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March 3, 2022

Ep 129- Partnerships, Courses & Stock Options With Charles Oglesby

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is daniel here uh i'm having i have a
guest host for today is uh charles
oglesby uh he's done a lot of stuff for
the community i'm gonna ask him give a
brief description of what he's done um
we've sure other podcasts have done it
before but let's kind of kind of show
and introduce him to um the community
and uh what he's doing in the future or
what he's doing now currently
yeah so uh just a brief introduction so
you're one you went to law school oh
yeah yeah um so i always tell people i
start with saying i have a background in
finance so my undergrad degree is in
but interestingly enough i've always
been somebody who's been an executor
somebody who's been doing different
in the spirit of entrepreneurship
my entire life so it started out when i
was like 12 years old needed to make
some extra money and my uncle had a
bunch of puppies and so i said hey i'll
clean up after the puppies if you pay me
for it
so i did that he paid me for it and i
found myself just doing different odds
and ends always asking me to do work to
get paid for it
but never really seeking the job then
when i turned to the age of being able
to get a job i did get a job so i worked
for the newspaper going door to door
selling newspaper subscriptions to
from there ended up getting like my
first real job or to kfc
and uh then i went to college and in
college we were always doing different
things in business so i think my first
college business was a mobile barber
shop or not a
mobile car wash
mobile auto detailing
so me and two friends we got together we
said hey we're gonna go around on our
saturdays on our weekends and wash a
bunch of cars
and so we did it made a little bit of
money not a lot of money and ended up
having a situation where
me and the other partners are butting
heads yeah where
they wanted to take the money out of the
business soon because they saw that we
were making money i'm like you can't run
a business like that like we can't make
a little bit of money and then take the
money out of it he got pissed he said i
want my money he took his money we never
did business again ever we're still
friends we just don't do business
and so
um from there i did another business i
had a party promotion company
and we were throwing parties me and the
partner had a difference of opinion
because he wanted to
i had the mindset of like hey we're
building a brand we might have to go in
and not charge a bunch of money to get
people in there so we can grow the
presence of people knowing we throw good
parties so that we can ultimately start
charging we want to charge difference of
opinion him and i don't do business
anymore we're still friends
i took all of that
knowledge and i applied it to what i'm
currently doing which proved that i was
and they was wrong
there's no hard feelings it's just a lot
of times people they'll get around you
and they'll start thinking that just
because they're in your presence that
maybe operate on the same level mentally
and they don't
so i've done a lot of things of course
law school
um mba program at pepperdine so i'm
halfway through with that gonna be
finishing up that soon getting on the
good foot there
and um
yeah overall just full-time entrepreneur
we've graduated into doing rental
properties rental cars churros i have a
truck a bunch of vending machines a
bunch of different side hustles
i personally thought were going to take
me out of the job but they didn't take
me out of the job yeah what took me out
of the job was something different but i
still think that those things that i
were doing were still good things it's
just in order for you to make crazy get
out of the job money you have to scale
and it's tough to scale if your time's
attached to it
you can only service so many vending
machines you can only
service so many churros i mean turo
obviously is one of my favorite business
so turo i think would be a good leverage
business and then the truck would be a
good leverage but like those rentals and
the vending machines not my favorite
just being honest yeah the other stuff i
much i like much better
so what what i like what i like about
your story is you kind of dabbled in
everything right and you've had bad good
and bad partnerships and you've kind of
been down that road and you you
now you know what you're looking for in
a partner if you even want to partner at
well i would i would say that if i do
have a partner i need a partner and it's
kind of where we're going i don't need
you to tell me that it can't work or
what's the best way to do it do it i
need you to help me execute what i
already know is gonna work yeah i know
it's gonna work
i need you to help me make it work i
don't need you to tell me like uh don't
do this or do that here i have all these
different reasons why
because what's gonna happen is nothing
gets done
we spend all our time debating we spend
all our time trying to figure out is
this the best way is the wrong way i had
another partnership with the company i
created called black of pockets blacker
pockets we grew that company rapidly
went from zero to 150 000 organic
in less than six months
and um
i built it up by sharing information
about other people
by promoting and highlighting other
people the same way i built all my
but the partners they were they would
try to tell me don't do this do this
that way why'd you do this this way you
know what i did i said you can keep the
company i'll go off and i'll do my own
thing because i've already proven that i
can build something
thai capital instagram had maybe like 20
30 000 followers at that point in time
now it has 150 and growing
and so i took
my knowledge and it's it all goes down
to choosing yourself
you always got to choose yourself you
always got to bank on yourself
so that's what i did but yeah
what uh man this was crazy about this so
um you have big instagram following a
lot of young people might like like
interest how you did that but um what i
what i love about the conversation is
me personally i was a kind of a loner in
school and kind of when i resonated and
i really didn't i was i felt like i was
the odd one out but i felt a lot of
people understand my mentality and my
thought process so i kind of stayed in
the shadows but now that i've
had the opportunity to start business i
kind of came out of my shell and now i'm
telling other people what to do and it's
kind of a different facet for when i
went to high school so i felt like i was
odd one out but
finding a good partner
understands your thought process is so
key and pivotal because
you might have different difference of
opinions but it's a give and take
relationship it's like that's when
you're dating it's like
you give you give information and
knowledge you might participate in
certain ways but it's leveraging with
people that are opposite of you not like
you right
i couldn't i can't even really
say anything to that because i don't
have any partners anymore um but were
they were your previous partners more
like you
i don't know
i think that
a lot of it had to do with proximity not
necessarily people who were the best fit
and before i was doing business with
like my frat brothers yeah so like oh
like you're you're we're the same frat
so we're gonna be friends we're gonna do
business together and that can kind of
make things difficult as well because if
you have seniority you have things like
that and so people will try to like
there's a hierarchy yeah and so like
that could ruin the relationship people
can think that their opinion
is worth more even though they don't
have the intellectual or business client
to even see the see the future right and
so i would say well what's really cool
is um
you saying that you kind of hid in the
and you were kind of like a loner
because i couldn't relate to that i
didn't really i don't really relate to a
lot of people
i was to myself a lot and i still to
myself a lot i do a lot of stuff for
myself i go to vegas by myself i'm gonna
go if i go to the game i'm going by
because i think that
if you wanted above average life you
can't be like everybody else
and a lot of people who were popular and
who were out there they're there because
they just fit in
because they're like everybody else and
it's very easy to assume that that's
popularity when really that's just like
what's popular is average we all wear
the same shoes we all have the same
haircut we all have all this going for
but we don't realize like the long game
that stuff doesn't pan out yeah you knew
that and i knew that and so that's why i
didn't fall into the trap of trying to
be like those losers
and so
i would just say in terms of partnership
i think partnership is important because
the reason why i did have a big block
out years because i had a partnership i
was working hand in hand with somebody
promoted me just as hard as i promoted
them and so i could say that
there's benefit there because
when i tell them when you put one in one
together it's not two in business it's
like three four five
did he do things that i didn't do i
don't know i think we kind of did more
of the same thing just maybe to
different audiences
but i can't say that
it was like a yin and yang or any of
that i think we kind of were a lot more
similar when we're than we were not some
other are you familiar with a visionary
and integrator
a little bit yeah so there's a book
traction that covers this
and visionaire and integrator is that
you don't necessarily have to partner
but you can hire an integrator because a
lot of people that are in business are
usually visionaries right right right so
a visionary by themselves is usually
nothing and usually have somebody to
facilitate the actual action of business
so you either partner with the
integrator or you hire them and that's
the beauty of being a business
entrepreneur is that you can hire that
position you don't necessarily have to
partner with them right so i think
that's what stage you're at you're
you're a visionary alone and you're in
your own way but you're hiring your
integrators based off of your needs yeah
and i would also say that sometimes i'm
both visionary and integrator so i'm
both too and i feel the same way i can
play both roles
and i know which role i'm playing in
in each partnership and i'm okay with
that because i know my role in some
cases i'm a visionary and i need to be
the visionary in other cases i'm an
integrator i need to be an integrator
and i and
in the book traction
it mentions that they're few and far
between the people that can do play both
roles is very very limited it's like my
other partner anthony he's a very
visionary visionary visionary but he
can't be an integrator
and it's it's his own thing and when in
that role in that business i play the
but in my in separate businesses that i
run i'm a visionary and i have to play
that visionary role yeah so it's
definitely um
and that's it i forget the statistics
for it but
the being able to do both roses rare
i don't i i don't do both roles because
i want to
you know
it's not a necessity right it's not an i
do both roles because
i bring in integrators and they run off
and they want to be visionaries for a
competing company or i bring in
and they get overwhelmed by the
expectations that come with what we're
trying to build
so i don't do it because i want to but
interestingly enough i tell people this
to my mom this all the time i didn't
become successful because of a team
i became successful because of me
and then when i was successful i brought
in a team and a lot of people they think
that the team's going to make them
successful and they'll never make you
successful i strongly believe in that
you your business might have team
members but it's successful because of
yeah my
is never going to take you and i don't
know why i think it's a psychological
thing maybe it's just maybe it's just an
american thing where people
will not help you get so big
they feel like you're a threat
that but also
it's like they feel like they're being
taken advantage of almost they feel like
oh you are becoming great because of me
and so that's why you got to strong like
nah i'm it's like with or without any of
y'all involvement i'm coming for all
this respect my conglomerate like i
don't need you to be there i don't need
i'ma get it done it'd be great if you
participated and if you do i'm gonna
make sure you eat
people were with me getting paid crazy
money to do nothing not nothing they
were doing something
like that's just where we are now
imagine what we 10x that then where
would you be imagining once we 10x to
10x then where you be and so people have
to understand that when you do like
everybody can't do what we do
even if they think that they can
everybody can't beat todd billy even if
they think they think they can and
that's not a bad thing it's not about it
it's like kanye west city said some of
us are earnest and some of us aren't
and so it will behoove you to get in
line with the earner
and grow as opposed to thinking that you
got to outdo that person you got to be
that person and i think that we as a
community have to start doing those
different things there's certain things
we have to
start understanding that it doesn't make
you worse it doesn't make you not rich
to be still steve ballmer or to be
effing the dudes who are behind steve
jobs you're still very very wealthy
it's uh self-awareness yeah
self-awareness um
a lot of people they they they may
disregard the person that opens the door
at a hotel when you go to a nice hotel
there's somebody always got to be there
there's a lot of people in this world
that don't that don't make it up the
ladder but there's always a position
that needs to be filled no matter what
business you're in
so if you're if you feel like you're
subpar there's a position for you if you
attach yourself to someone who's a
visionary that can take you to the next
level and they'll bring you along with
you it's not even a competition or
they're going to put you down it's just
they they need your help to get where
they want to go
if you can find the right leadership
even for yourself you can you can take
your personal and business life to
another level just by attaching yourself
to that person
i forgot where i was recently
it was it was either a nice restaurant
or a nice hotel
and this dude got tipped very well and i
was like bruh if i shipped you this
and you only worked with me for like 15
and you could do this four times an hour
like you're probably making some pretty
good money i forgot what oh that's this
was when i went to go test drive those
so i went to go test drive
the cars in vegas to speed vegas and i
might have chipped in like a hundred
bucks i took some 100 bucks it took him
this long to take me around the track a
few times and i was like man like
people might not think that you
are a boss
but you're making
400 bucks an hour it's not telling
people to make 400 bucks an hour
and so i bring that up
people will sometimes see
somebody who isn't at what they perceive
to be the top level and they'll think
that they're not doing well and so we'll
see that person who has a cleaners and
like oh they just own cleaners or they
own a little corner so they just own a
corner store like you know like they own
a bunch of these corner stores they own
a bunch of these cleaners and the
cleaner's doing this much money in this
much volume
i bring that up because again
you can still make a bunch of money
being the num um
imagine having the opportunity to be the
number two at something that's going to
be ultimately a billion trillion dollar
company and you turn it down because
you're like i swear to charles like are
you stupid or dumb
like you like that's ego but it's also
ignorant you don't understand how this
really works you don't understand that
at microsoft there was groundskeepers
that were making millions with their
stock that at google
the low-level people are making crazy
money the average person makes
30 to 40 thousand dollars a year i'm
giving the opportunity to make 80 doing
nothing and just helping me grow this
and you're like nah i want to make what
charles is making and that's what a lot
of people they want they want to make
what you're making not necessarily just
a good living so they see you making a
great living they're going to think like
oh i'm entitled to that and that's the l
i know a lot of people who are taking
l's because they think like that and so
we got to recondition the mind to
understand that it's okay to help
somebody build some stuff
it's okay to help somebody become a
multi-billionaire because it's gonna
great things are gonna adhere to you
yeah just by association i think the the
one of one of the
ugly businesses that make a lot of money
so i heard about i think i read a book
or online or something that the hot dog
stands they have to pay like a 50 000 a
year license just to be a licensed
street vendor
so like it looks like ugly business from
the outside but they're making money
there's a lot there's a lot of
transactions being done and it's ugly
business like i don't want to be a hot
dog guy
but they're probably making bank what's
the margins on that it's i there is um
there's a tweet that goes out often and
it talks about how there's this dude who
makes like 20 bucks an hour and he looks
down on the lady who's selling hot dogs
she sold like
a hundred hot dogs that day at like 10
bucks a pop cause ellie hot dogs ain't
cheap yeah so she sells 100 hot dogs 10
bucks a pop that's a thousand dollars a
day this dude made maybe 160 in that day
and he's looking down on her
and so i think that that's interesting
we've been we've been talked out of
going into business oh yeah we've been
talked about it we've given up basic
things that we could be doing to get
jobs working for other people and all
jobs aren't created equal because you go
work a job at whoever's cooperation it's
not going to be the same as you working
for somebody who is a part of your
community who's investing in your
community who has grandkids who look
like your kids things like that like
your mom looks like my mom it's gonna be
different i'm not i'm not gonna be
dismissive of you i'm gonna see valuing
you up be bonusing folks out i really be
giving that's why i get so surprised
when they be robbing me man i'm like
what more can i do i've had situations
in the beginning maybe i wasn't paying
them that much and then i started paying
them more and started bonusing them you
still get the same productivity
because folks don't want to make what
you pay them they want to make what you
make so that's why you got to keep it
under low you can't tell anybody what
you're making
i'm just learning man i'm learning all
this business stuff is new to me i never
had anybody do this
so what i like to say not all jobs are
created what i'll say is well not all
businesses are created equal so
sometimes you have to pivot you pivot it
a bunch of times i put it into other
businesses so what was that
what what is the turning point that made
you pivot out of a certain business
because it wasn't for you
yeah when i started realizing how much
time it takes me to make money in
certain businesses versus others
i had to get away from them
energy focus you can't get that back you
can't get your focus back and your focus
is invaluable
i have to get in a car
go pick up some materials put them in
the back of my car then drive it an hour
and then also have to feel my car
driving different because it's lugging
all this stuff
which is putting wear and tear in the
vehicle and then i gotta lug it up get
all this sweat and you're doing all this
and you start looking at like
how much am i making doing this
because quite honestly
a lot of these vending machine locations
are low yield
they just don't yield that much or
even with the rental properties
you have rental properties where
and everything was a lot better
but you have rental properties and um
excuse me
and um
you're like yielding nothing you're
yielding 200 bucks a door
for the month
that's crazy and then you have tenants
who want to argue with you about i just
i don't have the time to argue
so part of it is time a part of it is
like just mental
i can't i need i need a stress a
stress-free drop job in business so that
i'm not out here like going back and
forth with retards so even if even with
rentals i need higher class rentals if
i'm going that i'm not i don't do the
it sounded like it was fun to get into
but i just can't do it so
i would say a lot of it is time a lot of
it is stress
a lot of it is energy
and also i would say the location
i like money that doesn't require me to
be at a certain location that allows me
to make money anywhere with rentals i
can only make money in that spot with
the vending machines are only winning in
that spot
the turo it's better because i have at a
different location so it's at lax it's
at ontario it's at um john wayne i need
to put it in san diego it's at my actual
office and it's at my house five
locations i can make money out of
with the truck it's all over the place i
make money nationwide
that matters and once you start
realizing those things and how you might
be limiting yourself
you stop doing the things that limit you
so you can go all in on things that are
digital products are limitless i can
make money anywhere in the world
the turo i had it situated to where it's
automated i can do it anywhere in the
world the truck i have it where it has a
manager anywhere in the world
i like that kind of stuff that's the
kind of stuff that i want to go all in
on because
once you get to a certain point
you're not chasing hundreds
hundreds don't excite me
thousands maybe might excite me but like
i'm where my focus is i'm really trying
to get to like billion dollar levels
like that's where i want to go and it's
not even for like the billion dollar
stuff but just like why the hell not
let's just try
i i like i like so i my first business
was trekking so
i was in the actual trucking side of it
picking up the load and i'm like i tell
people the times like the stars have to
align for me to get paid and that's not
good yeah
like when you go to when you go to the
store you pick up your item you get paid
for your item and you walk out
with trucking you got to pick up the
load traffic gas mechanics
maintenance everything's got to align
for you to get paid yeah
i did that for two years and i'm like
something i gotta go i can't do this no
more it wasn't good from my mental
health and it wasn't good for
i wasn't really making much money and i
was just i was just tired
watching you on twitter talking about
the digital products i'm like digital
okay okay
let me see if i can go that way and then
had mine's created digital product but
now i have the
the the
the into of digital products i'm like
all i want is digital products
i don't want to do anything else right
right digital products digital services
replicatable and scalable products and
services that is it i don't want to i
don't want to do any of that it kind of
spoils you yeah
it's like it's tough
wake up to money
make money while you're in the bathroom
make money while you're not even focused
on making money
and then do something that makes you
actually put forth effort to make money
it's like why would i want to do that
when there's other ways out that don't
require any of that stuff where i could
be at a football game when i can make
or i could be on a plane and making
money it really
it spoils you it can mess you up
psychologically but
it makes you want to go all in on that
so there are things that need to happen
there is effort that needs to get put in
there is working to get done so landing
pages emails all that stuff to make your
mission your business more efficient and
automated but yeah
once once that happened like the idea of
me getting in a car and going to service
some vending machines it's just that's
not gonna happen so
i was laughing because my i talked to my
wife about this and she's like
she's like we need to change the oil in
the car let's just take it like used to
cut the grass i don't cut the grass
anymore like i i i used to do that stuff
out of necessity
but now
my time is worth more other things like
and then other things is that things i
shouldn't be doing i don't do anymore
it's not that i don't want to do them i
mean some things i don't want to do but
there's other things that i shouldn't be
doing and the perfect example of this is
you messing with the light and the
ladder yeah
he for can you just kind of tell a story
yeah so
i don't think is that camera it is okay
oh this is all now all right so
what was i gonna say oh so
i got this ring security camera i
thought it was the man i was like i need
security cameras on my house
and so
took one out
and i i bought a ladder from home depot
and i'm getting up on the ladder
and i didn't think anything of it
they're like don't wear don't wear
flip-flops on the ladder dude wear
tennis shoes and i was like i got this
and i think sometimes success in other
areas can make you just cocky across the
board which is dangerous
and so
i uh
i'm climbing up the ladder i installed
the light it looks great
it's doing great
and as i'm climbing down the ladder my
foot gets caught
in uh one of the things and i like fall
back on my back luckily this is before
we got the backyard done so it's just
so it really just more shocking than
anything it's a little bit painful a
little more shocking than anything but
the crazy thing is the ring captured it
all so at least the video camera worked
the sad part is
the battery is dead now and i won't go
up there and change it so now i just got
a useless light up there and i need to
change the battery i'm just like i'm
good on that thing
so so i i had a similar ladder
experience but uh when i was living in
atlanta we had trees over our property
and i was like somebody got to clean the
gutters i'm like all right i guess i'll
do it back when i used to do stuff and
i'm like go buy a 20-foot ladder didn't
have one so i went and bought one i go
up there
the ladder slides
i think i'm gonna fall off the side of
the house i'm like let me just get down
this thing
i'm never going up the ladder again
as soon as i got down
my heart was pumping i'm like
and that was that was one of the
realizations like i do not need to be on
ladders yeah this is not my skill set
i'm not gonna fall
nope not gonna do it so it was one of
those things i'm like okay
if the gutters need to be cleaned i'm
gonna hire somebody yeah and then start
going grass needs to be cut
do i really want to spend two hours
cutting an acre and a half of grass
like pay the guy and knock it out in 30
call it a day because he's got the big
machine so now i'm paying people
my time but they're more they're better
at me than i am so you get better you
get a better better quality job done so
now now i'm doing stuff i'm like okay
car needs to get fixed normally i would
change the oil there's one thing i
always did
my dad taught me how to change the
brakes no oil so i always i've always
been changing the brakes to oil but like
now do i really want to be under a car
where the car could fall on me yeah now
i'm really thinking about that i don't
want to be under a car i'm not going to
do it it's just one of those things
where now i'm just i'm paying people to
do what they're what they're meant to do
and they have my have employees and
whatever and such to do that process and
i'm not putting myself in danger and i'm
not doing anything i'm not supposed to
do because i don't know what i'm doing
yeah um
the book who not how what's interesting
about it is
he was going to sell a company
and he was over here trying to figure
out how to sell the company and he
couldn't figure it out he hired somebody
who specializes in positioning companies
to be sold
and ultimately he sold the company for
like way more than he would have sold it
so this guy who realizes like you have
to pay to get more because a lot of
times it's like you can't look at what
it costs you look at the leverage what
am i gaining what am i gaining by giving
you this 100 bucks
not only am i gaining my time back i'm
also getting your expertise i'm also now
like those things and so anyway this guy
who sold this company he went back and
he had to put the christmas lights up
he's up there on the ladder putting the
christmas lights up he falls down goes
into like a coma the dude almost dies
over some damn christmas lights and he
just made multiple millions of dollars
and so he was like man it's like you
realize that who not how never stops
it's not like oh i got this task off my
plate now i can go do something else
that i shouldn't be doing it's like no i
don't do none of that stuff
i i was in the process
before we came here of cleaning like my
office area up which is where i keep a
lot of my clothes and i was like i don't
want to fold all these clothes up i was
like why do i want to fold up all these
clothes these clothes will sit there if
it's up to me
and then they're getting rewashed
because i'll say okay next time i watch
them then i'll fold them up
and they never get folded up but i'm
like if i can't just hire somebody i
want to hire somebody who comes to my
house washes my clothes folds my clothes
put the clothes where they go because
i'm never going to do it and
who not hell never stops really so in
the landscaper and some people like a
lot of times
maintaining a home is just knowing who
to hire
so it's like if you have a drywall
situation hire somebody who does the
drywall if you have landscaping thing
how somebody does that if you need to
get whatever
like hire people
and focus on your business because your
business is not to be plumbing your
business is to be serving your people
becoming the best financial advisor the
best real estate investor that you can
be you're only going to get better by
doing that one of the last things i'll
is it's interesting that when you do
hire the pros
they're so in tune to the industry that
they even know things that you wouldn't
even think of
and so when they put the christmas
lights up i'm thinking he's going to be
using staples he's like we need to
staple some more we use clips apparently
like it's a little clip they put on
there it holds really tightly and then
once it's time to take it off all you do
is pull it
and all the lights come off the thing i
would have never known that but he knows
that and so there's cleaners that know
cleaning the best there's people who do
oil and oil the best you just gotta lean
on the experts
let's kind of pivot into
how people can make money so one things
i love that you teach is stock options
what are stock options yeah for dumb
stock options
allow you to make money in the stock
market with little to no money
a lot of people think that you have to
have this huge
six-figure seven-figure account to make
money in stocks that's not true you just
have to understand
the movement of the stock
and purchase contracts that are going to
allow you to benefit to the upside or to
the downside
one of what i really like about stop
permission is it gives you leverage
right leverage leverage is powerful and
i think leveraging business as a whole
is powerful too leveraging life in
general yeah leverage leverage is key
business and life so with options you
can leverage your small amount of money
to make big money and make huge huge
spreads i like seeing the
i like i like what you do because it
everyday people
if they want to get out of 9 to 5 if
they understand and learn stock options
thoroughly where they can make money no
matter what which way the market goes
so in terms of leverage the reason why
stock options are leveraged is because
each contract represents 100 shares of
that stock whatever stock facebook
amazon tesla google any of those stocks
most people don't have enough money to
buy a hundred shares of their favorite
or one share or one share amazon's with
like three thousand dollars now most
people don't have enough money to buy
that much of the stock but they can buy
the option contract for like 600 bucks
yeah so for an affordable price but
what's really cool about it is it allows
to make
that the average person doesn't have
access to if that makes sense and so we
look at the stats most people don't have
a thousand dollars
hardly anybody has ten thousand dollars
most people have a hundred thousand
dollars liquid but with options you can
easily get to a thousand
with options you can get to your 10 000
and so we're seeing people make 27 000
in the trade when i see that all i see
is somebody who just
shattered your statistics because you
said statistically they're living
paycheck to paycheck you said
statistically that they can't pay their
credit cards statistically they don't
have enough money in their savings
account to handle a thousand dollar
emergency and we shattered that and we
did it without them having to put a
bunch of stuff in their back car
ride around get cussed out by tenants
who are in the wrong we allow them to
just tap on their keyboard participate
in somebody's group chat get a call out
and change their life options changed my
my option story is so i got married i've
got the ring i could afford it wasn't
the rain that she wanted
um it wasn't really that i wanted to
have i wanted to have a nice yeah like
solid ring
like the way my credit was set up and
the way like my income was set up i
wasn't about to i wasn't gonna walk in
there and try to finance like a ten
thousand dollar ring it just wasn't
going to happen i just didn't think it
would happen maybe it would have
happened i don't know i didn't want to
try maybe i did try and they didn't
approve me
so anyway
um i was like damn
i got to think where they get this money
by tomorrow
and um
i just started trading i started trading
options i ran up twenty thousand dollars
in options i'd never had that kind of
money wow i took that twenty thousand
took ten out pay for ringing cash and
they were just looking at me like damn
like where'd the money come from um
took the other ten thousand i probably
like took care of some credit card debt
whatever but i never had that kind of
money liquid before like 20 000 was
amazing to me i felt like i was the man
i was the man i ain't nobody
most people who are around you don't
have 20 grand liquid yeah they just
and um
and i didn't really realize how big of a
thing that was
but options i these days
i'm seeing people with options do it all
the time but what scared me in the
beginning is options are risky and so
options just like you can make a bunch
of money you can lose a lot of money but
you can't necessarily lose a lot of
because you can only lose it you invest
so the thing is don't invest what you
aren't willing to lose
i want people to have thousand dollar
positions or lower because the leverage
is going to take care of you i don't
want people out there putting five grand
10 grand
into options because like we said most
people have five grand or ten grand in
general so why would you be investing
that preserve that and then even if you
have five grand ten grand let's still
invest your thousand dollars to five
hundred so that's why those small
account challenges are important and
that's why some people can get
frustrated because they make a lot of
money with options they start thinking
they're god's next thing to the stock
market and
they start making mistakes
losing losing losing
that's how i actually met you i actually
bought the the options course and i
learned that how to do that i think i
don't do it anymore it's not that i
don't want to i just don't have the
capacity to do everything
so i remember i had like a 1500 day and
i'm like
this is interesting this is very
interesting and i had like only like i
had like two grand in there and i had a
fifteen hour day i just
almost almost 100 x i'm like okay 100 on
one day and i'm like okay this is
um one thing i feel like can you talk
about like the the minimum limit of
trading and
because you have to have like 10 uh 25
thousand dollars to be like a considered
day trader day trader
i feel like that personally hindered me
making more money because i couldn't day
trade because
when it was going up i i would do quick
in and out and just call it a day and
once i made my money i'd be done but the
day trading
the day trading limits hit me and i'm
like okay i have to use these so i
always kept one sandbag just because a
good opportunity came yeah and like
i always felt like the the day trading
minimum hindered me from making actually
good money when i was doing it yeah so i
want to say in order for you to legally
be considered a day trader
you have to have at least 25 000 in your
brokerage account
if you don't have 25 000 then they limit
you to three what they call round trips
within i won't say 90 day period i think
that's it's some either 30 days seven
seven days i think it's seven oh wow or
i i don't i haven't done it in a year so
wow don't hold me too all right so let's
just say it's seven days
and so essentially what a round trip is
is when you buy and you sell
in the same trading the same trading day
so what i used to do
is i would
buy before the market closed and i would
sell when the market opened so then i
could still get around that rule
but if you see something in the morning
and you buy it that morning you're stuck
in it until the next day you never know
what it's going to open at the next day
it might fall
it likely will fall because usually
sometimes like the market goes up down
up so
you have a really good day you're going
to take a little bit of loss the next
day if you take that loss
you're gonna take you're gonna feel that
loss because losses hurt in options yeah
so small ticks up you're gonna win a lot
because again every ticket times 100. so
if you go up a dollar that's a hundred
dollars if you go up two dollars that's
per contract so you got five six
contracts you could do the math you're
up a thousand dollars for one dollar
that's the leverage there that's what
we're talking one dollar can turn into a
thousand dollars with the profit that's
the leverage but conversely
you lose two dollars you might lose
fifty percent
because that's just how hard the option
contracts can hit
um just statistics a lot of things go
into that the greeks
yeah the day trader thing can really
hinder a lot of people
there are ways to get around it though
there's different accounts you can use
so weeble allows you unlimited day
i want to say it's just weeble
that i know of there might be another
the offhand stuff that i don't really
use that much
yeah i know i've ran into that because
one of the worst things that happened
is if you do do more than your three
they'll lock your account yep for 90
days yeah they'll lock it for 90 days
yes and then you're just like screwed
for 90 days
that wasn't fun um it almost happened to
me and i'm like i think i bought when
tesla was going crazy during the
pandemic i'm like i bought into it and
i'm like i made like 700 in 30 seconds
i'm good i'm done i'm out
using my day trades on one of those
things and like it's when you're when
you're monitoring the market and you see
opportunity like that if you have the
option to go in and out
it's it's huge yeah
it's so huge
so i i kind of missed doing it but
it was one of those things where i
southern california i get like at 6 30
and yeah that was one of the song like
that's one of the things that sucks and
now now i was telling i was telling him
i was like i get up on my alarm i don't
think i don't have some alarm i just get
up whenever i get up
my wife takes care of the kids in the
morning so i just get up whenever i get
up one thing that i think is interesting
you definitely have an advantage when
you are investing on the east coast
yes because
it doesn't even start till 9 30.
you could sleep in and still be good you
could literally sleep in until 8 o'clock
and then still have time to really look
at what's going you can sleep until nine
o'clock you want i don't know time you
wake up but you can sleep in until like
nine o'clock wake up and just start
working but if you're smart and you wake
up like six
now you can go to the gym you can eat
breakfast you can read the charts like
what's going on so they have a huge
advantage on the east coast
whereas if we did that you'd have to get
like three in the morning right and
what's good about three o'clock in the
damn morning it's just nuts you're just
it doesn't make any sense at all
they definitely got an advantage on that
side i'm pretty sure there are people
who do it though
crazy people that do this full time
we just part time on that side right
we're trying to make part-time money
part-time uh part-time earnings
on that side yeah but i i think what it
looks like is it interesting seeing
what you can do with a little bit of
money once you get the education that's
the hack
the education
from people who have already made the
mistakes before
who have a vested interest in making
sure that you don't make those mistakes
if you
go on youtube
good luck i know a lot of people go on
youtube try to learn this stuff and they
fumble around for a long time
and then they go and they take a course
a paid course
and they don't realize like there's a
difference between a paid course and a
youtube thing youtube is just here's the
a course is like you paid me let me make
sure that you get something out of this
yeah let me make sure that i skip
through all the fluff also that's not
really relevant they're gonna help you
and make sure that you get something out
of this and if you don't get something
out of this hey here's my community hey
shoot me a dm
hey hit me up like that's the kind of
stuff i don't know when the last time
you shot a text message somebody on
youtube like hey youtube person how do i
work this out they're not going to
they don't care maybe if you leave a
comment they will but
that's different and so i think that the
education is definitely important but
i tell people my son won't have a
part-time job but he will trade options
i'd rather him learn that that's so
important because it's not just a option
skill it's a stock market skill it's a
life skill it's a life skill
so you're learning companies you're
learning ceos you're learning financial
statements you're learning technical
analysis all these things they're going
to take you so far
kfc didn't help me do
i don't think kfc i would do anything at
all except maybe learn that i wanted to
own a kfc
but i don't use kfc knowledge in in
general life i don't use radio shack
knowledge in general life i went from
kfc to radio shack
and then i worked to sprint it's kind of
interesting how that works and so
um i don't want my son to do that stuff
i don't want to work nonsense jobs i
want him to learn a skill that's going
to apply to his entire life that's going
to make him an asset to his community
because understanding that the stock
market understanding is going to make
him have knowledge that then it benefits
everybody not just himself and so like
that's why we have to get into being
business owners being investors because
more than more people benefit when
you're on that side of the column than
the e and the s column e s side
you get a lot of different perspectives
too because they have the quarterly
calls and the annual reports and you can
go look or look all that stuff up see
what their projections are so you can
see how business is done at a high level
right just looking at the reports and
you actually it's opportunity to
get a bigger view and they don't listen
to that stuff as people are in stocks
like i didn't even know that was a thing
until i got into stockholm they have all
this stuff public you can go to the
website and download this like what
but it's just it you don't you lack the
lack the information so i wish they
taught it in high school yeah as a whole
because like i said it's a life skill
instead of balancing a check position
stocks yeah basically stocks tickers and
all that good stuff yeah understanding
options because like
and once you understand that
i think i think it's the crazy part like
once you once your eyes are open to the
possibilities you look at jobs
differently yeah they do you do
i think that's why i've been a terrible
employee for the majority of my life
is because i just see through it all
when i was working at um sprint i never
forget i was working in spring and it
was a franchise
and the owner used to pull up in a big
the owner used to just like have all the
phones that i wanted i think his wife
worked in the business with him he'd
always take his time on these grand
events and i was like i want to be him
i don't want to be
the person working in spring hoping to
one day be a manager i want to be him
and that's just how i've always operated
like i just i just knew i wanted to be
the boss i know i wanted to be the owner
i know i want to be the big dog i didn't
want to be the person working for the
big dog
it sucks because i want people to not
think like that and that's why
not i don't mean like i don't i don't
want people to think they want to be me
it's just weird it's like
people who follow me on social media
they know how i think and so it's very
difficult for somebody who knows who i
think to work for me because they know
i'm anti-job they know i'm anti-all that
stuff but i'm asking you to be the
opposite of what i am and what i preach
i think
i think you need to attach uh
direct yourself differently so it's like
yes i'm anti-job but i'm building
something here do you want to build with
because that's not a job it's not a job
you're just equity you're asking
somebody to build i want people to have
equity in what i'm building
so they can be a partner they can't have
a voice but they can be a partner
common stock not preferred stock so and
dr stein so like what i tell people is
like do you want to build do you want to
build in what i'm building because you
if i show you the vision you understand
the vision
you want to build with me i don't know
why i wasn't streaming this man
i'm wilding out
i wonder where i can put this
you want your blue one
i might just lean it right there
there we go here we go
all right cool
so i like that i like that approach
it's a different mindset shift and when
you make it in your mind and when you're
actually looking instead of looking for
employees you're looking for for
builders to help you build i think you
should be on my board of directors
would you be on the board of directors
for thai capital
i think you should because you have good
ideas that i need to implement and you
have good ideas too and i think it's
it's a give and take right i try like i
i ha i have my opinion i'll tell you my
opinions but if you want to do something
different it is what it is yeah yeah and
people that difference of opinion i'm
not going to stop you from doing what
you're doing because i've i've
i've wanted success for people more than
they wanted it for themselves and i
push them to do what i want them to do
right it's more it's more of i want you
to do this if you want to do it let's do
something if you don't all good i'll
find somebody that will i feel like
everybody needs a board of directors
every company is a board of directors
especially you don't have partners
so and this is this is the this is the
power of uh getting so with with what
we're doing in business is that we seek
knowledge from a lot of high-level
counselors that operate business maybe
by themselves or with other people but
they understand business in their own
niche in their own way and they built
something big
so i respect their input even though i
might not do what they say i respect
their input even though
i might not do 100 of what you did but i
have my own twist on that right i'm
going to twist into my own thing
absolutely and that was very valuable
and i appreciate that thank you
let's go out to dinner yeah
it's like you're looking for input not
instructions yeah you're looking for
somebody who's going to chime in a
little bit to kind of maybe just like
give you something in the back of your
brain to think about
the and it's more of people that they
want to see you win and it's not that
they want to partner with you it's just
like yeah yeah i want to see you win and
i'm going to i'm going to guide you and
direct you based off of what my
experience and my knowledge but you
don't have to do it it's based off your
own decision there's a reason why these
things exist so board of directors and
it's that's more acting like big
business based off of stocks yeah big
business has board of directors because
they need multiple inputs and influence
to make sure the company's going in the
right direction that represents the
shareholders i need to who else should
be on my board
thinking uh
maybe roy red could be on my board
seek advice for many counselors yeah
yeah i would say that i think options is
probably the best side hustle
in my opinion it is um
outside of that i love turo and i love
the truck the turtle and the truck
everything else i'm trying to sell it
try to sell vending machines and the
rental properties the only reason i like
the rentals is because real estate it
only goes up and i just i just like the
idea of having that empire i think you
have to switch into other types of real
estate and not necessarily rentals
i talked to uh
guys doing land investing for 30 years
in atlanta and that was a guy
we spoke to about earlier
he i asked him like do you own any house
he's like no no houses like just office
industrial and land and since he's the
land guy he's negotia everything's
negotiable in real estate so he's
negotiated himself into land leases so
since he's the land guy he's like hey
i'm selling it for this but if you give
me equity in your business
wow i'll sell it to you for cheaper wow
so now he's he's he go i talked to him
he negotiated himself into a restaurant
where he might get paid a million
dollars a year just by negotiating into
a restaurant uh that's that outlet out
that owl stuff i used to work for a dude
and he used to do some deals like that
that's that's
where you start creating money and
creating wealth and that's just by
positioning yourself into the right deal
just by what what you have what you
bring to the table and what you're
willing to ask for and what you're
willing to ask for yeah so a lot of
people think
hey i owe
this perfect example i owe taxes
to the to the county
most sellers think they have to pay
those taxes to come out clear when we
come in and solve that problem we we
always ask for a discount hey if i'm
gonna pay for these taxes can i get a
discount on this can i pay half of it
and i'll pay it all right now up front
versus some payments
and that's the economy like yeah as long
as you do this this and this yeah you're
boom ask for a discount so now
we're kind of spoiled as investors
because we always ask for a discount on
most things and
and it depends who it is because like
not we're not gonna ask discount for
people that and this is where other
people support business like i'm not
gonna ask you for a discount for your
product service i'm just gonna pay you
full price because i support you
whereas other people if i don't know
them i'm like i'm gonna ask for just
kind of watch
and i never pay full price because
there's always flex
they're gonna get vip specs let me just
ask for it
yeah um
when i was working in the family office
we'd do a lot of deals and um
that's where you really get the win
it's the little things you can get
everybody wants the obvious stuff
the cash
the property
but what we would do
is we would negotiate things like that
so for example we did a loan
on a vineyard
and within that loan in the vineyard
yeah we're making our money but he said
i also want
12 nights at your resort per year for
and oh yeah i want a case of wine every
for free
and he just threw that in there little
kickers they're always looking for
little kickers they can add to the deal
like sweeteners they would call them i
and so would do that
we would do a deal we would do like a
large-scale multi-family development we
would say i want to keep this unit for
always for myself and i want it clean to
treat it just like it's a part of you
guys entire establishment and he would
just get a free and clear unit there or
he would build a whole track of homes
and he would keep three lots
just for his like niece his nephews and
so i was like that's that's how you
start to chunk away at wealth you start
to have this legacy of different things
you put together just off of different
deals you've done
the beauty of that and
they'll give it to you because you're
giving them what they want and if it's
just a little
they're going to ask for it the
afterthought so i've heard of people in
real estate when they're doing single
they're like hey can i get that gun
just for the fun of it they'll just ask
for it and there's something they can
like hey you can get the gun yeah
if the person passed away and is their
gun like yeah you can have it yeah what
am i gonna do with the gun so like we
always ask for extra stuff like if you
see opportunity can you get the boat
outside it's just sitting in the
driveway let me pick up the boat yeah
get the car
there's a guy one of the guys i follow
he's got multiple cars he's got a free
boat cars guns this just by asking for
it while he's doing the deal already hey
can i get that can i get that tv
it's kind of and it's just something you
don't even think of but it's the power
of negotiation when you go into
negotiations openly there's a lot of
things you can just by asking they'll
write it in for you
and even like the lots the lots like if
they build up the whole neighborhood and
you get the lots wait till they finish
they build a neighborhood and sell off
the lots to somebody else
and now you get an extra bonus four
years later yeah after everything's been
built and it's just a simple ask
yep it's interesting
because in that moment it doesn't mean
but four years later it's going to be a
lot so you gotta think the long game too
i think you got a lot of knowledge from
the family office i i love your stories
from the family office because i feel
like they're playing at a different
level and it opened your eyes to what
people are operating at and nobody
you can't get in that door yeah
you can't you can't ask to get in that
door unless you're you're in it already
so there's a lot of things going on that
you might not understand that you're not
even privy to
but if you can position yourself to
learn that you can that can change your
life or to at least be exposed to it or
at least be exposed to it and that's
that's the beauty of opportunity is that
if and we'll go back to building if you
partner with me i'll teach you something
now that you might know even if you
might not work with me forever you might
be able to use this information for the
rest of your life yeah okay that'll
change your life because the power is in
the information not understanding the
money yeah and the power is in the
people not necessarily the money yeah
people are more valuable than money
power to the people
so i would i would agree with that
and everybody's trying to chase the
money and the nice watches and every the
nice cars and all that stuff but if you
can find the right people the money will
true that
so what you got man no no where where
can people find you oh
time capital
uh ig link yeah
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todd capital but i'm running out of teas
i need to re-up my teeth for the new
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get a bunch of polo shirts and then you
wash them and they shrink and they fade
i got to re-up my merch
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of t-shirts a bunch of polo shirts
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up there you go but uh at todd capital
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appreciate your time i hope we got a
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