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June 1, 2022

Ep 193- Real Estate Entrepreneurs Podcast: From Driving Trucks to Real Estate Investor and Community Creator | Daniel Esteban Martinez

Ep 193- Real Estate Entrepreneurs Podcast: From Driving Trucks to Real Estate Investor and Community Creator | Daniel Esteban Martinez
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Welcome to The Real Estate entrepreneurs podcast. Welcome to a real estate entrepreneurs podcast today we have Mr. Daniel from the hive mind. Let's go, bro, I love what you guys are doing, man. Appreciate that I love the brand. I love how you're creating a community, you got raving fans, a lot of my friends are actually promoting the hive mind. And you know for those of you guys that don't know what a hive mind is, where can they go check it out. So the hive mind is where two more people come together to share information. So that's what it is. But the main place can go is Facebook, facebook group hive minds here. I'm on Facebook, how do you get into real estate? Me I got into real estate on accident. So I'm actually originally from trucking. So I used to be a truck driver and I truck drove for two years and actually started a trucking company for another two years. So I was in trucking for four years. I literally wasn't making money for anybody that goes into trucking. It's a really expensive business. Yeah, low profit margins. And I just wasn't making any money. So I was while I was driving. I listen to podcast, which is why I provide a lot of content in podcasting. Just because I'm from podcasting. I used to listen to a lot of YouTube and listen to a lot of podcasts while I was driving. So I started learning other stuff I was driving just had the free time. started in real estate. I was doing real estate while I was doing trucking. And I got my first deal on a vacant lot in Florida. Which is why I mean how Anthony I mean Anthony met, because we do we do land. So I did my first vacant lot in Florida and made $6,000 On my first deal and never looked back. I kind of fell into data after that. And then the software so now I do real estate software and data. Alright, let me take you a little bit back before choking right? Where are you from? Originally? I'm originally from Chicago, Chicago, Chicago. Okay. And you grew up in there in Chicago or I grew up outside Chicago. So Chicago is a big city. Yeah. Most cities. So I actually grew up in a little city called Hammond, Indiana, which is right over the border. So first city next. Yeah. Illinois, on the south side. And so I grew up. I lived there for 22 years, and then I hated it because it was cold. Yeah, I used to work outside because I used to load trucks back then. Right. So back then I used to love trucks. It was really, really cold working outside blows greed rather loading trucks. I was terrible. So when I met my wife, she's like, I have family in Atlanta. When I moved to Atlanta. I'm like, let's go. Let's go. So I moved to Atlanta, live in Atlanta for six years. That's when I started trucking when I went to Atlanta, right. And then, and then from there, I went and moved to LA. So I live in LA now. From there. Right? So. So you got into trucking from a very like that was the kind of like your first thing or it was. So my second job I ever got was forklifting loading trucks. Yeah. So I loaded trucks for more years, same company actually transferred down to Atlanta with the same company. And when I got down there, I realized there was no snow. I never wanted to drive because of I hated driving in the snow. I hate that. I was always scared of getting in an accident. Yeah, it's dangerous. It's dangerous. So I never wanted to drive 18 Wheeler in the snow. I just didn't want to do it. So when I moved to Atlanta, there was no snow. They got cold, but it never snowed. So I'm like, okay, I can do trucking down here. So I, I went through the trucking training inside my job. I ended up driving for them for two years after I went through the program. And then I decide I want to be there's no right time to be an entrepreneur. So I just was done with entrepreneurship. And the reason why it was my wife got pregnant. And I was trucking and I was making I made like 100 grand my first year in trucking. Wow. And I'm like, I want to do something. But there's no right time to start. Right. So I'm like, once I found out she was pregnant, I'm like, let's just do it now. So the whole time while she was pregnant. I worked my ass off every day. I could six days a week. Take an extra hours anyway I could. When she was about to have the baby. I took two week vacation paternity leave three month paternity leave and quit. And it's been four and a half years now. Good deal, man. So sorry. So let's go move forward to real estate. Right. You did your first deal. Yeah. And then how was your evolution after that? Like, it was a lot of pivoting. I struggled a lot after my first we'll do. I struggled a lot and then actually fell into the data business. So I started that's where I remember you from because I remember, I sponsor the ground zero, we queue and yeah, we're there. That was that was when I started. Okay. That's when I started doing data business. So I started doing data business two years ago, February, right. That's when I that's when I kind of really was diving doing real estate and the data business. And then from there like, that was my first event I did with Q And I was there, I sponsored the event right over there doing nothing but it's been it's been it's been a it's been a weird turn, like I've never expect to be a software data. I mean either and I own my own software right and and I was never expecting to on my own software. As a matter of fact, I own for a while something very similar to what you guys have. It's just that my heart wasn't into it. Like I didn't want to go grow that. And I just wanted to be a user of it more than then promoting some brand, because there's a lot of work that you guys got to put behind hive mind is your own thing. Like, a lot of people like they like, I'm kind of out of the real estate day to day like I still do a lot of the backend stuff. But like, I'm out of that front end, how do you guys come up with a Hi Fi? Like? The name the brand? Yeah, no, but like, like, how did how did the idea start? Like, you know, you were drinking a beer with your friend or something like that. And then you guys said, how? Why don't we start, you know, a CRM company or lead generation company? It was. So I was working with Anthony at the time we're doing we talked a lot together because we were doing land. And we had the opportunity that we saw the software and we're like, Okay, this is it. Because we've been talking about doing stuff something together at that point, we didn't know what it was going to what it was going to be. And when we saw it, we're like, Okay, this is it. This is our flagship product to bring everybody to us. Because as most people that are in this business have some type of niche information or niche product, to gateways them into real estate. And that's what separates you from everybody else. Right? So when we saw it, we're like, that's it went all in on it. And then that's kind of how we got here. Got a year. Let's spend we started February 2021. So it's been 14 months now. Awesome. How many users you currently have? Right now we're at 350, where we have steady growth, we've always we make more money every month continuously. And it's been like that since we started. So it's continuous steady growth, which is amazing. That's awesome, man. Like, so the hive mind. Can you explain the concept again on on on so the my main main my main core video on my YouTube channel is like what is the hive mind and right Oh, it's just a software like it's not just a Sonos, it's more than more than that. So I'm like, Okay, there's, there's like different sides of it. So we have the main software, which is what everybody sees in the outside is it automates your business automates your follow up automates your marketing, unlimited users on their websites, it comes to the powerline dialer, it replaces a lot of products, and most of my clients save by $500 or more per month, just by switching to us. And they can usually save a lot more time too as well with if they have bas or if they have their team. So you can just you can do lead generation and follow up without monitoring, monitoring, which is amazing, right. The other side of the hive mind is a mastermind. And that is like priceless. We have people that come into the hive mind that just make money hanging around us. It's crazy, right? Because they'll be like, hey, one of our clients, I have so many stories like tons and tons of stories. He was he was hanging around and he's like some Mike one of my clients, Massachusetts who does let land all over the US. He's like, I got to deal in Colorado. I'm looking to sell forever. In Colorado, one of the guys just hanging around wasn't even a client, Colorado a part of Colorado. He's like, Oh, it's this sound. Ended up being the town next over he's like, Hey, if I find a buyer, would you pay me he's like, yeah, go ahead. Literally found a buyer in two days made five grand wasn't even a client just hung around in the Facebook group. Wow. Crazy. And I have tons of stories like this. I literally got a text yesterday, that one of my clients. He's a client, but he's he's like a family distant family relative. I spoken to him twice about hive mind, he signed up, but he kind of picked up the system. He doesn't even talk to me. Listen to the podcast. And he's like, Oh, I joined each patient's Alliance, and I'm doing a creative deal making 40 grand. That's awesome. I'm like, let's go. Like stuff just happens around me. And it's like, that's the reason why I go so hard in everything that I do. Because there's a lot of people being influenced and make making a change in their own lives just through the headline, right? And it's the name of the software. Yeah, I like the software. I like it. I like the brand. I like the what you guys do. How do you guys come together as a group? I have a couple of friends Jr. is there Ray all those guys? Yeah. They they're my friends. You know, and they they push it they love it. So yeah, congratulations on your growth and your success. Can you explain a little bit on how you guys like, make money with it like not you as a company but as a community, right, other than doing deals together, right? Yeah. So our whole thing is and this chart uncle Charles asked me this is like, how do you build raving fans because anybody wants to recipe How do you do it? The trick is, if you want raving fans is to pay them. Yep, you got to pay them, you got to find some way to monetize them when they physically see it in their pockets, and they'll be raving fans forever. So that's what we do with our clients. If they share our software, we literally pay them cash flow, for sharing our software with other potential referral type. I know you're an MLM re official. Yeah, we are officially we don't really talk about it too much. But multilevel affiliate marketing. So the, the whole key of it is that we have clients that do six figures a month, we just had Bhaskara Pandy. from Houston, he's had his first six figure month, last month, March, for six months, he is number five right now, of our clients that had six figure months. So we should make just 2022 Well, using our software. So we have we know we have a good product. The problem with most MLMs is they have bad products, we have a really good product that helps a lot of businesses, automate their business automate their back end, and we paid people to share Yeah, I do own a platform as well. And I was gonna do an MLM out of out of it. I've been in MLMs before, by the way, and I've grown huge downlines. But man, when I got when I got to see the work, I had to put behind the MLM side only, I said, No way, I'm gonna do this, because it just takes too much of my time. And it's not so much on on the structuring the setup on the entity and the pain, you know, the downlines and all that it was more on building that culture, you know, because hard because it is hard. And I've built cultural cultures before so because I know the amount of work it takes. I was like, Nah, I'm just gonna stay in on the affiliate route, which is, you know, one or two tiers. And that's it right? Now, my goals are a little different. I'm not trying to, to have 10 layers down, you know, deep and it, you know, I like that, because I've enjoyed it before. But, you know, as a business owner, when I look at the two of the pros and cons of doing one or the other one, I think I can get to where I want to be on on our own platform, just on the two tier route right. Now. I'm not gonna say that the MLM rod is not is bad, or one is better than the other one. Yeah, it was just a preference. Yeah. And it was because of my time, you know, I was like, Man, I gotta dedicate a lot of time. If I go this route, which you guys are doing, you guys are putting a lot of time effort. It's, it's its own. It's its own animal. Yeah, it's its own animal. So like, I think the multi layers of it is that one person can bring in someone like you. And if they bring in a bunch, they're gonna get paid forever. Literally. Yeah. And if their downline brings in people, then they'll get paid off that residual. So like, right now we spend close to $10,000 a month paying back to our clients, right? I hope we get to a point where we're giving me a half million dollars a month, because for me, I'd rather pay my because it's marketing dollars. That's what it is. I'd rather pay marketing dollars to individual, you're paying the marketing dollars to the people that are building your brand. You're not putting in ads that I'd rather give it to my people versus Zuckerberg Zuckerberg, I'll take it all day long. Oh, yeah. I'll take Instagram, Berg and Google and all the other guys. I'll take they'll take all my money. Yeah. But for me, I'd rather I'd rather build the people because that was what actually builds a good culture. Yeah. So that's our whole business model. We'd rather give the money back to the people. That way they can do with it, whatever they will, they can go buy real estate with it, they can go buy a car with it, whatever they want to do. And now and you just show me before the podcast or you show me something new you are working on, which is the hive mind. media, media media. Can you tell me a little bit about it? Man, we're working on a bunch of things right now. So hide my media. We haven't officially launched yet. But it's going to be a unlimited video editing platform for people that do a lot of video content, like yourself to do reels, short form, podcasts, podcast, ads, whatever you want to do, and we're just gonna facilitate that back end. The whole reasoning behind it is I want to I want people to pay for my my video editor. Right? That's how I started on my stuff. Like, I right now today we have and I'm glad you say that because not everybody will say that, you know what I'm saying? Like, some people will try to hide it or these guys, you know, in a different way. But dude, I got over 60 Vas right now and and the only reason I started offering services to other people because you want to lower my lower my, my overhead, right? When you when you look when you come in a business mindset. You're like, Man, I don't want to pay for stuff. If I'm gonna if I'm gonna build a big, big business. I don't want to pay for it. Yeah, I don't mind paying for it. But at some point, you got to lower expenses, and then at some point it grows. So when he starts growing, then you're like, Okay, so I have over 60 people on my staff right now. That's a big payroll. It's a big payroll. So now I'm like, Okay, I gotta go and figure out a way to make this more efficient, you know, cost wise. So I started offering services, you know, now we offer vas, I got clients here right now all over the place. Even Sheikh, you know, does some stuff with us on the video side. So, Pat Hilton, you know, Pat, right, he was using my guys to chop off all his stuff you see people don't know that. But I got more than 10 editors and graphic designers on my team that I serve other people, it's just that I do it quietly, because they're selling their brand, you know, like, you know, if she could selling his brand, I'm not gonna go out there and say, Well, you know, do all the chic shit no direct competition with him, you know, let him go get rich. And then hey, I'll fulfill in the back there's there's plenty of opportunity around us whether good competition or not. And that's why I love to talk to you. Because even though I have a software, texting platform, I have similar things, we're not the same by any means. Because in my opinion, the hive mind is a completely different concept from my mind is called prospector web. And they're different animals, like they serve different purposes. I don't even see it as a competitor or anything close to it. It's just two different tools. They do different things like you got a screwdriver, flat head, and then you got a Phillips Yeah, they're both screwdrivers. But they both fulfill a different tool, you know, so, I'm, I'm, I come from an abundance mindset, you know, I, I love to promote you guys. And I wish you the best success to where you guys can grow as I actually have to focus I like to if you allow me to, I'll give you a couple of hints on the MLM side that you can probably implement because you already got the platform set up and Equilon to get better now you know, not only better only better for me you can only get better, you know and bigger and and prettier and you attract more people into it. So man, there's there's for everybody here, the pies big enough. My whole thing is I didn't know I knew like everybody has like their why a personal why I'm like why they do things and like I already know what that was. But you got to have a business. Why to because it's a totally different reasons why you do business too. So like for me, when I had my client, one of my first client hit six figures a month, I'm like, we had my first client hit six figure month, like three or four months after using the software and he was on spreadsheets before this. So I'm like, oh my goodness, it's done. If I can have one person have a six figure month I can have 1000s Not even the six figure man is that one guy that's trying to get that first deal. You know, the first check the I mean, the first deal is like inevitable but like six figure months that takes it to another level like that. That means you're doing either high high transaction deals or you're doing multiple transactions a month. That means you're automated. So I'm like if I can get people to do six figure months, that's a million dollar business. Yeah, revenue. Yeah, absolutely. 100%. So how do people get ahold of you? So you can actually text us at 210-972-1842 text keyword hive, or course we have a six figure how to make six figures and only deal for $1 and check it out and invite you to our Facebook group. Awesome. Well guys, don't forget to hit Share, like and subscribe. The real estate entrepreneurs event and mastermind at 10 growth is going to be in Houston, Texas, June 24 2526. Tickets are on sale already. They're selling and we have limited capacity. This is not the event for 1000s of people. This is for a few 100 selected individuals that will take action pretty soon and be there. I'd like to see you there. Don't forget to hit Share, like and subscribe again. Go find Danielle go find the hive mind. I'll see you in the next one. Bye

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Ricardo Rosales

Real Estate Entrepreneurs Podcast

The Podcast where we interview real estate investors on their journey into the world of REI as well as Self Development in order to thrive in it. We display the good, the bad and the ugly of the real estate investing world!

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Daniel Esteban Martinez

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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

Starting the Hivemind has been an amazing journey so far. Seeing one of our users make his 6 figure month in June 2021 leveraging our software, I know there will be plenty more to come!