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March 25, 2022

Ep 145- Leveraging TV Ads In Real Estate With Gino Palomba

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all right we're here with gino paloma from atlanta soon to be moving to my soon to move to florida because he
doesn't like land anymore for whatever reason but um we'll talk about that a little later on
but uh we're gonna start off with uh how'd you end up here man i i think i saw you on a podcast
you know like six months ago you're like a year and a half into wholesaling and you did like some crazy astronautical
number in like six months or something like that that i remember and then we ended up meeting through steve train
and then now we're here like six months later a year later so can you start off by how you ended up
into real estate and all that stuff yeah so i started in real estate i just saw it from a youtube video from
max maxwell um when i was 19. i was back at end of 2018
so yeah i was uh constantly trying new businesses back and forth some wins some failures in there
and then yeah like i said i was just on the couch watching youtube you know entrepreneur stuff and it came up with
max maxwell video about wholesaling real estate i was like what is this started looking at it and uh watching as
many videos as i could for about a week and then just took some massive action bought banded signs you know the we buy
houses signs you see on the side of the road started putting those all over the county i lived in and fast forward about
a month later from that like at the beginning of november so this was about beginning of october end of september
when i first found it and then by november 7th i closed my first deal so it happened all pretty quick
and so yeah it all started right there from that youtube video youtube people understand youtube that you can find all
the answers on youtube but it's all there and people are like getting traction and doing big things from it
and i feel like oh you're not gonna find it on youtube so i'm a product of a podcast you're a product of youtube so i
mean it's all from digital digital information out there and we just kind of make stuff happen so how long you've been in real estate so yeah so i started
end of 2018 really first full year i mean i did one deal but so i've been in it i guess you know if
you count from 2019 on about two and a half years a lot of people ask like um i always ask this too because i'm a
previous truck driver so it's like you ever work like any crazy uh restaurants telemarketing like what'd you do in the
past just to give people perspective because yeah yeah yeah we're doing real estate so i've never worked for someone i'm
dating all my life i made sure that from day from when i was age 12 and on but i
started selling stuff on like shoes i used to buy like the kobe 8 christmas edition easter when i was 12. maybe my
mom weighed outside for any special edition ones that like foot lockers champs when they were
releasing i would just wait there buy them buy them for like 150 sell them like two weeks later for 220 and at 12
years old and that's enough for like three months of ice cream there at school or donuts or whatever so i would
just keep doing that and um then like 13 i started buying stuff at ross and marshalls like
i was worth the stuff and selling that 200 stuff but that's all about clothes and some sneakers and cleats
and then i would turn that 200 to like 275 and i'll just keep doing it and keep doing it
and uh yeah yeah i was doing it for garyvee this is back in 20 this is 2012
2013. wow i was doing this and then i uh i started getting a little bigger i
started buying like yeti coolers my dad became a dealer and i would just buy bulk of them
and uh he kind of did the same thing i did like he was not really a storefront he just became a dealer just to buy him
cheap and sell him more and for him it was mostly pleasure for me i was trying to make a business out of it
and then um yeah i sold uh i started buying headphones from china and i made
like 60k in one month senior year of high school ended up getting
that stopped paypal froze my account so i wasn't even 18 yet and so yeah it was a long journey and
then leads me into high school or college college i was uh i was trading stocks i
was day trading at like 16 17 so right before college i started doing it more intense
intensely in college freshman year and then i ended up losing most of my money i was like screw this and this leads me
to the time of about finding wholesaling that's crazy it's crazy that you never
had a job i mean i thought uh hats off to you or give you a round of applause
yeah i don't know if it's a good or bad thing i mean i've helped like have work jobs but for free you know just to do it
you know for friends or whatever family friends or no it's definitely it's not not a
not a small feat which you did there so i commend you fro it's kind of it's kind of curious that you went from flipping
sneakers to flipping real estate you know that's funny like that flipping paper you same thing
just larger assets or larger larger price points
the next step is like flipping apartments for you shoot yeah i've done one i'm forcing the
future for you maybe it's developing them eventually at the rate you're going you're flipping
apartments if you no it's cooler you did one though man that's awesome so
that's that's pretty it's pretty amazing man so you're in the atlanta market are you just in atlanta are you in multiple
markets now you're just metro atlanta within you know two hours of atlanta yeah so you're
doing all these deals just in atlanta yeah just in metro land exactly
um how many deals how many deals you do last year uh last year we did 68 closed deals yeah awesome
awesome um i think i think that's what uh i just actually said i i think um
people progress and the how far they progress is pretty amazing to see so like you kind of start wholesaling your
first deals and now you're actually getting the private money to actually buy and do your own flips and now you're just flipping your own properties right
yeah exactly now you know i started out like you said wholesaling mostly and i still wholesale mostly that's
but last year i think we did probably like 15 or 20 of those 68 were whole tails or we would just get in buy the
property and sell it as is on the market yeah that's awesome man now it's kind of
cool that um you can progress that fast once you have a track record and the money finds you and then you're like oh
money finds me i'm i'm in the money now exactly escalated from there
i stated from there so tell me um a little bit about like where what types of deals are you doing
in the metro are you doing short-term rentals you're just doing flips all that stuff in the metro atlanta area
yeah good question so most of our deals it's mostly wholesale um i would say last year
68 you know the remaining 20 of them might have been hotels where we would take down private money put them on the
market or sell to open doors so the remaining 48 deals um i also bought a 17 unit i'm not
including that in the 68. i bought a 17 unit about two cabins and
one other single family there's two cabins in the one single family i'm using airbnb and the 17 units
a long term but those aren't included in the 68 so really 48 wholesale deals 20 being
20 hotels you know three new uh single families
and then 117 unit last year so that's awesome man i really want to dig in on this because you're one of the few
wholesalers i know selling the open door are you still doing that right now or is this um so we actually started we we
haven't sold that many to them in the last like three or four months because they started getting pretty strict on
you being on title before giving you that net offer and what that's what i used to do like i did like the 20 with
them without even with getting a net offer a contract before i even bought it so i knew for sure what their price
would be but i did that yeah like i said 20 20 different times i'm not against it but i'm actually getting better deals
now selling properties for even higher or just that open door
how are you doing that yeah i'm doing that i'm selling most of them on the market every single one goes
on mls every one of our wholesale deals goes on mls so not that open door sometimes they
do overpay on the market but now i'm getting other hedge funds that are paying more in the market too so i'm getting lucky not lucky but
i'm getting i'm in the right position to be you know taking advantage of some of these hedge funds
no that's that's great i mean it's it's great to you getting your buyers or something up to par like we're we're trying we just got a uh
a lender reach out to us that'll do the same thing for land so we're gonna start wholesaling land it's really nice yeah
we don't buy it so that's the thing too a lot of people i talk to it not that you know because we talked about it but
we don't even buy these deals we just put them equitable interest on the mls
and so we're not even closing on them oh wow okay are you disclosing that with your seller
or how do you just yeah everything's disclosed like two or three times the minimum on the agreement when we go over
with them and also um when we're negotiating this is how we can get you your price right
so you're almost doing like uh a novation with no repairs exactly so novation is exactly what
we're um you know like the one we were doing with eric brewer it's the same thing in ovation it's a novation
type deal without the novation because what we're going to do at closing is we can decide whether we want to use the
novation documents or do we just double close depending on what the lender says right if you're
getting an fha lender you can't double close but reality is in this market you know because they got a 90 day season
period so you have to do an ovation but reality is in this market i'm never going to take an fha
you know that's my last loan i'm going to take i'll take all these other or i'm just going to take a cash buyer right so
you can pick and choose and so reality is like we're not even doing innovation we're just doing double clothes and we're just using the mls as a dyspo tool
wow okay we uh we've we've been doing that we know something similar but it's kind of
different we've been doing it with land we've been doing uh we'll actually take title to it we'll negotiate for your
whole tablet pretty much yeah we will take title to it with a little down payment and then we'll wholesale it with the terms on the back
end but yeah it's interest interesting that you're not even you're just doing that you're doing the contract so how do
you is there like a certain like because i know you don't go through steve trains training sleep change training is
amazing i love singing training do you use that for negotiating your novation
no nothing of the sort steve stuff i mean our scripts you know has bits and pieces but nothing about the novation
part or it's not even an ovation repetition just none of the list on the market it's nothing to do with anything that stevie did we created ourselves and
how we how we present the offer to the seller um you kind of fell into it now you're running with it
yeah exactly like we've we got help from a bunch of mentors okay um and we just
you know tweaked it to what we feel you know every day we're tweaking it even you know to make it more
they sound better you know so do you have kpis as far as like your close rate for that for that type of
transaction i mean to be honest now we've done we went that's a good question so like before we're treating as a different
transaction yeah that's not a good way to do it as a sales coach as me so i'm freaking telling all my guys that's the
only transaction we're doing forget that so it's just our close ratio might have went up right so last year
close ratio is like 18 this year it's at like 23 24 so it definitely went up you know
just by instituting new new processes exactly because i can pay more for the month for the deal now
ah okay okay that's okay that's interesting man
is there's so many uh you hear you hear new things and how people are doing it um also
this is this is crazy this is crazy to me man i love i love the the many facets of real estate
exactly and how people are leveraging it and using it to their own benefit you know
everyone's got their own thing you know and how they pitch it and it's not mar thing won't work for some people other things you know it might work perfect
for other people you know yeah so are you looking to start acquiring
assets now or you just strictly um to be honest with you this year i'm just looking to build up our team
today i'm funny now i'm buying a cabinet next month but still i'm trying to look at the long-term um of our company and
we're trying to get to at least i think the year like 800 to a million a month
and then at that point is when i'll start looking at figuring out what i should hold or what i should not and i'm gonna do it through a different entity
because reality is and that's what i keep getting to is it's the hottest market of our lifetime right now and so
i need to milk as much cash as possible when i'm here like i need to just take advantage of it and i've learned that
from a lot of big mentors i've talked to since i've gone through three rough sessions or three crashes and from the
80s on and they all said the same thing to me like you know this isn't the time to go buying rentals unless you're
getting home run deals you know don't start buying rentals and again these are everyone has their own opinion but this
is the time to stack your cash stack as much cash as possible because it's not going to be like this you know
forever so that's my goal i'm stacking cash and um i'm trying to build
and you know not that i'm saying i'm not going to take advantage of some nice deals that come away like i have a 17
unit or another airbnb next month i'm buying but my main goal right now this year so
focus is to grow that wholesale company and you know grow that revenue per month
what's what's your goal for revenue per month or a million a month that's what we're going to do a million a month this year
yeah by the end of the year probably by like november december okay and your goal this year is to be at
6 million that's our target that's a pretty big b you know big area dashes goal but
um we think the way we're lining up for especially even this month we have no problem i mean we're on pace
to get up to there um now it's not going to be easy but again our goal in the years to be
around you know 800 is a big spread but you know it's really our big goal was to
buy 2023 to get to that but we feel we can we could probably tap into it this year if we do everything
we're supposed to on our projections nice nice that's uh big audacious goals
yeah the foundation is exactly good no i i like it because
you kind of your your your limit is so high they're like hey if i get to four sorry
we did okay exactly we landed at five we'll be fine you know like we all did okay how big is your
team how many va's do you have acquisitions all this that's a good question man it's so changing um my ceo
would know better than me i would say we have roughly around like 23 people
um and i would say half and half are vas and some are americans right half our americans have our va's
somewhere around there give or take 20 people that's a lot of people yeah so about 12 va's 12 americans
that's including me and chandler so really 10 other people americans
let's talk about this so um chandler's your co right mm-hmm
are you like the visionary he's your integrator type okay that's the role right now so
only role in the business i'm in is i'm in the sales director role okay and the visionary that's it
gotcha my only roles i'm accountable for right and chandler's co
all right so he's ahead of all directors including me as a sales director and then also financial
uh department um i think it's uh so you you have your universe
man i'm so unorganized this is so it's so funny talking to you because like us really i'm all over the place i run
everything doodle i do it all i'm the i'm the guy
i like that but i'm trying at least i'm hiring i'm hiring more people but um how to
do you strictly off are you really are you off of attraction nice to me i see it on your on your wall is that there it
is your whole your whole thing is not how you run your uh um so that's a good question we actually mix up traction and
like some of the sharper stuff i don't know if you know empire like gary harper i don't know if you've ever heard of him but he does a lot of business consulting
um for real estate investors i actually short story is i went to the same church
as gary harper oh really i was your age up in indiana up in indiana
that's where i'm from oh really yeah so you know about gary then i didn't know about him as far as so
back then yeah yeah back then but yeah that's been i've been 10 years out of that so i knew him 10 years ago before
he did funny he's doing now so i knew pre gary harper from who he is that's crazy yeah damn that's a small
world there so yeah no gary harper he runs a similar system to empire or it's attraction it's
called empire and it's pretty similar a lot of the things and so we're mixed between the two all right we'll do our vtl probably a
week from now so we're still using some of that stuff but yeah
okay that's interesting yeah i didn't know i didn't know what his product was called but that's the first time i heard
it right he recently it was weird though because like i'm out of that space for 10 years now
and then he popped up again i'm like what the heck were all these people coming back from
my past you know and um because like um i knew a bunch of people that were in real estate back
then but i didn't really know what aspect i mean i knew nothing about wholesaling or real estate or anything about back then so it's kind of
interesting seeing all these people pop up from my past like um do you know david richter
yeah he actually went to the same high school as him he was a great older than me
really yeah in indiana too in indiana too so we went to the same high school you guys all lived around
each other over there i mean it went to the same was pretty saint community think about that same
community localized out there so i know i know uh and he just he just popped up
recently too i'm like that world so i actually just signed up for a cfo uh cfo nice nice today it was actually
yesterday that's funny today so they're like people over there huh
you guys are breeding people in indiana i mean you can say i'm a product of that because i am because i grew up i lived
up there for 20 years so it's kind of interesting that my my passions are coming up again in its own way which is weird in my
opinion so like all of the staff i know all of the staff in some fashion i might not
know them personally but i know who they are who which one all of all of a gary harper staff oh
gary harper yeah because they're all from around there right yeah they're all from there like everybody's from there so like so you
know from the church too right brandon mccurdy and austin mccurdy all them yeah i know all of them and all of them they
might not know me but i know who they are yeah yeah yeah i was a it's a big community out there so it's uh it's
interesting seeing everybody come up where from yeah that is crazy
different spaces but enough about that it's kind of cool that you're using their their
and so system though the first time i heard the name of it so it's kind of interesting talking about that so that to kind of give a brief description
about that that's to structure and organize and manage your business yeah exactly just like attraction gives
you the tools gives you the meeting structures gives you you know what you should be doing in terms of you know hiring firing process maps of your
company too like what you know what each process should look like you know we'll process map it which is what gary uh what what's
her his wife uh what's her name susan right susan's really good at so gary's
obviously the guy that created sharper um and susan's his wife and you know she's really good
at process now so yeah so it's just the layout it's like an overall um like business consulting business
program i guess it's like a like they call it you know it's like a empire system is like the ios or the
you know the operations system for your business for your business yeah i know what i was mentioning is like
ios is the operating system for apple you know and so like exactly what eos is like entrepreneur
operating system but i was just returning back to ios same thing so it's just the operating system for your
business so uh yeah that's that's cool man um what what marketing techniques are you
doing and what's working the best for you right now as far as outbound acquisition yeah so we do cold call text
um tv just started direct mail um very very rec are very small right now smallies
it's not worth very small right now and then we do some like paid for lead for seo stuff need to sell my house fast
but what's working best right now is it's still probably sms um i got to look at our contracts on the
year i know we're like 42 right now and i would say let me look right now i'll tell you but
i would say probably i mean over half has to be sms and just assuming
they gave me just so much sms leads so one two
three i'm over here to accounting i don't have the report in front of me
we gotta count [Music] doing everything for you guys right here
15 18. yeah it's like 21 out of the 42.
so half or just sms uh a lot of people are like oh sms is out the window it's something i'm like
no it's still working very well it's still working very well because a lot of our clients are using sms too so
it's kind of it's kind of cool that you're getting a lot of traction with that because that's a mess you can
you can touch so many people quickly oh you can nail them for sure
yeah i like i like i like the sms it's uh definitely um takes your stuff to another level so sms cold calling
yeah tv oh let's talk about tv so there's only i've only heard of one of the person's talk about tv being on tv
ads let's talk about um yeah i heard uh the dude out of vegas
huh pineda no it's uh the other one i heard out of
vegas um uh i can't remember his name it's a white guy he's an older white guy that
does tv do you mean doug hopkins no he's phoenix
yeah i don't know i don't know there's only one like i said there's only one person i've heard that's doing tv ads so let's talk about
tv ads you're doing tv ads um you're like on fox right
yeah fox is on fox um it's on all the local channels so
you know we don't make we don't manage it we have a company that doesn't manage people all across the country
um manage pinedas in vegas and so they did you know we give them a budget excuse me shoot
and um every like a month ahead on commercials and so you know it's all over me you
might see me on family few times you might see me at you know judge judy all
over the you know different weird times but yeah they have an algorithm they run know when to buy the commercial and not
to gotcha and how much you allocating towards ads and looks like you've been
roi oh so right now we're about so last year total uh it was like a 2.7 x return
so 200 gotcha just lower than our three we wanted but we started off pretty rough i
had to look at the actual numbers i think it was something like not to look at these numbers here i can do it in two
seconds but this year we're seeing a lot better return um i think we're going to be projecting
like a four and we're spending about 30 grand a month right now last year was like 20.
yeah last year was a little less like ended up being at like 25. um so that's insane
yeah it's not a it's not it's cheap one for sure so yeah it actually was last
year was a 2.3 and we spent 340 000 and made 800.
wow okay but the key you got to think too of tv is not where you can't measure which is the mo like tv's i mean that's
like the big baller budget one right and i'm not saying i'm a big baller but this is what comes with that
it's also the credibility from tv you know when sellers see you on
tv the deals are so much bigger and there's so much you know so much brand you're building if i can
stay on tv for 10 years i would do it just breaking even every month you know that's what steve trang would always
tell me because at the beginning we started off pretty rough and he's like bro if i'm breaking even on tv i'm doing it
forever you know because the brand you're building on tv as well it's just so on you can't predict that
how much that's bringing in in the future wow okay
that's that's that's good perspective that's a good perspective yeah because i mean it's kind of like it's kind of
like podcasting you don't have to see roa right away but it's one of those things where exactly as far as your name gets out
there more for podcasting you build up you kind of build up that audience so i can see that
tv so man you spent quarter over 300 grand on tv last year
that's crazy yeah that's crazy man i i think i think it's really cool that you have your kpis
and you can like like i literally asked you that question like yeah the 2.3 and you you got your kpis right in front of
you so you know you know you know your numbers you know your roi you know it's worth it to do it and you just can consistently do it at that
point exactly yeah we're just every day we're matching you know certain kpis we're looking at them measuring
certain kpis if you're spending 30 000 a month you have an acquisition team of twenty your
team is just twenty people what is your like monthly spend
on like all outbound outreach i'll outbound ads so all how
about marketing is it's roughly around like 50 000 so a lot of it's tv right so and we get
all va texters and stuff like that so it's pretty cheap in terms of you know that that part of the business but in
total with lists skip tracing all that good stuff cold calling
i said mail we just started that's including like 5k a month we just started spending like literally last
month so um you know most of it takes up tv but we're trying to blast tv
like 50k by may and tv a month gotcha um do you have like one ad you
use are you running like multiple ads yeah it's the same for the last year plus
um i'm probably gonna film a new one soon they're talking about it but i let the guys man it's like 50 plus people
nationwide for just real estate okay that's interesting uh you'll
probably get some hits on the tv the tv side just from podcasting about it
yeah exactly that's crazy how that works man that is that's interesting it's interesting tv
i've never even thought about doing tv ads it just hasn't crossed my mind at all really yeah they're powerful man
there's a long term play definitely a long-term play which is cool long-term plays are always cool you
never know what you uh you never can you're like realize gains you never
realize how much how much revenue you can create from it that's cool man i mean i'll tell you how much some guys
are doing that some guys in la the same guy that uh runs the ads he has a partner um
the guy that he does the tv they spend a million in la and they're making like three and a half x a month
wow tbs only wow okay
that makes a million a month yeah you got some perspective in
my head my mind's working now yeah so you got guys doing crazy numbers
just in la that's all their numbers and doug hopkins which i don't know if you know but he's the big guy
phoenix um and darren the other guys that run the tv commercials and obviously doug's
also a home buyer and they they're gonna do like 20 million this year and it's all tv ads
20 million in revenue and tv ads spend like last year they did 12 million and they're pretty open about it and
they netted like 5.7 after everything because they only have like two acquisition managers and one of them is
actually doug hopkins like doug the owner so and they netted 5.7 last year wow
so it's a tv ads i mean it's not just it's it's so definitely not just a long term too like these guys are making some
crazy money off it yeah yeah i mean if they have to at
least to afford to sustain it you know you have like like like steve said that you have to at least break even at that
point to run it just uh yeah exactly yeah they're spending i think like for
the phoenix guys they're spending like 250 to 300 a month so it's like 250 and
so you know that's what 2.5 a year or a little bit more than that it's like
3 million a year whatever it is so no
3 million yeah i don't know 2.75 yeah you're right yeah so 2.75 whatever it is they're
spending a lot they're nailing it that's a lot of that's a lot of credit card points
yeah exactly but they have to but you have to pay and wire because they won't let you pay credit cards but that would
be the dream right there yeah if you run it through amex your your mx card and just run it everybody's
rocking back you'll be getting some good money right there we get some good money so
you have to pay through wires i mean i didn't know that see i'm learning a lot through this well that's just their company that's just their company they
want you to pay through a wire so you can't like dispute it later on you know when you're spending
that much money like you could easily dispute it true man this is okay that's some insight i
like i like the man that's that's that's true that's a good insight so um what earth so you said you bought
your first account apartment complex what things are you kind of bringing in do to hit that high um or
high like gen what are things are you gonna do to get
to that high gross revenue level of six million that you're trying to hit so what what things are you implementing oh
like this year like working i mean obviously we're spending assets yeah yeah we're spending no we're still doing
the same single families right the 17 is just something i got off of a little list but no um you know what we're still
targeting sfr single family homes and you know we're just doing more volume right we've actually hasn't up their
marketing at all we're just trying to get our conversions up we very honed in on a lot of conversions and within the first you know we're what we're about
you know 75 days into the year and we're at 42 contracts and so
just to give you an idea like last year we closed about 80 of our 68 so like even last year what was that making us
at like 85 to 90 contracts total last year whatever equals
0.85 to equal 68 we're not doing that right now we got a lot of math on this podcast but
like we're already almost halfway done you know what we did last year in contracts and i highly credit that
there's no marketing spend increase it was all just conversions and focusing on like different systems to put them in
place and uh measuring really specific numbers and so
now we're gonna start upping marketing right now we can afford to do that because we
got our people in place we got our systems in place we can up now we know what we can
what we can expect for our you know conversions at certain levels
gotcha no that makes sense that's huge it's huge man it's huge knowing your numbers especially when
you're operating on scale because one one little divot can take a hole in your pocket oh sure yeah you got to know
these specific numbers and you know it's not necessarily like you're just going to live and breathe you know die by them
but you need to know what's expected and that's what we've been doing the last two months and we changed our closing
process and you know like added that new feature on mls and our deal size goes from 30k to 45 just like that
like just doing the math i mean you just increase your deal size by there's more math for us over here but i
think that's by like 50 i mean 30 30 or 45 so if you can increase no marketing at all
you increase your deal you can increase your average profit by 45 grand again that's no adding additional
marketing like how much more you're gonna net a year by doing that i mean you do 15 times 70 or 68 deals what we
did last year you know we would net for everyone listening
one over a million dollars more by just doing one simple process yeah okay
that's crazy some simple simple things it's like a little tweak a little tweet
one little tweak razor around five of those little tweaks and that's how we get to six million
gotcha that's like uh like the apartment the apartment amplification one little 25 rent roll
raise yeah exactly yeah water fee water fee you amplify your uh
amplify your noi exactly no that's awesome man um so
what so you're looking for deals in atlanta where can people submit deals to you if they want somebody to deal to you yeah just come to my instagram it's just
gino you got my name on here gino underscore and there's actually two underscores so it's underscore underscore but it should come up palumbo
p-a-l-o-m-b-a yeah so
so um and you're just doing single-family any lots anything else i mean
whatever we get whatever we get you know um we can we have buyers for everything
just for us we're focused on i mean just marketing-wise for us you know outreach we're just we're honing in
on what we're good at you know so single family do you have any local meetups
yeah actually we do so we're having one this week actually on thursday so it might be already passed but it's aired but 3 17
um we're having one six to eight but we have weekly ones we're starting to fly some people out um hopefully next
uh we're trying to get steve to come one one month it's like poland you know a little teeth out of people trying to get
steve to come but um you know we have stephanie betters coming this week she's the owner of left me
on the salesforce crm and um you know she just 200 plus deals a thousand units so
she's gonna be speaking and hopefully we can get some more people we might try to get eric brewer next next month so
and may so yes sir
so they can find that out on your instagram those locations find my instagram reach out to me on instagram and there's there's actually a post i
just made and also um it's in my bio as well gotcha gotcha
all right um i appreciate you coming on man we covered we covered a lot and no we had some good stuff i liked it thanks
for having me we covered a lot of stuff so i hope people reach out to instagram we'll get some deals i'm actually
starting uh marketing in atlanta myself with my partner so well likely to work some deals pipeline
and get some deals sent to you for sure i love it man
we appreciate your time thanks for coming on gino uh last thing what is a quote that is yours or
somebody else's that you resonate with sure man i've had this question asked me before i
still don't i don't even know any quotes i don't remember any um maybe
maybe you see oh actually someone did say this there's a quote here um with carlos and sal i forgot which one told
me this but uh or said this but carlson sal or carlos reyes and sasha carrot um
one of them said that you know don't look at marketing as an expense
but look at it as an investment right so that's my quote i'll leave you guys on that one
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all right there you go we appreciate you coming on thanks for your time sure man thanks for having me