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March 8, 2022

Ep 132- 2000% Return on Marketing Through Finding Land Deals feat. Anthony Gaona

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i don't believe in market saturation at
all at all it doesn't even i never think
about it and i think that's just because
i feel like i'm out working other people
and it's through products like deal
machine and hive mind where you can
continue to market to people over time
and distance without ever having to
think about it so if i've already
marketed if i'm sending a postcard to
100 people or 200 people now that check
with the count is um i'm going to be
talking to those people for all time
already so instead of thinking about
those 100 people i'm going to go find
another 900
right before i even worry about what the
other hundred you're doing and i think
that's where the magic happens is
marketing is cumulative it's over time
and distance um so when somebody says
you know what should i do about my
marketing blah blah blah i'm like do
whatever you're planning on doing for a
right and my game is like i said talk to
as many people as possible
but i want to get into your your time
talking about your success so tell me a
little bit about how you got into real
estate investing and to where you are
like now what what did that journey look
okay cool yeah i'll try to give you the
short of it
so i've been a contractor probably for
about 20 years but it was my dad's
company i've been doing that for a long
time general contractor
um i was young i thought i was going to
be a famous boxer my dad said get in the
truck you're going to work so all right
same thing i guess
um with my dad's company it was either
like diesel famine you know we either
had a lot of work or we didn't have any
work at all so i started like tinkering
with like marketing you know trying to
get us more business sometimes it was
door knocking
i've tried mailers you know i've done
everything that i thought would work
right um
whatever generates business so either we
had way too much work or not enough so
that that was kind of like my my history
and then i would say almost 15 years ago
started messing around with online
marketing i started doing some
pay-per-click that kind of stuff and i
got really good at it you know we had we
generated so much business that we
started like hiring all of our friends
and family still generating more
business so we started like
more business coming in so i started
selling the leads off you know i started
just selling jobs okay you just pay me
you take this job
um so that's kind of it led up to me
doing commercial roofing good contracts
you know half a million dollars for a
and i kind of stuck with that niche for
a little while um so i got to the point
where i was looking to build a home so i
said you know i wonder how i could buy
some land you know and get ready to
build a house i've never been a had
never been a homeowner before i've never
bought a house i've been to a closing
never been to a title company nothing oh
so i got on good old youtube right and i
searched uh you know how can you buy
land for cheap you know how can you find
cheap land how can you buy you know get
a deal on land
and of course lo and behold i came
across the term wholesaling
i saw a video somebody made said how to
get land for free and i'm like this is
interesting so i started i went down the
rabbit hole
and i all these gurus kept on saying
marketing marketing marketing i'm like
hey i'm a marketing guy what are they
talking about and then finally the light
bulb came on these guys were using
marketing to generate
uh property seller leads and then you
know monetizing those so like
all the like dots connected in my head
i'm like i've been doing this but i've
been doing it in construction for a very
long time
so i immediately just went like gung-ho
on marketing i did everything i started
doing mailers bandits i mean absolutely
everything just i think i did like 25
000 like in my first 45 days of
got my first contract
my gosh that is so much when you said
listen when we tell people to take
action you like took action
yeah because i already knew what was
going to happen i feel like i've been
doing marketing long enough to know that
if you just generate a bunch of interest
some of it converts and some of it does
not so i said let me get to a deal as
fast as i can and see what happens and
take it from there
and uh yeah through those efforts um i
thought i was gonna be like a house
flipper right because you see the the
shows on tv and they make it look so
simple of course
oh yeah and they look like you're just
yeah yeah simple
there's one problem but don't worry
they're gonna get over it
eight thousand dollars they remodel
inside and out in 14 days like yeah
so um i got a lead in a place called
grandview texas so this is like north an
hour south of fort worth 45 minutes and
it was for a farm it was for 46 acres
the lady gives me the price and uh i was
like man that's probably gonna work for
me i saw that it was off i-35 which is
the main vein that runs through texas i
was like okay wait a minute this is
pretty interesting well turns out i end
up making eighty-five thousand dollars
on that so i was like um i'm just gonna
stick to land right
i stuck with land as niche
and i noticed that even though they were
big deals you know fifty thousand
hundred thousand plus they were few and
far between so i'm doing like eight
deals a year 10 deals a year
for my first couple years
um so i had this dream i said what if i
could like teach the whole entire
country how to find these very specific
types of deals and then just jv with
um so that's how hivemind was born we
created a crm product white labeled
and then we started inviting everybody
to use it
we'll teach you how to generate high
volume of leads and then
you know hopefully we can jv with some
of these people it's working out great
there's almost 350 of us and climbing
so yeah not too bad at the start but
that's where i'm at right now
i love that and you and you use deal
absolutely yeah so i have a fun a
diminishing story
i love fun deal machine stories
i have a cousin he has a successful car
dealerships off the side of the highway
so somewhere down the road i'm into
investing that's all i do i just invest
i don't take fancy vacations or anything
and i decided that i would like to have
a highway lot you know so that i could
buy stuff cars rvs you know that kind of
stuff and parking on the side of the
so this is valentine's day i want to say
it's been about two-ish years maybe
and uh i asked the wife i said you want
to go like to dinner and a movie i said
do you want to go find some commercial
property and she's like let's go find
the property so i'm like okay cool he
twisted my arm
oh love of your life she knew she's
that's perfect
she's just like me she empowers my
so um we we're driving down like 410 at
i-35 on the south side of san antonio in
that area and of course we got our deal
machine open right ready and
i was i didn't know too much about the
app you know i hadn't gotten to the
intricacies of it i just knew that if i
find a property i like press the button
and it throws my postcard right that's
all i needed to know say no more
and that's exactly what we were doing so
we were driving around to different
properties and when we found one that we
would like we press the button boom hit
him with the postcard and then i would
never think about it again right worst
follow-up process ever i would never
look back in there i'd never double
check on it
we're driving down i-35 and my wife says
i think we saw one back there she said
turn around and i never saw the thing
absolutely didn't see it just driving
and we pulled over to this property that
we thought was abandoned
we pull over to the side of the road
it's kind of front yard looked a little
messy it looks like a really old house
with two garages one on either side of
it beautiful house like an old german
house with nice beautiful brick arches
amazing property
but nobody had taken care of it the roof
was in really bad shape you had some
material blowing on top of the roof so
it looked like it might have been a tear
um but sure enough that's our property
right break out the deal machine boom
send the postcard take a picture
and uh we left didn't think about it
i would say this is where the magic of
dough machine happens this is what i
um we were at home in the kitchen and my
wife's phone rings and it was the owner
of that house
and she's like hey i think it's a lady
from that property so we started talking
she and she said that you know that she
asked i said ask her if she'll work with
us on make some kind of deal
and she said yeah why don't you come
take a look at it i'm in new york i
think she said i want to want to come
down to texas i'll go walk the property
i'll show it to you we'll check it out
bang hang up the phone
like okay this is amazing a lead that we
got months ago
right this is what i love about deal
machine is that it's cumulative right if
you're sending out these postcards
they're sitting in somebody's drawer
they're sitting on somebody's table
they're sitting somewhere um so we went
out we met the seller at the property
she showed us she gave us a grand tour
she said
um okay and i want three hundred and
fifty thousand so me and my wife are
like we're not in a position to take out
a loan for 350 000 for a side project
especially right right something we want
to do as a side hustle and she said no
she says you're going to help me and i'm
going to help you
okay she stuck out her hand i was like
okay shake her hand let's do it then
she says she's willing to work with us
um no closing no anything this is off
the side of i-35 so it's like sixty
thousand seventy thousand cars passing
by from this thing per day
um because i want you to put up your
sign out here she says put a sign i want
you to start generating business just
like like this like right away says you
can put up a sign right now
so i'm like okay again no closing no
deposits no nothing
um it was a residential property i'm
going to like try to file variance with
the city i'm going to all these meetings
and she says i'll go with you so i can
talk in front of the city right from the
mayor all these little people this
little town
and um you know while we're there at the
meeting i showed her a picture of a
house and i was buying subject too and
she goes is this for me and i said
um it can be you know beautiful 3 000
square foot brick home you know white
rock all that stuff
we went to go see it she fell in love
with it so what we ended up doing was a
property swap so she
would take this commercial property and
this subject-to house that i had that i
had no clue what i was going to do with
that picked up for four thousand dollars
and i gave her the house and then she
gave me the commercial property so when
i give her a free and clear deed to the
house she gives me freedom clearly to
the property so now i'm paying two
thousand dollars a month all in for like
a half million dollar commercial
priority so i'm like
so i'm like through deal machine i got a
half million dollar property for free in
my mind
i that is the first i've ever heard of
like a property swap just like
yeah i think that's the first story i've
ever heard of that
swap subject to rap i mean it was just a
crazy crazy deal it took my attorney a
while to piece it together
yeah what would you say to someone uh
i'm sure that was quite overwhelming
ever like to to go through that so what
would you say is something uh
what would you give advice to someone
who's maybe like it's it's overwhelming
they're like i don't even know where to
start with this it's getting so
complicated i would say don't think
about anything be ignorant like i was
download the app take pictures send the
postcards just do it start using it over
and over and over again
again because you don't know if you're
winning or not unless you use it over
time and distance
and sure enough yeah it paid off huge
for us we actually leased out that
property and it's cash flowing 900 a
month right now the commercial property
so now i'm getting a commercial property
for free you know using deal machines so
i said you get use it use it use it over
and over again even if you don't know
it's working um it is cumulative i'd say
take a year
take a year and send the postcards um
skip trace call the numbers call the
people make the deals but it 100 works
yeah we're big-time believers in it i
appreciate that but
i love that you said i'd love to because
i also send out mail marketing i
and you're you're so
i mean i experienced in marketing um and
i think that's i love that you said that
because i think a lot of people get
discouraged um
by you know month after month not
hearing anything the phone's not ringing
um two questions about your strategy
so you guys send out the mail how many
times do you have it repeating
i just left it on on repeat um i think
we put it every 90 days or something
like that okay definitely yeah so just
yeah just leave it on because in my mind
if you're that interested in a property
like for us to have stopped in the first
place and press send what's obviously
something that we were interested in and
something that we loved and then in my
those people aren't on any list
right i'm in the list business my
partner has a list company called the
list guys um and that's just not really
like how i do marketing so i think that
these people that we are marketing to
using dim machine they're not on
anybody's list and that's something that
not a lot of people are thinking about
you know that chance that that property
is on somebody's list that's why it's
still in the condition that it's in
so it's a very unique property but i
think again it's cumulative it's about
going about after that property over
time and distance
you know less so than just throwing that
one magic dart and then you hit it right
on the right on the money they talk
about the
spray and pray that method a lot
but when people i think you make such a
good point because when people start out
they don't always have like the biggest
budget and so having those
niche that niche list of properties that
you only have um i feel like that's
going to save you money then too you're
not just like spraying it out and and
hoping you actually know that there's
some there has to be some sort of stress
in it and
motivation somewhere
um and what so how does your team look
like now like do you do you how do you i
know you said you go on and you went on
a date with your wife to go do that but
now what is driving for dollars look
like how do you make sure that you're
getting the leads in consistently
um me personally since i'm always
running around looking at real estate we
just we're kind of doing the same
strategy like when i see something we
just pull over and send the cards just
make it happen every single time yep and
then again like i said like my follow-up
game is kind of weak if it wasn't for
hivemind i wouldn't have any follow-up
game at all and then with deal machine
it's kind of the same thing where you
set it and forget it so that's something
that like i feel like i could use that
for the rest of my life it's just how i
um so i mean
that's the easiest thing is and i love
that you said that because i i am the
same way i that's why mine are on for
forever because i'm just like i i know
they're getting followed up i just don't
need to forget about it so it's like
peace of mind anxiety gone
uh you know that they're seeing you so
what do you have a specific like a
favorite postcard to use or do you just
use uh the default postcard
yeah the default it's very very simple
again like keeping it not getting
complicated or anything i think the real
magic happens is because they see that
picture of their property on the
postcard they're like what the heck is
my property why is somebody sending me
this so it's going to make you read it
um i want to find the text maybe we can
put it in the show notes i would like to
find the text what we put on that
postcard but
i forgot exactly how we worded it but
it's just all pretty basic it's like the
way that it comes out of the box
absolutely works we didn't get fancy at
all okay i love that and yeah i think
the biggest thing people get hung up on
are those little tiny things and then
the action isn't taken so
i love that you're you're like preaching
that and
and taking that out um
to people because that's i just feel
like that's the biggest thing everyone
says well what are the what's the words
that i should say and it's like you just
whatever's on there or like you can just
easily write a letter type thing to
somebody like it doesn't have to be
super fancy um i and how okay so in the
san antonio market i mean texas in
general i feel like is just very
uh competitive or uh people i've heard
people say oh i'm not gonna send out
mail marketing because
that doesn't work in text because
everyone's getting mail marketing and or
something like that what would you say
how many postcards do you feel like are
sent averaged to get a deal have you
you know we haven't done the numbers on
that and again because like my brain has
always been wrapped around doing a ton
of deals right so if i can quantify it
and say hey for every 100 postcards you
send out you get a deal then i would be
stuck to that but i'm like let's send
out 10 000 postcards right and let's get
a ton of deals like a whole
load of them i would say this anybody
that thinks that you know sending a
postcard or sending mail does not work
stop stop marketing to the inner part of
the city so if you take your city it's
like this right this is the city of san
antonio in here
market to this out here
and that's been where the magic happens
because nobody's talking to those people
because people are lazy so nobody's
driving out there so i want you to grab
your doom machine app open it up drive
all the way to the edge of town and so
you start to see farms five 10 acre
farms 20 acre farms even if you have to
drive out 30 45 minutes or an hour and
mark it in that area and watch what
happens i promise you that's where the
magic is it's less about
it's funny too because right they say
texas is very competitive and that's
that has not been my experience and i
only know how to do deals in texas right
i'm learning other states but this is my
primary market so i don't believe in
market saturation at all at all it
doesn't even i never think about it and
i think that's just because i feel like
i'm out working other people and it's
through products like deal machine and
hive mind where you can continue to
market to people over time and distance
without ever having to think about it so
if i've already marketed if i'm sending
a postcard to 100 people or 200 people
now i gotta check what the count is um
i'm going to be talking to those people
for all time already so instead of
thinking about those hundred people i'm
gonna go find another 900
right before i even worry about what the
other 100 are doing and i think that's
where the magic happens
marketing is cumulative it's over time
and distance um so when somebody says
you know what should i do about my
marketing blah blah blah i'm like do
whatever you're planning on doing for a
right and my game is like i said talk to
as many people as possible
yeah no i think that that's really
important and then i mean i love that
you're saying even to a year because you
just don't know i've had leads call me
after a year and
like you said they keep it on their
fridge or they keep it on like now oh we
get all the time and i want to know how
you handle this and i'm sorry i'm asking
you 20 questions
but i i have to ask so you're talking
about like the the picture of the house
makes a difference when someone calls
you and they are
po'd at the fact that you took a picture
of their house how do you respond
you know i i come from an area of
and then also praising them making them
feel good because they call you they're
lit they're going to be mad they're
expecting an argument i call them and
say it's such a beautiful house and i
saw that the windows are boarded up you
know and i'm a roofer it looks like you
have a roof leak you know on the front
of the house where the shingles missing
and i can tell that the wood's kind of
deteriorating i'm just wondering how
such a beautiful house got into this
condition you know it brings them way
down like oh well it was my mom's house
and that boom boom boom boom boom so
easy from there but if you don't engage
them in an argument and you come from a
place of praise you know even if it's an
empty lot you know that's that's a
beautiful piece of property like in a
nice area and i'm you know the grass is
six feet high you know i'm just kind of
curious like how does the property get
into that condition you know i'm just
just curious so if you come from a place
of curiosity
instead of you know i'm an investor and
i buy this stuff and why did you let
your house whatever i think again like
being empathetic with people and stuff
goes a long way and you'll see people
turn on the dime i had a lady tell me
that my house is not for sale none of my
properties i'll never sell anything and
i said hey look i know you said you'll
never sell this look in the same breath
i said but if you were gonna sell how
much would you ask and she says i
wouldn't take a penny less than 65 000.
and i said um when can you show it to me
she's like can you meet tuesday
so within like six or eight sentences
she went from i'll never sell to i'll
meet you tuesday
i can't believe that was all in the same
breath that that happened like the fact
that i'm like
to me that would i mean she threw out a
number i would have if i was saying that
i'd be like didn't you just hear me i
said no i'm not telling you but no she
just throws out a number that's i guess
it goes to the fact of like uh
uh you don't know unless you ask i guess
yeah and i think like again don't engage
an angry person with with anger or wit
right and we try to be funny and
sometimes when somebody's po we try to
you know say these cool things that we
heard somebody else say
but i think getting all that out of your
head and just being a genuine person
like i said and that's something maybe
they didn't expect you know they're used
to like yelling at people that market to
them and then when you say hey i'm just
kind of curious you know i love that
house amazing house i drive by it all
the time
you know how did it get in that
condition and then they go to a
different spot in their brain probably
they've never been before you know then
they go deep a little bit like well it's
been in my family forever that's why we
don't want to sell it
and then also i always do this too i
always offer to be a resource
so again like this is not me trying to
sell a contractor job because i'm doing
like zero contracting now except for my
own projects but i've been like you know
i have a guy that can work on the roof
for probably next to nothing you know
and if you can't afford it you know or
something you don't want to put money
into you i mean i might get them to do
it for free
maybe for 50 if you bought the material
you know i'm just
you know matter of fact just keep my
count on me as a resource if there's
something i can ever do for you you know
you have my number now this is my cell
phone you're welcome to call it seven
days a week
that kind of stuff you know so leaving
people off on a good note no matter what
they say or no matter what kind of
attack they have
i think
that can always go a long way no matter
what even outside of business
i love that yeah so they not only have
your physical postcard but you're
telling them to save your number and to
i mean that's what i love about the
marketing is that if someone says save
my number i may not save it right there
but if i have that physical copy it's
like your business card that they can
hold on to
i think that's wonderful and i love that
i i love how you respond to that because
i have done like the witty things
sometimes of like oh well you know it's
probably i'm i'm on the street like it's
not about thing that i'm taking i'm
trying i'm not a creeper i promise
but i love that approach because
they most likely are in a very
vulnerable position
and you have to
you have to you know adhere to that and
i love that that's so great i i love
man i wish i was in san antonio right
uh because this would be so much fun to
get together and um
i had another question and i just lost
it you're getting back in a few seconds
when we change subjects
yeah i'm like i just i i'm getting so
much good information i would love oh i
do want to know so where are you at now
i know you said you have a lot of
projects going on
are you
building a portfolio are you flipping
like what um what does that look like
for you now i know you said you were
doing eight to ten deals you wanted to
do more what does that look like
yeah so now
and leveraging the community with uh
with hive mind and of course now we're
rolling out deal machine to the
um yeah but now we're doing like
starting to get like 10 12 contracts a
month and climbing yeah so it's going
crazy i'm just starting to hang on to
stuff so like i said we got the sub 2
house we have uh i bought a little tiny
mobile home park with three units on it
and we have the dealership uh we're
closing on a 5 000 square foot office
today that we're gonna turn into like
the airbnb slash co-working space and
then we're gonna office out of it um but
yeah now we're starting to hang on to
stuff i have uh i bought 180 acres
subdivided it sold a bunch of those off
and so i still have some acreage from
there i have a thousand acres under
contract in texas it's uh two hours
south of san antonio so i'm gonna start
to sell off a lot of that seller finance
some of that stuff so that's kind of my
game now i'm looking for acreage like 50
to 100 acres to a thousand acres plus
within like 30 minutes to an hour of any
major texas city but if it goes over a
thousand acres and over then i'll look
almost anywhere in texas it really
depends as long as it's not like in the
middle of the desert
but that's where i'm at now i'm starting
to accumulate a lot of land
i love that and did you find your land
for your house that you wanted
um we found the one that we wanted 600
right yeah i want it we want it i'm
still going after it but like i said i'm
piecing together all these other cool
deals and moving around resources so
and if we don't find something better
than that's the one i want yeah because
we could use the front as commercial and
then build the house in the back and
it's like surrounded by farms and it's
like included crazy like it looks like
it will never get developed around this
based on where the house would sit so
that sounds like a dream i i
i love that and that is my that is my
dream i want to like a little tiny farm
but i i actually would love to and this
is um
kind of i really appreciate you coming
on here and talking to me about all of
this and i know that you have meetings
as well i'm trying to be very cautious
of the time i'm so glad we got to
connect and don't be a stranger
definitely follow up i want and i'll
send you the link too for the webinar
okay yeah count me in i appreciate
everything thanks for having me on of
course have a good one meet you thanks
take care