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March 10, 2022

Ep 134- Navigating Real Estate Land As A New Investor

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frank how are you
hi you're well how are you
i'm good i'm just looking at vacant lots
virtually driving for dollars
i usually try to work oh it's five i
usually try to work till five my time so
like right on the money
outstanding i'll search for a land that
way and i'm also searching for storage
that way
so with land uh can you confirm is it
ten to twenty percent of the land value
or is it ten to fifteen percent of the
land value or is it twenty to twenty
five percent of the land value to comp
what do you mean of the land value
well i was here well
okay someone said the way to comp the
the the value of the land is to look at
like the tax assessor and what's like 10
to 15 of the tax assessor value is that
not correct is that incorrect
i usually believe it's more than tax
assessor value but
it all depends it all depends on where
it all depends on where you're at
and who the land you know who the land
assessors are and
how aggressive they are you know
like northeast florida you can look at
you know what they're saying and
typically the land assess you know the
assessor value in general on anything
that they're taxing
uh is usually at 25 to 30 percent of
what it's actually worth
so yeah some markets differ then
city by city state by state you know
it's so it's always going to be
okay get to know get to know the market
you're targeting
and look at recent transactions and you
know sometimes it's even you know by the
part of the city so look at you know try
to find lisa recent transactions in a
given area where you can see what the
actual sale price was
and then you know if you can see what
the actual you know appraised comp value
like tax appraised value was
and see how close it is and that might
give you an idea if you can get four or
five of them or more in a particular
then yeah that that kind of gives you a
fairly decent uh percentage
that you can go away okay right but you
know you also have you know the angle of
if someone wants it they're going to pay
what they want for it
so and also look and make sure it's not
part of a large number of transactions
someone was posting a piece of land the
other day in a group i don't recall what
group it was but they're they're like
you know the after repair or that air
via any houses built in that area is 2.8
million dollars
and they apparently didn't have the
intelligence to look and see what the
actual sales of homes were other than
that one particular one that happened to
be part of a multi-package deal that
sold you know
a lot of properties that all sold for
2.8 million combined okay
okay that makes sense for stuff like
that too
that's it that's a below too but okay
that makes sense
sorry junior
i'm assuming you're running the show
uh i tried uh i want to try
i was going to call right now with the
seller that's why i was a pause or
but yeah
camping land value
oh okay
so my rule of thumb is if you get it
under the assessed value it's usually
worth more than the assessed value
so try and use the assessed value as an
arb in other words and then there's new
a lot of new built in the area try and
get it at 10 to 15 of what the home
they're going for
and sell it at 20 to 25
yeah okay that clarifies it okay thank
what else
ali yes
i don't think i've met elias or marisa
clandet how you doing claudette
i'm doing wonderful junior how are you
good good
well let's welcome marissa she's new to
the hive
so she came one tonight let's give her a
good welcome and uh
she's new so she's gonna be asking
questions as time goes
and we're gonna do what we do for thank
you guys thank you
marissa if you have any questions just
let us know anything land phones
anything we can probably
me and this guy over here
can probably answer it
okay thank you
were you looking at uh were you needing
buyers frank
no somebody uh
what was it i think eloy was uh posting
for what for what he what or where he
has buyers currently so i was just
wondering if they were
why is that light doing that the light
isn't doing it it's the filter
for some reason i don't know why it's
doing that you're having a party over
yeah i i assure you i'm not sitting in
front of a strobe light or anything
um there we go much better uh so yeah
the um
eloy had posted where the the cities or
counties where he had buyers in florida
so i was just checking to see if he was
just you know strictly buyers for land
or if he had buyers for other stuff
i'm actually always good to know who's
got what and where
texas i'm about to need a lot of storage
buyers because i'm doing a mass
campaign beginning monday
uh on storage facilities in texas
i know a couple of buyers that buy
i know a few uh
around the country but i know too
specifically in uh texas i think we've
got a guy in houston dallas
yeah i think luke luke wong
is part of the hive
so yeah uh you know i'll definitely uh
try to sign some stuff to him and
i've got another guy another buyer in
that i will also try to uh assign some
stuff to
so but i'll also take advantage if if we
if i can find the right deal uh our goal
is to hold at least a thousand
units by the end of the year and assign
as much as we can in the meantime
wow that's good
we're gonna we're i'm probably gonna
start a dispo team because we actually
just came across a nationwide buyers for
homes so
anybody needing help always good to know
anyone needing help with finding buyers
reach out to me
i can help you out
you are on my list uh so
i make note of who's doing what where
we have i think over two million
buyers all over the u.s so
you can probably find your buyer
that's true that's for home zone that's
not for land
land is totally different animal i don't
i'm barely getting into land
so i let evan and anthony handle all
yusuf how are you doing
i'm great man i'm great how are you
good good good
trying to run the show for tonight
anybody have any questions anybody want
to talk about any wins losses anything
feel free to unmute yourself
did anybody get a text about this i
haven't seen any texts go out in quite
some time
nothing went out tonight
not tonight
i didn't get one
and i didn't put bananas so i should
continue getting
yeah i haven't seen i didn't even see
any posts in the group uh that the that
the hype is going live tonight
throwing the no text
and the last couple of meetings uh not
happening uh because of
whatever i think was uh they were yeah a
bunch of y'all were in uh
uh milwaukee for the uh event there and
uh i think people have fallen off
they don't
remember that's what it was
it was a great event it was cold but it
was great
i i've hosted events in milwaukee
previously and attended several
uh when i used to live in chicago so
yeah cold
yeah it was very cold
it wasn't cold it was freezing
there's a difference
i agree my experience uh agrees with you
that's why i'm back home in florida and
i'm staying here
glad they didn't want to go outside dude
it was cold it was freezing no it was
freezing cold
i think
welcome to the hive is live baby
anybody got any uh deals any land any
questions any mailings
uh any positives any negatives
marissa are you new to the hive well i
don't even need to hide but are you need
to wholesaling or real estate in general
or no
yes i'm new to the whole wholesaling
any questions you might have that we can
not right now i think claudette answered
my question so far
thank you
i got i got a question
yes sir go ahead
before i even asked the question i'm
sorry i i've been on the apps and i was
in here ordering food and everything i
was just listening to y'all for a second
but um
my name is alito um i live out here in
new york i'm from daytona beach florida
i'm actually
i'm looking at land oh well my focus is
to focus on land
and um the area that i chose now was
florida kind of basically because i'm
from florida that's kind of why i
decided to choose florida
um i'm pretty new um
i got recommended to the high mind from
one of my friends that um he moved from
here where i'm at and standing out in
new york to tampa he was going to have
mine maybe like three weeks ago his name
is eli i don't know if you guys heard
elijah um
so yeah i guess but besides that little
intro my question that i wanted to know
was um
what do you find
um the best to do
a reverse method is fine finding the
buyer first and then finding the um land
or or doing the finding the land and
then the buyer i mean i always hear
people say to um do the buy-in first but
what's um your suggestion
you want to answer that frank
and you don't want to let you go first
and then i'll uh i'll jump in if i uh
have any
counter experience or similar experience
i mean it all depends on the product and
where you are
well with land i'm barely getting to
land as well so
i know on deandre's doing a lot of land
over there in florida and he usually
contacts a lot of builders first
and get their criteria
and then get the lots in the luts but
he's doing interlocks i don't know what
are you doing the acreage or just
interlocks in general
um i honestly didn't have like a
um i wasn't i wasn't sure at the time at
the moment
but um
okay i mean that that's what i've been
hearing um the most anyway though to
find a buyer to build this person then
and then um go after that from there
with info lots yes it's a lot easier to
go find con uh builders first and then
just go find a lot of intel lots where
they're buying
and sell it to them because you already
know what they're paying for so you
already know what to negotiate with the
and make the profit
you if you find that if uh i was going
to say the counter that if you find a
piece of land in your marketing
now the you know odds are you can find a
buyer for it these days
so it's just a matter of you know
try and get it for you know get it under
contract for as low a price as possible
uh you know there's a lot of ways to
find buyers for deals that you've
already got beyond just jumping into the
group and starting the talk here and one
of the kings of it john alexander's
logging on as we speak he's one of my
mentors in land
as well as partner on some projects
and i mean you can if you find a piece
of land and get it under contract you
can start looking for new construction
listings on zillow
or something like that
or you know just drive around you can
see the houses and tell the houses that
are brand new and just built
and look up if if your state's records
you know in florida if you're working in
florida you've got access to the records
uh so you can hunt zillow and look for
just new construction sold within the
last three to six months
see who the builder was for that stuff
and look specifically at
stuff that isn't in a subdivision
and you know just the one-off houses and
those are the builders to reach out to
and say hey i've got a lot you know do
you want it
and give them the details on it
and either they'll like it or you know
they may have even seen it before
and if it doesn't work for them they'll
tell you why a lot of times
and that's where you begin to build that
appreciate that
but well i was going to ask about you
know how to how to approach and you
basically told me just now i'm basically
like you know the approach on how to ask
about it
i don't know my main thing now is like
all right so i don't have any
like no any no nothing under contract or
no land in my profile or anything like
that so
when i ask them you know like what's
your criteria or whatever i feel like
the next question is um like what do you
they'll be like all right what do you
and i kind of just been going on like
kind of acting like i already have
i don't know if it's wrong or right but
you know i kind of just acting like i
already have
have land already
just so i can kind of get the criteria
out of them like all right like
so if they're saying okay i'll stop you
there just just
that they can sniff from 10 000
and in the state of florida and i know
texas and most other states
they are so freaking busy right now
because everybody's trying to gtf oh new
york state california and just about all
the other northern states
so new construction is going like crazy
they don't have time to play games like
you know be honest look i'm new trying
to get into this i will scramble and do
whatever it takes to find land for you
you know what are your needs
and you know odds are they've already
got an email prepared and they'll send
it off to you and tell you what their
wants and desires are
or just start driving for dollars and
find some land so you legitimately do
have a piece
but if you build a reputation it's a
small community of the actual builders
doing the actual work you build a
reputation as being full of it
and the word's going to spread and none
of them are going to deal with you you
could have the greatest piece of gold
mine property ever
and they're all just going to wait for
the deal to fall apart for you because
nobody wants to work with you and
someone else will move in on that piece
just be honest it's worth it
your word is
i just didn't know how to how to go
about it at the beginning like without
just asking yeah okay
just be straight up
be genuine and they love that
you know that yeah there are people in
this group that are known for being just
absolute straight up genuine
and you know their word is you know
their bond
yes sir mr john alexander how are you
i think he's asleep at the keyboard
hey i'll be right with you
i'm just trying to get to where i can
anyone else want to share anything
i was
i was going to mention to ollie just you
know mentioned in the group you know the
hot men's crm group itself
that you're new and you're working the
florida market because as junior said
deandre works this market hard eloy
works this market hard
and they've both got a lot of buyers
so if you look at their posts and they
tell you where they're working and have
buyers for the most part
you know that's where you want to try
and find deals at real fast
you know
10 deals that you jv and make 50 percent
over 30 of or whatever the percentage is
a hell of a lot better than one deal
that you make 100 off
or two
that's right yeah i definitely got to
get y'all contacts before
well after this caller
make a post on the group
i ask who else is in florida you'll find
out very quick
well frank you so so it's either or with
you as far as the the whole reverse
method thing that i mentioned like all
right if you have a great deal someone
with someone would buy it or if you go
to the buyers first it's either or
for you you don't necessarily pick one
first it doesn't matter
i'm i've done enough deals that i'm
confident that i can find a buyer fairly
quickly if i find the right deal
i'm also in enough groups
and you know specifically the advantage
of being part of the hype mind
is i know where my buyers are
so even if i don't know the direct buyer
i know
you know if it's in texas anywhere
i know i can go to daniel i you know
there's several people in the hive i can
go to junior i can go to daniel uh yeah
there's uh several uh several in dallas
you know if i'm in north carolina i can
go to uncle carl and then just florida
you know i'm here in florida so i've
already got a list of buyers plus i can
go to deandre and eloy and stuff like
that so
you've got that advantage you know if
you're if you're if you're hanging in
the hive crm
can you set it put a post up in the
and let them know where you'd like to
work and you know find out who all the
players are in that market and boom
you've got buyers so then it's just a
matter of making sure your deal is a
deal and if it's a deal buyers will
flood out of the woodwork for it right
all right cool
anyone else have a question
topic they want to talk about
i don't know i'm new to this so i'm not
if nobody has a question tell us your
latest deal our latest
or something
which group which group um
do you recommend to be in i know i know
how my has whatever on facebook but
groups to be in
i would look for wholesaling groups you
know look for land groups in general
and stuff like that
i've actually started leaving groups
just because i was in too many of them
you could you could do a lifetime of
business just in one group if you've got
legit uh
you know legit people doing legit deals
in there
and pick the groups that are
where you're marketing or where you're
getting deals
if you're gonna stick to florida don't
go get one from california because it
wouldn't make sense
stick to anything and everything where
you want to market
okay so tell us about the event you went
up in milwaukee besides the fact it was
freezing gold
freezing cold no i actually met a lot of
uh people there that knew me i didn't
know them but yeah
network with a lot of people
what is it
several people here from houston that
went over there that i hadn't met before
and we connected so now we're we're
gonna start doing deals here together so
met carlos reyes man uh
tony i've never met him in person
a whole just a whole bunch of people do
like-minded people that are
yeah the younger you know how old was
the youngest there
14 i think it was 14 years old 14 years
old that's why wow
that is i'm assuming they were there
with a parent or something i have no
idea who they were with i hope so
i don't know
but yeah there was like there's a lot we
went to uh a flip from a local investor
that ray knows
and he ended up showing up there and
like hey you want to go see my platform
like sure why not we went to go see it
it drove us around all over milwaukee
showed us where the area good areas were
the bad areas were
took it out to eat everything it was
where was the event itself actually
held at
at uh something 42
i don't know
what it was called
stop by potawatomi while you were there
stop by what
asked if you stopped by potawatomi while
you were there
that's the uh casino in the middle of
the downtown bro
we were there until like four in the
i can't begin to tell you how many hours
i've spent there playing poker
we're there uh the first
one that's friday night
i wasn't really in the mood plane
so ray and
tang and
jr hernandez were sitting on the
blackjack table
they they won a pretty decent amount
the following night is when i was like
okay let me go play
i did win
not much but
600 bucks
on a hundred bucks so
not that bad
so but it was good though it was crazy
yeah yeah we look we moved back home to
florida in 2013
and before that i'd go up there at least
once once a month uh sometimes every
other month
i mean uh old business partner we'd go
up there a lot to play but also you know
had a lot of friends and uh chicago
so we'd either go down to uh
we'd either go up there to potawatomi or
we'd go down to indiana to the uh
horseshoe down there and play so both
had really good poker rooms
but it was crazy going to milwaukee you
see all the uh they all seemed to like
to play um
potlum in omaha but they were all the uh
seemed like all the delis and you know
small convenient store owners
they'd walk in with 10 or 20 000 in cash
from you know the day's receipts and
just sit down and play poker until four
or five in the morning
sleep for a couple of hours and go back
to the store and do it again
i thought we were yeah
go over there four in the morning go
back sleep a little bit then go to the
event in the morning
tiring but it was good though it was fun
that's what conferences are all about
networking and having some fun
yep speakers are okay but
i'm always more interested even when i
was running a trade show i was more
interested in the connecting with
everybody that i met elsewhere
or saw online or
in different groups but finally meet
yes sir it was great
great event they're actually just
starting i think they started well today
or yesterday that they already started
selling tickets for the next event in
jumping for the next event uh that the
hive is doing uh here in fort lauderdale
what is that
uh sometime this summer
i imagine probably a
similar time frame to what they did last
but they said we're going to fort
lauderdale this year
yeah i'm sorry frank we're looking at
august 26 and 27.
oh that's outstanding to hear
thank you
26 and 27
of what yes that we get august august
because the following weekend is labor
day weekend affairs are usually like
real crazy
26th and 7th of august
what is this
friday saturday
uh yeah but uh tony romero's event in
milwaukee that same day
at the same time
i don't know
i hope not
i think that's something we need to take
into consideration if it
i don't know is on let me check
i think it's on
i think it's on the 17th
probably the week before
it looks like the week before in the
middle of the week if it starts on the
which doing doing an event actually
during the weekdays like that you
actually get a lot better flying rates
and a lot of times you get better
significantly better facility rates
because they charge a premium for
weekend dates
and that is the absolute truth right
oh no it's on august 12th and 13th
oh it's the week before okay very good
thanks junior we're good
well so yeah they're doing a friday
saturday also
yeah when i uh started my uh first trade
uh the first first year we did it uh
which was uh oh five we did it on a
and then every every one we did after
that we did uh weekdays
we did um i think we were doing
tuesday wednesday thursday then we
started uh then we did one on a monday
tuesday wednesday and we tried one
ending on a friday also
they just they did a lot better and
everybody said it was cheaper for them
and we had a lot better contract rates
for room nights at the hotels as well as
banquet facilities and
expo services and stuff like that
and the the hive one is just for hive
members or for anyone
i don't know
but i think the first one was just type
members or new hive members
yeah the first one was supposed to be
for the inner circle only just to get to
know each other
but then they branched out but i believe
this is for anybody
no more definitely probably by the end
of next week
what is it florida workport
fort lauderdale
i think this i think uh daniel said
while we were recording a podcast the
other day
that's correct
wondering so i can make plans
plans to go to both events
all right well as we've got a very small
mostly quiet crowd
i'm going to jump off of here myself so
i leave it you're extremely capable and
junior i think you're doing great for
your first time hosting
i'll be fine
i'll be fine i'll go watch tv with a
wife so as long as i'm not talking about
myself somebody joins me and have a
conversation with something at least
so y'all have a great week all right
take care
anyone else anyone else wants to talk
about anything
yeah uh junior
i've heard you talk um can can you share
a little bit about your
business model and the markets that you
work in the in the campaigns that you uh
the way that you currently market for
the way i currently marketing texting
and jving a lot with a lot of new
wholesalers they said me i send them my
link for my form
if they have trouble negotiating or
finding buyers
and they fill it out it goes straight to
my crm to my dashboard
and i'll
hop on a call with them and ask them if
need help with either negotiating
getting under lock locking it up or
finding a buyer
which buyers i have so
actually we just came across the
nationwide fires so
with residential single family not land
land outdoors here in texas
and um i'm i'm curious as to
or or what your i guess um perspective
utilizing uh primarily texting as your
means of marketing versus uh cold
calling like did you find it to be
just was it a personal preference or did
you actually find it to be just you have
better results or
how did you come to to the texting uh
honestly i hate cold calling and it's
time consuming
so unless you had a three-line dialer
then yes it's worth it but i didn't like
to hear the fuse and get lost and get me
off your list and all that i'd rather
see them than hear them
and just delete them
then i'll just respond to the ones that
say yes make me an offer or whatever
so so for
to me it's a lot easier to reach a lot
more people through texting than cold
interesting so for so for someone
starting out what type of a budget would
they need
for to to to run like a sms campaign
not even
i'm sorry a couple of hundred bucks not
even like 100
and and is that for like a subscription
service or
oh you you you're gonna end up paying
for a service anyways to to text
and regardless if it's bad
that i heard it's very expensive and it
has a lot of
things that you need to put in before
you actually start texting which a lot
of people hate because i i've seen it
you have to create like 10 templates
before you can even start texting which
is ridiculous but
um yes you're gonna end up paying for a
service which is monthly
the cheapest one is 99 with the high
mine is 99
two cents per tax or two and a half
cents per tax
if you have a list of five thousand
then depending and also depending you're
you're gonna need a couple hundred bucks
to start off
you're gonna need
a couple of hundred like ninety nine
bucks if you get pop stream to get a
you're gonna need money for skip tracing
you're gonna need money for texting and
the subscription
so that's like 300 bucks 400 bucks
more or less
so you're the so the people who are
responsive to you
they're presumptively like already
motivated or at least they're
incentivized to at least inquire about
what type of offer you can make them
i delete all the nodes the fuse
everything else right
and so
and so what percentage of those
typically translate into possibilities
so far for like for every 100
that comes in like what percentage of
those actually
turns into like a actual possible deal
that depends
several variables in other words
if it's bulk data
the chances of you getting a lead or a
contract are
not slim but it's better with targeted
data because i've done targeted data
where you pick the actual list like
because right now i'm using the hive
minds list the one that they gave you
everybody says it's crap it's not crap
i've gotten deals from it
but it's bulk data it's not targeted
data targeted data meaning okay i want
that landlords or absentee owners out of
state uh with three or more properties
that they own like a specific list you
know what i mean
right right
i've texted before and then with a good
quality skip tracing company
the first 800 text that i sent out
i got like four deals
all data takes a little bit longer
because you know you don't know who
you're reaching out to
approximately how many texts are you
sending now a day
300 an hour every other hour from 10 to
that's that's how i have my campaign
running right now
so are you sitting in front of your
computer from a certain time to a
certain time again
are you replying by phone you can reply
on the phone are y'all do you have the
pipeline already no
yeah i have it but you can download
you can reply from your phone
all right yeah i'm in the midst of like
getting that set up i have like a
meeting with someone tomorrow because i
i try to um upload my list on there and
for some reason the list isn't
being able to get uploaded or something
like that something's going on with my
account so
on the field like you don't know you
have first name black last name
city state space
yeah just like that or you have extra
other stuff on there
it's it's in the it's in the right um
the right format
yeah it's called like that csv format
yeah i have one over with somebody for
some reason i don't know why it's not
i don't know i'm gonna get it fixed but
all right
you can reply so you reply off your
phone mostly yeah
um when i'm not texting i'll have
someone else do the technique for me
okay you gotta be here
i have actually like people starting off
like you
like they're they're hungry to get their
first deals or whatever i'll teach them
the process but i'll have them do my
and then just
just pre-qualify the
and then i'll get on the phone and
all they're doing is pre-qualifying just
to know the process because obviously
they're another process so
i teach them okay this is how you do
this this is how you do this and start
your spawn and i give them templates i
give them everything they
need i used to have vas it just takes a
while to train them it's the same thing
with people but people here are more
motivated they're actually going to make
a lot more than a va
that's why i haven't that
so these people are doing the texting
are you um
are you paying them or
they're just like interns okay
yeah i mean they're they joined the high
for a reason to get deals and to
know how full sitting works i've been
doing this for going on seven years
so i'll teach them how to do it if
they're willing to put a little bit of
work into it
where are you located again
houston texas
where are you
i'm in new york
oh but i'm i'm kind of um i'm not
doing anything out here
i took my focus
so you're applying alcohol
well yeah on florida
okay do you um
do you focus on more than all right are
you focusing on texas or i'm not well
you've been doing it for a while so you
probably don't hit every every state
there is but
you have like a certain
group of i'm only going to do these five
states because this was been working for
a while or
or you don't have like a it's just
anywhere it's just whatever anywhere
okay but like right now where the land
land i'm only focused on texas
single family i've done several states
and i've done it before because uh i had
a team and we were doing it
we we were able to do it
now that i i don't have a team anymore i
don't do it but i think we're going to
start opening for dyspo to help out
other investors because we have
nationwide buyers
so we're going to be able to help them
out for single family
not for land
to me it builds a deal anywhere doesn't
matter numbers or numbers that house the
so yeah
can you can you tell can you tell me if
this little method that i'm doing now is
the right thing
um as far as all right so going on prop
doing the filtering filter out you know
whatever criteria um
and then and then save us a list of say
it from jacksonville it's a list of i
don't know 120 properties that popped up
from whatever criteria that i put
i'm just taking that 120 skip tracing
and um and then bringing that bringing
that list over to uh
the hive mind to do the sms
yeah but who are you using for skip
i heard i've never used them so i can't
say for sure but i heard that they don't
have quality data
okay so
i'm just saying from the
nah i mean
yeah yeah
i mean i've only been i've only been on
it for like a few weeks so i can't
say and i haven't tried another system
once once i pull once i pull a list from
there i don't
i don't think i'm able to
to bring that over to another um
another system
that makes life
i mean like all right let me see
what kind of thing i use
i used to pull this from procter i've i
can upload them to iphone and start
you can take them anywhere like
like you don't you don't have the
scriptures at first but you have to skip
churches to get your numbers yeah yeah
first and then bring them over here so
you can start texting yes
which um which system do you use to
res type
rex tech
like 12 cents
so out of all the systems you find that
one to be the best
for you
they have well i know the guy who runs
it and they have good data
they're kind of similar to bags but
we used to use back before we started
using them
but bats if you send out a list of a
thousand and 500 only come back
well they were doing it i don't know now
if they fixed it or not but they were
charging me still for a thousand instead
of just a 500. these guys only charge me
for the hits not for the the misses
would you say it was the junior rex what
i'll put it in the chat
sorry that's not good
that's the second one not the first one
you all see it in the chat
where is this chat
where it says
yeah it is in there though i see it
thank you
it's r-e-i-s-e-a-c-k-e-d
dot com
that's the one i use
i mean anybody else could use anything
else you all want
i know daniel i know daniel from i've
mine also has they're the owners of the
list guys
they also do skip tracing
i haven't tried them yet but
did you find it did you find the chat
what's your number you have to hit the
three dots where it says more on the
bottom where it says like mu stop video
hit the three dots it says more and then
you can see the chat right there
or just reach out to me through facebook
message me i'll send it to you
you can easily find me on facebook
one of the hive mind groups
how long does this cost go for i don't
even remember
first caught it
got it
i'm right here they usually go for about
an hour
oh like if if it's kind of you know kind
of slow
they cut it off before an hour nobody
has anything to say they you know and we
say we see them on
saturday at clubhouse
saturday is two hours right
yeah the clubhouse usually two hours
they go longer if there's a lot of uh
we got in about 15 minutes more or less
anyone else have any questions
so junior do you know who else has
buyers for land period so i know you
guys mentioned eloy and john i'm just
curious do you know anybody else who has
a land virus
what area
whatever wherever
i mean within the hive mind group are
those the main ones that i mean eloy and
john those are the names i heard that
but it was there anybody else that i
i know there's
daniel the andres in florida john
alexander's in houston
junior lee i think it's in
georgia i think
i think he's in georgia
mike novak is in
pennsylvania or somewhere around that
uh no mike is up michael's upstate in
the new england area
oh there there you go
mike novak um who else was this land
i think majority of the time members do
yeah go ahead
i'm sorry yeah i'm okay i pretty much
had all those okay i pretty much checked
everybody go ahead claudette all right
no problem if you go to the uh
to the hive mind crm and just put in
and you'll see where people have comment
and say i buy here send me what you have
and stuff like that
oh okay that's a good thing that will
help you a little a little bit and if
you plan on just buyers in this area
then they they've chimed in somewhere to
say you know i don't do it but this one
does it
good idea thank you
you're quite welcome my pleasure
i mean i wasn't doing land until i
started with the hype so
but yeah
and are you are you
uh utilizing the same sms uh campaign
for the land
yes and no we're actually doing ppc
campaigns also
which we get most of our deals from
i do texting but for single family
on my ends
anthony does ppc campaigns for that
it's a little bit more expensive that's
why i try
i know what works
i started off doing direct mail and many
signs a long time ago it got very
expensive really quick
that's why i think texting is better
cheaper and you reach out more to more
people than
anything else
and are you um are you flipping any of
your deals now like are you are you
retaining any of the properties that you
come across are you just still
wholesaling them all only if they're
creative deals
if they're creative deals if i structure
it creatively i'll probably end up
keeping it
uh can you give an example of a creative
deal what that looks like seller finance
if i agreed to terms with the seller say
like i had one in that puzzle he only
wanted five thousand down in 200 a month
i'm like yeah i can do that
why not i'll probably keep it fix it up
rent it for a while
have the renter pay
instead of me paying him
and just keep it long-term
all right and then eventually owner
finance it
and then just get residual income off of
that's creative deals or sub 2
any sub 2 i'll keep them as rentals
but yeah
other other than that if i make a cash
offer i'll just post it
or maybe we might start uh fixing
flipping well my partner ray he does
he's already i think in the second or
third flip so we might start doing more
but i don't want to do the whole flip
like he does i just want to paint carpet
that's it
i just want to do hotels that's it
brianna where are you at what market are
i live in california i'm starting to
work my own backyard a little bit more
for land right now i'm trying to find
buyers but i'm in the alabama market um
i have a property closing in alabama
and um i've been looking because i know
anthony does lots in texas so he's like
pull the list and bring me in so i've
you know
sometimes i'm trying to look for lots in
texas too um and then i also have
somebody in arkansas that i know
personally that's been driving for
dollars this week kind of sending me
things so honestly i'm just i don't
wherever it's at like you said a house
is a house but my main focus i guess
would be alabama and and texas i closed
lot deals in florida so i'm thinking
about going back into that market as
overall i'm trying to do more land deals
that's my goal this year is to just do
more land
that's my niche
how you doing buddy hey good to see you
here good to see you
it's been a while
uh busy you know we're putting this
whole disposition uh platform together
and um
we're actually gonna start testing it
next week with some beta testers
and uh hopefully roll it out maybe a
month out maybe something like that okay
that'll be really cool we have a lot of
so it'll make it a lot easier to for for
your disposal
putting a lot into that
is that more land only or what
i have before both for land or houses
yeah so we've got one we've got huge
buyers for
for houses in there as well but it's all
automated so like when you put your
property in there
you like put the apn number or if it's
got an address you put your address it
kind of fills everything out for you and
it'll grab the street view and all that
stuff so when a buyer comes along and
they want to buy it
it's all automated from there it's like
completely hands off right so
they can buy it they can go ahead and
make that make the purchase
and it automatically goes from there
goes directly to the title company
and then it's closed out through the
title company
and so we have wholesaler friendly you
know title coming nationwide that
handles it all and it's all automated
that that process is automated too so
it's a very quick closing as well so
we're excited
when are you launching that
uh we're hoping maybe a month out we're
doing the beta test starting next week
and we'll probably go 20 days or so
depending on you know what bugs we find
you know
we've run some stuff through there and
it's fine right now but we need to try
to break the system you know how that
goes yeah you need better tasters
yes actually i do
i will call you my friend i'll call you
you have to help me put some stuff in
of course
i got some land that i need to get rid
yeah and houses so either one
that'll work
but it's it's nice too because you you
it's there's a nationwide system to it
like it's open to to to the national
market to any buyers
but you get to select if you want to so
like if you have particular buyers
you're already working with you have it
off so it's just a private you know
listings and you can shoot it out to
them first
and and they have kind of like first
whack at it
yeah i want to try it
we just sold that we just sold the deal
this week um
i went out it was uh
it was you know it's a it's a lot that
where we're typically as builders that
are buying them
lots but
they were only wanting to offer like 26
27 0028 was probably pushing that
and um
so i went out
and and i put a sign on it just to kind
of you know see how far individuals that
you can builders so i put it up at 35
000 and when i was putting my sign up
two people stopped that live on that
road came over there and wanted to buy
it so i i went to contract with one of
them and uh we'll do it
on that one i'm gonna do a note
on it right so we'll buy it in and i
come in and buy the the note at closing
um you know from a different company
and and so that basically
you know does this does the equivalent
of just a quick sell on it so like if
you were selling it
you would get like 30 000 for you can
net 30 000 out on a deal like that
rather than then just give it to a a
you know for
whatever the builder may you know
negotiate down to plus closing costs you
gotta always take those closing costs
into consideration because that could
easily be another you know you can be
out another thousand
uh easy on a deal like that
but uh yeah those deals are nice
all you know all of these deals you can
get uh very creative you know it's just
a matter of finding somebody in in the
that um
you know you work with
put your deal together figure out you
know the right match for that particular
oh pretty good
we need to grab some lunch someday john
i know i know how you gonna come up
we'll have a cigar over here
wait look um
did you ever get to do uh
did you get rid of that uh
that deal that we were talking about
did that buyer come through for you
yes sir that's it
yes sir
i have a couple of there uh
cuba oh my god i need to bring those
cohibas over here
i think we still have them i don't know
i need to check
again well let me because i'm headed
back out there
and um
you know nothing moves a lot like that
faster than a sign going up on it i
could go out there
put some stakes on the corner and and
stick a sign on it i i'm looking at uh
three acres i got a contract the other
day on three acres over there
near there
40 000 plus uh we'll we'll assume ten
thousand back taxes on it
and of course we don't pay the back
taxes we just we'll put you know
we'll take it and
and pick up the back taxes when we flip
it but you know it's three acres
houston basically so
you know it's probably 250 thousand
dollar deal
yeah that'll be a sweet deal
i still got to work out some stuff on it
but she's already signed the contract so
hopefully i'm gonna cross my fingers i
hope we get that deal
yeah we're getting it sold for that way
you know
you got my number
yeah thanks me whenever yeah
all right i will
we'll talk yeah particular deal i'm
having to
and the reason why we got it so cheap is
because it's landlocked so i'm talking
to i've already talked to three
neighbors juan said no they won't give
us an easement the other
is uh talking to his wife right now
about it so i got my i got my fingers
crossed on that one and then i got one
last shot at it too it was an original
easement that kind of got messed up so i
but i still have a shot at that one
so if you guys run across stuff like
that landlocked it doesn't mean it's a
bad deal you just have to figure out how
to make it work and a good lawyer
will help you be able to put a deal like
that together
so never just discount it take the deal
come to the hive
and tell us what the problem is and
whoever's dealt with that kind of
problem before we usually reach out and
say hey contact me
and you'll see that happening in the
i think i have several
old leads that are landlocked deals
i need to go back
i'll talk to you
yeah for sure
well i think we've reached our mark
and me just barely making it at the end
you're good you're good well you know
what but better late than never better
late than never exactly
john i just i just bought your book this
weekend i look forward to diving in oh
cool very good good good
yeah look if you guys have questions i'm
always available on messenger um
you know so reach out
awesome thank you
thanks junior
yes sir anybody else yes thank you
we appreciate all the insights
anytime buddy um anyone has any last
questions comments concerns
before we sign up
good night all right man you all take
have a good evening everyone
take care