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Feb. 28, 2022

Ep 126- Meet The Hive: Creating A Global Notary Agency With Rafaniel Jimerson

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all right we're here today with rafaniel
out of
stockton in north carolina north
california um he is a mobile notary he's
been involved in rotary for
over a year now and now he's teaching
people how to do mobile notice we're
going to kind of cover into that um but
first i always have to start it off with
how'd you get to this point how did you
begin to this point in entrepreneurship
what'd you do in the past we talked to a
lot of construction workers last podcast
i did was a firefighter
how'd you get end up here man
man i appreciate you having me on daniel
uh it's an honor to be on here uh man
how i got into the business man i was
working security for about six years
and my security supervisor i was working
they placed a lot of responsibilities
and tasks on him as far as like managing
their day-to-day operations
it was it was starting to be a conflict
as far as handling the different duties
of from other departments the way they
was treating him
they was trying to get him out of the
company i said they doing him like that
it's only a matter of time before they
get to me so i was already already i
already was trying to find my ex
strategy anyway but i just didn't know
what i wanted to do just felt like i
wasn't innovative as far as you know
creating a product anything of that
nature so my first stop was i was going
to the first idea was to create a
private security company
just going based off my experience six
years of experience of being a security
guard but then after that
i found out what the capital i would
need to get started i was like i don't
necessarily have that happen now so so i
know my mom she was a notary public so
she's been working for the government
for over 20 years and she was working as
a notary at the fight hustle i was like
man let me look into that let me do a
little research on google and let me see
if i can you know turn this into a
business and so when i did the research
find out how much mobile notaries can
make it was more than what i was making
that security a security guard at the
time and i was like all right i'm gonna
take this and run with it and so that
same night
uh filed uh submitted my application
paid for the training and everything
after my shift was over
uh went to the uh
went to the title company i think i
think it was like north america title
why did you do the training
and ended up just doing the eight-hour
training there took the exam after the
uh after the eight hour class found
another couple weeks that i passed and
after that i took off i never looked
back since so
been in the industry for about five
years now was working as an independent
mobile notary for about four years about
four years and then in 2021 in august
that's why i started to decided to scale
it to a nationwide level so where now we
have a notary agency so
that coin is in florida just recently
tennessee uh southern california
uh where else new jersey so we're going
into new markets it seems like every
that's awesome man
i like i like uh i like your story
because it sounds similar to mine
i was i was trucking and then i was like
yeah let me start a business so i
started my trucking business and you
like i want to go to the security
business so like you do what you know
most cases are off the bat but you kind
of pivot from there into wherever you're
going then interesting story man
that is
that's good man how old are you by the
way cause i know you're young
31 31 see yeah you're 31 you look a lot
younger because you're older
i thought you're younger than me man i'm
only 29. i turned 30 yesterday yeah i
mean it's just that good jeans man
that's good man a lot of a lot of people
they struggle and what they're
i feel like and you understand this
because you're still young i feel like a
lot of people in their 20s they they
don't know what they want to do and they
don't know how to do it so they're kind
of like
lost in their own way
trying to figure out their own position
and where they fit in in life
um yeah i definitely struggle with that
yeah yeah well was that a struggle with
you that you had as well
yeah because uh in high school you know
my thing is i went to play basketball so
i was really big on my thing was like
you know
i'm gonna try to go to college go try to
play college ball and hopefully i can
get into the nba something like that
because i'm 6'4 so i've always been the
type of person i've always played sports
and so
when i graduated high school was pretty
much all right well what's the next step
and i'm not going to play college ball i
had a couple of tryouts but i didn't
really necessarily know what i wanted to
do as far as a career goes like i always
had the idea to start a business
uh when i was initially going to go into
college my initial thought was i was
going to get into business
administration i was like all right
maybe i can turn this into knowing how
to start a business and go from there
but um it's funny because my stepdad was
in prison at the time
and he was always
always like when i talk to him you
always say oh you should go look into
being a correctional officer they don't
do nothing i was like all right maybe i
could turn that into a career so that's
how i ended up getting a degree in
criminal justice and pursued possibly
going into law enforcement but it ended
up working out so i ended up going into
and that led to me doing what i'm doing
that's awesome man
um i i i like i like that like we don't
young people they don't just know where
they're going but they'll figure it out
eventually and like it usually takes
mid 30s i mean mid-20s the late late 20s
to kind of figure it out figure out what
direction you're going to go
i think it's a great opportunity i took
it all the time is that the best time to
kind of screw up and mess up is in your
20s because you get the worst case there
you're going to end up on your parents
absolutely yeah you got to fail as much
as possible and fail as much as possible
figure out what you want to do just
don't sit on your hands and hope for the
best like you know if it comes if it's a
job that you're going to try to apply
for whatever you're trying to do you
just like you know just just try stuff
you know if you fail so what you know
it's most people that's still not even
they're still debating on what they want
to do they're not even willing to take
those steps to actually pursue what is
what they're trying to go after so
like i said if you listen to this like
you say if you got that idea just don't
sit on it throw it at the wall see what
sticks and then double down on that
whatever's working
so let's kind of jump in the notary so a
lot of people think notary doesn't pay
well because
i can go to the the postal annex right
around the corner get a notary down 15
and then i've had this a side note i've
had somebody come to my come to my house
for 20 bucks and i'm like
you must be doing it wrong
yeah definitely doing it wrong
because i know i know
that sucks for him but here's your 20
bucks you were you earned it
sorry right yeah
what are the qualifications people that
want to get a notary because a lot of
people think like they need a college
degree to succeed in life
yeah so you definitely you definitely
don't need a college degree in order to
become a notary so every state is
different but here in california
they just regret that the secretary of
state it is required to do a six-hour
training that's it used to be eight-hour
training but now just six-hour training
you can do that online as soon as you
complete the training then you will need
to schedule your proctored exam so once
you schedule the project exam you're
going to go to the location wherever the
location of the exam or where you're
going to take place and the only thing
you're just getting educated on is just
the laws as far as with the laws or what
the penalties the fines are if you don't
perform the assignment
in a certain way
and then once you pass the exam then the
next step is you got to get your arizona
missions coverage you got to get bonded
you got to get your stamp and then you
just wait for the secretary of state to
send your staff to send you your
commission so once you get your
commission you're officially in business
so the process is this is really it's
really not not not tough to get into i
know there's other states to where all
you got to do is just sign up get a
background check and then you are notary
but here in the little california it's a
little strange that they get there it's
a little strange about how you can get
out in the process of how you become a
commission of the notary
i know you had to get bonded i didn't
know it was that too so how much is your
uh from here in my account it was like
40 bucks it's like 40 bucks you just
take a you just take an oath and say oh
you uh do you promise to follow by the
rules and things of that nature and you
do that once you do it i mean you're
pretty much in business for the most
overnight business
overnight business just like that so
i mean that's the easy part you know the
next step is like all right how do i do
business how do i market myself who's my
target audience
uh what is it that i really want to do
with this business because you have some
folks that get into the notary business
where they may be working a nine to five
and they just doing this that's the way
to generate part-time income
but i think you that's that's you is
other niches there's other ways to
actually make money in this industry but
you just got to actually be deep into
the craft and actually connect with
people that's in the industry to know
what opportunities and possibilities are
out there
so let's let's get let's get a little
specific because that's where i was like
i just got twenty bucks from
notary like how do people make money
doing this because i know
you're kind of like doing like notary
dispatching now
and then you know like middle manning to
find other notaries to actually fulfill
yeah so for the most part
the pricing is normally going to be
dependent on your state so i use
california as an example right so you
can't charge the california law you
can't charge you can't charge more than
15 per signature but you can also tack
on your travel fee so let's say for
example if you don't have an office
starting out you can charge for you can
you as an owner you can charge to travel
to that client to get your documents
override so let's say for example i have
a power of attorney right and this one
and the client only needs one signature
and they need me to come to them okay we
know it's fifteen dollars per signature
and if my travel fee is like 35 bucks i
could tack that on on the fee as well
and then what i think it's 15.35 that's
like 15 but 50 bucks but you guys should
charge more than that as far as for your
travel fee so
there's no cap on what you can charge
for your travel fee i know there's some
states that do limit that in regards to
like your mileage or whatnot
but that travel fee is very important
because one they're paying for
like if you don't have if you need me to
come to you like right now you need to
document otherwise like yesterday you
don't care about what you don't care
what the cost is you need to get this
document taken care of like right away
you definitely want to add your pricing
together don't just you know perform a
notarization for 20 bucks like i don't
know what that notary speaking of they
might have been new
but you definitely charge more than 20
bucks to get a document notarized
oh that's funny i think time of
convenience is getting a pace so you got
to write it into your your travel fee
100 absolutely is that the only way to
like write in your extra fees on taxes
so you make sure you charge your fifteen
dollars for rotary
yeah so you got the fifteen dollars uh
per signature and then you have your
travel fee and then that's what that so
those are pretty much the two to two
ways that you're going to get paid as
far as notarizing the document so if
it's more than two signatures obviously
you're going to tackle an additional 15
and then you obviously your travel fee
is going to be what that is so
here in california like i said there's
no cap on your travel fee you can charge
as much as you want
uh you can try i've seen folks charge 60
bucks just to travel you know and then
there's clients they will pay that money
they will pay that money especially if
it's a problem that needs to be solved
like they have no issue with it they
just want to get that document notarized
especially if it's like a power of
attorney and they have a loved one
that's in hospice or in the hospital and
they need to get that power of attorney
like right right now they're willing to
pay for it so
yeah definitely
definitely do you definitely definitely
do your due diligence definitely do your
due diligence ahead of time we know what
your price what you're charging for the
let's talk about this so how long you've
been doing notary and you're full-time
notary right that's all you do yeah yeah
i've been full time since 2018 2008
september 3rd 2018. so i've been full
time since that point
initially i was just like i said this
when i first started out it was mostly
doing loan documents so if a person
selling their home buying a home if so
if a title company needed a notary or as
a final service that needed a notary
they would reach out to me to see if i
was available and i would more times not
make myself available to complete those
assignments it wasn't until i want to
say to the top of last year no not even
top of last year i want to say towards
the middle towards the summer well i
actually started to learn how to book my
own appointments because a lot of times
when nobody's getting into the business
you're just setting up your google my
business page you sign it up with all
the signing services and you're pretty
much waiting on them to look
to bring you business but as an
entrepreneur you can't sit around and
wait you got to actually learn how to
book your own appointments you're going
to learn how to network you know network
within the industry so you can position
yourself to diversify your business
whether you're doing estate plans
whether you need a documented postfield
whether you're doing fingerprinting
whatever the case may be you got to be
able to generate consistency be able to
generate consistent stream of income
so this is where i think i comes in
yep you're using hide mine for marketing
for your notary business right
absolutely absolutely so
the beauty of what behind mine
is for me i ca it allows me to keep
track of all the notice that we work
with because normally as a notary agency
owner if you don't have uh if you don't
have a database of builders you're
pretty much going to use a couple of
directories so whether it's notary cafe
123 notary for you can
use those directories but you're pretty
much like it's almost like you're
shooting in the dark as far as who's the
notary why there's a person they can
make themselves available but if i don't
know their work i don't have a
relationship with them you're pretty
much hoping that they do a good job like
you're hoping that
you know they know what the hell they're
doing and you know they actually perform
the assignment so for me i make it a
point to network with notaries on a on a
constant basis and i also have my group
as well the stanford community so that
way if we if i am looking for notaries
instead of instead of me having to spend
time on these directories just going
through each one trying to find the
right notary you can come into our group
i already know already got your phone
number already got your email i know
what areas you service which station you
service so by time we get a new order
that comes in i can go right in the
headline i can find out what notary
circuit area and i can use highmind to
shoot out a text to them or shoot out
shoot them out of email to see if
they're available for their client
boom i love it i love it i tell people
all the time you need a facebook
community because you can leverage and
it's just free traffic coming in so the
facebook community you you leverage and
you bring in experience and new notaries
and you can even you're even training
people to be a notary as well that you
can build up your your database as well
so you're kind of building up your own
your own people
through everything from either start to
finish or just being on my network that
way if i ever get a job that comes in
absolutely because the name of the game
is speed i mean the name of the game is
speed how quick can you find a notary it
takes me an hour and a half to find a
notary and you absolutely leave that
document notarized you're gonna you're
gonna go you're pretty much gonna go
find another another notary company to
help you with that so
with us i'm prioritizing this being as
quickly and quick and efficient so with
the facebook group again that left me to
keep track of everyone that's within the
group and it allows me to get business
out to them as quickly as possible and
then with the group as well that allows
me to build my own community that allows
me to know like um like i said when it
comes back to the game when i have to
work use the directories if i don't know
that they're trained you know you're
pretty much taking you're pretty much
taking a chance but with the people in
my group because i do weekly workshops
and webinars those same people who i
send business to they attend those
workshops so that when i do get a new
order that comes in i feel more
uncomfortable sending them business
because one i know they're dedicated to
the craft i know they're knowledgeable
we know we i understand i know that they
understand they know what they're doing
and i know they're going to be
professional and get the job done so i
mean it's a win-win all the way
so let me ask you this
can you download the directories from
the 123 notary and then and
all that stuff
no i don't believe so no i think i don't
oh that's a good question i don't think
i don't think you would be able to you
gotta i think you have to pay
in order to do that i think
for the most part what's up but for you
know to be being you know you can
connect uh hi mine to facebook
but uh
you don't gotta necessarily have to do
that so when i say soon as they join
into the group
uh it's actually getting kicked in the
high mind into my crm i know again i
never got their phone number i got the
email i put tags on them as far as
specific states and areas that they
serve so it makes it it makes it makes
the uh it makes it so much cleaner and
so much faster for me to be able to get
those orders to find out as quickly as
yeah my my my uh my entrepreneurial
brains like i need to figure out a bot
to scrape all that stuff out and buy
them into the facebook group and then
i'll get the information and i can tag
them all based out of that so that's
what i'm thinking
yeah i mean that that would be a good
idea but you know i'd say
one thing
that i'll message that i always preach
in my um in my workshops like not all
notaries are created equal
so yeah you may have like those
directories of notaries in there but you
know if
their experience level is not there if
they don't have the necessary
certifications or insurance that makes
that that gives me that makes me feel
comfortable and passing them assignment
i'm not going to work with them you know
for the most part so i'm very particular
about who i work with and uh because at
the end of the day uh my tagline is if
you want it downright the first time
call us the first time and i want to
make sure that whenever the order has
been accepted we do we we're complete
this is the flawless execution all the
way through as far as getting the order
that's awesome i think i think a lot of
people they miss out on that and i think
you're you're providing a lot of
different facets of notary just to make
it a cohesive thing
so are you mostly doing dispatch now or
do you still go out and sign yourself i
still go on so far so for locally i
still go out i've been working mostly
with law firms that's late so uh there's
some building quite a few relationships
to where they need me personally i can
show up and then those same offer those
same clients if they have clients in
other states they have estate planning
clients in other states i mean i have no
reason i feel very built i feel very
confident in that they can perform those
assignments and they get them taken care
so yeah i still do them but then like i
still for the most part i still do a lot
more dispatching now than i do that i do
myself that i'm performing assignments
myself but you know at the end of that
i'm still doing it because
i still like to get out in the field i
still like to get out and touch the
people see what's going on see what's
new in the industry so that way you know
something new that comes about the
notice i'm working with they can be well
informed what's going on
so um you also you're doing like a
five-day training now is that like new
notaries i want to learn
man yep so it's for it's for new
notaries it's for notaries that season
in the industry they want to step it up
to a national level so it's the five day
stamper challenge so we're going to
spend five days and we're just gonna
spend those five days teaching you how
to systematize your business so day one
we're going to focus on purely on just
accepting the order
and there's a system behind accepting
that order when it comes to the new
order comes in we're going to do our
pre-screening we're going to put the
appointment and then the very next day
day two is we focusing on hiring and
vetting the notaries because one again
not all notice are created equal we want
to make sure that we're properly vetting
these notaries and we're hiring the
right fit for right notary for the job
that's the system behind that and in day
three we're focusing on confirming the
appointment someone's not sending out a
notary confirmation whether let's make
sure we have the correct details as far
as the appointment if documents need to
be included in the email we're going to
focus on that as well
and then that's the that's the date
through what we focus on
confirming the appointment and then day
four we're going to focusing on
completing the assignment making sure
the notary shows up on time uh basically
making sure the notary is communicating
with you throughout the entire process
hey i made it to the appointment hey the
appointment has been completed uh
letting them know letting the notary
know that hey before they go to the
appointment they have a support system
behind them in case they have any
questions or concerns because we don't
want any hiccups in this process and
then day five we're going to focus on
closing out the order behind the system
behind closing out that order and make
sure you get those reviews as well
because reviews are so key for notaries
without the reviews it's going to be
tough for you to generate new business
if we're going to spend those five days
putting the system together that way by
the time you start your agency
you're going to start you're going to
you go you off to the races
it's not even a thought about what to do
moving forward you already have the
system in place for how to execute that
every step in place
are using google are using uh google my
business for reviews
yup i use google my business for reviews
and then there's a platform that i use
as well called them tax lead generation
uh that's another way to get reviews as
well but for the most part we use a
login google because we all know that's
the largest search engine in the world
and google is pretty much mostly used
for folks that's looking for notaries
awesome did you just check thailand to
did you connect piedmont to google
absolutely you got to
you got to like
yeah the beauty of hive mind is
everything is centrally located in uh
weather as far as automating like like
like one thing about hotline i didn't
even realize it until today where i
could set up my workflow because
initially i didn't understand what that
was like what is the what's the purpose
of a workflow but then when i started
incorporating that into it so i defined
a separate challenge as far as okay with
this other steps that need to be
completed once somebody purchases this
product and as far as like the signings
and as far as when we get new signings
that come in what's the next steps after
that the following up with the notary to
see how the binding went following uh
with the signer to see how how the
finding went was there anything we could
have been done to be better could you
also leave us a review if we if you
thought we did a great job as well so
if you hide mine
man every business owner should have to
have the platform you need a crm if you
don't have a crm like i don't know what
you're doing
you pretty much just you know you you
you gambling in my opinion you gamble if
you don't have a crm
that's awesome man i'm i'm trying not to
like pitch that one but i'm like i
haven't talked to you since you signed
up so i'm kind of curious like what
stage you're at and it's kind of it's
kind of exciting because like you're
learning you're still learning new stuff
about it
but like now that you're in it like man
same it's like saving my butt from a lot
of things like a lot of stuff that you
have to like mainly remember to do is
just automation
and and you just said that you just took
the words out of my mouth the the manual
aspect the manual aspect because we are
human we give we are forgetful
especially as business owners we getting
you know we got so many things coming
our way and it's easy to get swayed off
if you put the systems in place
that saves you a lot of time a lot of
headache from having to forget about the
flaming appointment that's been booked
whether it's a certain like a certain
email that needs to be sent out and
putting on putting all that information
together so the system's together
so yeah i'm still learning new things
about hive mind and how it's been
helping me in my business because again
i want to i want to get to a level where
we have unprecedented speed like the
speed level i want to get to is where
it's like amazon i want to be like the
amazon prime of the notary business as
soon as you as soon as you get an order
that comes in we already got a notary
available for you within that within the
next 30 minutes up to an hour so that's
the goal where i'm trying to get to and
high mind has been very helpful in doing
i think i think with that you just got
to build it up for like relationships
yeah and then automate it from there
because yeah once you do that that's it
the relationships is the is the power
and then the systems is the
everything else behind it
yeah it ties everything together
that automation i mean the automation
aspect just
it's so exciting to incorporate those
type of systems in place
it's so exciting because
again that saves you time for having to
manually do everything like
the way the way the world is moving the
way things the technology is changing
every single day like you can't manually
do everything by yourself so it's
important to put those automations in
so one thing i like did you did you take
hatchet's course or did you kind of kind
of go down the notary path on hatchet
so i went down to notary pass first and
then i came into andre hatcher's course
i took a lot of courses man and took the
the mark wills course uh tiger toledo's
course kind of like andre had this like
i just took a little
i just took a little piece of everything
and then it's incorporated into my own
style so
you know like i said having a crm that's
i mean let's take it up to the next
level and then learn how to incorporate
the marketing and everything so
i think for the most part you know being
a notary for me is easy i think that the
the part where most noises but they got
to understand is how to market yourself
so if you get the marketing down aspect
down if you know who you're targeting
who you actually want to work with that
makes your marketing a little easier i
suppose you know just brought just
shrinking everything again as opposed to
just trying to market to everybody if
you could shrink it moving in to just be
really specific as far as who you're
marketing to
you'll start to see some success in your
man that's good um
so i i always like hitting this because
a lot of people they don't like buying
courses and like for me like that's how
i got the real estate i got a real
estate through a course and you said you
got you got a notary through of course
you kind of took a lot of different
courses i think education is really
powerful because it
it shortcuts your learning curve
yeah you hit the nail on the head like
this i have no problem paying for
courses at all like like me i spent like
i took out student loans but to get a
degree that i have to do absolutely do
not need
like i did not use the degree at all it
wasn't to my benefit at all so and then
still like i said just this new as a
business owner there's new things that's
coming up every day and you have to be
you got to be on you got to be ahead of
the curve because if you're not ahead of
the curve then you're behind and you're
playing catch-up i don't want to be in a
position playing catch up like i want to
be ahead of what's new what can we do to
incorporate this into our business but
how can it be to our benefit so i
absolutely have no problem paying for
courses absolutely no problem with it
notary for four years now
2018 that's a long time man
what do you what what stuff you're
trying to get into nowadays like uh to
let mostly pivot but now that you're
you're free for 95
what i noticed for me
is as soon as i quit my job
i saw opportunity
everywhere and i was just like i was
like a lost puppy
and it's crazy it's crazy how it works
though because like when when when you
when you when you're working for your
nine to five you're always like this
they always get your head down they take
your best hours and you're out you don't
see anything because you don't have the
ability to see anything and then once
you like once you're unemployed once
you're unemployed and you're
self-employed it's just like
there's a the floodgates open you know
yeah so
what are some other stuff you're working
on besides notary and like if it's i
know you're like working on education
side to educate that side and like what
stuff you're working on besides that uh
right now we're working on the digital
side of the business uh doing a little
more doing more education doing the
i haven't been a vending machine
business owner as well so we're working
on getting more locations
my mom is a business partner with me as
well so that helps me from having to do
everything by myself i have a partner in
there that's willing to help me with the
business and help it scale as well so
uh for most for the most part
been the machine business but i've
devote a lot of my attention to the
notary business because i'm trying to
scale this to a point where we can work
so you can uh there's no owners they
need notaries found in the uk they need
money out in australia i want to get to
a point to where we can operate on the
international level so
i think that's something that no one has
ever done i don't think anyone here in
the states has operated on the
international level so that's something
i'm striving to get to
big goals for the stamp right there
that's awesome
that's awesome man i didn't even think
about notaries
or globally i didn't think about that
look at that it's crazy
yeah that's that's the next level for me
so i'm currently in the process of
working on that still got still got ways
to go but
you know because because like i said now
i've been i've been blessed to be an
opportunity i've been blessed to be able
to you know operate in different markets
like i said with the new jerseys texas
nevada all those other states you know i
want to continue to do so but i want
like i want to be able to stretch
overseas and be able to service those
countries as well so
we'll see how it goes
i think i think a lot of people is that
they don't think they can they don't
they don't think they can put bigger
goals on themselves because i think
we'll never obtain them
that's huge man i think that's a huge
goal and i think
now that you know where you're going
okay now you're like okay
it's all about building up people
because you know you want to do this
globally because that's that's huge man
that's like that's a big goal i'm proud
of you that's dope thank you
thank you yes um
you can't do everything by yourself i
struggle with that not a lot of struggle
with that for a long time i try to do
everything by myself and
it's power and collaboration it's tiring
and being able to you know put people
put people in position to win and create
opportunities for other people as well
i've been very blessed to be in a
position to do so it's like all right
now that we've done this how big can we
actually take it you know i got a white
board at home and i wake up to think big
every day like that's really my that's
i'm literally trying to think big as
you just never know i mean why not go
for it i've never been one to turn down
a challenge if i fail at it okay at
least i could say i did it most people
are not willing to even think about it
or even try to pursue after so
uh trying to leave a legacy of where you
know we we're trying to do the
impossible you know so
yeah that's what we're trying to try
that's what we're trying to try to
attain you know get to that get to the
international level we can service the
world service on a global level
servicing servicing the the global level
let's talk about this did you watch
charles's video that he posts about
uh nah i think i'm my name you know so
much stuff every day yeah it was wrong
i'll post it and i'll send you a link
but it talks about how they had uh earn
your leisure on and like somebody cut
a bit from here
yeah yeah yeah he said uh they have a
shot on that topic right
yeah he was like that uh he there where
he was saying that we're not uh
influencers were like world leaders i
think he would say something to that
yeah we're global leaders
so i i i love that because it reminds me
what you just said because like i'm
trying to take this global i'm like me
i'm trying to take the hat before they
got my global too so i'm like
and then with the podcast thing where i
told you before we recorded that we're
in ten hundreds of the podcast now and
i'm like
we're reaching the globe at this point
through podcasting through business
through education and it's just
providing the right information and
having a bigger cause than you can even
think of and imagine absolutely
yeah they did that yeah folks they need
property i mean properties are being
sold worldwide so
yeah i mean they might as well you hide
mine you gotta definitely use it because
it's very beneficial why not use it
oh yeah we actually have we actually
have clients in four countries right now
we're in canada australia and uh we have
a client in africa and the us of course
how does that feel to have that how does
that feel like for you like to know you
have that type of reach
it's it's almost like unbelievable
yeah but it's kind of cool at the same
time because
you realize
you're thinking too small you think you
said it earlier you think i'm too small
and you you can
you can make an internal decision to
change the world in your own way and you
could do it
and you could do it anybody could do it
yeah that was very possible
it's very positive
you just got to want to do it you know
mostly i don't know if this folks don't
want to they want to try
like what's the word i mean what's the
worst that could happen
you can't like to me like that i'm
really i'm i really do not care about
looking stupid i really do not care
about none of that at all
stupid i don't care about you know
failing anything and it's because i just
failed at a lot of stuff it means if i
fail one time it's not gonna be the
first time so
i'd rather go for it you know i'd rather
go for the win and and
you know let the chest fall where they
may you know because you never know what
happens when you take that risk
i think uh
a lot of people underestimate global
um i had a conversation with the
previous previous guest and i was like
he's like
he's in real estate for like 30 years so
now he's just focusing on building his
brand because he's never it was never
about the money he's made the money he
has the money and it's more about making
an impact
and the even in that in the uh eyl clip
is like you don't know the type of
impact you can make just by producing
it's so crazy
so i commend you for producing i commend
you for having bigger goals
i i think a lot of people think too
small and
shout out to the mastermind man
shout out to the mastermind man
i may have tim jackson on there he was
talking about um like you know being
driven by your purpose
you know i think that was that was
really a message that really resonated
you know when uh i think tim jackson was
doing that thing was somebody like two
weeks ago i think he was on on one of
the calls and that really stuck with me
as far as you know having it waking up
with a purpose you know what do you what
why are you doing what you're doing you
know if you keep that in perspective
then that makes sense it makes it real
easy for you to wake up in the morning
and just get to it you
all right knowing what you're knowing
that your purpose is
a lot of people struggle with that but
if you know what your purpose is
you you move you move with purpose
it's no longer like hey let me like let
me stick my foot in this and try this
like no you move with purpose things
things happen in front of you that
wouldn't normally happen because now you
have a purpose and there's a bigger goal
with it so like
like i was talking to tell you like i'm
running out of podcasts to record but i
have a purpose of what i'm doing and i'm
releasing five a week so i'm moving the
purpose um i'm always trying to produce
content i'll move on purpose
i'm not taking that produce
yeah yeah you got to put stuff out there
yeah that's a blade i just been throwing
stuff out there i'm just saying what
stick just produced throw it out there
to the world and like i said i remember
charles saying just i was listening to
and he was saying um he had a quote on
there where he was saying just you know
throw it out there and let the market
determine let the market determine you
know if it's a valuable product or not
because i just struggle with that
initially as far as like i don't know do
i i feel like i'm smart enough to
actually do this when people actually
listen to me
i was like when you bypass all of that
you know especially now i have proof of
concepts in my business like i know this
stuff works so let's throw it out there
let's see how we can help some people
and if they think it's valuable okay if
not we're just gonna put more stuff out
there and see what works so
yeah i'm very big on that just just try
just produce
stop thinking about it just do it
you know a lot of times we're getting
like we get in the way we get in our own
way with overthinking and
caring about other people's opinions and
everything and when you got kids you got
a family you ain't got time to be
thinking about you know you do not have
the time to be thinking about what
people think about what you're doing or
or if they or if you feel like they
think you should be actually doing this
like nah i don't care what y'all got to
i know what i'm doing i'm gonna put this
out there i'm gonna let that i never let
the market determine if this is valuable
or not so
yeah for sure
that's awesome man um
what is
what has been like your driving force
right now to keep to keep it and i think
we kind of mentioned this like global
purpose but it's like are you getting
trying to hit like a certain goal of
i'm trying to educate
a thousand people or ten thousand people
in in the notary space to get out of
here to five was there like an internal
goal for that
eternal goal
initially i didn't really have the
eternal goal i just wanted to help
people get into the business because i
see how i was impacting my life and now
i've been able to change you know my
quality of life what i've been able to
do for myself and my family
and i was i think who's i got the idea
from royal
the other day
he had a tweet about selling and
possibly selling his business one day
and that's a thought i never came across
it so now i've been waking up with the
purpose like all right i'm gonna put
this work in i'm gonna educate people
how to get into the business i'm gonna
continue to build this thing up to a
global level
and then i'm gonna sell it
i wanna go this business to a point
where i can sell it you know say i've
helped i helped a thousand people get
into this business i help people start
their notary agencies and i can exit out
and find what's and find what's my next
path and when i need to embark on my
next path or a journey to embark on
i've uh
i don't know i've never thought about
selling it i've never thought about
selling it
i feel like
it's your baby man
it's your baby
i mean
it's such a difficult topic for me
because i'm like
a lot of it is like
i'd rather i'd rather
outsource and keep then
then sell and walk away from it because
there's so there's a there's like a bond
to it that you
poured so much
so much time and effort and
networks and systems and creating
processes and there's just this there's
there's love in there too
yeah like you can't sell that off
they get i i understand that like i
completely understand what you mean like
especially like bad days where it's been
hard you know you didn't even did put
everything that the blood sweat and
tears literally into the business
you know but at some point you know if
you if you feel like you know if you get
to a point where you've done all that
you can i mean that's like i said it's a
whole world out here there's other
industries other markets have been
untapped that possibly you want to get
into and see what you can do to help
people funnel people into this industry
how you can help build up this industry
as well so that's the beauty of working
in the industry business notary business
for sure because this is still largely
untapped still largely on tap as far as
on the technology level as far as
working on the global level and even
with working at the agency like most
people they get into the business they
think mostly just to do you know work
with real estate documents only
and that was my initial thought when i
first came into the business but i
didn't understand the different niches
you know the different ways you can
actually you know build in this business
you know so as largely untapped
like i said once i get to that level
like i said we operate on the global
it may be time for me to exit out and
finally find a new journey to embark on
and see what i what i can do to help
other people
all right i think i think i think we
have to have a conversation after
i'm excited man i'm excited for you man
i think i think it's
a big opportunity there's a lot of
opportunity and a lot of people
people are like oh there's too much
competition in this business and i'm
like oh don't get me target on that
no yeah me starting on that competition
thing um
man competition that's the funny thing
because i cuz i always hear folks when
they first get into the industry they're
like oh is it they always ask the
and then here in california i mean here
in california it's over 500 000 realtors
and it's under
i think it's no more than 200 000
realtors no there's no more than 200 000
no there's no more than 188 000 notaries
here in california
and we have i think our population here
was like what over three million or
something like that so
what do you mean over saturation and
you know what do you mean by that when
you say it's oversaturated and you're
dealing with competition like embrace it
embrace it like
people folks like this you gotta you
gotta have this mentality is like it's
enough business for everybody out here
like you gotta really be having an
abundance mentality
it's really enough business for
everybody like no one like i don't care
who it is the top person the top
producing person in the industry they
don't have all this
they're not literally having clients in
eureka and having clients in l.a like
they're not snatching up all the clients
folks feel i like that could be fear as
well they be in their own way they think
oh i'm not going to be any business
maybe it's a confidence thing but
anyone listening to this you got to have
a different mentality this really it
really is enough it's for everybody and
and until if you feel like it's you know
it's a way where
you feel like it's oversaturated you
know exercise the business or try to
collaborate with people that's actually
doing well for themselves and see what
they're doing that's helping them in
their businesses
again a lot of times come to people
trying to do this by themselves when
you're trying to do it by yourself
you're gonna run into a lot of heartache
going right into a lot of struggles
collaborate with other notaries as i see
working in the business and see how that
works for you
collaboration is it
gets to get into places where you want
to go faster
it took me five years to understand that
it's amazing to understand that so you
imagine all the the struggles
all the heartaches i went through over a
five year period it took me it took me
years to understand that i think imma do
this by myself i don't need no help i
don't need nobody stealing my ideas i
don't know if nobody's feeling my sauce
and i struggled a lot because of that
and thinking like that it wasn't until
that's when i actually started the
agency while i started to say oh this is
what it's like to actually work with
other people
oh i joined the mastermind oh other
people are doing this oh i want to do
what they're doing what are they doing
so i get that maybe that can help me in
my business so
you know the environment is important
you know getting in the right rooms
you know networking connected with the
right people every day
it's i mean that's that type of stuff is
important man
it's key yes i try to do everything by
collaboration and man
i could talk about collaboration for a
whole hour to provide you know just what
it's done for me and my business
so what's the struggle you had as an
early entrepreneur that some people need
to address like um
is it that like you just just name a
struggle like you struggle with
education struggle with um
following through did you struggle with
like what was something you struggled
trusting people uh trust was something i
really struggle with because um
i come from a community where not a lot
of folks trust each other we all get we
always looking at each other with a side
eye very skeptical i'm skeptical about
nature that's just who i am so i
struggle with that i struggle with like
sometimes when somebody said they had
this much success
a lot of times i behaved and i didn't
believe them because i was like well it
didn't work for me why is it if it is
not if any record for me i know they
clearly learned about something so
my thing was really just trusting other
people trusting the information and then
just and just applying it so i went
through a lot of years so it was like
when somebody said this was working i
would try it the first time it didn't
work i'd be like but that that was a
tree what they just told me only still
oh you know why i'm listening to them so
uh you go out to trust you got to trust
people at some point especially in
business because you're going to because
you're going to come across different
types of people every single day
no matter who you are every day
so you gotta learn how to trust people
you gotta learn how to get out you out
of your own way uh guide your own
feelings and yeah you gotta develop
trust you know what i mean if you don't
if you can't learn how to trust people
you should probably just stick to your
it's a bar
it's a bar
that's the trust thing i struggle with
that a lot man just
trusting people trusting the information
that they give me i always have to have
this mentality like i think people were
out to you know get me dissuade me the
wrong way and a lot of times it was a
lot of my struggles was due to my own
you know
i like twitter because there's a lot of
bars on twitter
and it says that
no one wants to no one wants you to win
more than a random stranger on the
right especially
and then two when you think about it
what benefit does it serve them to give
you the wrong information and they don't
even know you
what what benefit does it serve them to
give you the wrong information a lot of
time is like twitter man i get a lot of
great information from twitter and it's
helped me in my business whether it's
for email marketing
whether it's um sales whether it's you
know networking
i've gotten a lot of great information
from folks who i actually do not know
i've never seen a video of them i ain't
never heard them talk so the information
that they put out there was very helpful
for me so
yeah just getting over that trust you
know trusting people you know um
yeah just man i could go on about that
yeah the trust factor was really was
something i definitely struggled with
but that's kind of going on
you know you start to build and
cultivate those relationships i'm
starting i'm in a better space now to
where you know i don't struggle with
that as much you know if you give me
some information i think that's helpful
like all right i'm gonna take it and run
with it if it doesn't work the first
time all right maybe just that time that
didn't work let me try it on the next
person to see if that works this time so
when i started to you know continue to
apply the concepts i started i started
to see things turn the corner so
yeah anyone listening to this
uh get over the fear get over the fear
trusting people because you you are
going to trust people especially in
business and then too on top of that
the strangers are going to get you to
where you want to get to in your
business anyway
your cousin's not going to get you
your cousin's not going to help is not
going to support your business right
away your auntie's not going to support
you in business right away if they do
that's cool but
you know more times than that
especially in the black community they
might yeah they they want to see they
want to see how you do first and then
see if it's working for you if i see
it's working then i'll support but
sometimes i got to actually see you put
the work in and actually see you out
there putting up building those
relationships before they actually
support you so
get over that you got the strangers are
gonna get you to where you want to get
um i think it's uh
it's it's an interesting dynamic because
a lot of it's like
family and friends always want to get to
the position where you're at they don't
want to put in the work they want the
then i'm like and i'm like dude you got
to go you got to go to basic training
that's where you start you got to punch
the face a couple times you know what it
feels like
yeah you got to you got to deal with all
the the mental battles
i've had many plenty battles with myself
and like doubts my man can't really do
this you know those are real questions
that you gotta ask
y'all look in the mirror you gotta look
up in the mirror every day and tell
yourself look i can do this
i'm gonna push through i'm gonna
persevere and let the chest fall away
they may so
yeah they tend to uh to jump on you know
the bandwagon when they when they see
some traction but by that time i was
like oh
you got to start from the ground level
where i started where i started from
you can't shortcut you can't shortcut
unless you're willing to lose a lot of
no shortcuts i actually look for a lot
of shortcuts too when i started out
that's right what's this what's the i
think it was a secret formula for why
folks was winning
it's like what's the secret formula what
are they doing did
do they get some some secret funding
from their family to get them to where
they want to get to know a lot of times
discipline and being consistent if you
show up every day it's going to swing in
your favor
showing up every day i think i think the
biggest people that people struggle with
is consistency because
when it comes because
in most people's lives
they're not consistent in anything
not one thing the only thing your
assistant with is their is their habits
like their bad habits
yeah definitely the habits is key too
you definitely got to have good habits
it's funny because when i first left the
i wasn't accustomed to having that much
you know i'm so used to you know i go to
sleep at a certain time and i know i got
to be at work at a certain time when i
first started my job i had a whole week
of just just chilling
doing no work
no marketing not doing nothing because i
wasn't used to that type of freedom you
know so that's you know then that's when
you gotta you know incorporate those
habits you know read a book here and
there uh make it make it a point to talk
to five people a day make it a point to
get out of the house like i struggle
with that too like just getting out of
the house because i was like i don't
know what to do
you know i don't know who i need to talk
to is my target marketing anything like
that so a lot of that stuff i struggle
with as far as the habits go but after a
while once you're starting to get into a
rhythm you understand okay this is what
i need to do to get passive success or
just win the day in general
you know you start to see those uh you
start to see your morality kick up a bit
yeah know how to know how to um
you know how to leverage your uh your
um you can have that discipline was key
at this point here because i did not
know how to use that all that freak i
was not accustomed to having that much
i got up until 2018 i always had a job i
always had i always had some some type
of structure to my day and then on the
days off on my days off it was like all
right i just sat around and do much i
didn't do the things i like to do or
like play basketball and go hang out
that was that
you know but you know after getting
punched in a couple of guests again
punching the mouth a couple of times
then you know you ain't making no money
too initially when you first start out
then it's like all right i can't be
sitting up in the house i need to figure
out something
i need to figure something out you know
what is the quote that is yours or
somebody else's that you resonate with
oh what's the quote that i resonate with
uh oh yes uh neil yeah nehemiah
is either gonna work or is it gonna work
say that again mentality i said it's
either gonna work or it's gonna work
oh yeah
there's no it's no plan b man this is
this is what we're doing all right if
you don't if i didn't win the day all
right we're gonna get up again and start
from zero and go for it so
yeah i just i just
i just don't believe in quitting
i've had many days i wanted to quit
i will say that not that many days i was
like all right what am i doing this for
i know i just always had this
mentalities like uh even before i got
into business i just can't quit you know
you got people you got to answer to
you know got kids watching you got your
family watching you and i don't want to
have that perception that the mind after
you know i just want to throw stuff out
there i'm going to just keep trying
trying to mention on my breakthrough so
every day man it's easy going to work or
it's going to work
the work is going to work
um where can people find me online
what's your instagram what's your what's
your facebook group
nothing to hold you
and uh where can they find to learn how
to play a notary
yeah man y'all gotta uh i'm all i'm very
frequent on twitter uh stanford notary
i'm on twitter stanford notary uh i got
two instagram pages you can find me on
rafan yo
and then the second page is stamper
notary i'm on tick-tock as well i'm
still working on that that's stamper
uh what else what else oh yeah make sure
if you guys if you're a notary i'm
always looking for new notaries looking
for new ways to create opportunities uh
join the stanford community that's on
facebook and the only thing we ask is
for your phone number your email
whatever you service and then just make
yourself available we have uh have the
finding in your area
uh make sure you join stampin stampin
academy uh that's pretty much my school
academy for where i teach folks how to
get into the notary industry how to
build your business as a notary signing
agent and i also teach also teach how to
start how to start your notary agency as
well so you can join the stampin stampin
academy www.stamperdigital
and yeah come join stephanie academy so
i can help you start your notary
business to help help cut you a check
we appreciate coming on stamp this is a
great episode we hope you inspire a lot
of people to go to the notary and put
their business nine to five
offer that i don't want you to work for
the man unless it's yourself
i appreciate you having me on man it was
a honor
all right man we'll catch you next time