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March 4, 2022

Ep 130- How to Get Your First Deal With Brittany Thompson

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we're here today with
brittany thompson out of birmingham
she is an amazing investor an amazing
inspirational educator as well which
we're gonna talk about that too
but she's just an inspiration
for everything
um i always start this question with
how did you end up here like what did
you do in the past like how did brittany
thompson end up being a real estate
investor in the position he's currently
that's such a broad question daddy okay
okay and the reason why okay so like for
me i'm a truck driver
matt to my right or left depending on
what side he's on he's a producer movie
tv producer so like we kind of came from
different facets and we kind of fell
into real estate some fashion so like
where'd you start
um well i'll spare you the first 25
years of my life how about that
i mean that's as old as i am i mean i'm
only 29.
i don't know you can start anybody at
any point
okay well here's here's a little bit i'm
originally from detroit michigan
um i moved
to alabama when i was a little girl and
really pretty much been raised by my mom
she was a single mom for most of my my
youth um so she met my my dad
we moved
probably middle school high school
and i just really witnessed everybody
work you know i just really saw when i
saw success i saw my parents working or
i saw my family working
and i just remember a season where i was
just kind of i was just kind of tired
and i just um i i don't know maybe it
was a book i read maybe it was it was my
my great aunt who would take me with her
when she would do her run she was the
entrepreneur so whenever something if
she was gonna sell some candy or some
eggs or something i was right there with
her because my mom was working and i
don't know just that inspiration for me
between seeing my mom work hard and then
seeing my aunt you know basically grind
and build her business
it put me in a position post
college of just looking for something
for lack of better words and so i looked
and looked i went from multi-level
marketing to insurance to makeup to
supplements to you name it i've tried it
because i was just trying to fulfill an
itch you know i i knew that we needed
money we needed to earn an income to
live right but i also just was never
quite satisfied with
the nine to five like i was never just a
clock hitter you know what i'm saying
i um i remember this like yesterday my
very last w-2 i was working as a digital
sales rep for a major company
if i said y'all know
but the the premise of this day and i
talk about this a little bit when i
share my story but the premise of this
day i'm married newly married we've got
young kids and my husband's working and
i wanted to help you know i've always
been wanting to contribute to the
household and i remember getting up
getting dressed
fighting traffic fighting rush hour to
drop my kids off at daycare really
didn't like that really not about that
life but i was that's what i thought i
had to do
um to get to work where actually i had
to park at a church and get shuttled to
my work office where there was only
parking spaces for the executive so i
wasn't really i was good enough to bring
in some income some sales but i wasn't
necessarily good enough to be able to
park at my office building and walk to
the front door and i remember going
through a railroad session and sitting
down and going to pick up the phone and
we had been pumped up you know make
sales make contacts call up complete
strangers and tell them you're going to
get them you know
and when i went to pick up the phone
just to to just
to talk to somebody i remember just
feeling like an overwhelming elephant
sitting on my chest i feel like i felt
like this like i couldn't catch my
breath i'm developing the nervous
triggers shivers you know i feel like
i've got four eyeballs i'm looking
around i see
back in the day we used to call it a
farm but it's basically rows and rows of
cubicles and that's what we sat at to
make our sales calls and i'm i'm like
internally screaming somebody let me out
please i want to be free i got to get
out of here i'm tired can't do it
anymore and then people start looking at
me my co-workers are like oh my gosh
what's are you are you okay
hey no i'm not okay this isn't normal
we're not meant to live like this
and i just i don't know if it faded to
dark or what but next thing i remember
is being rushed in an ambulance to the
hospital and i remember laying on my
back and they're saying brittany are you
okay and they thought i was having a
heart attack i was having a severe
panic attack i had just gotten to the
point where i was sick and tired of
being sick and tired and i didn't want
to do it anymore i cut it it hurt it
physically hurt and i laid back and i
looked up and i said god please i don't
i don't know what i'm supposed to do i
don't know where i went wrong i don't
know but if you would get me out of this
environment if you would place me where
i'm supposed to be
i will i will go all in i will give it
everything i've got i won't look back
and i remember
in that moment being discharged in the
hospital saying that's my last day doing
it that way
and so i scrolled um late at night it
was maybe two or three o'clock in the
morning and i'm on my couch and i'm just
like how to make a bunch of money fast
and that's like the worst thing anybody
can do in youtube
what else popped up besides real estate
i don't know i plead the fifth
it was work
say that again i said it was 4x
no and i tried that too
i feel like i might have made like five
dollars or like a hundred i don't know
but it wasn't good enough for me to say
i don't like being risky like that
but um i came across an ad about how to
make i think it was 12k in 37 days
and i tell you i just jumped in with
both feet and i said i don't know what
this is
i'm gonna figure it out and my family
we're gonna have breakthrough so that's
how i got into real estate
that's that's uh that's quite a story i
mean you had a physical reaction to
your nine to five
that's that's quite a that's quite an
indict like an indictment of
you know
what it says about your spirit about
wanting to
do something else and not feel like that
you're just kind of punching the clock
and going through the motions and all
those things like did you feel like in
that moment i understand it's tough if
you're if you're having a panic attack
that severe
um but
you know kind of going back to that
moment did it just it just felt like you
kind of had to get out right like yours
there was something more there was
you could fulfill a greater purpose and
it kind of isn't weird it kind of
manifested itself in a very physical
yes it was it was wild to experience
because when you're going through that
you know the first thing you the first
thing i was thinking was what the heck
is going on what's wrong with me like
i'm supposed to
i know how this goes i'm supposed to be
okay with doing life this way there is
no other way not for you you you can't
you you can't get out you this is this
is the commitment for the rest of your
life you hit a clock and you help you be
a helper
and that was a really major limiting
belief that i had to overcome the fact
i can be an entrepreneur and i can be a
successful wife i can be a successful
mom and i can be a successful business
yeah that's all that's awesome i think i
think a lot of people they feel like
they're too busy to do things and i
think when i like talk to different
types of entrepreneurs too because you
were you were a mom at the time when
it's entrepreneurship which is like
all the
all the all the moms out there like
you're crazy how could you do that
what's wrong with you
family too friends too
oh yeah we got a good job get it
like i plan on it i planted it exactly
exactly and how old you've been in real
estate now
uh this is my first deal was in 2016. so
this is 22 six years seven years
seven i don't know six two six
six i this is my seventh year in it but
it's my my six years since i've done my
first year
that is amazing that is amazing that's
quite a journey so you're been in real
estate longer than both of us me and me
and matt because matt that's
i've only been three and i think matt's
been about two to three as well
man that's
let's jump back to 2016. you're you get
into real estate okay so you have a uh
you have a physical reaction to your
nine to five this is not great right and
you know you have something else more
inside of you more you can accomplish
more you want to do let's let's walk
through kind of the early stages of real
estate and did you have a mentor did you
kind of figure it out on your own like
what did you do to jump in and kind of
say you know what we got to start
somewhere and where was that somewhere
great question so
once i watched the video it was
specifically at that time it was geared
toward wholesaling and i thought man
this is a scam you have to own this
house how in the world and i remember
taking the first um i found this in the
fall so i took like the first
summer fall took like the first nine
months six months i took the first six
months and i mean i just saturated my
mind with
um all of the different tactics and
strategies and gurus i mean everybody's
got a shiny thing a way of doing it
what it was as i had acquired so much
information i couldn't do anything
because i was like what if i do this
wrong or what if i say this wrong what
if what if my paperwork doesn't look
good you know all of these what-ifs that
i essentially created you know in within
my my mind and i remember having just a
resolve i had just you know been
researching and watching and my
husband's been patient and my kids and
i'm like you know what forget it i've
just got i'm just gonna pick one way of
doing this you know no coach no mentor
you know i think i opted for a program
and you know it's i feel bad for saying
this i had a payment plan i made the
first payment and i didn't make the next
because i couldn't afford it like i
think it was like 100 bucks
um and i said i'm just go i'm just going
to commit to do
x and at that time x was uh bandit signs
right which you know their abandoned
signs they're called bandits aspects
it's because they're not lawful
people say they're not legal
politicians use them but we can't that's
neither here nor there that's just what
i use
and i remember uh oh it's so funny
because we've got pictures and it's my
husband and i and our kids we've got
these yellow
oh my gosh it's crazy to remember we've
got these yellow bandit signs that we've
if the house reeked a black permanent
because we're just sitting there we're
drawing houses we're drawing money signs
we buy i mean just we're just relentless
in this pursuit
and my husband's still working and they
said what the the people on the youtube
said you've got to go out uh at the
crack of
morning at like two o'clock in the
morning you've got to put out 50 bandit
i remember going for like six weeks just
every week just putting out 10 or 12
between hours of midnight and three or
four o'clock sometimes i'm out there by
myself sometimes i recruited my parents
because they were like why is my child
driving in the middle of the night to go
put up signs
in places she should not be after 10 at
and um i remember the feeling of seeing
my first bandit sign get smashed like it
was like somebody took a sledgehammer
with an attitude they were just like
hammering it this is what i visualized i
was like why would somebody take time
out to mess with my sign out of all of
these and i just got so i was so filled
with the fence
and i was talking to my mama said mom
i'm getting a couple calls but it's not
working and she said baby why don't you
just put them out where you stay honey i
said no the people that don't the people
that i'm trying to get they're on the
other side they're in east egypt 30 45
minutes away
i said but i'll try it and i'm kidding
i'm serious no sooner i put out signs in
my own backyard i got a phone call and
when i got the phone call the property
was actually less than a mile away from
where i was at that day
and i i got on the phone with this i had
i had no script like i didn't know what
i didn't know
and i remember answering and saying hey
i saw your sign you buy houses and i was
like hey i sure do how can i help you
and he gave me a story and basically
he's just a retired landlord wanting to
sell his last property and move out of
state to be with his grandkids
and i just i just had a real
conversation and um he said well i tell
you what go check out my property
there's attending in it
and give me a call let me know what you
i went in there didn't know what to look
for didn't have a construction budget
didn't have a a template for repairs
didn't know what to say and what not to
say i mean i've been an insurance so i
knew how to make people feel warm and
welcome but i didn't know
and i i
came out of that thing out of that house
and i don't even know how i got the the
asking number no
i i made an appointment to to sit down
with the homeowner i didn't know that
much and i said what do you want for it
and he told me something like 27 or
something and i was like
all i can do is like 17.
i didn't know i was just shooting in the
we settled at like 22
and so i'm like oh my god i've got i've
got a contract on this property that i'm
supposed to buy and i have no idea
i don't know how to do this
how am i supposed to sell it how am i
supposed to sell my contract how am i
supposed to do it the right way can i
sell this contract what can i say do i
put out an ad like all these question
marks sorry i'm rambling but this is
this is the play by play here
and uh i remember going to my local real
estate investment meeting and there was
this guy mr pat bless his heart he's
he's like the patience of job he's like
britney you can do this i think that no
matter where anyone is in their real
estate journey there is nothing like
having somebody speak life into you and
tell you hey you may not know where
you're going you may not know what
you're doing but you can do this
and i'll never forget mr pat because he
would just always he will always
encourage me even though i didn't know
what i didn't know he would just say
brittany you were made for this you got
this girl
and i just i didn't quit because when
you quit you don't win that's how it
and um through networking um i got
connected with another young lady who
happened to have a buyer didn't know
anything about jv didn't know any of
that i said i got this property i can't
find a buyer i've had it for like 45
days the homeowner is really nice but i
need to close soon
and she called a meeting we all sat
there hurt her buyer and me
i said look if you if you help me if you
buy this property between she and i i'll
give you i'll give you whatever spread
50 50. and we worked it out and that was
my first sixteen hundred and forty six
dollars and fifty cents and i sat in my
car and i cried
i cried because i remember thinking
oh my god
i can't do this this works this is this
is going to change this is going to
change our family's life
that is what an incredible story there's
two big things i took from that one is
you didn't let um the fear of the
unknown stop you from jumping in and a
lot of times people get stuck in
analysis uh paralysis and you want to
read all the things watch all the videos
and i'm guilty of that sometimes too i
do a lot of land deals and sometimes i'm
guilty of that and you said you know
what i'm going to jump in i'm not really
sure what i'm doing but you you jumped
in head first and look what happened you
got a contract and another thing you
didn't try to do some fancy script or
you just had a conversation with
somebody who was interested in selling
and i think a lot of times that goes a
long way with just having a real
person-to-person conversation instead of
trying to rehash or
um you know give some spiel and some
thing about hey i can do this i can do
that you're just like you come from a
place of service what can i do to help
you what are you looking for and how can
i help you
period that's how i do business
well to do that from deal one is is
pretty rare so i think you jumped in
right away and um
leading with service and you got a deal
guess what you go to urea you connect
with some local other local investors
meet up with somebody who brings you a
buyer you split it and now you got your
first check
and that you know that you get the proof
in the pudding right there i mean that's
that's a really powerful moment for for
any any investor anybody's first deal to
see that first check no matter what it
looks like is that's a it's a lot of
hard work and it's proof that you can do
this that's i love these stories that's
a great story
thank you matt you know it's funny even
up until the closing date sitting at the
table because you know you don't know
when if you're supposed to double close
or the buyer is supposed to come in
before the the homeowner and i was just
waiting like oh crap i'm going to get in
like taking the attorney the close
check that he gave me and taking it to
their bank instead of mine because i
just i couldn't believe i couldn't i
couldn't believe i did something like
this that and that it was okay like me
and walking out with a it sounds really
bad walking out with like a little bag
of money
it's so it's so ridiculous pal but in
that season it was like
is this okay it's like it's like ashley
kutcher going to come out and say your
busted us like what
oh it was such a beautiful moment well
sometimes it's better when you you you
don't know what you don't know right
and sometimes when you don't overthink
things and you take action you're not
always going to take the right action
but it's better than inaction and to do
that and take one step in front of the
other and just get your first deal done
is um i mean it's a testament and for
all the success you've had you know from
there till now we'll fill in the gaps
here as we go along but just i mean
that's gonna be that's a really
incredible first story and you know i
love to hear it and you get the first
check and you're so happy and you know
you did it and you know there's more to
come and and you got that first win in
the books and you just kind of go off
the races from there
that's it that's that's what happened
and there's a lot of personal
development that happened um earlier on
i think my next deal i didn't get to the
next year like you would think once you
accomplish something so big and just you
know instrumental in life you think oh
my god i can do this next week and for
me it was
wow this is great
and then i went back to it and it and i
it's like i couldn't get it i couldn't
close the door to save my life no matter
who i talked to no matter what contract
i picked up
and and i remember
getting an email through meetup and it
was an out-of-state investor and she
said i'm investing in this air esther
i'm investing in birmingham and i really
i really need somebody that can be in my
boots on the ground
and i joke about it now but i said she
doesn't know that if it wasn't for her
there would be no getting my first deal
i would have quit because i just got so
tired i knew i don't know if it's harder
to try to get your first deal and and
and think this doesn't work or to get
your first deal and then no deals work
for like a like a period of time and
you're like was that a fluke
i know it's possible but how do i do
this again what's my blueprint i didn't
have a blueprint
so yeah it's a big part of the growth
journey and figuring life out
what do you do to push through that you
know you have a hard time getting your
second deal walk us through the space
you said there was a gap of time between
the two what did that look like and what
did you do to kind of keep yourself
mentally sharp and and not try to not
try to talk yourself into
quitting or doing something else or
letting kind of negative thoughts start
to creep in and take over
great question
so after i done my first deal okay that
was 2016.
so so much happened between that year
and 2017.
um i actually applied to ministry school
because i just felt led to do that
not only that but throughout my journey
what i've seen in the market was there
are a lot of p and there's no shade to
this but there are a lot of people in
the information business in the
education business so there was
especially in our town there was you
know i won't mention them but basically
people coming in saying hey we'll show
you how to do real estate you know give
us 40 grand mortgage your house max out
your credit cards you know get somebody
to co-sign for you you know all these
things and i remember coming home
we we had been through financial
devastation so we did not have the
credit we did not have the cash like we
were basically um living to make ends
meet and we never had the option to go
into debt to invest in our educational
our real estate investment journey and i
remember praying like god i need some
help up in here like where are my people
at i need a community
and i remember feeling like answering
prayers like an audible voice you need
to create what you need because you're
not the only one who needs it
and that was the end of 2016 beginning
of 2017 also found out that i was
with our third right and i had started a
little youtube thing called lady with
the baby this sounds really corny but i
promise you i was just like trying to
figure it out and i would make calls and
then have seller appointments and take
my baby with me and i would record i'd
like do a video and do a live hey what's
popping in birmingham you know driving
around got my baby in the back if i can
do this you can too you can win you can
and i don't know that i believed every
bit of it but i knew that i needed to i
needed to reinforce that because if
there's somebody else feeling that way
like if there's a mom who wants to bring
money into her household or if there's a
husband who's just tapped out where he
is he just needs an extra income they
need to see
me i don't know why they need to see me
out here pushing it against the odds
and so within that within that time
frame the whole seller's roundtable was
and it was a meet-up and it was a
meet-up so that i could sit around
like-minded people that were trying they
were learning just like me
but didn't want to get around and ask a
stupid question didn't want to feel
chastised for not knowing and didn't
want to be be get beat upside the head
with a sales pitch every five minutes
like i was vehemently against that i get
it now but then i was just anti it
and so between that and having the
relationship with the young lady that
reached out to me via meet up because
she saw my group
that's which is crazy that's the only
way i met her is through meet up
and she would send me deals and it
started off as out hey i'll give you a
hundred bucks for each contract with 500
or um take pictures for me now the funny
part about this is the reason that i
left my last w-2 is because i didn't
want to be managed i didn't want to feel
like i was working for somebody and what
i started feeling was a feeling inside
like i'm just going backwards to that
same type of corporate setup like i'm
doing the same thing i just got away
from and i said if i can do this crap
for her surely i live here i can do this
for myself
and i had a real conversation with and i
said look i appreciate you i'm grateful
for what you've invested in me i'm
grateful for the opportunity you pick me
up you you help me get on my feet but
i'm in a position now where i want to
step back into being that entrepreneur
and running myself and i don't want to
alienate you because you are part of my
journey so i don't mind continuously
helping you while i get my stuff
together and and she
to this day if i needed something or she
needed something it's a phone call or a
text message
and that's how i believe it should be in
business if it's real estate or anywhere
you should foster those relationships we
should not be out here trying to get
something from somebody or use something
because it's transactional
we're not called to run a transactional
business we're called to build
businesses that's how we succeed
so that's how i got through
let's let's talk about uh get my first
deal because you kind of mentioned a
couple times
i really like that it's your
it's your core focus because it's you
it's what you do it's what you you even
from the beginning you wanted to inspire
people to help people
get past the fear of getting their first
deal so let's talk about that when that
come about and tell everybody about
maybe like about your program starting
in march
oh gosh that's so funny
um so
what's interesting is
during my journey of getting deals and
getting confident becoming more
competent that i know what i was doing
becoming confident that i can do it and
having the clarity like my husband and i
are very big on vision like write the
vision make it plain and attract attract
people and opportunities you know to
really expand on that and help others
and uh with the wholesalers roundtable
it grew as you all could imagine we went
from having two or three people to a
hundred in the library and then covet
it's like everything shut down
and i was like we have we have so much
momentum there are so many hungry people
that want this knowledge and we can't
even meet
and at that time we were in a mastermind
and they were saying you should be
coaching you you've got you the whole
sellers roundtable over a thousand
people and all these there's no reason
and i was still fighting that um anxiety
coaching is bad
because that was my limiting belief i
don't i don't i want to give it away to
people i don't want to charge anybody to
coach them
and there was a lot that happened with
that but what i understood is
when people
invest when people pay they pay
attention they they take it seriously
they value it like i had done a ton of
free meetings um at coffee shops and i
would get the blues from my husband
they're like why are you investing time
enriching others and not charging them
and okay i said look i got i got a heart
for helping people my bank account
needed to line up with that
my husband and i were sitting in the
couch and after some mentors of ours
forwarded into us and said b do this you
need you you can you can get a seat at
the table like you
are enough you know enough to be able to
help even if you only know like a seven
you can help people that only know six
and below and it took me a while to
digest that and my husband i was sitting
on the couch and we were just
brainstorming man what what cannot be
known what niche can i be in i want to
be a coach but i don't want to look i
don't want to commit to 12 months
because i might not like you like let's
just you might not like me i don't want
your money and i got to coach you and we
don't even peanut butter and jelly like
why do that and and they went from oh i
don't want to teach people to flip i
don't even like flapping
that's that's that's hypocrisy i want to
do that
and my husband and i looked at each
other and we came up with get my first
and it was like oh
because we remembered how impactful it
was for us
when we got our first deal and i know
that if somebody can master those steps
in the blueprint they can either decide
they hate real estate they can decide
it's a great part-time income or they
can be free and say i want to build
generational wealth my family
and if i can have a hand in giving
somebody a blueprint to walk through
like this challenge i've got coming up
in march a five-day challenge where i
show people how to write down your goals
help them find their deal help them get
connected to the seller and get their
deal or homeowner help them close the
and and they now feel armed they can go
anywhere with it and do it
i i would feel so much satisfaction in
other words i don't need
students pay me a hundred thousand
dollars i'd rather have a hundred
thousand students that know that have
gotten their first deal and as a result
not only is their family impacted but
their community is impacted but they can
go and be a blessing to other people
that is impact to me i hope i answered
your question
no you did you did and that's why i love
it because this is where like hive mind
and get my first deal are aligned in the
same way because like we're trying to
educate the masses
and of course we want to give out for
free but even then we want to be as
affordable as possible because we we
were there struggling in the beginning
where we didn't we didn't have the right
information it was just it was hard to
come by and it was hard to come by who
to trust
and then like you needed that
inspiration you needed that step by step
and it's just like
ugh people get burned out based off of
their own shortcomings
and it might not even be their own fault
but if there's somebody in there to
facilitate and
make it happen where they can have
confidence they can overcome that fear
they can overcome the objections they
can overcome that confidence they need
and to sell our appointment if we
overcome getting on that first phone
call getting that first contract taking
it to close and just fulfilling all
those parts of it it takes a lot
it does
and it takes a lot of like-minded people
to make that happen yeah
because if you tell your if you tell
your brother your sister your aunt your
mom they don't think you're nuts
every time every time just like you even
said it earlier your mom was driving you
around doing bandit signs in the middle
of the night because she was concerned
about you because you're crazy
i remember hopping out of the car like
like running like
let me stick it and run back because i
might have heard a gunshot like let me
this is gonna work i just gotta do it i
just gotta stay committed and she's like
you are freaking me out sit down
that's amazing so
that that i love this i love this so
what's your program coming out first
week of march um what's that what's
separate changes like a five-day
challenge or something yes so
um it's it really all of this this
challenge has really originated in
within the past
three weeks maybe all of this is new the
way everything came together but the
heart behind it is it's like you
mentioned people want to get into real
estate but they're not really sure how
they're not really sure who they can
they don't really want to commit to
getting a license because we all know
there's fees associated with that not
there's anything wrong with that um they
feel like i don't have the credit or the
cash or i need to know somebody in real
estate to be successful and the the
purpose behind this challenge is really
to get people in alignment first of all
this is this is not a hobby this is
business like in the end of the day
we're we're we're working with attorneys
we're working with people who are
trading their equity for quick cash and
a lot of a lot of times um
deeds all kind of technical things and
the the the space between people wanting
to do invest real estate because it
looks sexy on hgtv or a e or whatever
which it can and it does but in real
life experiencing what it looks like to
you know find your market get on the
phone like that's one thing that i'm
guaranteeing in this challenge you're
going to fight you're going to find a
deal you're going to find an opportunity
and we're going to get look the only way
you wouldn't be successful with with
getting with at least connecting with a
homeowner is if you don't even try
you if if you
identify a property and if you if you do
the things i tell you to do to find them
and if you say what i tell you to say on
the phone
you're going to have success
and that's really what this challenge is
about is like i said helping people
define their goal why why are they doing
this what what it what is why real
estate is that really where you want to
be is is this the average vehicle you
know what are you willing to uh
surrender in other words what do you
what are you spending time on right now
that you're willing to say let me just
give this 30 90 days or whatnot or five
days or what is it that you want to add
are you reading uh we go through things
as little as that so okay
how many properties are you identifying
how many phone calls like we're going so
granular and it's practical because
that's what people are missing is the
practicality you can read all day long
but until you pick up this phone and say
um i saw your house is it your house i
really um would you be interested in an
offer until you can have conversations
and get cussed out get hung up on um get
bad numbers like you don't know if you
want to invest in real estate
so why do i need to charge you 40 000
yes i say 40 because that's like a
common number in this coaching
when people come to your your city or
whatever it's like 40 000 percent i
don't know why anyway
do you need to pay that to
to decide whether you want to invest
like for real no you don't man
pay a couple dollars enough for you to
be invested
and try it and if it works
let's go baby and once you get your
first deal i'm i'm connecting with
somebody that's going to bless you
that's going to take you the rest of the
so that's what this challenge is about
which is an amazing challenge too you
know half the deal is just getting their
half the problem is getting their first
deal done and then from there you get
that confidence and grow like we talked
about before can you bring can you talk
a little bit about some of the mindset
issues that you work with or uh you know
first-time investors people looking for
their first deal what is it that you see
that are kind of common pitfalls or
things that
might stop them up that might be mindset
oriented and things you can help them
with that might not be kind of
technically real estate based
that's such a good question actually i
was trying to look up because i take
notes of this right like i'm
i'm always a student i'm always learning
on how to improve how to be better at
the craft and some limiting beliefs that
people have that we help address is not
knowing enough um it's too risky oh my
gosh the market's saturated
i'm not ready like i i can't i'm i can't
invest in real estate like maybe there
was a time in their youth where they
suffered trauma and somebody said you
know they'll never be good enough to do
anything so we battle we address that as
much as we can the first day right um
too old to start or learn something new
which is a lie i mean the chaos the
kentucky fried chicken guy was like 50
or 60 you know like come on that's not a
good excuse um
i need to know everything about real
estate investing before i start i might
lose oh this is a good one i might lose
credibility if i do it and i make a
mistake amongst my peers amongst others
uh this is overwhelming there's so much
information on the internet
and and what i tell them is people
if they do it on purpose they they know
like come on like let's be realistic
self-sabotage it's a big one um
everything's gotta be paid i don't do
i'm not social i don't like talking to
them i'm an introvert i've heard all
kind of crazy stuff and we just at the
core of it is
it's three things
it's competence
is confidence and it's clarity and when
we address all of those three things
then we can be set free to do what we're
really supposed to we can put in the
man that was good wow
that was hot i was hot
that was good that was good okay so that
was a good question too matt that's a
nice one
so what is the quote that you resonate
with come on
uh quotes quotes i'm sure you got you
got the whole notebook right there on
the side
or it might be on the wall
it's like a flood of stuff oh babe help
what what's a britney-ism i got like
it's funny i had a social media guy say
send me
send me 50 isms i was like bro you have
no idea what you're asking me
oh let me let me see
uh man that's
a quote babe help i'm drawing a blank
you you're not gonna help me
um oh okay i'll do this when your vision
is blurry you can't see straight
your activity will get you will give you
the ability to get in the right rooms
that's one that really resonated with me
i think are so in love with being famous
and and that it's no shade
i got a good quote oh y'all gonna love
this one this is this is so good oh my
goodness this is so good
oh geez she pulled from the library
affluence versus influence that's a
that's a that's a good one what's
today's the 22nd
if you are uniquely gifted in your work
you will rise and be promoted you won't
be held back you will stand before kings
and queens like i don't i don't know
about y'all but a beautiful reputation
is more to be desired than great riches
and it's and to be esteemed by others is
more honorable than to own immense
so i i i live there's principles here's
one if you follow if you if you
follow the principles you have the right
to participate in the promise
man yeah you i know you have another one
you're on a roll here
look and now when i get off of this i'm
going to be like oh man this is a good
one here they go
jeez posting
oh yes oh yeah i found them it's on now
baby uh taking action uh my goal with
each seller is to be the solution for
their situation
truly my goal when i talk to somebody on
the phone is not to get a deal
my goal is to be a problem solver and
not in a cliche way but in a real way
change is inevitable progress is
where there is a sense of expectation
there will be preparation
obsessed about the why before the what
look this is all too good i'm not giving
y'all no more
save something for your challenge
you don't learn when you're talking you
learn when you're listening so learn to
proximity is power
innovation is about seeing things from a
different perspective
i don't have failures i just have
examples of what not to do there's a
challenge folks
you're on the role i didn't want to stop
you you're on the road
and i know you had a library for i do
i'm looking at them
i can tell you that type of person
yeah it's not it's not a bad thing it's
just that it's uh
what when you when you when you hear and
you hear a lot of inspiration it comes
out when you speak
and you've done it this whole this whole
podcast call you're you're you're very
inspirational when you talk
and you're a very good storyteller and
it comes across because you you the what
you ingest
thank you i appreciate the opportunity
my biggest
my biggest uh desire is no matter what
room no matter what call no matter what
form that i'm present in that i always
leave it better than i find it not that
there's anybody or anything wrong
but i just i just want to live the
impression of a blessing that that
that's that's the core of everything
that everything my family does we always
leave it better than we find it or we at
least strive to be excellent
um in that way
brittany before we go can you talk about
one of your favorite success stories you
had with a student maybe somebody that
came looking for their first deal you
helped them out maybe they overcome
something big limiting beliefs whatever
it may be do you have kind of a favor
success story you can share with us
i do um actually one of my i actually
interviewed him on on our podcast
uh but this particular student
god it was crazy
i used to do something called power hour
which it's a daily success routine that
i do but i do it privately and not so
much corporately and it involves um
having a devotional prayer meditation
affirmation and journaling every morning
before the day starts
while i was doing this live on my social
media my students wife was watching
and i i was talking about getting my
first deal and she said babe you need to
you need to book a call with her with
brittany and he did and he was telling
me how he had just taken his position
for the railroad where he was going to
be working 78 hours a week
inconsistent schedule like he just
didn't know what he could and couldn't
commit because it was a new job and it
was going to require so much time
and um
he was doing a lot of activity but he
didn't have a blueprint like there
wasn't structure there wasn't he wasn't
monitoring so he didn't have proper
and i remember he said he had been
working and and trying to figure real
estate out for like nine months before
meeting me and once finding me he did it
in 90 days because he had a plan he had
somebody that would keep him accountable
and he the confidence because as a coach
i understand that my students are
my wisdom and my confidence that that's
the big when they believe in you they
they trust you right
um so
over the the i guess the season of him
adjusting i think week two he had like
two contracts because he was doing what
i told him the very stuff the very same
thing that i'm gonna teach in this
challenge is what i told him i'm just
condensing it in the challenge right but
i remember every
some people
think that buying the program or the
course is what's going to make them
successful and i'm guilty of that of
myself in the past if i make this
commitment to spend this a hundred
dollars or a thousand dollars that i'm
gonna win in reality no you're just
investing in yourself and and and
creating a hedge like like a reason
right and i we got down to the bottom of
why he wanted to do this and he told me
his dreams and i said you have what i'm
teaching you is a blueprint for so you
can do this like you you've got children
and a wife and i get that you want to
get your first deal but what i want you
to understand is it's bigger than this
once you master what i teach you
you don't know where it could take you
his journey was just maintaining
consistency you can do anything for a
day or a week but can you do it for 12
weeks can can you be disciplined and
consistent to do it and i would say he
was like 50
but still got his deal because he
understood the mechanics and stayed true
to himself and as a result he had his
first deal multiple contracts now we're
talk he's talking about development like
things that he would have never even
what three or four months ago
and i'm so proud of them
and there's going to be many more
success stories to come here especially
after your five-day challenge
i'm excited y'all i want to disrupt the
industry with this
i get i get the sales and the
at that aspect of it
but people just people just need a win
they shouldn't have to pay a million
dollars just to win just just can we
just help people win one time most
people have never worn and they they
haven't worn it as a parent they haven't
worn in their marriage they have they
haven't they don't see themselves
winning as a sibling like people just
need they just need a w
a win
and when they get that confidence oh my
god you can do anything and not only
specifically to what i'm doing not only
can you win and get the confidence but
now no one can just approach you saying
any and everything because you know
better you're wiser what walk with the
wise and you'll become wise that's the
point of it
no it's good it's it's really it's
really inspirational because i
a lot of people they just they see that
first win the first one opens their eyes
and realizes the possibility that they
can they can uh excel into something
and create a creative life around this
this one win they can create a life
around it and it becomes possible you
know so it's it's an amazing ambition
and i want to help you do it so um how
can people find that challenge is it get i'm guessing that's it
they need to go to
they can catch a free master class that
i put that lets them know about me and
my teaching style and if i resonate just
click the join the challenge button and
i see them on the other side getting
this getting this coin baby getting this
education you know getting free more
than anything getting free folks just
need to be free
where can people find you online what's
your instagram facebook
so all forms of social media my tag is
at the real bjt um you can actually my
website is
on instagram
facebook twitter
everywhere but join the challenge
well we appreciate you coming on we
appreciate matt for co-hosting this one
uh thank you so much brittany it's been
an amazing amazing episode i hope you
inspire a lot of people that even
single parents they're not single
parents but parents that are
into can do anything
anything anything is possible limitless
possibilities you want to say something
absolutely i think this is a really
really fun episode uh britney knows how
get the best out of students or early in
their real estate journey and uh getting
that first win is huge and kind of
getting them over the hump to see what's
really possible in this industry so for
that uh i wish you all the best of luck
and look forward to speaking with you
again and seeing the progress with you
and your students and uh i love your
energy and your vibe and
you know you're off to a great start
here in these first five six years in
real estate and i can only imagine
what's what's going to come here in the
future so best of luck to you and your
thank you matt you're amazing and i'm
sure that you're going to grow and be
exponentially successful you and daniel
both like there are some things that are
about this industry is about to get
shook up
well we definitely appreciate your time
and uh this has been a blast and look
forward to speaking again
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