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March 14, 2022

Ep 136- Learning From Your Losses In Real Estate

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welcome welcome everybody what up what up
mr mike novak you're a legend around these parts bro come on what are they saying about me
mike novak is the for one he's becoming a land guru himself
but all kind of rumors they spread in legend has it that you were the very first person that ever signed up for the
hive mind when they went live oh i think that is a true story that one
is the truth another one all the others all the other rumors are
lies though there are there are half truths and tall tales
yep the fish was this big the assignment was this large you know you know how they go
fish story i was gonna uh i wanted to chat with you about mailers man at some point i know i
don't kind of know what you're up to it right now but i know you've kind of visited that and then if anybody on this
call is familiar with moving um lots of land in multiple states you know
like nationwide legion campaigns i would like to have that conversation we could even do it right here on this
call i'm about to launch a nationwide legion campaign um so if anybody wants to participate in
that i'm happy to chat about it and just kind of trying to pilot a real small group to test it out like four to five
people so if anybody wants to play let me know welcome everybody this is thursday night
hive mind call uh it's just a community call you know and it's also open to guests so
members don't forget this is not a singles dance we want you to bring somebody with you every time you come to these calls
bring a friend a family member a stranger somebody that needs to uh you know they could have a financial
rebuilding right of their life if you want to teach somebody a skill or they can
you know produce a year's worth of income for themselves in a very small amount of time sometimes one deal
i think that's good to expose anybody to it anybody that would listen so yeah don't forget to to bring always
bring a guest to these calls you never know whose lives you're going to change so there's a gentleman on this call right now
and his name is santana and he came to a friend of mine named sean who was a
roofing contractor and sean came around early in the hive but he didn't uh he didn't
like take any action he didn't do anything and then i saw santana which is kind of just there listening in the background for a long time
and uh i started i kept seeing them all the calls kept seeing them all the calls i'm like that's interesting you know i
wonder i thought my other buddy was there engaging as well but it turns out he had dropped off a long time ago and i never
even noticed because i always saw santana around and then go to find out yeah that they're kind of not working together too
much anymore and and now just recently you know santana's hit his stride you know he has his very first wire coming
in and i think he has another contract he's about to lock up so just shows you what happens with consistency sticking with
it um you know just learning the game just watching listening and the magic really
does happen pretty quick so and i've seen it over and over again it's pretty
interesting i love playing the game i think john alexander talked about that but it does become a very very fun game
you're enjoying yourself and you're seeing the people around you win it gets really really fun i don't know that it might ever get old
and john alexander was saying that he wanted to uh take the word retirement out of the out of everybody's vocabulary because this
is a fun game to play and i've talked about it on calls a bunch of times before and i said like i'm probably gonna be like a 99 year old man just
still negotiating some ranches they're trying to make something happen
that's how my dad went out 89 still flipping the loss only because you know kept him going
it was a game he knew he could play and win every time yeah so it's it's really great but you
know what you know you you brought up a good point on winning and i was just thinking about this week about you know
why do we do what we do in here and uh you know for so many of us like
you anthony and everybody knows he'll reach out he'll do stuff for you why is he doing that he wants he wants to win
and he wants to see you win so we win and we're we're working a deal with you
we get to enjoy your win if we're helping you because that means we are still winning and we love to see you win
so you know for a lot of us it's not about the money anymore it's about the game and the game
is about winning so you'll find a lot of the time very top people i was watching uh
and it encouraged me because i was watching a movie uh last week by about carl icahn you know the big one of the
biggest corporate raiders out there really but when you ask him because he's so rich he didn't need more money but when you when
they ask him you know why do you do it he says because i like to win and um you know it does that's a that's that uh
i guess it's the chemical that takes place in our brain right our brain produces chemicals that
is the most sometimes it's the most satisfying chemical you know it's better than drugs right that wind is part of that
so yeah thanks anthony for sharing that man super agree with you um
it is it is an addicting drug right the same way that you go for a cup of coffee right or the perfect cigar
um getting putting somebody into to like change their whole life you know the trajectory of their life the financial future
it never to me it's never getting it never gets old um it gives me that exact same first time feeling again so
it's a cool game to play it's fun like i said we come across challenges um funny sellers right and then we get
to network with other fine souls out there that are doing this too like as a hobby i feel like it's somewhere between
like a chess match a checkers game and a tennis match going all at the same time with my real estate friends right
because like you're always checking in on each other constantly doing things together jv together having these uh
these conversations of strategy kind of like you know managing a war small war um
i think it's i think it's a interesting phenomenon to kind of watch and you're playing to city to city you're playing
state to state uh but then again always seeing the people around you accelerating and coming up and changing
their life i don't think it's ever gonna get old to me
yeah it's hard it's hard to get it's hard to get tired of a game that you love to play and that you're constantly
winning at and you know we we have some losses that's what makes the game so fun it's the losses okay
right so we play we played a win and we we understand we can lose too so
you you definitely play to win yeah i think um
you don't see those losses coming but then i also don't regret him i think i told you ryan then on another call that
all the losses it kind of doesn't hurt me in a way like um i guess because you learn and then you
notice i'm never going to make that mistake again right it's like you burn your hand on the stove and like i'm going to stay as far away from that as
possible and then i notice i'm starting to play a lot more defense now too so again you get better at defense
sometimes and after you've mastered offense don't forget about your defense yeah you know the other thing people
overlook on losses is that one of the things you can learn you know i mean you can learn from the loss
and and twist it so it's like oh okay this is bad but
how can i make this better you know how can i fix this problem and now you've developed a niche
so yeah it's just because sometimes you figure out how to fix it after the loss
you know you don't you don't figure it out in the middle of the loss uh i was just talking to my wife tonight
about remembering my first big apartment deal it was a 2.9 million dollar deal or
something and i had a thousand dollar commission coming on it and i lost the whole thing
i lost the whole thing because i didn't know i was so new into the game of apartments i didn't really think hey the
stuff that we're doing in in houses you can do with apartments too so what did i not do that they that they ended up
going around me i could have just simply filed a memorandum and and had picked up 60 000
so that was that was definitely a loss but i learned right i learned all right
file that memorandum you know if you think somebody and i kind of figured they were going around me
because things were kind of like not not closing on time so you you pick up all those from losses
and now you can learn actually make money from those losses i feel like if you have a big loss right
you can't see him until you're looking back which is the most painful part right but
i think that the the more often you see that like i said the more well-rounded of an investor you become
and uh you learn not to repeat like let don't let history repeat itself like i've seen this before i could let it
slide i could ease up but you know what i'm gonna go ahead and lock this thing in right this second because i've seen
this movie before and i know how it ends and i don't wanna i'm not gonna go through that again yeah yeah you definitely don't wanna put
your fingers back in the same fire again yeah i think even people that are
listening to these calls right now if you haven't had too many elves in your career yet you know i think that's why these ongoing conversations are so
powerful is because like you can you can learn you know 10 or 20 years worth of failures or bad experiences in a short
amount of time so you don't have to even live through them so maybe you never have to burn your hand on that fire by
just hearing the experience of others
absolutely that's you know if if you can learn from somebody else
it's like you're getting there sometimes you're getting their entire lifetime of bad lessons because you can sit down
with somebody or you can jump on a call like what we're doing and you pick up you pick up all those little things and
it's like it's like tapping into somebody's lifetime that you now you you know you're that
far much you're that much further ahead and you don't have to experience all this pain and agony
it's like you went right to the front of the line you know somebody gave you a get out of jail free card basically
and it is painful it really is painful sometimes you get yourself into a situation i remember one time i was
driving to the title company and my heart was jumping up my chest i was like man i was having
like anxiety because i didn't know we were going to close or not i was like i don't know what to say like we're waiting on some fun to get wired in and
i'm like down to the wire man i remember i was having kind of like chest pains i was like hey is a this can get pretty
heavy you know uh and then
taking those large l's and come to a deal and make ourselves a nice payday it's because like i've paid you know
hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for my education like so somebody asks like you know about your
you made a large amount of money in a small amount of time but it's like this college was expensive you know in both time and and capital
can i um say something please jump in yeah open mastermind room
i wanted to say that's what you all are giving not just me but all of us that are new
to this form of learning uh real estate i know for me it is uh
because when i i didn't i didn't have a land glide so i went to
land glide and i'm learning things from that and then i'll see things that you all might post or talk about and then i said
okay that's what that is you know just a simple map and stuff but you're saying things
that i'm learning that i never knew so all of this is a game for me now i'm gonna start the winning part
i have not found that perfect property yet but um you guys have given me some really great
uh information and you know there is no perfect property loretta they all come with a whole host of problems and that's
why we make the money we make that's right okay good i'm glad to hear that we want to
see some problems on that property you may you should see the one i'm doing right now oh my god
oh my god the more i got into it the worse it got but i went from offering the guy fifty thousand dollars now we're
down to uh he's gonna walk away with four thousand dollars wow so your pro those problems they make
you money but if you don't see them if you don't spot them ahead of time you'll overpay
for the property right so we're always looking for problems i love to see the problems and it's like man then i went out there
because of the local property and um that uh that uh i'm doing a jv
with one of you guys on and i went out there and this guy comes out there like get off my property this is not your
property that's a road it's a private road it's not your road i mean you know that's the kind of thing sometimes you have to go through i say okay i'm out of
here and so but you know i i got everything i needed to know that guy
that experience what did i do i went back and called the seller hey you got a crazy guy next to that nobody's going to
buy this property i'm there i don't even want to go back out there boom down goes the price you know so so
everything that's negative you can turn positive if you think about it you got to sit down and think about it it took
me an hour of driving to figure out exactly what i was going to say in the seller to get my price from 50 000 all
the way down to four and it worked wow yeah that's great and by the way when i
sell that that property right there we're going to be able to get probably between 150 to 200 000 for that property
that's how expensive yeah so it's crazy what you can do out there but you got to go out there
and look for them you know i saw a piece of property today but if a
realtor had it and i just wanted to call anyway because it's practice for me and so i called
i i called and i said uh i offered them a price you know there
you go yeah i took guns by the way that took gus
i offered them a prize and they said well no the property in this area is worth that
and you know i i kind of got tongue tied but i was i was feeling very confident offering in that price and it made me
feel good to be able to talk to them and offer them that price it was like 12 000 no 18
000 in atlanta georgia just some land it was just land yeah and uh
they wanted 18 and i told them um i'll uh i offered them 10.
and she said of course not i'm not going to take it you know she wouldn't take it but i did i offered her 10 you know yeah
and that was just my beginning point i really would have given her 15 but she
won't let me go any further and i didn't know anymore kind of like negotiation how to negotiate it well you know if you
if you block out the idea that you're negotiating and just try to think about how do i how
do i get an offer in at this point because now you can't even get an offering because the real estate agent is
is uh you know they're being the uh the defense and they're they're not letting you go so
so the what you're calling negotiation is really just figure out well what do i do then
you know and you can ask them every time somebody blocks me i you can get blocked by a title company they say oh we can't
do that okay well then how can we do it see that's that's your natural response
okay then what will work well then what will make it work how do i do it and you put it back on
them so it's not on you because that's what they did to you right when they said no i'm not gonna take that they
threw the ball back over to your side well you gotta throw it back over there yeah and by the way you and i are the
same on that i just had a conversation with a realtor this past week and um
and i have called the guy three times over the past two months because i have a buyer for
a lot like this in the subdivision and uh that the buyer is actually next door
to the property that the realtor has listed the this buyers never wanted to even call
the the realtor they i sold them that property so they just want to deal with me for some reason i don't know anyway
they call me so um i've offered him three prices
starting down at 20 and now i'm up to uh my last offer was at 30 and he still
hasn't called me back but i'm gonna but i'm not gonna let that stop me i'm gonna call him back again
because i've got a buyer who's willing to pay even more than that i'm just trying to make my spread between the two
right so yeah you just keep i give them a couple of days let them cool off and then go back at them
and when they see you you're persistent you have a shot at it really
right because i've been called in the fizz bowl for three days now and the very first time i called they
hung up on me but but i called back again you know and uh
and then i said um i'm interested in your physical you have
out front no and hung up again and so i called them again and the third
time they didn't answer and i'm not using my home number i'm using a google number so
i'm sure i'm sure they're recognizing it but i'm just not it gives me more um
confidence when i call and uh so that's how i'm going with it
you know yeah you can't go wrong with practice you know you really can't
and you'll stumble into a deal sometimes just by doing that yeah at some point
anybody else have questions today exactly everybody's here can jump in and help
hey deandre i see you up in the corner my friend what's going on john i just wanted to ask him um sometimes uh
because you brought up right problems right i was gonna say uh sometimes problems can be like right in front of us i had a recent situation right so
um i was looking at some land two and a half acres in florida and i noticed that this it was it was
listed right it was listed with an agent but it was listed for over a year i was like dude this thing was 369 days what's
going on so they had it listed as a mobile home as like a manufacturing home it was all
beat up for like 215 000 i'm like okay screw them over home i'm looking at the
land but when you read the description it says this also comes with two other parcels
um blah blah blah blah blah so i was like i was like hold on there's gold in this
right because they listed it wrong they listed it as a mobile home and they put in the description it comes with land
they should have listed it as land and said it came as a mobile home right they literally did the opposite i don't know
what this agent was thinking anyways long story short the listing was old it was inactive but yet it was still like
on the market i don't know how i called the agent she claimed it was active but it wasn't the seller said oh no that
contract is done so i don't know anyways long story short i i got contact with the seller directly she said oh that
listing's old we're selling it for 250 now that's our price bottom line and i'm like 250 i'm like okay so
i turn around and find a buyer for 320 like i'm talking about the next day like
hey man we could take that for 320. and i'm like honestly i didn't see a need to argue with them you know they would they
were firm at 250 so i was like ah you know i send them at 250. you got a contract back the same day and then i
got a contract back from the buyer the same day at 3 20. and i'm like i'm like i'm confused because i'm like this thing
has been listed over a year the buyer wants it for over three hundred thousand dollars but i guess the
buyers they're not looking for i guess mobile homes or manufacturing homes so it was just a piece of gold just kind of
sitting sitting there and it's like everybody just walked past it i don't know i saw it it was like nah nah it's
something like it's something not right about this i'm not right yeah so that agent deserves that that was a
good catch yeah
a lot of them do a lot of make that mistake um i ran across one last year the same ways they listed
uh several different pieces of land each of them worth more than
you know what that one looked like it was the same thing you you you found so this is like a i guess it could be more
common than what we think and all of us can start to look for that
yeah man they listen so wrong and the thing is i didn't even realize it was listening until after i was like holy crap this thing's on the market for a
year and then i read it and i was like ah no wonder why it didn't sell they haven't listed as a mobile home and if
you look at it you're like dude i'm not paying 250 for that that mobile home but
if you listen to vacant land it would have been that thing would have been probably gone in a week or less you know
so so it's like sometimes sometimes things are right in our face we just gotta i
don't know identify it i guess so you know what i'm hearing you guys
say too that uh a lot of realtors uh are kind of confused about
their listings they don't list things right either you know so i'm gonna look for that that's some good information
for me i'm writing that most most agents i'm not gonna say most because i can't speak for everywhere but
you know a lot of agents they don't really understand land they only understand single families and you know
things with structures on them so when this nation did the listing with the seller she didn't know if i was the
agent you know thank god i'm not i don't know if i was the agent and this seller would have came to me with this property
other than like ma'am you have two and a half acres right and you only have a mobile home on it we're not lit we're
not listing this as a mobile home we're listing this and a half acres you know what i'm saying but the agent didn't see she
valued i don't know if she valued the structure more than the land um but she did it backwards and all it took was
just one one click of a button and i could have literally got her you know whatever her commission would have been
on that i don't know um but you know but sometimes they don't really understand land as much
uh so yeah when it comes to land not really from the ones i've dealt with
i have some really good land agents but they don't really do listings and stuff they're like me they're investors right but when i need them they're they're
there for me you know yeah realtors are mainly uh they you
know they're they're trained even from the from the very basics that they're in the business to sell houses so you know i i
say that land is as far from a real real estate agent as uh selling a
businesses from a real estate agent an agent can sell land they can also sell a commercial building but they shouldn't
sell land and they shouldn't sell commercial buildings they need a stick of what they're you know what they've been trained to until they get the
additional training because there's some really good land uh real estate agents like you mentioned on
deandre that they just specialize in land i've got one over here he he this guy just absolutely kills it if he
gets a piece he's gonna sell it at tip top price and uh and he knows everything there is
to know about land and yeah he's a good resource because i can call him if i try if i'm in a in a area that i'm not sure
about well uh but most agents are you're right their their house they're all about houses and
and it's really in their best interest not to go into land because land doesn't pay a lot of commission you know a lot
most lots don't you know you'll starve as an agent uh it's hard enough making
money selling houses how are you gonna make money selling land unless you're so good at it you you can rope them all in
like these these specialty guys do and and most of them go after large acreage and that's how they make their money off
of larger acreages
oh very good hey i've got the i had a conversation with a guy selling
6 000 acres outside of san antonio and uh
so i made him an offer of 27.50 an acre he's going to take it to the
shareholders just curious anybody wants 6 300 acres of branch
i'll take a look at that one man this is anthony yeah and santa is my home base so yeah that's that's nice
yeah yeah let me have a look at that yeah i've got uh another one in san
antonio uh it's a couple two three acres uh but a a little the road has to be
extended it's in an older neighborhood the homes look like they're going for less than 200 they'll go in the you know
150 000 range but there's room there's room for 10 or 11 lots in there to put in uh you know
some new homes if somebody wants to put the road in uh just have that conversation today as
well and that's uh yeah i think that's in san antonio as well
yeah once you start getting into development and uh you know extending roads and all that man the the improvements might cost more
than the land right so you got to take a real close look at those and and you can weigh it out either way because i've
made tracks on easements work but yeah like i said you want to be working on deals where you're pushing a boulder
uphill so yeah let me take a look at that one and i can i can give you all the the good and the bad and then i probably do have
a buyer for it too oh yeah super i got some uh screenshots and some details that i can email over
to you no problem beautiful what i'd like to see i'll tell everybody on this call right now
whenever i'm looking at land i like to make the quickest possible evaluation that i can make so
if i had all of the bullets right in front of me and i didn't have to call and ask any questions my main thing is
uh i want to see what the what shape the land is in is it is it on an easement or is it like
does it have county road front it's like a paved asphalt road and then the more paved asphalt road
that you have on a property touching the property the better the property is so if you have one that's like on a long
skinny easement that's only 60 feet wide you know most municipalities won't let you put in a utility easement if there's
if the road's not at least 60 foot wide for inbound outbound traffic and utilities so 60 foot easements the minimum but if
that's all the track has i've had people send me stuff like i got some land by austin and it's 200 acres but it's down
in eastman like for sure somebody's going to buy that someday that really really wants to develop it but then again like i said it
kind of just makes the property strange right because you lose a lot of
your development potential your road frontage is everything on a large land track so yeah when you send something over you
want to send like a shot of like land glide or a map writer anything that shows the outline of the property so you can see
how it's oriented on the road where it is i like to see a zoomed out pin drop right so if it's like in san antonio
like where is it by where's that pin drop like what's the closest little town name um so i can just orient myself real
quick see what side of town it's on what the shape of the parcel is how much road frontage and then you got to know
like if it's in a flood zone does it have utilities does it have a house has it ever had one before
you know just that's like a quick quick evaluation is it's where is it and how is it oriented
on the road and then of course what's the asking price and then if you have comps even better because i've been
getting a lot of people send me stuff and they're like oh the guy just says i just give them an offer like then then that throws a lot of the work
back on my plate so if you've already you kind of just got to go round and round does everybody on this call know
how to get a number out of the seller is that pretty common or do do a lot of a struggle there
well i know i do i struggle so what i do is
when a seller's throwing a price at me uh i just tell them you know what i can
i can throw it out there and see what see what it's worth i mean it's it's worth what's what somebody's willing to
pay so you know i really don't know if this three acres is worth eighty thousand
dollars or not um i don't think it is but at the same time
uh i just i don't argue with them i just tell them hey the market's gonna you know the market will decide
you know and it's just are you willing to accept what the market is willing to offer at this at this time
yeah i like that man i like pushing them into a number or at least trying to get realistic with them because
if they're saying like well i just want to see what you would offer me it depends on the rapport you've built as well but i would say something
because this is my personality i would just say like hey sir like you don't want to get an offer from me i said because normally
when somebody says hey just give me an offer and i give them a number i said they usually get mad and hang up on me
i'm like so i'm just kind of curious look i know you have a number in your mind
that you're not gonna go below you're just not gonna go below that number no matter what happens i said that's the number i want from you
well yeah i just kind of wanted to see what you were gonna have what you were gonna offer me yeah you know if i had to dig up a
number i'll usually start right around the county appraisal district value and uh
you know that's kind of where we like open up our negotiations we start right around there
and i'm very the same the question i asked him 100 of the time as i say do
you know what the county thinks it's worth because now i'm not telling you you're not telling me now you're having
like a third party that says we think it's worth 146 000.
so two things are gonna happen the seller's gonna say hey
um oh man but i know it's worth way more than that because my neighbor right then
they're gonna start to justify why theirs is so much more expensive than what the county has it listed at and then you can kind of you know start
there start at least you have like an anchoring that you didn't create uh the county created it
and then the other thing that they would do is they'll say well you know the county says it's worth 43
and if they're proud of that number then i'll ask them like is that really what you're looking for right is that the number you need like
do you need to sell it at that full county value and they're like uh yeah i'd sell it for
that i'm like okay all right let me do a little bit of homework and i'll call you back and that's it i mean usually you'll take
a look and in most areas at least in texas uh it always sells for more than what the county has it listed at so
you've already created a spread they're happy with the number they're getting without you having to chew them down there's a bunch of cool stuff that
happens there but i'll pre i'm going to pretty much keep talking a seller in circles until he gives me a number
i'm just going to keep repeating myself bringing up different scenarios uh you know
anything and everything to get that guy to give me a number because if you come to somebody like a buyer anybody and say
hey i have this i think i have a good lead but i can't get a number out of the guy that doesn't really help us at all
yeah we just got so much stuff that we're working on and looking at it's like at least get your person there you know
get your person there get them realistic so that they know that we're investors another thing that i say to every single
seller is um i'm just looking for a property where there's a little bit of room for me and i'm from texas so i'm like look
we ain't trying to skin nobody but i'm just looking for properties where there's a little bit of room for me
and then i ask them do you feel like there's any room for me in this deal yes or no i just ask them like that
straight up and all they can say is nope i'm going to sell it on the market and i'm going to get eight million dollars
like okay well you know if that doesn't work out you have my cash offer and uh it doesn't expire right so just call me
whenever you're ready if you wanna take another look at this and that's it
i mean they're gonna they're gonna give me a number before i hang up that's cool hey auntie can i get your
email address yes sir yep it's a and then my last name g-a-o-n-a
eight one got it
i'll send you this over it's uh south south west in the paracel
yep yourself yep
yeah i'm familiar man send it over and i can tell you within a within a few minutes like where that
where the deal falls like on the spectrum from uh wholesale deal to retail to you know
price dwell into like the top end of retail i'm kind of familiar with all areas of san antonio
all right cool thank you heck yeah brother happy to help and look at that and for anybody on this call if you're not as comfortable jumping on on
a call with somebody that has several thousand acres i'll take that call for you i don't know if y'all know that or not but
if you can get me in front of that opportunity i'd love to take that call and try to work something out so we can all win on those types of
deals i'm definitely calling you so when i get to san antonio i'm looking that's what i'm looking for
and i can learn grab anything market to everything so you can get you some deals yeah but if you get something that's outside of your
comfort zone you just tap the man on the woman on the shoulder the person that's you know came before you who's been doing it
a little bit longer and people have might help you i don't care what anybody says people in the hive mind will help
you um even if you're not in you know you just grab grab somebody and say hey i think i have an opportunity here i've
done the work i got in front of the sellers they want to hear an offer they know we're investors
um they said that that we're gonna they know we're gonna make a fair offer and they know we're gonna make profit you know don't be afraid to ask those
questions i tell them i'm going to make something on this i'm buying this with the intention of making a tiny bit of profit
you know and why would i like remove the cash from my account to put it in yours if you're going to give me a property i
can't sell like i do this for a living and we have kids and we have wives and spouses and we love what we do but you
know we have to get paid for it we have to get compensated right right yo that's why i love the high i'm so
glad that i found it because that is exactly what i've found is that everyone everything i've ever asked
uh someone has been able to help and assist me and that's just been so great for me because
being a newbie you know i'm just starting from the ground up and uh it
makes a difference because you hear everyone shares so comfortably what they've learned and
i i'm so grateful for that so yeah i love the hive i ain't going nowhere
i think what you're doing being on these calls over and over again that's how you learn to play the game yeah and uh yeah
it gets easier and easier so it's like just if you're watching like a training of some sort like you're in a training session
uh the more often you appear yeah then you'll kind of i think by the time you get it it's
funny how smooth things start to go exactly i was learning that when i uh
because i have deal machine now right and i didn't really read all the directions
and little things pop up and i said oh that's how that part works right there
so you know i'm learning the basics but i'm learning and it's really interesting to learn like i'm learning
you know because again it's satisfying for me and exciting to know oh that's what that
is okay so i've learned that part i'm learning that part right there so it's really exciting for me
yeah so i love the hive i love the the the friendliness the knowledge
and the care that each member that i've come across
has given me and it's just respecting and and knowing
um who we are and that knowing reflects it and helping other people
so i appreciate it yeah we appreciate you yeah thank you for being on here see you all the time
on here i know you're gonna do well i always say this on every call i think is that i always know who's gonna do well
when somebody comes around because they're just consistent you know i don't know what they're doing
i don't really check on their business but i just see them often i see them often i see them commenting interacting
joining the calls and i'm like okay i know that person made it even though they don't have any deals yet right
they're just starting out in my mind i already see them as starting to get a ton of deals because i'm like they're doing the behavior that
i've seen work over and over and over again uh for a long time like santana i don't even know if he's still here or not if
you can't mute yourself if you are if not yes sir yeah dude boom look why do i even gotta
ask i'm driving i don't know look at my phone uh he's here right and then now you uh did you get
your wire yet or tomorrow or how are you looking so uh they actually sent my wire
information to your wife it was weird um but yeah
i got it taken care of while i was at the gym um so that should be coming through tomorrow
but yeah just like anthony was saying reach out to everyone in the hive i think on this first one between anthony
frank de'andre helped me with part of it um it wouldn't have been possible so
just reach out to everybody everyone's willing to help it's it's a great thing boom proof is in the pudding man i'm
telling you i i've talked about you the beginning of the call i'm not too sure you heard it but yeah santana came on early and he just stuck with it and he
was just quiet watching listening and i didn't know what the heck he was doing and he just messaged me one day and we
pieced together a campaign for him boom deal one and he's already starting to work on do two
so once you have a consistent drip of deals i think you don't ever have to get to the guru status of doing 30 deals at
once but if you can just do one deal here and there one deal here and there consistently over and over again
then you automatically start to get a ton of them all in a row once you lead with consistency and i think that's
showing up making this important right clearing your schedule being on the cost helping
um like loretta said you know you're networking you're getting stuff in front of each other being helpful
it always leads to something good it always leads to something good it'll lead to a jv
you know these long-term relationships somebody sent me a message on facebook messenger and like hey check out this deal if it turns into something just
give me some dollars whatever you know no big deal 100 all right just from a facebook message
so again like building relationships being trustworthy being honest
networking with a lot of people having integrity it does come back around the background pretty quick
we got about 20 minutes left on this car this car usually runs about an hour we got 18 minutes if anybody has anything you want to cover questions comments
concerns uh feel free to unmute yourself and hop on in
hey there did they ask did i have somebody else
this is ade how y'all doing hey real good yeah a couple people came on at the same time how you been
i'm good i'm good so i just i just have a very quick question if you don't mind sharing like
yeah do you have like um like you know how you filter your leads on pop stream what is the best filter
that you know that you've always used if you don't mind sharing i don't know if that would be like something that you keep to yourself
but i was just no i kind of don't have any secrets yeah i don't really have any secrets i i just tell everybody
everything i do and then i just say like with a grain of salt like just try it if it works it works but
honestly for uh list stacking and all that and cleaning data i don't mess with any of that at all mike novak has helped
me with that daniel runs that stuff and then i know there's a guy named pablo who's in the hive mind and we just did a
live podcast today in person and that's pretty much all he covered and i forgot what tool he said he uses but i can
definitely ask him sorry so the live with daniel today that
was what he covered that was what he spoke about no this was a gentleman named pablo it's
not public yet we just recorded it today but uh yeah i'll find out what tools it is and
then i'll post it inside of the facebook page that way everybody can get the question answered and then if if i don't
get to it quick like then just comment tomorrow say hey what was the name of that tool and i'll tag pablo we'll get you we'll get the information out for
sure okay okay so it's a separate trill uh platform prop stream
yeah it's it's it's like one of those it's one of the you know the ones that you hear a lot of people talking about i
just can't think of the name of it right this second but he's happy to share it he's actually going to start teaching
we're doing a what we're calling a hive university so hive university is a
specific teacher a high level teacher that's going to teach in depth about one
specific topic right so whatever teacher elects to be the sub two guy or we select for sub two then that's
going to be the only sub two teacher we're ever gonna have uh you know for for the until a teacher
decides i don't wanna participate in any more right then we can swap them out but we're only going to have a set of
highly effective real estate investors and then they're going to go like in-depth as possible so it'll probably
be like a live class once a month recordings full access um all right so you can interact with these
people one-on-one in a very small classroom environment um so we're going to be releasing that
pretty soon but yeah i mean we're all happy to share we all kind of tell exactly what we're
doing step by step but i think it's again being on as many calls as possible piecing together as many of the pieces
of the puzzle together until it makes sense and then you take off like a rocket and you're one of the ones too that i'm seeing as being super
consistent so it's just a matter of time right and when and when you say send you
the property information are you are you only able to look at what um if it's a good deal or not only in texas or you
can do that nationwide and what so you're using that you just go to the
gis what school am i using for what now so like when you know you know how you
say send me the apn number or the address or whatever and you're able to determine if it's a good deal or not are
you able to only do that in texas or you can do that nationwide and right now
yeah what tool what now i'm sorry what tool are you using for that do you just go to the to the county gis map to determine
that what i think the property is worth yeah
yeah for now i know it works in texas i don't know what other landscapes look like uh i would imagine that it's kind
of universal unless you get to like a a not high in demand area but in any area that's high in demand i would imagine
that people are pretty savvy there about fighting their property taxes so what the county has a property shown for
is typically lower than what it might sell on the retail right and that might be a terrible rule of thumb but it's the one that i've used
and it seems to have done okay i don't really enjoy looking at comps and
hashing out percentages and all that so i just kind of like i said get a feel for for the landscape of an area
and try to still stay with a fair price so if the if the land's worth 10 you know you know you can sell it for
20. i'm not trying to sell it for 18. i'm gonna try to see if i can offload it for like 13 14 15 an acre so i can be in
and out quickly uh and then if that's not the case yeah if we got to close on it then we're going to list it at full retail or above
retail which we've sold a lot of properties above retail like we we kind of go around making new comps
sometimes uh because we know what the properties are worth and we just hang on to them until they sell for what we're asking
okay so i'm so glad you brought that up that's my last question i'm probably sorry when you say you're gonna list it
do you put that in the contract i know a lot of people put it on the con they put the property on the contract for like
six months and then they put it on the mls is that a separate contract you sign with the seller or is that part of the
main contract and this might be a john alexander question because i'm not too familiar with listing uh properties you
don't own uh but i know there's a way that you can do it and i don't know i'm just not too
familiar with it so i can't speak to that uh but what i'll do is once hey anthony
hey what's up brother hey um i've done that before um in my i'm not saying this is the 100 correct way to do it but i
just add a clause in my purchase agreement that says um buyer has the right to market the
property including on the multiple listing service and i haven't had any issues with that so
wow that's amazing uh i wonder i wonder if that falls inside of you know is it a great area is it good
states of state or nobody as long as they have consent that we're good to go i i can't speak to every state i've done
it in florida i've done it in tennessee i've done it in a couple other states i have not done it in texas i haven't done it in some other states
so i can't comment to that um i know that there it's it is a bit of a gray area i believe but
i think as long as you have and i've seen plenty of other listings in other states and other areas you know listed as a
contract for sale not necessarily the property so as long as you word it that way in the um
this is not legal advice but as long as you are uh wording it in a way where you know you're
selling the contract not necessarily saying that you're representing the seller or anything like that where
you're not acting as an agent and not acting as if you own it yourself then my experience is then you know you're
you're kind of been declared unless there's some weird state rule in some state i don't know about yeah i know i think it's pretty simple i
just i've never done it so i can't give any good tips one way or the other so i appreciate that man i was kind of thinking the same thing it would have to
be something they signed uh most of my agreements do say that we have the right to market the property
immediately upon signing right because we got to bring either a partner in like somebody needs to come take a look at this thing
um in addition to that i just i just make sure i put
has the ability to market including on the mls or multiple listing service however you want to phrase it just so
there's no confusion in case something were to happen and you know they're like hey why am i seeing this online well you
signed something saying that i can list this on the mls so yes
so i mean if you don't mind me asking matt how does that conversation go you you put out a lead and you contact a
seller and they're thinking you want to buy the property and then you change it so you want to list it they're thinking you're the end buyer how does that
conversation go you have to be prepared to close on it yourself if that's the case
and you're going to put it under contract and you're going to try to list it on the mls like like i typically have
my purchase agreements i tried to do unless i already have a buyer lined up if i don't have a buyer already lined up i
try to do no less than 90 days on a purchase agreement in fact i try to go for 180 if i can so
i try to get somewhere between 90 to 180 days to close if possible and then if i
don't already have a buyer lined up and if that's the case then um
you know i'll i don't always do this but i put it on the mls before and sold the contract and
sometimes the agents the buyers agents you're working with are a little weirded out by it because they've never seen it because it's not something typically
agents have to deal with um but you just have to walk them through the process and let them you know the title company
will be aware of it you just gotta kind of let everyone know now with a seller
if the seller sees it online and they see it you know on the mls then that's the conversation you're gonna have to
have with them hey seller you know my the agreement we signed said i have the right to list it on the mls
um but the thing is if it gets really weird you might have to be prepared to close on it yourself so pretty much any
deal i put under contract i am i know that i'm gonna have to potentially close on it myself if i
don't have a buyer to assign it to and i'm i try to take that responsibility so i don't leave my my sellers out to hang
hey so um hey so i do i do i do list my assignments um on in florida um to
answer to answer answering these questions is very great um because it all comes down to
whether you want to do it with a real estate agent which a lot of like 99 of them are not gonna let you do it with
them um i do have an agent that allows me to do it with them but only because he knows and trusts me right
but they're really not supposed to um and then it also depends on the listing service that you use there is a million
um flat fees out there that be like hey we can flat for your property pay us and we'll list it so it's like i don't know
it's a bunch of them and they're basically just agents or brokers that are just listing for you know quote
unquote the property owner um but like i have right now i have active contracts that um i have listed right
now and i didn't have to have the seller sign any uh any extra you know oh we're gonna you'll
be marketing it et cetera uh because the contract has the assignment clause in it so um the only thing is though when the
uh when the listing service lists it listed they do put that this is an
assignment it's like a full disclosure on the listing this listing is an assignment so every agent that hits me
up they know that this is going to be an assignment they don't they're not going to be questioned like are you the owner
are you not so it's a full that you can do it and it's a full disclaimer um
but it varies on the listing service it varies on an agent if you decide to use them um and i guess it varies on the
contract because it varies state to state but it's very very great gray area super
great and even if the seller says that you're listing it for higher than what you have it on the contract for well so this is
what i do uh to avoid that most sellers are not real estate agents they're not
um they don't have a license or they don't really you know so i just tell them hey i don't want this property on
zillow or um no public sites i just want it on the mls only oh okay
so if it's on the ml yeah there's properties listed on the mls right that's not on zillow and
only have access to so i just keep it that way so i don't see no you know oh my
properties on zillow i probably don't hear so it completely avoids all of that so no public records and they uh they
fill in my request every time okay that makes perfect sense okay thank you
that makes sense where do you find how do you find that uh you get those
who do you talk to to get your property on the mls without it hitting zillow and redfin and stuff
well it's a it's it's a you're gonna have to go through a couple of them it's a it's a bunch of flat fee listing services out there if
you type in flat fee on google you're gonna guarantee you see 10 services hey i'll listen properly there's gonna be a
bunch of them um some are investor friendly and then some not too much most
of them will require you to show a d or something and then some of them they don't care they just rather just see the
contract oh you have a contract okay great we'll do it um because i know some some flat fees are good in some states
and then some not so much like the one that i use in florida um they only do florida i don't even i think florida and
alabama they don't do any other state um so it's you know so it varies it varies
a lot and they charge you a flat fee up front or on the sale yeah up front i paid them
145 bucks give it to them they listed it and then
that's true something on top of all that um look possibly for exp realtors in your area
uh they're very very investor friendly and uh you know contact some of them and
ask if they will post for a flat fee a lot of times they will and like deandre said there
anywhere from 100 to 500 and if you continue to bring to them
they'll continue to work with you and move a lot of stuff but yeah
um there's the brokerage a lot of yeah exp team exp like the old board
for example they're very investor friendly um that's that's who i'm going to hang my license
with here uh just because and so forth but it's not like your typical you know
keller williams or yeah right caldwell or anything like that that has regulations against us
right so if i can tell you real quick how my conversation went um
with my seller i just said uh when i contact the seller
uh i said i'm interested in your property i want some information about your property and then
you know as we build a little bit of rapport and i'm getting the information that i need and it sounds like a deal that i
want to pursue i say um well let me talk to my partner about it
and see if he wants to go in on this do you mind if he buys it
boom no i don't care if you buy it or if your partner buys oh okay great and if my partner isn't interested i have some
other investors that i work with do you mind if if i bring them to the table if they buy
it no i i don't care if they buy it all right super well now listen uh if you see this
if you see your property listed on facebook or something uh i'm just trying to generate some buzz and and drive the
price up so uh is that okay with you yeah fine no not
stopping you bring me 25 grand that's all i care about okay super
and so that's how you know you you don't start off with hey
i'm a realtor you know i want to list your property or i'm a wholesaler um i
went there too quick with my last one and he called me a hustler and
got mad at me and didn't want to hear he said i don't want you on my property and i don't want you taking people on my property
and then the place was a joke i mean the place was a run down
beat up there it is
he he didn't want me taking anybody to check this thing out like are you serious dude
okay fine man you know i thought i could make 10 grand on this piece of property with a scrape off
and uh anyway but he called me uh called me a hustler he didn't want me calling him back so what are you gonna do yeah when
somebody lose some hey bob if i was him i would be like hey man can you get 50 people here
you guys can bust through the window if y'all need to man honestly
yeah look at that thing that's funny i know it's it's a mess isn't that
something wow yeah he wanted he just said i'm gonna
have a realtor listed and i said oh give me give me a chance you know and uh
no i i couldn't even make him a cash offer he didn't want he's an older guy he doesn't
understand you know i don't know if he's uh you know he would have input from his you know family members or what but when
he heard wholesale oh you know that's it yeah that's exactly
thank you thank you for the visual i like that that's ugly [Laughter]
thanks bob
all right everyone i think we are approaching the hour so we have any closing thoughts
any other last-minute questions
we really appreciate everybody being on here because uh it does mean a lot to me right i know everybody's here to learn
and try to make some money but i just i think it's special that people come here and they invest their time with us and
share their ideas and bring their questions and like if people care enough about it to be here
it does mean a lot so we want to make sure that you get the value too right so that's why we try to do whatever we can
bring a different bunch of different people on we don't have any secrets somebody asked me earlier if i have some top secret stuff i don't have any top
secret anything because i would love to do a jv deal with you right so if i can make you as
good as possible in a very short amount of time for next to nothing then uh yeah people have brought me
deals right 100 acres and 50 acres or just bring you a free house you're like oh man i already sold this thing before
i even pulled up like i already made 10 grand when i parked so uh i think that only comes from relationships and from
you know having a large number of people to do deals with so yeah we want you to get good just as quick as we can there's there's really not much secret sauce
other than super hard work and showing up consistently but i we do appreciate you we do love
you we don't want to see anybody fall if somebody does have some kind of personal failure where you can't go on yeah just
give my son for daniel a call and we'll see if we can't plug you into some kind of resource to make sure that uh you know you don't
uh you know wither and die on us we want you to to continue to be able to invest your time and energy here and want to
see you grow thank you anthony is your friend in junior office open to anyone who can
just come or is it just for the mastermind um if you're a hive mind member and
you're on the master plan then you're welcome to come in and learn if you're just any high boy member come on in say hi all that stuff
um and then also we have a boot camp that we're running for a full week to
stay there all your food included everything just like an intensive we're not there there's no classroom
step by step steps a through z this is uh like you're on the dialer like i'm saying like we're gonna get somebody on
the phone and we're gonna close some business we're gonna try to get you a contract before you leave um
yeah i think uh yeah if you're inside in the center center area pop on in pop on in say hi
and we'll throw some steaks on the grill or something and show you around and yeah you're welcome to hang out and learn and
vibe and try to figure this game out okay cool thank you
heck yeah no we'd love to see you down here sometime you're very welcome all right everyone y'all have a blessed
evening super super appreciate it let us know what we can do to help okay thanks
thank you thank you everybody