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May 23, 2022

Ep 186- What It Takes To Get Your First Deal With Brittany Thompson

Ep 186- What It Takes To Get Your First Deal With Brittany Thompson

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This show is sponsored by hive mind CRM. It is more than just a CRM. It is a real estate and business mastermind that comes with an all in one CRM, you can have unlimited websites and users, you can call text, RVM, and email all in one user interface, and you can set up custom automations. For any type and multiple businesses. 65% of companies start using a CRM system within the first five years of business. Once implemented, the hive mind will save you on marketing give you more time and make more money. One of our users had his first $100,000 month using our system in June, we want to see you automate and accelerate your business text us at 2109728 t 42. For future meetings. And of course, to get our $1 course on how to make more than six figures on one Landale, you can schedule your free demo today at hive mind Today, we have a special guest, and it's pretty Thompson, she's been with us a couple times. But she always brings great energy, and we're gonna have her speak. I don't know exactly what she's covering by no shows because the heat. And I'm excited to hear what she has to say, Anthony can't be here today. But we're excited that she's here. And she's here to bring a lot a lot of knowledge and information. And she comes fully fueled every time. She's like Oh, presented? Oh, God, we need to pray. You know, I mean, we can we can have a conversation, too. I mean, even Leon showed up the shoulder from outside. He's here to participate. So he wants to come into the party. I mean, you don't have to present I don't know, if you're presenting, if you want to have a conversation. I'm gonna wing it. We could just just talk chit chat. I mean, I feel like oh, no, this market, this economy's going crazy. It's a phenomenal opportunity to be involved in real estate, especially for anybody that thought about it, you know, watching the TV shows, or, you know, whatever the scenario is, the time is now. So we can chop it up as the questions, whatever talking about vision sounds like whatever, I'm always game. I gotcha, gotcha. Okay, so let's kind of dive into it. So one thing, one of the reasons why I like working with my son's happened in conversation. One of the things I like having one button here is that she's really dedicated a lot of energy towards helping people get the first deal. So what are some ways and you're doing a five day challenge next week? And you do it once a month? Right? Is it always like the third week or second week of the month? Or something like that? No, what I tried to keep it at least a few weeks apart. So yeah, about a month. And you know what, let me let me Let me redo this thing here, because I'm super casual. And I gotta make sure I introduce myself. What's up everybody, my name is Brittany Thompson, my husband and I, Leon Thompson, that created get my first, which is basically a challenge based coaching program recreated to help aspiring entrepreneurs find getting close their first real estate deal. And then know what you're alluding to is a challenge that we're actually doing, starting this Monday, for free. And it's basically our REI Success blueprint of how to find, get and close the deal. This is a little different, right? Because we're not just gonna be giving content, this is not going to just be information overload, like in other words, we're not in the business of throwing a bunch of stuff at you and then overwhelming you. And then you have no choice. But to sign up for our 20,000 a coaching program. This is not that this is I'm giving you the straight skinny. And at the conclusion of it, you can take it and kill it. Or if you want to have a community, we'll make that offer available. But I'm excited it's going to push and it's going to encourage the point that to encourage people to take action, because there's a lot of information out there. And quite frankly, there was more opportunity now than it's ever been. And I just were on a mission to help 1000 people get their first bill. So we just were pouring in. We're leading with love, and shocked by how to do it the right way how to become massively successful, yo, this is gonna be a multi multi million dollar blueprint that we're giving away. It's just it's just just what we're doing. We've used this blueprint to hit multiple six figures every year since 2019. And it doubles and triples, we own seven figures in real estate, we know how to build all this stuff, and we're just gonna take time out of our day to be a blessing and to just share it and just, you know, make a massive difference. And this rock the industry, baby. I'm excited about that. There you go. So one thing I really want to ask you it took me seven months to get my first deal. What was that like for you to first deal with I want to say it took me six months. Now, it took me six months, because the first couple of months, but let me back up a little bit. So I left my last job. In the ambulance, literally, they thought I was having a heart attack it really it was a severe panic attack that I was having. Because I was tired of doing the same thing. Like I was just tired of fighting traffic, throwing my kids in daycare, hitting them on the side, hitting the phone. And I just the last day, I went to pick up my phone and I just, I just froze like I was paralyzed. So woke up or came to, if you will, in the back of that ambulance to the hospital. And I had a conversation with my heavenly Father. And I said, Look, I'm done with it. I've done as much as I could do with tap you to take the wheel. People say Jesus take the wheel, I was literally said, Jesus take the wheel. So I just started my journey of personal development and looking for an opportunity. And I tell people this all time, you know, I wasn't seeking real estate. i It could have been selling nail polish. It could have been selling hair, like it could have been anything other than what I had been doing that would put me in an entrepreneurial scope. And I was up one up late one morning, one night, two o'clock in the morning, you know, new mom, new wife, I was still say, and I was just trying to figure it out. And I typed in YouTube, how to make a lot of money quick. And I got this video that popped up talking about how to make the money in 30 days or seven to 37 days, something like that. And I thought it was a scam. So it took me a minute. It took me a lot of analysis. I went through analysis paralysis, but it took me a lot of research to decide that this was something I wanted to do. And that research was for me like the semester of college it took I couldn't believe that I was like, There's no way you can make this kind of money without a license without having a million dollars without having crazy credit or rich uncle it and I just I stumbled about that six months. I said, Look, I'm gonna pick a strategy, and I pick bandit signs. And it's three months later, I'm in my car crying with an envelope full of money. Like I can't believe this happened. Crazy man. At signs bandit signs of Birmingham, went three months doing bandit signs. Did you do a lot of bandit signs here? It wasn't like 100 here 100 There? Or did you go like all in like doing 100 a weekend or something? I mean, I wish it would make the story sound good. If I was like, I was slaying giants. 150 a week, man, I was lucky to get 10 signs out a weekend. Oh, man. But it shows you got results, even though you only did 10 signs a weekend? I mean, yeah. So you're doing something right? Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, part of that was, you know, most people before they decided to get in real estate, or really any industry, or to bid to be in business, they take a lot of research, you know, they gotta go and talk to everybody and ask them how they feel about it, then they gotta go try every course, you know, all those things. And I think at that point, I just got to a place I'm like, I'm just gonna take action, I'm just gonna jump and grow wings on the way down. And so I put that perspective. So that meant giving up. She's, what 12, one o'clock in the morning on a Friday because I read somewhere in a blog or something that that's the best time to put out signs because code enforcement off, they don't work on the weekend. So I'm out there. My mom's on the phone with me while I'm running out trying to avoid like people of the night. You know, drug dealers, like I'm trying to avoid all of them. So I can politely put out my love handmade sign and I'm in the living room, getting my butt back in the car. I mean, I'm pretty, but I didn't want to get to you know what I'm saying? My husband wrote me a couple of times, family a couple of times. And I you know, it's interesting. Now as I reflect because back then, I mean, I thought I was crazy. I thought there's no way this could work. But what I can appreciate out of that whole process is the reason they weren't even with me not putting out a bunch of science is because I just tunnel vision on one thing. I wasn't calling texting or mailing I was just putting out fires. Right? That's that's how I was and I was in I was picking up the phone when people call, then you can't believe that people will put out bandit signs. And don't answer the phone when somebody calls all the time because I call them I still call a status as to this day. And I want to see if they answer the phone because I'm always curious because I still I still call bandit signs because I'm trying to sell them hivemind that is that's 100% Every time I see a bandit sign I will call and text it and then see if the answer the phone that we can put your pipeline but usually nobody answers the phone. On all the times I call bandit signs only to answer the phone live. Like man, you guys are just wasting your time. You know what, and I tell people that to actually like go through my challenge. That's a great way to boot up. relationships when it comes to building up meeting new investors calling bandit signs calling the signs on the call realtors. Just look rich, broke, rich broke, just pick up the phone, talk to somebody, we think that we can. No offense, texting is great. But some folks think they can just have behind the phone and do this right here and be a millionaire next day. No baby, it is numbers, you might do well, to a certain extent with texting. But in order to build relationships for longevity and business, you're gonna have to have conversations. It is what it is. That's my two cents. Um, there's, there's something crazy that I, I did when I first started. There's a lot. I think a lot of people struggle with this. And you can probably count to the series that people think like, I've been doing this for 30 days, and I haven't found traction. I literally had this conversation the other day. And I've been doing this for 30 days, I got like a few leads here and there. But I haven't been able to close anything. I feel like I'm ready to give up. And I always bring it up. And I'm glad I wanted to struggle myself because I can always point to myself and like, it took me seven months and I was working another business I owned another business at the time to get a deal or something like two months. I mean, you got you got three extra that to get to where I was before. Before I was ready to throw in the towel. It was one of those things where like I was when I was going through it, it was really disheartening. Because I got contracts, I contracted an agent represented property, ended up losing money putting money, earnest money down and when I shouldn't. And as I went through a lot, I went through a lot of hard lessons, but was one of those things where like, I'm really, really glad I went through those lessons as a whole just because now I'm able to help people when it comes to those lessons that I went through when I first started. And it was one of those things where like, it's really been when I was going through it, it really it really stank and it hurt a little bit. But now, hindsight 2020 Is this like, I'm really glad I went through that. I'm literally glad I struggled in the beginning because now I'm able to help people even though month, two months, and they're like, I can't find anything. I was there not too long ago. It's kind of like shedding light on that. You know, but it's the best education you cannot buy that experience. Right? It's I mean, certainly I'd like to think that just like yourself, had I not gone through, like, my mom and my grandma used to say a burden of learning. Like you remember when it hurts, you know what not to do, right? So that so many lessons, man, I remember giving, I remember putting out signs, getting the first call. And the first call the house was like Oh, my goodness, it was in poor poor shape on it wasn't like a weird part of town, like it was kind of country kind of like hood a little bit, no shade to either those types of areas. But I just didn't understand. Okay, I didn't understand how to monetize it. Like, it's, it's a lot. I think it's a lot of people that get properties on the contract that don't fully know the market. And then they get frustrated and disappointed. You know, it may take 3060 days to get a deal. And then when you get a deal, it's like not a deal. But you don't realize it's not a deal. Because you don't know, what is it was not a deal. So, you know, the discouragement piece. You know, another thing too, that that I talked about, especially in the challenge is people not tracking their efforts, you know, you can put in a lot of time and energy for 3060 90 days, even a year and then not get a deal. But if we're being honest with one another, what was your activity in that process? And were you consistent with that activity week after week, day after day? And nobody wants to ask themselves? Those type of questions. Like, I'll be the first one to raise my hand. Right? Putting out 10 signs. Yeah, right. Like people put out hundreds of signs and get a deal every other month. Like I was way behind the eight ball there. But I tracked him I was consistent. And I was relentless. So it just work. But yeah, I think that people quit too soon or get discouraged too soon, because they're tracking the wrong activity. No, let's talk about like limiting beliefs. Because I think a lot of people think they need to know, they need to know like the right strategy or the right negotiation tactics to move forward. And in my opinion, I don't think it's that I think it's just getting on the phone and talking to people having a conversation. And then usually, when you talk to enough people, you're gonna get a motivated seller. No, right. But you know, another part of that yes, I think is what know for sure. I know it is limiting belief, because you don't know what's real. And so you close your first deal. And I know that rhymed. And it was probably a little corny, but I mean it you don't know what's real to you close your first deal. So you got to overcome a lot of internal stuff. In that process. This isn't gonna work. What am I thinking? I must be crazy. You know, my family thinks I'm crazy. I'm spending all this money. I'm investing in education. I'm going to conferences, and I'm not a millionaire yet. I'm not on HGTV yet. Like what's going on here? Like all of that stuff is real. And at the same time, what Once you get past that and start picking up the phone, it's really a matter of being a solution. You know, I get the reason that people invest in real estate. And certainly the reason I did this, it was to make money. But now I understand the process of it. And I understand the heart behind it, of being successful with it and having longevity in this business. And I really talked on the phone to homeowners looking to provide a solution, like people say, Well, how do you carpet? Okay, I get it. That's a legitimate question. Yes, it matters know, how the market is moving, what homes are trading it? But do you even know why you're talking to the homeowner on the first like, why didn't they listen with their friends or their sister or their brother to agent? Like, we don't even get into those type of questions. So I don't know, I guess it's a mix of all of it. No, I agree. It's one of those things where it's, you don't, it doesn't feel like reality. So you're holding that first check. You kind of you're kind of walking in faith based off of other people's experiences, and you have the understanding to move forward. But it's just, it's really gonna be discouraging and lonely when you first start out. But that's the importance of getting in groups like this, and having people hold you as a whole. So you know, you're not all alone, and you have to face all those distractions are things that could dishearten you by yourself, exactly. I think that you have created a brilliant community. I mean, of course, the CRM is amazing. Like that partner, I wish I had a CRM that was like, half as good as this when I started, because I'm pretty sure it would have helped me with my retention and a lot of other things. But the community like I had to go create a community when I first started, those people, those like minded individuals that are going to encourage you, when somebody says something crazy, or cussing you out or cancel the contract, you got to be able to talk to somebody who's like, I'll convince you to quit, or go get a job, or you know, go do something else. So I think what you have really created here is beautiful. You and Anthony have done a great job creating this culture. It's beautiful. It's so good. And I want to welcome questions to anybody in the audience has any questions or anything like that, that feels I guess they can reach out to you or chat or something. You guys can all meet yourself or hit the chat. I mean, there's both ways is kind of opening the conversation. We're talking about this is a this is welcomed anybody here like I said, we have this conversation is for you, like me, me, me and Brittany, we do this on the regular. So we're just going but anybody else can happen if they want to cover something as well, as far as if they're struggling in a certain area. Because there's a lot of there's a lot of people here that have their first deal or that might listen to this later on that might have some questions. So definitely, it's this is the opportunity for it. Who all here if you feel comfortable sharing, has has gotten their first deal or has not gotten their first deal? And if not, you know, what do you think's holding you back or, you know, just I want to give them as much value as possible. So please ask me questions. Yeah. And like I said, as you guys are just coming in late, Brittany is helping hive mind in general, her whole mission is hoping to get the first deal. So go ahead, Nick. I think Lichtman leaders and so yeah, I mean, I kind of have my first deal from earlier this year, I I started living, I bought a duplex up in Massachusetts, and some house hacking that and then now I'm I'm working with some or I've been like reaching out to some investors trying to get into the land investing space. So I just sent out my first direct mail campaign this week. And I've started doing a little cold calling them aside to I mean, I've gotten like two different leads they they didn't really work out. But you know, at least I got people who like had a number in mind. So it's been pretty cool. And this community is doing great. Oh my gosh, that's the first stop. We need to get a bell. Congratulations on getting your first deal. That is massive. Nick, way to go brother, like do not take that lightly. I hope that you treated us up to a steak dinner or something. Because I for sure was a house hacking when I started. I don't even know what that was. Yeah, no, I had found a really good investor friendly brokerage and I was searching about like, probably close to four or five months, you know, and I kind of I started to kind of get it get experienced without every showing I went to and and kind of figured out like what were the things to look for that would make sense or were too risky for me to take on. But yeah, it's definitely been a cool experience. And I'm excited to see what the future brings and you know, glad to be part of this community. Definitely. Oh my gosh, one thing one thing I'll say is definitely house hacking. I commend you for even knowing what that is and taking action even get one but that's that's pretty cool. Man house second house second. You sound young too. How old? Are you Nick? I'm 2424 See, younger and younger. So it's pretty cool, man. We just did a podcast interview on Monday that actually releases tomorrow. So Check the packet that comes on tomorrow. But he's 22. Still as a full time job. He's done six deals, though he's then 10 deals in six months. And two of the deals to the deals he did were with the same seller. So he had like two deals that came with multiple properties, then the doing so ended up doing 10 deals in six months. So it's crazy. It's crazy, because I'm like, man, it took me seven months to get my first one. And this guy's doing six deals in 10 months. But definitely young people out there, there's opportunity out there for you. And don't be don't have Don't be your age be a limiting belief, because there's people out here that are younger than you take an action. And Nick is a perfect example. 24 years old getting his first house hack. That's awesome, man. Congratulations. Thank you. I think you may have mentioned it before, but how to, like, where are you at now? And like, what strategies are you focuses on? And kind of how have you how have you built from I mean, I've heard your story, or your first deal, which, which is really cool, really inspiring. I want to see kind of where you got to now. Wow, you know, it's funny, I feel like I have a midlife crisis in real estate every year, because I get bored easily. So I mean, you know, just all I can do is keep it 100. This year, we really does. Focus. Okay, let me let me rewind this back a little bit. A few years ago, before my husband left his his nine to five, we sat down, we went to a conference and sat down and wrote out our vision. And basically, it was just kind of what we wanted our life to look like. And you know, when you do something like that, you don't necessarily think I mean, people do think that'll happen. But for the most part, a lot of people are like, this is like my dream life. You know, this is what this is what life would look like if I could write my own script. And what I saw, once we came together, we wrote it down. And he realized real quick, what was important to us, and what was not important to us, and what things we were in that was getting us closer to our goal, and what things were in that was not. And what we realized is we did not want to have a major league wholesaling business with a team of VA, we didn't want to be the people are doing six figures a month, because we understood what that would require to start and to continue. Right, we also understood we didn't want to be flipper, and I'm gonna get to your answer in just a minute. Because they're all kind of comes together, we also understood that we didn't want to be checking contractors. And we also didn't want to hire somebody could manage those properties, and deal with the fluctuations of the market. And what we settled with is we wanted to make X amount of money a month, we wanted to be able to travel with our family, we wanted to focus on our relationship with one another and with our friends, as well as have cash flow coming in every month that did that depend on our activity, or our own actions. So that's really what we've done, we're in the process of selling our tenant occupied properties, we just offloaded a 20 unit apartment, beginning of the year, we just demoed a 1516 room hotel, and we're going towards things that are going to create cash flow, like storage, like taking lands, putting a fence in some gravel lands, and throwing some, you know, Arby's or something on it, and just mailbox money, we are actually going to be starting this summer partnering with one of our, we're considering partnering with a couple of students where we've got mailing and different marketing, and we're just gonna cherry pick the opportunities that we want for cash flow, and then just hey, go go disposable dispose of these, right. So we're big into delegating, and using the capital and the credit that we have, from our journey, and just using it to really build up other people and build up other markets. For me, I'm super passionate about getting my first Because I realized that this is fun, when you are going to a quality check and you're getting a 5000 or 200,000, or whatever the fee is, but there's nothing like helping other people do the same thing and changing their lives. You know, I got friends calling saying, Hey, we're gonna come out there to meet you all next summer, where you're gonna be, we're gonna be in Vegas, we're gonna come out there to Vegas, and we're gonna come on to California, we want that type of life. So we call that vision based living. I hope I answered your question. It comes kind of long. Yes, absolutely. No, that's awesome. That's awesome. You know, it seems like you've had like, so many cool experiences. And that's, that's such an, like, unique path that I that I've seen, you know, I mean, I've talked to a lot of people about taking a lot of paths in this space. And it's really cool to hear those stories. Yeah. You know what it was two, I would say the past couple of years that you know, three children. And before this year they were in public school was the whole reason of getting into entrepreneurship was so that we could do what we wanted to do. So we could go want to go about wanting to buy and I noticed the way I was doing business in real estate is my my business was preventing me from doing the life I wanted to do. So and I encourage a lot of people when they get into this business, especially in a challenge actually day one What does success look like? You know, for, for you, you know, what does it feel like? What does it taste like? Because it's important to identify and define that upfront. And that's going to determine a person's efforts, and what kind of investment strategy a person is going to take. And at 24 brothers, my goodness, I swear, I'll be having the title of my life, traveling, doing this business, you know, I don't know what your scenario is, but you just, you're just in the right place at the right time with the right group of people, man, it's only up from here. If you take advantage of the opportunity and the relationships here and build on you got a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this group. Phenomenal and time. Don't forget time. Time is the underestimated incalculable asset that a lot of people don't realize. Yeah, that's really underestimate that. I really want to call on somebody Miss Dawn Rodriguez, if she's, she just got her first contract, like click last week or go? Dark. So I really want to call on Don, can you tell us when you learned about real estate, when you started real estate and when you got your first contract? So I think I was introduced to it. It was what when went to Milwaukee for that event? I think that was what end of January, beginning of February, I think. And that's when I first found out about like real estate. And that's what made me like, really want to be a part of it. It was so inspired by all the testimonies and the lifestyle and everybody that's just like, been able to break out of that every day, you know, complex and able to like take their lives back. It was awesome. So I wanted that. So I started to I joined hive mind, I started to skip trace and do the text campaigns and all that good stuff. Yeah, I came across a contract maybe about three weeks ago, finally. So what that was, maybe it took me about like a couple of months to really, I guess, like learn the system and, and figuring out what works and what doesn't work. I mean, I'm still learning there's so much to learn. But it's it's been exciting. That's amazing. Congrats. And that was the first week of February is the first week of February. Okay, so like, what now we're in May. So yeah, it took me a while to ramp up to because I had to figure out like what systems I was gonna use, like prop stream propel, Yo, you know, who I was gonna, like, I had to learn how to send out the text campaigns. I mean, I'm horrible with the technology behind it. So it's like I had to have like, you know, Evan helped me and asking everybody, how do I do this? And how do I do that? And it's not going through what's wrong. So it took me a while to really ramp up. But once they did, it's, you know, it does get easier, but exciting, and something that I'm really thank God that I came across, because I would have still been stuck in the rat race. Wow. Thanks, Dawn, talk about the deal. What are we looking at? I meant to ask Nick about his other two too, but don't know what do you what are we looking at what you got? Oh, actually, it's kind of sad. Because he decided he was going to he's going to think about it. And so it doesn't, it didn't quite go through. But I mean, you know, it was it's just like a learning experience. And you know, I had never gotten that far. Of course, you know, with a whole campaign and sending out text messages. You get so many noes and so many obscenities. And finally, whenever you do get somebody who like wants to work with you, and you go out and you look at the property and you know, they say yes, I want to do this. I mean, you know, it would have been maybe like a 30 grand profit if it had gone through. So it would have been nice, but it happens. I'm definitely gonna follow up with him though, but I'm thinking that he's thinking he's gonna get more for his house and he's not so I'm just gonna kind of sit on it and let him think about that for a minute. Okay, okay. Interesting. I love you too nasty in your energy. So do you know Do you know the numbers behind how you got to that deal or that contract or that potential opportunity? The numbers have I got there. Let me see the house was the ARV on. It was about 420. And will I think with no I don't remember the specifics. I think the ARV on it I remember we were gonna sell it for 420 No, we're gonna start selling for 450 the ARV on it was 420 Sorry See, I'm still learning the lingo so and yeah, we were gonna sell it for 450 and it was like a huge like four bedroom two bath house it had like an extra lot in the back where they could have built like an extra house. I was I was kind of looking at it like I want that house I can build like another place in the back and maybe do like a little double Airbnb thing going on. But you would have to find like a buyer who was like into that. Yeah, we did find a buyer who was like interested in it, but it just fell through. And that happens, you know, no judgment here. That's all part of the process. My first three deals. The first three deals weren't deals what they were deals to me, it's okay. It's no. I had three contracts that fell through two before I got my first closed one. So I mean, we're all here in the same boat. Yeah. And it doesn't discourage me, I'm still, you know, I'm still going for it. And I'm still excited about it. It's not, you know, anything different. They say a winner is is a loser that tried one more time. So I'm not discouraged. Let me ask you this. I know you're using the CRM. Are you tracking your actual numbers, like messages sent conversations had offers made that type of thing? And you? Okay, I want you to do that. See, see. Let me explain to you why the reason why I say that is because sometimes we don't realize how close we are to that life changing deal. Until we analyze where we've been. And it pushes us in those days when people are like, you know, not being kinder when deals fall through. It's easy to look back and say, Oh, I got at least you know, 40 more conversations, or I've got at least 10 More offers before I get to the next one. Because at the end of the day, this is a numbers game. I think when my Well, I can't say I think I will say, I know, my business became much more predictable. When I started tracking my numbers. It got so predictable that and this is not good when you're me. But I knew what I needed to do to get another deal. And that's a beautiful thing when you're doing the work. But you can get a little I got a little overconfident. It's a burning sometimes, you know, this is business, but you treat it like a business. And we're watching like a business. And I had got to the point where I was like, Well, I can go make another 10 grand. But needless to say, tracking your numbers will bring you peace that you may not have now and knowing when that next deal is coming. Yeah, no, I get I've asked, I've been asked those questions before to like, well, how many text messages do you have to send out to get X amount of responses? And, you know, I've been asked that before? And I'm like, Well, I don't know, maybe about 20%? Or, you know, it just kind of gets to me, but yeah, I've never really like sat down and, and put in the numbers. But no, that's that's a really good idea. Thank you. Absolutely. And something tangible blessing somebody in the chat as providing an illustrate use of as I'm writing an illustration, most CRM will provide these, these are called KPIs or key performance index key performance indicators. But for the simplicity of it all, especially for new people, the things you want to track, once you figure out your marketing strategy, you want to track how many or like how many calls or how many packs or how many things of marketing is going out daily, weekly, monthly. In addition to that tracking, you want to track how many conversations you had, how many offers you may, whether that's verbal, or whether that's written, it could be a combination of both, and how many contracts you got. And what I found out is if I bring in at least five leads, or actual identified motivated sellers a day, I will at least do three to four deals a month. But that's because I looked at all my deals. And then I went back and looked at all my marketing. And I looked at my conversations and offers. And I saw like for PPC, I will close six out of 10 leads, as long as I was answering them within a one within a one hour of it coming in when it comes to text messages. I mean, just like on it when it comes to call, because I'm personal people don't sound like me when I talk. So they're they're kind of like, oh, you're a real person, I want to talk to you. So my conversion is higher. But I didn't know that. I didn't understand that until I started looking at my name and sense. Oh, okay, this is what's going on. And this also lets you know what type of marketing to invest in. And this is something else I'm talking about in the challenge because there are a lot of people just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. And that is a very expensive thing to do. Unless you just got it like that. Me even having some type of wealth. I mean, predictability, I need to do this one thing and become a master at it. So hopefully that helps too. Oh, yeah, no, definitely. Yeah, so I need to get organized. So I guess whenever you keep track of everything, is there like a software you use? Or is it like Excel or just tally it up? Right questions. Just just get to excel each way Excel sheet and just and just divide your columns and you can even go back and listen to this recording for this team. But marketing people sends out is I would recommend, so for instance, on your column marketing pieces, conversations, marketing pieces, calls, conversations, offers may contract sent contract signs, and then on the row parts, break it down. Monday, for instance, today is the nighttime so be Thursday, May 19 2020 to Friday, May 20 2022 Then I'll do a survey, or something like that. If you're not working the weekends if you are asked all day, and then I will start back at Monday, what? Monday, May 23, so on and so forth. And, and I hear you say, you mentioned something that makes me believe that you're a believer. One thing I will speak to is God bless his order. And I noticed when I got my bids in order, it made sense. And it worked out better for me. Oh, that is freaking awesome. Well, thank you for that. I really appreciate those pearls. Yeah, thank you for spending stuff. And I appreciate it. She does. Sweet Pea, though. Well, Daniel kind of called me out, though. Like, it's a good thing. And I've gotten a bad thing. Like I said, just with that exchange, hopefully everybody learned something just because I called you out. And you were able to face that. So like you said, the interviews was questioned, just because you set up and kind of put your information out there, and we're able to work through some issues, you know, yeah, one thing I'll say is everything is KPI. Abul, and this is like if you if you really want to hold yourself accountable in a lot of different stages in your life, you can KPI everything, whether it's how many times you talk to your parents, how many times you talk to your kids, you can KPI that are your employees in general, just to make sure you're keeping up with your relationships in general, not just your sellers. So all this stuff can be utilized in life in general. And it's important for things to keep keep yourself accountable, because like, I've heard people like put couples putting themselves like we go on a date twice a month. And when the end of the month comes, they go on a date twice a month now well, that they're not reaching their goals as far as making sure they're holding that relationship up. But there's the other. So there's a lot of things you can do, as far as in all relationships, just to KPI it, and make sure you hold yourself accountable. Because whatever you make important becomes important. Yep. And I'm really gonna mention KPIs. There's nobody with these about that no one thinks about KPIs. But when you first started out, I definitely didn't when I started, but like I said, it can can, it can help you understand your business a little bit better. If I send out 1000 texts, over 30 days, I'm gonna get 100 contacts, 100 contacts, I'm gonna get one contract out of that one contract, I need two contracts to get a deal, you know, something like that, something that effect. So you know, it's gonna take you at the current rate, you're gonna have to work two months to get two contracts the one of those close, but you're probably gonna be a lot more. But it's one of those things where like, a lot of bigger businesses that operate at a high level, they have like 40%, close rate, or something like that, for every contract they get. So even them, they know what their close rate is. So for every four out of 10, contracts, floor, gonna close and six are for whatever reason. So that means they just got to get more contracts. So if you understand the numbers of how many contracts you need to contract, you can understand your whole numbers as a business in general, and it gets more, you get more clarity, the more you do have true, that's so true, especially especially in the beginning, I know back in the insurance that I got this habit of making haystacks or tick marks when I was calling on insurance leads. And I brought that mindset here in the beginning, you know, one call, what one call to call three call for calls on answers, circle that, right? Five calls. And you know, everybody talks about dollars, and that's great, you can track that. But for me, I'm kind of old school, I kind of need to see it, I kind of need to do my school class. And so then it goes from okay, I told somebody to I gotta Yes, okay, I need this many haystack. Because you know, five, five classes a hates I need this many hates, before I'm looking for another yet. It like, like Daniel says, it makes it way more predictable. And it just encourages us to keep going because this, this is everything we talked about is simple. The process is simple. The Blueprint is simple, but it's hard. And it's hard because it's work. And because there's some inner stuff that we have to change and transforming in the process, too. And nobody really talks about that. But that plays a big role in it as far as that inner work. Yeah, I guess it's difficult, but it's hard. I mean, it's easy, but it's difficult. There's there's a hardness to it. And like I said, I don't underestimate the hardness that comes with it. And it can it can easily catch up on you if you're not knowing your numbers because like you said, you can easily get disheartened. But if you know every 15 calls, you're gonna talk to somebody and you're on your 10 cars, I got to call five more people that you know, it really it really helps ease that burden of what am I going to talk to somebody that's gonna sell me the property? Yeah, you're on the dialer, you don't you're not tracking that you just number the number. You know, you could have had, you could be doing better. You can be beating the numbers but you don't know because you're not you're not watching it. She's just going through the motions. So or texting or whatever. You're just going through the motions. So I love I don't know, for some reason I kind of want to circle back to Nick, when he mentioned there was a couple of deals that didn't pan out and I'll feel comfortable kind of sharing some enlightenment on one of them or I feel like there's something he doesn't know or needs to know or something. Nicky there. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So Uh, one of the deals I actually reached out to another land investor, Mike Novak, who was he invited he like, invited me to hive and everything. And so we had looked at it, this guy had three parcels I'm looking at in Tennessee, that's where I'm starting out with my marketing campaign. And he had three parcels to them, the soil class was labeled as problematic. So you know that there might have been hearts that maybe build more, we didn't look into too far. But there was like an 100 acre parcel wanting something to make your parcel. And then there was a smaller parcel that, you know, there wasn't much information on he said, like he was the investor was in California, and was considering maybe trying to develop that small parcel. So he wasn't really looking to sell that he was asking for, like, 800 or 900 grand for the two larger parcels together, which was tough to compound it was, you know, we were looking at it and how is with it, not like definitively being buildable, and it was kind of a mountainous area. No, that was just a real, like, big deal to comp out. And then there was the 28 acre parcel, he was like, well, I might be able to sell that for, you know, three to four grand an acre. But he said, there's like a big ravine, there's a big part of it that really isn't usable. And the other issue with with just trying to buy that acre, even if I mean those numbers sound good, but it's landlocked partially by the larger parcel by the 100 Something acre parcel. So he, so it'd be kind of difficult to just buy the 28th and haven't make sense. Okay, okay. Gotcha. Yeah, the other deal was actually it felt easier to comp. But it was it was a 20 acre parcel. And I actually pulled like a constant port from priced for that one. Because, I mean, I also looked at Redfin. And you know, I just wanted to kind of confirm, like, what I was looking at, it was looking like things were selling between 70 510 grand an acre for around, you know, like 15 to 30 acres, 30 acres of land. But the big issue we found on that one, and I actually reached out to Anthony, to look into this one was it was smack dab in the middle of high risk flood zone. So, if the owner was about 100, grand, he bought it six years ago for about 70. And Anthony was saying that, like, I would offer him like 50 and maybe try to sell it for 70 to 80 would probably make sense in that market. And the guy said no, he said he has been kind of getting offers in that in that range. But he's not like in a rush to sell. So. Okay, you got them all follow up, right? Yes. Yeah. Okay, I have a I have a list. I've just been noting all the columns that I have. I had pulled the list and just kind of started kind of filtering them down and putting them into buckets a little bit. Okay. All right, Tennessee. Are you mainly just in that market? Are you looking virtually? Yeah, but I mean, well, I mean, I really just started looking at in Tennessee, partially because I know it's a market, or it's a state where you don't have to close with an attorney. So I figured that, you know, having the flexibility to close, maybe just working with a title company, or maybe working partnering with another investor who can help close the deal on like, like, together. But yeah, I have a couple of counties that I send out to direct mail to and then I've been kind of I did like a little market analysis based on I think, Ari tipster, like their site, I had found like a market analysis, like some of the like, they look at population growth, job growth, crime rates. And so I did that for about 30 different counties and kind of rank them based on about five or six different categories. And so I've been looking at like five or six different counties and then kind of been looking around like the Tennessee has a GIS map, that you can just kind of scroll around and pick out parcels. So I do that too. Well, but just mainly just skip tracing with true people search and cold calling. Ah, you're you're you're ahead of the game there. That sounds amazing. Have you have you looked into the tax delinquent list at all? That's yeah, that that's that's a strategy that I haven't I haven't tried yet but I did. I did watch some YouTube videos on I feel like I probably should look further into that. I mean, I do. I've been looking at some at some of the counties have their own tax sites I do typically look at if they're delinquent on taxes, but I have He actually pulled a list from counties. Yeah, I don't know if are those are? Well, most of the counties provide those to them for free or more times than not you can get it from the county courthouse. The reason why I asked is typically, like tax delinquency is a form of distress. And so when you look for opportunities for tax delinquent land, it's, you know, people that they don't, they don't pay their taxes on their on their lands, that may be a signal that they may not want to or care about or even know about it. So it's just a way of kind of drilling down a little bit. But if I can offer some advice for you, you know, always ask permission first, is it gonna give you a little bit of advice on it? Yeah, absolutely. Okay. So what I would recommend you do is, I don't know, where do you live in Tennessee, but folks, but identify your zip code? And I will say, just human yourself and try to identify tax delinquent Lane in that zip code? Yeah. So I'm actually I'm actually based out of Massachusetts. So I should, I guess I should probably look here too. I have. I mean, I've done some driving for dollars to just because I know investors in the area. And I've done a little bit. And I did, I found actually a tax delinquent prop land property up here that it was in Washington, Massachusetts. And it seems like everything's selling for 10 to 15 grand an acre, and it's four acres. It's zoned residential, but I can't get a hold of the seller. And the she's like eight or 10 years behind on your taxes. I reached out to the county, they're like, yeah, there's $12,000 owed, we haven't really taken any steps to take it over. But the county was even pretty funky. Because they didn't have like formal email addresses. It's a rural county. And they're like, email addresses where g emails and like, they took a couple days to get back to me and stuff. But they were like, Yeah, we have any decisions on what we want to do with that parcel. And the owner I actually found, so it was owned by a guy, and he passed away a couple years ago. And so I guess the wife technically took it over. I found a relative of the, of the man and passed away. And he was like, yeah, she's kind of off the grid. I don't, I haven't touched base with her in years. So so I figured out I did send her a piece of mail to about a week ago. So I mean, but that's amazing. This sounds like an incredible opportunity right there. Nobody's gonna work when you find opportunities, but nobody's gonna work that hard. It's normally a goldmine, you have to have the ability to like the hotel we bought last summer, I've been communicate with that prior seller for two and a half years. And it started off at me buying it for 150,000. And then him literally giving it to me two years later. So keep up with your follow up. And message me, I want to help I want to see if I can find a seller. So send me a message. Okay. Absolutely. Thank you. Appreciate it. Thank you, bye. Every lesson is a learning lesson no matter where you're at, just because it's there's different. There's different I mean, I've come across where I can't find people. Quick little tidbit. If you can't find people check obituaries, it might be morbid, it might be a little bit harsh. But it works. We did a call about maybe six to six to 12 months ago. And he said I can't find this person, I can't find this person. And I'm like, check obituary, their names, who happens? End of the call, he's like, I found them. It's crazy how it works. But if you can't find people, there's usually a good reason. It's probably because they passed away. And you said to find the team members from there. And obituaries are a great way it's actually fine because it says they survive by their their wife and their three kids and Larry, Joe and Barry, you know, instantly and all their information, and very Listen, this part of the country. Okay, well, that's should be easy to just skip trace on from there. So it gets really easy once you find them. But yeah, obituaries is a cool little hack to kind of cut through the noise when you can't find somebody. Because it happens that I mean, it's one day I'm gonna die and you'll be able to find me in the obituary. Hopefully, hopefully not not anytime soon, but it's just one of those things where it happens. It definitely happens. But don't feel like don't give it up on an opportunity just because you can't find them. It's usually nobody else can find them either. And if you find that person you're gonna have an upper hand over a lot of other people just because you found them and other people. So there's definitely some some some gold buried in there. It's not this long, low hanging fruit when you when you can't find them. It means nobody else can either. We covered a lot today. We've covered a lot today. I really appreciate Brittany for coming on today and providing some information on some knowledge and different directions. But I think we will provide a lot of valuable information that people can use and set some KPIs As in your life, they're necessary, I think, is this the one for this one. And you don't actually know what you're going to need to close a deal, but it's just being consistent. And understanding your numbers getting my first deal. starts Monday. Challenge starts Monday, and this is what she does. She's here to help you hold you accountable to make sure you're able to get your get your first deal as fast as possible. Better than me, and better than her. Well, then here, Nikki, she actually came through. I think she came through in March. I don't know if she could talk. Sometimes she has baby with Nikki, can you hear me? Maybe not? Maybe she might I might put on prematurely. They don't mind. Anyway. Tell him to tell him what your thoughts are about the talents? How does it help you? You came in March, right? I think it was like, in the March, I think was made when the Yeah, the end of March beginning of April? Yes. So what were some things that you picked up from it, because there's some people that are not familiar with me or the challenge and be good to hear from somebody that's been through it? That's not me, because I'm gonna talk about I'd say, focus is one of the main things to, at least personally, for me to work on with the challenge and keeping up on the activities. And so keep your task and for me, personally, is scheduling. And it's been a little wonky, but scheduling and that's the time I'm like, I'm trying to work on the schedule. Now. I need your schedule, too. So I guess that's one of the main things for me is scheduling. The thing, you got to check your activity. Track it is very important. Activity, though, do I hate tracking activity, because it takes a certain organizational aspects to you know, track that activity, because you know, you can just pop off calls, calls, calls, calls, calls, and that track the calls, calls, cost calls, calls was easy to just pump up the calls, calls, calls, calls, calls, yeah. Gotta do it. And, you know, it's a process, like I mentioned earlier, it's a journey, and you know, but once the things that people learn, challenge with you during the challenge, or you're like, it's not gonna change, and that's what I pride myself on is creating a system and a map roadmap. If you follow the map, it's consistent, it'll work. And that's something that's hard but when the person wants it, once I mastered it, I was like, oh, okay, this is predictable. So thank you for Nikki for speaking on. I appreciate it and we working on you but you got to keep hanging in there. Well, we appreciate it. We appreciate Brittany for coming on today. Like I said, she provided a lot of value but I but definitely check her out like if you're struggling being a first deal. Definitely check it out. She provides a lot of resources and back end support because it's sometimes you need that actually all the time you need them no matter what stage you're in. So she's provides a front end support for people getting started so if you get stuck, you know to talk to we appreciate you coming out we do these we do these calls every Monday and Thursday. My next call is Monday at five central pm central so we appreciate you coming out everybody. We do have an event we're doing in August go check it out August 25 26th. Britney's speaking there live and you can network with other hive members there that's going to be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Hives is the URL definitely get your tickets, we only have like 100 and so seats so definitely check it out with which is almost what we sold last year. So definitely get it before it's too late. The hype is Appreciate it coming up. We hope you all learn something. Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy spend some of your family just spend somebody loved ones. Have a great weekend. We'll talk to you next week. I invite Thank you Brittany. Thank you. Thank you The show is sponsored by the list guys. Do you need more leads in your local or virtual market? One intense small businesses don't invest in any kind of marketing the list guys have over 35 plus list types to choose from and you can mix and match any list or criteria. We also use to skip trace lists and provide up to seven numbers and email addresses every list you purchase will be scrubbed against previous purchases the list guys are here to save you time. Contact the list guys today at www dot one this guy's dot com that's www dot the number one list

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