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March 15, 2022

Ep 137- Leaving Corporate America With Genesis Amaris Kemp

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hey welcome to today's episode we're
here with genesis um i'm excited to have
this episode we did i was on her podcast
last week and we're having her on our
podcast this week so uh can you tell us
a little bit about yourself um
what what what um how'd you get how'd
you end up here because i know you're
from the corporate world so we're going
to talk about that but let's uh let's
talk about how you end up became an
entrepreneurship and i became a
podcaster all that good stuff
okay hey hey everyone my name is genesis
amaris kemp i am a visionary life coach
motivational speaker also the podcast
founder and host of my own show jem's
podcast and then i'm an author too so i
have two books on the market and three
book collaborations and another one
about to drop in second quarter how i
got to where i was was definitely um via
a layoff being forced out of my comfort
zone because i got so complacent my
background is oil and gas and energy i
spent 12 years in the industry
15 years in corporate america as a whole
and i was just comfortable i enjoyed you
know the bells and the whistles until i
did it
meaning when i found out that i was the
only person of color and my pay was
significantly lower than my peers
it started ruffling feathers and it
didn't sit right with me
mentally or physically i started to
let my mental factors become outward
and i just wasn't happy overall but um
you know sometimes it's like things
happen to you in your life but they also
happen for you for you to grow so if i
would have never you know
been laid off from this fortune 500 oil
and gas company i probably wouldn't be
here talking to you today or it probably
wouldn't have would have taken me a lot
longer to get here on this journey
no i i think um sometimes bad situations
are good circumstances that make you
like rethink and readjust um and i think
i feel like that's what happened with
you i really want to talk about um a lot
of uh the corporate corporate world so a
lot of people think a lot of people get
complacent in the corporate world where
they don't want to leave because they
get comfortable
what what was like the struggle of like
switching over from
i'm a corporate world to becoming an
entrepreneur and doing all these great
things with your books i think it's
so one i had a corporate credit card
which was nice because i could um take
my clients to lunch or dinner and then
you know i get a dinner out of that
because i'm entertaining there was
different perks that i had because my
company was well known so branded by
association so you get different gifts
and knickknacks sometimes they'll give
you rodeo tickets or concert tickets or
whatnot i also um had the ability to
have different partnerships where you
get a discount on your cell phone bill
and other things like that it was nice
one of the sweet things as i climbed the
corporate ladder i had a limo that would
come to my house a limo service i would
pick me up take me to the airport so i
could fly out for business meetings got
to stay in really nice hotels and have
really fancy dinners and that was really
cool but whenever you go into
it's your money and you have to be a
good steward of your finances
so you don't go broke and you really
know the amount of money that you're
making you have to set aside money for
taxes if you need to pay taxes
what is your profit loss and your gains
and all of that stuff and you know
people don't always tell you about that
in entrepreneurship because they're like
oh i'm my own boss but then there's also
people who support your business that
you have to answer to even though you're
your own boss because you want to make
sure you have those um repetitive
clients coming coming to you and
whenever you are the face of the company
you have to be very meticulous on what
you put out on the in the media what is
your online presence and is that tied to
your core values and your mission
yeah that's
when you when you're not sure
everything's all on you there's no
there's no uh
hey i need help i mean you can always
ask for help but it's a a lot of the
pressure's on you and you kind of you
gotta kind of face it head on
and realize that you might not have
you gotta pay the gas and electric bill
you still gotta pay the
car note
and all that stuff is all on you it's no
i i honestly like i've never had that
that cool of a job where i've got all
those corporate benefits but i would
probably be hard for me to leave too
i understand i understand
it gets uh
they uh
the corporate world they make the
like the proverbial carrot as far as to
keep you going a lot nicer and they give
you a lot more benefits and it's just
uh i still gotta go and do this for my
own so we've had a lot of uh
entrepreneurs recently quit their job
that were using our
my so my clients and it's kind of cool
seeing them like transition because they
had really good paying jobs too and it's
kind of like yeah i could do more for
myself if i just
take that leap of faith you know so it's
kind of it's kind of cool seeing a lot
of people do that and
it's harder for some it's harder for
some people and most people can't even
grasp that they can do better for
by themselves you know
yeah very true and i guess knowing your
worth is very key whenever you're an
entrepreneur don't um settle for less or
lessen yourself and the products and
services that you offer because someone
can't afford you right then and there um
if they can't afford you set up a
payment plan but don't you know
lessen the value of what you have to
offer because if you keep devaluing
yourself who is going to value you
yeah that's it who's gonna value you so
let's talk about um
the i i didn't we first spoke i know we
kind of brushed along it but i really
want to hit on it now
you said you said in the beginning that
you were under you're underpaid more
than your peers
it hurt or hurts me whenever i hear that
because i i know a lot of people
struggle with
a lot of corporations they underpaid
minorities underpaid uh
uh females and women and i'm just like
oh why do you do this to yourself like
you're just you're asking for a problem
and an issue and you're not really
the people that you actually bring and
bringing in an employee and it always
bites back in in the future
how long did you work there before you
realized that was an issue in your
so i worked for that company for a total
of seven and a half years up until the
layoff and i realized that was an issue
year three and i was constantly trying
to advocate for myself to get the
correction on my pay and then every time
i got you know up to a good point that
manager would leave so then a new
manager would come so i would have to
start all the way over but the tip of
the iceberg was during the whole black
lives matter movement whenever
the vice president of supply chain i was
working in a global supply chain
organization at the time
called a meeting with those of us who
identified as blacks or
african-americans or minorities and when
i saw the number that was in the room it
was shocking especially working for a
global organization
and then he started to ask people to
share their stories with either personal
or professional racism
and i was like oh this could go one or
two ways you could either put yourself
out there and hang yourself to dry
or you could kind of sit back and let
somebody else go because you'd never
want to back yourself in a corner
um when you're working for certain types
of companies
so different people started you know
volunteering to speak and then he called
on me and by that point i was like no
ham no cheese no turkey i had had it so
i literally told him i said okay
i have a problem i started with this
in 2013 as an administrative assistant i
quickly grew my career
from an administrative assistant to a
raw material coordinator to trade
regulations and compliance coordination
to working my way up into those
professional roles yet you still have me
ranked with the other administrative
assistants even though i'm not doing
that work
and then
another thing i have a problem with
is whenever people expect you to be the
for your entire race even though i am
african-american melanated
i am first generation american my dad
was south american and my mom is
um i can't be the spokesperson for every
black person because i don't know what
they're going through but i can tell you
what i'm going through
then on a personal side i do have a
problem whenever i go to the grocery
stores and if i have my sister's kids
who are biracial they're half white half
people have came up to me and asked me
whose kids are those why would i just
steal some kids first of all
if i have my brother's kids his kids are
half black half indian
and people just look at you people
follow you around they want to take
pictures because i live in an area that
is predominantly caucasians and there's
a handful of hispanics there's a handful
of blacks but the it's predominantly
caucasians and i feel like
it's a problem whenever people can't
realize that the world is shifting and
changing and there's different races
that are intersect accepting and you
can't help who you fall in love with but
ignorance is bliss if you are looking at
me and judging me without even getting
to know me then that's on you and i
can't help
fixing you problem but what i can do is
tell you my story and we can work
together to create a solution and the
bomb dropper was
whenever my supervisor's boss put up on
the screen the different salary levels
and when i saw that my salary level was
not on the screen that's when i was like
red alert a huge red flag because i saw
that the position started at a cl level
22 and higher and cl means
classification level and at that time i
was a classification level 15.
so i quickly screenshot the hell out of
that sucker and i had it for evidence
and i went in there and i said where do
i fit into this schematic here i am
doing this work traveling for the
company representing the company
in front of c-suite executives and other
buy-in leaders but yet i don't even have
the respect that i deserve or respect on
my check i kid you not when i laid it
all out on the table in the vice
president's meeting one week later i get
a phone call from my boss telling me oh
well you know what we're we're going to
bump your cl level from a 15 to a 22
and effective this date you're going to
get a 20 000 salary increase now let
that marinate
that's crazy that's crazy wow so they've
been they're underpinning for a very
long time very long time
that's crazy so you you uh you're
advocating for people like this as well
right now is this kind of what your your
books are about that you're advocating
for people that are underpaid and
unappreciated in their corporations
yeah so the title of my book is called
chocolate drop in corporate america and
i wrote the book to really talk about
how you could take ownership of your
career so navigating your career
in a industry where it's not conducive
knowing the power of your voice
breaking down those limitations and
rising above the barriers and really
standing your ground but also while
you're standing your ground make sure
you have the facts make sure you have
black and white concrete data and make
sure that you really do your research so
whenever you do go up and engage in
those difficult or courageous
conversations you have a leg to stand on
and you're not going in there blindsided
and then you have a sponsor that will
vouch for you so that's like a
manager they could be an executive they
could be a senior or mid-level do they
know about your work history and your
work ethics do you have a sponsor and
how can that person
stand up for you when you may not be
fortunate to go into rooms like that
yeah that's that's amazing i i i feel a
lot it's it's a very lonely space to
stand up to the boss
you know
and i commend you for doing it for
yourself and i commend you for doing it
for others as well through your books
and inspiring people to just to take a
stand and not take it because it's not
it's not healthy for your mentors from
your mental health and for your uh just
your well-being as a whole because
corporations there i'm not i'm not a big
i understand why corporations are the
way they are but it's just nothing can
excuse their behavior in certain
instances and why they do the things
they do you know it's crazy to me
absolutely and one thing that i could
say since the book has came out it has
encouraged other people to come forward
and share their stories like
one guy that i met he talked about how
he faced something similar with the us
government and it was so bad that he
challenged the board of education and he
also went up against you know his
government contracting agency that he
was working for and he he was a single
father at the time with his daughter and
former president obama got involved in
their story
um they shut down some of the boards of
education like the people had to give
them an apology him and his daughter had
to like move states and change schools
and etc and he's like if i would have
never read your book chocolate dropping
corporate america from the pit to the
palace it wouldn't have given me the
courage to write my book so his book is
called the unexpected journey fire and
goal by dietrich l moon and then there
has have been a white males as well as
white females who have read my book and
they talked about you know certain
discrepancies and forms of
microaggressions that they face as a
non-colored person and i was like wow so
you get to see how this book is opening
up the conversation between different
races and between different industries
that's amazing it's amazing what what
you can do just by telling your story
and the power of your story and how it
resonates with different audiences
and you never really know
how your story is going to resonate
unless you do it so i commend you for
even man just just putting it out there
a lot of people struggle with doing and
you're actually making a change and
making a difference in people's lives
today and even now in the future so you
don't even know the aspect of change
you're actually
you're you're
imparting upon people
nowadays you know and into the future
you know that's that's a big it's a big
so two books out are you writing are you
working on any other uh current or
upcoming books right now besides the the
publication where you're putting the
group the group publication up
um just the book collaboration that i'm
working on with another author by the
name of chad smith i'm kind of focusing
on podcasting and some of the
media speaking engagements and etc and
then once i decide on what i want to do
next um book wise i will let you all
know i think i have an idea where i want
to talk about um
the power of being a patient advocate
and dealing with medical negligence
since i lost my dad in 2020 due to that
so i'm just really trying to pray about
it there and see what um what to do next
okay that's awesome um let's talk about
your podcast so your podcast i hopped in
your podcast last week um one thing i i
respected about you is that you've
haven't taken it lightly
so uh what's your podcast called where
people find it um what type of guest do
you have on your podcast and kind of a
little little promo for your podcast
so my podcast is called gems podcast
with genesis and mars camp the reason
why i named it gems is because i believe
that each one of us has an incredible
gem to share
whether it is from our personal stories
that we endure or maybe it's life
lessons that have came out of ugly
places whether we were tested but that
test produced the testimony or we went
through a hell of a mess but that mess
is now the message that we bring forward
to the world
the core pillars are to educate inspire
and motivate
while bridging and connecting the dots
between diversity equity inclusion and
belonging and the reason why that is so
important is because it takes all of us
linking arms to make this world a better
the guests that i have on are male and
female from various walks of life as
long as they meet the
core pillars
which is they're either educating the
audience they're sharing something
inspirational or something motivational
and there's good chemistry there then i
welcome them to be on the guest because
i don't know everything and i want to be
in the hot seat and learn from some
incredible trailblazers that are out
i started the podcast in november of
2020 the same month that my father
because it was the way that i was able
to deal with grief to be honest because
i got so tired of trying to express
myself to people and they're like oh
i'm sorry for your loss your dad is in a
better place the lord give it and the
lord take it away or some of the cliche
sayings and i'm like you don't really
know how i feel because both of your
parents are living so talk to me when
you lose a parent but then my mother
said that was rude so i was like you
know what i'm just going to do solo
episodes where i talk into the mind and
i did that and that led
other people reaching out because they
appreciate the rawness and the
vulnerability and they're like hey i
would love to collaborate and be a guest
on your podcast and that's when the
doors opened up for me to start
interviewing people but prior to that
people didn't know that i was guest
appearing on other people's podcast and
then i was also a
podcast host for three different ceos
and the podcast can be found on 20 plus
different platforms such as apple
spotify google samsung deezer i heart
radio pandora
dot dot
the list gets ever ever ever ever long
you know once you get out there but i i
appreciate um i appreciate your story i
appreciate what you're doing for the
community and what you're doing for the
world um it's not to be taken lightly
um your story as a whole is just i hope
it inspires people and hope inspires
other entrepreneurs so um let's kind of
jump into i know we gotta we have
minutes we have to go but it's kind of
talking to your entrepreneurship journey
um you've been
you've been out of corporate america for
like two years now and now you're doing
uh solar you're doing uh what other
things are you doing right now i know
you're doing solar
your new endeavor right now yeah so i've
been out for a year um february this
year marked one year i am doing solar
because i believe that sustainability is
the path forward plan it took me a while
to get there y'all because like i said i
came from oil and gas and energy we're
not trying to talk about solar we want
to keep the money in-house and i'm also
doing health and wellness because i
truly believe in order to really enjoy
your wealth you need to be healthy and
what good is it going to do if you're
lying up in a hospital bed and you have
millions of dollars but you can't enjoy
it because you're sick and you didn't
take time to nurture your body mind body
and soul so i partner with a brand paul
keaney um i really believe in
having that physical activity and making
sure we are eating nutrient whole foods
because we only have one body our body
is our temple if you put in junk don't
expect to get an optimal result out if
you put in healthy and nutritious food
then you're gonna have that energy
you're not gonna feel sluggish you're
not gonna feel like you need to take a
nap or have those brain fogs or
other ailments that are going on just be
mindful that we only have one life to
live we only have one body so why not
treat your body as good as you treat
your car you take your car for details
you take your car for
um 32 point inspections and all of this
stuff why can't you take that inventory
of your life in your body
yeah it's uh i've uh
i've recently taken my health a little
more seriously so i've been exercising a
lot more
i it's been new for me because like i
haven't i haven't done that a long time
but i turned 30 this year so i'm like
okay i need to something some things
need to change and i need to take better
care of myself so i am taking it
personally so i appreciate that as well
but um i think a lot of people they
the power of life and living you know
and living
living comfortably as far as time-wise
and living comfortably as far as
health-wise too you know there's a lot
of benefits that come to that that you
don't really see but you feel it
absolutely and i guess one of the
tips that i would share because some
people hate working out and if you are
one of those people who hate going to
the gym then find out what activities
you actually love if you like to
rollerblade use rollerblade for your
physical activity you like to skateboard
do that you like to walk run or jog
build that into your daily routine if
you have kids try to find that outdoor
activity that your kids love to do and
do it with your kids because they're
getting out and moving and you're moving
with them so you could really
co-collaborate and enjoy that special
time bonding with your children while
you're getting in physical activity and
that makes it a lot easier and then if
you are or have a busy schedule one
thing that worked for me when i was
working in corporate is meal prepping
you could prep one meal for three days a
row and then
you know in the middle of a week
wednesday prep something else so you
could have for the remainder of the week
so you don't get bored eating the same
thing or i recently had a guest on that
talked about batch cooking he says he
cooks like
um a whole barbecue pit of chicken i
think they were chicken thighs or
chicken breasts i can't remember right
now and then he makes different recipes
so one night he'll do tacos one night
he'll do tiki masala and another night
he'll do something else and it'll take
about 10 minutes to prepare the next
meal because he already spent the work
batch cooking that chicken so
find out different um strategies that
work for your lifestyle but don't alter
your lifestyle
because you feel like oh it's a chore i
have to do that because then you're not
gonna enjoy it and over time you're
gonna hit burnout and then you're not
just gonna fall off the bandwagon and
not do it
yeah i
no one told me this but i kind of did
that so like i i hate doing exercise so
i'm like i enjoy swimming so that's what
i'm doing i swim so it's one of those
things where like i can i can work it in
because i already enjoy swimming so i'm
like okay i guess i'll swim
just to start just to start getting it
going so i a lot of people like some
people like i was with one of my clients
yesterday he's like i'm gonna go run a
mile i'm like okay go run them i'm gonna
go swimming here
you know
and it's different uh as long as you get
the exercise in it all helps no matter
what you're doing
and do it consistently you know
yes consistency is key and i love that
you're doing swimming because it is
actually a full body workout but for
some women who are pregnant like they
encourage you not to do certain things
so biking unless you're doing a
stationary bike
swimming because different positions so
just be mindful and if you're having
some health concerns talk to your
provider about it but when you talk to
your provider it should be done in
partnerships because it's not an end-all
be-all it's like here's something that i
want to try what do you think or what do
you suggest and you decide it together
because sometimes people go into their
physicians and they think oh my
physician said this but and that's the
only thing no it's not the only thing
have a conversation learn
and voice your opinion just as much as
they're voicing their opinion
yeah it's a two-way relationship and
definitely uh seek more than one
counselor you know get advice from any
counselors if you have the ability to
um not all council is good
but you might want to hear different
opinions based on different facts and
definitely definitely definitely seek
um i like we we do that for we do that
for our current businesses that we seek
advice from any counselors because
they they usually experience stuff
differently than we ever have and
they'll protect us from stuff that we
might not see in the future so
we see we have business counselors we
have health counselors we have
mindset counselors so make sure you seek
advice from any counselors that we are
well-rounded human being you know and
all in all facets
so uh where can people find you online i
know we covered the podcast we're
confusing money online if they want to
hop on the podcast how can we do that um
i appreciate you coming on
you can um find me by going to my
website which is beacons b e a
c o n s dot a i
backslash my name so it's genesis g e n
s s-i-s
middle name amaris a-m-a-r-i-s
kemp k-e-m-p i'm also on instagram and
facebook as genesis amar's camp and
twitter at genesis a camp but um if you
want all your information in one stop
one spot go to my website and everything
will be there book info i'm giving away
um the first chapter of my book for free
and i'm also giving away two
two health and wellness products for
free one is a health assessment and then
one is a superfood
pack that you could take on the go it'll
boost your energy better than that five
hour energy crap or something that will
get you high but make you crash
there you go there you go please check
that out uh we appreciate you coming on
uh genesis uh i got one more question i
like asking this question question uh
what is a quote that you resonate with
whether it's yours or somebody else's
so one quote that sticks to me right now
is a quote by babe ruth that says never
let the fear of striking out keep you
from playing the game fear is a mindset
y'all but don't let fear condition you
from really taking that leap of faith
and rising up to the level that you
desire so be who you want to be not what
the world wants you to be because if you
don't know who you are then you're going
to fall victim to what other people tell
you you are
and with that london right here we
appreciate your time thank you uh thank
you have a great day
Genesis Amaris KempProfile Photo

Genesis Amaris Kemp

Visionary Lifecoach / Motivational Speaker / Podcast Founder / Author

Genesis Amaris Kemp is a Visionary Life coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author.

A Firecracker and “Mindset Hacker” a force to be reckoned with.

Genesis is a woman that empower others to speak up for themselves. Yes, it may be challenging; yes, it may hurt. But in the long run, she desires to encourage others to help those who may not have a voice. She is a trailblazer who wants others to live out their dreams, goals, and visions. We all have been given an excellent purpose in life. It is up to us to walk it out and live victoriously!

She is multifaceted and multidimensional that cannot be contained in a box or compartmentalized.