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March 2, 2022

Ep 128- From Chipotle To Real Estate Flipper With Al Reyes

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all right we're here today with alvaro
reyes out of wisconsin who i just met
from the hustle harder event a few weeks
ago it was a great opportunity i met a
lot of uh people a lot of younger people
a lot of younger graphic which is the
perfect opportunity because i like
interviewing lots of young people
so first of all how old are you
i'm 20 years old out of milwaukee
boom just turned 20.
so i like i like talking to young people
for different reasons just because i'm
still young too i'm 29 but i like
talking to younger people too because
there's so much opportunity
from 20 to 30 and like you're just 20
years old doing amazing things so um
let's talk about i know this probably
hasn't been much but what if
how did you end up here like what would
you do in the past like when you start
working like 16 17 years old you kind of
fall into real estate or in the 18 like
how'd that happen
i mean i've always had that background
my mom
and my dad being
very hard workers
coming from an immigrant background you
always tend to see that a lot i know a
lot of people can relate um
so started working at the age of 13
um also a host at 14 and 15. i was
actually a bartender at this latin
um so i was i was doing a little bit of
you know
that underage
you know work that i should have been
doing but you know
sometimes you don't care and you know
the people who were managing it were
really close to me so they understood i
was responsible i was there to work
and they told me if anyone asked how old
you are you tell them 21 and that's what
i went off by
um just worked up until
all of high school and kind of the the
point where i went into real estate was
senior year
up until senior year of high school real
estate never came up on my mind never
never never i was actually looking to go
into horticulture
for several different reasons
just i happened to land
i happened to landed by
by this opportunity that this one friend
brought to me
that i used to work with at chipotle and
that one friend was actually tony
romero's girlfriend i mean i'm sorry his
at the time they were dating um but tony
romero's wife you know she was telling
me about tony she'd always tell me about
you know tony's you know i'm always
going to tony's games he's always
playing soccer he's busy in this
and she talked a lot about tony and i
was like
what's up with this tony guy like like
she's telling me so much about it and
like i'm working you know i'm making
chips and and she's helping me and she's
like just telling me everything about
and so then i was like hey like you know
i don't want to do this for the rest of
my life like if there's a way where you
know i can be that young
and be that successful
you know let me dive into it i've never
been afraid into getting into different
um i think that's something that my
parents brought into me
growing up
they'd put me into like martial arts and
and a bunch of things that would cause
me to learn how to self-discipline
you know that's why i was like well you
know getting to know stuff it wasn't no
biggie i like to challenge myself
so i got hooked up with tony he was
telling me about what he does and i i
thought it was very interesting
and at the time i was working at panda
during that time i was talking with with
marisela it wasn't chipotle she just
tell me about him
and i told her i told her hey hooked me
up with tony she's like text him here's
his number i text him he's so busy he
never texts back
but then i quit and then i right away
went to panda and then i was working at
panda and i went from like employee to
like manager in like a couple weeks
and you know my manager was like you
know i could give you a 10k you know
bonus if you know i could train you to
be a manager i thought it was pretty
interesting because i never made 10k in
my life
um and so i was like hmm
you know i'm this might be interesting
but then
i thought about that tony guy because i
kept texting him i would text him
repeatedly i'm very
like i don't care until i get that yes
or an answer i'll keep texting
i finally i finally got tony to answer
and he's like yeah come to my office
i asked him i'm like hey like you know
this is what i do this is my type
personality he was very like edgy about
starting with him because of my age
luckily tony took that
he took that initiative to believe in
someone my age because he he knew he was
young too
you know but i understood that you know
he has a business he wants you know
um you know people that that are
salesmen and i've never been a salesman
i've always been
you know a crew member at a at a
restaurant you know so i've never been
i've never been into sales but i'll tell
you one thing
i've always i've always been able to get
my way as a kid whether it was whining
whether it was
persuading people and how i talk i
always got what i wanted so i guess i
did have a little bit of salesman in me
but i've never
put it into a work field
you know tony gave me an opportunity and
i quit my job
once tony told me yeah come on board i
told him okay you want to see how
serious i am i'm going gonna quit my job
so i quit my job i told my manager no
i'm not taking the 10k
i'm moving to real estate she's like
yeah i guess real estate's good and all
that but you know you know this is
something guaranteed i mean you're gonna
fail a lot and i'm like
yeah let's go i'm like i'm up for it and
so i quit
i actually left my letter of resignation
on a receipt
and i left it there
and i never came back
and so that's how i got into it
that's awesome man so let's tell your
first deal where you're like 18. how
long has it been you've been you're 20
now you've been in real estate for like
two years now you're getting ready
what was your first real estate just
actually was a wholesale i know you're
doing flips now so we'll talk about that
in a minute but what was your first deal
how'd that happen
so my first deal was actually with tony
so tony had me as cold caller but he's
seen how good i was with talking to
and he was just starting to get more
va's and more people on board he was you
know expanding his company
and so
you know he was like hey like
how would you want to do you know
dispositions so i was like okay like
what do i do told me what i did trained
got me rocking and rolling met a lot of
buyers made great relationships
my first wholesale deal that i actually
we how would i say it we did a couple
small ones
those those were like you know five
grand eight grand
um we did one on the north side
and then a couple on the south side i
did like three of them in my first like
two months of being his dispositions
but the first like the first big check
that i felt really proud of that i was
part of was an assignment fee that tony
made i think in total he made over like
80 grand total maybe 100 i don't
but because i disappeared one of the
yeah my and my disposition um assistant
he just bore the other deal
our acquisitions he locked in uh two
duplexes in higher desirable areas at
really good prices
and i had this harder money lender
and i shot her i shot her the the info
she's like how much do you want i told
her i was like i was so excited because
she was like i want that now she's like
don't sell it to anyone i was so excited
because like all the other deals like
those smaller ones it was just like okay
well i showed it you know i walked them
you know they give you the offer and you
know you come back at them like you know
just the usual dispositions part but
this this just seems so unreal because
it was so quick
she was like how much do you want and i
told tony i'm like bro she's willing to
pay whatever he's like we need this um i
think we had it for like
i think we had it for like 140 and she
bought it for 175.
um i don't remember what how where we
locked it up at but we made like 55k on
and i didn't even have to show it like
there was no showings we locked it up
the first day the first day i just
bought it didn't show it so i don't see
an offer at like 54k 5455k we made on
so that was my my first
big hotel deal with him
yeah hungry cash buyers like this is
amazing we just sold the same day you
know you got it really excited about
that yeah like i've
like once i felt that like i was like
dude this is just a matter of rinse and
you know like
just bring like this is what a quality
deal brings you know and and a lot of
the times where we're facing buyers and
you know as a
coming from a dispositions
from a disposition
disposition side
we don't communicate enough with our
acquisitions to be like hey my buyers
would be paying at that be buying at
this price
like i could just tell right off the bat
if you lock it up
whether they'll touch it or not like i
don't even have to run comps one because
i know their area
two because i know what their price
point is you know and and
a lot of the times when i walk my buyers
tony hooked me up with some good buyers
that will walk with you they'll tell you
hey this is something that i'm looking
at a lot of people are going to tell you
that this is
typically a lot of work
but if you do it yourself or you or you
do this you know your costs are going to
go down
and there's people that keep your rule
with you and then you bring that
assignment fee and they look at them
they're like
good job i mean bring another deal you
know keep bringing me deals keep making
this money you know there's those good
buyers those are the buyers we want to
work with
but at the same time
you know in order for for us to get that
right buyer we have to do our due
diligence and locking it up at the right
and making sure that you know
if we're locking it up at this price
that there's enough meat on the bone
for them to get a good ass deal and for
me to walk away with some cash because
at the end of the day
as a wholesaler like
you're not taking on the risk
you know you're
you're just passing off a contract and
at the end of the day like
there's things that pop up on a property
and and now that i'm getting into
flipping i'm seeing it firsthand
and so i mean it's
it's been
you know a great thing to learn during
the process
and that now you flip to the other side
i got you no that's cool man i'm
actually working on my first book too
myself oh ferl yep sick where is it
uh california i'm just doing a hotel oh
okay i gotta move home
oh sweet
but um so
two years in real estate how many deals
have you done even with working for tony
to now and then now that you're able to
you did so many transactions now you're
working on flip how many deals have you
done so far over the last two years
with tony i think we did over like 15
off that i don't remember how many more
but then just personally i started
so i was with tony for a while and then
just recently from
last year in in february
i took a trip a vacation
i did a lot of reflecting because i had
gotten out of a relationship and all
um did a lot of reflecting
and i was like you know what like
you know i know tony's doing his thing
and you know i feel like i have to take
control of my life
and and do what i have to do to make
something work because i know how it i
know how it worked but it was like am i
willing to take the chance of trying to
start something
because like whether you're in like in
any company you'll always find those
things that are missing right that
you're like man i wish this was better i
wish this was better but once you're
actually in the shoes of like setting it
all up it's like dude it's a work in
process you got to go back to the back
to the board every single time
like and and then you have to accept
that you know you have scratch has to be
your best friend you know when starting
a company
and so
at that time i didn't understand it from
up until may no february march april
may from from february to may
i was trying to figure out systems and
try to see like if i could get someone
to you know work with me didn't find any
then i i talked to an old friend of mine
that i used to go to high school with
his name's aaron cefuentes
and he took a chance on me
he he
you know lended me money we we got some
deals going from may up until now
five deals and we've made
we made approximately like a hundred and
ten thousand in in those few months off
those four deals like yeah we're not
doing crazy deals but at least the
margins that we're picking
like they're good margins
i got another closing
in like two three weeks with another
colleague of mine so
we got another extra 10 10k to that
yeah i mean it hasn't been a lot that
we've been doing just because it's like
like i say start from scratch start from
scratch what do we have to move like
i'm reading this book called profit
really good book
you know it teaches you about balance
you know a lot of the times people think
balance is adding things
balance is taking off
seeing seeing
you know what you don't need take it off
and then from there you're good you know
um with the with the flip you're working
on now you you found somebody
lend you the private money to buy
by the flip right that's really good so
this is how i structured the flip
we made
we made a large chunk of money in
um off the wholesale deal that we did
here in milwaukee we made uh 65 000
off that wholesale deal
we had that money saved up we got a
couple more va's
and for that flip well we have money
saved in the bank for me
saving that money in the bank for me and
my partners is a waste you know
inflation is happening every single day
so it's like
let's not keep it there let's figure out
how we can
put these in different deals
this flip that we're doing we're
actually doing an ovation on it
so for anyone that doesn't know
innovation ovation typically you call it
a fixing list
you know so you're not actually buying
the property you're only going in with
so that's how we're doing it so the
she's i think she's like 80 something
she has heart problems she originally
bought the property for her children
children ever
um occupy the property so it's been
vacant for a couple years now
uh she's 40 47k in arrears
she has 102 122 thousand dollar
so her payoff amounts like roughly like
one like 160 around there now she's got
like 25 king in judgments so her payoff
amounts gonna be roughly around 190
and when we looked at the property you
know we were like okay well as is
i can just probably just list it for
like 240 230. which
i think we could at least gotten like
220 without touching it
as is well kept we're like 240 260.
there's nothing that's like like
majorly flipped in the area with like
um updated kitchen updated bathrooms you
what a typical
flip would look like you know
you don't see that in the area and so on
that one we were like well if they're
selling for 260 as is
i mean flip i mean we can probably make
good money off it
if her payoff amount is 195 we're going
in with 30k and budget for the flip
so we're we're roughly in it like at
215 213 around there i don't know i'm
too good with math off the top of my
but we're in a 30k so we're not buying
the house we're just putting in the
rehab and then right away listing it for
290. i think 290 is a reasonable price
hoping with how the market is that we
don't have a lot of inventory in that
i know people are willing to over bid at
least 10 15 k
nice so
she's in 190 would you agree to pay her
after all of her
she she literally told me i don't want
i need this off my hands
clear the judgments and clear everything
so you got a free house and she's a
she pretty much partnered with you
yeah and that that's that's what we like
to tell our sellers you know when we're
when we're you know pitching an ovation
hey what you're asking for it's a lot
and you know i told the wholesaler too
because i didn't find the lead a
wholesaler brought me the league
so i had to pay the wholesaler two grand
because he was trying to wholesale it no
one bit at it i've also seen a couple
other wholesalers that had it under
for the last two years and no one was
able to do anything with it
you know we we talked to her we're like
hey let's partner up on it obviously
you've seen no one's been able to close
on it at that one at your payoff amount
plus the rehab it's going to be a lot
you know to pay full in cash so we're
like let's partner up on it we'll go
into rehab we'll take care of any
expenses that go out through through the
months that we're rehabbing we told her
give us six months
and it'll be off your name but worst
case scenario
by the end of the year it should be off
your name and that's not the case for
all sellers you know some sellers
like they're like no i needed i needed
out my name you know eight months six
months and for her it's like as long as
it's off my name by the end of the year
do whatever the hell you want with it so
create a win-win scenario yeah so we win
win you know we help get this off our
head and you know we we make some good
profit off it just going in 30k
no it's amazing man that's a that's an
amazing opportunity you created because
it wasn't there
and that's the best video about real
estate is you can kind of create your
own possibilities
and it's not there's no one way to do it
every transaction is going to be
completely different and
and everything's going to have different
issues so it's awesome you adapt it and
use some of your wholesale money to get
some bigger check that's dope man
that's awesome man so how how how when
are you looking to list the property and
when is that gonna all turn out
we're working on flooring right now
flooring should be done by the end of
the week
right right less
then we're doing bathrooms and then the
kitchens so hopefully we'll have this
done by the end of the month
and i'll probably have it listed within
the first or second week of march
there you go
there you go man i think a lot of people
they think of uh they need to do bigger
transactions but you seem to get good
hits like that every once in a while and
it helps out huge and you didn't
wholesale it yeah that's something
that's just something creative creative
the creative strategies where it's at
because you can create you can create
endless possibilities
yeah that's a that's a slogan that my
company go by
it's um you know creating creating
solutions with creative financing
you know
with creative financing you could you
could literally do anything you could
structure it however you want
it's a fun thing
that's dope man that's dope man so
20 years old how do you overcome mindset
even even now i could tell you're kids
you're so kind of green and you're still
learning a lot but you've done a lot
even at you at such a young age like
what's what's some uh mindset things you
gotta overcome as far as
confidence or
informational stuff like that
i think definitely investing in yourself
taking that leap
to educate yourself because
to be honest
you don't need college
it's um i'd advise it if you want to you
know go do a
a certain profession that you know you
need that college degree i'm totally up
for i'm not against college
for me i'm not gonna say college wasn't
for me
it's like i like to get
i like to get in it i like to get dirty
i i like to
you like you don't you don't learn
unless they're scarring
i'm a i'm a very raw person and unless
they're scarring
you you know it
front and back
and so for me it's like
i thought about it like this
in school
you learn and then you take the test but
in life you take the test and then you
so i was like dude if it's and i've and
i talk to a lot of people that are in
real estate because my thing was like
should i go to college should i go to
college should i go to college for real
estate should i get my license
and you know they were just telling me
like i didn't do it with with college
you know i i went into it i learned i
[ __ ] up and i learned from it and and
i moved on and
and you gotta adapt you know and for me
it's like
i like a challenge
i i like to put myself in a situation
where i feel a lot of pressure because
that's when i work the best
it's like it's not stress it's it's
you you learn about failing forward and
making a lot of mistakes early
um i like that uh
i like i like i like i like when you
position yourself
in a position of growth because most
times people are comfortable
and that was my i need to be put i need
to be pushed to push them to pressure
that way i can grow
and and that that was my thing it's like
you know like i could take this easy
path and
just kind of like
be there and float around and hopefully
wait for the opportunity to happen but
it was like do like no one like at the
end of the day no one's there to help
you like no one's there to like grab you
by your hand
feed you
walk you all the way through
i mean if you do want that you better
you better know that it's gonna cost you
money because people's time
is very valuable and that's one thing
that i've learned in this industry
you got
like just right off the bat
self-preservation one of the things that
goes into mindset what are you going to
deal with and what are you not gonna
deal with
like for me
the friends i wanted to like go to the
club all the time and me being underage
let's not get into that but you know we
all have our fun times
you know they didn't invite me they'd
invite me to go drink to go party to go
do stupid stuff to to go smoke and and
do nothing and it's like
like i need i needed to understand what
my worth was and that i'm in it for the
long term you know these these kids they
want to have fun
every day it's party for every sort of
every sort of reason has to like have
some sort of celebration
and they get stuck on that and then
they're 50 years old and then they're
working a job that they don't like to do
and that's it you know they're stuck you
wasted how many years just doing nothing
so for me it was like
one self preservation
figure out what i'm a deal with if i
don't need this person if they're not
bringing me any sort of value i don't
need them
yes good there are good people
and i
keep those good people by you right
don't burn any bridges
keep good people by you but people that
are gonna bring you value
because they're good people that don't
bring anything you know they're just
and it's like
like i've met a lot of good people that
are like
that have great morals but at the end of
the day they're like they're just
floating they're like oh
well i'm just here you know
whatever whatever whatever life has you
know i'm ready for it you know
just just here
chilling seeing whatever happens happens
and it's like
like okay you're a good person but i
can't be with someone that thinks like
that because i i need someone to push me
you know you are who you who you hang
around with
you know and and for me it's like
i think i got to this point really
quickly because when i was growing up i
always wanted to be with the older
because i never really felt accepted
with the younger people
yeah just seeing who you surround
yourself with is is number one
you know for mindset and then also
you know figuring out who you are
figuring out what you want to do because
how you make money
and what you do for a living
is two different things two different
things and
making money is is a skill you learn how
to make money
you know
and and it's just a game of you know
multiplying you know because it's easy
to make it but it's it's hard to double
it and triple it unless you know what
you're doing and you learn how to fail
uh how is important is mentors
because as has you have other mentors
besides tony are you kind of introduced
to that because the proximity in your
circle is really important like me
my friends are my clients like i don't i
don't talk to anybody i don't talk to
anybody else besides real estate people
that's like my whole life
relatable relatable as hell
um i mean finding that right mentor that
has the same morals as you
has the same plans is very important
at the time i don't really have tony as
as a dead mentor like a dead-on mentor
because he was busy doing a lot of stuff
and i mean and
i would call it mentoring while i was
around him because he would teach me
about like
you know things that i would never know
about because all i do is cold call and
when you cold call i mean all you do all
you know is get a person's information
but you don't know how to write a deal
if you don't know what goes into talking
to a seller
i did learn a lot during his during
working there i did get some mentoring
you know on on phone calls hearing his
phone calls
that's very important it's very
important to just if you don't know how
to talk to people listen to
listen if like if your thing is like
okay well i have the lead and i have the
information i just don't know how to
talk to the seller listen to audios
listen to someone call
ask your friend hey
can i listen to your your real estate
transaction calls like do you learn a
lot you know and and being confused
while you're like learning happens when
you're listening to those calls and
you're like what the hell is he talking
what is this what is this jot it down at
the end of the call dude
i don't know what happened but that that
phone call seemed really cool
what were you talking about when you
said this this this and this
that i learned a lot from tony in that
um and i recently got a mentor
i'm a sub 2 student with pace
so having pace
has been has been awesome because you
know he taught me a different avenue of
how to get invested into real estate
me not having any money
um or any knowledge on creative
he's been providing it he provides a lot
of his phone calls that he does with
sellers so
that helps out a ton because when you're
you know when you're looking at these
creative deals
you know sometimes it's so creative that
you just have to know how to pitch it
because a confused mind will always say
that's what pace is all the time
for me that's something that like i live
by it's like okay like i need to listen
to this one more time one more time one
more time one more time until i
understand it so having a mentor that
that can provide that sort of value like
like show me what you do like how do you
do it because the thing is is like
i could paint i could show you this
but it's like
like where did you start like i see that
nice ass picture but like did you start
and here did you start here and if so
what stroke did you use it's like
like there's an art to calling there's
an art to negotiating
and you really have to study it like
like an nba player studies the game
watching and re-watching it and so
having a mentor has has helped me
turn dead leads leads that i throw away
as a wholesaler as an average also that
you know the tip of the iceberg
and with what i learned i've been able
you know do my first flip at 20. you
know if i would have never known
anything about creative financing i
would have never been in this picture
you know and i was scared of of spending
that money but here's the here's the
thing that i thought uh that i think
we spend money
on buying
on on buying these things that don't
guarantee anything to us they guarantee
some some type of social status but when
you buy when you invest in yourself
you're asking yourself man should i
really do it like dude like wake the
hell up like
like carrying you're gonna guarantee
yourself something dog because when you
buy this this and this they're not
they're not telling you you know
that they're going to make you like the
the best for the sales person or this
this and that like
dude investing in yourself yeah it's a
bit scary at first when money's involved
if you're obsessed with it you'll make
it happen because when i got that
mentorship it was seven thousand dollars
i barely got that mentorship like this
past summer and we had it like
like 20k in the bank account
but it's like okay 20k
like it was a lot but it was like
well i don't have any sort of income
coming in right now this is all i got
and if i'm spending it on what i have to
like my daily needs
and pay for that like it's not going to
work out
i'm not
and i'm living with my parents with my
so it's like
yeah i don't you don't have a lot of
bills but it's like paying for leads
paying for va
it adds up so it was like man like
should i spend it but here's the thing
i decided to sign a contract and and get
into that 7k and pay monthly
i hustled and got deals and and the
deals paid for it you know so it's like
you know if you don't have the money
find a way find a way to get that money
for the education because it's totally
worth it
i'm really glad you said you're a
student of the face i didn't know that i
didn't know that coming into this
because i was wondering like how'd you
learn an innovation agreement when
you're just starting out but i'm like
okay that makes sense now because you
learn from pace yeah i learned
i i met pace two years ago
and i took a steep trains training and i
i drove my uh because trains are going
he come out to the vet in phoenix or
training in phoenix i was like
i'll figure out a way to get there and i
was i had a trucking business sometimes
i actually drove my semi truck from
atlanta to phoenix
and that's how i got there oh okay
so i drove my truck and i'm at pace
there so that doesn't for some of the
i have a picture i'll show you later but
it's interesting
yeah i i paid to play too i was broke
too at that time i was grinding in
trucking business
and i got to pay to pay for the
information and paid to be in the right
position but it's cool man a lot a lot
of people
they're afraid
like he said they're afraid they'll
invest in anything else but their
and education like you can use this you
can literally use
pace's mentorship
the rest of your life
yeah and and it's a write-off
so it's like
like boom killing two birds with one
stone you know i mean it
like i said finding the right right
look around
you know see
see what they do you know you have to
see what they do they have to be able to
be transparent and show you what they do
and one thing that pace
like he talks about he's like i'm not
your mentor on like
life and and this and this
it it's a lot you know and he's not
being a bad person because he has this
disease like i do where we want to help
and when when you're running a big
business like pace and you're doing all
these things
you know it's
it's very hard to try to help everyone
like everyone you know you can't help
everyone sadly
you know it's it's important to get a
mentorship and if you can't afford a
like find someone who's doing deals in
your community like
the thing is it's like
i know i get a lot of this you might
have gotten a lot of this i know
tony gets a lot of it a lot of people
that are in real estate
that are doing deals people like go up
to them and say
hey i see you're doing deals i want to
get into real estate can you teach me
how to get into real estate
it's like okay i see that you have an
interest but again what i was talking
about earlier
there's good people
and there's good people that bring
nothing and there's good people that
bring whatever they have to bring to
make a relationship happen
and when someone's hitting you up and
they want your value
like you have to see what what you're
getting back
you know because if if you're giving and
you're not receiving anything
pace talks about it all the time you're
a thief
you know like you're stealing you're
stealing from not only from people but
your family you know you're not with
your family you're taking time to go do
this but you're not getting anything in
so you're a thief
you know
think about that a lot you know like
okay if i help this person what am i
getting in return and it's not being
um it's not being selfish if anything
like selfish has had a bad
name to it
but you know you have to be selfish
sometimes you know like taking care of
the selfish working out
is selfish but people think it's a bad
thing like
when you do something and there's no
benefit towards anyone not even to you
that's selfish
because if if i'm taking time out of my
day to go work my ass off
and not be with my fam
she might my fan better know that when
i'm coming back
all that time was to get this you know
that's what it is what is the quote
yours or somebody else's that you
resonate with
oh this one on my arm
it's arabic so it's um
it says don't stop when your tires stop
when you're done
and so
oh yeah i got it i got it tatted like
i think when i started the company
because my thing my thing was just like
it's like
back back to like the whole mindset
thing it's like
it's hard to push yourself every day
it's hard it's hard to like
like motivate yourself like we we
constantly want external things to
motivate us
but when you're in the game
who's there there's there's
there's no there's no one cheering you
on you know and it's like
like when you're in that in that
situation in life where
where it's like everything or nothing
like there's no
music that you have in the background
like when you do when you're at the gym
you know to push you
you know it's you and your voice you
know and in the book
where i got this quote
the author says you know the most
important conversations that you have is
always going to be with yourself
you know
being able to talk to yourself being
able to keep yourself accountable
pushing yourself
being honest with yourself is the most
important thing
you know
for everything
you know whether it's with yourself or
with anyone else like yeah honesty hurts
you know you you have to learn how to
take that honesty you know you could
either take it back or you could take a
doing a lot of that helps
self motivation i think it's it's
important for entrepreneurs because
there's no there's no one else there's
there's no
there's there's no boss knocking at your
door like hey why didn't you wake up yet
you missed your eight o'clock
so you need to be stopped motivated it's
gonna come from within and it's the the
fire that comes within is what truly
burns in your business because
you can't you can't train that
no it comes it comes you know and
that's why it's
you know when you're starting it it's
hard to find people that are alike
but like that's the thing it's like
there are people that have that fire in
but they constantly need someone to be
motivating them
you know in order for them to keep that
fire going but you have to find someone
that's just like just like you you know
just as crazy as you i want people i
want to be around people that are just
as crazy as me
and you know crazy people think crazy is
a bad thing dude crazy is a good thing
craze is a good thing in the right crazy
when you're in the crazy room yeah
when you're in the crazy room
you blend in
outside look at it and everything's your
um so i kind of i kind of want to hit
this kind of a lot of the same science
same i'm questioning is
what is something what if someone can do
if they want to get to entrepreneurship
at a young age that's something you did
that you kind of struggled with
what i think is
you know
be a go-getter you know if if you're
interested in that
look for it you know because
the the
number one thing you have to have in
your mind whether you're doing real
estate whether you're doing e-commerce
whether you're doing
selling lemonade i don't know what the
hell you want to do in entrepreneurship
but in the realm of entrepreneurship
you have to understand that there's a
million more other people that want the
same thing that you do
and so you have to understand that
you know there's people that are
competing for for for that
first spot
and you have to you have to keep
yourself accountable every single time
if you want it you have to make it
and so it's a lot
it's a lot of self-motivating that you
have to do and i'd i'd consider you know
reading books about entrepreneurship
figure out what other people went
through like understand that
you know you're not in the worst
situation you know things happen
they happen and move on and
a lot of the people in these books will
tell you the same thing
you know to keep moving when something
goes on
you know as being being an entrepreneur
seeing how you could self-motivate
yourself is
one be around the be around the right
you know if notice what you're hanging
around with
understand your present moment be aware
i think being aware is the thing that a
lot of people don't do
be aware of your surroundings
see what other people are doing because
if you know people aren't that are
running are pushing themselves to
you know their absolute
you know
limit you know to their to where they
they can be like number one
then don't be around those people like
get in contact with people that are in
the industry ask them questions be
you know tell them hey um no i i really
don't know what the [ __ ] is going on
but i could catch on and you know this
is something that i've always liked i
have a passion for it be honest tell
that you will not
to see how you can provide any sort of
because like like i said earlier you
know when you're talking with people
that are in the game that are doing
a lot of deals that are there that just
have business going on
you know they don't have time for
someone that's just gonna steal from
them you know and whether it's time
whether it's knowledge they need
something in return
and so
you know
be honest
tell them tell people you don't know you
know anything about but also do your due
diligence you know your due diligence
one thing that that my mentor
talks about a lot before you come ask me
a question go look
go ask go talk to people
bring me problems if you don't know how
to solve the problem bring me the
and you know
throw yourself into the fire throw
yourself into the game [ __ ] up that's
only where you're gonna learn messing up
not knowing what you're doing that's the
way everyone learns you know people
don't know what they're doing and then
at some point you get a mentor and then
they end up steering you to the right
but collabing
uh collabing with other people too
partnering up
you know
there's some sort of value you can bring
everyone everyone has some sort of value
that they can bring whether it's talking
with people whether it's
whether it's setting up like
i don't know excel sheets understanding
how the numbers work looking whatever
your skill is whatever your skill is
everyone has a gift and
you know
you're you're being a thief if
if you don't show people your gift you
so um
what i
what i really like about this and i like
i like what you said
uh i was talking to one of my one of my
friends out here one of my clients here
in l.a and he's like he's like when
people ask me if uh i don't want to pick
my brains like man i don't like forget
take the brain like
what are you gonna what are you gonna
bring to whatever the table
and he's always like uh he always to get
people really out of it quick he's like
he's like what do you do now he's like
well i might do construction or painting
whatever it's like if you quit your job
tomorrow i'll teach you what i'm doing
you might get paid for six months so
i'll teach you what i'm doing
and like i love it too because
you did it
you said it earlier in the episode yeah
i'll quit my job right now and just show
you how serious i am
so this shows like we're crazy we're
crazy people because we we we
move forward without not necessarily
thinking of the consequences but we know
there's a better future ahead of us and
a lot of people can't do that for
whatever reason and it might it might
take time for them to understand
the craziness that we go through but
for like it's just one of the things
that you have to go through as an
entrepreneur you have to go to the pain
of not knowing how you're gonna
make money for the next 30 to 60 days or
90 days or 120 days or 12 months
like it's it's a scary part of it but
you learn a lot going through it as an
entrepreneur and it helps you grow
to another level because you understand
what real we're not not having an income
yeah and i think it's on you
it's important to
to understand that what you're saying i
like what you're saying you know
because what once you're doing deals
you could ask the people that are doing
like crazy and are generating a lot of
revenue you could tell them
i mean they'll say you could take
everything away from me
i i can rebuild this no problem with
you know so like not being afraid to
not have anything you know understand
your position and understand that it's
not always going to be like that
you know you're going to go through
those months where you're probably not
going to make anything it could be a lot
of months but you you have to be
relentless you know in entrepreneurship
you have to never give up like no is not
an answer you know and and you're like i
said start from scratch scratch is going
to be your new best friend if you go
into entrepreneurship whether it's real
estate or any other industry scratch is
going to be your new best friend you got
to start start at the board again figure
out what's going to work take off what
you don't need
maybe add what you need but when you add
you got to be very careful in what
you're adding
you know
you can't do everything by yourself is
one thing that i've learned you have to
learn like
accept what you're not good at
like if i'm not good at this dude i'm
wasting my time i'm gonna spend more
time and money figuring out how to do it
when i can
some money
save more time and get someone to do the
right job
you know you can't you can't get a
plumber to fix
drywall you know
it's a it's a who know how is the book
who know how is your heart you hired the
right person for the job
i was i was laughing because uh
i i used to cut the grass basically
grass a lot
i'm like it was like my dad my dad was
mexican so they're like oh you always
cut the grass
growing up and then i bought a house and
i'll cut the grass and i'm like yeah
and then once i became entrepreneur i'm
like man [ __ ] the grass there's people i
can pay somebody to do this and i'm
knocking on 20 minutes versus my hour
and a half and i'm like i don't even
want to cut the grass anymore like
i have i have better things i could do
to cut grass or change the oil you know
i know to change the way off feel like
there's professionals out there that
that's what they do and they'll knock it
out faster than i ever could they have
the proper tools and there's no pla
there's no way i can hurt myself
like there there's this
there's this quote that i like that i
heard from eric thomas
and if if you can't motivate yourself
you know listen to those who are
but at some point you got to cut it you
know because
it's your job it's your job to motivate
yourself a great quote that he said is
rich people
rich people don't work they think
this this country was built off
people who put other people to work
you know and it's like
there's alway
you know i
i'm not a big fan of you know
big corporates like mcdonald's and
and all those other companies where you
the wage is very low
but you know if if that's not something
that you're into
like go to go be an entrepreneur like
that i got tired of it i got tired you
know i got tired of being average
you know i i was just like dude there
has to like there has to be a way to
make money
but then
i think you get to a point where you
make money
and you can also not be happy
you know and even like i've learned to
not have money and be really freaking
like really happy i i enjoy the struggle
i enjoy the process the process is my
best friend
you know
a lot of people have to
have to understand that and and realize
it and
you know make it part of their life
we're uh we're internal moving machines
we inspire motivate ourselves we have to
inspire motivate our people too
because sometimes they need the
motivation too so you become you have to
become in turn you have to you have to
motivate yourself so much that you
motivate other people
yeah because
i've heard this one thing you know
people don't base their life of what you
say they base their life of what you do
and so
you know
you want to keep others accountable keep
yourself accountable and if you can't
you know
you you can't lead anyone
there you go
so um where can people find you online
what's your instagram what's your
um how can people connect with you and
you're doing deals in wisconsin so
um i'll i'll take any deals
i i think one thing that i've learned is
to not be scared of anything take the
opportunity if it's there and
when i learn creative financing i
learned that anything's possible so
um i'll take anything that's anywhere
midwest if you guys have any deals in
wisconsin minnesota chicago illinois
anywhere in the midwest also florida
nothing in california sadly that that
market's really expensive
um any airbnb opportunities please let
me know
i love to take those on i'll buy any
deals either creatively i also help
underwrite creative deals and wholesale
i can also help dispel any deals
so i'll be giving daniel my
my information where you guys can can
connect with me but you could reach out
to outreach on facebook
my ig is it's al so it's gonna there's
gonna be some dots in between my name
because i guess there's another al in
this world
and then um
yeah you can reach me on those platforms
uh it's way easier or you can reach me
at my number at
nine two four 414-439-9242
all right put his number up there put my
number out there just if you're gonna
blow me up blow me up with some deals or
if you need help that's what i'm here
just don't pick his brain
don't pick my brain
well we appreciate you coming on man i
hope i hope you get a bunch of deals off
of this and i hope we can bring you some
volume on the other side on our side as
uh thanks for coming on appreciate you
i'll reyes from milwaukee thank you
brother have a good night