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May 16, 2022

Ep 181- Creative Land Real Estate With Anthony Gaona

Ep 181- Creative Land Real Estate With Anthony Gaona
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We got on here guys, you guys want to unmute yourself and at least introduce yourself say hi. This is Anthony from the hive mind just checking in with everybody what's good was that heavier? Yeah, that's me. Oh, by the way, calling in from him. Ah, I am in San Antonio. Remember, I went over there for the mobile home? Demo? Yeah, yeah. Thank you for being on here. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. So we have this car twice a week. This is just a community call. So we want everybody to keep in touch with each other. If you have any deals that you need help moving. You can see who else is on here. We've had people Max deals before they hate what Porter for Did you say can you message me, I would have gotten fired for that. So it's a networking car education call, it is your call. So we can talk about anything you want on this call. There's no topics that are off limits. So feel free to just unmute yourself and chat. You know, sometimes we don't have anything to chat about at all. And we're just on here just listening to Joe what's going on. But if somebody has something they want to cover, if it's marketing, closing, you know, sub to creative, would any any topic in the world, we can cover it. And then if it's something that we're not versed in or familiar with, you know, we can tag somebody see, we can bring somebody else on the call that can help us with that. So just an open forum, we don't have a lightning round where you can, you know, raise your hand and jumped in, you just kind of unmute yourself and hop into the conversation. Anybody else want to come up and introduce yourself? Say hi, let us know where you're calling in from and what type of real estate deals you're after. And then also let us know how many deals you've closed. Or if you're just beginning let us know that we can cover some beginner stuff. How's it going, everyone? I'm Nick, based out of Massachusetts, and I'm just getting started to I'm looking again to the land space. I just have my my first mailers has been sent out next week. So just getting started now. Very nice, man. Welcome. Have you connected with Mike Novak? Yeah, that's who actually brought me into the hive. Insane, bro. You know, you see or the Tony or two? Oh, I haven't I haven't met you see your Yeah, no. Yeah, your fears. Uh, oh, gee, man. He's been around mine since it started. And he's a Mike's partner. And they work together and a lot of stuff. He's super, super bearish. He'll buy your deals. He'll walk you through a lot of stuff. So yeah, he's here's a really good contact to happen. He's very, very good guy. All right. Awesome. This year, I'll be definitely reaching out. Thank you. I think that's the purpose of having a group like this. What's up? He's here. Hey, Nick, everybody. Yeah, Nick. Feel free to reach out, man. Yep. I talked to Mike, every day a few times I saw, we're gonna help you reach out and we're gonna have to do something. Awesome. Thank you. Thank you appreciate it. Yes, you can buy your deals to guys. So if you have some land, that's a killer deal, it'd be CRC, if it's in his bio box. See if we can, sometimes we sell the deals to each other, we don't even have to push them out into the open market. So just another reason I'm the Texas guy, if you guys get something in Texas, I'll buy it or I'll sell it for you quick. And this is my Market. And I'm happy here. I love it here. I'm always buying here. Anything that makes sense. And like I said, it's not something I'm gonna buy 100% chance I can sell it if it's a deal, right? And we can help you that as well. So if you're not good at crunching the numbers, I recommend that everybody in here gets good at crunching the numbers like get really good at comps. But if you get something in Texas, yeah, send it to me and I'm trying to make his money. Anybody else want to come up and introduce yourself? Say hi, let us know who you are, where you're calling in from and what you're doing in real estate. Not everybody at once Hey y'all, sorry. My name is Martha. Right? I actually live in San Marcos, Texas. I am very, very Yeah, I'm very very new to this industry. I actually just came across it that are I think just like scrolling Facebook or something. And then I ended up doing that conference. They had this past weekend for the tree. So whatever name is, but I was not about to pay 40,000 or $20,000 to get mentorship and then I met I think Lindsey that's the I think, Lesley Yeah, that's my sister. Okay, yeah. So I was kind of just researching a little bit and and I signed up for it with your with the bit with you You guys. Yes, yesterday? Yeah, I think it was yesterday. All right, welcome. I think some very new thing about the other really agreeing to this. So I don't I'm just trying to learn as much as I can come from an aviation background. So my background, aviation another or anything, but I've been in aviation for the past 10 years. Were you selling or were you repairing or what? When we actually started and we opened up an FBO fix base operation. And Sam mark is at the at the regional airport there. And we were kind of like a small terminal for private planes or small jets, things like that charters. And then that closed down about two years ago, and I moved up to our corporate office in Austin is where I work. And we we sell and we manufacture flight simulators. So I've done my Metaverse, I love it. I love it, but I'm never gonna go. I'm never gonna get anywhere. I'm never going to become a pilot. So yeah, well, maybe one day if you're buying planes. Well, no, I'm going to Monday, my mentors is he's in the Dallas area. And he actually has a mobile home manufacturing plant. And I was like, Hey, man, we have to see if you can get on a call helped me with a deal. And he sends me pictures out the window. He's like in the picture. And I'm like, the cocktails like, No, that is so dope. Like on a Saturday. Like, I'm just trying to go for a jog and he's flying planes. And like, that's crazy. There's levels. Oh, yeah. Yeah, people. I mean, you saw that all the time. I don't, I'm afraid to fly. I mean, I'll fly by half doing commercial. But I won't get interested. I think the smallest was like a jet which was the founder of my company. He's like, hey, Martha, I need you to come with me to go test out my bionics. Let's go on. Like I was in shot, but I went and it was the coolest thing ever. But I still don't like it. I'm afraid of heights. And if I'm on a building, I don't like the way it feels at all. But for whatever reason, when I'm in the sky, I'm I'm at home. I fall asleep in the plane quick. I'm good. Yeah, I have to. I have to drink. I mean, I'd have to take some time. Yeah, for to get in a smaller plane. Yeah. I was gonna tell you that if you're ever in San Antonio, we bought an office here. Monday to Friday, like 12 to 627 was kind of just open door. Anybody can come in and learn and see what we're doing in person. So if you ever wanted to make your way over here Monday through Friday, let me know. And you come into the office meet everybody. And it's like, we're just really they're doing deals where they're texting, calling, emailing, receiving phone calls, printing contracts, going to look at properties, you know, jumping barbed wire fences. So if you ever wanted to come by and check out some of the bandits in person, yeah. Anybody that's in the San Antonio area, drop in and say hi, yeah, she. Yeah, she told me that it's just a little harder right now. Because my hours at work over the summer that we're moving to Kyle, Kyle, area or business. Nice. So I'm going to try but it's just right now, it's just really hard for me to get there. But she she did mention that to me, because like I said, I don't even know where to begin, like or anything. So I'm glad you saw that over there in Dallas, you know that they're behind the information that we teach in the hive mind and the information that is shared here. Yeah, a lot of this information is hiding behind the $20,000 paywall, right. And just because you can get involved in the hive mind for free, just by joining the call, or if you you know, subscribe to the software for 100 bucks. So people might perceive that as low value. But the strategies we're teaching Yeah, this this kind of stuff is hidden behind the 20 or $50,000 paywall, and you saw it firsthand, right. And so we openly teach the information because our goal isn't to sell you products and services, it's to be able to do deals with you. Right? So we want to teach you how to find these types of deals. That way, some of them actually come back and say, Hey, can you help me with this? And yeah, and then we partner up on it, and everybody's happy. So the engine is working fine. I would say we're pushing almost 400 subscribers now. Over 2000 community members, but this is all we're doing. 24/7 We're just blood, sweat and tears just trying to teach people how to find these deals and partner with people buy stuff. Hang on to stuff we're learning as we go. But Right. Right. Yeah, pretty cool community. Yeah, I do have a question. I know that they hadn't mentioned something about Prop stream or something. Do I have to get that since I have your program or no, or your software, prop streams or comps for pulling data? I mean, we have data we can provide. So I would like say, I would probably caution you against downloading a bunch of different software's when you're first getting started. Because that's the last thing I need is to have $1,000 worth of software and then you're pulling $2,000 worth of data, you know, so it's kind of it'll be harder to stay afloat. So if you just have high mind bare bones, I encourage everybody to do high volume lead generation so you get in touch with as many people as you can as fast as you can. You want to store that information recorded. phone calls, record your texts, update your notes. So everything's organized because what would happen is, after a year of spending hours and time and energy and 1000s of dollars in capital to pursue this business, the last thing you need to do is have all your notes scribbled on the notebook, right? Because you're just going to lose money, you'll, you'll lose more money than you're trying to save by not having a software like hive mind. But like I said, just jump in with both feet. Yeah, as little software. Yeah, I just didn't know. Like I said, I don't even know what like what's next. You know? So that's why, you know, I'm asking these questions. But yeah, but yeah, so I'm excited to learn and, yeah, yeah, so that's what these calls are for, right? These are for, you know, what do I do next? What do I do now. And we didn't create a course that we were gonna sell, we recorded it, we sold tickets to to an event and all that we were gonna put out, of course, and I said, You know what, the last thing I want is for somebody to spend five or $10,000. And then that put it to use. So in this case, he just happened to these calls. And like I said, you can kind of absorb the information just by hanging out here. So thing I say to do right away, is get familiar with CRM, learn how to use it, and then just start marketing right now. So you can mark it for free. It can be as simple as downloading landline, on your on your phones, like $9 a month, you hover over vacant properties where there's no house, no structure, no building in place, you can skip trace owners for free that tree put true people Or you can get like deal bill, it's like 10 cents a record to skip trace one phone number, and just call those people while you're sitting on your couch, it can be as easy as that. Just calling those people seeing if they want to sell. So you can start doing that right away. And then if you did have some capital to place, then you might look at doing like maybe a call campaign hiring a call or calling yourself sitting on a dialer, pulling a list, skip tracing it, you can do Google ads, like you said, you can do mailers. It just depends how much capital you want to invest into this thing. And some people will have more time than capital. So that might be like I said, sitting on the dialer, and just trying to get in touch with people hitting people on landline. But that's it right now. If there's only one capital generating activity in real estate, it's talking to people getting sellers on the phone. That's That's it. So people are watching watching videos, and reading books and going to trainings and doing all this mastermind stuff. And it feels like you're working but you're not. I tell everybody that especially if you're brand new, if you're not on the phone with sellers, you're not working, that's it period, you have one job. And sooner or later, some of them are going to want to they're reasonable. They want to sell you can do a deal. And that's it. There's no magic to it. You know, the more people you talk to, the more your business is going to grow, the more your opportunities are going to grow. Somebody in the office the other day, they had to cancel. And she was kind of bummed out. And I said, Look, if you have four leads, and four people cancel on you, your worlds over. But if you have 400 leads and 200 people cancel, you're fine. You're okay. Right, right. Yeah. So it's just getting in front of as many people as fast as you can. Okay, so you said what I do for that landslide, I just kind of go over, like go over the property, and then there's not a house, I won't see a house or anything, you'll just see no structure at all. So I'd get land blind. What it does when you hover over a property, it makes it a red outline, right around the property. Right? So you can see the shape of it the size of it, you scroll up and says it's three point 13 acres and check it out the others there's no rooftops on there at all. So there's no shed no mobile home, nothing. You want to be within 30 minutes of a major city. So any any city in the country, right? As long as there's a dense population there, and you just go right to the outskirts of the city. And just look and find those vacant parcels of land column C who wants to sell. That's it. That's as easy as it can get right there. And somebody says, Yep, we do want to sell we do have something even we want to take a look at what's your offer, then you would say, hey, you know, give me a few minutes and call you back. Then you just grab somebody else that's a little bit more seasoned than you. Maybe post in the group say, Hey, I have a pretty warm lead. They want an offer. I need a little bit of help. And yeah, somebody else will grab your hand and show you kind of take it to the process. Oh, that's awesome. Cool. Yeah, I mean, today. Yeah. I wish it was a little bit more complicated than that. But that's really all you had to do is just start getting people on the phone. Yeah, okay. I can do that. Okay, cool. Well, thank you for being here. Thank you for inviting, very welcome. And go ahead and send that check for less than $40,000 make it out to Anthony, and I'm just kidding. Your brother? Yeah. If we're gonna give it away, I want one. Yeah. Like when I saw I was like, yeah, there's just no way. I don't know enough about this, to try to pay that much money right now. So even if you did, right, I'll tell you honestly, I had a dinner with somebody who wanted to invest with me, through one of my sister's friends. They said, Hey, this guy has about 100 220 that he wants to invest in real estate. So I said, Okay, let's go eat dinner. So we went to steaks, and we're talking and he's like, expecting me to tell them about all these properties and opportunities where you can split sticking 100 grand, and I'm like, You know what? Don't even put in the 100 I was like, what? Why don't you put about 2500 to 5000 a month that marketing start there that we're looking at a ton of opportunities. Instead of just like one or two, he thinks his whole 102 that property was now his money stuck there for 90 days, 100 whatever the number is, but I'm like, if you throw 2500 A month or five grand a month, that'll spread out over a year, and you might get in front of 100 opportunities. You Yeah, so he was he was kind of shocked. Like, he thought he was gonna be able to put his 100 Somewhere in like, I don't mean once your hundreds or something. Yeah, there was something a little bit more productive, right. So if somebody 40 to throw at us for a training, or it's good for us on the front end, but now we're responsible to those people to try to get them a deal. I'd rather you take care to take responsibility for yourself, we'll show you how to set up the marketing campaigns. And then you're off to the races. That's cool. Okay, cool. And sooner or later, you'll sell me something. There'll be worth it. You'll call me. I think I have a deal. And I'll be like, Yep, I want it. Okay, sounds good. Hey, everybody, just to recap, this is our Thursday night call, there's two calls Monday at 537. Those are both Central Time, and they're just your calls for you. For the people that are on this call. We're just here to happen to hang out. There's almost no we don't we normally, unless we have a guest speaker. We don't have like a syllabus that we go by, there's not a lightning round, where we just call on you to come up. So if anybody has any questions, we just encourage you to unmute yourself and ask away kind of answer questions live. Nothing's off topic. Anybody else wants to come up on mute yourself, let us know where you're calling in from and where you are in real estate, see what we can do to help you left? Or if you have anything you want to contribute or share with the group, something you've learned when you had this week? Want to hear about it? Hey, Anthony, this is Joe. Joe Macias. Is it better? Hey, yeah, so I'm doing put myself out there. I'm doing this challenge, same five days, trying to why I'm gonna get a deal in the certain five days. But I have some questions for you about workflows, about automations. So like, to use the system itself? No, like, basically, like, I want to know, I don't know if this is a good question. But maybe, like, what workflows or automations you have, that might help me speed up this process? Since since you're, you know more about the system and all that. I have right now. So I have a DNC workflow to anybody that says like, cusses me out or leave me alone. So that one puts them automatically in DNC without you having to read it? Yeah, right. Yeah. So it automatically Yeah, just spammed it Don't ever call this person again, I have one where I add a tag, when I see that they say is wrong number. So I add a tag and it replaces the first phone number with the second one. And then the second one is wrong, I put the tag that wrong phone number two, and then I add prospecting. And then that way I know to skip tracer later with different Skiptrace provider. And then I have my main outbound workflow. And it's basically just the first outbound texts, then two follow ups. And if they don't respond to that one, it takes it to a no response, follow up and text them every 30 days to see if they're ready to sell. And if they don't respond to that, no response, I have a go to. So it goes back to the to the no response to go over and over until they respond. Then I have a positive response workflow, wherever if they say what's your offer, and and all the different variables to what's your offer, it sends me a notification to get on that ASAP. Then I have the Who is this workflow. So they say who is this, it will tell them the template I have. This is Joe, I'm a property buyer looking to sell this, this property. And then after that, the last workflows I have is a workflow for not interested. So every 45 days, it'll take some back and see if they're ready to sell one for a warm lead. That's every two weeks one for hot lead is every week. And then the cold lead is every 30 days. It sounds like you built out everything and literally the only thing the only thing I'm curious about did you build it where like it just keeps cycling through different numbers that way if one's a bad number one's a you know, anything like that, that it just like let's say you send out a text message and it goes to a failed we want to do is we want to push that one string to a dialer now like why did it fail? Did it fail because it was a bad number that failed just because the system didn't pick it up because it made the carrier spammed it like why did it fail? So we want to still attempt to dial that phone number. So you're making sure you're you're working all the numbers So you put it into like a cold calling work. Yeah. Now I'm gonna try to hit him on the phone now because they didn't respond to my text. Okay, because I see that there's different error codes. It's like 30073006. I'm not sure. What's the difference there. But when I see that there's an error, I just put wrong phone number, and it switches to the next phone number. Yeah, I wouldn't, I wouldn't even if that's a base off of a text, I would still attempt to call it and just see what happens. That's what we've been doing. We noticed that we weren't working our data hard enough. Like whenever we text the number, they didn't respond, they wouldn't even get a second text message. And then we said, Okay, well, we'll hit them a second time. And they still didn't respond. So then it's dead? Well, now I'm talking to people that like we hit them five or six times, you know, we've before we stopped texting, and I'm like, No, that's interesting. Yeah. So I would say making sure that you're properly working every single phone number, or just making sure that you're touching them as many times as you need to. And then, of course, check with your local texting laws. And also make sure you're texting people that want to be contacted, et cetera, et cetera. So when there's an when I see manually, that there's an error codes, so I call them right there on the spot, or should I make some type of workflow for that, something in a workflow manual, push it to another list where let's say, a va, or somebody else in the office, or even yourself later, at the end of the day, you got 30, or 40 calls to make, I don't know that I'd stop and make a call every single time I needed to, because that would kind of kill your flow, if you had to call and stop and make 15 calls throughout the day, when you could just probably wait to the end of the day and hit it off 50 All at once. So is there an action that that will, that we'll see the error code and then push it to to the cold calling workflow? I have been pricing my team building that outline for me, so maybe I could have them do a screen record and show you exactly how he's going to build it out. Yeah. I'm trying to hit this from every single way. So I've got a contact every seller, and because right now I'm on tight budget, and I just spent, like two grand on skip tracing about 60,000 records. So I just uploaded those today. And I'm looking so when I start a marketing again tomorrow, I have everything just said. Yeah, no, it sounds like you're on the right track man, you've actually done a lot more than anybody else doesn't mean you're like in the top 1% of what people do to build out those types of campaigns. So it sounds like you're on the right track. Yeah, I think just touching those numbers as many times as you need to. It's pretty much all I would do. And then also always have a second set of eyeballs, look at your numbers. Because I didn't pass up on deals where I just thought like I put it to the backburner. And I'm like, I'll get back to this doesn't look that good. And then on a couple of those, I made over 100 grand that I had pushed aside initially. So if you're even if you're confident in your numbers, you feel good about it, I would still get somebody else involved even another hive member and say, Hey, can you look at some of my numbers and tell me what you think? Because you might be missing something. Okay, and then another thing I would recommend here is we're not always charging in with the with a wholesaling mindset, right? Because that's only one disposition strategy. So if you just give them a low cash offer, that's only one solution out of 100. So my main thing that I would probably do is dig in and just find out what situation is. Because there's a lot of people out there that they have a lot of equity. And they're also intelligent, right? They're like, Hey, I'm not an idiot, I'm not going to give you my property. Because you hit him with the 50 to 50 cents on the dollar offer went in, what we do is we'll just find out what's going on, like, hey, well, you know, how can we help you? How can I increase this person's life? How can I provide some value here, and sometimes it's just, they just need a patch, right? They have a property, everybody's offered them 50, they know it's worth 100? Well, sometimes they just need five grand or 10 grand to get back on their feet. So instead of you trying to take the house for 50 cents on the dollar, or the land, you'll say, hey, you know how that I put five or 10,000 into the house, and then we'll just sell it on the open market. And we'll split profit on the back end. Right. So now the guy is going to maximize his profit, it cost him nothing. You put five or 10 in his pocket to get him back to par where he's not stressed out. And now you can both work on the property together and get it done. Innovation. I was doing that before I even knew it innovation that you know, so I'm not exactly what we've what innovation is like step by step. But I'm with the way that I say it. And you gotta be careful with because the word partner that's like a legal terms. But I tried to partner with the sellers. That's what that's what I'm coming in as I'm coming in and like how can we work together on this, if you don't need me, that doesn't hurt my feelings. I'm not mad at you. I'm not even gonna give you a lowball offer. I'm just trying to see what I can do to provide some value here. And if I can, I want to do the deal with you. And if I cannot, I'm out of here. I'm not your buyer mature guy. And then another thing that I do to tee myself up for also is I'll say look, if this is not something I'm gonna buy, I push it to another one of my other guys, my one of my I push it to my network and see if they want to buy it. And so that kind of opens you up for the whole sale at the end. You know, you walk in and say hey, look, I'm not buying this. But I know who will. And they're like really sad. And like I'll have to call you but don't be Don't make yourself whole selfie just for walking the property. Right and is there a way to because right now I'm just focusing on land is there a way To murder off online? Oh, yeah, for sure. Same thing, man. That's, that's all I've been doing is like 99% land for three years. Exact same process, everything. I mean, one guy, he had like 1000 Piles of shingles on the property. Another lady had just had like the fence at the yard had not been cut for years and years, 40 acres, grass is five feet high, you know, barbed wire down abandoned cars on property. So she didn't feel comfortable selling it like that on market. So we came in a little cleanup boom sold at Grant's same exact process. Some people are just, they're just tired of it. They don't want to mess with it. I had a guy call me one time he's like, Hey, man, have you ever been to Texas? I'm never going there. Take me a fair offer. And you can just have it. Right? So a lot of those out of state owners like they have no way to view the property. They have no way to show it. They don't know any agents. They don't know anything. They're just like, you know, what, can you help me with this? I'll split it with you. Right, right. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. And then I assume that you do a lot of also seller finance. And I, my default is a 5% interest. 5% down 10 year term for houses. But what's the usual setup that you have for land? Is that like you being the seller or the buyer? The buyer? Yeah. Man for the on the buy side? I'll do 0% interest. I'm not gonna give any interest. Negotiate as much. Yeah, cuz usually what I'm doing is I'm giving them a little bit closer to their asking price. So like I said, I try to never come in with a lowball offer, because that's all I've been hearing. So when you come over with, with a different strategy, they're more open to it. Right? Like, if you're gonna just come over here and offer me 50 grand don't even come in. I'm like, I would never do that. Why would I do that? I want to buy the property. I don't want you to cuss me out and run me off. I don't actually want to buy it. So then when I get there, I'm like, hey, look, I can't do 100. Right. And I'm not gonna insult you and offer you 50. But what am I gonna get you closer to 100? But I gotta pay you out, like in 180 payments? How does that sound? Like, I was like, What do you mean, boom, then I can offer the guy 6070 on payments, and a lot of times we do zero down, zero payments, zero interest until sold, right? So we close on the property, and then able to turn around and just listed on the MLS, whatever we have to do, like right now the guy has a farm. It's like 2.6 mil, we want to give him 100,000 down, that's the offer 100,000 down zero payments, zero interest for 18 months, that gives me time to give him 100 Come into a subdivide, you know, sell it off in 10 and 20 acre tracts, and then the property will pay for itself. And then we might make like four or 500 on the back end, you know, for putting up the first 100. But he gets nothing for 18 months. No interest. That's really creative there. Yeah. Like those deals are out there, man. And you're not taking advantage of anybody. You know, he's been trying to sell it for himself for a year who didn't happen. So it's like, do you want to bring in the professionals? And as you said, he's doing Hey off of it? And I was like, wow, how much money? Are you making a year, year and a half? I don't know. 7500 grand? Okay, well, I'll give you the years pay while I sell it. Now you make all the profit you're gonna make anyway. And then now I'm doing all the work talking to all the agents showing all the all the all the buyers, meeting with all the engineers is like, he's paying me to do a lot of work for a long time. That's gonna be a year long project. And even if we make four or 500, we're gonna have worked hard for it. And if they don't see the value in that, more than obviously you don't need me for this deal. But some people do. They just they either don't want the headache. You know, they don't have the expertise. Like I said, a lot of people are just like, You know what, no, I want you to make money. They would, they would rather pay you for the comfort of knowing that there's an expert working on that deal. It's not always about, you know, whoever has the highest offer, we should think that because we're in real estate, we're in a numbers game. But I've got a firehouse that was 30,000 under his best offers. So I just want to do the deal with you. Because I can you imagine other guys have said nope, I'm gonna walk away. That's okay, I'm gonna do it. We're gonna do it. 30,000 Less. Just letting them know, you're the You're the man for the job, or the woman for the job. And again, it goes like, by the way you tee it up when you get there. Right, just let them know right ahead. Like I heard paces on, on one of his things. And I'm like, I've been saying that for years. I'll just get there and say like, I don't think I could do this. I might not be able to do it. I went into a guy's property has industrial property, and 450 acres or something. And I thought it was gonna look different. I thought I was gonna be able to, like do a subdivide there. But when I got there, he had stripped off all the topsoil. On the property look kind of weird, looked ugly. And as soon as I got off the truck, I said, Hey, I'm not gonna buy this instead, but I know who will. I said, I'll send you a buyer. It's like That's perfect. That's great. So he was happy I was gonna bring him a buyer. He's gonna make 18 million you know, what does he care if I make 500,000 But I told him straight from the beginning like I'm not buying it but I'm gonna bring you a buyer. So a follow up questions with seller finance. How do you know how close you can get to retail? That's when you start speculating manner to get too close to retail right because let's say for retails 100,000 And you're expecting In that in five years, that's gonna, you know, go 7% or 10% per year, whatever that number is, then you're saying, yeah, in 10 years, it's probably going to be worth 150. So the only way that you would make that make sense is if you picked it up, let's say it's retail values, 100, you say, hey, I'll give you 100. But I need 180 payments or 350 payments, you know, the longer the better, right? So you can look at writing the appreciation while you're holding it. And then one thing you could do, depending on the area in the property, you know, you might Airbnb it out, or rent it out, so that you're actually making back some profit along the way. So you buy it for 100, let's say after five or 10 years of Airbnb, you've made that 40 or 50,000, you know, so you kind of like, you're getting paid on two sides, you're getting paid for the cash flow, which is paying the price of the property, like the acquisition price, but then you're also writing the appreciation on the other side. So not every deal works out that beautifully. But that's a good way to pay full retail and still make a lot of money on property. So can you just run a quick analysis to see like, like, yeah, to see if it will make sense over time. Yeah. Yeah. But it's in an area that's that's exploding. You know, what, what type of cash flow? Can that property provide outside of just like a normal rental? You know, can you do a better strategy for like Airbnb or something that pays a little bit better? So that it can produce more profit? You know, are you close to an arena or an event center? Something like that? You just got to see what type of property and you don't want to ever buy a property assuming that it's going to make Airbnb money, right? Let's say you would make zero renting it out on the retail market. But then you think you're gonna make two grand you're doing Airbnb every month, you might make zero, right? So you don't want to also use that as a strategy like saying, if it is a normal rental, then I can't afford to carry it. It's a bad investments a bad buy for me. But I'm gonna Airbnb it. And that's your only strategy. Let's say that Airbnb strategy fails, and you're not making that extra capital that you thought you were going to make, you know. So that's another consideration is don't buy again, on speculation thinking that it's going to be the, you know, the best Airbnb property for that area, and that it's going to cashflow amazingly, because if you do have to default to a normal rental, right, then you might end up again with a bad boy. Yeah. And it goes back to the numbers of comps. And talking about comps. Is there a difference? Like you mentioned industrial, but like, is there a difference in how you comp the multifamily land? Or do you just keep going by a comparables? Yep, so I'm learning the commercial game. If it's multifamily land, it's going to go on the square foot price, it's going to go based on what that asset, right, let's say you built 1000 unit apartment complex, whatever those apartments can bring in by the square foot is how the land is calculated. So in my world, right, a ranch, a really nice ranch might pay 30 to 50,000 an acre for something that's amazing. But in the multifamily world, some of that land goes for a million an acre, it just depends on what area it's in and what those rents are going to bring in. So you said, square feet by by the amount of rent, it comes in, can you give me a quick example. Um, I can't do the number breakdown, I'm not the numbers guy. I have several people on my team that do the numbers, but just for like, an example, would say that the apartments in that area rent for, I don't know, $2 a square foot, right? It's like prime real estate or $3. A square foot, it's like, the nicest richest area in town. So by the time yeah, by the time that lender puts out $10 million to build that complex, and then the complex is going to cash flow, like let's say, at a 10 cap or whatever, it's still a decent payback rate. And those rents are based off of that there's, it's, that's how good of a deal the bank's gonna look at it when they underwrite it, they're gonna say, hey, this $10 million asset is going to cash flow at a, you know, an excellent rate, so then they're more likely to do the deal. And that'll drive up the value of the land. Okay, so you got to see like, what's being built in the area, then what does what the square foot rents are going for? Yeah, because if, you know, it's bringing in 10 cents a square foot, like you're in this really rural area, or really bad area of town, like it's a war zone, then nobody's gonna want to throw up a multifamily complex in that area, because the rents don't support the numbers. And that's the living space square feet, right? Yeah. Okay. Sweet. Thank you so much for this information. Anthony, is definitely going to make me make me to do more offers more, or everything. No great questions, man. And I can tell you're working, I can tell if somebody's working based off of the questions that they have, and the types of deals that they're looking at. So, just from the amount of work that you've already put in, like, I can see, you're gonna start to do a lot of deals quick. And it's cumulative, right? People did the marketing. I mean, I've been at this for 90 days, I got nothing. But you know, on your fourth month, you might have 10 deals in a row. Right? So I sold Commercial Roofing, you know, maybe seven years ago, and I saw the the paychecks like these things that make 50 100 Plus on a single deal. And I tried for 14 months, man and I went and I went over 14 And then the I look at my 1516 months, I think I made like 500,000 so it happens pretty quick. It is marketing is cute. Live. So the only thing that your only job is to make sure that you're getting on the phone with sellers, or you're doing the activity that's going to make you money. And then you just stack it up over time and distance. You know, after six months, after a year, year and a half, when you already talked to 1000 people, your odds are gonna continue to go up. And then having a system in place like pipeline or any CRM, you know, where you can keep up with the people that you're talking to. Because like I said, if not, the lady's like, make sure you call me April 1, and you forget to call, we just lost 50, grand 100 grand because you forgot, like you're not being a good steward of your data and retirement. last statement for me, because I want to make sure everybody could give their ask your questions. Yet I recently saw because I thought, like the first conversation or get the deal or whatever. But yeah, I'm seeing that it's not on the first one second, one of my texts, four months, five months to get that deal. But if you consistently keep contacting other people, then once you get that first deal from five months before, and just the lineup becomes cumulative, man. Exactly, exactly. You talk to somebody in January, somebody in February, somebody in March or April, and now by June, you're talking to 678, you know, sellers that are really engaged, they trust you, they've been talking to you for months. And that's when you feel like oh, man, I'm getting good at this when you get three or four deals in a month. But it's not that you learned some superpower. It's just that you've been putting in the work. And now it's starting to add up. Yeah, and they're ready to sell at that. That's it. Following up anytime somebody says no, no, they want retailer above, I'm just gonna just put them on a six month drip, like, hey, hey, just sell the property till they die. Obviously, this is gonna die. The drip is gonna keep on coming. And sooner or later people situation change. We had a lady rice, Texas was like 4040 some acres. And the first time I talked to her, she said that she wanted 2.1 million. Everybody that was that when it looked at it, they were laughing, they were like now there's, there's no way like just let this league go. But she was trying to move out of state, she was trying to move to a different state. So she had her hands full man, she was trying to sell the property move to another state, all at the same time. So we made her contract contingent on us helping her find another property in a different state. And she didn't have to sign like closing docs. And so she was out. So and and she's like heading to the new house. So we worked on that deal for like a year and a half. But, you know, after talking to million brokers, a million agents and million buyers, I mean, I think we closed like at 325 or something or 350 when she was originally got 2 million, like, so just because these people are asking for some crazy price. That's, you know, 10x what it's worth, that doesn't mean that that's what you're gonna end up settling the deal. But you hang in there, you let them know, you'd be professional, you help them connect them to all your resources. You know, just just taking those people through the process is kind of where where the value is here. It's like, just always being a provider of solutions. And sooner or later, some of the deals will come back. Yeah, but the key there is that you added that person to a six month drip, because they had the motivation, right? Yeah, we knew she wanted to sell it. Yeah. 100%. But like I said, from her price, instead of me getting mad and hanging up and you know, trying to poke fun at Are you never gonna sell it with that. I just stayed as a cool resource. Awesome. I hope you get it. You know, let me know. My offer is good anytime. You know, and then anything she ever needed. We're helping her we're helping her find houses over there think she went to Wyoming? We're helping her find houses over there. We're helping her comp properties. I mean, we were just like being a cool friend. We if we didn't get the deal, we didn't get the deal, whatever. But then, yes, sooner or later, she's like, Well, no, I got a better offer. We're like, Okay, well, you know, I have the screenshots. Best of luck. You know, that's awesome. I'm glad everything worked out for you. And then she called us back and see that other buyer fell through. I want to do the deal with you guys. Perfect. Awesome. paid off. Took a year, but we got it done. I want to say it's like a year and a half. Yeah. Well, those were all gems. Thank you, Anthony. Thanks for hanging out, man. I'm glad you're putting in the work. Yeah. Well, eventually, you'll be up here showing us what you're doing to have someone successful. So go. Have a blessed day. Thank you. We got about 15 minutes left on here. Does anybody have anything you want to chip in? Contributions questions? I just got to my daughter's soccer game too. So I might end it early if anybody doesn't have anything. So if anybody has a question, feel free to ask. We have these cars Monday at five Central Time, and then seven Central time on Thursday. And they are for you. Yeah. And there's nothing that's off topic because we can talk about marketing. Anything you can think of it helps you get to where you're headed. Inviting people cause up a little brother. Hey, man. Yes, I just want to introduce myself. I'm Javier and I'm in the San Antonio area mainly targeting mobile homes. I've been placing like a lot of bandit signs lately. For like my main That's kind of like one of my main marketing strategies right now just placing these bandit signs and I began crazy. Yeah, I'm thinking I'm talking to like three sellers right now. Yeah. Tell everybody how old you are. I have 16. Yeah. Yeah. Putting in more work than most of the most of the adults in the country took a long time. I was definitely in that like analysis paralysis phase for like the good. A couple of months. It was pretty bad, but I'm just getting on, get on my feet right now. Dude, you're so far ahead of the game. It's hilarious. And then I'm like, What the heck? You're gonna be a guru. And before you're 21 That's amazing, man. I'm glad you're sticking with it. You're crushing it now. Thank you, man. And yeah, I'm thinking of expanding my marketing like starting. I guess you could say it's like my first official campaign. These backdoor window vinyls like the we buy houses, putting it on like a freshness or like paying them on a percentage of the deal if we close it and just like have like a sticker on the back saying like we buy mobile homes. I was thinking about starting one of those campaigns. I just want to see if you had heard anything about? Oh, yeah, yeah, I have a friend that does that. He does syndications for multifamily. And then you would you'd get a custom number for that one person that we want to know. Yeah. Yeah. So that number, then, you know, it's for that person. You can record it all in the CRM. So you hear the whole entire thing to know if it wasn't done or not. I mean, there's a million things you could do. Yeah, but that's another cool strategy. Yeah, I definitely like right now I'm trying to get like the legality figured out because I don't want someone to like trying to sue me saying they couldn't see out the back window. So I'm trying to get that situated right now. But I got a final company. It's like a car wrap company. They said they could each car for like, $25. Yep. Hey, have you heard the great thing is they can't sue you because you're too young to sign a contract legally. Boom, baby. So sprint, sprint, sprint. You have all the advantage we were there wasn't trouble. Hey, have you met John yet? Me? Yeah. Oh, no, not yet. No. Yeah, you're in the presence of greatness, man, John's a beast, you should check out his his Facebook page too. You can learn a lot from him. And he's been in way longer than me. So he comes up with some cool strategies and some other stuff we've never thought about. Obviously, I started I'm 63 now, but I started when I was 22. Obviously, I started too late. I should have started at 16 Thank you, Javier. 16 I remember, I would stay up late at night watching TV. And I would see these these commercials on TV. And I would watch those guys saying hey, you know, I can teach how to make 100 grand 50 grand and a lot of people would take that like as a joke. And I'm like, Man, I know these guys are telling the truth. You know, so I was the exact same way with his name. That guy with the Lamborghini here. You remember from San Antonio. No, no, it was at one guru like saying like here in my garage? Tyler Yeah, I think I was like nine or eight years old. I was like taking notes. I was like, I don't even know what I was doing. Yeah, I've always been an entrepreneur, my whole life. I would push the lawn more like house the house trying to cut grass. I remember there was something in the back of a magazine. Like where you you have taken order from people and then they'll mail it to their house. I did that door to door like 1012 years old. Just trying to figure out how I'm gonna make it. Yeah, it's all about the hustle. I still have my lawn mowing company right now. We do like a lawn like every, every like other other week. We're good for like the week for people think while you're driving around looking at those properties. Yeah. Don't forget to see which ones are boarded up. Which ones are overgrown, right? Yeah, definitely. Yeah. If you're already driving already, like driving through neighborhoods. I think as being a tradesman or really anybody. You're driving through a neighborhood and it's your house where the gates knocked over or the grass is too high. Or there's holes in the roof like part of there's there's a tarp on the roof. What's going on over here that we don't leave behind? Oh, yeah, I take notes. Yeah, I, I keep checking like every, every house, I see. I just get my notebook if I don't get my phone. What I do is I'll take screenshots and landlines. I'll get the property address with the property sellers names. And then I'll scroll up and I'll grab the mailing address, take two screenshots and I'll just send those to my nephew. And then he'll skip trace them and deal bill and try to get ahold of them through the CRM. I think you're talking about your nephew. When I was at the house, isn't he like? How old is he? I want to say just turned 2019 right now. Oh yeah. He's working Not his second contract already, man. Oh, yeah, he started with me less than 30 days ago, he was working two jobs, restaurants, and just told them how much you're making right now. And I'm like, if I could pay you that you can work for me. So I'm just gonna pay him by the hour. And so he starts making checks. Yeah, solid plan. Sounds good. I've been going heavy on like the underwriting process. And like, for these mobile home parks, like the entire park, I've been building my like network of park owners, I can like, like this, someone they know, that's looking to sell one. And yeah, I'm really looking to get in like this mobile home park space, just like wholesaling sort of distressed ones, or like just ones where the numbers work. I keep saying this, man, I love land. I'm gonna do land forever. I think it's the easiest asset to go after. But I also keep saying more recently is that we're just like, situation finders is where we are. Right? So if I come across a house sub two house like we picked up, you know, I'm not going to skip over it. So if you're talking to sellers, like, Hey, do you have any land or like, no, what else do you got? Right? They have an RV park or mobile home park or anything? Like, let me take a look at it. Want to take a look at it? It really depends what the situation is. That some people they just they want out from under the asset. They're just looking for something else to do now, like, I just don't want to think about it anymore. I had a guy he bought a lot for 18,000. And he was like, man, just give me $500. He's like, I just want it off my books. He's like, I was gonna donate it to the Science Center. So he's like, yeah, just give me anything and you can have it. The deal did not go through. He I guess he talked to his attorney or something. He went a different route. But I mean, that's how people feel about this property that you could just have it. Those deals are out there. It's crazy. Like the opportunity that just no one's going after really? Yeah, yeah. The guy says, I don't have any landline. What else do you got? Yeah, have anything else laying around? That's a good way to get deals? Definitely, yeah, I just had one given to me like that. I said the touch of the day, maybe five or six months ago when he was still on my phone. So he called me back. Because I offered him nothing for us at a bad location. So no improvements. Don't think I'll take it off your hands. You know, we want to get rid of it and get rid of the tax burden and HOA fees. Is it now I'll see what I can do with it. And then he called me back and said, Okay, you know, I just take it. I said, I'll set up the contract right now. Man, I haven't had the proper situation to do that yet. Or else maybe I just drove by it without thinking about it. There's a lot like there's a lot of I've done over 100 FREE deals quarter acre. They just gave them to me. I'll give you a handshake for it. Really? Yeah. All right. So I'll take it. My closing statement gifted, gifted. Wow, that's incredible. Man. The only other person that I've ever heard say that is Ryan and Logan from here in San Antonio. I would call them to help me run numbers when I was first starting. And I'm like, wait, think about this. What do you think about this? And they'll look at it and like, man, they went and looked at a mobile home with me on some land. They were just telling me give it to you. I'm like, What do you mean? Yeah, yeah, don't don't give me anything anywhere from $500. Just tell me I'll take it off his hands and you remove the problem from his life. And I'm like, Yeah, but what can we offer? Like, seriously, like, Tell me tell me you want it for free? Like, Oh, shoot. They drove 45 minutes with me to go look at a property. And free was their offer? Like Yeah, he'll probably give it to you. I was like, yeah. That's pretty cool. Man. That's a cool concept. But again, that doesn't happen unless you're talking to a lot of people. So what's your main modality? Right now? Jonathan's outreach right now? Are you are still hitting mailers or a little bit of everything? Yeah, it's mainly mailers. But I'd say lately, I'm also just calling up MLS listings talking to realtors and making deals because these prices have just gotten crazy, right and they're going up so fast that man I can almost buy retail right now off of off of MLS and flip them for profit. Crazy. That's crazy. I think I heard Jamil talking about that. They're doing some kind of like MLS like Blitz. That's pretty cool. If you guys haven't checked out John's training, man, I highly recommend it. Check him out. He's a landmark on Facebook and on Instagram, but hit up John and you'll learn a lot of stuff like that. They're just out of this world. Next level stuff. I think paying for education is probably the only thing that would advance you quicker than getting around the people that are doing it. But if you're not if nobody like that's in your city, grab somebody like John, buy what you're selling, because it'll save you a lot of time energy. and money, if I can do it all over again, yeah, we started with that first. I've got a I've got a book that's like, you know, it was like, I guess for a long time, and it's our main book, right that that we sell on how to flip vacant land. And for like $49 on Amazon, and I've got a download of it like for PDF, you can get it for $4.99 at self funding self funding And that'll get you into this business flipping with no money out of your pocket, no earnest, or no earnest money, no, no purchase of the land, you're lining up the whole front and back end and just closing like a double closed basically, over a week period, not not a single day because we're not we don't even go through a title company, we just close it using notaries. But yeah, that books at self funding If you want to grab a copy of it, I'm gonna probably take that down at some point. But I put it up for promo and it's still up, I just haven't got around to dig it down yet. Those types of deals, I mean, if you're only looking for those, I don't think it'll take you that long to fatten up your your, what they call it your nest egg. Right? You know, I took this one property, this lady had this property. And it was one that I got for free. But on this particular one, she owed $5,000 and back taxes on it. And that was a problem, but it was 10 acres. The downside is it was in the flood way, which is of course the worst possible flood area you can get. So I told her Yeah, you know, I've taken off your hands. So these people will leave you alone. Because, you know, when when she talked to me, she was talking about oh, man, they're threatening to sue me and everything. And my husband got this got me into this. And then he took off. And now I'm kind of stuck with it. So you know, when you're hearing that, it's telling you, they're ready to give it away free. So I told her well, what I'll do I can get I'll take it off your hands, I'll pay the back taxes you'll be then you'll be free of it. Oh, thank God, thank you. So I sent her out a deed she signed the deed over to me. So that's, that's all you really have to do is get them to sign a deed to you. And now you own it. And of course, you also almost 5000 back taxes, but you don't have to pay that yet, right. So I took it and I held on to it for a little while. And then I finally put it up for sale for 45,000 and sold it last I put it up for a little bit more than that. But so that finally for 45,000 with 10,000 down. So with with a 10,000 downpayment, I took 5000 of that paid off the back taxes, and then they paid $700 a month for the remainder of the note. So that's, you know, there's all kinds of creative deals, but you have to get out there and you have to start, you know, looking for them right and seeing what the problem is looking, looking up looking up their information on, on the deeds to see exactly what the situation is looking up the taxes, see what their situation is, sometimes before you even talk to them. Because it gives you so much ammunition, it allows you to better negotiate your deals. And I think those kinds of deals only come again with with high volume of marketing following expert like John, or myself. And then also, you know, just getting in front of as many of those situations as you can. And it's like you get better and better and better. Like I said, I haven't identified one yet when I want it when I asked for it for free. Like when it was my original idea. But I think getting in front of a lot of opportunities you can kind of see and gauge, like what you should move on what you shouldn't. And then something that you thought was a deal ended up not being a deal. And then the same thing where you thought it wasn't a deal turns out to be a really big one. But getting in front of all those opportunities is how you become a ninja, but you can't read enough books. Just kind of get out there and do it. Yeah, I bought this one piece of land for $3,000 cash. But it was Chris it was a flip but it had a mobile home on it already. And he was like, I don't care about Yeah, I assume is trashed out or whatever. He he never looked at it. So I guess they had it rented out or something at one time. And it was in bad shape of course. But I said yeah, I'll probably have to pay somebody to haul it off. But I'll give you 3000 For the land. So I you know just refocus on to what you're saying is of value which in this case will be the land and I got the mobile home for free just by taking the focus off if I was talking to him about buying a mobile home, he he would have probably wanted a heck of a lot more than that. So those are also just little things that you pick up as you go along. mazing MAN Yeah, I really liked that idea that sometimes like paying. If you don't maybe don't have to pay the taxes, you can take control of it. And then just do whatever you want with it afterwards. Right? Then people think about it. They're like it's 20,000. Behind in taxes, the world is burning down. But you're like, I can come in here, we throw zero on this property or throw a couple 100 and throw 1000 into it, and turn around and sell it for a nice profit and let the property pay the taxes off. Right? So lots of cool stuff like that out there. Just get in front of as many opportunities as you can. This business becomes very, very fun. I think that's about it for today's call. It's eight o'clock. Thank you, John, for being on here and hanging out and sharing your knowledge with us. Yeah, don't forget to check out the land mobile on Facebook and Instagram. You will learn a lot of cool strategies like that. I'm still learning myself every time I talk to Jonathan, something else. And thank you everybody for the great questions and for spending your time with me and us on the hive mind. Super, super, appreciate you. Thanks, Anthony. And nice to meet you Javier. I expect great things from you, sir. Thank you, man. You got my respect when I call you sir. That means instantly. You got my respect. Alright, good. Everybody, have a good night, man. Thank you so much. Take care

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Hi! I am Anthony Gaona.
I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years.I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads.

It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction based leads. At first I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies.

One day I was preparing to build a single family residence for myself. In mid December, 2018, a simple YouTube search led me to the term wholesaling and the rest is history. The plan was to use my construction background to start flipping houses. By January 1st of 2019 I launched several marketing campaigns both on and offline for real estate seller leads.

Within about 4-5 weeks I had my first real estate contract locked up. It didn’t take long for me get a land lead where I made almost a full year’s pay on a single transaction. This came from a land lead and that forever changed my life.

I ran low volume larger land deals for the first two years of my real estate career. Like anyone who has been in real estate investing for an extended period of time, I started thinking about scaling my business.

Instead of deciding to vertically integrated and start hiring I imagined a model where I would teach my real estate investing methods to others. This would free up my personal bandwidth and allow for unlimited large scale transactions.

Currently our operations are expanding globally. The goal is to identify one person per major US Market that we can build a team around and drive traffic to so we can close high volume transactions together.

You can learn more about our vision and join our free mastermind by joining hivemind CRM on Facebook and all social channels