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March 22, 2022

Ep 142- Creating A Better Future With Hivemind

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hey we're here with joe rotella out of nashville tennessee we're gonna talk about crypto and some business stuff and
some just finding your passion stuff going i think it's pretty interesting we're not we're gonna have a conversation with that but joseph tell
us a little bit what were you from what you do uh what your passions are and how did you end up doing podcasts that's crazy
sure thanks and daniel thanks for having me on i really appreciate it um i born and raised in chicago uh
first 27 years of my life moved to phoenix stayed there for about four years and then wound up in nashville i've been out here about 10 years now
dude music stuff all my life just passion of mine so it brought me to nashville with music brought audio
so i got into doing audio stuff things like that recording my own music and it opened up a whole new world for me which then led
into podcasting and learning how to do all that and all the aspects of it and in came crypto
back in like 2016 2017 heard this thing about bitcoin you know back when the financial crisis
happened in 2009 but like didn't like i don't know what it was so i waited a few
years 2016 hit i was going through a divorce um and i was starting to like
branch out a little bit with like my thinking process and triggered into crypto again and so
bitcoin was at like 900 bucks and i was like ah whatever i'm just gonna throw some money at it what's the worst they
can do and i learned a little bit about it because i got the electrum wallet which is uh
is a hot storage that you keep on your desktop so which we could get into a little bit of it for like beginners but i kept it in
this electrum wall on my desktop had it there for like a year and met a good friend of mine now he's
one of my best friends and he was really into crypto and started dialoguing back and forth about it
and it just opened up and triggered my mind to being like what is this thing and it made me
have to take a different perspective of what's the big deal about this crypto thing and it was it's extremely intense to
understand it all because it's so there's complexity to it that is difficult but if you can
narrow it down and digest it a little bit easier then that makes it much much more easier to digest um well that got
me started down with knowing how to do podcasts i started the crypto 101 podcast which is what
i wanted to teach people i don't make any money off of it and it's like basically i had friends and family
asking about stuff and i'm like i know most of this stuff so why don't i just put it down but in small segmented
episodes so they're like eight to ten minute episodes because i don't want to overwhelm people because the minute you
start overwhelming people with information they shut down they don't want to hear it at least in my perspective of the
average person so i started this podcast to teach people that
you don't have to like it but it's here and you better learn about it because
this is where the industry is going and a lot of people especially in america are stubborn to it and the older
generation especially because they're so used to it but that's kind of sorry i know that was long-winded but that's kind of my
my overall and i have a multimedia background with like graphic design video editing stuff so all that
encompassed with like putting it into the podcast and just kind of creating it and it's branched out and
it's allowed me to network with people like you and other podcasters who are who are interested in this and want like
detailed information from the bot like you can get analysts telling you all this random stuff and it's like
you have to dumb it down and not in a negative way just allow people to process it so that it
does become more of a larger picture for them if that makes sense so
it's uh i had a kind of practice on the yesterday this is that you have to make it make sense in plain english first yes
in your language of crypto yes exactly that is exactly it yes because most people don't know don't
speak the language so they've been in it for a little bit so you kind of have to like break it down so let's talk about let's talk about crypto why people see
value and it disputes between fiat and cryptocurrency like what's the difference sure so
you have so fiat currency like your regular dollar bills are centralized they're
located they're centralized with the federal reserve and the treasury if you're in the united states so
that's a central government entity that says we are the ones that are going to distribute and monitor and keep all
financial whatever it is and for those that don't know the federal reserve is a private bank we don't know who
actually technically owns the federal reserve there's you know people that are in control of it that we don't know
so satoshi nakamoto who is the bitcoin creator we don't know if that's a person
or a group of people because it's they've been anonymous since the beginning but they
found basically when the financial crash happened in 2008-2009 they didn't want a
centralized government anymore controlling the system itself so they saw bitcoin as
a way of allowing this to be decentralized which is where we get into crypto as a
decentralized currency that basically means there is no central
point for anybody to hack so to speak so like the federal reserve gets attacked all
the time with cyber attacks trying for the financial stuff and there's been a few that have been successful
the decentralization of it allows so cryptocurrency allows every user that
uses let's we're just gonna use bitcoin because it's the easiest one to understand it's a decentralized network
as in there is no central point it's all connected with anybody that's connected to bitcoin's blockchain so like i have
bitcoin my buddy over in downtown nashville has it people across the world have it so all of those
make up a loca like a decentralized ledger basically in a way and we all
hold a key that is pretty much unhackable you have to hack 51 of the network instead of just
one entity they would have to hack 51 of the users that are using bitcoin and the more
users that pile in that's the more nodes that are overall encrypting the blockchain from
being hacked so it's uh power numbers power numbers exactly and
there is no entity that is in control of it so basically
they can change like like they're they're it's called the white paper um the white paper is basically any
diagram not like a a description of what the the cryptocurrency is do like what
it what it stands for basically like every coin has that and bitcoin started that and in that white paper you know
they'll tell you specifically what it entails and that includes with blockchain
that has protocols now protocols have to go on what we call consensus with the network consensus
means all those nodes or all those users have to agree and come to a consensus that
something can be like done or a transaction is is viable
or you know like they have to verify information for it to go through and that's kind of the underlying thing with
crypto is it's a decentralized network it makes everybody have to like work together in
it there's no central entity that can say we're going to fund this thing but we're
not going to fund this thing because that's not how it works you know it's not a it doesn't it doesn't allow that
which makes it really cool sorry i didn't mean to but that's what makes it really cool so yeah
the checks and balances of it is that make sure nothing nothing can be nothing can manipulate it because i think it's one of the biggest things about the fed
is like oh everybody there's the the head of the place the currency for the interest rates and all this stuff and everything
goes into it nobody can manipulate the crypto space yeah it's not their own separate thing if somebody wanted to buy crypto what is
like the at least past the resistance because i've i i definitely need crypto like a
year traffic a year two years ago and i kind of i was doing it and i'm like i was taking too much of my time so
i kind of backed off a little bit sure but um what's that what's the easiest path to resist if someone want to buy bitcoin sure so initially you do have to
have like a wallet it's a digital wallet which basically means it allows you to store crypto on
whether it's there's hot storage and cold storage hot storage means it's connected to the internet so it's either
on your desktop or it's a usb stick that stays connected to your computer cold storages i have cold storage all my
friends that are in crypto have cold storage it basically means you stick it in you download the crypto and then you
pull it off and you keep it in like a safe or something so that it can't be removed or anything like that
reason i'm saying that is how you get it is you have to have a wallet and then so like you use a coin exchange
that's kind of the simplest way of getting it so like and i'm gonna get probably major hate for this because so
many people hate coinbase but for new users coinbase is one of the easiest ones to use
until you get familiar with it and then there's finance cracking there's all these other coin exchanges that are
probably better than coinbase but if you're starting off it's a good the interface is really easy to use it's
it's easy to navigate so i'm i always suggest that just because it's the easiest one to get started with
in my opinion it's the robin hood of crypto yes yes i hate robin hood for crypto but
anyway i don't know but if the robin is like the the engine yes for people it allows yes it allows people to have more
access to it in an easier way it's an easy platform to navigate for newbies to get into
so you go to a coin exchange it's going to ask you to like for certain information about you it's going
to ask for an atm card or a debit card credit card because you basically have to purchase crypto from a coin exchange
you have to transfer some type of currency now you could trade if you have like ripple or
ethereum you can trade that for a bitcoin or for a certain portion of bitcoin
you can take us dollars from your debit card and transfer that through the coin exchange
and it'll give you whatever type of coin i forget how many coins are in coinbase but right now like in terms of the
overall cryptocurrency market there's thousands of coins right now like so you can
possibly you know there's so many to go through so that's the easiest way of doing it is
going through a coin exchange putting in your information and then getting the coin off of there
and and bringing it off another way of doing it let's say you and i both have
cryptocurrency or or you decided to buy a wallet i have bitcoin and you're like i'll tell you what
send me cryptocurrency but we know each other so you're gonna just give me the 20 and say here give me 20 in bitcoin
i can still send you that through our digital wallets all via the internet and that's another way of getting
cryptocurrency it's a peer-to-peer transaction there is no that's the beautiful part of decentralization
there is no middleman to this there's no central bank there's no bank i am the bank you are the bank we hold
our money in our wallet and we are the ones that transfer those funds without any middleman between us
and that's i like that because like um everybody is trying to collect that middleman fee paypal
uh the banks the wire transfer like everybody's trying to collect that middleman no matter how minimal it may
seem but they do it thousands for thousands of people and like until the crypto totally cuts that out uh one
thing a lot i know i didn't understand this i reason i asked this because i didn't understand this when i first started is that i i had coinbase when it
first started and i bought stuff on coinbase oh you need to transfer that to your wallet
because i always kept the straight up straight on the exchange what's the importance of keeping it in a wallet
versus on the exchange itself like finance or coinbase or anything like that sure so people you'll hear people
say basically you can keep it on a coin exchange like i i have i don't buy other
coins i kind of do this like coinbase has a really cool thing where you can just earn coins if you want to like
learn about them so i'll learn about coins and you earn free coins as you learn about them so i keep some like
their small portion amount where i'm like i'm just going to trade these into bitcoin and then pull them off
the reason you should pull them off of a coin exchange if you have a lot like a significant amount on there
because the coin exchange can get hacked that's totally different than the blockchain getting hacked that's where a
lot of people are like well coinbase got hacked and 30 million dollars with the cryptocurrency was gone
so therefore it doesn't that's the coin exchange is totally different than
you know an individual like it than the blockchain itself they think that the coin exchange is the blockchain it's not
so most people this is like the big big slogan in cryptocurrency not your keys not your
coin so you want to keep your encryption keys off the exchanges because if that
exchange can get hacked your cryptocurrency can go with it because you're keeping it in a hot
storage wallet that's connected to the internet and those coin exchanges are not as secure as people think they're
just like basic websites as everybody else now they have certain security but i would not keep my coins on an exchange
once i once i get them i would transfer them off and keep them especially if you're holding larger portions of it if
you know what i mean yeah yeah versus keep it in the keep it in your wallet yes yes exactly
and you can still and those those cold walls like my wallet i can take it to a
store they can still use it for like transferring funds and stuff like that
so it's not like it doesn't like you can still use that that wallet to act like
to trade fun to trade cryptocurrency and stuff like that so yeah the the exchange
is just changing fiat or other currencies to whatever currency you want association literally uh exchange whereas your
wallet is you can still do peer-to-peer but it's just like your wallet on your own person you can still
buy and still trade virtually this is the beginning and i like the and you i think we talked about
earlier is that it's important to learn about this stuff right now because this is the future
this is the future of yes um so okay let's talk about the i i said
i'm not into it into it but i i pay attention because like i said it's my job to pay attention i don't want to get left behind you know yeah absolutely
so let's talk about the the fed starting their own cryptocurrency what does that mean in
the crypto space it's just another way to manipulate it in their own way or so
the fed makes me laugh about this i did i did my one of my most recent podcast
was about this because i got some questions about it so there's a difference between digital
coins and cryptocurrency so like china's already made a digital coin but it's centralized it's based around the
central bank of china which the united states the government's saying they're going to
create a crypto current they're they but they can't because cryptocurrency is decentralized so the
federal reserve coming out and saying we're doing a digital coin and we're going to get on this train okay but the
federal reserve is centralized still so they can still pass that money to however they want to
and distribute it it's not there's still a central location does this making sense about this like yeah
so this is where people get hung up on that like the fed is coming in they're basically doing like a digital
coin where it's it's not centralized or it's not decentralized though so the
scare tactic of it is that they'll be able to distribute all the funds that they want into any like
into your counter so it's kind of creating like there is no barrier they can monitor
everything you're doing there's a lot of scariness about it because it's not decentralized so when the fed says
they're coming out with a digital coin it's not what we think of as cryptocurrency it's the older generation
trying to see if they can grasp this but they're still not understanding it because they still are
focused on there needs to be a central entity to monitor all this is this making sense about the digital yeah yeah
i mean it's uh it's like the the irs puts their finger in everything because they can and they have the ability to
yeah and and that's all it is is basically they want to have i need to
say this too i'm not for nor against crypto i'm just i'm like a messenger in a way where it's
like understanding it and trying to take a bigger picture of it for people to understand like critically think about
this you know like this is i'm presenting the information i want them to understand that that like i'm not
telling you that it's bad that the fed is creating it or it's good i'm just simply stating if the fed creates a
digital coin it's going to be centralized still because they won't release a decentralized network that would
we already have that that's bitcoin so they want control over it still so the
fed releasing a coin it's still years away because they're still figuring out how to do all this stuff even like janet
yellen still doesn't even really understand how crypto works so many you hear all the congressmen and senators
talk about just just with the russia stuff like they don't understand how cryptocurrencies function
so we're still we're still a few years away from them actually creating it they're just
honestly talking about it right now where it's like they're trying to figure out how would they do this
on a massive scale so it's not really decentralized if you like because it's the federal the
federal reserve is still going to be the central point to releasing all the money if you get what i'm saying like so but
could they pump it as far as like like pump their numbers up and just find it still
that's what they do currently isn't it whenever they want with the current dollar yeah that's it's the same thing
it's just a digital dollar like there's a difference between stable coins so stable coins like tether tether is
connected to the us dollar as in it's pegged ratio wise like so if the dollar goes up
in value tether is a cryptocurrency that will go up the same amount vice versa if it goes down tethers you
know and tethers just a cryptocurrencies it's a digital token but that's different than what the fed is talking
about doing it because because tether is still decentralized there are neanderthals trying to come into this
trying to figure it out yes and i'm not picking on any generation that makes more sense because i'm like
if tether tethers descent light okay and there's already just so you know
like i i just out of out of for fun like i traded for a dollar of the us digital
coin there's a usd usdc you can get them on coinbase it's not it's not
technically a digital dollar like it's not the but it's a us digital coin and it's like this is dumb this is just the
same thing as going to the going to the grocery store and swiping your debit card like it's
not it's not this is it's so this is where it gets really complex because people think
it's digital that it like functions like cryptocurrency and it's not so i mean
the the dollar you have in your bank account spanked as soon as you put it in to take it out and fractional end it through the bank
so do you really have dollars in there it's all and that's so that's a good
point so think of so bitcoin blockchain this is why i love blockchain
blockchain to me is the best thing about cryptocurrency it's like the actual bread and butter of everything
yeah so blockchain allows a digital ledger for bitcoin because there's and i'm using bitcoin just as an example but
bitcoin is one of those those coins there's only going to be 21 million ever mined out basically being like there's
massive like big powerful computers that mine these coins so like like bitcoin
they solve these complex algorithms and as a as a prize they release these
cryptocurrency which will use bitcoin as an example so they use these big algorithms and they mine out a coin
there's only ever going to be 21 million of those and they always get like half after four years it's like
there's like a poor they get half they call it a having event and it basically means that less bitcoin are getting
circulated until the 21 million i forget what year it's gonna be it's like it's a far ways
off but basically we're not even like there's still a couple more million that need to be
mined out once those 21 million are mined out of bitcoin that's it
so that drives up the price where like you just said with the dollar the federal reserve
they can just issue out as much as they want there's no digital ledger like the blockchain does for bitcoin
like that's what keeps it like kosher with everybody because you can't
manipulate or overspend or double spend that's the biggest thing about bitcoin is you can't
double spend it which we all know with the dollar like you said like
they can just spread it and fund it and then they can take it out and that's kind of the scare part of the federal
reserve creating a digital token or digital coin is they can grab it whenever they want to
they can distribute it out however they want to but that also causes inflation
deflation all this stuff that causes trouble with the economy and i'm not trying to go into economics
but it's just trying to explain it in a way they're they're putting a band-aid on an issue they can't fix yes exactly
because they're they're centralized as the entity itself so anything that decentralizes all can be summoned to
inflation yep
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bingo and it's and it's still fiat whether we like it or not it's fiat currency is government-backed
fun money like that's what fiat currency is it's and it's not on the gold reserve
the gold reserve was removed in the 70s from nixon and it's just a bunch with
that federal reserve coin that's all it's like it's not decentralized so for me it's like it's not even really a
threat it's kind of like a threat to people who don't really to the older generation that still think
the younger generation is going to buy into it and that's having a kid i already know i can see it with my daughter like
they're going that way of digital it's going to be that way you know so i kind
of want to talk about economics because i watched a video about this recently with russia with russia's ruble dropping
down so much the russian bank they had billions and billions of
dollars and euros and all this other money to exchange for rubles to keep it
balanced as far as not letting inflation take effect and i'm like i never understood part economics so i watched
that video because like once their assets got froze by switzerland they couldn't even use that money to balance out their ruble and
that's why it tanked down to nothing it's crazy to think that millions and millions of people
are affected by the banks and how they control the economics of it yeah well and to
piggyback off that like this kind of made me not mad but like just you're exactly right when that
tanked they were saying how russia was buying into all these cryptocurrencies so a lot
of congressmen were like we need to put the kibosh on crypto we need to put all these restrictions on well the joke like
again they don't understand is you can try restricting crypto but it's not going to work like that's
the point of it there you can't restrict it like so they were trying to restrict it while
ukraine is using it to get like donation funding so there's good positives coming
out of it but they were basically saying like russia was gonna invest all their money into cryptocurrency
russia is going to put their money into the chinese dollar their digital coin if they're going to do anything yeah that's where
they're going to go with their money because it's a centralized bank they're not going to go into cryptocurrency because it's so volatile like it's just
extremely volatile why would any like they could lose their their tails off with
investing in anything if they weren't smart with it i mean i mean once they put it in crypto
it's now in the world's hands yes that's exactly it and and why would they like
world leaders we like we're we're in america we know our world leaders on both sides are like not the brightest
bulbs in the budge so like there's a lot of chaos that would happen you're exactly right that's why they
would have put it into chinese because the chinese have a digital centralized coin
but it's not decentralized it's centralized and that's exactly what the united states coin would be like so when
anyway when the united states said we're gonna go we should we should the congressman
senators don't understand it we're like we need to restrict this on you know these platforms and stuff like that it's like
you can't do that because that's not possible like but then the ukraines were using it to get
donations which is like that's a positive out of it that they were able to transfer funds
securely easily and go little man quickly like
and that's what the federal reserve doesn't like because it eliminates the
middleman what i like about this is that we kind of like switched different ages and like uh the industrial ages
everything was mechanical and the assembly line and all this stuff and it kind of went to the digital age but now
it's the i feel like it's like i've heard it many times it's a greater economy it puts
all of it back on us as creators versus into the yeah institutional distributors that
that like google and facebook and all this stuff which is like the early 2000s that they had patrol for all that stuff
because they were well funded but now crypto kind of takes it back into the community's hands the people to kind of
create their own possibilities that's just just really quickly to the piggyback like i i use this because as a
musician ticketmaster is one of the worst entities in in the world to me and blockchain
like i i still wish people like elon musk or jeff bezos and i don't like either of them just because of my own
preferences but if a guy with a lot of money would actually see the benefit of this and say like this could completely
overhaul the industry you're talking venues could direct distribute tickets
to concert goers or not even artists could directly put tickets in
people's hands it would completely eliminate the fraud behind it because it's blockchain and
it's encrypted and those tickets can't be duplicated it would eliminate ticketing fees like there's so many
things that would benefit from people understanding the overall concept of
cryptocurrency but like blockchain itself have like that's why i get um passionate about it
because it's not a utopia but it's a step in the right direction of exactly that eliminating the middleman pricing
fees of stuff that doesn't need to be there and i think that's exactly so
ticketmaster is my example of that where it would eliminate ticketmaster and i think that's the beauty of it
yeah sorry i didn't mean to go on for attention no no no i have i have my own one that i uh i always make fun of this
is i always tweet this out a lot it's like i tweeted like every once in a while every time somebody talks about paypal i'm like defund paypal yeah
yeah always like because like paypal is the worst like i hear so many horror stories of paint levels for money
and doing all this stuff and i'm like cryptocurrency is going to fix that paypal's going to feel it i absolutely
agree with you absolutely they're not they're not going to like it but it's going to be for the better like you got
you got to adapt and change and things are changing quickly so you better hold on paypal because
well and that's and that's and i i don't like being generational about it but to me in my opinion that's the older
generation refusing to let go or allowing progress to be made where it needs to be
made and the financial industry itself is so rigged there's just so many problems
with it and this allows us to step in the right direction of
giving that freedom to people it's it's also like accountability like yeah
i think that's the biggest takeaway for me is like people are so afraid to be held accountable but that should say
something about society as itself and not to get deep with it but that's where cryptocurrency really for me thrives
with it because it's like you have to be accountable for your money and you should be like that's the
benefit of this is again critically thinking like you should be accountable for your money if
you can't be then and then maybe that scares people but it's like it shouldn't it it should wake you up a little bit
yeah yeah you can't you can't always trust the government because just like i really feel bad for russians
in this because they're yes they're really they're really feeling the blunt effects
of their leaders decisions in the real world and dealing now dealing with the
effects of it where they lost 30 40 percent of their yeah savings
overnight that's just gone well and that that goes again you're exactly right and
when they're trying to put restriction on the crypto you're not hurting the russian government you're hurting the people of russia who could transfer the
funds into a cryptocurrency like bitcoin something that's more stable and not
that it's not volatile but it's like you're hurting the people rather than the government itself you're
exactly right it's crazy to me but i didn't mean to go off on tangent either i'm really sorry about that no no no
i don't know it's a it's a thing that's going on right now with the with the russian ukraine stuff and he's seeing
the group will drop down to nothing yeah it kind of kind of really shows what could happen
and things that you may not even think about that you need to be prepared for and that's taking people like you said
that's huge taking control of your own responsibility your own assets and making sure that you understand uh
what's all entailed you know nothing i think this whole way to have this conversation about people understand
the basics yeah yeah well that's my that's the reason i started the podcast was like it's it's
i'm a huge fan of mr rogers and um i i just it's that to me was like how can
how can i at least because you're you said it earlier in the podcast you're like we are in the beginning of this
this isn't even and this is not going away this is the beginning of this new
financial market this new financial industry and it's people have to understand
you can be stubborn and not learn about it but you have the opportunity right now to learn and and figure it out and
because later on it's just going to get more and more complex at least have a good understanding or base of it you
know a basic foundation of it don't you don't have to invest in it but understand what it is
you know that's my big thing but so let's talk about recommendations so if they wanted to get a cold storage wallet
we talked about exchanges briefly beginners coinbase if they want to use a cold storage what's a good cool
storage recommendation yeah um me and my buddies all use like the like ledger is the name of the brand
nano ledgers those are really good really easy simple user interface because basically once you connect it to
your computer like i can still see on my computer my quantity that's on there but it's not
connected so nobody can if somebody hacks my computer they're not getting my cryptocurrency because it's not
connected but that that online ledger thing kind of shows me how much is in my
crypto at the moment now once i connect it back on my keys are on my
cold storage my nano so once i plug those in if that stays plugged in and somebody hacks me then that's you know i
i'm losing it because of having it connected but the nano ledgers their interfaces are awesome and their
software that they do for the computers super straightforward really easy and i say that as i'm an idiot like i pretty
dumb if i can figure it out it's and see the simplicity of it then that means it's
really really good interface in my opinion so i really like the nano ledgers
one thing i struggled with personally was uh they give you that qr code for your wallet
yeah and yes i i think i lost mine so i don't know how much money i have on it but i lost
it well did you have to write down because that's the thing like did you write down your keys and stuff like that to access
it i think i did i have it in my computer somewhere i just have to find
keep it with your important documents that's what i do yes mine's in a safe yeah mine's in a
fireproof safe and yeah and i'm i look at it as
it could go to zero like my cryptocurrency could go to zero that's the other thing that newbies need to
understand the the best advice any investor can give you i'm not a guru i'm not saying
only put in what you're willing to lose i cannot stress that enough do not put
in your life savings into anything like that's why diversifying is so critical
with all this stuff you know and i always if i don't ever give financial
advice out but the one thing i will say is do not put all your eggs into that
like because it can go to crap and you'll be so to newbies
do a little bit at a time until you feel comfortable and then only what you're willing to lose because yeah that's i
think what people need to hear yeah that's interesting so uh where can people find you online what's your
what's your podcast called customers aren't on what's your social media all the good stuff sure it's crypto 101 show
it's on all major streaming platforms spotify apple podcast stitcher
radio public or whatever any amazon podcast one uh pandora's it's on there
i'm on instagram facebook i have to look up what my handles are because i can't i think it's
just crypto one on one show is most of the handles and stuff like that if you go to the podcast and you find the
episodes the social links are all in there i'm on twitter i don't really do a ton of um
interaction except for like posting of new episodes and stuff like that just because i don't like to
a like especially with like i'm an opinionated person but when it comes to the crypto stuff i really do my best to
not like persuade people either way it's and that's even if you go and listen to the
federal reserve one i don't try to bash the federal reserve it's more like this is what this is this
is what this is these are the two sides of the spectrum here's the presentation you decide what you think is good or bad
about it if people find the episodes or whatever they'll go on there and they can find me on social media i don't usually post a ton just because
it's usually just general like hey this new episode's out so go ahead and check it out i think they get bombarded with
too many opinions as it is anyway so you know everybody has an opinion but i like it i
like that you're unbiased you try and be at least i try to i try to yeah oh i appreciate that man well we
appreciate coming on man i hope people got some information on that and got the basics of crypto a little bit under a
little bit understand a little bit more and the economic side of it but we appreciate your time joseph thank you
man oh daniel thanks for having me i really appreciate it i'd love to do this again with you all right sounds good
all right bye