty cool. And it's, there's a huge joy that comes from that. For everybody out there. So I'm Frank Frank, seeing that too. Frankston helped me out with the podcast, pretty few episodes, here and there. So of course, John Allison has gotten his books. So there's a lot of cool stuff out there in the marketplace and just provide value in your own way and it pans out and helps out the universe somehow. Most importantly, we're going to make this a shorter call. Have my kids have my my wife and my mice out right now my kids are watching movies like CAN bus near any moment. So I want to I didn't want to didn't have a totally out. I'll cancel the call. But we're going to make it a little bit shorter than the day. Today's Anthony's birthday. He's turned 41 I believe 41 So everybody's getting older and wiser. Some somebody messaged Anthony, and I grew messenger mo with Anthony Lee. Oh, and Anthony is the greatest person he'll ever be. And I'm like, No, he still has room to improve. So it's one of those things where like, you gotta you gotta you gotta enjoy, enjoy the holidays enjoy the time of their family. We did cancel last week, last week's call because we want to have a but don't lose sight of the bigger picture. I did a podcast with Ricardo was Dallas this afternoon. And he was talking about how he's moving back to Miami this next year to get closer to his family. So there's, there's all this money all this money in and wins towards your your money goals are really nothing if you're not really enjoying the time with your family. So it's really important to just spend time with your loved ones and really enjoy that time together. Because you don't know how long it's gonna be like Mr. John Alexander turning 64 Next week, this week, next week. It's been some it's amazing. You don't you don't know the impact you can make in your lifetime and you don't know the the good things that can come from it. And John Alexander would never see the impact of all that he's done. I'll never see it. I might never see it. You know, it's one of those things where all the good you do. Just goes out there. So throw it into the universe. Let it go and do what it ever does. Yeah, we all get we all have that sixth degree of separation. You'd be surprised, actually, a lot of times how quick that turns into two degrees of separation. And the longer you're alive, the more you realize, oh wow. That was one two degrees of separation. Most people call it the Kevin Bacon theory. I call it the crispy bacon, crispy bacon. They all come out of the woodwork and it's amazing how they suddenly realized they knew or you knew them or what the connections were just so they can get some of that crispy bacon and yes, I'm making light of it, but you gotta laugh, just like John sitting there doing right now. You know, the funny part is Kevin Bacon is my age. And he looks his age much better than I have. On the other hand, but data is my age too. And so was print. So yeah, some of us just live or outliving the others. At that point, who cares what you look like, now the game is how long can I stay alive? Most definitely. That was the sad one losing prints. Yeah. so talented. Talented. Yeah, you look back at his stuff in the 70s. He had music published in the 70s and was writing music for others in the 70s long before he started to become known as Sinead O'Connor's big hit that was he wrote that. So Daniel and step away for a minute, so he asked me to step in and assist is we've already heard some golden nuggets from John. I know we've got a few people in here today, Rosa. Let's see who else we got. Ali. Almost here Iris. John Pham. And Bruce is here Javier. Let's see we have dancer Donna. Charlize Charleston's film and connecting to audio. I don't know who that is, but they're connecting. Merci. Merci. Merci, Ella Maristella I apologize if I butchered anybody's names but has anybody had a witness leak or a question anything that they'd like some assistance with? We've got a few people here with some good bit of experience we're all glad to help you out crickets it Okay, let's do it this way. I got a question whose question yes. So anybody have I guess buyers in Laredo, Texas got two acres under contract I haven't marketed yet. I actually just got them today for real good number. Oh, Alma you know some Pete almost says she knows some people there I'm fairly certain Anthony's got buyers all throughout Texas. Wonderful. I think I follow you on Facebook I'm I'll send you a message so we can connect on that. There you go. How'd you get them so actually so with these I'm actually working the area towards Austin and I reached out to a seller out there who wasn't really interested in selling her lot at that time. Well not this particular lot in this area. And I just asked her like always do Do you have any other properties that you might be looking to sell and she's like yeah, we have some some land in Laredo that you know we're looking to sell and the number that she said she wanted for it was looks pretty decent after running the comps and everything like that. So you know, just anybody who's just starting out man, if you talk to a seller always ask if it doesn't if they don't want to sell what you call for always ask their friends and family with land or you know other land or homes or ask them if they have other you know, land or other properties that they might be interested in. And so that's always good when you end up selling properties pretty much anywhere because I don't do any any marketing or you know, any calling or anything like that on the radio Texas but you kind of just move around just depending on you know, who you talk to. And how did you get in touch with a seller in the first place? So So okay, so with this, so I do cold calling. In a Horseshoe Bay, we pretty much call like we call a list that we get through. I forgot how we even got the list to be honest, because I worked I ended up working with a relative so he put the list together for me. And he also put the put the he already had the cold calling program so I didn't have to do anything but tell him that I was working down there. And he ended up putting this list together and he already had the cold calling through Mojo so we just pretty much call every day I tried to call for like an hour after day and he just ran across you know everything everything is working out man. Man. It's kind of weird because every I feel like everything that I've spoken or something that I might need like I did My first deal, and then I was like, Alright, I need to do like a deal a month, I started doing a deal a month. And I was like, Man, I need to do four deals a month. So this month, probably this would be my first month doing four deals. But now, I mean, of course, you know, my, my outlook on it, you know, has expanded, so I'm really seeing the potential in this to grow and expand. Outstanding. Yes, that's definitely an important question to always ask when you get on the phone with someone? Absolutely. I can't recall who it was. I believe it was the Monday night call. I think it was Anthony or someone was talking about just the bill, call or text and just you know, hey, if you got any land, you know, any properties you're looking to sell your we're looking to buy in your area, wondering if you if you might know anybody looking to sell, versus calling in asking for a specific person or asking about a specific property? because it bypasses those default knows, because oh, well, that's not me. You know, sometimes it's just a defense mechanism, you know, you're calling me you're spamming me or annoying me? Or no, that's not my property, just you know, whether or not so that, you know, I can't recall who it was there, you know, they mentioned that they're just, you know, just throwing that out there, hey, you got anything now, I'm looking to buy some properties in your area, you know, you got the, you know, anybody selling any land. And sometimes those people will turn around and have something or sometimes they'll know someone you know, down the street or you know, someone that they work with, or they're related to, that happens to know that happens to you. They know someone that has some properties for sale. So you know, kind of throwing stuff out there to the universe and just kind of letting it fall where it does work sometimes. So, good deal. And we have a question in the chat from John Pham. Anybody with buyers for hillside vacant residential land? 9000 square foot lot in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California. If nobody here on this call does John make sure you post it posted up in the hivemind CRM group. There's a lot of people a lot more people obviously in the CRM group on Facebook than there are on this call right now. I know. She come for me, Frank. No problem. Yeah. Today's today's been an interesting day. So I appreciate everybody's help today. But yeah, we're not have anybody here if you have any questions, like I said, this has been interesting. Congratulation. And Bruce, man. Glad to see you got some momentum. We met embers has been an embarrassment on the clubhouse call and a while back. And it's it's really crazy how many how many people we've come across in the last 1516 months. So it's kind of cool how far people go. And congratulations to them. Bruce. Decided Daniel. I remember back then when we when we met, I was basically closing my first deal when uh, when you guys came to Dallas, that was in August of last year, and I ended up closing finally closing a deal in September. So from September to now I've done about 1717 deals. And yeah, I'm still highly motivated though. Because like, the more you the more you network with people, you just realize, like how much you can really ramp this up and expand it, you know, kind of just push yourself to do do more, you know? That's good, man. That's good. It's it's amazing, man. This this business is amazing. It's cool. It's cool to see people get traction and everybody starts somewhere, man. That's amazing. 17 deals. That's good, man. It's crazy. It's crazy. It's already generating hogs right around the corner. Man That's crazy. That's good stuff man. Really really good stuff for everybody out there man. It's just consistency and putting in the time man putting in the time consistency think I think we're gonna say I think we're gonna have to hear man it's been a it was a good call either way. It was good short call if you guys missed the beginning man. Does interjection nuggets on us. John did that deal deal finish with the seven seven people yet? Yeah, that one did close. But it ended up being a cash deal. Okay, yeah. And that was Cecil's deal. And Cesar was in on that one that he he was the one that there So you got the original contract. So yeah, it didn't close. We gotta we got to do like a quick call on that one. And yeah, and I've got another one already going with another member here. I'll have to call him out on it, but we need to get a bid. Hopefully we close next week on it. But they did an amazing job. They took 34 acres, subdivided it into five different parcels and plus, I think two extra on the side, and I'm buying a note on two of those, and then they sold the rest for cash. And they're gonna make gobs of money on it just tons of money. And yeah, just, you know, networking, putting putting deals together in the hive. They go, that's amazing left left to get everybody else on the line with sees a deal. That's pretty cool. It's pretty amazing. Good. Good question. These guys, man. For everybody out here, man just start getting started on the marketing, man marketing deals have come. We have some stuff coming out the next 60 days or so we'll probably be sending out a text blast or calling people individually about that. So keeping an eye out for stuff that's coming up. But it's gonna be a good year this year. seven more months of the year, six more months of the year, so you got to make a lot of stuff happen. So putting the work. Still plenty time to make some big moves this year. So don't miss that opportunity. Is everyone on the Facebook group? Everybody is using the main Facebook group? Yes, Charles. So you can all hit us up there. We do these calls every Monday and Thursday on Mondays at five Central and Thursdays at seven central. Today's is a shorter day. I just have to I have to go leave a little early. But Anthony's birthday is today somewhere. And then a little bit early today. But we do these calls every Monday and Thursday. Because any questions hit us up in the Facebook group. We're here to help and have a great rest of the weekend. Y'all have a great day. Enjoy the time with your family. Have a great day. Bye guys. Thanks

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