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May 25, 2022

Ep 188- Life After Addiction & Indictment: Daniel Martinez – Video Game Addict to Master Of His Mind

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welcome to the podcast life after addiction and indictment. I'm your host, Steve cloud. And I spent most of the last decade and well over $100,000 on coaches, consultants, masterminds, and events, trying to figure out how to reclaim my life again, in my life. In this podcast, I'm going to share the tools, the tips, the tricks, and the hacks that allowed me to forgive myself so that I could reclaim my life again, I'll be interviewing experts in mindset, leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, branding, and so much more. I'm glad you're here, sit back and relax and enjoy the show. Hey, folks, welcome back to life after addiction indictment. For those that are new, appreciate you, you know, coming to the show, and listen, and, you know, we're here to bring you value, things that will help you, if you've been stuck in your library to get something in your past, it's kind of holding you back, whether it's addiction, whether it's issues with diamond phala really addiction of any type. Or if you just you know, been through anything that's really cause you trauma to lose your competence, and, or even your identity, which is two of the things that really set me back for a long time. I'm excited today, because I've got a gentleman by the name of Daniel Martinez. Joining us here today who's got a successful business, that I want to talk to him about that hopefully, we're going to be able to share some things that he's learned and having success with, to kind of inspire you and help you see the value of how you can reclaim your life to entrepreneurship. So appreciate your time, Daniel, welcome to the show. No problem, man, I appreciate you having me. I think I really like I really wanted to be on this podcast, because it's, it's a sore spot for me. And I might talk about sore spots. But it's one of those things where I transition through, and I'm better for it. So I'm excited about this one. Awesome. Well, I've like I said, I appreciate your time and glad we've connected. So talk to me a little bit about you know, your past before business, what were you doing, you know, in the past, and then kind of what was it that, you know, made you make the decision to start your own company? Sure, sure. So a little bit of backstory. I'm I turned 30 Like, Sunday, so I turn on my son did I have a son that just turned 30 On the night. So what the Monday before that, I think. Yeah, so this last Monday? Yeah. Yeah, I turned 13 About four or five days from now. So it's, it's kind of cool. But it's been an interesting journey. It's crazy. So I started, I used to be I used to load trucks when I first jobs I had was loading trucks. Electric for a couple years. I am originally from Chicago. And I and my wife ends up wanting to move out of there like Yeah, I hate the cold. I'm done, like anywhere else that's moving. So I moved to Atlanta after that, when I met my wife. And when I got to Atlanta, it was a lot cooler, a better climate. And a company I was working for like, oh, once the truck drive and I'm like, I mean, there's no snow out here. i There's reason why I don't want to trick drive up there. So right, I ended up going through the truck driver training at that company, went through that drove for them for two years and then started my own trucking company when I was 25. All right. We got up to five trucks and ended up closing the doors. It was a lot of a lot of struggling. And the reason I want to the reason why I started entrepreneurship and kind of to your second question is there's no right time to start entrepreneurship. So my wife was pregnant at the time, I worked six days a week. I don't know how many hours a week for all year while she was pregnant, because I'm like, There's no right time. And when you have a kid things get more difficult. So let's just do this. Like doesn't like let's just burn the present. burn the boats and see what happens. I don't recommend everybody do that. It's been it's been hard for my daughters for now. So I've been I've been I've worked for anybody in four years. But it's been a crazy interesting path. So I did trucking for five years I've ever been on trucks, hiring drivers, owner operators, all that good stuff. And then pivoted into real estate and software data. I do a bunch of different things now. We're now it's kind of like it's kind of like I'm on the fun side of entrepreneurship. But man, it was a struggle early on. And it's just been crazy, man. It's been a crazy four years. I create I had a million in revenue since entrepreneurship last December. And I'll probably hit a million a year. So she hit me it took me four years to hit a million and then this next year, I'll do a million again. Mango. It's crazy. I mean, you're doing so right. It's crazy how it works. Yes, it is. What what are some of the things that you learn from your trucking come you know, business positive things, you know, even though maybe you had some struggles I don't know the details behind that story. But there's things that you know, you learn from that that have really impacted you and helped you in this your new company, the last 100% I will take this to the grave is that oh All businesses or they can be profitable, but not all business should be run by you. And that's if your listener so that wasn't a profitable business for me. And it took a lot of my time and the reasons why I really didn't like it. Because even when I started the company, I was driving for myself as as a driver as from a company drivers standpoint. So I didn't like being away from my wife. And I didn't like that I didn't, that's always why I pivoted out of trucking in general, just because, and the whole reason I got into entrepreneurship was to spend more time with my kids. And then like I'm a trucking, and now I'm away from home. And I'm like, okay, something I need to pivot and pivoting in businesses is 100%. Of necessity. So and I recommend, all businesses are good, but they shouldn't be run by you. And sometimes you need a pin. And it's okay to let me ask you a question about that. Because I think I know what you're talking about, because I've experienced that as well. You know, if you're you own the business, but you're actually an active driver as well. So you're working in the business, which doesn't allow you to work on the business, to actually grow the business and pay attention to the business and operate the business is that kind of what you mean? Yes. And other things too. And they call it solopreneur ship where you're wearing, you might be the accountant, you might be the labor, you might be the management, you might be a customer service, you have all these different hats. And it gets hard to manage that when you're a solopreneur. Other reason why didn't like Trucking is because there was only a limit. And it felt like a job, a job, when you can only at this at this role, you can only make $15 an hour, you can only work 50 hours a week, once a year, you're capped out at $55,000. And that's it. Trucking is the same way where you're a driver, you can only work so many hours, within a week period, you can only make so much money within that week period, and you're capped out. So it really limited as far as like how much money I can make, the only way to get out of that was hire drivers and employees, people are just part of business. So it got difficult. And with trucking human capital, CIB even make more money in that way, just because you need another vehicle. So it was really capital intensive, people intensive. And it just wasn't for me. Yeah, no doubt about it. You know, I can't imagine that, yeah, the cost of trucks, even if you're leasing them, or whatever, it's got to be very, very capital intensive, like you said, and as you know, as entrepreneurship from a solopreneur, to growing something, you know, there's a balance there. Because that's what holds a lot of people back in my opinion from chasing it. Number one is fear, first of all, but also, you do oftentimes have to depending on your situation, if you got a bunch of capital, you know, and then you can hire specific people great. But oftentimes, you are starting out as a solopreneur. The key is knowing when to take those next steps, you know, to start delegating and spending the money that will give you the return by hiring people to take over certain roles. Because you know, I've been guilty of it in my my career as an entrepreneur, that you get stuck working in the business, and that that really is difficult, and sometimes you don't even see it. Anyways, well, that's really cool. And so you started hive mind, let's dig into that a little bit. What did you have any experience with software or, you know, marketing, CRM, whatever, prior to starting that? Or how did that come about? I like the name and the logo, by the way, that's pretty cool. Yeah, it's a it's really cool branding. So I actually got into real estate. So when I was spinning my wheels in trucking, I'm like, I have to do something else, I have to create revenue somewhere else. So I was pivoting into real estate. So I started like real estate. And then, when I was I've been in real estate for three years now, one year while I was in trucking, and it took me seven months to get my first deal in that. I actually started a data business to where we provide leads. And the reason why I liked the business now because there's no cap on it. I wasn't clients and do what I want. So when I was in real estate, one of the one of the big struggles like people have is like, how do you coordinate and keep track of all these potential leads, because you have to follow up with people and it's just it's a pain. Yeah, like I was really into the actual other side of the business because we're trucking like, you work wherever you do. That's what you get paid. Without with this side, you have to actually call customers convert them and eventually do that. And it's just a lot of people struggle with follow up. So I was struggling with follow up with my partner, and we're like, something's gotta get there's got to be something better out there in general. So we actually came across hive mind, which is actually a CRM platform, which actually helps us coordinate and do more deals in general with real estate. So we saw the opportunity to start it, we just delve 100% into it. We started that February 2021. And we're 15 months in now. And we have over 50 clients in four different countries and which is a lot of not mostly real estate clients in general. We have a lot of different types of clients. So if everybody doesn't know the bait the backbone of every business in general is a CRM. If you're not using it, you need to get one just because it helps you with client conversion helps you with retention. A lot of a lot of stuff that you struggle with to keep track of this is what helps you in general. So our CRM does texting, emailing websites, funnels, Stripe invoices, we do a lot of different stuff, we tailor made it towards real estate investors, because we are investors ourselves, but it can be used for any business. So we help podcasters YouTubers, from attorneys, like we have a lot of different variety of clients that use our product in general, just remote. And that's awesome. That, like you said, it's one thing to be able to track, you know, you got to be a lab that customer be able to track them. And then you know, one thing that's obviously huge in business these days, and that allows you to really do a lot more volume and business does the automation, the more you can automate, the better off you are, in my experience. And then it's doing a lot of the follow up for you automatically, which is huge, you know, then it does take that human touch and then you get involved in, you know, close the sale, or whatever it is that you're doing. So that's that's awesome. And as timeline so hive mind, like you mentioned sounds like works for all sorts of different niches. It's not just 100% for real estate, correct? Yeah. 100% like so if you if you need to help automating your backend businesses and processes tied might you know, be it doesn't matter what business you're in. So like we've helped, we've helped podcasters convert and bring in their clients, because one of the big things about business in general is you need to find your tribe and customer base. And so and you need to click those leads organically. So we help you track and get leads organically using our system, using texting and web landing pages. And there's a lot of different techniques, even Facebook groups, and yeah, can you post out of it? Can you post out of it to social media and stuff like that as well? Yeah, that's a new feature. We're able to post on Facebook and Instagram, right now we're working on capabilities with Twitter and stuff like that. But you can post a schedule, can you go in and get him scheduled. So you go around a month or the post schedule when you want them to go? Sweep? Awesome. what it's all about, and we have an app capability. So people can do this on the fly. So you don't have to be in front of a computer to nurture those leads. Another one that one of the big cool things is we integrate with Google My Business. So if you can organically not organically, but automatically put a lead down the path that if you convert that lead, you can ask them for Google My Business Review, eventually helping Ganic SEO, there's a lot of cool stuff that you can do with that, that you can just automate. Like a lot of my businesses, like, I'm actually not in my business anymore. Like it yes, we operate a whole software company with 300 clients, I have VAs and ABS systems, so all of his friends. That's the key that's you know, I'm Dr. Level and Warner I'm 54. And that several successful businesses, but the key to really scaling a business. But the key to the key, in my opinion to business is just like you, I don't start a business because I don't want to work in it. Yes, I want to build it. But to me, it's all about the time freedom gives me. And that doesn't mean time freedom to just always be golfing or whatever that means time freedom to help somebody to be involved in charities, whatever it is time freedom allows you to give back in ways that you can't, which is also what money does for you. And if you so the key is how do you build those things you just talked about, that allows you to replace yourself and anyone on your staff. And it's by building that entire foundation, which has all the processes, you know, and systems so that you can literally just plug somebody in, you know, so you don't, you don't even have to have somebody per se that they're sitting with for a day or week or whatever it is training them. You know, the way the business I've gotten now and one of them is you know, everything's all recorded. So we plug somebody and they know what their job description is, they go through the training literally through videos, that shows them exactly what the person in their position does. And, and it really saves a ton of time as well. But that stuff's to me, that's the most important thing. And we're, you know, there's a fine balance, I believe, and I'd like to get your input on this is, you know, when you start a business, the best thing you can do is, you know, to create cash flow, it's all about sales, it doesn't matter what business you're in, or create deals. And as I look back on my career, there's times where I got caught in what I call surface distraction. That is, Oh, I gotta have my website, I gotta have my business cards, Oh, I gotta have the sign on the door. I gotta have this, you know, and you might feel like you're being productive, you know, day in and day out for a while, but that's not doing anything for you. And so you've got to be able to focus on getting deals. And then, at the same time, starting to build the systems and processes and building that donations, that foundation is really going to be the key to being able to duplicate yourself and others build a really skill something. Yeah, it's revenue generating activities every every thing city to LLC and a logo to skip. But you don't need any of that technically, all you need to do is get your sole proprietorship and you got your social security number and you're good to go. Start your business and worry about the business stuff later on. You can even hire that out to get that stuff done. One of the big things that every business has understand is that you're a marketing business. If you're in real estate, you're marketing business, if you're a car sales, your marketing business, if you're a newspaper, business, your marketing business, it doesn't matter. Everything starts with marketing, because you need to find a way to buy leads, everything's about contacts, about leads and contacts and understanding that you need to be marketing, whether it organically paid word of mouth podcast, no matter what it is, you need to be marketing in general, just a brilliantly. So your marketing business number 100%. Like, yep, do you so your CRM I have, obviously understand what that does. Do you does? Does your company do any type of marketing for your clients? Or do you train them how to do any of that stuff or setting up part of it? So we help, we tried to make it as simple as possible. So let's get the base thing. It's kind of doing yourself HEPA thing, you have training videos, SOPs, you can train your people how to use it through our training, or you can kind of go into there. And then we have kind of done with you where you can, if you need assistance, we can help you with it based off of your needs and capital. And then if you need a lot of help, we can help you out a lot with a lot of help. And we kind of do a lot of stuff for you. It really depends on your needs and as a business in general. But a lot of it is marketing in general, like always start the free marketing tips First, because running paid traffic gets really expensive unless you're able to spend experiment. Ones. Running, running free. Traffic's always easy. So for every business, start a Facebook group, why Facebook group, it gets organic traffic just to Facebook funding towards your niche. And you can easily find like minded people that will resonate with you. So we started a Facebook group where we started a business, we have like 2000 people in it. Well, it's in there. We pitch our product to our potential people in the Facebook group. And then what do we do when we come in, we asked for their information. So we use the Facebook group as a lead generation, free lead generation. So we make it private, we ask security questions, when they ask for it. When we ask for the email and phone number we of course already have their name. If they give us the information, and our company turns into a lead who's our testing automation built in? There they come in, then we use sex automation, because our systems is texting. So you ever see this text keywords this number to come in? Well, if you're interested in hive mind, you can actually get text via 210-972-1842 just text the keyword hive, or course, it's going to send you an automation and budget in the Facebook group invited in the YouTube channel. And now if people pull out their phone and texted in now we're getting free leads that come into our system in general. So we always push people to, we never actually asked for the direct sale. One thing is, is you need seven to 12 points of contact to convert a lead in general. So we don't ask for the point of sale for anything. We let people come into it in their own in their own passion. So check out the Facebook group hive mind zero, check out the YouTube channel hive mind, CRM, tick tock, we're on our platforms. And we're using free and organic traffic to collect leads through texting opt ins to email chapters to the Facebook often, even down to if you're interested in learn how to make six figures on one land deal. You text course to 210-972-8242 we have like a 30 minute course kind of shows you how one of our clients is making six figures. And interesting story, one of our clients is making six figures on one land deal he posted today. So it's stuff that works. And it's just stuff that's for sure. It's you know, I've done a lot of real estate, I've done a lot of things to teach social media marketing and realtors. And, you know, obviously, from what I heard you say, you know, you're not pitching them at seven to 10 points contact with the group, you're adding value, you're giving them information, you're you know, that's the key to building that tribe that you mentioned earlier. You know, you're just out there pitching people, of course, people get turned off by that, but you're bringing them into a group, obviously, it sounds like you're, you know, providing content and information in there. And it's benefits everybody it's allows people to network and you to build that list, which is critical. And then of course, then anything that you're posting, you're not competing with everybody on a normal wall, only your group seen it so nobody can come in and post anything, you know, wow. And so whatever you decide to do was every fifth post every 10 posts, whatever it is, it doesn't matter. Whatever works for you, they then you do you know pitch, you know and talk about what you did to help that person with the 100k because that's a way to pitch that's not actually asking for the sale in a way that doesn't some people get turned off by So sounds like to me like you got things dialed in and you're, you're well on your way to just smack well, you're already smashed and stuff you didn't leave you, you know, did a million bucks the last four years and this year you're looking at hitting a million this year, that's phenomenal. So you're obviously doing a lot of things right from what I'm hearing. And I don't have all the answers. And I'm not trying to explain I do. But everything's resonating with me based on experiences I've had. So it's really cool. Like a lot of a lot of what we do is, people, there's a lot of people out there that are just lost and looking for a place to create a better future. I literally just got a podcast with one of my clients. He's 22 years old, he's done 10 deals off of the lead generation that we provided to him. And that's, and he's part time still as a roofer. So he's still working a full time job, he's made almost $60,000 in the last six months off the lead generation provided in our system, and he's 22 years old. So for him, we just created a limitless future that who knows what we'll be doing 20 years from now, that's crazy. So we get paid monetarily minimally, but it's really make changing people's lives. And I think that's the biggest thing. That's what that's honestly, what gives me the most fulfillment in life period, over any amount of money I've ever made, you know, just seeing that impact you can have on somebody, and that's, you know, we're entering a time in world history, and I'm not gonna, I'm gonna be careful, I don't get too off topic, because I've got another podcast that goes way into this kind of stuff. But what what's going on in the world, it's only gonna get crazier, in my opinion, and I spent over 1000 out here hours researching and educating myself on the truth to this world. And real estate, is if you have money right now, and you're sitting on it, and it's sitting in the bank, that's the worst place it could be, you need to put it into real estate, gold or silver, things that will not likely, you know, we're probably gonna have a downturn in my opinion, just depends on how bad it is. But the market is gonna get ugly. And once again, this is my opinion, people don't need to, no need to buy into it. So go, go do a little research on your on your own, but we are going to have some major food scarcity. It's coming, it's already impacting people in certain places, if you have a baby, and you're using formula, you already know what's impacting you there. So I like the fact that you're involved in real estate, because that is a very safe place. Even if the market does take a beating. You know, my dad was a dentist, and he he did large real estate developments, large commercial things. And there was times that the market affected him. But as you look at things over history, you're never any any burned or really hurt. You know, you just got if you're going to put something in the real estate at this time, now, the kind of real estate you're doing, I'm assuming you're, you know, trying to buy wholesale and either flipping or holding or things like that, which, that's a fantastic way to do it. But even if you're buying properties right now, you know, be careful, but you need to be expecting to hold them for years. If you're buying right now to hold at closer to a retail level, because if you're not finding some wholesale, you're gonna be paying over retail right now least in Utah is ridiculous. My two brothers are still appraisers. And it still is nuts, even though it's has softened up because of interest rates going up and stuff. But Utah still pretty strong. But yeah, just be careful. But real estate's a great place. I love what you're doing there. And like you say, what I've heard from you that is the most important thing I think that I could reiterate to the listeners is find a problem and create a solution. And that's where you are frustrated with how to track your real estate deals. And there's there's other stuff out there. I've aware of some of them. But there was things missing that, obviously, you felt. And so you went and figured out how to plug all those holes, and you came up with a better product. And I mean to be 15 months in I have 300 plus customers. That's kicking ass if you asked me. So congratulations. It's cool. Like I like I said, I'm really glad, like with the amount of customers we have, because like whenever stuff happens, it's like, I'm really glad I don't have more customers because this is yeah, it's the main the good and the bad side of it. But I'm really excited. I think we're making a lot of impact with listeners or with our clients in general. It's really it's part of being part of community because like there's real estate transactions being happened between our clients that I'm not even making money on but it's just right but you're providing that network for you know, which is valued at all those people that you know to your tribe, basically that's a that's huge value. Whether you make don't make money on that or not. My experience has shown me that you can call it whatever you want karma whatever You're gonna make more money because of it, you know, because that's just the way the law, in my opinion works. The universal law, you know, you call it karma, you can call it energy and call it whatever you want, it's doing the right thing and taking care of people. You know, humanity is a place where we think we're different in so many ways. And what's kind of How to Be careful not to get off topic down the wrong whole rabbit hole here. But it's important because that's just a tool to create division, we are so much more alike as human beings, and we need that called Love, call it whatever you want, but serving others, because I can tell just in interacting with you just a short time that you feel the same way as me. And that's really what makes us feel fulfilled, is when you see that you've really made an impact on someone else. And I don't think there's any human being that is a good person, that doesn't feel the same way. And if we could all just focus there, instead of getting caught up in all this garbage that's thrown at us. You know, we can really, really make a big difference and change this world. You know, it's a, it's like to, like, no one, no one appointed me as, as overseer of this land, I kind of created it, and people came and I put people in the right direction. I love that. That's so cool. Yeah. On his gray man. So where is it that people can find you? And you know, I'll obviously put all this information in the show notes and stuff. This will be on, you know, Rumble and Brian Tiana, this will actually will be on YouTube, probably I don't think I said he'll give me taken up there. But of course, then apple and all the other podcast platforms, but so I have all this information in the notes. What are the best places for people to find you or your group name on Facebook? Things like Yeah, so I usually direct everybody to our Facebook group, I had mine CRM, where I had my CRM on all platforms, you can find this pretty easily there, and then connect through our platforms through those texts at the number I said earlier. It's way too good to see you. I really want to talk about the addiction. We haven't covered that yet. Let's do it. Okay, so what your show is about addiction, and I really resonate with the show because I I struggled with addiction when I was growing up. And it's kind of crazy high on I need to apologize, because, you know, obviously I read your stuff and stuff, but I didn't. I missed that. So my apologies. Because you know, it is about addiction and diamond. It's also how to reclaim your life through entrepreneurship. So, dude, let's let's jump in. Let's go. So for I, I'm a millennial. So I'm I'm in the the age group where we saw beepers. And then we transition to cell phones. And like, Gen Z is like all cell phones. And that's all they known as the internet and Instagram and Facebook and all this other stuff. Whereas I saw both sides of it. I mean, I remember my brother's typing up reports on the typewriter. You know, and like, a lot of people like you tell it to a kid nowadays, like, what's a typewriter? Exactly? They don't really know what to type in class on a typewriter in high school. Exactly. So it's one of those things where like, I've seen the transition into the industry. And for everybody that's thinking about business right now is the best time to start a business because there's so much stuff available at your fingertips, you can run a business from your fingertips and laptop from another country. You don't have to be in the US. So if that's right, everybody else, but one of the things I struggle with growing up was video games, video games were too to PlayStation three, right when I was growing up, and I'm the youngest, so I, I used to play biggest my brother a lot. And then when my brothers got older and left the house and into college and stuff, I was stuck to my own devices. And I'm like, I gotta do something. And I was a I was good at school. But it was boring to me, because I felt like challenging, challenging to me. So I would play video games all day. And that was that was my that was my, my addiction that I had. And it dealing, you're going through that I struggle with that all through high school. I know there's a lot of kids now a lot of younger people that I deal with that nowadays and it's kind of grown. And there's adults that struggle with this addiction of video games, and it's a constant addiction. How often do you think you were playing during this time? I was probably playing I was going to school at the time. And I would probably play till three, four in the morning. Literally sleep to three hours go to school and sleep in school because I was so tired. And like everybody in school is like, oh, he must be dealing with certain things in life like not just playing video games. I would sleep in school and play video games at night. And it was one of those things where like I had to even take that through even in adulthood because I at a job, he got the job completed, it was just, it was just in the dude, because I wasn't really out there. When my wife, my wife's like, something's gotta give, Something's gotta give. And it's like, I was really mature, I was really mature in my life. My wife was like, literally, she's two years younger than me. But she's women a lot more mature a lot faster than men do. So I was like, she didn't want to, she didn't want to date me or even talk to me at that space. Because I wasn't, I wasn't mature playing video games. So yeah, I eventually, she kind of kicked me out of it. And just to date her, I let it go. And when I let it go, it was like, such a relief. Because one of the big things that I think a lot of people struggle with as adults, I'm not saying these things are bad. It's just moderation, moderation. And I'll Kahal isn't a bad thing. But if you drink it too much, it can be the dementia, it'd be like drinking too much water will kill you, you'll get you'll get a water overdose. So what I've learned dealing with that is that you have to control your energy as a whole, just because things that take too much time they take away from what you could be doing to make yourself a better person. So like a lot of and No, no offense, every that people are in sports and stuff like that. There's people you know, on the people who talk to the past employees, like, Oh, they're diehard, whatever, fans of their local city, and they go to games, and they pay and they know the stats and all this stuff. And I'm like you can be you can be exerting so much more energy on your own business and actually creating a life that you can use the rest of your life. But you're using sports, you're using it on whatever that whatever that addiction is. And if you can focus the energy and focus on business. And even on business, it's a hard thing to because there's people that you're so hard in the business that everything else go and everything else goes and they lose their family and their things. So business can be seen as addiction, drugs, alcohol, video games are all addictions, but it's all moderation. So you got to learn how to balance and prioritize what's important to make a better future. So a lot of what I've done, when I got into entrepreneurship was I kind of focused on business first, knowing in hindsight, I would back off a business and hopefully automate and control that part. Focus on my family. So I knew it was a struggle early on, like, hey, I need to vote 100% on what I'm doing in business, entrepreneurship, just to get this off the ground. And then eventually, I can focus on what I like doing. So no matter what your struggle is in life, moderation, this business can be an addiction as well. So make sure you control that. And you understand what's what's really important in your life. As the most powerful stuff that you've said all day, you know, even though you said a lot of great stuff. Because, you know, as you related to the sports that is so, so true. And there's so many other things out there just like that, whether it's movie, whether certain TV, Benjen, on TV, whatever it is. And once again, that's all created intentionally, because they don't want you to become who you are. And what I'm hearing, too, is, number one you grew up, but you became intentional about what you want. And because you nailed it to in the fact that is starting your own business, you might be working 1618 hour days. And so yes, relationships or family might suffer. But as long as you're communicating, not forgetting about them, and understanding that you're doing that with the intention of what it's going to do for you in the very near future if you really do it right. And a CRM, like what you'll have is a huge, like you said that's that's similar backbone in a way as all your SOPs, and I meant to say it earlier for those who are listening that are newer, and looking to get an entrepreneurship, SOPs or standard operating procedures. But you know, that foundational stuff with your processes and SOPs, you know, and a CRM really is really what the foundation needs to be built on. And then it's all about like you, I mean, you're doing it all man and you're doing it well. It sounds like because then it's all marketing, you know, organic stuff, whether it's organic paid, I do a lot of paid stuff with one of my businesses, but I couldn't do that at first because like you said, it is expensive, and then you got to be able to figure it out. If you put $1 in you got to be damn sure you get at least two out you know, and hopefully four or 5x at least but anyways, you're I mean that's that's valuable stuff. I actually have my youngest boys and his office across the hall but I've worried about his gaming, he plays a lot of key does a lot of gaming. And you know, I think there's a lot of people out there Listening, and obviously not listening, that are struggling with addiction, gaming, eating drugs, alcohol, because of what the last two years has brought to all of us in the world, not just in America. Because as I look back on my addiction, and even things that I catch myself with now, thank goodness, I'm to a place where I've been through enough and learned enough that I'm able to see things, but then I was a bitch. But the idle mind is the devil's playground. And when we're sitting, if, you know, if you were on lockdown, or whatever it was, that is the most horrid place to be because it is setting you up to create horrible habits. Like, like gaming, you know, nonstop, or eating like you normally wouldn't out of boredom, you know. And so paying attention to yourself, and becoming aware of your thoughts is huge, because depression is a bitch. And, you know, I don't know if you thought that but I've been pretty dark places a few times in my life to pose actually suicidal one time and, and it's so easy for the mind, to buy the story that you think of, or the situation you think of, and allow your mind to grab onto it, continue to build stories around it, which then just takes you a spiral down to a darker place. So if you can channel if you pay attention to that, understand that thoughts are just things, you know, and they're not good, and they're not bad. They're just thoughts. And they, we all have our thoughts and our beliefs based on the life experience we've had, frankly, really, nobody's right, nobody's wrong. Sure, you can get down to certain things. And there's truth but but just be aware of that, because that can be one of the that was the biggest thing that held me back after what I went through in Oh, nine and 10 that I've talked about in past episodes. And you know, when you get yourself in that place, it becomes a handicapped, it's really debilitating. And then if you layer on to it, depending on your paths, if you lose your confidence, if you lose your identity, it just everything starts between the errors, you know, and so I love your story, because I can see just inheriting the things that you've shared today. And did I see it? It just, I mean, you honestly, I feel like you do you radiate like positivity man. I mean, I can just sense it and see it, and you. And that's through, you've done some serious work, not only in your business, but I believe, you know, on yourself, and, and my dad used to say, as we grew up, why is it that we, you know, go take our cars, to get their oil change over three or 5000 miles and take such good care of them. But we as human beings never go get a checkup from the neck up, you know, and, and there's stigma, that's a bunch of BS, but in in there for that, you know, there's nothing wrong with, you know, talking to somebody if even if it's just a friend, but I'm not a big guy and in what do you call counselors, I'm more I'd prefer dealing with coaches and things like that. But don't settle and don't let your, you know, mind take you in places that you don't need to go. Because every single one of us was put on this earth to become and do everything in anything we choose to. And I sense that that's what you're doing. And and that is to become your best, and to impact as many people as possible. And those are the two things I've really sense that you're doing. And I commend you on that. Because I still struggle with that at times. It's it's, you're doing some damn good stuff. And, you know, I just appreciate you being here. Because it's been, it's been awesome to hear. I really want to talk about mindset because mindset of depression because it's a it's a struggle that happens. And there's it happens to everybody. So one thing one thing, one thing I'll say about depression, is that what you're going to anybody listening, this is what you're going through, somebody's been through worse, and there's always somebody who's going through it right now worse than you are. And the reason the reason why it's important to keep your mind right is because like you said earlier, it's just it's what your mind projects. So my side note, I was going through a rough time, and my family start reaching out to me like are you okay? Is everything okay? And I'm like, Yeah, I'm fine. Like, oh, I've been getting calls and such and all this stuff. I'm like, I was like, I'm perfectly fine. I mean, it is what it is, and here's what I can do about it. But up here, there's people in my position that would be suicidal and depressed. I'm not depressed. I'm perfectly fine with it. I understand the ramifications and how to deal with it. But there's people out there that are Are we the worst? I am that are still here today. So yeah, you've had you, for whatever reason, whatever you've experienced, you've traded that awareness so that you understand it. It's like, there's times in my life that I've had bad days, and where I buy into it, and then beat myself up, that doesn't do anything for you. So now when they come, and they don't come often, but when they do, first of all, everybody has bad days, everybody gets depressed. Let's clear that up. So I've gotten to the point where now I just accept and have nothing about it. If that means I go home, and just go take a nap and don't do anything. Because that's really what deep depression does. For a fact, I have a picture on my wall where they're my best friend from high school. And we met on the golf team, he was from the west side, if you want to call it that I was from the east side. He was jeans and a T shirt, cowboy kind of a guy. And I was opposite. But we became best friends on the golf team. And he died about 14 years ago, from colorectal cancer. And I bring that up, because I always use this example. To help people understand how horrific depression can be. When I've been in some pretty rough places, this was obviously, years and years ago. Like you, I understand things and deal with things a lot different now. But I used to give the example if my buddy Cody showed up, came back to me to live and just walked in my office from my house and came to see me and said, once again, we met on the golf team in high school. And he said, Hey, man, I got a private jet. And I've got, you know, unlimited funds, we're going to just for the next year, we're going to go play all the coolest courses in the world. When you're really depressed, little would say, Well, I don't really feel like that's how crazy I can get, you know. And so I, you know, just like you, you have to work on yourself, you have to work on that mind. And like drug addiction, video game addiction, the first thing is understanding that you're there. Because until you understand it Admit it, you can't do anything about it is you're in denial, and you're just making excuses. But I mean, you gotta love to share with the world, my friend. And just, there's a lot of stuff that I really appreciate you sharing, because, like I said, I can just sense that you got you're doing a lot already. But I can just I can literally fill it dude, it's just you have you have that kind of that charisma that attracts people and just keep it up because it's badass. So one thing I'll say before before we end it, but one thing I'll say is that as you grow up in entrepreneurship, the problems don't go away, they just get bigger. So I heard I heard somebody say that is that I want to be in a position where I can deal with million dollar problems, you know, where people people might be in a position where they're dealing with a light bill, it's $100 profit $2 problem. There's people out in the world that deal with million dollar problems in the daily and I want to be in that position. So understand that, yes, your problem is a problem. But it's a problem at your certain stage. So you need to break through that barrier to the next level where it's no longer a problem, like running a business, payroll could be a problem. You have to pay your employees first before you pay yourself. But there comes a stage where you break to that next wall and you're dealing with bigger problems. So the problems don't go away, they just get bigger, and you realize that your team and your mindset is important to overcome those next barriers that you always come up with. So I have problems I've ever dealt with, that I'm dealing with now. But I understand there's another level to it, and I know how to overcome it. And that's where coaching come into come into play. Because there's always people that understand and have dealt with that problem because operate at a higher level. Exactly. And if you weren't able to see that and hadn't learned that through experience and coaches that I'm sure you've had, you would it would be affecting you in a way where be stressing you out. That it will be paralyzing you in ways or creating anxiety and fear in ways that wouldn't allow you to push through to make it and so, you know, that is huge. So how did I like I said, I appreciate your time and this has been great. And I'd like to stay in touch with you and see what we can do down the road not only to help more people, but you know, my Oh, we suddenly we can do together as well. So, appreciate it. We'll we'll be in touch. All right. Sounds good.

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Steve Cloward


After getting sober from 14-year battle with opiate addiction, Steve found himself facing a federal indictment that sent him to prison. After he lost his freedom and was released, he realized he had also lost his identity, confidence and purpose and he wasn’t sure if he’d end up losing his 20-year marriage.

Steve spent most of the past decade and over $100,000 on coaches, courses, events and masterminds searching to find out why his past kept popping up poisoning his future that held him back from reclaiming his life.

Steve is a "serial entrepreneur” and has grown several businesses to seven figures over the past 25 years. Steve has a huge heart and is extremely loyal. Steve is a people person, great networker who loves to bring people together.

Steve has top ranked podcast, Life After Addiction and Indictment to help those who continue to scream at their past and keep tripping over their future reclaim their life through entrepreneurship. Steve knows what It’s like to lose your confidence, have doors slammed in your face or lack the knowledge to chase your entrepreneurial dreams. Steve has the experience, knowledge and relationships to help you take control of your life and secure your future.

After 24 years of "co-existing" in his marriage, Steve knows what it takes to create a happy and fulfilling relationship. Steve celebrates his 31-year anniversary later this year to his beautiful wife Ann. Together they have four boys and one girl, ages 16-28.

When Covid hit Steve felt something just wasn’t right. Over the last two years Steve has spent hundreds of hours researching to find truths behind the evil’s that permeates the world in every aspect of our lives. Once he woke up he couldn’t stop researching to learn the truths that have been hidden from us for over a century.

When he's not working, Steve loves to spend time with his family in Lake Powell, Sunday night game night, golfing, traveling, riding motorcycles with his four boys and creating memories.



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I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder.

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skiptracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.

I have done a ton of different jobs coming up from painting, to door-to-door sales, telemarketing, truck driving, and loading trailers. What I learned most is that I want to stay in the digital business space. The leverage you can have delivering digital products to the marketplace can yield limitless possibilites.

I started The List Guys in 2020. It is a data and skiptracing service. We provide seller and buyers list nationwide. My clients have been getting great results and I am proud to help people killing it.

I started the Hive in 2021 with my partner Anthony Gaona. It is a real estate and business mastermind. It also comes with a all in one CRM, that can host unlimited websites and users.

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