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March 24, 2022

Ep 144- HBHS & hivemind: How To Get Started in Real Estate

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what's going on everybody i have mine hbhs in the building uncle charles the og san antonio og charles took me in
when i was first getting started right here he's a he's a beast he's a man that needs no introduction
what you want to share today charles what do you want to go over man you know man this is so much man so much
we can go into you know um i've been doing this a long time but uh you know last night man i was on a roll
with my group alliance and uh you know i don't do a lot of motivational stuff brother because you
know i mean a lot of people do that and i get it man i get why they do it but my thing is i always tell people i
don't talk about god because i don't you know i'm not a preacher and i don't talk about motivation because i'm not tony
robbins i do real estate if you want to talk to me that's what i'm going to talk about but i feel like i want to give
some i want to get people to smoke today man i want to give them a little something and uh if you'll let me i'll
just share with you what's on my mind man dude i know every time you're going to say something people need to grab the notepad the recorder i'll go
and let you run it you know um i run a group a private
group called alliance and and a lot of these individuals they're really good people man really good people just like in your group and i deal with a lot of
people because we also run the association here in san antonio and i've been doing this a long time and i've always tried to wait a little bit about
doing motivational stuff because one of the reasons why i shot away from it a little bit
was because you know i felt that uh i was still lacking in certain things
and and the reason although i'm strong at real estate and i'm strong in running my teams and stuff i feel like i was
still lacking personally on some things so
you know i used to work out a lot it's been great shape man about 10 years ago and i've decided you know what
i have to get myself right if i'm going to tell people to get themselves right i have to get myself right so i went i
started hitting the gym bro and it's actually day two but you know what man i'm gonna i'm
gonna go on a journey i'm gonna commit because i ask people to commit all time
so i'm gonna put my personal life on commitment status moving forward man
and my message today to everyone is this i get individuals all the time brother tell me charles man i can't i don't know
how to do this it's just too much information i don't get it and what i say to them is have you
committed i'm going to give you guys that are listening the best analogy that i can
come up with outside of hopefully not not not not make you feel anybody feel
weird about it but i want to talk about the word a little bit okay i'm not going to preach the word
because that's not what i do i want to talk about the word just a little bit whatever denomination you are whatever
religion you are you always see those individuals man who know the word man they know
whatever religion they're in they know they know the bible they know the quran they know the book of mormon they know they know it man yeah but you know why
they know it because they're immersed in what they're doing they're around people
they're going to bible studies they're going to uh they're seeing each other on sundays on saturdays on wednesdays
they're talking to each other they're meeting each other at homes and what happens is when a person makes
that commitment they level up really really quick man they start to understand
what the word is about no matter no matter what denomination you are religion you start understanding you
start understanding who the players are you start understanding how things are moving how they moved back then how they relate
today and so you don't have to be a person who goes to church
to know that that's happening because we see that all the time i'm not a big church church guy
but i i i know a lot of people that do yeah and i know when i talk to them i'm out
of my element yeah because i might know a few verses but they know them all well it's the same thing with real
estate guys if you if you want to do real estate or anything
you want to do real estate whether you want to do traditional real estate you want to do real estate
investing which is a lot of stuff wholesaling hotel innovations you got you got a subject to's airbnbs
flips credit financing it's endless multi-family dirt splitting dirt
wholesaling develop dirt it's all kind of stuff guys but you don't need to learn it all at
one time what you have to do is you have to commit and immerse yourself in what
you're trying to do you don't have to learn all the stuff at one time you just have to pick two poisons i'm gonna pick
these two strategies and i'm gonna go all in and then what you have to understand is this this is so important
man if if you find yourself alone i i told my group the other night i said
look there's a poem i forget the name of it i mean i forget the way it goes but it's called self portrait look at yourself in
the mirror every single day and ask you so did i talk about real estate that i
talked to somebody about real estate that i look up real estate that i go see real estate if you didn't that's why you're not
learning because you have to connect with people man you have to do real estate every single day if this is what
you've chosen to change your life if it's not nfts coins or whatever else is
going on out there all these other hustles i get it man a lot of badass hustles but if you chose this
then you can't do it one hour a month man you can't do it by going to the
association or any other real one hour a month you can't do it by listening to podcasts
you can't do it by listening to youtube all day long and you certainly can't do it by
watching uh you know um you know all these shows on netflix the series
novellas because that's time lost man yeah time
lost you have to immerse yourself in this business you have to get around people who are doing this business even
if you're just listening and that's the reason there's so many reasons why people ask me sometimes charles you know
you know i go to the ria and i said man bro you're there to meet people man you're there to listen to the word
listen to some strategies right yeah but you're there to meet people why because when you meet people
you create bonds you create bonds man you're creating
friendships you're it's it's a lot easier to go to an association area rather
and meet a hard money lender there who's going to ask your questions an attorney who does real estate is going to answer your questions right there an insurance
person can ask you questions right there a flipper a contractor people that are doing real estate hard money everything
they're all there are you there and then you want to i don't know you know i don't know what to do if you go
to an association you're just going to sit or stand by yourself look at nobody
that ain't gonna work either bro let me tell you what you gotta do man let me tell you what you gotta do
and i got this from bradley man i gotta give him credit man i got this from bradley i met bradley
last year in may uh at my friend's uh my friend's uh uh event so private
mastermind ricardo rosales he had a lot of big players him and bradley was there and when he did his speech he said this
when i walk into a room i walk into a room like i own them
all eyes on me i'm walking in i'm confident
people know i'm there i'm there to be reckoned and when i with
guess what i'm going to try my best to meet as many people as i can because i
never know who i'm going to meet who's going to change my life i never know who i'm going to meet that's going to make me a
million dollars who's gonna point me in the right direction who's gonna give me a little tip to do something that i didn't know how to do guys
you gotta get around people man you know and and like in my group of lines i love i'm getting to know them and and
it's a really awesome group and and they told him personally and now i'm trying to show them more not just real estate
it's not it's not just about breaking deals down guys i can teach you how to do creative financing subject to's
reverse wholesaling hold i can show you all that stuff but it doesn't work if you don't know
how to put deals together how to put people together it doesn't work man you got it's it's a
it's a whole big system and you got to go if you're going to area you're going to a church
there's there's a pastor up there talking about something you need to be listening about you need to meet the people who are real
right because that's where you meet the people that are real it's the same thing with social media man you're watching social media
and you're watching and you're trying to get you're trying to tune in to someone who's giving the smoke
now on social media it's really easy to get duped you watch long enough
you're gonna be like yeah i need to listen to this guy right here man and that's all you do that's okay
but you gotta engage man a lot of people say you gotta take action that's true you gotta take action when i first met
anthony he was all in he wanted to take action he took action look he built the hype mind him and daniel and and they
got land going they don't say me no land you know but uh yeah
you're saying me no deal i just gotta mess what i'm saying is look how he took action man
you know uh you know you know hey you know i want to get a little personal with everybody
everybody everybody man has it hard even rich people even rich kids have it hard man
so much pressure on them man yeah charlie but they get all this fun stuff yeah man but there's pressure everywhere everyone has pressure man
us being two hispanic boys man we've talked we grew up ugly man we grew up we all
know what growing up ugly is it's a decision you have to make no matter what age you're at
whether you're gonna make a change or not and so like me i i've decided
i'm always talking about get the done i decided you know what man
i used to be in phenomenal shape i've let myself go over the years i'm gonna make i'm gonna do something
about it because if i wanted someone to do something about what i'm telling them how can i do not do something about
something so obvious and i'm putting a big burden on me i'm scared brother i'm gonna tell you right
now i'm admitting to you right now and it is the first time i say this live dude i'm scared man
you know why i'm scared i'm scared that i that that i'll fail i'm scared that i
won't reach the goal that i want to reach i know i'll never look like i used to when i was 185 10 years ago but i
want to commit man i want i want to i want to commit man and that's what i'm asking everybody on
this on on on this on this podcast sorry guys i'm asking i'm asking everybody on this
podcast to commit i'm asking everybody on this podcast admit because um
because if you want this real estate journey you have to get involved and so so i
want i wanted to expand a little bit more here uh anthony if you'll let me please it will say charles i don't know
where to start okay i already gave you i already gave you some information on
where to start get involved start identifying the people you need to
you need to start shaking hands with start putting yourself in areas in
positions in in locations where people are doing what we're talking about right now
that's the start okay where do i go from there charlie there's so much stuff you guys talk about all this stuff yeah
but we've been doing it a long time it just didn't pop in my head overnight
so the easiest two things that people can start with are these if you want to be a real estate agent go
get your license do traditional real estate get really good at that if if you're in contracting
if you know how to remodel house houses start fixing flipping man
and get with somebody who can find your deals if you don't know anything you ain't got no money then your course your
your course of action is is to get into wholesaling let me tell you why wholesaling and flipping is the easiest
way to get into this rei's rei business i'm not talking about subject to's credit financing multi i'm not talking
about none of that stuff right now i'm just talking about let's make some money man does anybody want to make some money here we want to make some money this is how
you get started if you get if you if you learn how to
find deals that you can wholesale okay you're going to make some money because
somebody's going to buy them either bring them to to anthony here he's going to wholesale and probably
send someone else and not me i'm just kidding
or or you're always gonna guys if you've done your homework it doesn't take a long time to know who's who
and you're out there shaking hands i i see ricky here um um once you once you start finding
out who's who you can you can start calling people and saying i got a deal man especially if
you shaking their hands you've learned their name they've seen you smile you've had a drink with them
they're gonna want to talk to you i got a deal man can you help me out nobody wants to help out somebody that
says i can't i don't know it's too hard nobody wants that man nobody wants that
energy so let's get back to what i'm saying if you get if you can learn how to find
wholesale deals then you just find yourself a potential flip man because if you can find wholesale deals
you can sell them make money you can sell the contract make money but at the same time you can say hey i've done a few wholesales i'm
feeling like i can do a flip i've never done one maybe you roll the dice you do it yourself or maybe you've
already met enough people to say hey man can you help me on this deal and now guess what people want to work
with individuals who are doing man nobody wants to work with anybody that
if i got to bring you if i got to get you to call me if i tell you to call me eight you don't call me today
i mean what can i do man my day starts at six in the morning it
is almost at one o'clock at night because this is what i do i love what i do i do it almost seven days a week
drives my wife crazy think about this if you learn how to do a wholesale
you can potentially make money but you can also potentially do a flip because you can either do the flip yourself or
you can or or or you're going to accomplish you go to you're going to come to go no matter what because your
goal is to wholesale to potential flipper or holder
why don't we back it up two seconds uh let's say somebody's watching this for the first time they don't know anything about real estate they don't know how to
find a wholesale deal and you want to go over a couple on those like just a regular guy average joe i've never been
in marketing before how can i find a deal well here here's the thing man
i want to share something with you guys before i tell you what what my position is on that i got a guy
that comes into our office here he buys about three or four houses from literally three four houses i i think
he's slowed down a little bit but he's about maybe three houses a month nice he's from el salvador
he has seventh grade education from el salvador he hardly speaks any english he was here
in the states across the border he watched dishes for seven years and then he started branching out and
working on job sites he worked three jobs and during the day he would go work he would go work uh uh really really
hard just to learn how to do roofs and and not knowing how to do llcs not
knowing the american way not knowing ein number not knowing none of this none of this stuff
looks like a lot of you he started a company and now he has four crews
and he gets he subcontracts for for major builders in town he buys houses from us he lives like in
a 450 house he owes he owns seven houses he's always flipping properties how does somebody from el salvador with
no education nobody here to turn to get that done
okay brother that's my answer to you man my answer to you is this
people over complicate this too much man they're like i don't know i don't know you want me to give it to you you want me to put it on your plate man go get it
man nobody told me how to do it everybody has the luxury right now so
much information online you can get what you want to get brother and so here's here's here's to simplify
it after i told you the story here it is man what i said earlier brother
is you don't have to take a year to do what i just said you don't have to take a year but you need to start engaging with
people man you need to engage with with anthony here you need to go to to his meetings
uh our meeting if you're in san antonio or if you're in dallas go to their meetings anybody you need to start
engaging around people you need to start engaging people who are doing this business and that's how you're going to
start learning man you're going to start church you got to go to church brother real estate on your real estate church real
estate church i always look man i always say look man
if you want god go to church if you want motivation go sign up for tony robbins that's not
me man but but i will say this man if you don't know jack
you didn't know if you were an electrician you know about electricity right but you went to trade school
and you got around guys at the electric uh electrical work and you learn if you're the same thing with a plumber
same thing with a waiter same thing with somebody who's a cpa or an attorney the same thing guys you got to get
around people that do this business you don't have to spend years doing this i gotta i gotta know everything before i
do a deal no i gotta know everybody in the business for five years before i do a deal no you got to get
around people take action and listen and and he to make it easy here it is
brother what you are what you need to concentrate on when you're first getting into rei if you're not going to go
traditional is finding properties you can take down at a
discounted at a discounted uh uh rate how do you find those deals very simple
we focus on tax delinquence we focus on code violations
we focus on no water lists and we focus on probates those are the
most organic lists you can get i hope everybody wrote that down and and why
why because those people got problems they got problems or they're behind on
taxes they got a problem if somebody passed away they got a problem if they got a court violation they got a problem
you see so so so it's not just about i can teach
people how to do numbers all day long put those together but you have to understand how it works so let's just
let me back up over here and and i don't want to take credit cause i heard actually somebody say it before
but i can't give credit to the guy who actually i heard uh say this before because kind of an
but i do like what he what he said and i use it man guys
in today's system you don't actually have to concentrate so much on jeopardy because a new way of doing things you
can learn how to market on social media you can do ppc you can do a lot of creative stuff but at its at its most
raw form if you concentrate on jeopardy people who have problems and properties
who have problems and a lot of times people tell me the same thing charles that's the same thing if you if you find people
who are like here in san antonio they get orders they got to go and there's a way to do that they have properties they gotta leave
behind if you find people who have lost their jobs if you if you find individuals who have
passed away who are getting divorced who are going through bankruptcy most likely you're going to find people who have
properties because you found somebody who has a problem if you concentrate on properties that have problems tax delinquents you know
cold violations no waters fire damage you're gonna find people who own those properties
so you focus on one or the other and you're gonna find you know the properties or you're gonna find the
people once you do that you got to have some type of understanding of how to make these
offers and how to connect with people at its most raw form at its most raw form if you could do this
hello anthony hey my name is charles
and i was passing through this neighborhood i saw this property at 123 main street
i think you're the owner brother i'm really interested in buying it man would you would you would you be open to selling
it if you're the owner that's it guys i know individuals who are paying two three four five ten
thousand dollars for that you wanna learn you wanna pay ten thousand dollars call me up and i'm
going to teach you some badass how to do deals but guys that's how simple it is that's how simple it is
the only reason it's hard is because you haven't done it you haven't done it enough you got to get on the horn you got to get you got to make a lot of
calls and everybody's different everybody's different you got to make a lot of calls so you can feel comfortable
we're talking to someone you know i've had people tell me can i cuss on this thing please do
i've had people tell me man f you back a week later they'll be like man
and i tell you f you man and i'm like you know what anthony man you're right man me man
me man i'm sorry man but i get it man and you know what sometimes
people just start laughing man yeah because most people are not psychopaths
most people are not narcissists and most people can only hate for so long man at
some point they're gonna break and if you understand the psychology of people that they cannot
be in that mode all the time at some point man if you are persistent you're gonna be the one to get the deal
yep my follow-up is so important man follow follow follow follow-up and um
anyways i wanna i wanna i wanna i wanna i hope i have to quit your question i wanna go into the sequence because i
think this help people so if you're like well i don't know really know what to do this is how
simple it is guys your first step it should be to ask for the address if you don't know it
and and if you have a computer you should be looking up the address on the uh here in san antonio on the cat
or the assessor or even zillow or redford just look it up man so you can verify what he's saying and
you can understand what you're looking at as you're talking to and then you're going to be at you're going to ask if you're looking at if
you're looking at the appraisal district you're going to see who maybe he's not even the owner hey why did he uh man
remember you always something you got to learn guys this is part of real estate any kind of sales tonality how to talk
how to how to you know weave through the conversation listen to me i'm always in character guys
hey anthony um hey brother i see the property at 123 main street um
you said you were the owner yes sir because i see here uh deborah garcia who
is she brother that's my ex-wife yeah see you see but you understand how how i kind of i i
if if he's not looking at me the only thing he can do is hear me and if the only thing he can hear me
if i'm saying hey anthony uh man do you own this property man it just
he has to be he has to want to engage with me guys so anyways just that's just more advanced stuff i'm just let me let
me go through the sequence so i'm going to ask hey who owns the property you know and and who's on title
and and he says that's mike's wife okay hey did you guys uh you guys have a divorce degree did who's the property
awarded to you see now i'm asking questions if he says no she passed away okay was there a will has it been
probated oh what did you pass away four years ago okay you know uh
i'm not an attorney but wheels are usually only good for like four years so most likely we're going to have to do after there's a worship do you know if
she had any you had kids kids or she had any family members or anything so now you're asking questions once you get all
that out of the way now you know a little bit about the property and a little bit about them the next thing you're going to jump to
is occupancy because there's someone the property is it functional if it's functional
and it's paid off i'm thinking credit financing because if i can turn that property into making money then i'm
thinking already terms if there's a mortgage no there's a mortgage i'm thinking subject to if it's free and clear
i gotta keep digging nah man it's been making for five years i'm thinking what yeah are the elements
in the property see guys you gotta learn stuff man and this is and even if you didn't notice a lot of it's common sense
so then my next step is condition most people most people are taught this
in classroom what's the interior when you should be thinking this fix things
guys roof foundation electrical plumbing hvac what's the other one structural
those are my most important things because they cost the most money and then i'm going to ask about the
inside the the the inside of the property and this is how you do this guys if it's a newer home you can say
you know three four five years you probably know unless something happened you probably know that uh maybe the roof
is good the foundation is good you probably know that electrical the plum is good right the only thing really
question is the hvac you should always guess about that but if you're dealing with a home that's
1920 looks like you're going to appear then you know
so you got to ask about plumbing you got to ask about you got to ask about the electrical you got to ask when was the
roof last change you got to ask about this is there any ac in it you got to ask questions
but you have to understand what you're looking at and you did that when you first got on the call because you're looking at the property you're seeing
the age of the property you gotta you're getting a pretty good look at it online hopefully the picture up to date
and then you should say hey do you have access to property are you in the property can i get a few you know five or six photos of the inside you know the
kitchen bathroom brother you don't need to ask all those questions or you gotta take five or six pictures
you already know what you know because you know what's online and you know what he told you oh so it's 1990
home uh do you know if the roof has been changed anytime well i don't know sir
i think it was changed like 20 years ago how you know he's a roof man
so so what's the next thing guys why do we do this because your goal as
you learn strategies in real estate is to do this
learn how to identify the deal that you're trying to do is it a wholesale
is it a hotel is it a sub 2 is it a is there a potential sub to urban b or
direct airbnb is it functional can it be a creative finance deal can it be innovation worst case scenario hey if
you don't have a real estate company but you know real estate agent can you refer to a real estate agent for an mls we have a real estate company here so we do
that once you learn how to identify deals and you know all this information
then you know how to get into deals and then and then that's when the other good stuff the other stuff starts what's the
other stuff i really don't know how to do his contract well call anthony call me that's somebody else what
guess what i'm going to tell you something and did he correct me if i'm wrong brother but i like i know you like
to keep it real so do i let me tell you something everybody who's listening it's a lot easier for someone who knows
what they're doing who would love to help you and you call them and you got the juice
you got the ice you got the glass you got the juice you got everything it's very hard for me to stop what i'm
doing to look up the property to be like okay uh did you get did you ask this what about this uh there's a
will did you ask about the you see that's what takes time guys and people who are in this business who
are already doing it they're moving quick it's not that they don't want to help they want to help
some people charge for helping that's cool some people will jv with you but what
they can't do is stop their production at a hundred percent to do your deal at 50
and i want to just keep that real there buddy because that's what people need to understand it's not that nobody wants to help i
help all the time there's nobody online that can sat on help because i talk to people at 12 o'clock tonight i talk to people six in the morning at 12 in the
morning i always try to help as much as i can but everything i share today is about
building yourself up to put yourself in a position
to be around the individuals who will lead you the right way man and even even if they're not the right people you're
going to be able to identify whether those deals should be done a certain way or not because if it smells bad it is
bad you should stay awake that's my thing today bro that's what i wanted to talk about today i hope i hope uh
i hope i brought smoke today but that's my thing today man dude lots of good stuff that you uh talked about right now
so i should have been taking notes but i think probably one of the biggest ones that i like is getting around the people
that are doing it right if you don't know what to do if you don't know where to go if you don't know how to find a deal if you don't even know what a deal
is maybe you're watching this right now and you don't even know what the heck we're talking about um getting around the people that are actually doing it
you know and that was an amazing analogy that i've never heard anybody use before but it's like yeah the people that are always at church they know all the
scriptures they know what to say they can quote a verse you know from the back of their mind same thing like you're just talking about right now identifying
is it a sub 2 deal what kind of deal is that you know and i think that's getting around that i'm sure you guys cover all
that in the alliance yeah man you know we cover a lot of stuff man we go the alliance is a very
advanced uh alliance man it's a it's an advanced real estate platform you know um we do
cover some you know we do cover the the basics and and i got some individuals in there that i just started that i've
actually talked to the really good people across some of this stuff's going on my head i said but you know what
let me tell you something you are laying the seeds for your for for your curve to be to your learning curve to be
shortened very quickly man because you're putting yourself in a position to actually listen to guys that are doing
this though and so i'm very proud of everybody in alliance you know we're hoping to grow that group you know where where we can
really get people to level up and do deals but the other day man you can't get anybody to do deals they don't want to do deals you know but i wanted to
talk about today um was this man i wanted i wanted i usually just go straight into data and
systems and tactics and break stuff down but i thought it was important man to
share with people that um that that it's not hard man it's not hard it's it's painstaking
you got to have a lot of patience um if you come from a nine to five you got
to understand that you're not going to get that check at friday or monday
and you and you have to understand that your efforts today what you're doing right now what we're doing right now
everything we do everything anything i do for example and other guys like us they're in the business full-time
it's one step one link that leads to something else we don't know what it is going to be
we know it's a lot of deals we got popping but we don't know who's going to call us up with a deal we don't know who's going
to call us up with the with one of our uh to purchase one of our deals we don't know who's listening to us
every little thing that we do guys it's just another link in what we're doing
and and if you can embrace that at whatever level you're at and then build from
there then you will end up doing deals and i gave i gave you guys that example of this gentleman from el salvador so that
everybody could understand nobody has an excuse nobody has an excuse can't speak english no connections no
contacts dudes buying three houses a month and he lives in a 450 for like 450
dollar house right here off of uh you know jackson keller and uh they zabala that neighborhood back there
you know he's a really good guy man he actually went back he actually went back to el salvador a few months ago and he
got caught up over there and he called us up and we we made a really good relationship with him we ran his show
man we ran the show for about three months till he got back you know you know keeping up with with properties and stuff but
look what he did by default by being a people person he was able to hook up with us we're like we got you man
you take care of us you buy from us you bring people that buy from us we got you and we take care of his business for
three months so anybody out there man if you're feeling alone i'll repeat this again
there's a lot of stuff that i covered right now if you're feeling alone
take a your self-portrait look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this question did i talk about realist do i want to do
real estate did i talk about real estate today did i study real estate today did i talk
to somebody about real estate today am i around people who are doing real estate did i go somewhere to do something about
real estate and if you didn't then you already know that you're the problem and you got to take care of it
you got to make some changes because this is what you want that's what it takes man that's what it takes
you got you know you can't do this half fast not you can't be successful doing this how fast you got to go all in man
if you go all in you'll have success i think it's kind of how i got started
you know i didn't i didn't know anything never been to a title company never been to a closing never owned anything before and uh i went ahead and did the work i
understood marketing you know so i had an advantage coming in but i came in with a deal you know when i came into your office i'm like i gotta lead here i
need help i don't even know what to do with it you know so getting around the people that know what they're doing
making it happen taking action even if you don't know what to do it's as simple as this man for even finding your first deal finding a deal
something that people are overlooking is even just posting on your facebook stories and your instagram stories
saying hey i'm trying to buy some real estate i'm looking for some land i'm looking for a house i'm looking for a mobile home it could be that simple you
know i've gotten inbox messages on messenger that turn into a hundred grand you know just from just from actively posting on social
saying hey i'm looking for something to buy so you can do that it's free and that's taking action
yeah man it's just it's just it you don't have to overcomplicate it man it can be as simple as hey just
making a post and say look it's as simple as being at a uh at a um
home depot like i'm back in my shirt you see you see what it says
here but i can see you gotta i see you got a logo back there it says real estate investor nice
anywhere i'm at i'm always branding what i do if you notice i'm usually branding unless you
know unless i go out with my wife or some old branding if i'm at home people people be like oh you buy real estate because they see my
my little thing in the back no matter where i'm at i'm always i'm always letting people subconsciously know that
that's what i do and and even if i didn't know anything
i i would i would be able if i knew these other federal fundamentals that i just shared with you guys
if i knew somebody somebody oh and somebody passed away you want to sell a house okay you know what i am interested what's your number what's your what's
your address anthony i got a deal over here man this is what i know so far
and and and guess what if you're the type of guy who's not just going to call anthony with an address but you're going to call
him with specifics you're going to call him with a little bit of groundwork chances are
that he's going to stop what he's doing he's going to be like you know what let's look at this deal man and and that's how you learn guys you know if
you you know you don't you don't have to go don't have to study this for five seven eight ten years before you do a deal
you know the most important part that i told you was what i just told you get involved get involved with the people that are doing it
do as much homework as you can you know somebody will send me an address and they're like hey you know let's talk to
this seller i'm like what'd they say well i don't know you have zero information they just have an address whether people even sell it i don't know
so it's like i'd rather somebody call me and they say hey this one's messed up it's going into foreclosure but one of
the brothers doesn't want to sign and when they start telling me that there's three four or five problems with the deal like the more my interest level
starts to go up i'm like let's get these people on the phone something's about to happen right here uh instead of the opposite yeah where they don't have
anything at all and it's just like you're right like i would have to sit down and do 30 minutes or 45 minutes of due diligence before we decide should we
even call them but if you as a new person you can call and you can gather all of the information in a few minutes
and then bring that to us and it makes our job really simple you know we can tell you if we're interested within minutes yeah and that's how you learn guys
everybody who's listening here i wish everybody the best um i know i get a little
i get a little you know a little excited sometimes man but man i just don't know what no other way
to give people the juice man when i'm giving when i'm sharing stuff with people man i get to feel it man
and and i ain't thought it's real and they can do it everybody can do it man everybody can make a change you know
yeah i've seen a lot of new people that get started and you can kind of tell right away who's going to make it and who's
not uh some people come in and they're tinkering and they're just kind of messing with it asking a few questions and then they disappear we never see
them again but then you'll see somebody that comes on board they're not getting too much traction but they're working every day they're working every day
they're showing up every day they're sending me messages how do you look looking at properties and i can already tell like this guy's gonna make it it's
been a while it's been two months and the guy's still working his tele i already know it's about to happen with those people
you know um i've trained a lot of people here in my office and i've lost a lot of good people because you know they go on their
way you know and everybody deserves to go on their way you know i don't have
employees here but it works with us not for us there's an exchange of value we're uh
somewhat mentoring everybody here you know that's what we do because if you're in hbhs we're mentoring you but but we
expect productivity from you we expect you to to ask everything of yourself because
that's what we're here to do we're here to exchange value to make money together um you know i i i've had some individuals
man in the past that that took them a minute man it took them a minute it took them a minute to get to really get it
down one foot in one foot out but it never fails man sometimes somebody
would just surprise me one day six months later eight months later i got one kid here i won't identify him
but he's been with me for three years and for the life of me man the first two years i just felt really bad man i feel
really bad because i just felt like man he never gonna get it and all of a sudden he's monster
like just i just pulled him over about six months ago i said bro i said i see a whole change in you something's
definitely different dude you gotta just go with it and now he's one of our best guys here man and and and
oh so everyone out there listening man it's up to you um brother if you have another question
for me i'll go into it i don't care if it's that technical or anything but but what i wanted to drop here today that's
what i wanted to drop i wanted to give it to you i wanted to give it to your people and and i just wanted to i just
wanted to bring some massive value today i always bring in the fire man i'll tell you uh i've been following hbhs and
charles and mike for a very long time for a few years since i got started and i i guess we kind of went our
separate ways i had you know started doing my own stuff i went up into the land game you guys are sticking in the house game
and uh but i saw you on instagram i was barbecuing my parents are right here i was barbecuing
in my parents house on the front porch and uh i just randomly i opened up i think instagram and it said uh charles
is going live so i put on my headphones and i'm just barbecuing and you were giving a talk and uh every time you would say
something i was like damn i've never heard that before never heard that before never heard that before like dang these guys are on dude so that's what
made me like kind of like i started thinking about you again messaging you again like just kind of getting re-engaged because when you feel like
you have heard it all before you feel like you have been to every seminar and every everything i'm like you guys are
still pumping out the content that sets you aside from everybody else man so yeah super honored to be working with
you and learning from you again and like kind of being back in the saddle because i know you're going to bring the heat in
so we're planning on doing this what are we doing bi-weekly every two weeks i think we're doing bi-weekly but i mean
um you know we can always do a pop-up you know um okay i'm uh um i you know
the most important thing to me man is to be around people and to be and to be associated with people
who who are thinking about other people yeah i've made a lot of mistakes in my life anthony i've shared some with you
when i leave this planet one day man i want to know that i i help people change that that i changed some life you
can't take nothing with you man you can't take the rolex with you you can't take you know
go with you you can't i mean you might take it to them to the damn uh hole
but you can't take it with you man and so you guys are out there watching man anthony's a humble guy i'm a humble guy
don't buy into all the noise i mean it's if you make the money you want to buy the lambos you know i should that's that's awesome i salute you
but don't let that stuff don't measure yourself up to that you got to measure yourself up to yourself man and be happy
with that and keep pushing if you're not happy you gotta keep pushing all right i gotta ask a question man can
we talk about march 29th let's do it
and then after this i guess we'll get to some questions i see a couple questions in the chat so anybody feel free to pop your questions in there we'll get to
those after this yeah so so i mean uh i'll ask some questions now and then we'll do the we'll do the the march 29th
twice okay well guys you guys are listening on march 29
okay because let me tell you san antonio you know why san antonio got a big a nfl team
because they say we're in a big market that hurts my heart although we're championship city right
a lot of champions here there's some good people in this town that know some real man
but the problem is that you know not everybody's listening man not everybody's listening
on march 29 at the home buy home selling association
which the hive will be there and they're actually uh they're actually going to be sponsoring
uh some of them leads there i don't know how many people are going to be there i hope people i hope we get
a pack house but we're going to turn that whole thing into a massive
border room slash hustle zone that's what we call it here the hustle zone everybody is going to get on their phone
we're going to have leads everybody's going to call i'm going to have my team there most likely the hybrid is going to
back me up i'm sure you guys are gonna you raise your hand like it's bingo that means you got somebody on the
phone we're gonna close some deals well we're gonna get some contracts we're going to run through his pitch as
you're going to make money you're going to be able to jb with us and make money if the deal makes 10 if it makes 20 if
it makes 50 guys you guys are going to make fabulous money we're going to do this for two hours we're going to make it happen we're
gonna just turn that whole thing into a massive boiler room so if if you have never wholesaled
you don't know jack about real estate you just want to go you just want to try you've never bingoed but you want to go
to bingo guess what guys on march 29th
you need to be there man you need to be there even if you're experienced you need to be there let me tell you something i think i
think we may be i think we may want to put this on the map here in san antonio brother with the hives no i think we can
do this put it on the map here in san antonio and do a marathon one day maybe in a few months the whole day
or two days let's get everybody paid let's get everybody into contracts let's make some money man i don't know how to
do it we'll get your ass down there and let's figure it out and let's make some money what do you think about that anthony one of the best ideas i've ever
heard in real estate so you can you can watch all the trainings you can go to all the seminars and sit there and be
quiet so hbhs has designed a live boiler room so you're going to be big audience
of course all the tables all the chairs same thing got the big screens up but you're going to be there to do deals
you're not going to be there to just sit and listen passively in text messaging you raise your hand
you say i got somebody on the phone i need some help the hammers are going to come in and help you close it brother what i got
what i got i haven't even told you man i haven't even told you what i got in mind you
this this is just we're just going at it this time well i gotta remind you to something much bigger man
but i'm talking about let's put on for san antonio let's put on for texas anybody anybody who wants to come is
welcome but if you're in the area and you've been thinking about man i don't know what this everybody's talking
about this i want to make some money i want to do it if you're not there man then they you know you just let yourself
down you need to get down there look up our flyer i don't know if you guys have it but uh but um
we're gonna make it happen we're gonna try really hard to get some people into contracts contracts don't close right
away guys it takes a few take a couple weeks but we can get some people paid man um i think that'll be a great thing for
everybody man dude people paid thousands of dollars just to go sit there and listen and nothing else right to come to
these kinds of events so you're coming there to make money i don't know if i've ever been to a seminar that pays you for showing up
well it's really gonna have to work for not to trade man you know what i don't know
it says there's no free lunch so we're gonna be watching everybody if you're on the phone and you're like uh
i'm gonna have one of my guys there you're gonna be like hey get it done and as soon as you get somebody on the phone that's interested all you have to
do is raise your hand and somebody's gonna be there to help you with god's help we'll get some we're gonna get some contracts we're gonna
make some money and if we can blow it up even bigger anthony i know we got to talk i got an
idea man i want to share with you dude we need to talk in person because i think
i think we could do something big bigger bigger than 29 so something something amazing is about to
happen and uh there's something that charles and myself have been talking about for a long time it's like everybody's in competition i feel like
in this business everybody is like are us versus them but i think when it's we when we start to collaborate when we
come up with ideas share our ideas share strategies i wasn't thinking about no live you know uh
boiler room just like that right but i'm glad to be a part of it i'm glad we were invited i'm glad to help sponsor some leads um i think when
we joined forces man not only hbhs and hive mind but everybody that's listening to this right now
if you want to get around somebody that's taking action that's innovating that's creating new pathways
this is where you want to be you know we've seen this happen i guess in other states right i'm not going to name no names but this is for texas man you know
hey we want everybody man anybody in the whole country you're invited but you know what
i just wanna know one thing man i'm gonna have to call you out of here man please do is
is the hive open to running
hot sms that day all day long so the people
who show up to the boiler can have fresh fresh sms leads that they can call
i'll tell you what man we have uh we have something up our sleeve right now but i'll commit one million records to
this marathon it's not a marathon yet man
but let me tell you something man if you guys show up san antonio texas you guys show up
i think meeting this man right here we are open to doing a marathon man let's light it up man and i'm talking
about we're gonna bring all the players who will get the deals done we got all the people already we got the attorneys
we got the title companies we got the insurance people there we got the hard money lenders there we got people with
money there we got the hive we got hbhs dan i mean uh uh anthony daniel oh
this is gonna be good man so i'm really glad is this gonna go live before the 29th i think we're live right
so now let's answer some questions and then i'll talk to you guys about alliance but uh i'm really excited about the 29th man
i really i'm really excited i hope everybody on this on this uh on this podcast will
visit us there so what are the questions brother all right let's see if anybody has any
questions feel free to please pop them into the chat now i'm going to scroll back and see if i can find some in here and then uh daniel says we're giving
away one year of hive mind subscription fourthly to an attendee that comes to
the hbhs live event one year free crm does text messages records your phone
calls puts you into contact with people saves all of your contacts your buyers everything um oh not the first person who gets a
contract gets the gets a year yeah
i love it okay all right we'll probably throw some cash prizes out there too make it even more interesting
cool man what do anybody have questions a season somebody asked a question earlier um
you can do it charles people want you to get they want you to they're committing you on your fitness journey man i can't wait to see that too
i i myself too i've been slacking too so i'm just getting back into it as well are the meetings available online i
guess they're meaning uh the alliance meetings and possibly the hive mind meetings okay so
the the on the 29th when we say live i'm talking about
everybody that's there there's 200 people there there's gonna be 200 people calling that's live wholesaling you're going to
have players in the in the in the room in the event center who do host
sitting who do all type of real estate there to help you uh my team especially and i'm sure the
hive of course they're gonna jump in and uh and we're gonna be helping everybody is there now
we are working on possibly taking the thing actually live like really like so that's another thing
we're working on now i will say this i'm actually also working on on having alliance
actually go live with us uh so they'll be able to watch the association the association will be able
to watch them on the screens i'm gonna have somebody uh one of my guys with them and they're gonna go
they're gonna jump on the boiler also but it's gonna be a virtual boiler and so this thing i'm a man
this thing's gonna be crazy man so so with your help anthony i think we can turn this into something
bigger man but but let's just talk about 29th worth okay dude we're going to be a lifetime sponsor of the hbhs alliance
event here monthly in san antonio so lifetime sponsorship from us and then looking forward to many more
partnerships and a lot more collaboration because i think we're headed in the same direction lots of parallels again zero competition if
somebody in the high mind brings you guys a whole handful of sub two deals well i love it man that's what we're here for we're here to see everybody
went um can we use the hive mind for sms and if so what's the rate um yes you can use
it for sms uh there's two different plans if you're on the lower plan it's like two and a half cents if you're on the higher plan it's like less than a
penny uh and don't quote me on that but that's that's roughly it what's up vince see
vincent was on here i'm still here i think that was it for the questions actually i thought there was more questions popping up
um if anybody's still here um you want to let them know you know we
do run a private group called alliance uh the association alliance is two different things the association is in
person live events every month and uh alliance
is actually a very private advanced real estate investing uh community that we're
building and if you if you've been wanting to know you know all things sub 2 reverse
wholesaling hopefully you know uh created finance team that's what we do
and so we don't just talk about putting those together but we also talk about you know how to uh you know how to get
out of deals how to get into deals how to find deals it's a lot of stuff that we're doing in there man we're going to build it it's going to alliance is
actually going to become the corner a cornerstone of hbhs we believe in it we believe in the people that are in it and uh we believe
that a lot of a lot of the stuff that we've been doing we can bring to them and uh and level everybody up in there
so if anybody wants want more information on alliance or if you wanna if you wanna talk to us
personally you can give us a call you know send us a message um i don't know if daniel can put up the link but that's
our link to join the line if you want to join alliance and yeah right there it's on the screen now i hope i'll see some of you guys in
there man if you if you want more if you want more advanced stuff that's what we do so yeah very advanced stuff again i
don't care what class you've taken what you've been exposed to in real estate so far uh i've been immersed in it for over
three years like like obsessed with it right like we talked about at the beginning of this uh this meeting and uh
i've been i've been immersed in it 100 for over three years and then with that stuff that i heard you saying on that
live on instagram i've never heard it anywhere before i don't know that's why i said maybe it's behind the thirty or a fifty thousand dollar paywall we're
teaching that kind of stuff but it's definitely not going around right now you haven't heard the stuff that uh uncle charles hbhs and the alliance is
pumping out well thank you man we've we've uh we have a large scope of work
and um you know i i'm very humble about it i don't i'm not a boastful type of guy but
i always tell everybody you know if you're going to learn from anybody pick whoever you want but at
least do your due diligence and bet the individuals i'm not saying anybody that just drove up it's not good that's not what i'm
saying what i'm saying is you know you want to be making you want to make sure you're getting the right information from individuals who have
done a lot of deals who can tell you how to stay out of the weeds other than that if nobody has questions then uh brother
unless you got something else for me man um no i see a question here hbhs is not
a lender we're not lenders but you can't get your deal
funded by partnering with selling the deal to you guys yeah it is a capital source not a lender
so but yeah a lot of deals man we close a lot of deals we buy a lot of deals we credit finance a lot of deals we have a
lot of private investors we we deal with a lot of hard money lenders you don't have to be a lender or you
don't even have to have your pockets full of cash to do deals you got to know the right people yeah so that's that's one thing i wanted to mention real quick
if anybody's brand new you don't necessarily need to have a lender in place you don't necessarily need to have capital in your pocket to be able to do
a deal again you do the front end homework ask the seller um if they want to sell what the situation is and then
you bring it to somebody that's been in the game for a little while uh preferably somebody that's kind of out there that makes themselves public that
other people know about look he just walked in whoa what's up man
no pop right on in here come say hi man you're already here yeah robertson stopped by the office today hey brother
how are you so robert how you doing man i love what you're sharing i was watching you earlier thank you for
saying the truth bro so i i greatly appreciate you thank you thank you so much
so no man i guess that's pretty much it for today um we can uh definitely if we
want to get some topics going for the next time see what we're gonna dive into again i think bi-weekly is fine uh i
would say yeah like you said and then we could do pop-ups in between maybe even push this thing to weekly depending on how everything lays out and then we'll
go from there sounds good sounds good everybody thank you for uh thank you for uh being on the spot today
and uh i appreciate the hive having us on here uh we're we're trying to work together to to bring
uh people you know real stuff you know real information it takes a lot of work guys behind the
scenes everybody's running their own companies everybody has to make money to feed their families to keep their businesses going this extra stuff that we do
it's it's just it's just so we can reach more people man and that's what you should be doing too you should try to
reach more people uh whether you're doing it with a handshake whether you're doing it by visiting an
association or meeting a meet-up it takes work but if you put in the work you're going
to get the results amen and i think that the the biggest thing is that this all goes full circle
right so you as a senior investor somebody that really knows what they're doing that's been in the game forever
you're teaching the new people and then even as a new person you know you can start teaching people that are newer than you
um so you're always constantly paying the information forward trying to make yourself valuable and no matter where
you are in your journey and i think that leads to a lot of big things lots of good connections and ultimately leads to
more more profit more real estate more fun stuff
the show is sponsored by the list guys do you need more leads in your local or
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we appreciate you being on here charles thank you so much man we look forward to seeing you next time thank you bro thanks for bringing the fire
thank you