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May 31, 2022

Ep 192- Doing More Deals With The Hivemind Community With Frank Spaulding

Ep 192- Doing More Deals With The Hivemind Community With Frank Spaulding
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And so nervous. I just, I just gotta cross it right now. Yeah, so we're here a little late whoopsie What are you up to the man? By six foot two? Really? That's haha. I've been that tall for a couple days now. Yeah, I'm every bit of about five, six on my best day. Yeah. Do you feel for you just like you're standing next to Daniel? David and Goliath? Yep. It was cool thing, Daniel was just as tall. So we've been up to, oh, I'm just been in the laboratory doing mad scientist stuff. I'm trying to see if I can what we can do to up our lead flow to infinity because I think people can do well on their own. But the the intention behind hivemind since the beginning was like, we want to make it rain leads on people because then it takes away all of the math and all of the science and all of the mysticism. So I have a new campaign I'm launching at the end of next month. And I think I cracked the code. Yeah, so we're trying to open up a lead program, where anybody who subscribes to the system can just press play and start getting leads texts right to their cell phone. So that way, it takes away all the front end work. And then all you have to do is run comps and close stuff. So yeah, we'll have more data in about 60 days, but I think I cracked the code, man. I think I finally got it. Sweet. Yeah. Yeah, well, I was doing fine by myself closing 10 deals a year doing doing perfectly fine. But now, this whole hive mind thing came along. So yeah, I want to, I want to push a bunch of people into momentum. So we've got a small group of people that are doing really well. So I think it's time to open it up to the broader audience now. So I'm, we're excited. I think something amazing is about to happen. Because it's like, what the other day was that? I said, I think I reached out to you the other day, just specifically on this topic. Yeah, we really did crack it, man. Because like, what differentiates our community or our CRM, from anybody, you know, says it's all the same stuff. But if we can actually get people like signing contracts and looking at deals within a very short amount of time, then I mean, nobody's offering that, you know, Nobody says that. So I think we have it. Welcome, welcome, everybody. Welcome to the Thursday night calm. We appreciate you being on here. This is an open forum call, we talk about anything and everything marketing, real estate, I do a lot of personally do a lot of creative finance, seller, finance, raps, all kinds of crazy stuff, I got a commercial car dealership, on a major highway that I traded for a sub two property. So that tells you where my brain is at. So if there's anything we can help you with, just feel free to unmute yourself. And we can kind of shoot and analyze the deal and see what we can do to move everybody closer. And I know it's kind of nerve wracking, if you're not used to unmuting yourself and speaking in a group setting, but I promise you, it will help somebody else in here, if you work up the courage to just pocket in here and participate that makes these calls flow so much better, too, because we've been having this call every Monday and every Thursday for about, I don't know, 15 months now 15 and a half months since we started. And it just flows better when people have questions. And there's engagement. If not, we're just kind of in here and thinking of things on the fly. Every now and then we have a guest speaker that will come on and blow everybody's mind. So you know, welcome, welcome. Welcome. And let us know how we can help you. I have a question. Hi, Lisa. Hi. So going to that whole lead thing that you were just mentioning, I just want to have maybe a little better understanding of how it would work. So like right now, I try to get leads through SMS campaigns. So would it be different with this system or what you're working on? I like SMS campaigns. I'm running them myself right now along with a few other my team members in person here in San Antonio with the hive house. So it's a good way to market. It's especially if you're just starting, and you don't have anybody to talk to right. So you have to you have to have somebody on the phone. So you gotta you gotta be able to have some kind of prospects to be able to move the needle. So I think, you know, I can't give legal advice, but if you're not having any leads at all, you want to be running campaigns mass marketing to a lot of people and that'll get you in the game. Right but you're gonna get a lot of no thank yous, please quit texting me take my number off. Yes, Fu and all that fun stuff. Yeah. And that's, that's, that's kind of the game right? You could still end up with one to three contracts a month. Some people are doing eight and 10. So that's fine. But what I've done since I've been in real estate since I started was I've been doing inbound leads. So the way that we generate the leads It has we put out advertising online. And we reach out to people or they reach out to us. And we're pre qualified. So these are people that say, Yes, I have a property. Yes, I want to. So can you guys help me, as opposed to, you know us intruding on them, and you know, trying to text them or beat up their phone. And so by the time they call you, they're really frustrated, they're mad at us. These people are actually engaged, and they're willing to listen to an offer, and they want to talk to us like they're welcomed there. So when you call them, we're not saying, you know, we're not trying to convince them to so they're asking us, can you please help me? So the posturing goes, When I call these people back is, hey, you know, we saw you fill out the form on the website, or, Hey, you called into our call center? And, you know, how can we help you? Right, so now they're asking you for your help, instead of you asking them if you can buy their property, so the posturing is completely different. You're not gonna get any, any Fe user, leave me alone? Got it. Okay. And then, um, so what, how would this be structured out? I guess, is it I guess I'm trying to understand as far as the leads would be coming from anywhere, like any state or what, you know, like how, how would? Yep, so for this initial pilot, I would ask, right, that you run the leads and markets that we're very familiar with, but we have a lot of buyers, that's gonna be Texas and Florida. If anybody raises their hand and says, I want to run it in my state, then we can set it up that way. But then we have less data about what might happen with those leads, right? So that would be up to somebody that has a strong buyers list, or you already good dispo in your market, right. So that would be one caveat. And this is a brand new campaign, right? I've only ever written this for myself, for three years, three and a half years now. We added Santana, Elizabeth has been working these leads during our tables work these leads, random bars has closed business off these leads. Who else? James Koons has closed business off these leads. So they've been working consistently well, you know, for three and a half years, but I kind of didn't want to run it to the general public. And so we had some pretty good data that says, Yeah, people are gonna get results off this campaign. Of course, nothing is guaranteed. But I can confidently say that, I think if you, if you participate in this campaign, you're gonna get closed business, we're only opening up a few slots. And that's not to create soft scarcity. That's because we don't know how many leads we're gonna be able to generate with this campaign. So we're gonna have to ramp it up really slowly. It's not something as simple as you just throw more cash at it, and more leads come reining in, you know, you have to crank it up slowly. But surely, you're also you're just wasting a bunch of money, and you won't get the returns on the leads. So sorry, go ahead. No, so I was gonna say, so yeah. So that leads me to my next question. So we're paying for each lead. Right, now we're doing it just based on a monthly, eventually the model is going to go, you can buy, you know, one lead at a time, it they're probably going to start in bundles of 10. But for right now, we're doing $2,500 A month minimum spend. And it's a $2,500 setup fee. So that's going to be just a small handful of people, maybe, you know, we thought 10 But we might cut it off, like five or six. And then we're gonna run that for about another 60 to 90 days before we accept more people just to make sure that what we're doing is working and it's scaling properly. Okay. Okay, sounds good. Thank you. Thanks for the question. I promise, we got some cool stuff coming in. Like I said, my main thing is like, I want people to close business because this, our model doesn't work, our business doesn't work. Nothing works the way that we intended it to, unless we have a whole lot of people closing a whole lot of business. And like I said, just, I've only ever worked by myself for three years. And now that I'm adding, you know, the people that I'm working closest to around me, they're starting to see success as well. So now, I feel a little bit more confident, raising the bar inviting a few more people, we just want to make sure that everything's scaling properly. But yeah, once it's up and running at full scale, then anybody can plug into the system, you know, connect your credit card. And if you wanted to order one lead or five leads or 10 leads, then I promise you, the magics gonna happen because I've been pretty consistent. Not even I'm not a 1010 deal a month guru. But I've done consistent business since I started in real estate. And now I feel like anybody can do it. So my nephew was working. He's 22 years old. I thought he was like 19 or 20, my bed, but he was working two jobs at restaurants. So he's working like 14 hours a day, no time has been with his baby. And I told him to quit his job, come work for me for 500 bucks a week. And then I would connect him to the leads. And so he's been with me for about six weeks and he's got two contracts. So again, no guarantees, no cap, no hype, but what we're doing is working and has come ready to roll it out to a handful of more people. And then like I said, maybe 90 days from now towards the end of the summer. We're going to roll it out at scale and allow everybody to participate. Okay, so that's for me. You're coming in in August. I'll call you. I know you wanted some information about the leads, I'll call you. When Jana. Let's talk. Okay, thank you so much, please. I guess guess what, I just hired me a VA, VA. Did you guys hear that? I don't even have the First Lady. But guess what I'm not giving up on my account got hacked, I don't care. I'm going forth. And I am going to win at this. I believe it I believe it, then, you know, it's the people like you that are consistent, because like, I've been doing this for a little while. And it's the people that are always there that are always participating, you know, surprisingly, right. So the people that are on the calls the most are the ones that start to have success. I know it sounds corny. But Santana Martinez is a perfect example. He was on these calls for about two years before he said anything or did anything. He just probably never even unmuted himself. But I always saw his name on the calls. And sure enough, yeah, now he's in momentum. Yeah. You know, he's another 22 year old kid. He's, he's, I think he's about to hit 70,000 for the year. So yeah, and he was the original pilot for our lead campaign. And he's doing really, really well. Never been in real estate before. Actually, he's still a roofer, he still has a roofing job. So you know, anybody can do it, young kids can do it. But the people that are consistent, that are participating, that stay close to the community that have great questions, and they're taking consistent action, I feel like it's a guaranteed when I'm there, we're making some magic happen. Yeah. And then I don't know if anybody knows what this thing looks like at scale, but super important for you to be adding affiliates and using your affiliate link to share what we're doing with other people. It's as simple as inviting people to this phone call, say, hey, there's a call Thursday night, I think you should be on here, these guys are crazy, they're doing something amazing. But as you grow up, build out your affiliate link, the next phase of the software goes that we're going to, as we run these campaigns, we're going to just vote for people. And when we destroy these, these properties, and sell them, when we pay you, then everybody or people in your your organization that are using your affiliate link, as they do deals, you're gonna make a small percentage off of everybody's deal. So, you know, we're not, we're still working on the legal how we're going to structure that and work in building out the software, of course, but it's going to be amazing for people that are building a big team, you're going to, you're going to be involved in a lot of transactions. So lots of cool stuff around the corner, we're never gonna stop innovating. We're never gonna stop creating, we're never gonna stop adding and building onto this thing. And like I said, just just everything that we've done in 1516 months, it's been a fun ride. But this is nothing. I mean, absolutely nothing for where we're headed. We're looking at hiring a professional headhunter. And we're gonna look at bringing on an executive from another company similar to exp, your Keller Williams, or, you know, one of those guys that has built companies like this at scale. So yes, there's lots and lots of stuff coming up around the corner that is going to put us far in front of the competition. So if anybody says that CRM just like every other one night, they have no clue what you're talking about, don't even listen to that noise, because they don't know what we're building. Okay, so I guess I better move back to San Antonio. Come on down. Yeah, I'm gonna I haven't looked for too many Airbnb ease, or houses or apartments or anything like that. But this push that we're gonna do in July is I'm gonna do a big push for that kind of stuff. So I'm going to start picking up apartments and Airbnbs. So the more people that we can get to come and spend some time in San Antonio combo, the hype house, come see it for yourself. And, you know, like he did, and that will get you in the game, it's impossible for you not not to hang out with that house and get a contract. That's why I'm gonna call somebody out by name. Who's in here. Rose roses in here. She saw somebody from the office Sonica she was she was very frustrated, she hid she didn't have a contract. She was she was hanging out at the house for a couple of weeks. And now she has seven contracts on the board, you know, I would say in a matter of, like, 60 days, or something or less. Yeah. So it's like, if you get close enough to this machine, you're gonna get contracts, you're gonna get deals, no cap, plenty of people that we can call out by name that have done well, by staying close to us and participating and doing what you're doing just being there day after day. And just putting in the work. I made a comment post about that the other day, in the inner circle page, is that nothing replaces doing the reps, right, we all want to shortcut. And we see people on Facebook and on Instagram, and they they're claiming to have all this success. I know a lot of the people that are claiming to have that success. I know what they do personally, you know, based on other relationships, and things are not always as they seem. So I don't want anybody in this room to feel like if you've been hitting it for a little while and you're not having success, that you know something's wrong with you or what you're doing. It's just consistency. You know, nothing replaces putting in the reps. That's it. That's it. Just keep going. It took me a while to get my was contract years ago. And it's just it's snowballs. That's another thing that people don't consider Frank, right, is that the work that you put in today might not pay you for six months, I had a lady. The first time she approached me she wanted 1.2 million. She was like, 4x 5x what the property was worth. And by the time we closed, we closed right around 300, like a year and a half later, tuitions change. Yeah, she would say no, we'll call you back six months later. Yep. Or ignore you. I have, I've had letters sent back to me on mailing camp, some of the mailing campaigns that I did when I first started taking some of John's Land, land mogul class, and had people sending me letters back, you know, telling me to eff off. I, I'll send you okay, I'll just start switching on names on some of the things that I send out. Because I mean, it takes me two minutes to create a trust on paperwork. You know, being part of the land mobile team also, I can just go in there and vote yes, it out of trust. So send out letters and three efuse in a row. And after like six or seven months, situations must have changed for this guy. Because all of a sudden, I get out, well, what is your offer? You know, comments, and middle letters were all somewhat similar, but different names. But I mean, just you never know. So one of those pieces, is now becoming a house for someone over in Houston. And you've got land in Central Florida now that we're means partners are in the process of getting funding to put up an assisted living facility on two and a half acres. And it's follow up, follow up, follow up follow up, even if they say no, if they don't say eff off. You know, that's, that's the great thing about the hive is it can remind you months down the road, hey, follow up with this person, hey, follow up with this person once a month or every other week or whatever schedule if they haven't said eff off. If they have said eff off, then it's a different thing. Then you contact them under a different name at that point. Choose a different number. You know, thank God we can pull all the phone numbers we want. Come back in the door come back and partner with someone Oh yeah, partner with somebody else, you know, in the hive. Hey, this person keeps telling me eff off contact them and give them a different price. They laughed at me at you know, $10,000 contacted me and offered 10 Five see what happens. Go back following week at 11,000 until we finally get to a number. Yeah, there you go, man and congrats on that field, stuff like that. Congrats to do a deal with you here. Yeah, huge deal. But I was at a live networking event. Tuesday, a guy mentioned that he had a piece of property in Port Charlotte on the water. And so I reached out to Eloy, I told him what I had. And he sent over a three way JV agreement. He's already got a buyer who signed the contract this afternoon. So him and I'll each make 2500 bucks. And so far, I think we've gotten maybe 10 minutes of work into this. And by the time we're done after the inspection period, we might be into it for half an hour total. With luck, and 4500 bucks each. Merry Christmas can do that all day long. For half hours work. What else can you do that legally make 2500 bucks. Now talking about standing on the right corner with some baggies in your pocket? I'm talking legal, just trading dirt selling dirt? Yeah, I think I said it today, man. What we're doing is land arbitrage. Right back in the day in 2017. I think we're doing Bitcoin arbitrage. Right? So you buy bitcoin from one site, and then you just sell it on another site, and you make a handful of dollars, and you just keep doing it over and over again. And that's what we're doing with land. You know, we're picking it up from the general marketplace, and then we're just pushing it to somebody else. And it's the easiest game in the world. If you let it be. And it's I say I use the word easy. You know, I guess I use it pretty loosely. But I mean, putting in a ton of work. And what we're doing, it's not rocket science, there's nothing hard. But people get stuck on ATVs and comps and all this funny stuff. And truth be told, ask anybody on my team, ask Elizabeth Evan, anybody. I'm not the best person for comps, you know, because I've never really paid too much attention to them. I don't know how it works in other states. But in Texas, we just I just use the county assessed value pretty much as my like ARV. And that's kind of what I use for my negotiation tool. And it's certainly well, so less math, less rocket science, and just like Frank said, work your tail off. And this business becomes very easy. So and like you said to it's cumulative. So you're, you're doing the work now, but you might not get paid for it for later. And the only thing that where you're gonna see results is from putting in the reps. You know, it's kind of like if you're if you want to get in shape if you want to hit the gym, there's nothing you could buy. There's nothing you can do. That's going to get you in shape except putting in the reps. And even if you did, you know, a million reps in two days, you're not gonna see any change, you know, it's over, it's slowly over time and distance. And that's the way that this business works is you have to be doing something every day. And one thing that that I would caution everybody is to not do, you know, just time wasting activities, right, you want to be doing things that move the needle. And for me, the only thing that I would say that is moving the needle, that qualifies for moving the needle is being on the phone with the seller. So if you're studying, if you're watching videos, if you're reading books, if you're building out your CRM to make it as complicated as possible, you're not doing anything, you're not doing anything at all. The only thing that moves the needle was being on the phone with the seller. So that should be the only thing you're thinking about that that's, that's right, there is what you can use to quantify if you're working or not. Get out a sheet of paper, calendar, anything, how many people did you talk to you today? That's all that matters? How many? How many conversations that you have today? And if you had three conversations this week, you know, and Frank had 65. You know, I don't have to ask anybody who's doing more deals. It's just based on how many conversations you're having. I'll tell you one time somebody came to my website, they filled out the form and they said, I have 10 acres, I want $10,000. That's what the inquiry said. You know, so, again, it's just about putting yourself out there being out there, putting in the reps, and there's no magic to it. There's no magic, there's no math. I have a question, please. Do you? Because you've mentioned people going on your website? So would it be fair to say that you drive people to your website, like even if they say they're not interested, you give them the information to kind of, you know, if they change their minds, go on your website, fill out the form, and then kind of review them? Well, I've always run online ads since I started that before I was texting before I was calling, you know, I'm like running Google and Facebook ads and that kind of stuff. So it's a lot of what I was doing was inbound. Right? And that's, that's usually how I would get them there. One thing I would mention about what you just said, as you always want to leave the door open for your prospects, I saw somebody in my office won't mention the names. That was today or yesterday, that guy was kind of being a little rude, not too rude. And they were like, good luck selling your property with that attitude. Because like, I probably wouldn't have left things like that. Right? Because you don't know if that guy got texts at five times today. He probably maybe he wants to sow. Right. But he was like, I don't want to have my time wasted. That's all he said. You know, so I would have said, really, you know, who's been wasting your time? Right? What's going on? Right? And it's digging in like that, knowing how to dig in. And that just comes from putting in the reps. start sniffing around. Yep. So I had a guy cue an offer that didn't work. Yep. Screams tell me that number. Sorry, what? No, that's fine. Please ask. I find also, you know, I do a lot of text messaging. And a lot of the times, you know, sometimes I get people who are like, where are you from? What's the name of your company? You know, and I don't tend to want to, you know, disclose that right away. Do you think I should? Or what have what do you do when you you know, get axed? Do you just disclose it? This is your number. Sorry, Anthony. Go ahead. Okay, I'll let you go. Next. I have a quick one on this. I want everybody to kind of imprint on your brain. This is as simple as like posturing. Right? So if you say, Hey, I'm United States, house buyers, and you know, all this stuff. They're thinking, well, this guy's rich, I'm gonna give them some crazy number and see what they say. So when they asked me what company are you with? I'm not a company. I'm a general contractor. I don't buy bitcoin. I don't buy stocks. I buy land. That's what I buy. So that's why I'm calling you about yours. And then that kind of like, lets their guard down, like, okay, there's no, it's not a big company. It's just a guy. Right? And that's all the art. So that's, that's exactly what I tell him. You know, I'm just a regular guy looking for something to buy, you know, can we talk about it? And that's it. So they kind of let their guard down. If they start poking, what company are you with? I don't think they're being defensive. They probably want to make sure that you're not in, you know, Singapore or something, you know, trying to just fish and get their credit card information or something. No offense to anybody who's in Singapore. But you know, I'm saying that you're not over yet. Are you legit? That's all they want. Yeah. Like my company name matches my website name and a lot of my websites purposely and then whatever number I'm calling from, I make sure that's a phone number that can be found on my website so they can Google it. And you know, it's you know, it's still do my websites don't screen monstrously huge company in any way, shape, or form, like Anthony was saying, but it just, it puts it there. Yeah, yeah, it can be found, you know, I'm a legit company. I'm paying taxes as little as humanly possible. And that's a whole other discussion. But nonetheless, you know, legit, it's, you want to see transactions that done, let's sit down and talk. And when we go to the title company, I'll show you a few other transactions that we've closed also. Real. Anthony said, try and get them off the defensive or offensive, whatever. And just allay you know, what are your fears? Yeah, yeah, I'm a legit company. I'm not huge or anything, I can't afford to buy the Taj Mahal, I'll probably buy a little stand just outside of it. So I can sell somebody T shirts who's visiting, you know, I send a joke, you know, you make someone laugh. I've gotten out of tickets, because I could make a cop laugh. Now, I've gotten out of tough situations, because I made somebody laugh. The other half is being really big. But that doesn't come across on a phone call. So make them laugh, have thought, we're just we're here to do some business, you want to do business? Great. You don't want to do business, that's fine. But he is he's keyed in on it. If they're, you know, defensive, you know, you're wasting my time, you know, did somebody waste your time with bad offers? What was that number? Stuff like that, where you can kinda get them to start, you know, what is the fail point of this possible transaction? So wait, you know, I can get in there, not on the field side of it. If there's a number you've got in mind? Well, let's, let's get that. That's exactly what Frank said, right there. That was gonna ask you go ahead. Sorry, go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Yeah, so I'm going to the negotiation. You know, I tried to send out some offers, of course, you know, my offers are low. So a lot of the time, you know, people kind of just, they're like, no, not interested. So I don't tend to kind of negotiate too much. And I kind of want to strengthen that. So if someone says, No, I'm not interested, do you just say, Well, what's your counter? You know, what are you comfortable selling at? or whatever, because, of course, I just feel like a lot of the time people that, you know, they're looking for the market value. That possibility exists. And I just go, you know, it's, I mean, you can be straightforward and direct, like, you were just saying, or just, Okay, well, what are you know, are you just not looking to sell? Or do you not like my offer? Once again, it's trying to get them off the defensive and help them to feel comfortable. And, you know, they may, you know, they may very well come back with a number that, you know, can't quite work. And, you know, so you know, sometimes I'll just be honest, you know, I'm not going to put something under contract at a price that I know I can't move it at. You know, is there you know, but then it's also that opens the door. Okay, you've given you know, I've offered you $10,000 For your parcel, you just countered me at $40,000. Okay, well, what makes it worth $40,000? What do you know about your property, so because now by you, countering me or them countering you, but I'm using you as potentially the customer. So you go through this, you know, you've just countered me, you've opened the door to me asking you more questions, you know, what makes it worth that price? So what do you know, what makes land more worthwhile? And what makes some land worth less? Do you know, these answers, Lisa? Oh, you're asking me? Yes. I'm asking the customer. We're here to learn. We're here to learn. No, you're you're right now you're Lisa, do you know what's making land more valuable or less valuable? So that when they you know, if you ask them some of these questions, they can start answering these questions. And you know, what's working potentially or what's not working? So do you know what's making it more valuable or less? Ya know, okay. Well, thankfully, you're in the right place. You're in the hive mind serum. The Hive is live group. So I'm sure the plenty of people here who could answer this. In my experience, if there's utilities and buscar pen podcast last night. Well, if you can access it, you know, if you've got direct road access, that's a huge plus, you have to get an easement. That's that's kind of problematic, but that's still not dead land. You know, if there's an easement there, you can get an easement fairly easily. Or if you can't get nice, easily, or maybe there is but you still you know, now you try and get that at a better price and you use that as a negotiation angle. But then you start trying to sell it to the if you can get it under contract, you sell it to people who own land you buy if it's you know, but one of the key things doesn't have util Are these there? You know, is there water available there? You know, or already somewhere is on the property connected? Is there electricity on the property already? Right. Yeah, you know, at some corner of the property, you know, is there sewer, you know, already have it, you know, especially if their sewer on the property is a huge plus, you know, those are things that now raise the value and justify a higher asking price on their part because it also justifies higher asking price on your part when you turn around to try to resell it somebody. So, you know, it's it's stuff like that just looking at a piece of land, it doesn't scream, hey, I'm worth a fortune. So water, it can be a negative and it can be a positive, you know, is it swamp land that's potentially a negative, you know, does it backup to a river or a lake or a pond? That's, that can be a strong positive. So it's stuff like that, that you have to look into. So if you can get them to give you a price, you know, that, you know, if they counter your number, and they give you a price? Boom, open that they open the door to that conversation now? And even if that's not a conversation they can have right then and there. Okay, well, I'm willing to discuss I've got a few more questions about about your parcel. Do you have time right now where I could start, you know, you know, find out? Is this something else right now, I've looked at a map online. And I saw your parcel and it looks, it looks like something that'll work. It fits my potential criteria. Not at the asking price you're asking, but can you can you can you help me to justify this price to my end buyers? Because just like you potentially you're trying to sell me I've got to sell it to my end buyer who's actually gonna go in there and build so you can you get them to open that door? So it's stuff like that. That works heavily in your favor. Got it. Thank you. No problems. I see people that have come on video. Joe Macias. Was that you talking? Yes, sir. How you doing? Hey, Joe, how you doing? Well, thanks for asking. Yeah, so recently, I've been having like those goes up and down hills of losing motivation and getting back losing it. So if you don't mind, I just wanted to ask you, or maybe asking you or whatever we wanted to answer. What are your KPIs looking like right now for pretexting. For SMS, I mean, it comes down, I mean, part of that's going to come down to how well you drill down your list, you know, are you sending out massive numbers of texts, randomly and just kind of pulling a swath of an area because that's what I started out doing and it wasn't SMS I was actually mailing. In my first coach as far as land. John Alexander, he actually teaches us to focus in you know, pick a subdivision where you think you could do some business or a spa, you know, an area and try and drill it down really, really tightly. So instead of, you know, say, say a circle, a 10 mile area on map, right, for example, which is what I used for lists, but drill down in to try and find those spots within that 10 square mile area, or 10 mile area, I guess, in this case, than that that might actually have parcels and you get down in there and look. So instead of sending out 5000 pieces of mail, he's sending out 50 pieces of mail. So at first I was doing the 5000 that get some results but that's a lot of wasted money. That's a lot of wrong addresses that now I've got to skip trace and try and find and then several people started pointing out just SMS start with the cheap and move your way up to the expensive so bulk SMS saying a little bit I'm still trying to cut it down a little bit into a little bit more targeted. But you know, your your KPI is still going to I mean it varies. I look at right now I need you know, if I send out 100 I'm probably getting at least one deal and possibly two or three other good leads, but then in another area, you know and that's Texas, you know, and it depends on how close to a city or how outside of a city and how well I drilled that was down. In Florida I might do a little bit better I might get, you know 10 or 15 possibles on on 100 SNSs and get two or three deals out of it. I might get your jack squat have to keep following up with those people. So that cost wise trying you know I'm doing all I can to keep it as cheap as possible. I'm using pay a flat monthly fee for pickup a 70 something a month, 60s, I think it's like 68 or 69 bucks a month to map right. And that includes all of Texas, all Florida, and parcels. So I can drill down to the parcel level one, I can pull as much data as I want. And then I'm using the list guys, which you get through the hive, at 11 cents a leap to skip trace, so, and they can skip LLCs, you know, corporations, personal owners, all of the above. So I actually just did a huge skip last night just on warehouses, and storage facilities, because that's my main forte is I'm trying to get heavily into storage. And I've got offers out, you know, and stuff like that right now. But then I've also got buyers who want land to build some assisted living facilities. And we have one parcel that we're that we're moving forward on. So those you know, it's still roughly the same cost, as you know, searching for the other, but one deal on that, that that two and a half acre parcel, make $40,000 Just upfront on the purchase of the land, when my partnership purchases the land, from the difference between the price that I got it under contract debt and what we're purchasing it, but then in the long run, because now I'm part of this nothing to raise the money. That I mean, that's a whole other beast. So yeah, if anybody else has any KPI experience, you know what they're tracking, I'm sure it's going to vary a little bit. And it's also going to come down to you if you're just SMS thing. Or if you throw SMS and then call them throw in letters. But no matter what, you know, just don't quit. It's just like, swimming. It's you. I don't know if you were on here already. You heard Anthony talking about? God, I can't think of his name Santana. He was hanging out for like two years or so you know, damn year since the beginning of the hive, and listening to these conversations. And then a few months ago, he stepped up and actually started the talk and communicate, and started taking serious action. Now all of a sudden, he's got deals that are under contract and stuff that's closing. So it's, you keep hitting people, and it will work. Does anybody else have any KPI tracking experience? I know I can't be the only person. And I don't do it really well. So that's why my answer kind of sounded a little out there. I think Anthony had to go afk. I don't know, there he is. I'm not I'm not terrible. I'm probably the worst KPI tracker and all of real estate, and I'm gonna get better at it as I continue to scale. But I'm gonna be doing better than me. Somebody I've been working with networking with other Florida, he does a real large scale marketing. He said, If your list is called 100,000 calls, 100,000 text messages, and 100,000. Our VMs will yield three contracts each for every 100,000 Drop, I can tell you that we've poured Texas data recently, like in the last 60 days. We've been pulling tax delinquent out of state owners and nothing else, just those two lists. And I want to say we've got like 11,000 records or something. And we've already squeezed out like four contracts or something like 45 days, you know, with 11,000 contracts. So I mean, 11,000 context. So, you know, I don't know if that helps or not. But yeah, poor poor people that are behind on taxes, not a state. And that's been yielding pretty good fruit. And before you do a cold reach out outreach campaign consultant legal advice, because it's a gray area. You know, it goes. That's why I'm sticking more targeted stuff now. Go ahead. So what platform I use data tree, and I'm not sure if data tree does tax delinquent out of state owners, some China. So what platforms are you using to pull these kinds of lists? Perhaps human data tree. I don't know if we've been pulling the tax link or from data tree but we've been pulling a lot from a prop stream. And then I would say, I would target in the outskirts of town I would never target in the middle of the city. That might prove to be a mistake some day. You know, we get something downtown and it's worth a billion dollars but I've been having a lot of luck just hitting like tertiary markets 30 minutes outside of the city. And those have gone really well for us. Maybe an hour for storage is secondary, tertiary and whatever. fourth quarter area, the fourth level fourth year, fifth year markets. You know, it's, you know, there's a couple of storage facilities that I've put under contract and I assigned about 100 miles from where I live. But the town, they were both in the same town and the town has under 15,000 residents, there are still five storage facilities in this town. And I managed to get two of them under contract and, and assign contracts to the same buyer. And I just I stayed away just because I didn't feel like going over there to the, to this particular area, all the time, I'm trying to focus more south of myself, and then go west, towards Tampa St. Pete, and this was heading north into Georgia. But you know, it's pick pick your market. And like Anthony said, you know, there's a lot of people hunting the huge markets already. And you might be feeling with 200 other people like even the city, I live in Jacksonville, Florida. everybody and their brother from across the US is hunting here, and I can still find deals here. And other people are still finding deals here. But everybody in their brother, I've walked into houses and seen stacks, this high of letters and postcards that people have gotten, and I can't begin to imagine the SMS and phone calls that they're getting, yet you walk one county over and there might be 1/10 of people contacting those people. So you have a better chance of standing out there also. Right, so So my question, again, regarding I'm wondering if anyone has used data tree and prop stream, just if they're comparable in any way, I'm just I guess I'm trying to figure out is prop stream. very user friendly, before I kind of start to look into that platform. I think prop stream is user friendly. Like my nephew who's 22. He, he's the one that pulled one of those recent lists that got him to contracts. And he's just starting. He's not very tech savvy. He's just he's we're restaurant worker. And then I know Mike Novak uses data tree a lot too. And he says a lot of good things about it. So I don't have anything bad to say about data tree. Realistically, the data is all the same. I mean, they're all essentially pulling from the same sources. So it's more so if you can find ways to get data like you know, pull data from Prop stream and put whatever you know, or data tree and put whatever qualifiers you want on there. But now, if you want to take that a step, step further and stack your list. Now, and I don't know if this is the same in Texas, but like for example, in Florida. It has to be municipalities that owned water. Private companies can hold the electric in the state of Florida but a municipality has to own the water. In Florida being a public information state, I can contact the waterboard see the various water boards and bio request a list of all the properties to the pet no water on for at least the last, you know, three months or more. Usually I'll go back about six months. So if you find a property that's had no water on for six months, and it's a house, then you know for a fact that nobody living there and hasn't been for a while. Now you stack that against you know, foreclosure list from Prop stream or tax delinquency list or something like that. Now, you know, there are some serious motivations on that sellers part. So stuff like that, but this decking is the goldmine. Right, but that wouldn't apply to land, right? This is more, this is more for houses. That particular water thing is for houses. But you know, you can still stack. If there's tax delinquency, foreclosure, land is less likely to you know, have mortgages on it, unless it was purchased extremely recently, but it's not unheard of. But you can also you know, look for tax delinquency and then check for permits and zoning request, you know, sometimes you can see a zoning request that was filed, potentially even granted and then for some reason, the land is still sitting there after being zoned for residential or zone for a certain type of commercial and it's two or three years later now and there's tax delinquency sale happening against REO the potential of a tax delinquency sale, you know, because liens have been filed in Florida for example, there's tax liens and then when someone buys the tax lien, they have to sit on it and they'll get to collect interest, you know, come the sale time. But either whoever owns the land or the parcel and or if it if it too yours, they still haven't paid it plus the interest, then whoever owns the lien can request for the Sheriff's Department to sell that parcel, and they will sell the parcel for the total. Well, it's not really a foreclose, they just sell it. You know, it's, it's already been essentially foreclosed essentially when the lien was filed. So you don't pay your taxes, the the Florida Florida's kind of got power there. So at that point in time, the owner can come in, step in and pay it at the last minute. Or, you know, if you put it through the sale, the tax lien holder, puts the sale, they're going to get whatever the the sale price is, plus, you know, if they got it for 18%, they're gonna get their 18% On top of that, and that's the starting bid to sell it plus, they might get anything in between. So that's the advantage of that. Or you can look for those sales that are coming up and advertised, and contact whoever the owner is, and get them to sell it to you for a small fee, and then turn around and pay the taxes and whatever the interest is, that's owed to the person. So you can look for stuff like that. And that still, once again, it's still lists stacking, and, you know, playing, playing those multiple angles to get to something where you can get a really good deal on it. Yes, makes sense. Yeah, I've sent out some stuff that is in route, kind of like, right before it's getting to a tax sale. But I've done it just kind of going on specific sites, I haven't pulled a list, which I would, I would like to be able to pull a list to kind of skip trace it and then kind of blast it to kind of get, you know, if it's if it's in a text, you know, if it's if there's a impending tax sale, you call them you knock on their door, you do whatever it takes to get yourself in front of them if you're going to train Bert sit for the sale, because I can promise you everybody else in their brother is and those letters. They are so far to the bottom of the list at that point in time. Got it? Right. Yeah. So my earlier question. So I bought about almost 50,000 records. Harris County, Travis, Bear. Yeah, except for Dallas, and I pulled the residential land, the sale dates three years and prior, not on the MLS and then I'm giving offers at 50% of market value. And regarding the skip tracing a skip trace for three cents 3.5 cents will freelancer and I'm getting quite a good amount of wrong numbers. But regarding that 50% Market Value offer Do you think that's that's good? Or are we should I do there? Is it working? Is it what's our Is it working? Are you getting people to sell to you at that price point? You've muted yourself, Joe. I can't hear any replay. Oh, I I know I'm not getting any any accepted offers? Then, you know, it could be they're just not ready. It could be wrong numbers. If you're getting a lot of wrong numbers. Are you ordering food here? Yeah, I mean, you know, if you're getting a lot of wrong numbers, it might be worth using a better Skiptrace service to get better numbers. You know, this isn't, you know, trying to sell the list guys in any way. But I get a really strong percentage of working phone numbers from them. And I'm sure there are other services that can you know, that might be cheaper still. So but yeah, find a find a better, you know, number that way. Beyond that. I mean, a lot of times I'll start at less than 50% of whatever I think the value is, but you need to get a conversation started with them, you know, let it go from there. So yeah, one thing I will say is there's no matter where you pull your data from. I mean, it's just the nature of the beast that there's going to be a lot of wrong numbers. is no matter where you pull from, some services are better than others and this guy's deal, skip, those are all really, really good quality services. But it doesn't matter where you pull them from because they're just aggregating data based on, you know, different touch points online. So how was buying a property? All I ever know is the name of the road. It's neatline. It's in North Texas. And I filed a memo on that property, because I did a lot of work on it. And we were, you know, having trouble finding some of the heirs I was early on, I bet it could have solved it now. But, you know, all I did was file a memo on that property. I never owned it. I never bought it. Lying about social media gurus or financial, they really irritate me. There is no secret. Hey, Frank, you're the host. Now, I don't know if you want to meet people out of noise in the background. Yeah, I just don't know if someone was with Lisa that was trying to talk. Because it sounded like they were asking good question. But you're right. We couldn't hear that couldn't hear you. But on that property, I never continued with it never bought it. Nothing ever happened with it, you know, the deal kind of just fell apart. I was too new. I didn't know how to solve complex real estate problems. And I never did anything with the property just filed that memo. And now I get text messages all the time, like, Hey, would you consider an offer on your property, illegal and roads. So the data just aggregated some just weird touch points online, you know, probably got filed at the county and somebody picked it up. And now I'm in that list. So main thing is just lots and lots of contexts, pulls targeted data as you can, and then just cycling through a lot of data. And then of the people. One thing, we ran two tests now, and one of them the initial outreach said, hey, you know, Joe Macias Are you the owner of 123 Easy Street, and he's like, my name is Joe. And I don't, that's not my property. And then we ran another message that said, hey, you know, we're just looking to buy some properties in your area, you know, anybody that might be selling. And so I didn't say anything wrong up front, so they can't shoot you down in the beginning. And we got a lot of like, I'm not selling, but my neighbor is, you know, stuff like that. So try different tests, see what happens. Just just because it's them doesn't mean that they don't have something they want to sell. We had a guy we reached out to, and he's like, I don't have anything, but actually, I'm driving to San Antonio right now. And my friends, an attorney, and he has a house. I think he'll take 500,000 for it. I know he wants to sell he's real sick man, the guy went on for like an hour, gave us a guy's number and address and everything. So I said when you're reaching out to people run a split test. And before he just hit him with a name and an address, which is probably one of the others incorrect or both. Just just you know, maybe maybe be a little bit more broad. Just use that as try that as an experiment works for us, too. We got the we got the hive house based off of that message. And we got we got a $5 million ranch offer that text message without being specific about Oh, nice. Yeah. Hey, can you repeat that second test? The second text, it just says like, Hey, we're looking for properties in your area. Do you know anybody who might be selling? Okay, thanks. Yeah. Yep. So you didn't, like I said, you get a lot of like, That's not my name. I'm not Hector. Lose my number. And then my address is not 123 Easy Street wrong person. But I mean, the guy might have, he might have a problem. You know, he might have a problem. That's why his phone numbers on that list. But if you just start out with wrong information, they might get offended by that. So maybe try both. Sounds good. Thank you. Very good. Call today. A lot of good information today. was a good one. Thanks for everybody who contributes so much better. Yeah, I have a question for the memorandum. What's it called again? In Texas and how do you file it? memo memorandum, you could just look it up online. They're real simple, man. And they're real basic. Yeah, you can just look on there. Look up Texas Memorandum of contract, you know, real estate Memorandum of contract and you'll pull one up? Yeah, heck yeah. And then I have an attorney to his name's Jeremy Foster, super cool guy. And he draws up a lot of my paperwork. I just, I'm of the I'm of the mind. Like I say anything that you do in real estate, especially mass outreaching. You know, you should have an attorney, make friends with an attorney, send them deals. And that's what I do. I just try to get him some business because he bends over backwards for me to answer my call at midnight on Saturday sometimes. So. You always want an attorney to bless your paperwork before you just start downloading forms and start sending stuff out because you don't know the legal liability of what you're doing. So always good. If anybody needs a Texas attorney. I got a really, really good one who's reasonable and he really cares about our business and what we're doing. So I think that was that was good. Yeah. I don't know if you guys want to hang up, but I gotta run. I'm heading to dinner. I appreciate everybody's time. I'm gonna leave it with you, Frank. Okay. Yeah, I gotta run myself. So thank you guys. Bye. Thank you. We appreciate it. Great. We will live Ship Monday at five central time we'll see you again and if indeed you

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