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March 18, 2022

Ep 140- Building Meaningful Relationships With John Alexander

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been a good day man um i had a i just got back i got back from the boot camp i was there for three days
um we had a lot of success coming from that excited excited to cover that it's been
interesting man interesting yeah that's what i'm i'm excited to hear about that i want to hear what kind of deals went
down um at the uh at the boot camp so you're back in you're back in california now
yeah i'm back in california anthony's still actually running it they're still texting i'm still getting messages as they're running so they're they're still
running out uh it was my wife's birthday yesterday so i had to come back in town today but um
that's important yeah we had a we had a guy lock up a deal in california
uh it was like a one acre lot for 15 000 and uh it's worth 40. so he got his
hopefully he might want to finance it make some money there or sell it we'll see what happens but he locked
that one up we got an appointment yesterday to go walk i think it was like seven acres in
san antonio so we all targeted san antonio um he targeted uh
cali because he had some leads there he actually got it off this high mind free list that everybody gets
boom so some results from that it's just it was interesting spending time with uh people
from different experience levels um helping loretta
loretta sonica abdul john and uh
rosa it was definitely good but um yeah we had we had a lot we had a
good time i had a good time while i was there we got a lot of stuff done showed him how to use system we covered a lot of
real estate stuff basket came in town taught some system stuff um and how he's doing deals
but it's been it's interesting to see how people use the system in different ways
so it's always having having an interesting conversation because i use it completely different than everybody else's everybody else
does and basketry is completely different evan and
evan and gerard use it completely different than us so it's kind of cool seeing different perspectives
that's pretty versatile that's for sure super well i'm gonna i'm gonna mute
myself here i got to go pack up some tools here trucks running getting ready to pull out you're good man you're good
we got you all right i'm i'm going to be here but just listen you're good to go hey santana are you
there hey what's up daniel santana let's talk about your first wire
that came in man let's talk about your first deal
oh yeah um so it was three lots uh it was inherited by
brother and sister they've had it for 20 30 years never they've never seen the properties
they never had anything to do with them they're just something they got they live in like utah and illinois so there
were no chance of ever going over there lots were in florida all right next to each other
so i ended up getting a buyer for all three of them and we closed on that earlier this week
i got my wired through i think it was monday or tuesday and
it was pretty good i got them for 12 000 and it went for 30 000 for all three combined so it was a good little good
good little piece for my first deal helps cover some marketing for a while and stuff like that so
you could count it as three different deals because it was three laps through that
yeah i look at it like that i got three more locked up from the same owner
today just by paying her property taxes off dude she's just gonna give them to me oh nice how much was that
uh so that wasn't in taxes and i've talked to her probably eight times on the phone and we've only talked about
the properties like the very first call she would just call me and just start having a conversation with me just to talk to me
and uh she messaged me because i was gonna give her a little bit extra she was like she's from england originally
she's like some came up and i have to go back to england for a while so if you'll just pay these uh taxes you can just have all
three of them so how much was she linked with
uh uh it's gonna end up costing me about so
she had originally got him with a business partner he's supposed to be taking care of him uh long story short he wasn't she got her attorney to get
everything in her name and it was four thousand that she owed or she's gonna lose it and with all the comps it looks like i'll be
able to for the three combined about 28 so it's looking like around 20 22.
profit off of it out of 4 000 not even going to the seller going to
the state yep exactly no it's good man congratulations man
those are all virtual too in florida right yes all virtual uh with a help from
deandre helped me on them frank helped me on my first one as well and of course anthony's been walking me through
every step along the way oh i'm happy for you man good job
santana thank you i appreciate it and uh how long have you been doing this maybe
like three four months five months three months uh about the last week of december so going
on three months boom three months 90 days a little over 90 days
congratulations man now he actually has 198 days because end of march would be 90 days so definitely under 90 days
three deals 190 days look at that congratulations to the help of the
wouldn't have been possible to help the community of course so anyone else just starting out definitely reach out to
people uh they'll walk you through it man with that with open arms it's amazing
yeah congratulations santana i'm very happy for you to the hundreds more
in in your lifetime you know this is just the beginning santana so there's a long road ahead of you i hope
i'm too much too much success to you santana definitely i appreciate it looking forward to the future
hey john alexander remember your first three lots you ever did probably not
yeah you know you never forget the you never forget the first one of anything really
yeah john alexander's probably done a million thousands of transactions not a million
you know my first lot was uh well actually it was a group of lots because it was a
it was happening there was a half a subdivision um but it was um
1982 but yeah you'd never forget it so santana
when you turn when you're like me turning 64 in a few months you're still going to remember that
these first deals like they were yesterday and the numbers and everything about them really i mean
you never forget it yeah so cool that's amazing thanks 1982
whoa 40 years 40 years later i'm still doing real estate still mainly doing
lots i mean i've done everything in between but you know last eight years have only been lots
i haven't even flipped a single house well one but it was for family so it didn't count right yeah but um
yeah i just don't even want to mess with houses anymore i i was talking with a guy today he's uh
he just bought 500 lots and going to flip them so
look he and he's only like 35. he's putting us all to shame but look that really tells us right that tells us
where you can go with this business if you get after it get serious stay focused
and build build build build build and be consistent
consistency be consistent consistency 1982 congratulations on 40
years being an investor john alexander that is a small beat hey thank you daniel i intend to have
another 40 years so someday i'll be on this podcast saying hey i've been at it 80 years
that would be a conversation for sure that's awesome nah man it's it's it's it's very it's very interesting to see like
times have changed but not really people are still just generally still doing lots 40 years later same thing you know
you know daniel's the same concept what did we do to find that lot you know 40 years ago
go to the tax record make contact with the owner track them down
called them on a phone offered a owner financing deal they said yes
boom immediately go in put a put up a sell for sale sign on the property and
sold them all out in 30 days and and we did it in the worst economy
ever we had back then this was the jimmy carter years of in nixon years where they had enormous inflation back then
just like we're about to have right now and houses stop selling at some point
and but land never stopped in fact it got better so the worse it got for the
housing side the more the land got better because people were telling me back then i can't
afford a house so what i'm going to do i'm going to buy land get it paid off hopefully
eventually then i can build a house on it so that's that's where the mindset goes so
we're in it for the long run you guys can take this business and do it as long as you want my dad was doing lots back
then he did him uh he didn't for until he died at night at age 89 he was
still doing him only because he loved it but he made millions doing it uh and and you guys can too
it you know near the end all he was doing was he'd buy a couple five acre lots two or three a year sometimes and
make you know 30 40 000 and he was fine with that you know that was his retirement and his fun time
that was his part-time job just flipping a few lots here in there yeah kept him going all his friend you know it's funny
all of his friends died off they were like one other guy his age him that was that was who was left
and i truly think it was because he loved this business it was easy to do
he in the end he was in a wheelchair he had diabetes in the end but he was still flipping land because you can do this
uh really i mean anybody can do this anybody can do this and there's plenty of it
well i i like i was talking to somebody about flipping land the other day and i was like it's like um
yes there's only so much of land that can always be cut up into smaller pieces
uh no matter how big it gets no matter how big or small it is it can always be cut up into a smaller piece because like
out here in california i mean it's like tight they'll build
it's crazy to me for people developing california early really dense populations
that they'll buy like a five-acre lot and then they'll build like 20 houses on it i'm like what the heck and it's all
the neighbor the neighbor's house is eight feet away they have like a four foot pack between each one of them take the trash out and that's about it
and then the neighbor the back of the house is literally a fence to the other neighbor's
and it's just that the density is crazy out here crazy crazy crazy so any open land you
get is worth a lot of money because they can potentially build a few few houses on them you know
so to the right person they're worth a lot so land land is such an amazing space to be
in and limitless opportunities one of those opportunities
um i appreciate everybody coming out today man it's been it's been a good day anybody have any like big wins this week
what are some big wins that you guys have this week that you want to share with the group
i can't i kind of started off it didn't really mention it was a win but the boot camp was a win uh while people get some
uh we have one person get a contract we're doing an appointment tomorrow with somebody for the boot camp and then i
didn't get an update from today because i've not i left early yesterday but um
it's been it's been amazing seeing people go from zero to getting a contract pretty pretty quick
so and learning the system pretty pretty effectively too i try not to overwhelm people by doing
too much in the system so i just teach them out of text and go from there but it's just trying to get
trying to get people into moving forward versus getting lost in the weeds so
don't ever get lost in the weeds there's plenty of things to get lost in the weeds before and about but don't do it
in the system we want you to get your lunch get your first deal once you get
get it get get a deal as a whole and we want you to get multiple deals per month so um some a
big win that i saw from one of our users is uh he doesn't come to the weekly calls but
i'm gonna shout him out is elijah bryant we did a meet the hive with him a couple months ago
um and i want to say it was back in august he did like 25 deals um he posted it uh i think it was monday
or saturday or sunday it was a few days ago he has 100 transaction um doing land
infiltrating people get traction and a lot of traction quickly
so that's another win i have that's not even mine it's a win to win seeing it happen
and i like i wish everybody here success and i want you to become jenna alexander
and 40 years from now after doing land for so long hey daniel i shout out a win too for one
of our members ambrose and chris most of us know ambrose he's been with us from from day one and he got started with us
right he's never done any kind of flipping before and um he reached out to me i think on his
first or second deal i was helping him with that one but uh what happened was he he had reached out
at the same time he was flipping he flipped that one and he made a pretty good uh profit on
it but at the same time he had reached out to the other people next door to him and they said yeah we'll sell and it was
like brothers and sisters up in new york and all over and so they all kind of came together and said
yeah we'll sell our lots and there was like four or five lots together but they were kind of separated in the subdivision so he uh he didn't have a
buyer right then but yes a couple of days ago maybe three or four days ago now he he reached out to me he
said hey john i got all those other lots sold so it was like you know he wasn't even planning on doing it but a buyer
showed up right so the more connections you make uh and that was him he made another
connect he made a connection with a realtor and the realtor brought in buyers for all the other ones and now he uh reached right back out to
them and boom put the deal together big
win and i muted that's amazing man uh ambrose amber's come a long way we
actually did uh we didn't meet the hive with him back in dallas last august so
he's been with us probably since july i would say july june or july
um justin long says i'm closing on my first rental property of the year starting my first marketing
campaign on the hive justin long there's a win for justin long appreciate that
that's awesome oh that's amazing man it's it's cool to see people get traction and like i said
this i say this cool all the time because i saw it online nobody wants nobody wants to see you win more than a random
stranger on the internet so i really want everybody to succeed i
really want everybody to win i really want everybody to get some deals um we're locking in our
hopefully our our event date pretty soon for fort lauderdale so we're gonna have a fort lauderdale event this
year in august end of august early september we're still locking into the dates but um that's gonna be in a few
months was that six months from now so we're excited about that man i'm excited to meet meet new people meet new hive
members um and just meet the the florida community because um there's one of the things
that we like about what we where we're doing the events it's more where people are located at so we did it
in dallas our first year is because we have a lot of people in texas so we chose a central location in texas but
now we have a lot of florida people so we're gonna go to florida high main event in florida so it's exciting to
kind of move across the country in different areas and locations um to help and meet new people and meet
other like-minded individuals in the space um i love it i love the opportunity man
um we actually have tickets available right now at the
just go uh the fort lauderdale event is that what is it it's gonna be last week of august or
first week of september nice well we should have the dates locked in
very soon that's why it says to be determined but it's definitely in fort lauderdale we have a we have a really awesome venue over the ocean
um that we're excited about so it's going to be awesome
can i just say daniel that all the years that i've been doing this there is
no doubt at all when i tell you this that if you're if you're just getting
started and maybe it's your first year or two or three years because that's still the beginner stage
there is nothing that will propel your career in this industry
faster better than than networking by going to events like this
and connecting with people live one-on-one we call it belly button the belly button
nothing like it so if you want to take off you need to take off and go to florida
for sure to to this to this hi-fi meeting that's where man so many connections get made
and and they get made for life too i mean it doesn't just stop i mean i'm still connected to people from the from
the mid 90s and i just started teaching nationwide in the early 90s and i still
connect constantly with people uh i just talked this week with somebody and i said how long have you how long have we
known each other because i've i just couldn't remember because it's been so long he said yeah it was like 1996 or
something like that i go oh my god and it's like you know some of these guys i've seen grow up you know it's
like they're they were way younger than me but uh now they're you know they're now they're getting gray and stuff and
going my god but see look they're still in it right they're still doing it and they they love it uh absolutely
life-changing so i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna pick on this one because he said it
um people that met at our event so you see here he commented uh he talks about doing green bay you see here uh mike
novak at our last event and they're partners now they uh buy and sell lots all over the
u.s now and uh mike novak partnered with these here so it's kind of cool seeing relationships made as well from that
from that one one instance we had last year so it's really cool to see and i'll definitely back generalize that to that
one there's definitely relationships being made at events like this it's very cool to see
some of my some of my best contacts the best deals and most propelled connections have come from live meetings
like that there's nothing nothing like it zoom is great but it's still not that
personal connection you need zoom is great it's a it's a definitely a
step up from conference calls right
[Laughter] but you know at the time that's all we had back in the day and
they and i'm so old i remember when they were invented it was like wow what you can do a conference call and everybody
can get on and talk at the same time yes that's crazy but we were doing them twice a week our
trainings every week every single week some of the some of the top guys out there some of you know
stephen cook stephen cook was on one of my calls uh i still have the recording of that
one i believe it i kept recording all the way from the 90s like you daniel you're keeping a lot of recordings and
some of these guys that you're that they're here with us and ladies all my guys are ladies too but
you're going to they're going to take off and become they're going to go to the top of the industry right you're going to say hey i remember we were
talking about let me explain this to you just like i did with stephen i was explaining how earnest money works
and now you know he's reached ten hundreds of thousands of people i mean over a hundred thousand people just sent
his life in the air courses and books that he's put out uh he's published in a number of books since
since then and taught untold others who went on to become gurus and then those
those people ended up becoming gurus so a lot of you guys here will eventually go into also the
training side of this it's a natural extension because when you want to give there's no greater
way to give than to start teaching other people and it's a natural because people are going to ask you and you're going to
want to do it you're going to feel great doing it it you the feeling is a hundred times better than flipping a house so
so you want to do both you got to make the money and that's on that on the flipping side of it and then you get the
satisfaction from seeing other people you know progress in life and and make
changes one of the greatest memories i have is when when one of my people said john the
i i flipped a couple of deals and i made eighteen thousand dollars and with that with that eighteen thousand dollars we
were able to adopt our two children and they adopted him from from ukraine way back
in the mid early 2000s and i watched him even today i watched the his kids
growing up knowing that that those kids are here and enjoying a life here
with a family that loves them because their father learned the business
and got in there and did it made enough money to make that happen you see that happening over and over
yeah it's it's amazing man you are uh the
the benefit of helping families change generational lives
is priceless literally priceless um i feel there's there's a quote that everybody
not even a quote but people say it's a lot they feel like they have no value to provide but just you knowing what you
know gives you a step up over everybody else that doesn't know anything so you have value provided no matter what stage you are whether you just
started got your first contract did your first three deals like santana you have value to provide to the marketplace no
matter what stage you are in and there's someone out there that needs that next step of inspiration just even
gets the level you're at so and you become a better student by
teaching you become a better teacher by teaching oh you nailed that one for sure daniel
you do you really learn this business when you start teaching other people because now
now you're on the hook right so you've got to know and you're constantly wanting to be
you you can't afford to be wrong so you really nail it down and because you're doing that you really learn the business
really well so it works for everybody's benefit yours and theirs yeah
that's amazing man it's amazing it's amazing to see people to see people flourish though that's priceless man
literally priceless do you know like a finite number of how many students you've had
direct to you john alexander um well i can tell you my courses have gone
out to hundreds of thousands of people over the years mainly because i had you
know the national reach on television but um you know my core people
that i taught up until it took off like that and just with the numbers i can't count
up until that time it was four fourteen thousand fourteen thousand were my poor
poor people uh over about ten ten years i think
wow yeah 14 000. and then it just it took off i mean it's in the hundreds of thousands
now it's amazing man it's amazing what you could do when
when you determined that you you want to do it a lot of people ask me like oh what gives you the what gives you the ability
to speak in front of crowds and like nobody does i just went out there and started doing it and then people showed
up i was so scared the first time i was looking for every excuse to cancel and
not do it live that was the scariest thing i remember yeah it's yeah but you know once you do
it one time you go oh that was nothing it's amazing what fear can do you know
it can really paralyze you but if you let it if you let it control but you know somebody told me uh and it's been
and this thing has been around forever because it works you know to to overcome your fear you just have to face it
and uh you know go through with it and you'll see it was never as bad as what you thought it was
yeah um there's uh limitations that your mind puts on you
that prevents you from going to the next level but the truth of the matter fact is is that once you hit that next level
there's another limitation you have to you have to cross and you have to bear just to get to the next level after that
so it's it's ever it's ever combating your personal fear
it never goes away where did where did you first do a publix uh speaking at daniel the hype
mind event i've never done public speaking oh my god wow congratulations
so it was it was but the the craziest thing
about it and i i say this all the time is that i was actually afraid of speaking and leading
anything before i started doing these calls when i started doing these calls it gave me the ability to
podcast and when i did the podcasting you kind of come up with your own internal script whether somebody's
having a conversation with you or not you can kind of carry a conversation and then we do the hive mind event and i'm like okay now i'm actually live in
front of 80 people let's see how this goes and what's crazy what's crazy after that
is that um in was that february i spoke in front of 300 people so it's just like now it's
escalating yeah and that's like starting all over again from scratch right
it wasn't even that bad it wasn't even that bad and it was just one of those things where like i've
i've practiced for a year now that ready for this now this is the next
stage it's the next stage
so it's kind of interesting um overcoming your own fears of
that you thought you would never do you know there's a power
the growth yeah there is a lot of power now and uh you know then you can you also each each
of us here you know when we when we surmount a you know a fear like
that remember that if you have children your children are watching and
when you when they see that you can do something then they kind of automatically think they can you know it helps that they can do it also and this
steps right in there my son did the same thing he he did his first uh presentation before realtors
to give them like a pitch on what we were doing which were buying notes and he was he was the same way scared we
got in there and he says to me even today because he does a lot of speaking now he says uh dad
that that when you kind of because i kind of had to force him to go do it right and he that was the
best thing you ever did that you know that because that made like a difference in his career today
um you know by pushing him there and got him over the initial fear and they tore him up by the way it was not a pretty
sight these realtors as cruel as they were tore him up and i didn't think he'd ever go back and
he says what do i do now i said you go right back into it do it again you know basically if you if you don't
you'll never get before you'll never get up before people again so he did and
it was nowhere near bad the second time he says it can't get any worse than the first time that was his attitude from
the nun yeah that's amazing man so your son is does your son does speak engages now he
does the note side is he like your partner on the note side that you're doing now no no he he actually um
he's done a lot of real estate you know over the years but he decided he wanted to do health care mental health care so
he does he's a clinician so he does
he does therapy work with people so but like all of his uh
you know professors and and other people will invite him to go speak because he's a very eloquent speaker now and he's
also very good at what he does and he he since
when your children grow up watching you they become entrepreneurs and so he brought that side to the business and
while all this graduating class that he graduated they're still working for other people he's already got his own
practice going that's amazing now already he's thinking about okay i got to buy real estate and put my office in there and then rent
them out to other therapists i mean that's that's that's where your children can take it that's why you can give them such a big
um head start on everybody else when they grow up watching what you do so it's
really important what you do that's amazing man that's that's amazing i hope my kids because i hope my kids
see that i the reason the reason why i record everything that i do and this is
for everybody here is that i hope my kids one day will see who i was back then when they were younger you know and
it's kind of cool leaving like a digital digital footprint a digital road map of the progression of
who i am that i would no matter what stage they remembered me at i was i was never there i started
back when they were born so i i hope they can see the growth over the years and that's why i record
everything it's mostly for them that's a cool way of doing it it truly
is and it gives them like a history of their dad yeah you have you have a lot of conversations that you
can actually you might not be privy to it but you can actually go back and listen to that there
that would be like a digital blog a business blog that i'm leaving to my kids is on on youtube
it's interesting but don't be disappointed when they don't want to walk in your footsteps they have oh no they're gonna right they're gonna have
their own dream but but the tools they get from uh from being an entrepreneur and watching you be an entrepreneur
they see you how you handle um the problems that come along and how you
can overcome them and then they automatically have it it's like they don't have to kind of go through what we
had to do so yeah yeah i want them
and like i said hopefully i i'm planning to bring my kids to the fort lauderdale event so i want them to
experience stuff with me too through all stages because it's it's definitely a thing to see and i never
had the opportunity to see it so i want to make sure my kids see it too then i want to add one more thing to the
event because this is what what happens to because you don't and you don't see this right now guys you really you don't
see it right now but some of the people that you're going to meet at the events are going to take off
in this industry and they're going to become leaders themselves and guess who they remember they remember you
and you remember them and or and some of you will be leaders but i'm just saying you're going to end up having great
contacts and then those people when as they get to these extra layers guess who they
favor more you go to them they're going to want to help you they're going to want to do whatever so
no matter where you are on the scale uh you're still you know doing down here
or you go up here you'll always have these connections and some of these guys will be great and
that's exactly what i remember happening so uh a lot of the big guys today
they were just starting out they just got in the business or you're meeting them when they're there so you have this
really close connection it's like well we grew up like brothers that's the kind of connection you get with people like
that and then you always have the safety that it's there forever
i i i think it's i think it's amazing because you remember who's in the trenches with you
and i i think what's crazy is like even from your i think like in my head i'm thinking why you're saying that i'm thinking of your perspective like you've
seen what we've done in 13 months since you met us i met john alexander
probably 15 months ago we started i know you guys are the fastest growing group i've ever seen in my life doing this
business and successful so your group as a whole is probably the most successful group i
have ever seen too it's it's amazing and i'm i'm proud to be part of it the little part that i am
you know but you guys are mainly you and anthony and and uh you know the
the people who are reaching out you know deandre uh frank frank's i've known
frankfurt for years you guys have really really done something great here
yeah i'm excited man i'm excited because we've just begun you've just begun you don't know you don't know the impact
you can make by just creating and doing right here
go ahead bob go ahead bob oh sir
oh i thought he's gonna jump in sorry that was an accident uh bumped up
bumped the phone with my finger there there's a fire fire on the side of the highway
oh man be careful yeah the homeless the homeless here in colorado springs are trying to stay warm
and uh i think that's probably what happened oh it's a bonfire
no man i i appreciate everybody here i really do um like said me me john anthony we're
all really want much success from out of all of you you guys need anything be feel free to reach out
we want you to see you succeed because you guys are in the trenches with us that's what john alexander said
you guys are in the trenches with us right now and by no means are we leaving you behind
you're all coming with us and i think i hope all of you understand that so we appreciate you all
um man this is a great conversation um does anybody have any anybody need help or anything i really have a win
they want to cover i know john alexander kind of took over the win part anybody have a win or if you need help any any
questions you want to ask feel free to ask it now
this calls are here for you we give up our time to provide value to you directly
and we don't take that lightly so if you guys have a question put in the chat raise your hand unbeat yourself
we are here to help well at the moment i'm still working on 420 acres so just walk the land today
you walked it today huh yeah just walked into the phone the dessert for the first time it's like it's awesome
where's this property at uh east bernard what state is that
oh texas yeah that's eastbourne sex i never heard of that one that's a new one congratulations man
what what are the what was your disposition of the seller when you spoke to them what do you mean
were they excited to sell the property were they they're looking forward to it yeah okay
good that's always good as long as they're upbeat and ready to move it's good
hey chris this is justin how are you hey uh just to let you know i think i told you this while back but i
have a really good friend of mine who's a land broker in the area and he specializes in that area and he has some
really really big buyers uh when you get to that stage ping me you have my number
yeah for sure absolutely and um and also i'm looking for some other um
some other land in uh let's see texas as well yeah it's the same general area man i'm yeah i grew up over there so
yeah my buddy has some really like seriously some really big buyers so you know and i mean i'll just connect you
with them and uh y'all go from there yeah for sure okay
appreciate that man thanks chris thanks for participating today it's awesome
big things big things coming out of you big expectation so
don't don't take these uh what should i do to get started um
ty can you talk yeah get over your fear of speaking
um where you should get started is start marketing everybody struggles with
how to find a deal if you do enough marketing you'll trip over a deal so however oh nighttime for the kids okay i
gotcha um you have to start marketing whether it's driving for dollars pulling a list
um you have to start marketing in general so if you're going for land um
maybe pull pull a list or do like i said look for look for vacant properties in the area
like you said it really depends if you're in the city or not but it's just finding finding motivated sellers you've
talked to a lot of people to talk to find enough motivated sellers um to even get a contract so that's the number one
thing is if you if you find enough motivated sellers if you start talking to them you
will get a deal that is the short short answer uh thanks appreciate appreciate coming
justin have a great night um
but yeah the short answer is just marketing man whatever you can afford texting calling
whatever list you can get get a hold of partnering uh bob got a deal just for listening in
one of these conversations about somebody having a property in this area and ended up making five thousand dollars just for helping out somebody
else so there's there's money to be made just by listening and watching
and marketing as a whole god is here
yeah uh yeah just to say uh not sure which area
ty wants to focus on or is focusing on but i have some leads that i can pass on
um they didn't work for me because either it's not land that meets the size or value that i want
but may work for somebody else so if you hit me die i can pass you some leads that
may fit what you're looking for
there you go partner with people like this here um you see yours doing deals all over
the u.s are you working on the carolinas that i'll use here
yes yes actually we have uh three lots in north carolina right now and uh i'm
sure i have some leads in that state as well so yeah yeah hit me up i have leads for
every state basically so all right he put his email in the chat
he's here all right thank you man you see there's always a go-giver we appreciate you sir for
participating and contributing to the community it's awesome to see man i appreciate you you see her
for sure you're not taken lightly all right man
um i uh i really i really i really appreciate everybody's time coming out these these
calls there's different information in every call um
and you never know what you're gonna miss by missing it so
you never know what connection is going to be made in the chat just like tying this here right here so
don't don't under under misty underestimate these connections