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March 9, 2022

Ep 133- Ed Latimore: Stoicism, Pro Boxer To Mastering Digital Products & Twitter

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We, we've really a free flow. We don't like scripted questions like that, because you get all the good stuff when you just talk.
No, I completely agree man, I'm, I'm a big fan of that method of having a conversation, as well. I also assume that there's editing, and it goes on and things of that nature. And if not, that's a great way to start the podcast.
We edit we added some part of it like I like recording, just have a conversation beginning sometimes. Because sometimes stuff is said and you don't know you don't know if it's gonna be make it or not. But either way we talk about it. Is there anything you want to talk about or push? Because I know you have products and services?
Oh, no. I mean, I'm in the middle of distracting my child myself from chess so I can get these things done. So I actually I don't have anything real big right now to push whatsoever. But but we all want it released. If I do, then I'll holla at you.
Okay, all right. Sounds good. I always ask because sometimes people position themselves to release something or release a book.
I always I and I appreciate that man. Oh, we all the the internet hustlers and marketers and book writers we really appreciate the podcasters and, and the media people and the creatives, who who make it possible for us to tell people about things when they come out. Okay, all right. Well, I just wanted to ask,
so I guess we'll start here. All for free flow from here. Sir. Hey, we're here with Ed Latimore. I don't even Where are you from? Man? I sound like you're from like, it could be from England, but I'm not really even sure man.
Are you from the US? Yeah, mom from the United States. Right. That's the first time someone's told me that. That's good, though. I think because I think that means that that my traveling is paying off. I I did stay over in Europe for I mean, it wasn't that long. It was like, like six months, but it was contained some and my, um, my fiance's Portuguese. So he's awesome. We spend time over there. It's a beautiful place. I think I think a lot of people, a lot of Americans don't realize that. I don't want to say we've been lied to because that's not correct at all. There's a lot of things that are great about living here. But there are a lot of things that are great about living in Europe that we don't get to experience here. You know, like, like, once I got it was crazy. I got sick on my birthday. Like I had been sick a few days. But I got like, I needed to go to the ER because I got a thermometer and I, you know, took my temperature and I put it into Celsius. And I was like, Oh, I have a fever of 103 or in Fahrenheit. And that's how you got to go to the hospital. So I go check in pretty much spent all night in the hospital. They gave me meds and everything. And it was 125 Euro. And they were like, Oh, are you sure you're gonna be okay? I'm like, No, I'm good. Like, this whole hospital visit is 125 euro, which is roughly like $150. So it's good, good, good, good economy for our rather, the citizens of taking care of differently. And I really enjoyed it by being over there. Yeah.
I was talking about world traveling later on, because that's one thing I like about I like you because like a lot of people are combined with the US and the US the shit and then everybody once you start traveling like okay, there's there's other badass places out here too.
Oh, man. It's yeah, we'll talk about it because we're talking about it.
So jump back a little bit. For somebody who doesn't know who you are. Let's do like a pre file like you like you've done what you're what we've done in the past. We've been entrepreneur, stuff like that.
Okay, so a really brief bio of Atlanta more than who I am. Okay. Yeah, so, so my claim to fame, why people care about anything that comes out of my mouth is as I was a professional heavyweight boxer, Boxer for a man like seven years, six or seven years. And prior to that, I had a pretty extensive amateur career. And then I, I decided, I at the start of my professional career, that I was not sure how this thing was going to turn out, which is really unusual. A lot of fighters are like the exact opposite. You know, super confident, especially coming off of the average grit I had, which was pretty good. I did just about everything you could do as an amateur at the highest level except go to the Olympics. But I said I noticed going to be taken away from me one day. So let me make sure I got a fallback plan. And my life was kind of miserable because I'm still working like shit jobs. And the cool thing about being a fighter is it's like the one way. Like there's there's two professions a man can get away with being a bum. And girls Oh, it's okay. If you're a musician, and if you're a fighter, and I was a fighter, as Rob was, I was pretty much a bomb. But I was really bummed because I had some gone. I was cool, right? But I said, this ain't gonna work. So I went back, I went to the military, I enlisted in the military. And then I went, I did that trying to get money to go to school. And a few years later, a few more profiles later, I ended up graduating with a degree in physics, and mathematics from Duquesne University. And I have that. And while I was doing that, I've self published my first book. And then self published my second book, that one, my second book is the one I'm most proud of that say, A Guide for people who are going through sobriety because I'm coming away eight years sober, well, not coming up. I have eight years sober, coming up on nine years this year. And I wrote that book to help people and I released it on my fifth anniversary. And I've been doing all this really promote myself build my brand. writing articles, I found that today, we have 164 articles on my site. Really proud of that. Because I've been writing for 10 years. And so people will discover my things to my writing to my social media. And then through wonderful things like this podcast, some someone will find me like, oh, you know, you're cool. I like what you have to say. And that's, that's pretty much Rena Rochelle. Man. I was a fighter. And then I went to physics. And that combination really fascinates a lot of people. I been writing on the internet for 10 plus years, to self published books. I'm actually working on two more I spent all day working on some fiction tomorrow to be nonfiction. And, and I play a lot of chess, we're talking today about about chess, you know, and I'm strong enough chess player, I need to get better. But
you suddenly get the chess coach, I'm like, I'm not even I play for fun. You play? Oh, yeah,
you know, the thing, man, like, it's weird. I have a, I always tell people, I don't have any real hobbies. And that's not true. My only true hobby, I like watching movies. But everything else I do, I try to doing it better. So I'm not just playing chess casually. I'm studying chess, I got chess books, I have a chess table behind me, you can probably see it in the accounts, or I can sit down and like work through positions and, and try to get better. And it wasn't always that way. I just couldn't. Because I didn't have resources or time. Once I had both, I was oh, just something I really want to get better at. So it's something I do. In my not even in my free time. I designate time and money to be better at chess. And it's a cool hobby, because, because it's pure, like, like, nobody cares. If I'm good at chess, I know that, like, I'll never be good enough to where someone won't care in a chess community. But I'm good enough to where like, I care. And I love it, and I have a good time with it.
I think it's one thing I noticed about you is that you, you move with passion no matter what it is. And like if anybody plays through your chest game, like Yeah, I don't really have any hobbies. If I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it, but do
it the right way. Yeah, cuz, you know, like, I'm really aware of how much time I have left, if that makes sense. Like, I don't know exactly how much time I have left. But I do know is it's not forever. And furthermore, the closer I get to the end, the less capable I'm going to be like, I know that my physical body won't be able to do all the things you can do now, it can't do all the things you could do 10 years ago, right? Now, it's not as much of a drop off, but there's one that one notices, and my cognitive abilities will suffer the same decline, and eventually I'll go back to dust. So in the meantime, I need to use that time wisely. And I need to use it in a way that's going to make me happy. So So one of the big things I learned and figured out, especially wasting my 20s where you where you really care about what other people think and you want to fit in, is it. None of that stuff is gonna make you happy. None of those people gonna matter. What's gonna matter is how I feel at the end of the day. So let me pick some things. It's gonna make me feel good. I've loved playing chess. Like I like chess. It makes me feel cool. To a good battle. I can think it's fun. I like movies. I like my girl. I like my friends. I like traveling. I like eating Like quality food, you know, so I really focus on what matters to me. I'm most ruthlessly at this point. And, and that's a really good quality. I think everyone should focus on what matters to them ruthlessly, to the point where they cut out people, they turned down opportunities that on paper probably look good, but it's just it's not in alignment with what's important to you. Because because I think the worst thing, I think the only thing worse than, than like being limited, like I've been limited where you don't have time, you don't have money, there are things you want to do is where you have to do a bunch of other stuff for the illusion of freedom. You know, it is one thing when when I'm making $10 an hour, and I want to go on a trip. And I'm like, oh, goodness, I wish I could do that. It's a totally different story. When I find something this won't pay me 150 grand a year, but I effin hate it. In this situation I am and then the 150 grand a year situation. I am like his go ahead cups I think is the word they is the phrase they say, because this is really hard for a person to walk away from that. But when you when you ain't got nothing, everything is a coma. You know, you can actually you got something to strive towards, in a way, a process of goal when you when you got a comfortable spot. And I think you see it a lot, man, I think that when you're in the middle of there's a lot of malaise because you're trying to fall off. But it's too risky to take and make moves to fulfill a passion to justify even a salary drives our page drive, even though it makes you happier man, people, people get addicted to material very
easily. So let's find your passion. What what, what helps people find their passion as a whole. And I kind of want to brush up on this too, because I read one I love that used to write too, because I suck at writing. I hate read usually when I still write but I suck at writing and I hate it drives me nuts. And I look at you and you're like you're writing all the time. So like, is it. One thing I like about all of us here is that we all grew up in the ghetto. We all grew up in the ghetto. We all grew up from oppressed positions, and we overcome that. So let's kind of talk about that. Because I might bring up a joke here there but the house.
Yeah, you know, right? Like, man, I'm from I got the project stamp of approval, man like like No, no one ever can question my origins because they are as thorough as they come in. I grew up in two housing projects. I didn't and I lived there until I was until I was 18. I remember when I left when I left and then come back to the projects that is but I am I do you see a lot of stuff in that environment. And you got to figure out how you're going to deal with it. You can laugh a little You can cry a lot all these to say. And for me, I just chose to laugh maybe a little more than a little like the crackhead. Also German I'm gonna jokes inspired by things I've seen and experienced. Now at this point, I've kind of modified them with my imagination, because I like to have fun. And now I've been on the projects longer than I was in the projects. I just turned 37 Last week, you know, so that's a big deal. You know? And if I don't tell you, you can't guess that I was from the projects. I mean, by looking at me being black and my you know what you're probably from like, but that's a racist. Nobody would ever hear me. If you hear me talk and see how I move you're not gonna get them from them removed. But and then that's that's an evolution in itself, to be able to leave the neighborhood and a lot of the things the neighborhood instills in you behind but that whole thing I just you know, I I'm really grateful for it really in the weirdest way possible. I know that sounds odd, but I couldn't imagine my life if I had grew up like in the middle class, right growing up in a stable home because a lot of the things that I believe are gifts now legitimate gifts that have given me an advantage and allow me to help and connect with other people. I know I got those from having a girl been adore and do it that I wouldn't have gotten the media the way you know, I always say that environment teaches you things that you can only learn, like you can't be taught how to be street smart, you can't be taught how to repeat, you got to learn that you got to learn it by failing, and suffering. And then going, Okay, I understand that, let me do it now. And what a really powerful negative feedback mechanism. It's like boxing, one of the things when the coolies are fighting, which is there's almost nothing left on this planet like it. When you make a mistake, you can correct it, and you get corrected instantly. And you don't tend to make the same mistake twice. And if you do, you're definitely not going to make a third time because you won't be around long enough, you know, the sport is when you guys come right up. Very similar dynamic in the way I grew up. You don't make mistakes, dealing with people too often, because they're painful. And if you make them too often, why then you got a problem. The younger you are, the more you're going to excuse you. But you get to a certain point where you know, you know, who's who, to how to talk. And you know, what certain things mean with certain colors? Me? Right, you know that. So today, you're not excused anymore. And it's unfortunate. And I would never wish anyone the misfortune of growing up there. I never put my kids through it, you know, for example, but but I know that it shaped me. And, and let's not get it twisted. This is not survivor's bias talking here, you know, I understand that I had to deal with a lot of things and traumas and all that, for me to fully integrate those lessons into a functional person. So I wasn't just walking around like a damn psycho. But a lot of people don't do that. That's where you got a lot of people to end up not getting out of that environment ending up in prison, that kind of thing. So that's a, my thoughts on my, my, my origin, I think about it a lot. But it's, it's been a very, it's very useful tool. And it's one of those things, it's an advantage, you can buy either solid or in the pill you can take to know how to talk to people in the street.
And that's powerful man. I used to box myself for a little while when I was young. And that's, that's one of the cleanest analogies I've ever heard. It's like, yeah, if you make a mistake, then you immediately get corrected. Yeah, so it's like when you see that overhand, right come in, or that left hook coming just once you like, look, now you're looking out for like, you're gonna get me with that one. Again. I love how that applies to business. Oh, for sure.
And you know, one of the cool things I think about this unboxing there's like levels that like separate people out in fighting. And one of the one of the best, I think real world, things that ports over from the fight were from the ring is, is to be a good defender in boxing. It's not about missing or making the guy missed. It's about making the guy missed. But I hate getting as close as possible to hinder you because you have to capitalize on on the time it takes for him to get back in a position to be offensive. And the more space you have between your opponent and you, the longer it takes. And so your first instinct is to you know, make the guy miss by a mile you'll be safe. But the reality is you're not, you're not safe at the very least you're not
optimally save.
So you have to get comfortable being very, you know, sitting in a pocket and some punches that if upon by not, by by by too little, they're going to graze you cut you or hurt you. But you want to make them just messy, you're right there to deliver maximum damage. And that's the thing that separates it means you see it. You see it in the amateur circuit you see it in the pro, you know when the next level guys who are comfortable making guys barely miss and guys who aren't. And if you're not comfortable making the guy barely mess, you're gonna run out of energy trying to make them trying to defend and then you're gonna suffer a lot more. I should I think, I always think but that's one of my favorite parts of the fight game. Is is that because that's a mental thing. It's not like who's tougher, it's, it's who's got control over their nervous system. That's all fine. Does it put you in control of that flinch. It puts you in control. Fear puts you in control anxiety, because you can't be effective and fight. You already can't be effective in the ring. If you have all those other things going on in your nervous system, many of which are automatic and are designed to protect you. So you really have to develop a certain mental strength to be able to do that. Same with like, I'm going to think about a lot of the work workouts I went through the day in, day out, day in, day out. A lot of those workouts man that that is your body is not designed for that. But you push it you overcome that. That thing is telling you to stop. It's telling you to quit. Not a lot of people can do it. And that's why the fighters are the best people, man because if you use if you can go to a fight training for more than a year, you really have something especially if you're getting the ring because a lot of people don't realize it's a very unique place in the ring. There are you You are the there are only two other people in the ring your opponent, the guys trying to hurt you. And the ref, who is an amateur is really an arat as a pro. He's not I wouldn't call him your friend. But he's not exactly against you. But he ain't in there to help you either. He's just body you know, he's and so you got all these people looking at you and just you it's not like a team's forward as other people to divert the attention and and that that takes a lot of metal it just does. It's a great thing. I'm so happy I decided to fight like there were not a million there aren't many other things I could have done. And and I think the best decision to this day is deciding at an older age to to go and start fighting.
How has fighting helped you in entrepreneurship?
Oh man, shit. Ah, well, for starters, I'm not afraid of belly. That's a great Hey, you got to understand, like, I now because I've learned and I've I've had enough success to where I'm not like people think okay, so this is this cracks where people think entrepreneurship, like automatically makes you have more money to other people. Like bro I would. And many times I wish I could have because my introduction into this lifestyle was kind of gradual or mean or not I'm not gradually opposite it was coming for it's like a baptism of fire. Just not a lot of buffer room where they call it runway. When you initially come in here if you if you don't come in, we're like we go save up some money to you good. But when you fight because because most fighters don't have the luxuries of like health insurance, what station have you get injured, he's just in bad shape. Most fighters are broke. That's why they're fighting. Because, you know, and, and is there's not a lot of support either for the fight game, believe it or so. So you get used to dealing with a very lonely, relatively high risk environment. From the junk, like real consequences. I mean, like, like I've been poor. And that never really bugged me, would bug me. What always craved me or worried me didn't worry me when it should have, by the way, is no getting hurt and not being able to go to the ER no more than a few times that happen. But you figure it out, you learn how resilient the human body can be. And, and it's cool. This is so easy. From a psychological perspective. Now I still have to go and do the work. But once you once you establish yourself then the next heart that the next challenge is, you know, a sense of consistency and creating and you really have a workman like approach to what you do. And I think a lot of people fall in love with this idea of entrepreneurship being this this this Punisher for all the Elves of the workplace. The reality is, and there's a quote I'll use to some of what this is really like is that you know entrepreneurs are the only people who will work 80 hours to avoid working 40 That's what this is like. And if you're not prepared for that you don't get the benefit right you don't get to do this I was going I think about that right we'll find it like Like so many years of fighting for nothing or really forget five nothing paying a fight basically, when you factor fees and gear and time. You're really paying if I eat it. I want a few fighters who for but a career my lanes are illicitly broke even Oh, I probably did a little better broke even especially The last few years of my amateur career, but the point is that it's a lot of upfront hustle. A lot of fraud. So with no guarantee a lot of risks, but you keep doing because you believe in yourself and what you're trying to create what you're trying to do. And one day, you get there, and you realize the two already, they're up here where it matters, it just took the universe a little while to catch up. And I feel like that's the exact same way it works. And, and entrepreneurship, working for yourself, online, hustle, whatever you want to call it, whatever word we use interchangeably. Because because I've always wanted to write and always wanted to be a creator. And I've always had the stories and the perspectives. It was just I have to go out and just work, work, work just was this is work. It's amazing. How many opportunities come your way, when you just go do a thing every day and do it well.
And people don't realize that they want, they want to guarantee they want to see, I do this, this will happen. They want to deterministic relationship between the process and the outcome. And it doesn't work that way, though. And then a better thing is the less likely it works the way it's probabilistic. Probabilistic means there's a six out of 10 chance is going to work. That means you'll have to do the same thing. 10 times six of those, it should work. Right? But but probably not because each individual bed it's not like it as a member. It's like each fitness member, right? When I say memory, it's not like the third one remembers that the second one, the first one didn't hit No, still six out of 10. Right? You just keep doing it. But when you get it done, you get it done. All you got to do is be right one time, I made most of my money last year on two events, that it's not like I was only doing two events. You know, and when I say events, I mean like anything speaking to releasing a product to consulting, right. That's, that's what I mean, now that what's funny is this year, it's already shaping up like it's gonna be way ahead of last year, like when, but that's caught in a cumulative effort of every single thing I've been doing for the past 11 years, it'll be you know, from writing on Twitter and build my mailing list or send emails to self publishing. You just keep going and stuff and you don't know, you don't know how it's gonna turn out. You just know that it eventually will become something and if it and if it doesn't, there's still a great process and a great fun to be had. And that's what you got to embrace the process.
Yeah, the process. A lot of people they think, like you said, it's all fun and games and it's easy, Happy Hump, and talk about pivoting because a lot of people think their first one is a brilliant idea. And then it falls flat on their face and that pivot.
So they don't they want to see their baby dice.
Man, you won't realize some when you when you decide to. Okay, so here's the cool thing about MLO life My favorite thing about this face is that is a you get to touch reality directly. You're not shielded by by a large market, our A our own amount of time. Our product cycle time is only that I know, you create some the your audience than the market is going to tell you if you got a good idea or a bad one. And if you want to be married to bad ideas, go do something else. Because you won't pay for it here. And you've got to pay for quit you know, man, why not sell it? Well, something's not right. Now, if you have if you can, you know, put your ego aside. Put your attachments aside and go okay, I'm doing something wrong. What am I doing wrong? Because somebody helped me because people always willing to help. There's one thing I've learned if you just ask for help, people will help you. They won't help you if you're arrogant. They won't help you if an asshole but if you ask sincerely. They will help you. If you go I don't know what's wrong. I'm trying to do this. I see you've done this. Can you help me? And you get so much feedback. But you have to be willing to admit that you're incorrect. Your approach was wrong. If you can do that, you're gonna be golden. If you cannot do that, you better be lucky.
is, nobody comes in that is know what to do. I describe it like, like imagine put you in a maze. And I'll tell you it's a maze, though I just tell you, you got to get to the end. And you're like, cool, big deal. I'll just follow what I see. Except that tell you, I'm gonna turn the lights off. And so now you're like, oh, okay, but you don't have a choice. And then on top of that, you go, Oh, maybe I want to do it like, well, I don't care what you want to do. I got some dogs out behind you, those dogs being you bills and your rent, and, and you know, your need for food, that kind of thing. And so you, you walk in you, you know, you're figuring this maze out, it takes you a long time. But you're committed, because the dogs behind you, they're not going to attack as long as you keep taking a step forward. That's how they train. They're not chasing you. But the minute you take a step back, that's the problem. And then you make it through the maze. And as a reward, I turn the light on, and you realize that it was a goddamn box. It wasn't a way above the maze. It was just a box with only a border for walls. Yes, I thought it was amazed because you couldn't see and you'd never been there before. And I told you there was a bunch of problems there. So your brand, put them there, and you move around, and you have to navigate those on your own. You can't No one can tell you, it's easy to tell you. It's hard. You go you figure it out, you walk through you get back and you make it through you. Oh, wow, this is something else. I don't claim to have it all figured out. What I have figured out has makes me look at people who don't have it figured out and who have no interest in learning going, Wow, that must really be cool. Like Like, because if you love your job, this message is not for you. You know, and I appreciate you because you chances are you're doing something that is vital to society. Because at the end of the day, I'm just a guy that says cool stuff and people pay me money. That's not vital. Like there's a war in a draft me. I mean, I can run pretty fast. And I got those shakin true because I was in the army. But like, I'm not useful. You ever see the fights or he's like, bringing everybody together? And he's like, What are your skills and goes I was a watchmaker. So they make him start working on radios because he tinkered and stuff, you know, oh, I don't have any like crazy skills like that. But my point is, if you don't enjoy your job, if you're not vital, you don't fit like your Righto you know, they're fine planes or driving an ambulance or operating people. There's a better way. There's a there's a more fulfilling way. Whether you decide to go after it, I really believe ambition like and the appetite for risk that's normally distributed. Most of the population will not do that. And that's probably good. Like, probably because I like if I decide to have my food delivered to my home that somebody is going to go driving, you know, the Uber Delivery Instacart that's for the car. It's the car for a man who eats that's just robbery. But everybody has a position
and role in society.
Yes, and you can change yours if you don't like it. But that change is unbelievably terrifying. Yeah, that's the best part about coming up from nothing. You know, like, I didn't know my position. No one told me our position coming up. No one told me what religion to do. No one told me what how relationships should look. I didn't notice all for better or worse. I'm not saying it's always gravy. I'm just saying that. No one told me what it should be. So I get to figure that out. And in many ways that's a benefit. In some ways. That's a problem but but in this particular case, that's a very good
thing. You get to your experiences shape. Who you who you are, who you can be, because most people it's the it's the the phraseology that hard times create hard men. Yeah. Yep. And you we kind of we kind of create our own future when you're when you're forced to do stuff that other people are forced to do.
Yeah, cool, man. I love it. Oh, because now I'd like now No, I love it be me. I mean, I think about life 15 years ago, I mean, when I was like in the throes of all the problems and all things in it, it seems miserable. And it is miserable. I'm not gonna say it seems it is it sucks. It really sucks. When you start comparing yourself and start looking around, but But you know what doesn't make it suck as much and this is kind of a complete pivot. You got to have good people around you, man. When you have good friends and good relationships, I really I am of the belief that other people are the most important thing period. And the sooner you realize that the sooner you can make moves to put put good people around you and not and not jeopardize those relationships. Oh, and it J Kiss I don't know if you know JD kiss from me rapper from for my guest 2019 is a great lyric in a song he says I read to be brought together to enrich alone. That sums up the whole deal. Some of your best memories are going to be our saw our best memories and anybody listening to be like in that age range. Some of your best memories in life are gonna be when you have the homies are splitting rent, trying to figure out if you got enough money to pay the heat. But you got ramen and tone on some prison shit. Like you'll be like, it's a good time. That's funny. I never thought about it that way. The Think about it this way, I'm about to tell you the most terrifying thing that you could imagine. You achieve everything you got a million dollars, you in great shape. Your house is beautiful. But you don't have any friends. Nobody gives a shit about you. Nobody takes your calls. You got no friends on social media. Girls ignore you. Your friends, I always got something else to do instead of hanging out. That's miserable. Flip it the other way. You don't have none. You live in a shack, you got roaches for roommates, your room yet your groceries are all the auto thing you know the food value brand. Your shoes got holes in them. You don't know how you're gonna pay the bills. But you know that every Friday night you and your buddies gonna get together and you're gonna have dinner. And you notice Sunday you go to church, Mr. People, and you might not believe what they say. But you know, these people you've grown up with these people is your friends, your family, your whole life. And every day that somebody's talking to you checking hang on your mom, you got your cousins, you got your friends, you got a network of people that you might not have material anything like like forget not even a car you barely got a bus pass. But you got people you got people you good trick is to have both right, everyone's both. But
this is my next question. How do you balance that because that I totally understand that like, rich people that they totally build themselves a wall around themselves. They think they're the shit and then nobody looks some of them because their ego is so large that they they're so they're so inflated and nobody can even speak to them. So how do you find balance to and that kind of goes back to your partnership thing? I think I think it's amazing. We do the same thing. Our whole our whole thing and our brand is make people rich around us because we tend to average homies with with the
party, you know.
So how do you how do you balance? How do you balance a relationship where you're you you provide value in different ways?
What a cool thing. Rather the first thing which is the coolest thing is to remember that you ain't Yeah, nothing man. Like I don't I've had to learn this stuff doorway. So I'm not speaking from like, oh, it's all been all good and great. Be like Nah, man, you make mistakes you learn you figured out but I got good friends who have forgiven me I've been patient with me likewise, I'm patient with them. Because we all learn as part of humanity. We're all learning from one another. And, and what I say to say you have to not take yourself so seriously. The biggest joke in the universe is people taking myself seriously enough to think that what they do matters like bro the universe is 13 point 8 billion years old. You got to live for like maybe one maybe nothing you do matters. Except to you and a few people who 150 years, there will be no one that's like the limit. Want you to 50 years there'll be no one who directly ever interacted with you. And so as always remember how insignificant you are. When you remember how insignificant you are. It really takes the the importance out of things that make you sacrifice other people's feelings and emotions. You remember what you're mad about? And you go What am I angry about? Okay, did it hurt me? Did it take something from me? I you know, even to this day, the only thing I really get angry about are things that take my time. And and and if I perceive it to be a waste of my combo like now, for example, if I ever argue about my fiancee, right? She'd been around for 10 years. This is important. If I've already you are heard, and it's because I feel like I've got to add time in the future. I could. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. And I admit I'm wrong because that keeps Relationship fine, but I'm not I'm not arguing just a winning argument. I'm gonna argue I'm sorry, I'm bringing up things that are that protect my investment of time into this relationship. And to this person brings me so much joy, it's the most important relationship in my life. And then when I have kids, it'll be the most, it's the same thing. They're going to be very important humans to to nurture and go, okay. We're going to make sure you're alright, but let's not waste time on insignificant stuff. Because I got a lot of time to be here. I gotta miss you. You continue sale, my close friends. What am I gonna fight with my close friends about at this point? I will, you know, what is so important. And you have to as always ask yourself that what is so important? If it's important enough, then you have to align your life to make sure that people want to get it because you can't waste time trying to convince other people about your values. It's not gonna it's not a good use of time. Much better to just cut that relationship if it really is that important. But what's your fun is most things aren't that important. You just take yourself too seriously.
I I think I really like what you're saying because I'm the same way like literally anything that I'm not I'm not I'm very pacifist because like it doesn't necessarily make you mad like why am I mad? What What can I do to address that concern? And what can I do to make a difference? They don't care what I say if I have my opinion that makes that that makes me internally physically mad about it. But what I can't fix that that outstanding correction that I can't physically do anything about it so why Why let it affect and change my spirit because this is all I got? Yeah,
like like bought away. I mean, this is one of the main reasons why you want to make money and you ain't got to make a lot of money. But you want to make enough like I mean, I don't I don't think I have a lot of money. Certainly some will disagree I but I but the people I hang out with will probably agree and get that much. But I have enough to where I don't have to worry about most things that will cause me stress or the track for my time on the planet. You know, I take like health most important because you know what do they say a healthy man has a million wishes a sick man as one that is to be healthy. You remember that you take care of health boom Check Point taking care of everything else is a matter of my relationships are what make sure my bills are paid. Alright, I talked about my really hard there was the relationship for people. Now we talked about, you know, what, haven't wanted to live in my means and go places and do things I want to do and if I can't go things, I want to go do things I want to do three of these have enough to eat good food and be healthy. Right? And make sure never comes up as a reason to jeopardize the other two things. The Well of the relationships and my house you know, cuz because no one wants to live in a war zone where your cortisol is sky high because you hear gunshots every night. Alright, likewise, you don't want to get into a fight with Chick girl because like the rents do and you
had a that's its own war zone. Yeah, that's
that's a whole new thing where you owe your friends money or something like that. So you once you take care of these little things, every everything is done to increase the quality of the autonomy, your short, precious time. I wish sometimes I feel like I mean, maybe not reincarnated. But But like, a lot of times I step out and I look at people and all those things. They're arguing and fighting over my Do you realize that like, you don't have a lot of time. And it's just not a Yeah, and I get more of it. Like, it's not like there's there's some kind of deal you can strike. But like even if they managed to extend our lifespan by 10x That's so little in the grants. Like so little, you know, a lot of time. So I try to remember that and that's like one of my messages that I reiterate and that's why I'm the way I am. You know, we go back and talk about my story a little more. There's like, pre 2013 Me and post 2013 me, okay. Pre 2013 me is like broke. Alcoholic chasing girls wasting time. Okay, I call December 28 2013. My second birthday. That's why That's my first They're so bright, right? It's my sobriety date. After that, that's when the ad louder what everyone knows about really comes in, comes in a form. But what a lot of people aren't aware of unless they were like around that time and tracking it, or they, you know, they sit in and listen to this to stories like this is it there was a period from like 2014 to 2016 where I was simultaneously this were completely confused on it. So my timeline or like, notice, well, the same time profile in school, and not just a school for some BS, but physics, Matt are in the army, drilling, doing that working because you'll make anything Friday. And that's for real major things. And during my job I had I worked at a bank and then I had an internship. That's for major things right there. I didn't cover my social life. I didn't cover my romantic life. But I still had to maintain knows about my really my social life effectively died. I mean, I mean, I think there was a periodicity my friends I have to meet. No, I'm not two years white. But like outside of text. And I said, I really go. Because I was like, I realized how much time I had wasted. And I was trying to get it back to put myself in a position to enjoy life. And I think I've done a great job of that. And that is, but that experience of really pulling myself quickly on all fronts up. Show me how valuable time is, and you just can't waste it on things that don't matter.
Yeah, I agree. Man. I think one of the biggest things that's I think accelerated my business career for one is to not take myself too seriously because I I'm 40 now, and I used to be like that before, too. You know, I was always a jokester. But I used to take my you know, everything very seriously. And I think at the same time when you can not take your, you know, things as too serious, but also managing your time. So I'm quick to end a relationship that's not bearing fruit, a friendship that's not bearing fruit, a business relationship, it's not bearing fruit, like, I'm quick to end those because it's like, okay, then I don't want to, I don't want to be mean. But I don't want to allocate any minutes to that. Right. And that's kind of my accounting now that I'm, I guess, thinking about the most ferocious, staring at your bank account when you're trying to get to a certain spot in life. And then once you're there, you're like, Man, I'm running out of minutes here. So I'm gonna say like, more careful with the back. Yeah, I want to start allocating my minutes to more things that are more important to me like hanging out with my parents, you know, before they have to check out or before my kids grow up, or just things like that become way more important. And that's what I think about that a lot, man. And that does kind of reflects in my business as well.
We live in the best time in history, I really believe that. I believe that because we have for the first time maybe ever, the opportunity for the average person to to create a work life, I wouldn't even call it a balance. But I guess that's the phrase, that's the best phrase I have for it in my lexicon we have a work life balance, that you can do things on the internet, you could do a high value task, and then spend time with your family. You don't have to sacrifice your entire day. And then miss your kids growing up. You don't have to miss the important stuff. Now, that's a path not everyone takes it and I don't think everyone should take it obviously. But that path and that choice available that's all it matters that the choice is available.
Yeah, that's huge. That's huge. I agree. I agree. We're definitely in a definitely a pivotal time in history. People definitely have the ability to create anything you can create anything right now. And nothing stopping you but but you're we talked about earlier your your mental your mental capacity. All you
got to do Yeah, if you want it and it ain't it ain't easy. It's just a different route every little everything looks easy. After you've been doing it for a while with some success. Yeah. I can't like Like imagine looking at like was a good example like LeBron James and be like, Man, basketball easy, make it easy, but like, fan. This is like all I've been doing for the past 30 years. I feel like at this point if it's not easy, something's wrong. I've been wasting time. You know, and still still developer and I think people what's the Oh Sam and a lot of people they want to compare their page one to somebody else's page 30s Like it's not the same. You starting out. It is going to not be fun, or maybe it won't be fun. I have no idea. Or what I can tell you is that to scale, if you're trying, if you want to have the same results, as somebody who's ahead of you by like, 510 years in the same field, you're gonna be sorely disappointed.
Yeah. So let's kind of let's kind of talk about our traveling. So I really want to travel more. I went to I went to Fiji, myself, for my honeymoon, and I got married nice man. I have left the country since then. But like, leaving the country opened my eyes to the real world, because I feel like us as Americans, like, everything's a certain way. And then you leave the country or like, what? Yeah, this is, it doesn't even feel real at that point. But let's talk about traveling and how it opens the perspective on life as a whole in general.
So so I've always been interested in traveling, right. Um, as far back as I can remember, like, when I was first grader, I took out a book from the library on Japan, like a bunch. And now I have like, I don't want to say zero interest. But Japan is not my my number one destination to go to anymore. It's like no reason to just but my point is that I've always been interested in so and then after that it was Cuba. So so I just always wanted to do that. thing is when you when you grow up, like hard work, there's not opportunity, that kind of thing. I didn't leave the country for the first time, my life. Charles 19. I had a little bit of money because my dad died and I got life insurance. And I had a friend from Mexico was a hey, do you want to come down and visit me in Mexico? And I was like, Heck, yeah, man. So I went and got the check out Mexico. And that was the first time and the last time the first time I lived to come in the last time I leave it again, until make sure I get this right. Until like 2000 bibs t we drove up my fiancee, we drove to Quebec City, Quebec, which is two hours north of Montreal, closest thing to Europe on this continent. Beautiful. And we made that drive. from Pittsburgh, PA, this was a 14 hour day, by the way driving, and I'm not gonna be I'm not gonna be in a row and be like, You got to drive. Sorry, I drove away. We're having trouble sleeping. And I just woke up at like, four in the morning. Anyone's getting the road though. I'll drink coffee word. We'll be okay. So we went did that. And it was fun. And we drove for a number of reasons why? Because I was still broke. I wasn't as broke. I wasn't bored. But I was still broke. And I'm fortunate. I'm fortunate. She's just doing what she does for a living. I'm fortunate that I'm with her. She she's involved in booking a high end luxury, immersive travel and as a travel agent very good at her job. And, and what she used to do, why she died was her part time job. But she did during full time job while we were at this point, when we drove back she was the assistant director for International Admissions at a college and today it's in our on our cruise. She had a bunch of like hotel rooms. So like the hotel was recovered. And it was cool, right? And I got to see just like a different experience and going to Quebec City. I was like I actually remember this I said, because there's there's this beautiful hotel you're looking at. It's called the Chateau Frontenac. And it's right in the Oh, I'm gonna get this geography wrong. The stone, the St. Lawrence River, and in the northern Quebec Province, and it's beautiful, man, it looks like some might have Castlevania. Nice castle. But when we went, and that's an old wall city. First time we went. We stay in this this hill. And we're just looking at it and I said we're gonna be able to we're gonna stay there one day. Trust me on that is great, right? And we're not gonna draw over when we do it. Save that story for a minute. But it was it was a good experience. And I got to see stuff and do stuff. I think I saw. We saw a hobbit there and it was funny man because she speaks French and we actually would have the version from CS that's all tickets a BF version from SES. And, oh, I don't speak French yet to explain them in French and I speak French. So we're all good. After that, though, that was like my only trip for a while and then Christmas of December 6 2016. We spent the week in Paris for Christmas. That was my first time across the ocean. And then like and she had saved the bodies. points from her job as the admissions counselor so we flew first class there and back let me tell you some this was smarter herb or egg gave me this gift because now I can't fly regularly. It didn't mess me up I don't know if you've ever flown first class she she ruined you
completely like, but like I'm not achieved God but like it's just I sat in the middle see one time on a plane, I will never do that again. And it wasn't my choice. But this is all like, because because you know we went there but that was the last trip we went on where I was like, cuz I was like I wasn't broke. But like could happen you know, I pay actually I paid for part of I paid for my part of the trip. Because we booked it in like the summer when I was still fighting. I was solid rock nation, I was getting paid like real money fights. And that was you know, I was unsigned at that point, bro. I will go and but I was you know, kind of struggling and did the triple credit. But that experience being in Paris, seeing the museum's on because what we did our sister gotta say a museum Clark saw these resumes and parents couldn't see him and one day couldn't even see him in a week for less. He was like really hustler. But we saw a lot of them. We saw about 25% of museums. And being there enjoying the foods and play I said, this is awesome. That was the first time I got I got a deposit from Amazon. Because I had to self publish two little things. They weren't like my main my book. But the way Amazon pays you out. They don't pay you more. They don't pay you if you don't do more than $100 that month, but they got to empty their accounts at the end of the year. Sorry. Like it was like December 29 and 30th I got a deposit for like $430 While walking along like the shops I was there something like that. And uh, and I was like, Yo, this is cool. I can get used to this getting pay being away. Then I came back I took a year off fire him. I put a lot of time into my website growing. And when we went we went to Portugal this one. This was when I was living over the weekend when the visit. We went to Portugal that year. For Christmas. This we brought in the new year in Berlin, which is right Lisbon this little neighborhood and that time though I had made the money I'd made the money to be over to Africa Tabata cool Kota. So I actually bought two coats that I have and everything and we had we had a great time and I said this is awesome. I'm seeing places and and I love it and it's the life I live so those that story. Those are my trip to that point just 17 in 2018 Oh, Colombia Morocco we got to Canada Yeah. Oh, right. Ah, get it at Columbia Morocco. And, and, and French went to France and Netherlands. And was there anywhere else? I can't remember but well 2019 We went back to Quebec City. This town we flew back and that's how we stayed in that hotel. Because Because at this point now because this by two to May 2018. That was the first 5k month football five figure month that I had on the internet it was there was actually a month I graduated and it was it was significantly more than you know, just like 10,000 but it was the first month that I had done I was like wow, I have like oh, I've arrived here's a milestone you know so I'm doing these things that I want to do and I can go see these plays on one to see one of the things that I said we're going to go back really gonna enjoy it was it was great it was like cars out there man because it's closer to the poles. It's like a turtle Christmas man in the walled city well not a turtle but as long as we didn't go even on like January 5 still covered in snow still a bunch of sand and stuff up not just great it's a calf area because it's like you know the something that a French there was a great time beautiful and and you know winters I got small GQueues resorts and last year it's been three times on those three cruises last year and and just see in stop Mexico. Remember go to Mexico, Mexico crazy piece of information that I just found out in 2021 the most visited country in the world was Mexico because it was all it was one of the only countries not like making you go jump through hoops to come through a COVID I was like oh I guess that's true. We did go to Mexico like twice but like yeah, it's it's awesome. Awesome. I'm like, I'm very grateful that I get to see all the stuff and continue to share stuff in two weeks I'll be in in Hungary we went first time. Oh, I know, I was in Poland too. I'm thinking all these places and so many more to come
to see. The perspective is amazing. Yeah, it shows you
like there's just little things you don't think about and and I consider myself to be an open minded deliberate thinker. But there's little things you never think about like in Colombia. They hear me they hear me talk. And all of a sudden as the kids shut out me calore me colada because they're pretty much a black people down. But they black people to speak Spanish. Then I add blacks travels so infrequently relative to whites in this country. They're not used to hearing about a brother speak English. Okay. By me, they're gonna assume I speak Spanish. But they hear me speaking they will make a lot of me Corrado? Because they're like, No, you're like us, but you speak English. Right? It's one of the crazy things. other flipside of his right. In Poland, Poland is slightly white. I mean, I get a white placement. And when you're there, you know, their thing is not like their racism, we put the air quotes. It was like a, they assume you're an African immigrant to open your mouth, and you're an American and they had been, there ain't no you're sure nationality first, then you raised and when you're American, that trumps everything. This is the cool, there's a cozy, we don't realize how lucky we are to speak English. I lost my bag in the shopin airport, which is worse sauce airport, right? Named after physic. shopin was not French, by the way, the Polish, right. And they named an airport after, but I lost my bag. And I go to deal with my bag being lost. And polish is not a popular language, nor is it particularly easy to understand and only spoken in one place. Poland, alright. I go to check my bag out there are there's somebody in front of me dealing with it. And they got an issue. Because they speak Spanish. There's more people on the planet to speak Spanish than English. They don't speak Spanish in Poland, but they all know English. Anybody under 40 knows English. And that's so it was a good deal. And I was very, very fortunate man. It was either it was either Polish Russian or English. That one because you know their history of World War Two. And you get to see that. On the flip side, you like being in Portugal, right? There is not really a concept or so I thought not really a concept of race because everybody's all mixed and stuff. But don't you know, we walked in my picture just came up in my memories. There was a full on Black Lives Matter rally going on in a in rasio, which is down in Central Elizabeth. Well, they were it was it was crazy. I was like, wow, but but they were holding up the flags of Angola and Mozambique, which are the two countries that Portugal like colonize. And whatever black people come from everybody's black people come from somebody someplace different man. And so it's cool to see seeing all this crazy interesting stuff, man. And really, it really lets you really makes you realize that the American experience is is not the only thing. It's not even the best thing. It's just a thing.
It's just the thing. You were you really realize how insignificant you are as individual and as an American, because the world?
Absolutely. Look man, this whole people don't know what's going on. Yes, there are people who are trying to come to America, right. Like still. There's a lot of people who are super content with you know, their their street shops, and their culture and everything about it. And they don't want anything to do with us. No, they don't hate us just happy where they are. Not everybody's trying to come to America want the American values to be put on them.
Yeah, that's it. That's it. Let's talk about online money. Because money. Online money is a game changer that not many people experienced. But once they experienced it, they're like, Man, I don't want to sell physical products. I don't want to work for time ever.
Man, I love check it out. Every now and then somehow ask him about physical products. And I'm like, I mean, I guess you could do that. I can't help you. I don't know anything about that. I have lived a life and I continue to live a life that will always make it sort of my intellectual process. properties where the money comes from. And that creates a really interesting situation because for starters, there's no there's no, what's the word I want?
There's no cap or
expenses, no expenses. deliverability
Oh, yes. For example,
if I talk about my revenue to somebody or not my revenue, if I talk about my income, and somebody goes that revenue invite. Yeah. And I was a warning ask him, you know, what else? Oh, right, because people are drop shipping, you know, posting these screenshots, when, like, 80% of his revenue, because they got to spend money in AD acquisition and product, or product acquisition ads. Nah, that's not like, that's not the game I want to play. I will create a course teach you how to do don't realize me, like, like, know how to do one thing well, can make can change your entire life with the Internet. I know how to do one thing better than average, like where I have a real competitive advantage. And that's right. And I love it too. Like you can't you can't take away my love I have for craftable words. Alright, so even if you could outwork me which product which mature software and and the AI can it's not a live Asana labor love and on top of that you have to be able to engage human so like that's like what I what I like doing and that is created a great lifestyle for me, man, I got to thank Twitter man, I'm actually trying to get away from and I actually did my first like, email marketing deal. And it was surprising man cuz I was always like, you know, why would I? Cuz I came into the game via Twitter. I was like, This is great. Why would I ever like do this email marketing thing? Yeah, I did it once. And I'm like, Huh, I'm sleeping on some big here. So yeah, if you get if you have any, any knowledge or period, you have any knowledge in your head that you can share, and that people will find useful and want to learn. You have the potential to change your life. And a lot of people think that's got to be some crazy or high end. I know dudes making money teaching people how prison work like a prison thing workout, or how to survive in jail, or how to reintegrate into society. You know, you can teach anything you got to brand yourself properly. I know God runs a group working with fathers just a regular dude it's not like he's super dad is some crazies, just a regular dude, but he decided to step up and assume that leadership role and from there he goes and helps other men be together. It's an amazing an amazing time to be alive. And if you have we have the gusto and you have low low budget, but you know, between yours you can do RFP so
I like that. No, I don't like how do you come to how did you get to where you are like you just take up that role? No one tells you know, no one tells you what role to take. Just take it up.
If you wait for other people they will tell you to stay you stay in your lane nearby who are who How dare you? You know, how dare you figure out how to make money without working How dare you figure that out? People that makes people mad? That make a mess okay, I don't think it makes me mad. But but just imagine you you spend your whole time dressing for millennials that's where it starts because you're your millennial you were in the same age bracket you spent your whole 21st 2025 years being told you got to do a one way then you do it that way. And you come out and you got a good life. And so you think and then some kid come along like little kid Yep. talking trash on the internet. release a product earns your salary in a month. And you like what the like you like that would make me like okay the tower person I am it would motivate me but I can see how that dynamic might infuriate a person. Oh yeah.
You got you gotta feed all those things go around right now like with NF T's
Oh, exactly. Right. We're like somebody somebody coins with a dog and it don't make sense man not ain't making not a millionaires like it's just goofy. It's goofy. But but it's it's it's the world we're in now. Now that Those are those the slug, right? Even a broken clock is right twice a day. If you follow principles, there are real principles you can follow for social media for the Internet that will have you living a good life. I was working with a guy because every now and then I just do these charity. I call them charity cases, man. Like somebody messaged me real polite. Show me you're doing the work but they're just stuck and I'm like, man, let me help you out with this this man this issue here you know we tweaked this helping out a guy man. Oh, brother was was was trying to create this this fighting game God. And he's got like, legit like, qualifiers man, like four time world champion in a fight game in the fight like competitive fighting, disease man attacking, which is not like an unknown thing. So I said, Let's do this. Let's write about you here. Let's change this headline. A guy was thankful man he made $1,000 In a week just just posting this this link like three times as There you go. Now that you've had a taste of it, you're not gonna be able to go back. Just so you know, man. It's like start with the drug dealers do used to do they get you a head for free. And you got to come back man, you stop now. Got your soul.
That's hilarious, man. You get you get my
freedom. But man, I'll tell you why. I will never forget we as fun. Oh, because we went to Morocco we got we got a crazy good deal. We just had to drive to DC to take advantage of it. So we flew from Dulles to the Amsterdam airport and from Amsterdam, down to Marrakech, Eritrea, Amsterdam to Medicash. I sent off a tweet about the CBD oil I was selling, or I was affiliated for nearly 30%. But it was a good, it was a good price. We landed, I have made, I made like $4,000 in aereo. I don't under light, like when you do stuff like that do know how to change your relationship with stuff. Like, I, I don't know how to have normal conversations with people. And this is not like, I'm a ball and kind of thing like because that's not like that's not a lot of money, like $4,000
can't relate to people.
But like, but I go, Oh, I need like, like pretty much I was looking at, um, these curves we when we went on this cruise, because what she does, we end up getting invited to a lot of stuff, we got invited to something called Christiany where a ship is leaving the dock for the first time. And we got to go down or you just get there yet to be like vaccinated, whatever. Or just got to get there. So we flew down, no problem, given the shift. I was like, Man, this ship is beautiful. I think we won't go and so it's for the last few days, I was thinking about it again, like what's your cost? The cost? Like okay, well, this is like a, like a 24 hour flash sale, and you do to make the money. Now, how response was that was a lot more responsible than putting on a credit card. But like, that's the potential that exists. And people are like, I don't know if the whole of humanity will ever catch on. And maybe and I don't actually don't think they should. But that's a different discussion. But for the ones that do want it. It's a very different life. It changes your relationship with money entirely. And the first time you really do it and take a risk. Use your whole concept of abundance changes. And that's where you want to be in a true abundance mindset. Like, like, talking about abundance mindset is one thing, but doing a thing to make your life more abundant that that's what really makes a difference.
I was the bar. The
dude I'm gonna say wow, yeah, man. Wow, can you repeat that? Write that down.
I don't even know what I said, man. Oh, it's
recorded. So check this out. earlier. Even Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
I wrote Oh, yeah, it's true. You know what's funny about that same I used to tutor kids and I'm in high school that was one of my like, one of my baptism by fire and that is whole working for yourself thing. And I found out something I said that I said that to a girl. I said Even a broken clock is right twice a day. And she ain't get it. She didn't get it because I'm not teaching them but they gotta read clocks in Word things digital. So she was like, Are you so amazing, but no broken clock is right
I've never heard that before. And I'm like, I literally I was writing it down over here to the right, because I'm like, Man, that was a good one. See one thing I like, I don't know, where do you get inspiration from because that is like you used to like drop bars all the time. It's crazy.
I Well, I'm always writing and reading. I think if you hold that this is really important to me. I look at I look at writing the way I look at weightlifting. Like I don't know, I don't know what my potential is. What I do know is that I'm not close to it now. And I just have to continue to practice home create write in different genres different me. I do today, I wrote about 1000 words in a fiction story. And it was painful. I probably wait Well, it wasn't waste because I'm learning how to work in fiction. I'm I'm pretty good. Just, you know, outlining. Create this duty SEO for the ad. Hit that some engaging bars here, mix it up some alliteration there, some antithesis there, oh, you can't forget a little bit of onomatopoeia, like, you know, stuff like that, that I get that but now I'm trying to do for another medium, but getting that is gonna make me better. It's gonna be better writing. Reading different things are gonna make me better. Right now I'm reading the Marina a horror book at night that I finally picked it up. After I just picked it up, man based on the covers called 12 nights and writer house, I reached out to the author on Twitter. That's what's cool by having a big following. People go, Oh, this guy's talking about my stuff. Maybe I shouldn't now I got to do is get verified and verified on two or three of the major socials. I got to get verified on on Twitter now. But but that's the point is I just reach out, man. And it's cool. But I'm always trying to read different stuff. I read fiction now. I'm reading Bruce Lee's the tower, G condo. And then as I read it, I take notes. I'm actually in a class right now, for writing because I want to continue to get better. I always try to get better at this. And that's all you can do. And you know, pick, choose, choose one or two things, you won't be like, nobody can fuck me here. I'm gonna make sure they can't do it. And if they do, they're gonna be so what was that saying? You know, it, if you can't come in first make the person who finishes first I have to break the record. That's how I feel about writing. That's what more my spot is. I'm gonna continue to try and better. And then by extension, I continue to try to understand SEO because I'm doing everything money, internet. So I spent a lot of time understanding algorithms, not just for search engines, but also social media. That's what my being in touch. That's where I'll be able to, like I figured out like, Okay, I want a million dollars a year like that. That's kind of my goal. I think my ambitions are what I like. And the fact that I refuse to become a slave to material is weird as that sounds to the average person, a million dollars a year, that'd be good. So it's I got a plan to execute that. Almost all of it has to do with communicate. In fact, it does all you know, speaking here, right? And they're growing here. And my members are, it's all writing, but that's where I love. That's where I'm happy. You know? And that's where it comes from. is always trying to talk always want to communicate always trying to be better at it.
You're, you're always a student.
That's exactly. I'll never know all I can do. I'll never know it. You know, but if I keep picking up like I mean, I admit there's some stuff I can't get through. I love like I've really enjoyed the pros and Anna Korea, right? It's gorgeous. I'm not finishing that book, though. Fuck Tolstoy. Like that's not happening. So low book, man. It's great. But it's Hmong man. They call it the perfect novel and I grew with it. But like, I mean, like if I went to jail, I might finish an antiquarian because I wouldn't have anything else to do. But I got I gotta like, man, like, I got like, other books. But the good man, I'm looking at my bookcase now. I'm on a big Elmore Leonard kid. Like
I got a I got a question for you about book learning to man before we change topics.
What's the question?
Okay, I was waiting for you to talk about your guy when he got the book. Oh,
yeah, we're more literate is like yeah, he wrote um, Get Shorty. And crap I'm trying to remember my justified is based on his book and something else, but Elmore Leonard is this cool man. He writes westerns, Westerns in modern crime before I actually wrote big into my crime. They say I want to be the black michael craig when I write fiction. Now I want to be the black Elmore Leonard who writes like Michael Korea, and I'm sure it'll just like, you know, coming together and keep modifying. But my point is I'm always I'm always picking up stuff, man. That's the only way to become better at what you want to do.
Yeah, I think I agree, man. I'm like a mad scientist and a lot of ways like once I mind a lot of physical health stuff. Right now I'm spending a lot on longevity and different things like that.
Oh, you in the longevity game? Yeah. I just learned about Nemo TSC and metformin taking that stuff to to make the movie cause since
treants. Yeah, to actually use or to store Yeah. I'm on day two of a fast man. I'm doing a water fasts right now and I might go into tomorrow. I'm not too sure. But yeah, took Metformin last night before bed. I'll drop it again today. And this morning when I woke up I took a gram of MMM. And yeah.
told me about being a man and yeah,
yeah, I'm on I'm on all that stuff right now. Man. I took a gram this morning to have resveratrol. I'm like the heavy the real kind. It's like it's like a powder.
Did you speak you speak my language right now man. I'm this is my because I cuz I just I just got over the fear of injecting myself with shit. Because like, Dude, it's it's kind of scary until you do and you're like, Oh, that feels like nothing. I'm not saying that. You know, I could be a heroin addict but I kind of see how they could be I was no problem so my my oh, what can I mix up? What can I work with? So I'm looking up all the peptides
that oh, yeah, get more black market for peptides.
Oh, yeah, he was cool. You ain't even got to do your thing. We got to do the black market man because a lot of this stuff mean that you they can't sell it to you like use it for this. Like a lot of like my, my father meto is is so it was like for research purposes only. Like come on, man. Like
yeah, there was a lot of nootropics that were marketed that way like this is for lab research. Only don't take this. Yeah.
That's the only way they can sell it legally.
That's funny, man. No, dude. Yeah, I kind of like that space. I mentioned that a lot. So like I am in a lot of ways like a research nerd. And I can go like not for days or weeks I'm going for like years going through all these crazy rabbit holes and kind of back starting back at square one. But I was the question was, is I was gonna ask you because I'm like more of a podcast like an audio learning person I love to read. I'm acting like I'm constantly always reading especially on your phone when you're researching just quick topics and papers especially like if you're in a rabbit hole. But like I know there's something to be said about reading books but for whatever reason I haven't been disciplined enough million excuses why I haven't been able to just open books more often and read a lot of Tim Ferriss stuff, you know, stuff like that I'm interested in again, when it points back to science, but what could you say the strong differences between audio learning like through podcasts and then like book learning because I keep hearing like book is where a lot more density happens? What would what would be the biggest differentiator? Oh, that's
a great question because right now I'm I'm really on this big podcast kick I found these two that I really enjoy and are not pure podcast, I guess in the in the pure sense their YouTube channels, but I put them on when I drive are all like put one on the TV when I'm when I'm here in the evening. And you know, what's called Wendover Productions and the other is real life lore. I don't know if you heard either of those. But it's just like, cool when you learn Wendover Productions, like they break down different things that you may have been curious about, like, a lot of stuff about policy, or how avionics and transportation works and stuff like that. And then real life floor like is like real stories and like crazy stuff, the type of like the guy who was at CIF wanted a three days, or girl got lost in the Sahara Desert, something like that. Now, what I found, because I'm I'm pretty good at retaining information. And I retain information from both. But for me to retain information from a goat from like audio, it has to be delivered in a certain way. Because when I read a book, I can assume that a prose is halfway decent. And if it's bad, that's a different story. I can code that in my own system because the only input is, is my eyes. There's no like, cadence or tones or rhythm to that. When it comes to a podcast. It's not a good delivery, it's not going to stick. And that's the big difference between the two is that you can passively put on a podcast that doesn't you don't have to, but you can. You can't passively read like like and we know what you're looking at. You can't do that. You have to have some concentration to engage.
I think That's probably a big one concentration, that's huge.
In terms of what you get out of either of them, I think people have a really bad relationship reading. And I blame school for that. Because if you get good written material, it's just as engaging as a good podcast, the problem is good reading material is, is, you know, just so hard to find that now, a lot of it, or at least not hard to find was hard to find this key was, because the books were written, a lot of the books we came up on, especially anybody who's you know, my linear warrior or older, a lot of the books we came up on, they were written without competition, you know. But now a lot of the stuff written is written fully aware that they're competing against Netflix, and podcasts, and YouTube, they know that the competition isn't other books, other forms of entertainment. And so books are written that way, the old books not so much. So if you want to get the most out of the sub of a piece of content, you have to be engaged with it. Regardless, I'm not the guide is going to say reading is always superior to listening, because that's not true. There's a lot of trash out there, that that's written. And there's a lot of good stuff. That is audio, it just depends. But you always want to focus on engagement, if you focus on that, if you're engaged. That's all that matters.
Now, I love that man. Um, I do feel a difference. So when I am reading, because it's like all of the visuals are being created in your head, like all of the voices, everything. So I think you can be a little bit more grounded in the material. And I do like not
only that, but like, I'm really like, like, reading is an active exercise, always. So meditation. Yeah, so you see you're building strength, like real ability to focus on one of the things that helped me that I like to do when I feel like I'm overloaded looking at too many screens and pulled in 20 different directions, is to pick up a book, man, because you can't do that with books. And like, so when you do it that way. When you read, it doesn't even matter. If you're reading on your screen, though, I think it makes a bit of a difference to read it without a screen. But the single minded focus it takes for buttons to pull you back in and get you get you more focused.
Yeah, I can see you downloading the material on a deeper level. One thing I have noticed with audio, is that yeah, you can do it passively. But then I feel like I have to hear it two or three times. So sometimes, if I find something interesting enough, I'll listen to it all the way through two or three times or more. So I know you're probably maybe familiar with like the Dow dishing right.
Yeah, that book on my wall. Yes.
I've listened to that audio, I would say about 150, maybe 175 times all the way through. No kidding. Yeah. Because I'm like, naturally, like a highly energetic person. Like just even smelling coffee, give me anxiety. And so I'm always concentrating like on fasting meditation. Yeah, being grounded, like because if not, I'll just shoot up into the clouds and burn up, you know, fly too close to the sun. Right. So I got to kind of, I like focusing on stuff like that, like, what slows you down? What brings you back down? And yeah,
and yeah, read a book or listening.
I mean, nothing more grounding, like reading a book.
Yeah. Or bring you back. Bring keep you really Yeah, nothing more grounded because you can't do anything else when you're reading.
Have you? Have you combined the two because I struggled reading I show a reading but I'm better with audio. But I heard like you can you can click and absorb the information faster. And in a better
state. If you're not in now, we're talking about some hybrid learning, man. Yes, if you if you, I do that I did this a lot when I was learning Spanish, and that's me. And that helped me with a minute poring over great English is that if you can put on the audio, and listen and then read through it. Or read through it, and then listen passively in the background. Because your mind is already primed. If you go through it. Like if you were really studying for something I needed to like absorb the material. How I would do it. Now is i i listened I read it. And then I listened to it in the background. And then when I and then while I'm listening, right, there's this great app called otter. I would when I hear something that I want to like take a noodle I would stop it, I pull up the honor app, and I'd speak and then transcription is incredibly accurate. And then I'd make a note of it. Same way now, when you read in Kindle, that you can start right in the middle of it, highlight it, and then take a note. It's game changing. For for absorbing information and really having it stick, if you really give you go through it, because before, you know, I used to think I needed to read a first pro membrane and be ready. No, you can just read through, take notes, listen, and then when you hear something, it's really cool to stop. Open up your otter and just speak into it. It's really cool.
Interesting, it's just I'm gonna hit you with a hard question because I know you're full of these. But what is the quote? Well, yours or somebody else's that really resonates with you?
Um, somebody else's that resonates with me is probably easy because it because everything I put out resonates with me.
And it was hard for you.
Yeah, man, I'm trying to think it's quote by somebody else. Ah, you know, the the more experience you have a women the more you know which women have experience with men I can go a lot of different ways. I just want to say that my number one always, always remember that and say, Man, I think that that's funny and, and accurate. But But now one of one of my one of my quotes that I always tell people is that two things really will shape your life these two quotes. And these are both mine and my original. Oh, the first one is that the difficulty of a task is irrelevant if it's vital to your success. And the second one is, is that the most powerful belief you can have is the given enough time you can learn anything. And those two things combined those those changed my life. So I think that'll change anybody's life.
Oh, that was good. That was good. Man. The first one Don't be for loop.
Yeah, I really love that man that if you give it enough time, you can learn anything. And I think I've been a student of that. Probably my whole life. Like I found my first bodybuilding magazine when I was 12. My uncle actually brought it home brought it to me. And I started just researching there about science and protein and pathways and all this madness that I got myself involved in at an early age, and it did take me down a rabbit hole. But yeah, just I do feel like that. I feel like I can get into any business. I can do anything. As long as I allocate enough time to it. We talked about that earlier. Yeah, what do I what do I want to give my minutes? Like, what do I want to create? And how much time do I want to budget for that? I think that's kind of how I lead with everything right now.
Yep. Completely, completely, completely life changing stuff, you know?
Awesome, man. Hey, I don't know. Do you have a couple more minutes? I just wanted to ask you a Twitter question. And I'm about done. I don't know how much if you have any time left. For episode number two?
No, I'm just chilling with my girl. But other than that,
awesome. Yeah, we won't keep you much longer. I don't know how Daniel fell off. You might have lost exceptions. I don't know if they'll be back or not. But just real quick, man. I was gonna ask you what's the if you had like a 10 second Twitter tip for building up a big audience on Twitter? How'd you do that? That's freaking super impressive.
Um, I'll give you the I'll give you a very quick actionable tip. And then I'll give you like a long strategic tip. Beautiful. So the short tactical tip is don't forget, a lot of people focus on the media and they forget the social, they want to say cool things. And they want to they want to be the most engaging or most entertaining, the most profound. When the reality is the you the difference is going to come down to are you interacting with people to people? No, you're there you're trying to become a node in the network, and grow shrink. And the only way that happens is if people know you're there. You can't just be tweeting into the void and hope they're going to pick up all the algorithm is going to push something that you produce, the algorithm doesn't know you're worth pushing unless people interact with you. People don't know to interact with you unless you interact with them. So So go into the network. Now you have to write good stuff and be prolific. It really helps that I just have a lot to say and I think people should listen. You kind of got to be fooling yourself a little bit. But before all that you need to realize that this is social media social first, and interact with people. So that's the quick tactical tip to always interact. And that means comment, share, like, you know, all that you can't just exist in the backdrop. All right, the long term strategic tip is you need to carry and structure yourself like your brand. I see a lot of guys come on. And they don't have a bio, or they don't have a profile pic. Or they don't have any presence outside of Twitter. They're just the guy on Twitter. One of the things that has helped me is that people discover me for other biases and follow me on Twitter. They discover me from my books, they discover me from looking at my things and being brought to my website. They discover me from from podcasts and interviews. And now what I you know, people want people find me because of the writing. People want to talk to me because their background was I get stuff done. Well podcast, but I guess all that that comes back to say is that you have to build a persona. And if you build a persona and and really mode and take care of that reputation, and try and grow, really push yourself, think of yourself like a business. I went to Jay Z say I'm not a businessman, I'm a business man. Like that's a big, significant way. I think I love that everything differentiator. Yeah. So So yeah, so those are the two two big points, tactically, you use the app. So whatever the app is getting, they're calm, and they're all like this, you know, Instagram is saying Twitter, same, Facebook's the same. The the, the more you use it, the more it will be kind to you and push your stuff. And this will also entice people to follow you. And then strategically just keep building yourself up. Because you know that there's two ways to kind of grow on our two paths to a big following on any social media. Either you are a heavy user of the platform are you have like mainstream fame are like, I always joke and say I'm like sea level famous was we're like at this point B minus level like, but but that helps that runs along the way. You know, people have me all different shows and different podcasts and interview me and different books. And when you look me up on the internet, you know, stuff comes up and that stuff helps. So those two things combined, make a big difference.
eautiful man, I feel you on the part from like, I guess as far as like the, I guess the bot recognizing you and being friendly to you, because you were friendly to the bot. I see this a lot on Facebook. So you'll see people that get a ton of engagement when they don't have that many followers, then you see the opposite. But I've noticed that a long time ago, I started talking about that. I've never experienced it on Twitter. So like, thank you so much. I can't speak to that. But that makes perfect, perfect sense. So as far as even engaging on Twitter, are you like just going through like commenting, interacting with a ton of people that you're interested in that you think like do you jump into, like, follow a hashtag and then interact with those people? Or is or is there a strategy? Seems like there's a lot of rabbit holes on Twitter?
Well, you know, when I see stuff that I like, I interact I mean that for well, you have to understand one of the things the algorithm does, and it does this better than I give it credit for I think is that it looks at what you like, and they're actually telling you that you can go see it with everything and things you like. And it's usually not the figure out what to show you because it can't show you everything when you log on, like I follow not 110 people, let's assume 25% of them are active, it might even be lower than that. So that comes out to be about 100 and bloodbowl 220 to like 25 people, let's assume that, okay, so I can't I like like, you know, a varying levels of, of activity, and then what they're sharing of other people's, it's got to decide what to show you. And it's going to do that based on what it thinks you like, and the relationship you have with the person who shares it. You know, so that's how it works in our fingers these things out. And it's important for you to just continually interact with people and write about what you like doing interact with people interact with the stuff that you find interesting that you have something to say or contribute.
Yeah, I think nothing beats that man. And I see that like on the social media, Guru training, you know things but I think at the end of the day, like you said, man, just real interaction, real people, real conversations, and yet I think the systems in the box love that stuff.
So Oh, You're back.
Welcome back.
So, um, man, this has barely been a great conversation. Where, um, we I think we covered everything man, we really covered a lot in this one. We appreciate your time. Where can people find you online? What What services do you offer? Because a lot of people I think, I think that's one of the gifts of your intellectual property is your is your superpower. So what what do you offer as far as to the, to the community? Um,
I like to so first I have I had my course available that's down for now, but then I'm bringing it back up. I run a small very exclusive service where I write and produce content for while I write and produce content for people on Twitter and and I can help them out or do cons consulting for what to do on social media for your website. And I have a great book about sobriety and I have a very program about Bob Dylan with bad habits on my on my site as well. You can find all this stuff on my site as far as how to find me in general. Very simple. I'm Ed Latimore. Everywhere like my Twitter handles Atlanta my my Instagram is Atlanta. My My face was Atlanta. My My website is Atlanta. I'm Atlanta my everywhere. See that whole power of the branding? You can't escape Ed Latimer have never heard that name. You see it once it's everywhere, man. So yes, that's uh that's who I am and that's how you find me just kind of Atlanta more whatever platform right except you to man I had to take friggin Atlanta more one somebody beat me to it and I'm sure to try to sell it to me. If they can.
If they can, if they can those those leeches. What what is a? What is one thing you could tell a new entrepreneur to overcome that point to become an entrepreneur?
Oh, man, one thing. One thing? Don't tell anybody what you doing, man? Oh. I was trying to come up with like, one that will cover everything. Move in silence. Well, why not? Because I don't know, man. I don't think that's good advice. Let me think about this. Okay. Don't be afraid to take it out, man. Like, it's not like you didn't lose your idea loss. You're not a loser. Your idea was a loser. You had you can not tie your identity into what you're trying to do.
Because if you do that,
then you're gonna take a lot of this ugly shit personally, and it is not that I give you do. It's not fun. I like it's not fun when you like, you launch a product and like, nobody buys it. But if you think nobody buys it, because they hate me, that's a lot different than nobody buys it because my launch strategy was bad. One is a separation between you in the product. The other is like an indictment of self based on the business market. It's not and you can't do that. A lot of people make that mistake I've realized
that's a good one. That is a good one. A lot of people take it personally. Um, with that, I think I think would you be interested to come out again, this is such a great interview, man. I loved it. We appreciate it. Sure. I
can I tell you a secret, man.
Tell me a secret.
I don't remember scheduling this. Yo, I just show up everything that's on my calendar. Oh, wow. Yeah. When do we schedule? Huh?
Well, we scheduled it. Probably two weeks ago.
weren't as cool. I mean, I look dude, I just wake up or whatever is on my calendar. I'm like, let's go do this. That's why I tell I tell people I probably said you too, unless you automatically had it set up. Always said like, if you don't give me an empire, I can't guarantee him a beater. And I used to feel like bad about that. And now it's just like, some only way to get things done because I always show up and I try to give my best to the platform. The least you could do is make sure you have to remember it. So yeah, that's cool. You guys got a website?
Yeah, I got you. Well, I think what I do here, let me let me cut it off. That was that was a