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Feb. 22, 2022

EP 122: Coming Soon From The Hivemind

EP 122: Coming Soon From The Hivemind
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are you are you still partnering with
junior league
what did you just say are you partnering
with junior leon deals
trying to yeah
oh man how has the leap flow been pretty
good for you guys
see here i gotta turn the volume up
there we go
what was the last thing you said there
i said what were you guys uh how is his
lead flow been
um man i've been hitting facebook hard
hard hard
looking for jb opportunities or what
yeah well i mean i've been hitting
facebook trying to get these i'm on
yeah i've gotten a lot of i've gotten a
lot of hits but haven't reeled anything
in yet
yeah man a lot of times on facebook a
lot of people are
you know
they have deals that they know they
didn't know how to price correctly and
all that so you have to sort through a
lot of information to be able to get a
good deal but it is possible
yeah so what what i'm doing is i'm just
pointing out that we have property
and then replying with uh
you know replying getting their email
address and replying letting them let
letting them know that we have leads
available and what they're interested in
and trying to get them a list
but i get probably
maybe one or two out of ten if that
are actual people that are wanting to
buy land i get a lot of new western oh
my goodness
it seems like every third response is a
new western realtor or keller williams
you know and so i asked did you straight
up ask him are you a realtor you know
we're looking for end buyers we're
looking for cash buyers
and a lot of other uh wholesalers too
i'm not looking today's chain
yeah man so i've heard a lot of good
things about new western's uh dyspo
abilities i've i've never worked with
them but um
i've heard good things about them i
think they did like 890 million last
year or something like that the year
yeah i talked to one of their i talked
to one of them last night she said
they're like the largest or the fastest
uh and i wouldn't doubt it i just got an
on a piece that i picked up on facebook
um but it my seller's too high i
couldn't take it
but i don't know i don't i mean my
i think my seller's high on the
the problem with this property is he got
it for six grand like
just like middle of last year or you
know eight months ago something like
and so anytime anybody pulls the
property up it shows that he paid six
grand for it
now the guy was a neighbor so
you know i don't know how much cash was
passed you know behind
that wasn't taxed you know
but uh
that's the problem i'm having is a lot
of this property is people are wanting
three and five times what they paid for
it just six or eight months ago
everybody knows the market's going crazy
and then the marketers are going crazy
and all that stuff so yeah again just
sorting through a lot of information is
it probably the only way to get it done
i got a card right here from dan diaz i
wanted to share this with you guys
um it says uh use this when a seller
asks if you're going to give them a
lowball offer
it says we cannot pay for market value
for your property there needs to be some
kind of margin for us
but we will make up for that in speed
and convenience knowing this is there a
reason for us to still talk about your
property and situation
that's it because if you're going to
comb through a lot of information you
need to get to cut to the chase pretty
i tell every single seller that hey i'm
a i'm an investor and i look for
properties where there's a little bit of
room for me and i asked him do you think
there's any room for me on this and then
let him tell you yes or no right then
and there
and then um also if you're high man i
you can still go back in and try to work
out some kind of creative finance or
something like that so even if they are
high you can still try to piece a deal
together you know i've even done deals
where i've offered them more than they
were asking and just well how does that
i'm gonna need a little bit of time with
the property you know maybe 12 to 24
that makes sense that makes sense i just
missed one the guy
i passed on it for 25
and uh he sold it like yesterday or
today he sold it for 30. it was uh two
half acre lots and a builder came in and
bought it
and so i missed you know an easy five or
five grand or so if i just would have
said okay yeah i'll take it and
but uh it's on a cistern and i just sold
one up in that neighborhood for 22.5 and
the guy was squirming and didn't want to
pay 22.5
but yeah
things are going crazy
hey does anybody in the hive do um
short-term rentals
i'm about to right now hopefully we're
closing on one you know maybe tomorrow
monday something like that but i have a
i don't know i'm not doing it myself
daniel has a battery daniel
yeah i have a guy and we're trying to do
more in atlanta right now too
68 yeah
i mean i have a lead i have a lead on 68
uh short-term rentals that they're
selling as a bundle
i don't know i'm working out them i'm
getting more details i'm just seeing if
there's anybody interested in it i know
it's uh
but yeah is that the one from data
are they trying to sell it
you know that's another thing too
because somebody might have bought it
and then thought that you know it was
going to be very easy right like the
gurus tell you and then it turned out to
be more work and they wanted to mess
with so
i know daniel knows a guy i think that
what he does is he partners with them
and then he just shares revenue with the
person that owns it
yep so he does like uh like a management
sounds like property management but he
he negotiates a higher spread but he
does buy too
um the problem with like sometimes with
the portfolios the airbnb portfolios
they'll try and sell it like commercial
as far as cap rate so it's not even the
land the house value
so they're usually trying to sell over
arv which
says defender right buyer for it that's
it's a cool business model
yep hey guys so the reason we wanted to
just bring everybody together today is
uh we were interested in talking to
those of you that would like to you know
build your your business
uh scale
build extend like the software portion
of your business i feel like a lot of
people don't grasp you know why we
created a software company instead of
scaling and focusing on our real estate
but um you know i think it just leads
down to one one phrase right and that's
human capital
and i don't i don't know if everybody in
the hive mind quite grasped yet we don't
talk about it a whole lot but the only
thing that would help you scale your
business faster than anything else is
human capital
so imagine this right imagine if you had
50 or 100 people
that come into an office every day or
they're working from home and they're
working on your behalf
what do you think would happen to your
if anybody could just unmute just what
would you think would happen if you had
100 people texting and coming bro
it would grow tremendously
it would be nuts it would be absolutely
nuts right
and uh that was the model so what the
software does is it gives you permission
to share the information with people in
a way so that if they do partake in the
they build their company inside of the
crm well you're holding their hand you
know bringing them to the meetings
getting other people to help them do
it makes things very very simple
so right now i have eight people working
with me helping me do deals answering
leads like calling leads for me doing
the first touch running comps you know
so for every deal that i'm doing i'm
doing very very little effort and then
even like sometimes i don't even know
how to closing like title would just
text me and be like hey can you be here
by 3 30 i'm like uh sure what's going on
like oh you have a signing today
there's nothing special that i did
there's nothing there's no magic formula
you know there's no 8 000 pay wall
it's just
sourcing human capital was the whole
entire purpose behind hiveline is to
find people that
that can help you and you can help them
even if you're brand new and you don't
have a lot of capital then you can offer
your time to somebody else that's in the
group and i think maybe some some of us
feel a certain way like we said well i
don't want to you know bother people and
i don't want to jump in people's inbox
they might not like it but that's our
business model
you know the business model is a hive
it's for for us to be able to lean on
each other count on each other
and if you can give somebody else your
time maybe do some some cold touch on
some leads help with dyspo those types
of things that somebody who's doing a
ton of deals like if somebody said hey
anthony can i pay you a 100 bucks an
hour to make phone calls the answer is
already no
i don't have that kind of time to invest
anymore so
i try to provide leads to my team
members so that they can do those warm
touches and then they're getting paid
you know really really nicely um one of
my team members on the day we're going
to close in about 12 days
she's going to make about 35 000 on that
um so
it's like why would i give up 35 000
for somebody to spend an hour and a half
two hours working on a deal
and the answer to that is leverage
nowhere in my mind am i thinking like oh
i would give up two hours of my own time
so i can capture that 35 000 because if
you're thinking about it that way
you're gonna have a hard time scaling in
the long run
because again if i can have 100 people
or 200 people or like 320 330 and
hiveline right now helping me do deals
then i don't need to make 100 of the of
each deal you know if i only made 30 of
each deal and i'm doing 100 deals a
month you know i'm doing okay
so it is hard for me to accept that and
see that you know i just gave away 35
grand when i could have did it myself in
two hours but
it's about where i'm headed
it's where i'm headed in the future
so i'm not too worried about what's
happening right now because i know what
i'm building and that's what i wanted to
chat with
with you guys about today
see how you're you know what are you
doing in your business
um how are you leveraging your resources
and if you're not thinking about human
capital um what can we do to you know
kind of turn that switch on in your
brain so that we can start to help you
scale your company
so anthony i kind of want to i think
this brings up like the whatever we're
going to call that the
so we're getting a property sub to uh
this next version was that we're closing
the property anthony the the big hot the
big house well we're hoping to meet them
tomorrow if not maybe it'll push until
monday or something other saturday so
we're getting a
five bedroom five bedroom five bedroom
five bath house that we're turning into
the hive mine headquarters um we kind of
mentioned it a couple weeks ago that's
going to happen um
everybody said yes yes
all that process has been through and
through so we're supposed to get the the
friday or monday
and um one thing we're going to do
next month i don't know what we're going
to call it yet but this is kind of like
the pre pre-sale to that
is uh we're going to show you exactly
what anthony is doing to find that deal
um we locked up 2000 acres using that
same strategy we found the house using
that strategy
um it's just texting a lot of people so
we're gonna do um
one one year subscription
with uh
it was 1 300 acres not not 2 000. oh my
bad 1 300 acres sorry
so you like the 1300 acres in the house
that he's getting tomorrow um using just
a text blasting strategy so we're
probably gonna do this uh in march
but we'll give you uh it's going to come
with room and board food
and we're going to cover the software
real estate negotiating land deals all
that good stuff and it's like a week in
the trenches we're thinking we're
thinking of a name still but
it's going to be and you get a year
subscription of hivemind with this for
29.99 so it's going to push it we're
going to put you to work that's all it
is it's going to be work we'll provide
the leads we'll provide the marketing
we'll teach you how to do it and we'll
provide room and board and food and
hopefully you'll make ten twenty
thousand dollars working there for three
days you know
we really want you to succeed
and uh get traction quicker
so um a friend of ours did this recently
and he got had really big success with
it so we're trying something similar see
if it works out so whoever's interested
in doing being our first test dummies
um we're gonna we're gonna make it
happen so i'll probably fly out and
teach the system and anthony's gonna
like put you in the put you put you to
work working working the phones and the
sms that way we can uh get some get some
big big deals on the pipeline
so i uh i just wanted to introduce
myself um
anthony and i we've
i guess known each other for
quite some time now my name's connor
hood i know bob's on the call too i've
talked to him as well
i am a farm and ranch broker this is my
first um
hive meeting i guess uh
with y'all so hope everyone is doing
but anyway i i am a farm and ranch
and i've talked to anthony about this in
the past before
and i can tell the group this i have got
some big investors
um can spend quite a bit of money
and they're looking for anything
basically within an hour
from any major city
uh 500 acres and up
and as long as 10 to 15 percent
of the properties are not in
um a flood plain
uh they can spend ten
thousand to fifteen thousand an acre
uh price wise for these guys
you know they really don't have a budget
as long as it's kind of the right fit
from an hour from every major city
and so um i've talked to anthony in the
past before he sent me some deals but if
you all have got
anything in the pipeline that might be
worth my interest
definitely be interested i kind of know
how y'all's business model works i'm
kind of on the
opposite side of it and i've talked to
anthony about it um in the past on
how we could basically work out some
deals together anthony i don't know if
you want to
step in and talk to them about that
um but i think that model could be
advantageous for everybody
hey man i'm not too sure which model
you're referring to
okay so um
deal with more of the retail side of
farm and ranch right
whenever y'all get a chance y'all can go
check out the website um
and i can like text a link or you know a
website later but it's hood
and all we do
is farm and ranch properties uh we got
stuff all the way up to 150 million
basically with the wholesaling side of
you know if you all find a deal you know
uh currently as a wholesale like
for an example if you all find a
thousand acres
uh contracted on five thousand an acre
my guys can pay
retail for it because they're buying
and say you know retail value just for
talking purposes is 7 500 an acre
right um
you know basically we contract on it buy
and we can either work out a deal where
i can make a commission
uh from y'all on the deal while you all
make money as well on that 2500 an acre
or if the sellers that y'all talk to
if they are not interested
wanting to
on paper try to sell their property
for not a wholesale price and want to
sell it for a retail price
you can refer me to those guys and with
whatever commission that i make
um you know we could work out a deal
with hive mind or something as a
consulting fee
get you all paid on those deals
does that make sense
make sense to me man
yeah i gotcha
appreciate that man
sure sure yeah it's uh
you know as a
as a broker it's it's hard for me um
because uh
you know i deal with a lot of people who
buy retail now of course if i find the
deals that are wholesale deals
obviously you know i would take those to
my clients like right away um
but i think uh
it could be beneficial for all parties
in this circle
um because uh
um you know
both parties can make money either way
like okay
pay um
party a
you know y'all approach them
you know they don't want to sell their
property for
you know or y'all contracted and try to
make money on it and then talk to me if
i got a buyer for it great and if not if
they want to sell it for retail
then i can you know basically bring my
buyer in buy it with that commission
and then you know get you all paid as
hey i'll say uh don't discount what uh
connor's saying right here
um if you have like a 1.5 million dollar
deal and he gives you just one and a
half percent of his commission
we're looking at like 22 000
so instead of not closing the deal we're
with connor here
right yeah exactly i mean
you know i've uh i've already talked to
bob and uh to anthony kind of about this
uh approach
um already
and um anyway
it's just never come to fruition because
we never really had the time to discuss
and i knew i was supposed to talk to one
of bob's partners and we never got the
opportunity to do that yet
but uh anyway like i said
if you think a deal is going south on a
wholesale deal fine if they want to sell
it for retail fine right and then we
could work out some type of deal hey
thank you all so much for the lead
i bring in my buyer to sell it or you
know to sell that property and if i
don't have a buyer um that can
you know that can take it down if
they're interested in listing it
you know best case scenario with icing
on the cake
uh you know we could do a six percent
and uh worst case is three percent and
then whatever that commission base is
um you know for whoever sends me the
lead i can write a check um you know as
a consulting fee
uh so what states are you licensed to
list the properties in
say that
again which states are you licensed to
list the properties
i'm just a broker here in the state of
texas um
but as far as people in other states
i can represent people in other states
do negotiations i just can't uh
legally have a promulgated form
and draw it up in another state
but as far negotiations go i can do it
verbally like in new mexico colorado
other states
but uh it would have to be on a another
broker's form that we would have to
verbally do that deal with
but as far as texas goes
i'm full blown i'm all over the state of
you know you can ask anthony and bob
about me you know we've uh
uh i mean we go all the way to marfa
alpine amarillo
uh anawak near you know east of houston
south texas to hebronville um you know
we're all over the state so
and connor you said that's uh strictly
uh farmland
farm and ranch property yes sir
strictly farming ranch
great man thanks for the opportunity
appreciate that
yeah yeah no problem and like i said um
you know if you all want to uh uh go
check out uh our website and whatnot um
i'd be more than happy to send uh if
anybody wants to send me their
information um
you know we can uh uh definitely you
know get in contact with each other and
uh you know go from there
hey connor you can just pop your um pop
your uh
website right in the chat and then
everybody can just uh copy it down
yeah let me see here how do i do that
three buttons on the lower right hand
corner uh should be chat or more or
something like that and then you can
just put it right in there in the
yeah let me see here
okay here we go
i got it
cold thanks man
yeah no problem
for sure
muted thanks connor appreciate that man
so yeah
yeah i appreciate that so then you got
big deals shoot it to connor
we worked with him on a bunch of other
deals before so definitely the person
you want to connect with and no
um so uh we kind of have a uh there's
connor's information
um so people are asking me so the high
boot i'm gonna cover high boot camp
again real quick it's gonna be monday to
friday five days comes with room board
food uh one year subscription of hive
mind and it's gonna be uh 29.99 for one
person if you have a partner you want to
bring in it's 49.99
uh we're gonna have a link for that up
so uh probably
by friday probably by tomorrow so if you
guys are interested definitely hit us up
go ahead danielle
have you guys decided when in march
um it's probably gonna be the march 7 to
11. that's what we're doing march 7th
okay all right
yeah march 7 to 11 and uh we just picked
up a property uh
for this that we're gonna
remodel and make make uh make do i don't
know if we'll do it again but we're
gonna try it out and see how many people
come too many people are interested in
it um
and uh mike novak i don't know how much
beer will be provided but you can bring
that's gonna be that so we're working on
a lot of different things right now um
we're gonna launch that in march like i
said first second week of march
i'll have a website for you guys
tomorrow just look for that in the
facebook group everybody that's
interested in that dm me on instagram
facebook or text me if you have my
number whoever that is i sex a bunch of
people might hear my number interested
in that um
we're trying to launch hive university
so i'll kind of paint a picture what
have university is going to be like
hype university is going to be
weekly calls
based off of certain niches
so uh hphs already agreed to come on and
cover creative finance and sub
um we're gonna make it affordable um so
they're gonna do one hour minimum per
um minus holidays so at least be three
three times a week
to some effect um but they're gonna
cover we're gonna have different people
covering different things so uh chad
doherty is going to cover how to build a
portfolio and do real estate um hbhs is
going to cover creative finance
anthony's going to cover uh doing large
lane deals subdivide and all that stuff
um i'm probably going to do it for uh
like hive mind just base calls
uh maybe at least
maybe two to three a week two or three a
month i mean um covering like hide mind
questions if you guys need help with
anything on the hive mind side um so
we're really gonna try to provide a lot
of value um
more than we are now on a large scale so
the whole thing is we really want people
to learn and learn how to do business
better and like i said hopefully i'm
going to bring airbnb
credit you name it i'm going to bring a
lot of different educators covering
those topics specifically and you can
jump in between
courses and productions
we're going to launch that hopefully by
the end of the month
we also have we're launching a high
buyers club
that'll be launched hopefully within the
next week or so we have some people
contributing on that side is that
anybody has any deals that need help
with dispositions or if they want to
shoot deals
we're going to try and buy as many deals
as possible in texas so if anybody has
any any type of deal single family
uh we'll look at all those in the next
two to three weeks as well that's coming
out as well by the end of the month
other thing coming out by the end of the
month is hive media if you guys do a lot
of media content we're launching a
subscription-based unlimited video
editing platform called hive media
essentially will edit unlimited videos
for you
for 1500 a month or some side effect
hey daniel uh real quick uh
with the uh purchasing of like single
family home stuff that you guys are
planning on doing yeah um
will that only be in san antonio and and
surrounding areas or are you you know
basically throughout all of texas it'll
be all over texas um like i said we'll
buy the single-family homes but um
schreier who is here right now we're
looking for uh large deals half a
million or higher bigger as well for
multi-family commercial and industrial
and land as well so literally we wanted
to see every deal you guys got because
we might buy them
um and and is he is i'm sorry is he um
thinking about portfolios as well
uh schreier
yes did you leave
i think
where'd he go he was just getting let's
go go try her
oh hey
sorry i for some reason my car draft
everybody uh this is for ryer i'm
i'm from houston i do most of my
buying and selling in houston now in
dallas market so i know anthony
and the team and everybody else for a
long time right so that's happy to jump
in uh for the commercial deals anybody
would have any questions around those
bye to anthony and daniel and i'm at the
back end of it uh what i can walk you
through up to 20 25 million dollar deal
i actively buy lands and i don't buy
single family i stopped buying single
family i should say
but i also buy
commercial assets apartments and lawn
apartments as well so
anybody would have any questions any
deal you know pass that to danielle
anthony i'll come on the back end and
get you guys a preliminary number
and also i can create the
range of prices you could go in
potential negotiating strategy
then if the number goes out happy to
help you to sell and or buy as well
yeah so that's shariah khan right yep
okay greg yeah we had a conversation
before i'll keep in touch
hey thanks for ironman
um i just wanted to say that
it's probably going to be schreier doing
the commercial portion for the hive
university um he's also talking about
creating a portal so that when you have
a deal that you can submit um if you put
in all the deals uh the details about
the deal then it'll automatically
respond to you and let you know if it's
a deal or not so yeah lots of cool stuff
in the works
so uh we'll have the link for that hide
buyers club for all your deals to submit
we'll have that up
probably i'm gonna shoot for let's say
saturday or sunday
um so all that stuff is we're working on
a lot of different stuff there's a lot
of up-and-coming stuff where we're
releasing so keep an eye on that for the
in the facebook group um but we're
working really hard to make sure you
have a lot of
as much help as you need in different
areas as you need so
there's definitely a lot of opportunity
that we're releasing and coming out with
on side side note the podcast side
we're uh
we're releasing five episodes a week
check us out on all platforms um we
brought on co-hosts so i i got uh frank
spalding helping out matt rogers
oh uh ariane ariana villanueva is
helping out with our spanish section so
we're releasing more podcast episodes in
spanish in the near future so we're
really focusing on that so there's going
to be a lot of
a lot just going on and all different
directions um hive event this year chai
trap event 20 20 22
we're shooting for end of september
i mean end of august early september
it's gonna be that last week of august
or first week of september we're gonna
lock it in between those two it's gonna
be in fort lauderdale and deandre's
so uh we're gonna we're gonna have some
fun down there uh for hive event 2.0
we did one last year in dallas so we're
gonna do that again except in fort
lauderdale so there's a lot going on a
lot of things happening and we hope you
guys get a ton of value from all of that
but yeah um what else i got
oh um
man though there was some there's so
much we're working on this is crazy um i
think we're working on releasing a hive
with uh
with frank spalding
and we're working on hopefully having
our first hive storage
by the end of the year
we're starting a storage company so
we're doing crazy things i hope you all
can uh stay along for the ride we're
doing we're doing some big stuff this
year so i'm excited i hope you all are
excited um anthony anything else you
want to cover or um or mention
um just about the airbnb uh sheridan
says that he has a 6 000 square foot
building he's working on in houston um
it's going to be the same thing so that
there's a local center for everybody to
go and work kind of co-working space for
the hive mind
but we would like to have one in every
major city so if somebody finds a
commercial building or a big house you
know like three to five thousand square
feet plus um let's take a look at that
and maybe we can help you take it down
so we can start to be established in
every city so again
looking for people that you can work
with grow a team network with people
it'll take a lot of stress off your
plate um it'll add a lot of value to
your business
and uh a million and one reasons to do
it but yeah just keep your eyes peeled
for sub twos and that type of stuff
i forgot about the co-working space
that's that's crazy so
we're probably going to turn that office
in san antonio into a co-working space
so anybody local can go there if you
want to come visit let anthony know but
we're probably going to turn into a
co-working space uh like said schreier's
working on something similar in houston
so we'll have something in houston and
san antonio
and then we're looking in la san diego
and atlanta right now as well
so if anybody has any large
airbnb houses or office space in those
areas we're looking as well
good eloy
no i just found an airbnb that somebody
wants to sell looking for a house my on
my own but i don't think it's what y'all
need it's a little bit smaller it's a
big house but it's like it's kind of
made for airbnb as a pool and everything
in brandon
close to tampa like 15 minutes away from
so um
i can tell you that
i can't afford it myself like it was
like a personal house but uh i could
send you the lead you want send it we'll
look at it yeah i'm gonna say yeah just
just fyi two
as a strategy you know we wouldn't be
looking for something that's like a sub
two so we're not trying to take out a
million dollar loan in every city right
so if we can put down 10 20 50 000 and
just take over the house that's that's
kind of what
there you go
um yeah so keep an eye out for those we
have people everywhere so keep your eyes
open plenty of opportunity
plenty of things going on to participate
in um i think evan you want to go evan
yeah i'll go ahead
i just wanted to put a quick plug in um
this last week we officially launched in milwaukee at tony
romo's event or excuse me tony romero's
not to be confused with the football
basically what we're doing is we're
taking off market
property blasting it to all the realtors
in texas we're only serving texas only
at this moment
but we do um so basically you spend a
property on our website
we set up class on friday for the
following week we'll blast it out to all
the realtors in that area and then they
call you back how we're charging for it
is uh it's either 500 up front or 10
percent on the margin on the back end
um just know just everybody know we're
not a full dispo service we're just
notifying all the realtors of your deal
um and we
um require that you pay them at least
four percent commission uh to get them
um but it's pretty straightforward um if
you wanna know more about that
uh you can
i'll drop the website link in and you
can message me if you have more
there you go does anybody have any
questions about anything that we talked
about because i know it was a lot
anything anything anything
um today is ladies call
so they are going to take over after
this call go ahead bob
yeah i'm uh man i'm excited to get into
some storage spaces man that you know
per square foot you can't beat you know
100 bucks a month for a 100 square foot
uh 10 by 10 storage unit man i would
love to get into that
oh well well once we get a handle on it
we'll teach you how to do it too
it's one of those things where uh
we're open books so we're kind of
exploring in our own direction
and uh we're here to educate and bring
you along with us
so we'll definitely we'll definitely
share the information as we get it going
we'll probably document the whole
process as well
anybody have any questions
go ahead connor
oh no i was just saying uh uh thanks for
the opportunity for letting me talk and
uh yeah that's basically it so
finally join i've talked to anthony
about it i'm like man i just haven't had
the time to join and i was still here in
my office and uh still working on some
stuff and i was like man i'll just take
you know 30 minutes of my time to you
know kind of uh talk to everybody and
all that and kind of network so i and
i'm glad i did so
you don't know how far this will end up
right right so
hive is strong go ahead bob
and you don't know where this will end
up this could this might be on youtube
i didn't know they were i didn't know
they were recording the other day i
didn't even think about it
and uh i got uploaded on youtube thank
you very much
i was
gone for the first part and then you
guys started a good conversation
on um
you know on cold calling and i didn't
want to interrupt that so i didn't
finally i didn't get back into the
conversation though about a half an hour
through the uh through the podcast or
the zoom meeting
hey we'll make you famous bob go on
hey yeah i want to ask um
who uh how do you manage a contractor
from five hours away
uh i think this is an anthony question
yeah the answer is man it's just going
to cost you a little bit more and then
i always make sure that they're both
licensed and insured that's obviously
not a complete fail safe but that's the
way i've always done it because uh you
can hold their feet to the fire if they
do something goofy
a lot of contractors are going to try to
extract more more capital up front than
they've done before than work they've
done and for materials but then i don't
work with people like that if they don't
have enough money to float sections of
the job and get paid after that each
section is inspected then i just don't
work with them at all it's already a red
flag if they don't have you know five or
10 grand in their bank account to to
keep things moving along so um
i think pretty much just that's really
all you can do to safeguard and then i
would hire a third third-party inspector
like an engineer just to pass by and
check it out they're super inexpensive
it's like three or four hundred bucks a
yeah i asked that uh because um so i had
this contractor working on this single
family today and i told this guy say
look you know i just want you to paint
the cabinets don't touch anything else
just paint your responsibilities the
cabinets and this guy paints the entire
kitchen and i told him just to do the
cabinets it's not a big deal but it's
like uh you know it's my first time
dealing with contractors and i'm like
five hours away from the property
so it's like i don't know did i maybe he
didn't understand what i said maybe i
wasn't clear but i'm like hey you're
responsible for painting the cabinets we
already got someone painting the the
kitchen walls just do the cabinets and
these guys text upon this so you know
what i'm going to paint the whole
kitchen you know and i was just like ah
here we go you know
those are the overachievers you gotta
yeah i was gonna say for sure uh dealing
remotely is every line item has to be
checked off so there's no
misunderstanding of what's included and
what's not included because if you ever
end up in court right just like real
estate you want to make sure that every
single line item is very very clear
about what's expected and what's being
covered and what's not being covered
that way in case he does something like
that no he says i'm just gonna you know
some contractors will do that they'll
reach and try to beat you up for some
more cash
um so just making sure that your
paperwork is is excellent
yeah if i could change if i could chime
in for a second here deandre mann i had
a uh i had the same situation going on
where i hired a contract i met him on
site we shook hands we talked about
everything that needed to be done we
discussed the scope of work
and i mean i literally told him do not
tear out the bidet because i don't want
to have to replace the floor
well sure enough
he tears he's like oh i was taking out
the bidet or i broke a tile and so i
decided i'm just gonna i'll just put a
new floor in for you
well who's paying for the floor are you
paying for the floor am i paying for the
floor who's paying for the floor
he uh you know i was like well since
we're replacing the floor i'll go ahead
and do more than i wanted to do before i
knew it things snowballed
um i mean it turned out to be a disaster
uh because some of his subs that showed
up on the job site brought their kids
their kids were used picked up spray
paint and we're spray painting on the
concrete i mean it was a nightmare
so what i'm doing now when i'm if i'm
not on the job
everybody's got a smartphone everybody's
got a camera on their smartphone
do the face time thing and say show me
show me you can be right there deandre
you can be in the house
on your smartphone and say show me what
you're doing show me what you did
and i would do it you know a couple
times a day depending on what's going on
i mean
the guy ripped out like way more trees
than he was supposed to and uh i wound
up he wound up costing me fifteen
thousand dollars
on the uh on the back end on the sale of
the house because
i couldn't get
i couldn't get bank financing because
you didn't have the doors in on time for
the bank to walk through and say that it
was a livable
i lost that deal and by the time he had
the doors in i wound up um having to
take a
take 15 grand left on the deal so
use that phone use that smartphone use
that camera and and hound the guy and if
he's not answering your calls man that's
a big red flag right there too
thanks boy you understand how much i
appreciate your answer man
there you go go ahead schreier
i was going to say deandre this happens
a lot i have nine rehabs going
20 27 people running around what we
start doing is all these scopes are as a
pictorial basis
we don't even talk i mean we explain but
everything on a picture whatever you
want to do take a picture mark it up so
i mean that has reduced a lot of double
work a lot so if you do any projects
especially when you are not there
try to build a word document or
presentation where you take the pictures
of the unit and you write it down this
this this one two and three or put an
example what it needs to be at the end
of the day when they're done
with those two we have reduced a lot of
for the scope i just want to share that
that's that's a good idea because i made
sure that i got the scope of work oh
that was not starting until i got the
paperwork so i got it and everything is
broken down but i didn't uh do the
picture thing so that's it seems like
that's what i'm missing the pictures and
kind of what bob said like hey they're
in the house they're doing the work hey
what's the update i'm right here show me
that so that's right
that's the main thing i'm i'm missing
right now it's my the first um
first project i'm working on so uh you
know i know the first one's always gonna
be a struggle i'm gonna make mistakes
i'm gonna learn a lot so just trying to
you know pick some things up and this
one is just appetizers it's just hang
tight dinner's coming
i know i know
so on that note also we uh we used to go
a lot to the job site now we don't uh we
do facetime so almost everybody has
we just get on a whatsapp call and they
just walk the house middle of the day so
we can run a lot of things and save a
lot of time driving back and forth so we
go now once a week but two or three
times a week uh we'll just get on there
and on midday you know zoom call now
don't call your whatsapp call and
everybody got whatsapp or whatever app
that you're going to have and we use
that to give us update
that was some uh
management gems right there
yeah and i'm going to tag onto that i'm
going to reiterate what anthony said
about the money
if they
you know
if you let them string you out man
uh you're gonna be
um you're gonna be behind the ball you
know and you're gonna be at their mercy
and so you know you got more money into
this thing and they're like well now i
got to keep paying them to get the job
done don't don't let it start out that
get them in there get them get their you
know get them to have skin in the game
um and you know only pay him for what's
done and
all everything you do
you can't you can't control it man i
mean i i have things happen all the time
you know it seems like these guys on the
job they look for any reason to not do
something you told me to do
i was i thought i was the only one there
i feel way better i thought i was the
only one
now i had the homeowner told me don't
make any dust in the basement so
therefore i i didn't do the drywall down
you could have called me you know that's
my job to deal with the customer not
yours you know if you if something
something's inhibiting you from doing
what i'm paying you to do you need to
call me and let me know
so yeah you're gonna have you're gonna
have hiccups and bumps just uh those
but those facetime calls i i would
definitely stay up on that i should have
done that i was supposed to go out
that day with that drywaller there and i
didn't go because it was
he's pretty good dude and he
knows what he's doing but
one little comment from the customer and
boom now i got another
you know that didn't get done and so
now we've got another trip out there and
who's paying for that
you are
uh i'm working on i'm working on a flip
right now i'm thinking i'm just gonna
wholesale it i don't want to deal with
oh that's funny
things you learn things you learn um
anybody else and any final questions
they want to cover we're just going to
hand over to the ladies hey um
i have a quick question see i was doing
something too sorry it's a delay on my
um i was wondering for the subject too
is that a course going to be
specifically just for texas or is it
going to be further like
specific states
you cut out
um sorry i was just asked that's better
is the subject to course that you're
going to have your mind university going
to be for
just texas or other states this should
be this should be it should be
nationwide um but it's going to be
really focused on tickets because
they're out of texas so we'll make sure
they have material that's a good
question but they should cover other
states too as well um if anything
we'll have the resources to point you in
the right direction if you do find
something out of state
out of state besides texas
thank you
no problem
uh any other questions about anything we
spoke about today
we covered a lot
a lot a lot
nope no no no
all right how much how much is that
program again there's a three three
thousand dollars yeah yeah so it's gonna
be uh monday to friday food room and
um and a year subscription of hive it's
gonna be in san antonio for 29.99
and that's coming up uh
when second week of march
oh that's pretty quick
yeah that's pretty soon yeah yes pretty
soon pretty soon so we picked up a five
bedroom five
five it's a five five it's five bed five
five bed five bath house
it's about five thousand square feet so
it's got the space and ability to host
all these people so we're gonna try it
out see how it works out the first time
um but we're gonna cover a lot of
different things go out of it
daniel's actually a five bed seven bath
there you go my bad five bed seven bath
look at that i'm wrong
there's extra bathrooms for no reason
and a house full of chandeliers
there you go
so uh we'll have a we'll have a website
for that we'll have a link up for that
uh to buy tomorrow
definitely a lot going on
any final questions we're gonna get over
to sharonda and the ladies
all right
let's do it this is not really a
question but it's more of a comment um
if anybody has any lots in
port charlotte
marion oaks ocala or lehigh acres my
buyers are literally asking me like
every other day
and um i think a lot of other people are
having problems the same problem as well
getting um inventories just wanted to
put it out there if anybody wants a jv
all right there you go
what are your uh
eloy it's matt what are your buyers
paying for single family lots in lehigh
it um it very it depends like it really
depends on the location
and um
because if you know anything about
lehigh it was 33976
it's probably more like 15 000 but it's
like 33972
it'll probably be like thirteen thousand
around that range it also depends if
it's close to like like um electric
poles yeah that's cool we can we can
talk offline that's what i figured they
were probably paying that's what mine
are paying to so it's very fairly common
okay cool
good schreier hey um just gonna add uh
add to it a couple of things um
for my end of it i'm actively looking
for lands and the class a locations and
or development opportunities if you know
anything okay especially north dallas 50
plus acres
and within the houston
and the dallas area inner city
and i'll buy
so far this year i closed on 11
properties i have 70 more to go
on the commercial end anybody has any
three to 15 million dollars let me know
i have i think my plan is to buy four to
six i have two under contract one three
million no one two million sorry two and
a half million the other one is 17
million so if you guys have any leads
don't know how to underwrite reach out
to me i'll help you out
and you know you can do
what um what is your um minimum
uh doors
that you're looking at
so it depends on the location right and
i'm playing mostly in houston area but
i'm also looking in the florida market
and arizona market and colorado market i
have three teams that i'm working within
dubai so on the taxes market larger is
better right anything
less than
2 million 30 35 dollars is too small if
it is the inner city right in the middle
of the houston austin and dallas area
fine but if it's outside larger it's
okay not down to the south side close to
the borderline
the population needs to be hundred 000
or higher so in a smaller town it kind
of pans out it just doesn't work out
but whatever you have and i can give you
an opinion right even though i don't buy
it but the athletes have a data point to
go about it
i know
so just want to
uh share that with everybody
yeah and yeah i appreciate it in this
character oh my bad deandra go ahead man
go ahead
no i was just going to say man i
appreciate it because now with um
with shirat talking i remember our
conversation it was about a
a mobile home park in uh michigan and he
gave me some great advice on it and um
you know i steered away from it and with
good cause so sherrod knows exactly what
he's talking about and um anybody got a
question like that and um most
definitely hit him up
yeah i was just gonna say i guess i'm
buying single families nationwide um me
and uh louis morales i have a um a
property under contract with him right
now in alabama a single family uh so if
you got some single families and the
numbers make sense shoot them my way i
will definitely look into them and i
might make an offer and buy it
not if we don't buy it first
right exactly exactly
there you go uh we appreciate everybody
coming out today we're gonna head over
to ladies uh sharonda is gonna take it
over uh ladies call is second thursday
of every month
um and shirana runs that so we're gonna
hand that over hope she has a great time
we appreciate everybody coming out join
us for the next call saturday at noon
central have a great day guys
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