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March 16, 2022

Ep 138- Leveraging Your Network To Do More Real Estate

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it's not hard to provide through a funds if you you have lenders in your side like i have private money lenders that
can give me a lender saying that i have proven funds of whatever amount i want
oh that's that that's enough to show that if you have funds
okay then go and go and assign it to your buyer and make your fee
okay they don't want to use a marketing
marketing fee agreement to get another contract with them and assign it to your buyer
all right it's a it's a 20 million dollar deal that was
um yeah i mean whatever works i mean i i'm sure i can find a lender
that'll give me a fund letter saying that i have access to
20 million dollars okay but yeah i mean whichever way works best
so sorry so i i offer them i offer them 20 million
and they accept then i take that to the end buyer
and then they decide that they don't want it i just i don't have any issues losing or
i don't put any earnest money down on this thing i don't have any issues backing out the way the way i've done it
with realtors i usually tell them straight out what i'm doing what i'm planning on doing okay so they can understand what's gonna
happen or just get an option period they say hey you know what i'll pay you
500 bucks give me an option give me 30 days or 15 days or 10 days whatever then i have a buyer that might be
interested get in the contract and if he says yes then go ahead and write the contract the original contract
oh if they don't then okay you just lose 500 bucks but you it was worth the risk to make a couple of brands
more you know what i mean okay yeah so you might want to start off with an
auction period thing all right i'm thinking i'm just going to throw it
out i'm going to i'll talk to the realtor about the uh marketing agreement
and let him hash it out with his brokerage i mean if they don't want to if they don't want to pay me for bringing a a customer a buyer to the
table of a 20 million deal that's kind of lame you know yeah it is and trust me
most realtors won't do that because that they don't understand them yeah that's why i hate dealing with realtors
that's why i stopped being a realtor but anyway that's a different story um
but yeah so see if it's land check what does it make sense at 20 million
yeah well 17-5 at 17 5 it's a good deal
and then uh but we don't have it the owner of the property is in china
and i'm working with the realtor who has to present the offer
and he says they might take it because they're tired of it and uh with an offer in 15.
take it i would let me make an offer yeah whatever 15 and go to your buyer hey i
haven't uh you want it for 16 500 or whatever 17 i don't know whatever it is that you want to tell him
and if he goes and see the listing and says well it's listed for 20 i'm like yeah i know but i can get it for you for
16 or 17 or whatever it is and like okay i'll take it you just assigned it
but i would start to know if they're tired they're tired of it i would start low make the offer
yeah it's listed at 3 600 an acre and uh
i threw i threw 27.50 out there and he said they might take it
and then that's because i don't know if he didn't you know he hasn't presented them with the offer yet so i'm going to
tell them well that's what i'm offering are they going to take it or not yeah i mean they have to present it regardless
i mean if he's in china then it might take a little bit longer for her or for him to present it but they literally
have to present a very offer oh regardless regardless if it's a local offer
not unless the seller says i will not do anything less than 15 if you get an offer less than 15 i don't want to hear
it then yes that yes but technically it's their their for the secondary duty to present every offer
what's going on brother can you hear me yes sir i can't okay perfect oh my name is terrell
humphrey and i was just calling uh i just want to ask you that way we can get um your contact information for
the private navy for my private lender yes sir what are you trying to acquire or what
just for future reference when i do come across some deals
um yes and no and where the reason why i say always
because if you're just gonna use the private uh you just need an approval fund you don't technically need
access to our private land unless you actually plan on using them but if you need uh a
fund letter i can get you one okay okay yes sir is there can i get
your contact information yeah i'd be on facebook junior octavio
it should be in one of the groups you say what is it again
thank you just add me and then send me a message of them telling me about the proven function
okay yes sir all right thank you brother no problem is there anybody here
interested in buying uh six thousand acres
where is it at san antonio
outside of san antonio
i might i don't know i need to talk to a friend of mine because he literally called me like two days ago
he's looking for a large amount of land because he wants to grow weed like bro i don't think he can do that
here in texas like no you know yes yes i'm like yes i don't know what law i don't know i like
dude i'm i'm not up to date so i can't tell you yes or no so but he's looking for land so
oh hemp is a big uh industry man they're using it for all kinds of stuff these
days and it's not um you know it's not like get high weed it's yeah
but they're legalizing the actual you know growth of hemp for the oils and
and the uh thread you know the fabrics you can make out of it and stuff yeah i think that's what he's so that's
what he was talking about so i mean send it over i'll send it to him yeah let's see
it's a working ranch right now and we've got some royalties they're making
about 20 grand a month off of the oil with the royalties
they don't own they only own like five percent of the royalties but it is pumping oil and with the way gas is
going yeah okay
how many how many wells do they have like pumping oil yeah i don't know i don't have all that
information but i can send you the information over anthony i sent it over to anthony a little a couple of days ago
he's taking a look at it but i figured i'd offer it up here in the group before i send it out to this guy from dubai
okay yeah i'm about to meet anthony right now a little bit i'm driving from houston to san antonio right now
all right super uh i'll ask him about it
tilden or tyndale or tin something i'm looking for it now
but yeah man i'll be happy to send you the details uh is that the one you just sent me
yeah yeah yeah sorry we're doing a property walk right now so i'm a little bit late
to the party problem yeah i'll send that one over to uh i'll
send them i'll send them the details from that link he sent me we're still evaluating it man i like the price
so yeah all right super so i'll give this uh i'll give this uh realtor a call
and let him know where you know that we got some there's some meat on the bone we're interested in moving forward at that price
yeah is that one listed publicly he said it's a pocket listing it's in his
you know it's on some kind of a land listings website but it there's you know it's listed at 3
600 an acre yeah the price is great man especially for that size of property if they have a
little bit of wiggle room i think we get that size of property i think we've been seeing those for
anywhere between like two thousand to three thousand thirty
five hundred an acre so the price is pretty good i'm sure they have some flexibility in there as well so either one or two things that we
try to have them do is either give us a considerable cash discount or
else give us some kind of terms you know if they wanted to if they wanted us to uh just cash them
out then yeah then we try to negotiate the price pretty far down where we could still make something on it but
if they say no price is pretty firm like okay then well maybe we could do uh lump sum down payment and see if we
could spread it out over like 24 months or 36 months or something or even 10 years i mean they've had it
for a while and it's not producing what they thought it would
says it's not being managed very well there's a lot of resources on the property that they're not using properly
so anyway yeah yeah i think let's get on the call with junior and everybody man let's get
a little bit more details maybe we can record it and then recycle it back into the group that way everybody can take a closer look at it and then see what
we're seeing but yeah i just need to spend a little bit more time in front of the property and if you can kind of give me all the good the bad and ugly maybe
have a conversation with the realtor right quick uh yeah and then go from there that's a that's an incredible property
manager hard to find lots that size that are at a fair price
yeah it's pretty crazy what you come up with on facebook man you just never know i think that's the thing i don't know if
everybody in this group is doing it or not super important let everybody know that you're buying land because it's a very interesting niche
right now that's not yet saturated we're in the land business so we feel like it's saturated but there's not a lot of people talking
about it and just randomly all day long people are just sending me stuff like hey check this out hey check this out and uh any one of those inbound facebook
messenger messages could be 100 grand 50 grand so yeah we're in the right business and
i guess definitely definitely nowhere near saturation we're 20 years out from saturation thank you
but maybe the major parts of the cities are like the main cities but i mean there's going to be outskirts forever
so what are we covering on this car man anybody have any topics you want to cover we're having our boot camp this week right now at the
san antonio office so it's completely hands-on immersive like we're sitting there texting
so uh that's what i got going on today so one of our members had to go run out and look at a property so i went with them
and that kind of stuff but if anybody has any topics they want to cover any questions just feel free to shoot it in here unmute yourself
hey i have a question hi there please hi hi how are you i'm really good thank you
good good uh so when you say let people know that you're buying land what do you mean
like let people know where on facebook on groups okay let me give you a long short answer
uh i saw this guy one time and i was opening a car dealership just as like a try on air because my cousin had one he's real successful in it
and i saw this guy that had all these like exotic cars in the garage maybe 100 of them and i reached out to him and i said hey
i'm just starting up a dealership i want to see if you can give me uh some advice what what would be your best piece of advice
and he said post everything you're doing on facebook and that's all he said that's probably the best piece of advice
i've ever got and so i applied that to my real estate business so anytime you go walk a property anytime you're
looking at something anytime you're doing anything that's related to your business post it on social media take 10 seconds post it on
instagram hey just walk in this house hey just walk in this little ranch looking at this little lot um and just let people know what you're
doing and what happens is you know you post something like that it gets three likes
you're like oh nobody paid attention nobody said anything about it but people are watching people are watching they're
collecting information they're collecting data and uh sooner or later somebody that you never thought in a million years would
reach out to you is gonna send you a message on facebook messenger and they're gonna say hey i see you're buying land you know
my aunt has a piece of land she wants to sell and it's going to be a crazy price it's going to be an amazing deal when you make 100 it's just going to happen
like that it's funny too because i always use it as an example i would say like post what you're doing on on facebook and on
instagram and i say i always use it as an example i say somebody that you went to high school with somebody you haven't talked
to in years is going to reach out to you and say hey i saw you doing land and then they're going to get all involved
and it's funny too because elizabeth falcone she's here in san antonio one of her high school friends just like a week ago reached out to her and she wants to
get involved so now she's helping do text messages and make phone calls and comb through data and all that stuff
so that's what i mean by yeah tell everybody what you're doing so even if you're um
so for me i i'm not like i don't i'm a land investor but i buy
land uh not locally you know i'm in i'm based out of new jersey right now i my
markets are arizona
um so would i be i guess when you say post everything you're doing i'm actually not walking
you know any properties for the most part i kind of buy you know i i do my comps and do my negotiating
you know text messaging and all that stuff so pretty much sight unseen for the most
part so would that apply when you say you know talk about
everything you're doing on facebook if you are not if you um you know
if you're doing stuff out of your area like out of state
different absolutely yeah imagine how amazing that sounds to somebody who's not in our business say i'm running a
land investing company from another state i don't even got to go see this stuff i'm doing it for my kitchen table
all right that's an amazing story
that'll definitely intrigue people and then so um you know they say hey what are you
doing how does that work how are you doing that um you know post every time you get a deal another closing this week yep from
my kitchen table super easy i love land i love this business that kind of stuff hashtag
and people reach out to you so they just have to see what you're doing and that does two things
i want everybody to know this i don't know if everybody's thinking about this i just assume that everybody knows what i know or thinking what i'm thinking but
if you are thinking in terms of teaching people what you're doing get getting them excited about it they say hey what
exactly are you doing just just come to this call and it was kind of self-explanatory can you be on a call thursday at seven
invite them to the calls share them share what you're doing and then when somebody gets uh interested what they're
gonna do is they're gonna have either one or two things they can contribute to your business is they can contribute their time or
their capital right because this business is all about pooling capital even if you're at the highest level investor
like tim bratz and these guys that are buying islands they have a lot of friends you know that that are willing to leverage and lend them millions of
dollars right but if you never leverage your first 5 grand or 10 grand you know maybe somebody that has hey i got ten thousand
saved up what should i do like hey can you invest 2500 with me into marketing all right and we get a deal we'll split
our deals 50 50. or whatever 25.75 whatever the number is but if you're leveraging your uh you know your your
resources your contacts if everybody's leveraging the resources against each other that's how you can really start to
scale really quickly and nobody's carrying a large load and then with our hive mind business
model it's designed so that eventually your marketing budget goes to zero and you're
getting more leads than you've ever got before but it doesn't work unless you start building a team start sharing what you're doing with other people
and that's when the magic happens okay and last question
when you when you say because i my strength is not marketing that's why i kind of joined the hive line i'm
trying to get better at it um so i would definitely like to start you
know marketing on facebook and so forth but i you putting everything or are you suggesting putting everything on your
personal page or creating a business page and then you know doing it that way or both
i say i'm trying to like collapse time and space right so i'm trying to like shrink a person's success down into the very
shortest amount like smallest window possible so i'd say start posting now from your personal page over and over and over
again um there we're in a mastermind daniel myself and it's a marketing mastermind
the guy's a genius i think he's doing a couple hundred grand a month and um what he talks about is he says
you have to post so much that you're annoying he said because the people that aren't going to do business with you
they were never going to do business with you anyway if they get annoyed by your posts he said so if you're not annoying you're
not posting enough he said and the people that are going to do business with you they're going to cheer for you they're going to do business with you no matter what they
don't care how much you post so don't be ashamed to post as often as possible
um i would say post on your facebook stories and your instagram stories facebook and instagram love for you to
post on your stories and that's how you'll get like the most views if you do that so nobody can comment and say hey you're
always posing the same thing you know publicly because it's it's in their stories but yeah i say post from your personal stuff for right now you can
always leverage a business page you can set up some automations through hive mind when you're you know communicating with buyers through your business pages
so but that's just a more advanced strategy what i would say is just take out all of the reasons why
it's going to take you that you're going to become successful at a future date even for one like just your language
like the things that we say about ourselves right kind of like mindset have you said i'm not a great marketer you know take that out of your
vocabulary and take it out of your mindset because probably what you know about marketing right now is probably 99
more than all of like all of your friends right you're you're a master marketer compared to all of your friends that
aren't marketing at all so just change we got to change the stories that we we tell ourselves or care about
ourselves right so say i'm learning marketing i'm becoming a marketing expert
just the same thing just different way to say um yeah
i hear what you're saying i'm picking that up yeah and it's cool it's a fun business
because that's another thing too is we have to remember that this is absolutely fun like we have our bad days right we put in a lot of effort and we put in a
lot of capital and we don't see it come back right away so we're kind of nervous and scared like dang did i make a
mistake did i waste my time but i promise you this business is cumulative you'll go from not very many checks and
not very much inbound capital to more capital than you know what to do with and it happens very quickly too i mean
it feels like a long journey right if you're working for a year two years on the same project and you're not seeing the progress but yeah i absolutely um i
joined the hive mind i don't know i feel like six months ago um but even if i get on and just listen
you know it's very very helpful you know sometimes you know i
don't ask questions but i'm just listening or whatever the case may be but even as
a land investor um you know it's been
my journey is a little less than two years with five mind about six months but
it's weird utilizing the crm and reading my website through that has been
you know amazing for me it was like places where i was stuck you
know and again joining the calls and asking questions so it's been great
and and the groups as well so thank you i'm glad you're here too
yeah we we love our people and we want to see you grow we want to see you you know start to get into momentum and then
even elizabeth she asked me she was like how can i pay you back and i'm like you need to give it to somebody else you don't give you don't pay it back to me
you pay it to the next person and learn now that's how you pay us back so we want to see everybody get to that place
and we're in a position where you can share it with your friends and family and your co-workers and the people you
love and care about and even strangers nothing feels better than to help somebody that you don't know where
there's no benefit to you and to be able to like just do that i think it keeps you like in a place of
abundance if i'll do deals and i'll close stuff for people and i'm not even involved in it i'm not even getting paid for it but
i just feel it makes me feel great like i feel unlimited i feel like there's like so much to give and sometimes no
matter how much we give away i feel like there's more coming and it's just it's a good feeling to walk around with that in your body and
in your mind you know kind of takes us out of that scarcity or that lack mindset you just feel like i know i have a lot to give
and even if it's not capital like i can give away my knowledge i can give away my my mastermind i can give away my
contacts my people i can give away my leads and there's still so much more coming i'm never going to be able to absorb it
all or use it also i can definitely share it with the people around me yeah that's awesome
yeah it's a it's a good good business i think our business model is perfect i mean it's a plus amazing
yeah so we thank you know you for being here and everybody on this call for participating and just a reminder i want to reiterate
that the knowledge that you're getting on these calls it's cumulative right you come to these calls and you're like oh i hear a lot of the same stuff and i've
already heard that before but i promise you the more times you hear this the more it becomes ingrained in your soul
and then i recommend that everybody's teaching somebody else every single person on this call i don't care how new you are there's somebody that knows less
than you because when you're teaching other people you're becoming better at it yourself right like it's like i made a
video about this on youtube probably two years ago or three years ago it's like you're sharpening your own sword when
you're sharpening somebody else's right so it's like it's ingraining all the phrases and all the ideas when
you're sharing and teaching somebody else it's like burning more into your subconscious mind so that when you do take that phone call with that seller
for that big big deal that you've been waiting for it's like you've already said that script 9 000 times because
you've been teaching other people so it just comes to you like second nature like you've already worked on those neural pathways in your brain to say
those things and the way that you explain it perfectly because you've been teaching people the whole time so it's
like you're staying ready for for the final game you're ready for that you know to win the super bowl you're ready
for that final game-winning shot because you've been practicing over and over and over again but if you're not teaching
anybody if you're not training anybody then the only efforts and the only practice you get is when you're actually
doing it yourself which is you know not as often as it could be i think one thing that helped me get better really really quick is that i was
always teaching other people and i wasn't even looking for anything for myself either i just wanted to see other people win and i was excited about what
i was doing and um i think you got to be you got to get excited you got to get excited about what you're doing remember this is a
business but we're here to have fun too you can't take yourself too too seriously because then it turns into work and then you know i think i want to
make those calls i'm going to get on the phone and do that follow-up and you get that eerie feeling like i'll just call them tomorrow i'll just call them later
right yeah i think working on your craft mastering your crafts like taking that that that free throw shot like you
already i made this shot already 5 000 times so when people are here in the office or they call me and they say hey can you talk to this seller for me
there's no hesitation there at all i don't think like i kind of don't want to call anybody today like give me that
phone what's the number like i'm dialing it right away without even thinking about it probably because i have the other person's best interest in mind but
it's like i've already made this game winning shot five thousand times so i know there's a pretty good chance that
if i get on the phone that i'm gonna close it if it's a good deal and the seller's willing to work with us so i think i heard pace morby say that on a
call or he was on something maybe it was with steve trang but he said he would just come in and just close deals for
people so they would tee him up they would talk to get the sellers warmed up make sure they know what's coming and then he would just come in and close and
i thought you know what that's amazing that's actually probably the best business model i've ever heard of teach the people what to do get us as close as
you can to the finish line and then bring us in to put down the hammer yeah
so you get the practice right so teach the people around you teach new people around you and have them tee you up for
themselves hey here's how you do the marketing here's how you do the calling here's how you do the you know the outbound marketing or how
to do the deal research so you're teaching somebody else that's interested somebody that wants to change their life and then they'll they'll call you one
day and they'll say hey guess what i got this lady on the phone she says she wants to sell she's ready she said bring the paperwork
dang then you just come in and close and then you get half of the deal that you didn't have to do 90 of the work for right because you you shared your
knowledge with these people you shared the information you told them what to do and then it starts to pay itself back like
it's very fulfilling yes it is again the hive mind for me was was great
because again i started my journey about two years ago and um
you know it could be very uh
irritating when you're stuck and you don't have a support group you know and you or you kind of hit a roadblock
and you don't have a network to kind of you know bounce your thoughts off
of so the hive mind has been great again even just from the listening you know there's so much to absorb and
hearing other people's stories is great as well as asking questions so i'm i'm
happy i found you guys we're happy you found us too we appreciate you because we are absolutely nothing without all of you so yeah we're
equally as grateful and so we want to make it make sure that it's worth it for you we want to make sure that we see you win and become
successful so coming to these calls what are your challenges what can we do to help and
then in my mind if we can shave it all the way down to its simplest simplest form if i had to just
you know just one piece of advice one thing to cut through all the noise is to do what i do when i first started when i
knew absolutely nothing about realists never been to a closing before start
marketing just do marketing that's all you have to get good at because if you talk to
50 i guess you're probably going to get a deal but if it takes you two years to talk to
50 sellers you're probably going to get a deal but it's going to take a while so just get in front of as many
opportunities as you can and then the only way that i know how to do that at a very very high rate
is to leverage the people around you leverage their time and leverage their energy and their capital in exchange for
your knowledge and there's nothing wrong with that that's not being a lease that's not being weird or shady it's
like i would give you all of my intellectual capital if i could borrow a little bit of your time
or you know i want to send out these marks these mailers maybe you can split the cost with me and when we get the
leads we'll do some kind of split on the back end easiest easiest way because like look at look at it this way
if you're doing i don't know let's say you're talking to 10 sellers a day or 20 sellers a day
and then that's pretty much all you can do with your time right that's that's a pretty good contact rate for anybody
but if you brought on one person and you train them to do exactly what you're doing and they can talk to 10 or 20
sellers a day now you're talking to 40 people a day and then you bring on another person and they can talk now you're talking to 60
people a day so if you're working with three four five six people then next thing you know you're doing
two or three or four months worth of work in an afternoon right so again pulling your time
together pulling your capital together to do marketing to do marketing efforts to get more sellers on the phone that
doesn't mean scrubbing lists for three days or picking out your
get involved with that then the faster things are going to go for you in front of more opportunities and nothing else if you only focus on that
and things start to happen really really quickly
anybody else have anything you want to chat about any questions concerns comments
hey anthony hi how's it going good good how are you
um the other time i think it's really good okay the other time i'd ask for like um your
late data elite stores i think you said a guy was putting something together and you were gonna post it in a group
[Music] what lead source was this for so remember when i asked if you have
like a specific like um uh filter combination for pulling uh
land um for leads or whatever on any system maybe like pop stream or whatever
and you said there was a particular guy that used his phone system my own software and he was gonna post it in the group
yes and i forgot exactly who it was um
oh his name is his name is um pablo [Music]
let me not i know pablo ramirez and the public
his number in the chat right now and he's the one that he's actually we're actually he might be in hive
university he might be one of the instructors but uh he's gonna do a zoom with us and he's to do a a class on one of these
zoom calls on how to pull some lists and then what he does is he filters them over and over and over
again against multiple lists so that when you do it sometimes you end up with a real small list
but then they're pretty highly targeted so i prefer to text you know or call
thousands of people all in the same time but if you're looking to get your very first deal then i would say yeah go after a highly
highly highly targeted list and then um everybody you're talking to has several
layers of motivation so like he'll take like the tax list and then weigh that against the out-of-state owner list and then he'll
weigh that against another list until you filter all the way down to nothing so i'll have him come on and explain his process sooner or later but yeah he just
came to the the new office a couple days ago and we did a uh podcast and he was telling me i think he
uses want to say rei blackbook or something but that's what i kind of didn't want to mention what the software was until he tells you but i just posted his name and
his phone number inside the chat if somebody wants to hit him up and say hey i think he said you're the guy that knows how to filter list and then yeah i
think it's worth a conversation with him but he'll be teaching it sooner or later uh hopefully in the next week or two
cool yeah and another quick question do you have any kind of experience with like off-grid properties i have this um
320 acres in new mexico it's off-grid but um i think they're asking like less than
five hundred dollars an acre anybody yes yeah it's like really 387
and acres they just won 124 000 for it wow i don't know if you have any experience with that
i've never done anything like that mostly everything i've done is like within an hour of a major city
you know something like that maybe two hours that's what where my my sweet spot is so
if it's kind of way out in the middle of nowhere then i'm not too sure what to do with that i wonder if mike novak or yoseer might know what to do with that
yeah so i'm out in colorado where we have a lot of that um basically anything anything between
kansas and pikes peak you know colorado springs denver that area
there's there's nothing nothing there's not a tree you know over two foot
on that property and 500 bucks an acre is about what it gets
and i mean people use it to run run cattle on
but you need like 15 acres per cow so that's why it's so cheap
but i mean hey it doesn't hurt to get it under contract and then throw it out there and
find out if somebody's you know looking for it but that's definitely uh
that's a small niche of people that want that property right okay but that's that's gonna be that's
going to be people that own cattle that are going to want to that are going to want that property how many acres is it
320 320. so that's uh 100 acres is a square so you got three
you know you got three squares a property there but yeah put it up on
i'll tell you what i mean if you want some more information on that um hit me up in the facebook group or
something and we'll we'll talk more offline okay sounds great
thanks that's all i was going to say so uh what i would do is one step down from getting it under contract if you're not
sure if you can move it then um i usually get an option on it um sometimes a seller wants you to pay
for it it's just a little less binding than an actual purchase agreement um so that's something that's if some if
a seller is too close to retail well i'm not comfortable then i'll just ask for an option and then i'll kind of make my
contacts and see who can help me fund that deal so that's just one thing to consider too if you have something that
that you're just kind of like on the fence about i would probably grab an option before i just did a purchase
agreement on anthony can you explain how to what are
you talking about when you say grab an option you haven't signed them yeah so the option agreement you can
just look them up on google sometimes it's a one pager and all it it is is it says it's a document that says
that you have the right to buy the property you have the option to purchase it but not necessarily that i'm
purchasing it um and then you can have two types of options you can have an exclusive option
agreement or you can have a non-exclusive option so the exclusive option says that i'm the i'm under
option for this period of time and the seller's not allowed to sell the property to anybody else sometimes
that's why sometimes they want to get paid for that right because now they're binded by that agreement so if they called you and said hey i'm selling the
property like no you're not you're going to get a lawsuit right and some that's why sometimes they would want you to pay for that
non-exclusive option agreement says i have the option to purchase it but i don't have to and then also the seller's
not obligated to sell it to you either so during that option period he says hey you know i already found somebody that wants to buy it you know sorry have a
nice day then that's pretty much where it ends but it's less binding because if you get something under contract that
you don't have the funds in place or the loan in place to actually close on it and that seller's savvy and he turns
around and sues you i mean you can get in big trouble fraud all that other kind of stuff so option is just a one level down from the
purchase agreement to keep you out of trouble
super thank you that's very useful you're super welcome yes it's a lot less less dangerous like i said so sometimes
i'll have somebody call me and say hey i'm talking to the seller and you know the seller wants to start using all this fancy language and they want to start
doing all this stuff and i'm like this sounds like a real savvy seller that's setting you up for a lawsuit if you don't perform so if you're brand new you
might tell and run on that deal or bring somebody in who's a lot more experienced to help you navigate that one yeah
because some of these sellers are slick man i think the more savvy they are the more properties they own the more money
they have you know they might make an example out of you if they're tired of wholesalers calling them about their property so
again just not to do no fear-mongering but we got to be careful we got to take care of each other and know you know how
to navigate in and out of difficult situations in this business before they start i have a mentor his name's logan former
here in san antonio and uh when i first met him i mean this guy's so defense oriented you know because uh
he's been to court a lot of times you know on both sides both the suing side and the getting sued side
and uh when he's explaining to me all this defense in my mind i'm just like yeah yeah i get it but right so i was
never kind of like never leaning into it as much as him and it was it was
kind of annoying sometimes but now knowing what i know years later i'm like that's why he plays so much defense i
mean the guy's a master he's an absolute master and his his brain's always thinking you know you're not thinking of you know
things happening bad for you but it's better to be thinking in terms of what could go wrong
so that you can foresee the future so that you never end up there
so yeah we're always thinking about offense in this business but i don't think there's a whole lot of people talking about defense
yeah learn how to protect yourself and keep yourself from getting in trouble getting sued as often as possible sooner
or later you'll probably get sued but you know you want to delay it or avoid it as much as possible
hey what's going on anthony uh i have a question yes sir all right so uh so i'm stuck on how to
comp the uh land is that where you just walk through that process yeah man super super simple nobody has
to get lost in comps the only reason you're gonna do like these hardcore comps is if you're doing houses right
because if you know that that house has nothing selling in that neighborhood for more than a hundred dollars a square foot that's what your house is worth
period land is more flexible because no two pieces of land are identical two
neighboring parcels could be you know 50 different because one has a creek one does not one's in the flood zone one
does not one has trees one does not you know one has utilities one does not so i don't get too lost in compt the
only thing i ever do for comps is i look at the county appraisal value you can just put type in you know your county
cad cid um and just go and see what the county thinks it's worth so that's my step one
and then step two i go to and i'll just see what stuff is listed for has to be the same size lot right so
a one acre lot is not going to sell for the same price as a 50 acre lot you know per acre a one acre lot could be 50
grand and a 50 acre lot could be selling for 10 000 an acre so see what's listed see what's
pending right because pending means that somebody contracted it already at that price like there's a buyer that's already under contract there
and then i just assume that most brokers and realtors do their homework to put those properties up for sale because
they know what they're probably going to bring in so that's all i really ever run for comps i don't go in there and see what recent sales have been or anything like
that because that information is not even really available in texas so keep it super super simple
um don't over complicate it on comps it doesn't have to be that complicated i've never really looked into it too
heavily and i've done okay
hello anthony yes hey anthony louis a long time listener first time caller
type of person um awesome thank you for being on here you're welcome man how does your uh how
does your day look like your week look like your month look like like can you run through that can you can you
kind of so i can have kind of an idea how do you how do you manage your days and you and anybody else that's not
producing oh perfect yeah my day's been i try to keep my appointments to little to
nothing so i know like elon musk runs like in 15 minute increments all day long i'll tell
you if i put something on my calendar like if i have a property walk wednesday at four i already kind of get like an
eerie feeling because like now that spot's taken right because i like to keep myself flexible and available in case something amazing pops up so pretty
much from the time i wake up in the morning i don't set an alarm clock anymore i usually get up at five and six and meditate and fast and morning
rituals and all that um read a little bit either bible or book something like that in the morning
and then i would start taking my morning calls you know 8 8 30 after my morning stuff now since for about 13 14 months i don't
set an alarm at all so i get up somewhere between like seven and eight um when i get up in the morning i'll start taking any calls until 10 no
meetings until about 12. um and then what i'm doing is virtual because i'm
dealing with the other team members calls text messages emails so i'm like coaching people through deals helping
people analyze deals and that's pretty much it but i try not i try to keep a very very flexible
schedule i'm like i said no set meetings and appointments if possible unless absolutely necessary like i have a property 27 acres that i own here in san
antonio and a girl wants to come see it tomorrow and that's all i have booked for this week right now aside we have
the boot camp all week so i'm going to be here mostly day in and day out but everything i'm doing is virtual flexible
and um very very little meetings if i can help at zero meetings so that way i get an inbound text message or
phone call somebody says hey i have a deal i want you to look at or can you hop on the seller with me at
this time then yes i can do that but i try to keep the most important stuff in front of mine um and almost spur the moment really man
i like to keep my schedule freed up that way if something amazing comes in i can go see it i can jump in and look at it
but i ran a construction company for almost 20 years so like i said getting up at 6 a.m and
working long long hours and having meeting stuff booked out for weeks and months i just got burned out on it so
i'm trying to have as little structure in my business as possible now because it's enjoyable
it's fluid and it doesn't feel i don't feel stressed or pressured and like i said last thing i want to do is kind of
know myself back down to that corporate feeling where i have nothing but meetings scheduled day in and day out
all day every day so i started this business to avoid that
got it thank you for that yes sir welcome
hey can you guys set up a camera and live stream the uh boot camp for a select you know for hive members
yeah i think we are going to do this that'd be cool to watch you guys work cool yeah man that's that's what we're
planning on doing we're just letting a camera run in there um so people can just participate virtually and just listen and stuff like that but that's
really all we're doing we're just hitting the phones people at their computers everybody's getting their campaign set up today so by tomorrow
taking lots of phone calls emails text messages that kind of stuff like somebody found a really good deal earlier um she handed me the phone there
was about 20 numbers to call dialed every single one left some voicemail sent some text messages sent some emails
done that's it
so yeah we'll get something going here a little bit daniel just got here like an hour ago too hour and a half ago so i'm sure he has
something cool he's cooking up i'm almost there
you're coming today tomorrow right now bro i'm almost there yeah
all right sounds great you know my mom made some food we ordered some chicken earlier got all kinds of stuff going
over here right now i'm like 30 minutes away oh dang you're here all right good times
that's what i love about this community man everybody really is super helpful this is a really this really is it does feel more like a family than it does a
business that's probably why i try to keep it as like low level business as possible i don't have any employees
aside from the va's that service the uh the hive mind the software
so i don't have anybody that works for me that that requires a paycheck my sister's a full-time admin so she's i
guess the only quote unquote employee that i have but as far as like my business structure goes no va's um no code callers nothing like
that so the goal for the hive mind was to work with in partnerships work in tandem with other people so that way i don't
have to carry that heavy overhead like i have all these years and it's working perfect my lead flow is going up my deal
flow is going up and still like i said my my overhead is not going up which is beautiful so when
you can increase your deal flow and you don't have like now i need 10 cold callers now i need 20
or 30. so i think our model is amazing anybody that believes in the system and follows it and builds it the way that
we're building it i promise you and you're in for something amazing yeah and i'm experiencing it firsthand
and uh yeah that's my goal for everybody on this call is to be able to work a similar system where your your business
is growing and you're becoming more and more free as time goes on instead of more buried in your work because if you
structure this thing incorrectly it will eat you alive going through paperwork calling your
numbers deals dealing with the title company this thing will eat you alive it really will so
our business model is cool stay back slow pressure and it works 100 of the time every single person that's
implementing what we're doing is uh starting to experience the same thing i'm just talking elizabeth about it
right now she was like i just feel just like the happiest i've ever been it's the slowest pace i've ever been she's like i come in here and i'm i'm working
just like but some days i just want to just come in and just chill for a second to ease your mind
we're working we're trying to make as much money as fast as possible but you got to take care of yourself you got to take care of your mental health your
spiritual well-being your physical health because if you're if you're always in scarcity
if you're always just working yourself to death then it's just not a sustainable business model i did it for such as such a long time in construction
and wake up with anxiety and go to bed exhausted and anxiety just just there's no space for it in my life
anymore i think we've designed the perfect model in business it's the funnest business i've ever had the coolest community i've
ever had seen before the the best people i've ever been around so it's just when
way down all the way across the board
well i'll tell you what anthony that's where i'm hoping to be i've been in the remodeling business for 30 years man and you know it's just it's
go go go man you finish one job and you gotta get the next one lined up and going or you got two or
three going at the same time and just never seems to be enough uh enough cash flow there to to have much
of a reserve you know it seems like every winter you get wiped out and
man that's what i'm looking for some stability and just some peace man
that's it that's literally it i did it for 20 years you know chasing chasing the
player giving it everything i have for all my 20s i worked 7 12s man every single day i never got tired i
loved what i was doing i was making plenty of money i was just working around the clock and uh
yeah eventually like i just realized man if i keep on trading my dollars you know my hours for dollars eventually my you
know my main resource is going to expire it's going to run out and so that's why i started to like imagine a model where
more [Music] my own effort more of my own hours is not you know the main deciding factor of
the growth of the company so you're now here like i said if you have to have mentees
you have to have people that you're teaching the game to make this business work because you can be a one-man band but you're gonna max out
you're gonna max out maybe a couple hundred grand maybe a mill if you're just a one-man show
but if once you start to you know like i said work with other people leverage each other's time and energy and capital that's when the magic really happens and
i'm just like starting to experience in it now like things are getting crazy like we locked up a two million dollar
ranch and a five million dollar wrench in a span of like 45 days so it's just like it's just it's
starting to get more and more magic as time goes on it's not getting more complicated it's not getting more stressful it's not requiring more of my
hours so it's pretty even and consistent but as the team grows as the people grow
and we teach them what's you know to do what they're doing then we all grow together and nobody is
like contributing so much that they're expiring or becoming exhausted or frustrated or angry or going broke so
pretty pretty cool environment let's lock up a 6300 acre range dude
that one is so beautiful that's amazing that's such a great property i think you're going to start to see less and less of those over time because there's
more and more people starting to move into this space um so whenever you see something that's like in the thousands of acres yeah that
requires a closer look that's about the uh the hour mark i'm happy to chat for a few more minutes if
anybody has anything else you want to cover any questions or anything like that if not i think that's a wrap we
appreciate everybody for being on here we will see you again on thursday at 7 p.m central time um this is not a
singles dance so you know make sure that every time we have these calls bring somebody new you know post on your
stories post on your your facebook post on your social get people excited about what you're doing just share what you're
doing why would you harbor this information to yourself why would you keep this private such a beautiful game that we're playing such a
blessing such a cool space to be in or around the coolest people i've ever met before why would you keep that private
post it on your socials invite people to these calls grow a team and i promise you some magic is right around the
corner it gets crazy fast really really fast so we appreciate everybody for being on this call thank you for contributing
your time and energy with us and we do appreciate it i hope to pay it back asap we'll see you we'll see you soon thank
you so much everybody thank you you have a good night
thank you appreciate everybody take care