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May 13, 2022

Ep 180- Building Your Brand With Valuable Incentives With Marco Torres

Ep 180- Building Your Brand With Valuable Incentives With Marco Torres
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This show is sponsored by hive mind CRM. It is more than just a CRM. It is a real estate and business mastermind that comes with an all in one CRM. You can have unlimited websites and users, you can call text, RVM and email all in one user interface and you can set up custom automations. For any type and multiple businesses. 65% of companies start using a CRM system within the first five years of business. Once implemented, the hive mind will save you on marketing give you more time and make more money. One of our users had his first $100,000 month using our system in June. We want to see you automate and accelerate your business text us at 2109728 t 42. For future meetings. And of course to get our $1 course on how to make more than six figures on one land deal. You can schedule your free demo today at hive mind CR Hey, my name is Martinez. I am here with the hive this podcast I have my guest Marco Torres. We're gonna we're gonna load a lot more about him in the next few minutes. But I appreciate it coming out. First of all, Microsoft's first question question I want to ask is, how did you end up being an entrepreneur? And how long have you been an entrepreneur because I was like so like wishing to Okay, well that shoot I guess you can see if you're watching this via video I'm no spring chicken. So I've been I've been around for a while I started as an entrepreneur at age nine I started in the Caribbean, and grew up in Puerto Rico's I had a paper out by the age of 12, I was featured on the front page of the newspaper as the largest paper out they'd ever seen built. So I had I leveraged a team of my buddies who helped me deliver the papers and I focused on what I was good at which was door to door sales that went and sold the points all the subscriptions and to do collections back then and then we delivered and it was it was fun. We built a big machine by the time I was 23 I had five restaurants and nightclubs so I was had a nightclub in San Juan Puerto Rico open till the after hours bar open till 7am In the morning, so I've had a wild youth now it's it's amazing man paper nine years old man, you've been seeing the reason why I like asking that question because there's no there's no right time to be an entrepreneur. But there's no wrong time either. But you've been doing it since nine years old. That's amazing. That's amazing. So yeah, well, I got in trouble. And I think in first grade for selling rubber bands to all the kids that were trying to shoot each other was fit wads. But they didn't do it. I always forget to bring rubber bands. So I'd buy a box for a quarter and sell them for a dime apiece. And I got in trouble because I was the instigator getting everybody shooting rubber bands at each other and midwives. And but I was making money and I always had money for my candy bars. So there's a sales close, sell, buy, sell the shovels, sell the shovels, when you're when you're digging for gold. Forget the shovels in the picture. That is amazing, man. That's amazing. So that I mean, I love hearing young entrepreneurs stories, I think, like I became not sure like 25. So I'm like, I mean, I could have got a lot more done. But I'm still young, there's still a lot more a lot more and more in me. But what? So the answer is my first question. My second question is, wasn't a second question asked. I forgot right off the bat. Man, I usually don't do this. But this is a rare occurrence. We're here in the gap while you think of a second question anyway. So So I went on from there and I again, I was growing up in Puerto Rico, I had the restaurants and a nightclub in Puerto Rico moved to Florida in the mid I guess in my mid 30s and brought a young family up I got into sales over here that didn't want to be in the restaurant business anymore. And eventually I got into the travel circle the travel industry, which was leads us to where I'm at today, we launched in 2017 a couple of cold marketing where we provide travel incentives to 1000s of business owners that use our subscription service. And it gives with our members the ability to to really compete with their with with anybody because you know, we make it easy for the small entrepreneur to stand out from the crowd to have a you know, these tools, these travel incentives that right now are actually super popular again. I mean, we did slow down for COVID but everybody is on a travel mode right now I think revenge travels what we're calling it revenge travel is is real. People are desperate to go somewhere tired of being locked down. And so our travel incentives help boost sales for 1000s of business owners all over the world but getting away Daniel to let you as an expert Iseman. Okay, so Puerto Rico, you are you from Puerto Rico born and raised Puerto Rican. Actually, I'm not Puerto Rican. I'm Mexican descendants Latino, but my father was transferred to Puerto Rico is because he was bilingual and so I had the opportunity to grow up in the Caribbean we grew up in you know, San Juan and in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands and had a chance to, you know, surf and, and enjoy an amazing place Puerto Rico's beautiful, beautiful island, beautiful beaches, beautiful women are married to Puerto Rican many years ago. Yeah, I love Puerto Rico and all the people that we love. We, I like talking to minority and minorities as a whole, just because we have, we have a different experience of life. And entrepreneurship is not always the easiest path for us. I'm the first sheet condo Rican you'll ever meet. So I'm a super minority here. I'm the only Mexican that grew up in Puerto Rico. So I'm Mexican, but my mom was Puerto Rican, some kind of a version of that just now. I can kind of resonate with it. phraseology of Spanish and Puerto Rican words that they fight. We got the Spanglish going on, we got these 100%. But let's, I really want to talk about marketing boost. So from what I understood is that you help businesses offer travel incentives as a sales process. Well, let's talk about it from what I understand. Daniel, your audience is mostly in the real estate world, I guess they're they are realtors, brokers, investors, that type of thing. Yes. Okay. So I do have realtors that use our service, although there are, you know, rules and regulations that apply to the real estate industry that don't apply everywhere else. They do apply, like and also for the insurance industries. We have hundreds of insurance agents that use our service. But to give you some ideas, I mean, first, let me see if I can explain what marketing boost is, again, it's, we were a subscription model. And when we decided to do this, we wanted to make sure we rent we changed the entirely revolutionize the industry. We're not the first to offer travel incentives, certificates or what have you that can be used to enhance sales, you know, generate leads, referrals, housewarming gifts, there's a million different ideas that can be used for, but we decided to do it differently than anybody else want to we made it super affordable. So we took a marketing boost and made it an easy subscription model rather than selling the individual certificates like most of our competitors, you know, you had to buy a bundle of them for X amount of money, sometimes as much as $100 a certificate. We've charged a simple service fee of $37 a month and our members get the ability to give away an unlimited amount of our of the travel incentives, either the hotel savings cards and complimentary hotels days or restaurant vouchers that we offer. So we offer complimentary hotel stays in over 125 destinations around the world sexy spots like five nights in Cancun. Six days, five nights in Hawaii three nights in Las Vegas, three nights in Orlando, Myrtle Beach Daytona about 30 destinations in the US. Then there's they're all over Europe, they're booked seven nights in Phuket, Thailand, for five seven nights in Belize, we've got literally destinations for our members that are literally around the world. And then we have hotel savings cards that come in increments of 100 200 300 or $500. And those are savings off of retail price compared to the expedience of the world and they're good at over a million hotels all over the world. And then we have restaurant savings vouchers that are good in the US and Canada at over about 100,000 participating restaurants and what have you. So the membership gives you the ability to use these for it for example in the real estate world I've gotten realtors that that do an open house and you know you get people coming in the door and you ask them to give you your name and phone number and email you know register to see the house and people might come up and write you know Marco at Mickey Because they don't really want to give you their real information they just want to see the house and so on and so one way that I've gotten members use the incentives is they'll they'll put up a print one of the certificates put it on the counter with a little sign there that says you know hey you know enter to win there'll be your we're giving away a complimentary hotel stage one of you visiting the house today. And so now everybody's going to give you accurate information because they're going to look shoot I want to win a three night trip to Las Vegas or whatever the destination was. And so now they're giving you their accurate information are dropping into business cars or what have you. And now you've got the realtors got real information to follow up on and reach back out and he could give everybody a certificate call everybody a winner because Again, you, you have the ability to give away as many as you want. So you could make the signage sound sound scarce and urgency creates scarcity and urgency with, Hey, I'm giving away one trip today, you're gonna make us unbelievable. But now when you're calling them up, hey, congratulations, you were one of the winners, or you were a winner today at the open house, I want to congratulate you, you've got a three night trip to Las Vegas. But before I tell you about how the certificates work, I'm gonna send you tell me about your home needs. Tell me about what you're looking for, what exactly do you need are you have you already been approved for financing, you know, yatta yatta yatta. Now you can qualify, talk to the lead and you've got a captive audience because at a minimum, they want to get their three night trip to Vegas that you promised and now they're going to sit and chat chat and talk and give you all the you know the details that you might want, and you're going to qualify them for yourself or if not, you're gonna bounce them off and refer them to the mortgage brokers or they can get approved, you know, get them approved first, and so on and so forth. One idea, another idea would be, hey, housewarming gift, you know, after they did buy, we you know, there are rules, you can't incentivize somebody to buy a home from you with the travel incentive. So you can't you can't make like, hey, buy a home from us this weekend, I'm gonna give you a free trip. Because there are in most of the states in the United you know, in the US here, you can't do that. You can't throw in an incentive to get people to buy the home. But you could throw it in as a you know, simply a housewarming gift after the fact. You could revive an old database people that you know, people that you've sold to last year I've done over the last 10 years you can you can go back and you know, said hey, I'm running a contest and what to do. Or you know, I want to use your anniversaries coming up and when I sold you a home so that just wanted to thank you for being a previous client and I'm sending you a $500 hotel savings card just for just to say hello, and don't remember don't forget if you're looking for you're buying selling renting or you're thinking about investing contact me I'm your expert, real estate yada yada. So you can revive you know old databases, you can ask for testimonials from new clients that say it's a new client or just bought you know, one of the ways you could incentivize people to after they bought from you. And they're you're doing the walkthrough of their home after the closing, you know, bring the camera, bring your selfie camera, turn it around and be gone. You know, Hey, can I ask you to do a selfie testimonial about what my what I and my company did for you to get you this beautiful home? Can you you know, brag about my services and if you do I'm going to reward you with a complimentary trip to Cancun just on me because one you bought the house for me and two, I'm gonna appreciate a video testimonial. And now you're you're doing a video testimonial selfie and they're bragging about you bragging about the home and you're building you know, a database of video testimonials you can put all over your website, and I can go on and on and on. There's just a million different ways to skin a cat on how to use these incentives to acquire more leads, acquire video, video testimonials, acquire referrals, build rebuild an old database or you know, revive it generate leads online, you could go with contests online, you know, hey, we're, you know, you could build a Facebook group you know, and you know, and use the incentives to virally grow Facebook group to I can keep going Daniel but my mind is working my mind is working because like this podcast goes to my audience. So my audience is going to be incentivized there might hear it something like this, some like my mind is going I don't want to I don't want to spoil it. I'm thinking right now because I'm gonna I got another idea that super popular with with a bunch of my clients that are in the insurance industry. And this would work exactly the same in real estate. I may have Realtors doing this already I'm not aware of but in other words, you can lead by giving. So one of the things we teach our members to do is work with local nonprofits or local charities or local fundraising opportunities. It could be as simple as a local high school that's trying to raise money for the football, you know, equipment fundraising drive. And so you show up and say hey, I'd like to sponsor the event on behalf of Marco Torres Realty, you know, or whatever it is. And you say I want to give away five trips for this event here you guys can auction these vacations off and all the money you raise 100% of it's for you. The client will have to you know activate the certificate the person who wins the bid, the option will have to pay the tech by the way I didn't explain the details we'll cover that in a minute. But they are complimentary trips they note there are no timeshare presentations no hoops to jump through nothing like that. But they do have to pay somebody's got to pay that we call an activation fee which is the government taxes. So the government's gonna get paid on these hotel rooms no matter what everywhere around the world. They all got their hands out and so so that's gonna be paid and we convinced the hotels that participate with us essentially we created a win win win. And the Win Win win was like this we went to because we were in the travel space and it covered with that earlier either Daniel but we're we have some very high volume travel websites way before we launched marketing boost, and we went to these homes tells and we said, Look, you guys got a problem that we're very aware of, you rarely like to talk about it, but you've got, you're never full year round. The hotel, typically, almost any hotel anywhere is never full year round, they may be full for peak seasons for weekends for holidays for special events, but for 70% of the year, they've got 30% of their rooms at least wide open, if not more, so we talked them into doing a deal with us where we help them fill what would otherwise be empty hotel rooms, and we put what we tell them that we're going to get warm bodies in those rooms, they're going to spend money with room service, they're going to book additional nights, they're going to spend money in the casinos the hotel, I mean, the the restaurants, the bar, the prop, you know, the and so you're gonna get some revenue versus no revenue. And so you know, and they, and they're gonna, and then they're gonna get, we're gonna we're gonna solicit them for video testimonials, but you're gonna be able to put all over your website, because we're expert marketers. So we they joined the program, we started out with about six hotels early on in 2017. Today, we've got, you know, hundreds of participating hotels, and 125 destinations. But now so these comp trips, again, the clients got to pay the you typically the client pays it, you could pay it as a business owner, if you wanted to, you could pay the activation fee and truly give them a complimentary trip. Or you can let the client pay the government taxes most people at the client pay the taxes. So for example, going back to the fundraising, you sponsor a local fundraiser and you say, Hey, I'm gonna give away these trips. Now, typically, you might have a, you may end up with it with a captive audience of the day of the event. And so you stand up and go, Hey, you know, I'm the expert Realtor in this community, looking at you, if you're looking to buy, sell and best, whether it's homes, condos, whatever, I'm the expert of your new homeowner, or your whatever, whatever, you know, you give them your 30 Minute elevator pitch, I mean, your 15 second elevator pitch or whatever, and you go, so hey, please, I've given away these trips, auction away, the winners are going to win trip to Hawaii, Cancun, Las Vegas, Orlando, whatever it is, and you look like the hero, you're helping raise funds for the local community, you're building your personal and business brand. And you're setting yourself up as the authority, obviously, your must be doing well enough that you can afford to give away these complimentary trips. And people will look to you as the expert when they're ready to buy or sell or invest. And so that's just one way to be branding yourself and getting in front of people and putting yourself out there as a philanthropist. And as an expert. And, you know, generating leads contacts and not and not coming in with the typical always and always on sales mode. You know, I come in in a I'm a salesman, I'm a salesman, I'm a salesman, know, you're coming in as the expert, and you're coming in as the philanthropist, and you're coming in, and I don't need anybody's business in this room. But I can certainly help you, you know I am. So by being supporting the nonprofits, you are standing up as you know, as setting yourself up as the expert in your authority. And, you know, boom, you walk away with contacts, and they may not all pay off on the first nonprofit event you do. But if you start doing a bunch of those, trust me, you're going to be in a circle of influential people, because who are the ones that can afford to give to these nonprofits? Who are the philanthropist? Well, they're the one percenters in the community. And that's where you want to be. I have so many ideas, and I'm excited about this. I really am because everybody likes a good hook, and you have a really perfect hook. That's, that's amazing. And I think everybody knows that we are the best customer draw card on the planet right now, especially for the price. I mean, $37 a month is all it cost to join marketing, boost you and play with it and test it. I mean, it's not it's not the bullet proof is not the magic bullet bullet that's going to save your business. But if you've got a real business, if you've got a real product or real service, if you are already if you already are knowledgeable about what you do, you're already an expert in your field. Adding an incentive like ours is going to take you can take you to another level but it's not you know, again, it's not going to save you if you're you know if you're well you're not going to be able to sell a million widgets just because you add on a travel incentive you know without a proven product or service first but let me tell you, you can get for example, you started building the adding week soliciting referrals eliciting testimonials and rewarding people for it. You start running contests in your Facebook group and you reward people for it and your your you know, grow your Facebook group virally with the use of travel incentives. And again it makes you look like a bigger organization that can afford to be given away these trips and stuff. And and so it becomes a super win win win for for the client who receives a complimentary trips the hotel's receiving more bodies in their rooms that are going to spend money on the property and you are the marketing boost member are going to win big because you've got these amazing incentives to grow your business with. And of course, marketing moves wins, because we've got, you know, 1000s of clients paying us and we make money on the back end as well. We help them upgrade to, you know, additional upgrade room types and add additional nights, add on activities and attraction tickets and what have you. And so as part of our travel back end service, that is amazing, I am excited to mess with it myself, I really am. This is a no, this is a no brainer for somebody like me. And I think it's a no brainer, once you understand or position yourself in that in that space. So giveaways for getting leads. I'm trying to think of other ways, the Facebook group, let's just talk about the Facebook group for a second how what type of Facebook group giveaways or like, like a 30 day people to join the Facebook group in the next 30 days get this? Yeah, I've had some guys grow at one guy in particular comes to mind that grew his Facebook group from zero to 10,000 members in less than 90 days. And he was doing it by basically, once a week he was running a contest, everybody who joined, he would immediately say, you know, if you invite your friends and family to join this group, for every 20 people you invite to join this group, you get a chance to win. And every week, it was a different destination. So if you invite 20 people to join the group, you get a chance to win this week, five nights in Hawaii. And then he'd make a big deal out of the winner, whoever won that he selected somebody that software, you can use those randomly select a winner. So you pick a winner. And then you know, get them on a live Facebook call and make a big deal out of it show pictures of the Hawaii destination that you're going to be able to go to and so on. And then go on. Okay, who's next next week, we're running, starting immediately, we're running a contest to Las Vegas, who's gonna go to Las Vegas invite 20 of your friends to join the group, you get a chance to win and boom, boom, boom, boom. And just you know, again, everybody who's joining was being introduced to inviting, you know, share with others that you get a chance to win the next trip. And essentially, he went just, you know, grow. And that kind of that idea has been used now over and over and over by many different marketing boost member growing their own personal Facebook groups. And again, what do you do with a Facebook group? Well, you once you've got an audience, once you've got a group growing, then you've got to be providing it is work because you do have to provide you know, content, you've got to deliver material, you've got to be providing value, you've got to be presenting, you're showing that you're the expert, the authority. But if you're building that group, and you're providing good content, and maybe you solicit, you know, some partners to help you be moderators in the group, so you can continue to generate that that quality, you know, continued content, you're going to have that audience that you can then begin to monetize, you know, because now you're inviting them to your webinars, you're inviting them to the first time, you know, first time homeowner buyers webinar, or you're inviting them to, you know, mortgage relief, this that whatever, you know, whatever it is that real estate investors, join us for our investor challenge this month, blah, blah, blah, you know, whenever we do. And so what, let me ask you this, what has been, I'm gonna get straight to the juicer here, what has been the most strategic way of somebody's use your product, they get the best results. But one of the one that comes to mind is a guy, a fellow that joined marketing boost in January of 2021. Actually, he started his business in January 2021. And he sold he had a on telegram. This was a subscription model on the new on a very relatively new social platform telegram. And so he had a bunch of members that he built up over time paying him $97 a month to build to pay him for tips on when to buy sell stocks. Yeah. So you know, and he had a team of experts in India that would do all the analytics and he would do reporting on the analytics of when to buy when to sell and, and it was it was doing really well. And so he had you know, hundreds of people paying him 97 A month, then he ran a marketing boost. promo. You ran a promo to say, Hey, if you upgrade to our biannual program and pay six months in advance, we'll give you your choice of three nights in San Diego or three nights in Manhattan. And if you join in, if you pay for the annual membership, he called it the platinum thing or whatever it was, if you join our annual membership, we'll give you your choice of six days and five nights in Hawaii or five nights in Cancun. Well, we had hundreds of them step up and pay yet about 300 pay for the annual plan and another 150 or so paid for the bi annual plan. So we had over four, you know, over 300 over $100,000 Bill, so that was 300 He made over almost $500,000 in four days. With that promotion, taking people from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription, so bam, and now that's part of his ongoing process. Now in the real estate world, heck, I remember one guy, this is earlier a little while, a long time ago, he was in the middle of a negotiation between the buyer and the seller, they were both backing out of the deal at the last minute, and the buyer didn't want to, you know, come up, pay for extra whatever, and the seller didn't want to discount the, you know, any further for the repair of this or that or the other. And he if I recall correctly, he came to the table with I tell you what, guys, you know, in the middle of the negotiation, I'll tell you what, if you'll agree to pay for the you know, the discount the repair, and if you'll agree to step up and pay what you know, this 5050 Each, I happen to have a credible relationship with a travel company called redeem I do a lot of business with them. And I've got two complimentary hotel, I just happen to have two complimentary hotels days in Cancun right now, that I'm going to give to each of you, if you'll both just agree to, you know, to come together on this thing already. So if you'll stop bickering on it, I'll give you each of $1,500 value, complimentary hotel, stay on me, you'll have 18 months to select travel dates, and boom. And so they both agreed when I had to come up with a couple more grand the other one to come down a couple of grand and he basically came I'm gonna give you a both two complimentary hotels, Dave, you'll just, you know, quit bickering over this and come together on the deal. And boom, you know, all three parties, or both parties came together on it. And he walked away with a, you know, closing a deal. I like Peacemaker offering. That's like a peacemaker, every look, I understand, you know why you don't want to come up and pay more, I understand why you don't want to discount anymore. But here's what I can do for you guys, and boom. Now, again, I'm not your lawyer here. I'm not an expert. I don't know if that was a legal transaction to do in the real estate world in your state. So you know, everything's negotiable. That's why real estate is kind of that's what I was kind of curious about the agent side of it. And like, what the do's and don'ts of that is because in real estate, everything's negotiable. So if you're gonna throw in something, you can throw it in wherever you want. Yeah, like what am I yeah, I would imagine there's not a big deal. But again, I'm no expert in that I'm an investor myself I do flip homes quite a bit of them. And I haven't used my own incentives to you know to do with anything to do with acquiring a home to flip or not. I'm also getting ready to buy it to build a but 13 Lots down in southwest Florida now as I'm gonna be now using my language not only for land investors, all my I have a lot of clients in Florida are really awesome. Yeah, see, see see now now we're gonna have a different conversation because now we're going on now we roll into Atlanta. But yeah, so I've been purchasing in southwest Florida number of of lots and looking to start building on them here so and see if we can sell so to build this place just blowing up with everybody, everybody in their brothers moving to Florida. And there's literally like no inventory of anything, or not much anyway, and the people are paying, you know, 30% more than they were less than a year ago. So it's like it's time to build if you only challenge now is can you find anybody to anything to build with? There's no materials. So one of my clients hate she got she told me like two weeks ago, she found a seller that had 198 lots, and she was buying and selling all hundreds of E lattes. Wow. Yeah. So we might be your person, our group, at least. A lot. We have a lot of Florida investors cool. That do land specifically. So if you're a builder and a buyer reach out to Marco, he's got he's got deals for you. That's amazing. If we get a deal from you, if we bring you a deal, that's gonna be funny, it's gonna be funny epiphany or hear this. I love I love instead of I love just giving away value. And I kind of like I'm kind of like feeling bad pushing out this episode, because I'm planning to do a bunch of these incentives in the near future. And they're gonna be like, You did this from the podcasts? And like, Absolutely, I did. And that's the power of podcasting. So, if you get incentivized by this, I'm sorry. Hope you get a free trip and enjoy yourself. But this is a full warning that I'm going to use this strategy in a blog different ways. So for all my clients, listen to this, I apologize. Marketing I'll put the website right here, but we're gonna use this to convert more clients, and this is just a forewarning. Well, the good thing, most of you all your products, maybe all your prospects, don't watch all your podcasts. So it's a whole different. That's the whole thing. That's the beauty of it. So I'm not afraid to say that I'm not afraid to release it because not every not all my clients watch my stuff. So this is for the people that do watch my stuff that you get, you know, the juice now, you know, I learned it from I learned it right here from Marco and I got it live right on the call. And I hope you get some value off of that too. But if you want a free trip and by the way, so again, quick, you know, plug here. i We recently put a you've been I've been saying Cancun a lot because we recently brought on some amazing triple A rated four diamond hotels in the Cancun Riviera Maya area and Playa Del Carmen called the fives. So if you're joining in right now I can give to your audience, I can give you a special offer, you can go to Marketing forward slash podcast, you can get 30 days with marketing boost for $1. So marketing forward slash podcast 30 days for $1. Otherwise, you can get a seven day free for you know, we have a seven day free trial and it's $37 a month, but you want to get comped give yourself a trip to Cancun test this program yourself. So the you know you comp yourself a trip to Cancun the taxes and the activation fees about $188 for the five nights in Cancun, about $30 a night. There is a resort fee for this triple A diamond or Four Diamond hotel. It's $32 at night. So the total investment for the Cancun trip is about 300 bucks $320 And you're getting a stay that on Expedia is about $2,000.15 to $2,000 depending upon what dates you're selecting. But the available calendar is pretty much wide open. We've got most of the year of availability and Cancun available, we've got five different sister resorts and from the five's brand, so they're right into Puerto moralists, Cancun in Playa Del Carmen, and great options there. So that's what I would do is give yourself a trip to Cancun, test the program yourself to realize that it's, you know, the real deal and then start implementing it into all of your marketing strategies campaigns. We also offer if you go to Marketing boost, we also join our Facebook group, we've got nearly 28,000 business entrepreneurs in that Facebook group. It's called Marketing boost official if you go to Facebook group, so you search for it there and free to join the Facebook group. And they're we're always helping each other with, you know, ideas, and we share people share their their campaigns, and we look for critique before they before they launch it to their audience. There's all types of stuff that we're doing, always providing, you know, content. I'm launching my own podcasts pretty soon, so I can interview people like us, so that, you know, I'm bringing, I always want to be bringing valuable content to our members. I currently do a lot of webinars to the group. But I'm going to add to those webinars, podcasts like you and bring more and more valuable content to our members so they can keep growing their business with and without incentives, you know, just providing tips and tricks and tools and ideas on growing a business. I do have one question. I accept too, but lead generation do's and don'ts. Lead Generation do's and don'ts. Well, there's not that many don'ts. I mean, you can test anything right? I'd say the main thing is test test and test again. And so for lead generation, there's you know, we found a lot of people do pretty well by running running the sort of like a sweepstakes, you know, using selecting one of the destinations and changing them up often you know, so that you're you're reaching an audience that right now people you know, or they're more comfortable driving, you know, still you know, airfare is back but it's more expensive again, thanks to thanks to the price of fuel and so on and so forth. Yep, so But driving is still an option people are ready to do you know and so they could you might want to you know, do a promo this month a given away trip to Branson, Missouri, though, depending upon where you are, where your client market is, you might want to select from our 125 destinations something people can drive to so if you're marketing in Florida, you can be marketing Miami Beach, Daytona Beach, or Orlando, Florida. There is a rule there. So you know, one of the rules is they have to travel at least 100 miles to use the certificate. So they they live in Orlando, they can't use a free trip in Orlando. Gotcha. They can go to Miami or they could go to you know Daytona maybe I think it might be more than 100 miles and so you can run contests like that say hey, we know registered win a free I'm giving away you know, three trips this month, enter to win. And then once they entered a win, you know your form you take them to the next page of the form. Congratulations. You're now entered to win please submit. You know, please answer a few the following questions on our survey. You homeowners. So now you start qualifying them on page two of your of your process. So they signed up they gave you name phone number email. Great. Now what? Well, let's qualify him a little further. Are you a homeowner now? Are you you know, are you renting our own, you know, real simple ARB? Are you a renter and owner? And if so, are you you know, whatever your next qualifying questions would be? Are you looking for them? You know, are you looking for to purchase? Have you ever thought about purchasing? Have you done any you ever been a real estate investor, you know, you ever thought about investing, you know, have you ready to join, this is what we do, this is what we teach. And so now you've got, you can start now you've got their email and their phone number possibly to start setting up a series of drip campaigns, email marketing, text messaging, and get them to eventually book a call with you book an appointment or join a new one of your webinars or just listening to your podcasts or whatever your you know, the many ways there are to continue to reach out to your prospects. That's just one of the ways to put them into your pipeline. So amazing. I have I have my wheels turning and I I'm very creative with incentivizing so I'm gonna, I'm definitely gonna have fun with this. So I'm excited about that. I'm definitely I'm excited about that. But I think I'm gonna have a complimentary trip down to the nearest Vegas or something because Vegas was away. My I have a complimentary trip on the house, just to experience what I need to experience. But yeah, one of the one of these, one of these questions I like, honestly, towards the end is what is a quote that you resonate with, whether it's yours or somebody else's? Well, I go back to kind of old school. And one of the first books that I read that influenced me dramatically was, you know, Zig Ziglar. And I've been in direct sales in one way or another most of my life. And early on, you know, it wasn't easy, I sucked at it. Well, then again, I was pretty good at a young age selling, you know, the newspaper subscriptions and so forth. But I really had to polish that skill of being able to close the sale. And one of the ways that I learned it wasn't it wasn't about selling, it wasn't about closing techniques, it wasn't about how good a closer I was, it became more and more mindset from Zig Ziglar which was if you help enough other people get what exactly what they want in life, then you will also get everything you want in life. I'm paraphrasing, I don't remember exactly how he said it. But the idea being you've got to give for if you're giving enough value, if you're helping other people get what they want, you'll get what you want. And, and that's what we believe in with with our travel companies and redeem big and marketing It's, we over deliver on value. I try to help every entrepreneur that joins us to make sure that you know they understand how to use it. We provide training we provide free onboarding calls personalized give you ideas on how to use these incentives in your business. We offer automation, we do have an upgrade service where we help people up you know get a complete CRM with automation and all of the drip campaigns email texting around I was talking about a moment ago. That's an upgrade that we do offer. It's available for people that want to take their business to another level. But again, bottom line is over delivering on value. help other people get what they want, you'll get what you want. That's amazing. That's amazing. Well, we appreciate you coming on. join the Facebook group check out the marketing has made amazing conversation. I'm excited. Thank you Daniel. I look forward to helping you use them incentives for your business. Awesome, awesome. The show is sponsored by the list guys. Do you need more leads in your local or virtual market? One intense small businesses don't invest in any kind of marketing the list guys have over 35 plus list types to choose from and you can mix and match any list or criteria. We also used to skip trace lists and provide up to seven numbers and email addresses every list you purchase will be scrubbed against previous purchases the list guys are here to save you time contact them this guy's today at www dot one, this guy's dot com. That's www dot the number one list You are important you are valuable. The product and service you provide to the world if you listen to this is important. And we appreciate all the value bring entrepreneurs they provide change and they provide value to the world. So continue what you're doing. It may be hard now but there's a brighter future ahead and hope to ever listen to this much success. We appreciate you coming on Y'all have a great day and we'll see you next time

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Marco Torres is the Founder of, he has helped thousands of business owners worldwide boost sales and scale their businesses by as much as 5-fold through the use of incentive-based marketing. He teaches entrepreneurs how to soar sales & marketing through the use of “Value-Add-Incentives” instead of discounts. His Facebook Group is home to more than 27,000 active business owners who are raking in sales with his advice and amazingly affordable subscription program.