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May 18, 2022

Ep 183- Adrien Smude: Mobile Homes and Mindset

Ep 183- Adrien Smude: Mobile Homes and Mindset
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All right, everybody. Welcome to the hive mind podcast. My name is Frank Spaulding. I'm gonna be here today with Adrian sweet. Daniel is unfortunately, sick today and wasn't able to attend. So we're glad to be here with Adrian. He's a best selling author focuses heavily on mobile homes. So Adrian, why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself to everybody today. Appreciate you having me, Frank. I am in Central Florida, in between Tampa and Orlando. And I really started about 20 years ago as a terrible, terrible tenant. Like you do not want to rent to 20 year old Adrian. I mean, we had mud wrestling parties, spaghetti rest parties, I have all the eviction notices to prove all these parties to my favorite one is for parking the motorcycle inside of the living room. And my friend's excuse was he didn't want to wait for it to warm up. It doesn't get cold enough for it to warm up. Anyways, because I got addicted. Well, we got evicted, it was all of us. That's why I bought a house at a family member's mortgage broker. thing one remembers 19 years ago, you signed paperwork, and they hand you a house for actually less money than it costs to move in a rental. I bought my house moved all my friends in that helped me get evicted. And that I understood what the landlord was going through. I live for free. Really cool, got to live for free. So I said alright, let's buy another house. And that one, I losing a little bit of every month because I had that adjustable rate mortgage. If anyone remembers those, and it was supposed to go down. Well, I bought at the top of the market. And as the value of the house went down, my rate actually went up. So I started losing more every month. I didn't understand why that was happening at the time. I still. But anyways, I long story short there, I lost the house as a short sale. I tried to kind of keep going with it. It was embarrassing thing, my ego. But that reminder came back. When I started hearing about mobile homes. I was at Rheas. The seasoned investor that is usually they are just because they love real estate. If they have here they had like the shiny silver hair. They talked about mobile homes. So I said alright, let me try it. They've been in the business longer than I've been alive. And let me tell you, the cash flow is way better than a cycle home. So since then, I have actually started to sell off all of my site built homes sold the last one this year, and I am primarily mobile homes with the dirt and we rent them out. long game. Try to make the business as boring as possible. Oh, I think we lost audio. I forgot to unmute myself. Are you buying a new mobile homes to do this with? Are you buying used mobile homes? Is there a certain year that you won't go beyond just because of parts? Or how does that work? I specialize in those really old ones, I have a lot of 1960s 1970s. For me, a new one is 1997. That's the newest I've ever bought. I am in talks right now with a 1999 I didn't think I'd ever be buying one of those or maybe in 10 years, I'd finally be old enough to buy one. I like the old ones. Because the cash flow is really good. And part of that is because investors don't like them. They don't understand them. They see them as too big of risk to that legs less competition and I can move in and and buy them in a good price. And what's a good price for let's you know your typical bread and butter. But in Florida I want a higher return because we have those hurricanes that seems like Californians I've never heard of and hurricanes take mobile homes and they throw them around. I'm looking for 20 to 30% all in ROI. So my all in repairs, closing costs, purchase price everything. If it's in the 60s or 70s a year. I'm looking for least a 20% return on my investment because I have a high risk. We were talking a tiny bit before the show about like the moving them vacant land and all that people don't realize there's a lot that goes into it. It's not just oh tracks that one and put another one on there new or used. Everything's gotta come up to code. I find it hard to believe getting a you He's 1990, even if you get it for free, I'm still looking at 25 or 30k, just to get it there to get everything up to code. And that's if I got the home for free, and I'm not gonna get a home for free, not in this model. So I liked those old ones. But today, I haven't trading up a little bit like it's I'm looking at a 1999. Right now, I'm not going to get that same return there. It's an acre of land though. So I have that acre, I call that my lotto ticket builder. Hopefully, he's gonna come through one day and my time and say, I want to build a three quarter million dollar house because this is in the path of progress, where it's probably going to happen, if not, I cashflow until then I had a stronger structure as a 1999. They use way better quality materials. So a good year to remember is June 15 1976. That is a year the federal government HUD basically said, You've got to build these with some type of quality. Not that it went up a lot. But I joke around they used to build them with toothpicks. I mean, they were really thin parts. It didn't go up a lot in 1976. But that is the year that there's an actual code to build them by. And you cannot get any bank financing behind that. It's tough to even get that old. But that is a important here to remember. So now you touched on something financing. Are you doing this with your own money? Are you doing a lot of private money? Are you getting? Are there commercial lenders that specialize in older mobile homes for investors? Or is that something that's just not heard? If it's too old, more towards the end, they're not heard of we use private money and owner financing. I am not scared to use my own cash. I don't know who made it popular to like they're allergic to using their own money. I like some free and clear properties. And I like using my own cash because I get even more cash flow. But owner financing these older ones we're talking like the 60s and 80s. I've never done any in the 50s. I have some friends that buy in the 50s. Those still have lights and licensed places plates on them if you ever buy one in the 1950s. But that year, the owners know that they're not being financeable. If it's an investor, or if it's a homeowner, they already know it. There's no like, one, it's just going to a bank. That's the excuse I used to get on the site built world of trying to buy owner financing. I don't get that excuse. Now, I don't use the term financing. I like the term payments. It sounds easier. It sounds simpler. It doesn't imply interest. I like to start at 0% and let you work me up. So and if you don't, you know, the owner financing is a lot of them. The one I'm working on right now, it is going to have to be a cash deal. So it's going to be private money. Or I could use my own cash for if I decide to. Because owner financing doesn't work for everyone. Definitely. And where do you find these deals? Network networking is my biggest way that is me. It fits my personality. But you could use any type of traditional marketing signs on the side of the road letters, MLS, Google AdWords, Facebook marketing, the only thing you have to do is replace the word house with mobile home. All of it works. I've bought properties on almost every type of marketing. But the networking fits me the best. I go to RIAs I stand up and say I buy mobile homes. There's always someone that kind of looks at me funny afterwards. They come over and tell me you're an idiot. Why would you buy them they depreciate it tell me all these negative things. And I reply, you're right, they're terrible investments Give me all your leads. They do. And I pay people for the leads. I try to do keep everyone and because if you get paid by me, you want to talk to me more. And then realtors, realtors, the other big one. Because older mobile home like that is going to sell for way less, probably zero less on the end of the number. The realtor does the same amount of work. You can argue more work with a mobile home. Well, why would they not want to get paid more for the same work? Realtors do want to help people as much as investors try to give them a bad name. The good Realtors want to help. I became a resource just as information and every once in a while it comes back to me. I have not licensed but I would have gone to the continuing education that they have to go to because who's there the really serious realtors. So the really serious ones now I'm the new person In the room, they want to come talk to me. Not me trying to go find them. Yeah. And then realtor after hours are always fun. They're not frugal like US investors, like, they'll buy your food and drinks invested, we won't buy anything. Yeah, networking is my way. But you have to do whatever works for your personality, I think. And you just tell people what you do, no matter what type of marketing it is, and you just say mobile homes. There you go. So we were talking a little bit before we started off and you said there's the three types of mobile homes are you know, kind of you know, their perceptions. So you know, What's your preferred? Are you just looking for the mobile home itself? mobile home land, you know, are you going after parks themselves for the entire park where you're paying lot rent, or if you own the entire thing, and you're charging lot rent? You know, what's what's, what's your bedroom, you know, what's your what's gravy, what's bread and butter for you? Yeah, let's break those three down, you can buy the entire park everything. So think of a flat apartment complex. Or that's if you own all the homes, the dirt everything. Or you can own as a mobile home park, you don't just the dirt, and everyone that owns the home. lives there pays you lot rent. So in that instance, essentially on a big parking lot. That sounds attractive to me, I've never bought a mobile home park. I've researched them. Honestly, I don't know if it fits into my life, vision and more. But mobile home parks and one way to invest in mobile homes, then you can buy just the unit. So you do not own any dirt. And you pay the park owner or the owner of the land, monthly develop park their lot rent, we call it their space rent. And then usually you have to put someone in that's going to either buy it from you for more a month, or rent it from you for more a month. I've done a few of those. Those are really, really, really good ROI. Like they should be over 50% ROI. That sounds amazing. Why wouldn't you do more? Well, when you're talking smaller numbers, that could be $150 a month, which don't get me wrong, that is good money. When you're starting out, especially I mean that they were super, super important for my growth phase, and the momentum, the learning and everything I bought in low end parks. So I did not get the highest quality person living there. So I had a lot of turnover, I made more money because of it. But now where I'm at, I'm valuing time a little bit more than the cash flows on trading up, we call it those are a great investment. I know very, very seasoned investors that I always try to keep a few dozen of those. But what I do is right in the middle, it's a single unit mobile home with the dirt, so I own the home and the land together. And then I rent it out. So I get the dirt worst case, or hurricane tornado comes and wipes it out and turns into a hurricane vessel, I still have some dirt, you know, I put the money into it, or I sell it to someone that wants to put a brand new home on it. But I have something there. And a lot of times on those old ones that we mentioned, the value is in the dirt. And that's what I look at a lot too. But those are three different types. I've just gravitated to that center one, I'm a very, very knit investor. I know people that can do everything, I can't do everything I've learned, I'm not good at it, I got to stick to one really tight thing that works. And since then I have branched a tiny bit. And when I tried to do everything I fail. Yeah, it was do a lot of investors. So I've looked at several pieces of land myself where I've actually started looking into starting a park. And you know, for the most part, there's a lot of counties in Florida that will allow it, you just have to be outside of you know, any of the big city limits. You know, like Jacksonville, if as long as you're outside of the 295 loop. It's pretty much doable. Several of the surrounding counties have got the ability to do that. It's just a matter of how much land is required per so then getting into the septic of it all and such. That's really good to hear because I've heard differently around me and the plants, the Lakeland area, they really don't want the parks rebuilt. And I think they need to be built. That's an affordable housing. That's a space we're in. And we know that that is needed so bad pretty much everywhere in this country. And I just have been all frustrated, like no one's really doing anything about it. That's great. Hear. And so I'm not the mobile home park expert, like I said, but someone like you that if you're gonna go and do that, and you know you're doing, I would put money in it. That's how I diversify. Instead of going and learning a whole new thing I know enough about the topic. I'm in the space, I research it. But to go and do every little piece is not my niche. But that is one way I diversify. Now we're getting a little off on because people will come back to me when I'm like, we're not diversified. Well, my diversification is investing in someone else that is good at the other niche. And that's how I diversify. Yeah, we're in it right now, my primary focus myself is land and storage facilities. But I've got partners from the finance side of things that have partners who are extremely experienced in assisted living facilities. So we're actually meeting tomorrow afternoon to finalize our offer for a parcel and Landa lakes, had been previously zoned and approved for an assisted living facility, and the property owner ran out of funds. This is back. Oh, 708. So, you know, apparently, they'd somehow lined up HUD funds for it, and got shut down because of, you know, the obvious fiasco that happened at that point in time. And they, they're still sitting on it. So it's a matter of trying to get the plans recertified and brought up to current spec. But, you know, finding builders and stuff, and one of the partners has done 72 facilities. So you know, it's, you said it, yeah, it's it's not mine, yet. It's not something I know. But I'll partner with someone who's got that experience. I'll help raise the funds. And you know, I've brought the land for the deal. So you know, let's see what happens. But that same breath, I'd love to do a park also. Got it, you know, there's a massive necessity right now for affordable housing. And, you know, there's almost nobody can afford it right now. I mean, in my area, so Plant City, a double wide and 1997 with the dirt. So the homerun land and acre, that will rent for 1800 or two grand. I don't think that's affordable housing and my market. That's what the rent has gone up to, and like I'm supposed to be in the affordable housing space. That's what how's it going for here in Duvall county right now. It's even under the 2000 or more. Yeah, it's crazy, you know, now, my area, they will pay a little bit more because of that acre. But we still have some stuff in the true affordable housing. But that's the older stuff. And we have to keep it more as a handyman special. So we don't fix them real pretty in order to really keep the home and the affordable housing space. Because you know, we got to put another 15,000 in it. Then we got to charge more to make the money back. So we really stay in the affordable housing space. It works in our area. We're real rural, and we're really similar to Jacksonville. It's just the type of area the county that you know, people like to land and they want privacy. They value that. Yeah, in Jacksonville is just growing, growing like a weed to multiple military bases to Navy bases. You go just north of the state line. And we have Kings Bay Naval Station, which is a submarine base. But there's also a lot of finance companies that have moved into the area and the sports franchises and it's just seems like every every real estate related website out there is talking about Jacksonville's hot market. So now just about every investment company is clamoring to get in here. The numbers of everything are going through the roof, including mobile homes, mostly, they just want the land were talking, they'll take the land, especially if it's in the loop, they will eliminate the mobile home from the land and parcel that up to two or three lots. Depending on how big the original lot was then build two to three shotgun houses on it and just go up two stories on each one of them so that you can get a big enough home. And that was my area a few years ago. I've seen a lot of similarities and I hear everyone talking about Jacksonville you're probably the same as me, like stop putting on these websites. We're not in the top 10 Get out of here. Let me just buy stuff. Myself and a lot of people so you are a an author. Tell me about your book here. That link for everybody here How to Buy Mobile Yeah, so it is a book it's a story of how I started as the terrible, terrible tenant. And how I got to today, as financial freedom is a big buzzword. I like to talk about lifestyle freedom to be able to be where I want, when I want with who I want. I'm actually in Wisconsin, as we're recording this, I drove up here to see some friends for their 20 year anniversary, and then I'm in some masterminds, but I get to go to these things, because I built the business in that mindset. What's the story there. And then throughout that story, I talked about mobile homes, I just lay it all out there, what to look for what you need, you know, your tie downs, your straps, your peers, moving them, I go into a little bit of that I just talked about how to invest in them, and what you need to know. So if you're true action taker, you can read the book, and go invest them. And I say that because a lot of people think they're action takers. And they're really not. Yeah, definitely. Is it scary? You know, it is scary to go to your first one when I still remember buying that first one. And I was actually my very first mobile home experience. I was too scared. And we're talking to live and $100 difference of where I thought I could buy it at. I gave the lead to someone else. He's like, Are you sure he asked like three or four times? He money in two weeks on it. And it was a really good learning lesson. I mean, I never got any money out of it. But it was still a great learning lesson. I got to kind of follow he told me we did. And I was just too scared to take the actions later when it happened. I took the action when I got that next leap. Your shirt, I met you at the hero event in Miami. And I noticed you're wearing those dayglo yellow shirts and had your dayglo yellow jacket with you also, lifestyle Rei tell me about lifestyle. Rei. I am a yellow highlighter is very rare to see me without a bright yellow shirt. This goes into that marketing thing we were talking about earlier how to find them. I like to stand out. I like a little bit of attention. And as you just mentioned, you remembered my jacket, you remembered me. And if you're memorable, you spend way less dollars in marketing. So the color works for me. And so the lifestyle ri what is it? It is what I mentioned earlier, starting with the end in mind, what do you want the life to look like? Let's build a business that caters to that instead of as build a business and then have our life somewhere fit in there. I don't think most people want to work 8090 hours a week. Do we have to do that when we're growing at times? Yeah. And even afterwards, there's still times that things mess up. But I this is my teaching and education brand. I want to make it cool again, to not work 80 hours you know, I've learned stuff from Grant Cardone. But I don't really think that everyone wants his lifestyle of always working always go, go, go, go, go go. I wearing this shirt. Like we just talked about the omnipresence that actually came from him. That's where I got that idea from, always be wearing it. And always be branding. But I don't want every moment in my life to be work. So that is the basis behind my education. I just like to say, hey, find what works for you. For me, it's mobile homes. Like you mentioned storage, I got a lot of friends in the storage facility space, that's a great place I actually have a little bit of money in it as well. And so it's finding whatever fits your end result. Most definitely, most definitely. Me my freedom is being a dad and being able to take the kids to Disney on a fairly regular basis. That's that's their addiction and that's something I was blessed with when I was young as getting the girl over there getting to go over to Cocoa Beach and you see the rockets go up and stuff like that. You know for me it was the space shuttle originally that I got to go over there and see several times was school. But that's part of why I like being here in Florida is it's a quick trip down to our drive staff gets to see their good two hour drive, you know two and a half hour drive over and we're at Disney so and I'm trying to find some Airbnb mobile properties over there. And I'm thinking maybe mobile homes that I can still put out on Airbnb when we're not there. And I mean it's huge business over there obviously near the Disney World Metroplex and you know, rent them out you know, have you done that with any of your properties if your Airbnb them? Are you strictly a longer term rental I'm strictly long term. And when I say long term, I even tell our residents when they're moving in, I want you to move in and stay for the rest of your life. And then I want your kids to move in long term. But when we first got into mobile homes, we were in Airbnb in northern Georgia, the Blue Ridge area. And we were in an Airbnb, beautiful little tiny thing in the mountains, wood siding with like a log cabin. And then my wife was like, this is a mobile home. I said, No, it's not went outside. For the part, the skirting, there's actual real thin log looking things and put on inside and out. I thought it was a log cabin. So yeah, you can definitely turn them into Airbnbs definitely, I know people doing it doing that with tents. So glamping real nice, big 10 Person Tent, they'll build, like a little patio around the tent in place. And you know, so they're buying a plot of land. And they've got three of them on a property and then a mobile home, on the back corner, the property that was there when they bought it, and they've got someone living there to keep the properties clean, you know, keep that keep that keep the locations clean, and bring out some wood and stuff for the fires and such. But it's like, oh my god, you know, the creativity. And that's, you know, that's an acre of land, with a lot of trees and a mobile home in the corner. And you know, what, what did he do with it? Yeah. Growing up, put up some tents is brilliant. And there's people wanting it. Like you said, my cousin actually goes glamping he goes to Disney to go glamping he spends a lot of money because Disney is putting it on. They even have a little bit of laughing and if Disney is doing it, you know it works? Most definitely. Most definitely. So what's what's on the horizon? For you? We are a slower cadence than a lot of investors. And when we buy I have no desire to ever stop buying. People asked me well, how many do you buy a week, especially at that hero van? Because there were some big players there. When people say how many do you buy a week as it Oh, you mean a year. My goal is to buy for a year. And I believe in the averages the last year I only when I say buy me hold mine hold glial cells. Some of it doesn't fit. But I only bought two last year. So that means this year and buying six. A big year for me is 12. Like that is a big busy year. We're gonna continue buying we've already bought one. We're working on our second actually our second and third right now. And we'll continue that the speaking and teaching that is a business because you have to go out and you have to market it's the same thing as real estate really, once you look at what a business is, but doing that in a fun way. I love to travel. So I look for cities to go speak at that I have friends in I want to go see my best friend in Detroit. Oh, is there a RIA there? Can I go speak in Detroit? I don't know anyone in Omaha, Nebraska. Oh, if I want to go speak in a loss. That's really what is in part of it for me is I want to pass on the information that I learned from my mentors. And I have some really, really smart mentors and I think I need to start now. While they're still teaching so I can take the years and years it's gonna take to get to their level. So then there is not just me, me a lot of people to vote pass it on. You know, I enjoy this talking, teaching. What you do is that podcast Oh, that's work to me. So I thank you for just putting this on so that I have somewhere just to come have fun, talk about mobile homes, talk about lifestyle. And then I get to be done you have to go and deal back so hard work between all this. Actually, I've lost a Daniel actually handles that portion for this perfect. Which I think he's he's got a VA now that's starting to handle a lot of that for him. So, you know, I learned I do want to kind of tie this back to real estate, please. Whenever I the teaching side is very similar. As I said, if I'm getting when I started evaluating what really worked within my real estate career, I realized I did not ask enough questions and ask for help enough. I think that's always true no matter how many questions and how much help we ask where we could always ask for more. And the season people and the people that have been through it, they want to help, especially if you're actually taking action. If you just ask questions every time and never do anything. People get a little annoyed with that. But if you go and say hey, I just tried what you said three weeks ago and this is what happened. A lot of people will help so I took that when I started the speaking I said, What do I want it to look like? What how I want to serve me, I don't want to coach that does doesn't fit me. So that's out of the picture. And I said, I went to all my mentors and said, What would you do starting over? So I asked tons and tons of questions, just like I've learned to really do within the real estate world. The deal I mentioned I'm working on right now, I was pretty sure I had a really good solid plan for it. I said, You know what, I should ask questions. So I went and called a few friends, some friends had some good ideas that were very obvious that I overlooked. I really think people don't understand how important is just to ask questions, and builds a friendship as well. You know, friends like to help and just ask more questions. And the other piece of it for me is a taking massive, imperfect action, just committing and doing stuff. And then when you screw it up a little bit, you ask for help along the way. That's one of my favorite sayings, taking massive imperfect action is, you know, as long as you're taking action, you're going to get results. That's not always positive results. But you know, it's a results as long as you're taking action. If you don't take action, you get nothing, you know, the answer is definitely no. Just like, you know, trying to put in offers on places should I put in an offer? Well, if you don't answer is no. Yeah. So Pete Fortunato, one of my mentors, he said, the biggest insult is no offer at all. That means you think it's worthless. So if you don't give some type of offer, then you think it's worthless. So you got to give what you think it's worth. And if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. And that's the only piece we can also control. We can't, we can do our math of how many offers we need to make to buy something. We can't make anyone sell us a property, we can control how many offers we make? And we all know that we have X amount of offers or noes to get through to get a yes. So it's the old saying, you know, you're just looked for knows. And eventually, you're gonna get your Yes. That'll allow me to segue into one of my favorite questions that ask one of my favorite books, along with Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is go for know, which it's all about. gentleman who was a great salesman, but his goal was to get two yeses. And if he got, you know, you got on the phone early that day. And he was with Xerox at this point, the author and if he got his two yeses really quick and early in the day, stop and move on and go do whatever. And instead, he finally figured out just a set set for a target number of nose, and keep going until you've gotten there, because you might get six yeses in one day. And it kind of hit him when he started having massive success, because he kept going just trying to get to a certain number of nodes, as opposed to limiting himself to just you know that those two guesses. And you know, he might still have three quarters of a day or you know, have you know, his goal was five for the week? Well, if you have two really good days and beginning the week, what about the other three days of the week? You throwing that away? And he was? So what are your favorite books, or books? The number one that you recommend everybody, not counting your own book? Of course, this is literally one of the hardest questions to ask me. Because it's almost always the very last book I read. And I can read the same exact topic. And it's the last book I read. And I really think it's because I'm at a better place to understand that book. Right now in life, I read a lot more mindset. I'm very big into the mindset. I'm a very big Hal Elrod fan. So I've been doing the Miracle Morning for about five years. I think one of my bigger books right now, this year is the inner work. It's by the yoga couple. And it really it took a lot of mindset books, I think they're about my age. Mid 30s is what they look like from following them on social media. But I think they learn from a lot of same people I learned from and then they put all their learnings into a book and a different style. So I really enjoyed that. I thought it was pretty easy to grasp. I'm also a big Joe Dispenza fan that can hurt people if they're not going to dive deep into that world. So right now that is my book to give away in December. So every year I pick my favorite book that I think is best for all my family and friends and I buy 2030 copies and I give everyone one last have to there's a lot of books that come up under the inner work title. So you obviously need to link you know, post US Post post a link to that in within the hive mind. And we'll add that to this for sure. So are there any podcast you listen to on a regular basis? How Elrod is probably my most committed I have a long list of podcasts on there, but he's the one I don't miss. You know, I might get two or three behind. But I could be having a bad day or not bad day, but, you know, low energy day or something. I'm like, oh, hell always brings me up. I'm always alright. Let me just stop what I'm doing and go for a walk. Listen to how if you've never listened to any of his stuff, I just really highly read highly recommend it. He's a great guy. Great story. I think he's out of that world of, you know, big, big speakers and that mindset, I think he's the most genuine. I'm a big Tony Robbins fan. But he Tony Robbins, a businessman. He's a businessman. Hal Elrod is a genuine, I want to help guy. I love to check them out for sure. One of my favorites is Brian Ponciano. Very focused on mindset. He does a regular meeting on Mondays as part of a couple a couple of groups. He's part of it, he's out of California, it's either California or Arizona, I can't recall which. But he's really good friends with Tihar Becker's old business partner. And, you know, very focused on the mindset end of things. And I know, Tuesdays, they have a regular group that meets and it's all focused around Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. But you know, looking at going at it more from the study guide side of things. So focused, yeah. That's a book I've read a few times, that's a highly recommended book by me to people. Oh, I love that book. That is one of my favorites it, you know, it's one of the ones that really changed my life for certain. So the argue you can't change your mindset. And then someone's like, read this book. And I read the I didn't read it being honest, I got the audio book. And I'd listened to it three times before I saw this person again. And I could not thank this person enough for presenting that option, that suggestion. I mean, that's all we can do, we can suggest a book, but it's up to you, if you're gonna get the results, ordering off the left side of the menu, back from that book. That was my challenge. I think it was three, two or three years ago, I made that my goal, because I would feel guilty spending money. And I was like, I have the mind. You know, I and I've seen a lot of my mentors, like, they become very, very successful, and they never start spending their money. And then some of them have passed away with, you know, we're talking double digits a month coming in, and they they go to steak and shake. It's been $5 for them and their wife was like you have this like, enjoy it. Like you work for it. Yeah. So, you know, we sat we have to sacrifice on our way up. But it's retraining. I mean, I it was a struggle sometimes, for me to cover up that right side. And I'm not saying it's I don't struggle still today, but I work on I'm like, Alright, you're gonna spend it. Definitely, I did not think we would be talking mindset on this. But I mean, it fits 100% mean anything real estate investment wise, and I can tie that back. Here. I'll tie it back to the mobile homes because you're right. We haven't talked about mobile home. Investing in mobile homes is really a mindset, because most people won't buy them because they think they're dangerous. They think he did appreciate. I think they're hurricane magnets, tornado mags, whatever you want to talk about. You can't. You can't buy and rent something like this. Can you? Yes, I bought that. I bought on owner financing. $1,000 down $100 a month, I put 12 grand into it. And it's rented for 730 a month. And they've been there for three years, brilliant tenants. You can do it you have to go get educated and get past the mindset that these are terrible investments. Are they riskier? Yes. But if you educate yourself just like anything, it can work. I've never worked from built I'm sorry. Is that something you're teaching? I apologise? Yes, yes, it is. About you like teaching and speaking. Tell us about your teaching. Yeah, so I do every year I do a two day will actually last year is a one day class this year. It's gonna be a two day class on mobile homes cashing in on mobile homes. Actually, my buddy that lives here in Jacksonville is talking about Mark Bracy. I bring you him in to help teach the fix and flip, because that's what he does. He knows how to do it. I said, Hey, if I just gave you a few hours to speak, do you want to come speak? Is it Yeah, I teach on how to buy and rent. That's my main business, his main business is buying, fix and flip. So he teaches that pipe Ark. And it's just information. It's what we both are doing. And then I do have the recordings available for people that can't make it to the live class. But we go through at the very beginning, busting these myths. Because you can't, you have to set the mind right to be able to accept all the, you know, what's the outside world craziness? Like, how can you fix something like that? It's a tariff, you know, I hear all of it. And some people. I because I follow up with everyone. One of the guys afterwards he said, No, I realized mobile homes weren't for me. And that was great. That was way cheaper than buying a mobile home and learning it wasn't for him, and then getting in way over his head. So I think it's just finding your niche. My niche is mobile homes. I got educated. I don't know how to do a wood frame house. I've never owned one. Those are scarier to me than mobile homes. Because I'm educated on them. Definitely. You have anything else you'd like to bring up? To our listeners? Are? Those watching on YouTube eventually? Yes, just take the massive imperfect action we talked about, ask for help. If I can help in any way, you know, I know you've put up some of my social medias. I'm way better through messaging, send me a message. And then when I'm sitting around something I go through, and I try to help people as I can. I put out free education quotes, you know, I'm always going to education my some education junkie. And then I just take it and then I just kind of repurpose it out of nothing else. Follow up for that. Outstanding. Well, I appreciate your time today. I know Daniel will as well and all of our regular listeners and viewers on YouTube. We're definitely glad to have you here. Once again. It will link How to Buy Mobile That's where you can get Adrian's book that's also available, you know, hardcopy Kindle copy? Are you planning on doing an audible version of that at some point in time? Yeah, it'll be later this year. You know, it was work to get here. I'm kind of wrestling. I hired a coach, I believe in coaching because I think I have to right now I'm paying. And because this one just ended. So I had three at a time. But that just finished and it has a lot of work behind the scenes. So I'm kind of taking a break, and then I'll go back and do the audio later this year. Excellent. Excellent. Well, like thank you again, everybody, once again. You know, if you're not already members, join the hive mind CRM, it's a free group on Facebook. It's a mastermind, to community, everybody's there to help. We get a lot of great content like this. And a lot of people that you can reach out to and ask at any point in time. There's always someone who seems to know one or more of the niches if you have questions. So But as always, you know, the number one thing take massive action, massive imperfect action, there's no such thing as perfect action. It's, you know if it worked, okay, I will show you I guess you did it perfectly that time. So thanks again. And I'll go ahead and end the recording now and Y'all have a great day.

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Adrian Smude has been investing in real estate since he became an accidental landlord in 2002. Adrian attempted to invest again, but his second home ended as a short sale. After 11 years of being a hobby landlord, he discovered his passion for real estate through REIA meetings. Adrian switched his investing niche to Mobile Homes with Land and has been following this path ever since. He is a part of 3 masterminds, including a high level mastermind which he hosts. In addition, he is the Best Selling author of HOW TO BUY MOBILE HOMES and teaches about his success and failures.