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Feb. 18, 2022

Ep 120- Hustle Harder Event Breakdown & Q&A

Ep 120- Hustle Harder Event Breakdown & Q&A
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so happy monday every every monday we're
here at
5 central how you doing john alexander
frank spalding
y'all have a good weekend hey daniel
have a great weekend i hear you guys had
a great time no complaints
yeah we had a great time
i'm gonna do a quick recap from this
weekend and then we're gonna jump right
into it um great this weekend was
amazing uh we went to milwaukee uh
wisconsin uh we got to speak for a few
minutes because we have a lot of users
out there
we had a great time great experience got
to buy all our users dinner and uh just
had a great time uh networking with a
fellow like-minded people
um it's great a great experience
i don't think we had
i don't know maybe junior was there
going to the list
junior was there junior do you have a
takeaway from the event
from milwaukee
so much buddy so much
that's the network was a lot of
carlos reyes like a whole bunch of
people that have never ever talked ever
i got to hang out with them well the
party stuff was different but
yeah dude networking with a lot of
it was great
that's awesome man yeah it was we had a
great time great time with uh junior and
it's just a lot of good things happened
this week it was great
let's kind of uh hop in for wins anybody
have a win to happen from last week they
want to share wins with with the group
as far as anything good that happened
real estate business
so he's got to win for this week go
we pulled from that 28 acres while we
were over there
awesome awesome
anybody else have any other wins
from this week
yeah i picked up another deal a
partnership with
another person on on the deal
they brought the deal to me it looked
like a really difficult deal quite
frankly um
turned out it wasn't as bad as what it
initially looked like
and we made contact with a seller
and after
they got back with their brother
and approved it
uh we've got um we've got that deal now
great and that's a that's a deal right
at some a major intersection of fort
worth so i'm really i'm excited about it
traffic traffic and eyes is always a
plus it's easier to say
location location location that's it
that's it you got to win deandre
uh yeah it's a i would call it a half
win or 75 percent win but um
so i'm getting i'm doing i'm closing on
my first seller finance deal picked up a
cheap lot for 4 500 and i'm going to be
selling it on seller financing for 9
um so the title came back free and clear
um so i'm good to close on it but i'm
going to be closing on it and then re-um
reselling this so
it's a 75 win because you know i'm going
to close but
i do got to get the seller finance
documents ready for the buyer so
75 win
no almost there almost there almost
that's a win that's a win go ahead matt
yeah i just closed the jb deal today i
just funded uh which is good i thought i
brought it up a couple weeks ago in the
hive um some guy brought me a deal in
cape coral two lots high-end lots um
seller 10195 each forum
and uh one of my good buyers in that
area uh ponied up and uh
paid 470. so i paid an agent like 14
grand who does a lot of my deals and she
she works with a couple of these buyers
really closely
and uh there's really no getting around
her which i don't want to anyway because
she's great i like working with her and
she earns every penny so uh my jv
partner and i both walked with 28 grand
each and then the agent walked with 14.
that's hope that's dope man
so um i'm gonna i'm gonna preach on
match matt rogers here so i have an
episode releasing tomorrow with matt
rogers on the podcast
um it's how to start land investing
virtually a to z and it was a great
conversation that we had i think we hit
every point that you need to do
virtually real estate with and one of
those was
working with agents so i'm really glad
to mention that because he does he does
it a lot and he has and we mentioned in
the podcast that he works as one agent
for like two years every deal that goes
through her he just pays her out so it's
uh very important to build relationships
and the power of relationships is
yeah it really is and you know
we touch on this in the podcast
interview but while we're here right now
discussing it um not every deal is
something that is you know meant to work
with an agent you know if you can get
the deal done yourself and save some of
that money that's great
um but in the times where you do need
them or you have a relationship and they
have a really good relationship with
their buyer um one of these buyers that
buys a lot of my deals
they only want to work through the agent
so i if i wanted to try to go around
them i could but it would just be
foolish uh and honestly they brought me
some other deals that i found i wouldn't
have been able to find elsewhere either
so you know the money that gets paid out
to them on the deals i close with them
um i look at it as an investment for
future deals so you can penny pinch and
think hey you know i'm losing a few
grand here on every deal or in this case
14 grand um but they earned every penny
of it and and they trust me now i trust
them and they've brought me deals uh
that i've closed on and they've made
some money on and it's just one of those
things where it's like i look at it as a
long-term relationship um it could
something could go south at any point of
course that's just the name of the you
know the way this business works but um
for the most part if you go into it
trying to think long term and play
long-term games then a situation like
this happens where
you know we were able to close this
thing inside 30 days and my g i didn't
even find the deal a guy in my network
uh not a hive member but i'm in pace
morby sub two group uh a member in there
brought me that still didn't know what
to do with it and uh we got it close in
30 days and both walked with 28 grand so
you know and the agent was able to
facilitate that with her big buyer to
get that deal done quickly
leveraging agents
in the right situations forming great
relationships with them pays dividends
and it's something you can do over and
over again for long periods of time and
even this these are intel lofts in
florida my rural vacant land i do i have
a broker i work with in indiana who does
a lot of my deals and he's my boots on
the ground there and uh sources deals
for me um reps deals i've wholesale
deals to him and that's just another
agent i work with so don't uh you know
there are people that say oh agents this
agent's that i mean not all of them are
great but there are a lot of really good
ones out there and if you find investor
friendly ones you can do deals with them
all day long and it's great
oh that's amazing man um definitely that
opportunity please go check out
tomorrow's episode is is a really good
one we did a couple weeks ago so i'm
really excited for that one cause i was
like i i talked to one of my friends
from high school today and it was his
birthday today so i called him on his
birthday and i told him i was like dude
you need to listen to the episode that
airs tomorrow it's gonna be perfect for
you just starting out that's what you
need to hear he's like all right i'm
gonna look for it so there's definitely
a lot of information a lot of good
information on the podcast definitely
check it out like i said it's it's
freely given and by experienced people
and it's it's amazing to be a part of
i love providing the
that side of it it's a cool experience
go ahead matt i was gonna say one last
thing here i don't wanna hoard up all
the time but um
uh one of the uh early education
programs i took when i didn't really
know a whole lot um they kind of like
they talked down on agents talked down
on attorneys just said they were kind of
useless to get anything done i mean you
want to talk about being further from
the truth
um i made a lot of money working with
good agents and the other the bad ones
you know can fumble a deal or make
things more complicated than it needs to
be but the good and the good investor
friendly agents that know what they're
doing and can uh help navigate waters
especially if you're out of town you're
doing it virtually um it goes a long way
so just you know just remember that and
you know and
vet them and make sure they're
interested in working with investors
because not all of them are but the ones
that are um you know you can do a lot of
long-term business with them so just
keep that in mind
that's it
all right so uh we're going to pivot a
little bit we're going to go into a q a
um software real estate we have a lot of
people in here that can provide
invaluable information so if you're
stuck anywhere in your business
we're definitely here to help out so if
you guys have any questions you guys can
feel free to raise your hand or put in
the chat box however you want to do it
um it's a kind of an open room where
you're talking to q a whatever you need
software or real estate let's cover it
if you've got questions we get answers
uh this is josh uh
we chatted last night on messenger i
just signed up using buskas link awesome
yep i just watched john's
masterclass uh video the first one
and it's great content thanks john
there was a mention of uh ip regarding
land deals i just don't know what ip
i mean i could google it i just finished
watching it before yeah you'll probably
won't get it from google it but it
stands for inverse purchase
and what that is it's a it was the
original novation so i created that in
and we did that for many many years
in the uh housing
you know flipping business
and um
we still do it
i love to do it on land that one i
mentioned earlier today that one
excuse me
that one will be a
an inverse purchase
i'm hoping to release
or put the book back into publication
i took it off i took it off the market
for a while
i hope that i helped to put that back on
on the market
and that explains how to do an ip on
land itself because you're going to do
higher end property without using any of
your own money
got it do you go into debt regarding
that in your masterclass
regarding invest purchase
no i i don't uh it's that's like a whole
course in itself i mean
when i when i did the workshop for that
it's a two-day workshop i mean there's a
lot to it but
master class was mainly going to show
you how to do uh mainly thirty thousand
dollar retail value thirty thousand
dollars and below
and not use any of your money you can
use the deposit money that a uh buyer
comes to closing with
do you recommend any resources or
something that i can look it up like you
just mentioned you can also purchase
like high-end houses and stuff right i'm
just curious yeah yeah i i will be uh
releasing that book again i just needed
to update it
and that the name of that book it's on
amazon but the name of the book is how
to flip high-end land
or how to flip high-end vacant land i
think is the name of it
all right
thanks john appreciate that good
question good question uh who's got
another question they need to answer
when is the next hive mind event
oh man uh we're shooting for uh
hey hey i
got answers for that too uh we're
shooting for end of august early
september uh we'll probably start
working on that stuff right now but um
hive mind event 20 hive mind event 2.0
will be in august and september
is it going to be online or
yes it should be stream live
where are you planning to holster
excuse me
uh where are you planning to host it
um it's gonna be in fort lauderdale
oh okay
orlando florida
good question junior
that way deandre got to go far
it's down the street from
it's just about a four or five hour
drive for me
there you go frank
so uh the whole the whole thing with the
event is we want to pay homage to all of
our florida people because we do have a
lot of floor people so we're probably
going to bounce around from coast to
coast to give homage to where our
cluster of people are
as far as statewide so i think uh
next year we'll probably do west coast
since we did
central and we'll go east coast this
time and west coast next year
we'll bounce around
yeah give us some highlights from the
event highlights from the event
yeah good idea
highlights from the event we had
uh we had 15 high hive mind people there
um we've gotten like five sign ups from
the event um i did a live demonstration
with uh text to hive number automation i
had 81 people text in
so some people might be here from that
text that i did on stage but yeah it was
it was a pretty good demonstration um
those 300 people in the room uh tony
romero's venue is amazing um the host
of the event or tony mayer hosted the
event but the venue location
uh was a mentor of tony that owns the
whole block so it was like a 140 000
square foot industrial building
that they turned into a restaurant
office space there's a gym
there's a
a brewery
and there's a venue
and restaurants and all that stuff a bar
so it's all attached to this one
industrial space of mixed use so it was
definitely a nice
mixed-use building i love i love seeing
mixed-use buildings and how they utilize
it because it kind of opens up the
possibilities of
how it should be done you know
because a lot of people they don't a lot
of cities don't like doing using
mixed-use buildings but it was a perfect
perfect example of a good mixed-use
building it was just amazing so the
venue was actually had a glass wall and
you can see the brewery so they had all
the big
cylinders and stuff for making alcohol
uh behind us so it's pretty interesting
and then there was a uh the bar
restaurant behind us
and then they had on the left side was
offices so it's definitely a unique uh
building that was owned by
one of the
tony's mentor at the venue so it was
definitely definitely
like definitely a close venue i've ever
been to i will say that
well thought out
we had a lot of uh amazing guests
there's a lot of people there to network
with um
i had i got to have dinner with a lot of
hive users uh junior junior and uh ray
navares got to spend a lot of time with
them this weekend
it was just a great experience all
around um
just to spend with with uh with other
like-minded individuals
um claudette was there as well
i like claudette she's uh
she's quite a character
easy daniel i'm in the room i know i
know i know it's hard it's hard not to
talk about you
so claudette cracks me yes because
claudette got one of the sponsored
tickets to go there
and uh
she shows up
she uh
she sat by the table and i'm like aren't
you gonna go to the event she's like no
no i'm just here to spend time with you
guys i'm like oh thanks claudette
then uh the the event was an evening
so claudette she's like i'm gonna go
take a nap i'm like okay claudette
wow daniel that's what we're doing
it was no shade at all i wish i had the
ability that was tired
i know
i understand i get it
let me just try but i want to thank uh i
want to thank coach
for handing out the tickets it was a
great experience i'm glad i went
a lot of great information a lot of
repeat information i thought
but coming from different perspectives
from a much younger uh crowd of people
so that's what i i enjoyed i enjoyed
that but it was just a long
long long whole lot of talking and long
speakers for me but it was a great
experience and
i'm sure i would go again
on my own dime this time
thank you daniel no problem i'm glad you
mentioned that too there was a lot of
younger demographics so um there was a
lot of since tony himself is young he
gets a lot of younger audiences uh that
that follow him
so there's a lot of uh younger people
there which was i think i i like i like
um appealing i like talking to younger
people anyway because it's a there's
there's a lot of
excitement that comes with that so it's
kind of cool seeing a lot of young
people doing real estate flipping and
all that stuff and actually doing doing
the game go ahead junior
yeah they come with a lot of questions
too which i was i'm glad to answer them
because they were like all excited
trying to like you know when somebody
has that hustle you know what i mean
like they want to make sure it works so
i'm like i'm happy to help them out and
we actually got to spend time with one
of the local investors
uh we went to this fixing clip he's like
22 21 i think that's the one where you
talk to that he's going to be in your
pocket class yep
it was great
so yeah he's he i think he's 22. um and
he they went to go see a flip that he
was working on so there's there was just
a lot of
the oh the youngest person that was
there was 14 those are 14 year old at
the event it was crazy so
14 imagine learning this at 14 years old
that's craziness
a lot a lot of potential there's a lot
of potential in that room so i hope i
hope to see big things from that group
because there was a lot of young people
there and there was like a lot of like
young people grouping together too so
junior can you correct me on this one
there's like more than like two or three
companies of like 25 and younger
wholesale companies out there that
they're just wholesaling together and
all they're all young under 25.
yep that is correct
yeah it was it was definitely it was
definitely interesting interesting to
see they got a lot of hustle
a lot of hustle in there so it was it
was an interesting uh event like i said
i like i like seeing young people
succeed and know their direction because
i feel a lot of young people they get
lost and don't know which way to go
so it's kind of it's kind of cool seeing
people with uh
young have have a direction and know
where they're going you know
they can kind of create their own future
at such a young age
they're unstoppable
it's very very very good event um
anybody have a question
i do like talking but not by
myself hey danny i do got a question
this is remar go ahead reminder so
i was driving around dollars oh i'm
driving on a driver for dollars on this
weekend i came across on property
industrial how does that work um
i know i'm fairly new i would just i was
putting up on my popstream app i said
industrial land vacant how does that
work i know that's probably far beyond
me right now but just for the g with
because i got it in my app and maybe i
can do something later on if you got any
information on that
just work it like a house lead or work
it like a land deal if it's vacant skip
trace the owners and see if you're
looking to sell
the big this is something that one of
the speakers talked about
is that a lot of people
they get overwhelmed by larger deals but
it's the same process
whatever whatever thing you would do for
a normal land or hot vacant house you do
the same thing for a vacant industrial
and when you work with bigger properties
you can make a bigger spread so
skip tracing them seeing if they want to
sell see if they're open to terms
if they are looking to sell what do they
want for it all that good stuff you kind
of go down the same path and see what
comes up the biggest thing is
like i said if if you can get to a
certain point then you can like hey i
now have a vacant industrial lead
they're looking for
this amount it's been vacant for six
months just like you would do a house
and then just put it out there and see
if somebody was interested in buying it
so um anthony's mentor uh logan
logan they just bought a couple
industrial buildings in texas so there's
buyers out there looking for it and
there's a lot of opportunity there for
you just got to kind of do the front end
work of it as far as making sure they
want to sell because sometimes um people
with large amounts of money they might
just sit on it for a while and not do
but that's not everybody
eventually the money runs out and
they'll be stuck with it in foreclosure
just like everybody else around the tax
and you can make a you can make a big
spread on that just by finding motivated
sellers they come in all different price
hope that answers your question remar
it did in my mind i thought you don't
give me like this complicated answer and
you gave me this real chill like hey
it's just like anything else i'm like
really okay cool
you just work on this i appreciate it
though yeah you just work it like
everything else man that's it don't over
complicate it
cc if you're looking to sell and work
the deal at their price point and see if
it works
because there's motivated sellers in
every sector
there's motivated office there's
uh there's motivated multi-family
there's motivated industrial there's
motivated commercial all types there's
motivated all types of motivation
what happens with a lot of people this
price high price points is they might be
wall street so i actually heard the
story those wall street um
wall street people they're
high income earners so they like two of
them put in to buy a multi-family unit
but they they're wall street they work
the stocks they don't work real estate
so they ended up
they ended up getting loaned and
financed and all that stuff but they
couldn't manage the property so the
property once went to crap
and they ended up being a motivated
and somebody took the property subject
using their mortgage and it was like it
was like a 60 unit so there's a lot of
opportunity out there there's motivated
sellers every price point hey hey daniel
what's up man
i got a question i know i heard you say
something about being able to integrate
a dollar before i don't i don't really
see the need for it but um some people
that i'm working with want to integrate
like thing call or ready mode whatever
it's called right now
um they were wondering um how we would
do that i know i have mine's an open api
yes so
they can do it through the api if they
have the capabilities to do that usually
they have to have some type of program
to connect it
um the api keys in your company settings
or they can do it through zapier or they
can just do a form
from the from the cold call
it's really up to
how technical they want to get into it
but they can connect it in multiple
different ways but yeah i i talked to
somebody they're like oh i need i want
to connect my my dialer to it i was like
is it a trip is it a triple line or a
single line what's a single line if it's
a single line don't worry about it we
could do a single line
yeah i mean i think i think the single
line the power down is fine i mean
the the va's they running through uh 171
and some change
per hour so that's almost like a
thousand if
this could be like a thousand a little
bit over a thousand um calls a day so
i don't see an issue with it
um it's hard it's hard painting the
picture sometimes because people don't
sometimes they they don't see the
they don't they're used to doing their
own thing so they don't mind i see the
value in it
it's all good though
good question wayne
christopher how's everything going with
going good um
just looking inside the actual drip
campaign but trying to see like
what's more practical to sit on 15
minutes or five minutes because
i have a lot of leads so far so i'm just
trying to see what's more practical
there's so many like because i have like
over 30 000 right now and i'm trying to
see like what's more practical to put in
each and every time they send out
um whatever it is i would test it out i
mean you can you can meter it so if
you're not getting enough
enough flow while you're working just
turn it up
you always want to make sure you always
make you want to make sure if you're the
one working the hours that you get the
most work out of it
so if you're if you feel like you're
there's there's dead space and dead time
turn it up
that everybody only has a certain amount
of hours to do
the job that's required so make sure you
utilize your time properly and make sure
you get the best out of it
for sure
mr deandre
hello hello hello
hey um one thing i like
that you do
kind of break down what what your va's
do in your business because
deandre is killing it and it's just him
in three va's so i'm kind of curious
about this
uh so um so one of the va's they're
responsible for strictly driving for
dollars virtually so we look for info
lots like we'll uh we'll pick a city
and then we'll just still literally go
there and then just pluck lots that we
um and add them for to our dropper for
dollars list because we know that when
we pull these lists we're not going to
get all the data that we need
um so we're always always trying to get
if i can get every lot in the city then
that's what i want um
so that's one that's her job all day
every day and she also uh pulls the data
and she all she pulls the data does the
um oh submits it for skiptracing and
drives dollars so she's like responsible
for all of that
um and then my second va
um she's responsible for all the code
leads so all the code leads that are
coming in
um you know the the not interested the
not right now the wrong numbers the
leave me alones
um and she's the one that kind of
pre-qualifies them to see if they're
interested in selling you know it's all
code um she does all the code follow-ups
all that crap and then i have one va who
does all the hot leads so
um once the code va pre-qualifies one a
v um a seller then i become warm to hot
and then i have a va that comes in who
does all the hot leads and warm leads
and i call them um
one also we don't cold call we only text
and then we only call back to people
that you know like sometimes we text
people uh they'll call us back and then
we'll call them back so i call them warm
calls not cold calls because i don't
quote i don't do cold calling um
so all warm and hot leads he sends the
contracts uh he makes the offers and
right now i'm just in charge of just
doing all the dispositions
um disposed and uh you know keeping the
relationships good with the buyers and
that's going to be the next position i
hire out is dispositions and um dealing
with the buyers um oh yeah so that's
currently where i'm at now so one driver
for dollars one cold leads one hot lead
and then me i'm dyspo
no that's good man i i was kind of
curious how you how to use how you
utilize them so that's that's pretty
pretty good insight
because driving for dollars is
is really good really yeah man they're
pretty dope man they're fishing they're
fast uh i don't really have to watch him
as much i follow up with them we have
bees and stuff like that um but you know
they've been with me since last year
um march april around so uh they're
they're pretty good solid team and uh
i'm glad i picked right the first time
because um
sometimes you got to kiss a couple frogs
with va's until you get the right one
but every single va that i picked
um the first time i hired them
everything has been well i mean we did
start on you know kind of shaky in the
beginning on some of them but once
everything got together like they've
been just like like all them they're
perfect to me in my opinion um so and
that's not normal you may have to get
one then you know that one quit so you
don't like them and then another one you
got to keep going but i pick right the
first time so
excited about that
is there uh good wayne
oh no i was just gonna say hey what's up
deandre i was just gonna say man um did
you do your hiring through fiverr or
upwork or something like that left
or did you go through like
a service originally and then they just
moved over with you
uh nah i went through a service um but
at the same time even though i went
through a service i still have to
interview them and make sure that i
actually like the person i'm hiring
but i did go through a service
but i'm not but even though i went
through a service um hold on one second
uh even though i went through a service
um i'm not paying the service because
like you know you pay the service and
then the service pays the va's um so i
paid you know i got the service or
whatever but i'm responsible for paying
my va's directly like i don't pay the
service they don't train them i train
them and i interview them so i do
everything directly to them so the
service company they did their job it's
me directly with the va now not
something comes up or i got some issues
concerns i can reach out
but i pay the va's directly and deal
with them directly
that's why
that's cool
and just to give her a plug i know
andrea stakes was there right and she
was like oh man that's uh what my my va
that i got for all my hot and warm leads
i got him i got him from andrea and he's
just been like a firecracker ever since
i hired him like
that i love that dude man andrea gave
him to me and it's
honestly i couldn't ask for nobody
better so andreas andreas state she was
at the event in milwaukee
yeah she's she's good
i i like
have you ever pulled the tax roll
uh me yeah uh no
so the tax roll has every property in
the county
and usually they're identified by what
property type they are
so you said if you had every every land
parcel that might be the next list you
want to pull
you got attack you're the tags rule
you get the whole roll and then dissect
it to whatever leads you want and then
that'd be your list because you'll have
everybody essentially at that point yeah
with that wouldn't i get uh i would get
like houses land i would get everything
with that right yeah yeah that's where
that's where you have a data management
to kind of cut it up for you based on
what you're actually looking for but
you'll get everything you need on one
you might just have to update it like
every year after people buy and sell
to that effect you know
check it out the tax roll
says you're looking for land um it might
be a little cumbersome for some people
for some people because you have to they
might give you like a cd or something
like that but once you overcome that
that file
and dissect it you should get all the
leads you want out of it good matthew
we'll go ahead matt
yeah right on right on um
yeah kind of i don't know whatever
personally been on a little bit of a
break uh here for a while but uh trying
to ramp back up into some things and um
really any kind of tips anybody has for
cleaning data um
as far as you know i'm pulling lists
from prop stream
here in north carolina and virginia
um and then skip tracing through lead
sherpa and it's some pretty good numbers
and stuff that i get back but uh you
know i end up with like six numbers
uh i mean it's the same you know format
that everybody kind of deals with
whatever six numbers last seen
mobile landline kind of deals relatives
and everything else any kind of real
tips anybody has to quickly clean that
kind of data uh before uploading uh
because i'm i end up going back into the
system and
almost going through
each and every one and organizing this
is the good number this is the bad
number i don't want kind of a deal
before actually trying to send anything
so um that's just i i think that's with
the excel
it really upsets you how much you want
to clean it up i know deandre you can
probably speak on this
he deletes all the landlines
and just himself and he leaves the cell
phones so that's something how because
deandre just straight texting
he doesn't want the landline so for his
business and his company he just he
deletes everything that doesn't respond
that doesn't uh necessarily
uh he doesn't need
so this it's a lot with uh just
scrubbing the information you don't want
organizing the list delete it
cycle stuff over
with this with the system you can create
automations to cycle the numbers you're
not doing it manually
but that's awesome get that figured out
i got a
like a consultation deal again set up
for tomorrow or whatever i'm gonna try
to that's one of the topics i wanna ask
about but
yeah again i mean it just it does become
overwhelming and time consuming and
that's part of it and
obviously would like to kind of
outsource that at some point but at the
same time i want to have it pretty
streamlined to know what i'm talking
about whenever i'm asking somebody to do
that as well
so uh the best thing is is just like
your training so you do it record
yourself doing it
and then have somebody
go through it watch them while they do
it and then you can hire out that whole
position out because it is can be
tedious and time consuming but it's one
of those things where you just be
trained properly they should be able to
follow along even if they pause and play
and listen and re-watch and they'll get
they'll get it eventually
no right right
cool deal thank you no problem no
problem go ahead remar
my apologies for all the questions on my
apologies so
say you have something on pop screen as
far as uh i just got the phone with uh a
motivated seller
and uh but i noticed that uh his vegan
land was put off the
mls um is like 190 days on the market
however there is no comparables on the
thing but it's buildable all that stuff
so my question is is the fact that is
pull off the market a red flag
and then how do you get comparables when
there's no comparables around here
that is a motivated seller so if they
pulled it off the market um there's
there's people that target their agents
because they have access to the
the essentially people that remove their
property off the mls
um that's all they target so if it
didn't sell for whatever reason it could
have there could be multiple factors so
the agent didn't price it right
didn't do any work
or they were too high you know there's a
there's a lot of different factors so if
it was on market which means they wanted
to sell if it was pulled there has to be
a reason why they don't want to sell
anymore and it could be one of those
factors so a lot of agents especially
with land
they'll list it at whatever price the
seller wants because they'll sign it for
a six month or year contract
and they'll just sit on it they don't
they will literally wait for an offer to
come in and oh your price isn't right
let's try lowering it after six months
and that they have they don't try and
help sell or solve the property so you
can definitely make offers to listed
properties that are just sitting there
most cases they've never received an
probably yeah they most cases never see
the offer
to to bring this full circle
i was talking to claudette about this
over the weekend
uh 3 400 acre lead property
came across her
so anthony told her to off they wanted
25 million and it sat in the market for
however long it's been there
anthony told claudette to offer 15 so
she offered 15 and she's waiting for a
response back
they probably haven't received an offer
years you know
it doesn't doesn't hurt anything to
shoot an offer
because the probably the only offer
they'll get for a long time
so there's a lot of there's a lot of
opportunity especially with land because
if it's on market there's a good chance
they haven't gotten any offers and if
they did they're low balls
you just you with land we try and create
value so if you can get time while it's
under contract to create that volume you
can do ml you can do a deal on the mls
you should have to have them you have to
just have to create that value
drag it off appreciate it
hey hey man i look i love you listen man
i call them fail listens i love them
failed listings they're great
uh daniel to follow up on what you just
said so if you are uh submitting an
offer for a property that is what i mean
at 15 million
okay usually if it is on the market they
ask for like proof of funds and stuff
right so how do you guys handle about it
so this was this was amazing so i'm
gonna bring this this isn't mine this is
what i learned this weekend by going to
a real estate event this past weekend
amazing content you can get just by
attending real estate events like this
so what i learned this weekend is
he was teaching you how to make uh
offers to agents
if i if i butcher this a little bit
i'm sorry
i was partially listening but i was
listening okay
so he says
you offer a 10-day contingency period to
produce a proof of funds
what that does and this is for houses
you can ask for more if it's land but if
it's a good enough deal you can you can
pitch it to your core investors to uh
get actual proof of funds from that deal
so they asked for 10-day
a 10-day due diligence period for
to produce proof of funds before it's
even a deal so what i think the
phraseology used was um
i have partners and investors that i
work with and money partners
i can't get that paperwork until i have
a property under contract because it's
like the chicken and egg thing so
you're not going to be able to get proof
of funds without a contract you can't
get a contract without the proof of
funds so you kind of have to play that
chicken and egg game with them so
hey i'm an investor and i work with
other investors in order to get proof of
funds for this i have to get
a contract on this and you understand
that's smart yeah yeah so you kind of
you kind of work your way in there
and then what he what he does is um the
earnest money
if you find a buyer in that 10 day
period you use their proof of funds to
lock it up and use their earnest money
to lock it up as if your nurse money
because most time they won't most agents
are going to want to earn us money
so if you can maneuver the agent and
maneuver the cash buyer
to use each other's earnest money you're
not nothing out of pocket
this will probably work if the ma if it
is on the market for a long time or if
it is like an off-market listing i mean
i mean that was taken off of the market
right yep so and this is one of the
things where you you got to be creative
the if it's a land deal on market it's
been sitting there for a long time it
just has most people that want to sell
land they've been wanting to sell it for
a long time and they're waiting for
their price so you just got to go to the
seller hey if you want your price i'm
gonna need time to do my due diligence
this isn't a house where i know what the
arv is you know this is land i don't
even know if it's buildable
you know so they're going to unders
they're going to understand that and
that's one of like the gatekeeps you
have to overcome whenever you're dealing
with agents as a whole in most cases
because they're gonna see if you know
your stuff you gotta you gotta ask for
contingencies you gotta ask for an
option you gotta ask for a diligence
period if not they're just gonna say
they're gonna boss you around you gotta
you gotta come in with your parameters
what you want and what you need based
off of your business and you ask for
that straight up right up front in
oh sorry
go ahead wayne
now i just had a quick question um
because failed listening was one of the
things i used to target on prop stream
and now with the whole thing about them
not getting the federal listings from
the mls or zillow or whatever it is
how do you guys um
kind of like counteracting that as far
as finding out what the failed listings
which ones are fairly
make a friend with an agent agents are
your best friends
they are they have valuable information
that you can utilize and leverage
so if you have one agent in your state
that you're friends with or you become
an agent yourself
you can pull that list yourself you
don't need prop stream
i have uh i have a guy out here in la he
doesn't use any list
he pulls he pulls the tax list and he
pulls he uses his license to get the
data and that's it
and he goes door knocking
it's it's one of those things where like
you're every individual business is
different and it's all based off of what
you're trying what you need and what
you're what you're trying to accomplish
attend real estate events i learned that
this weekend i mean i knew i could do
listings with agents and stuff like that
but you gave you the the layout for it
you know so
whenever your opportunity to attend
events like this there's always good
information for you
hey um just to add just the add to
daniel go a little deeper um i hit up
some agents for some failed listings but
you got to hit up the agent that's uh
familiar with the market and that has
mls access to that market because i hit
a i hit up a tampa agent for you know
data in jacksonville that wasn't gonna
work like hey i might my access is just
across these two counties or whatever so
just make sure that they have access to
that now you have some some brokerages
or whatever i don't know how they do it
but some agents they have access to i
don't know mls like all throughout the
state um
but just make sure that whatever market
you're trying to get those federal
listings in
um you know they have access to that mls
um and you know hey if i do some deals
then i'll make sure i give you a cut you
know bring some value like maybe bring
the deal back and say hey i got this
deal or maybe you know come to an
agreement well generally they're going
to want kind of that ahead of time
they're going to kind of be like hey
well what's in it for me you know
you got to figure out the structure
where this guy pulls the failed failed
listings i get deals you know is it a
thousand a deal 2 000 a deal you know um
so yeah just bring value they give you
value by getting you the list so
and i'll i'll i'll go behind him on that
is lead with the value
don't don't ask for favors without
leading with value
you're never going to get what you want
if you don't lead with value
so hey can you do me a favor i'm looking
for failed listings if i can get any
contracts in this i pay you a thousand
dollars off the thing i have to just
provide the information and i'll make
sure you get paid on the back end
really really simple
and you you can kind of maneuver people
to do
you can manipulate people to bring you
the stuff you need so the failed
listings and i forgot about the county
specific thing that was a good tip
not everybody has access statewide great
so you might need regional agents to hit
up to get that information
i missed that last part that you said
what about the statewide access
um not all agents have access to
oh yeah okay
so you might need to hit up regional
um like like deandre's in florida if he
needs tampa information he has to talk
to a tampa agent if he needs
jacksonville information he might need a
jacksonville agent and he needs
any information you might need to talk
to a miami agent
right right because they have to sign up
different mls services
and you get really pricey to sign up for
the whole state
yep that was the question good question
ramar i think those of you that started
with you good question ramar
um like i said i learned a lot this
weekend um
tyrell johnson says
uh him and his business partner are
agents in tampa if anybody uh needs
anything contact him
there you go
look at that tyrell thanks terrell
appreciate it
we have enough go ahead ann
deandre is it
is your link for the va's that integria
is that the one that is still your
oh i have two different ones um that one
and another one i have to make sure
that's still like good
um but if you you are you looking to get
okay yeah so um yeah you got my number
so text me and then um
and i'll let you know the because i work
with two different people so i'll let
you know the pros and cons and then
maybe you can decide like okay i want to
go this rather that route
very good okay thanks
text me i'll let you know
good wayne
not a question but i just wanted to give
a big shout out to um basketball and
gray y'all held it down saturday man you
know that was a great room but y'all
stayed back a little longer and it
carried over but it was a lot of good
information you know you know i got a
lot out of it too so as always man you
guys are always go givers and i
appreciate you
yeah i thank you man i was it was dope
man um basketball was a great co-host uh
we held it down we had a lot of good
interactions and uh well eastern
standard time ends at three but it
probably went like maybe 40 minutes
longer i don't know but i was you know
so anytime i can bring value to you guys
i will so well that was fun though i'll
do i'll do it again honestly
it was it was 45 minutes over because i
ended up looking at my phone i'm like
they're still on yeah it's still going
so i i sat in the crowd and not listened
i was i was there supporting numbers i
was there in spirit all right
all right we got time for one more
question who's got the last question
i have the last question hi
tyler go ahead loretta
i just got on deal machine
awesome and and i'm i'm i'm learning
it was so strange to me because i said
oh they have a list they have this oh my
goodness i take a picture put that up so
i'm really learning and it's really
really it's fun for me so i went out all
oh gosh i can't keep up with the days
the other day and it was just fun
walking down the street taking pictures
sending it
sending it to
um deal machine
and uh
getting back a note from them saying
you owe us fifty
said what
because i know i know i know you have to
pay but
i didn't know
you know i'm just i'm kind of just
learning as i go i'm not i'm i should be
reading more
but it's so exciting for me because
the deals i tried to do 25 years ago i
mean they're so easier with deal machine
so i'm i'm enjoying that i'm learning
that and then they have videos and
and uh
that's helping me too so and then the
site is great too so
i'm having fun you guys i i just can't
wait till i get my first house so i've
opened it up also because i'm working
with a agent here in
sunny california
i we're opening it up to
with options to buy
because there are so many people that
can't afford uh
i don't even want to say a down payment
i guess they can't qualify you their
credit is not the greatest but they can
pay the monthly note because they're
staying in apartment buildings and
23 to 33 hundred 300
a month
so the company that i'm with home
partners you guys heard of them before
home partners partner homes
they do this and all they have to do to
qualify is have a great job that pays to
pays enough money where they can lease
it with option to buy then they go get
their own mortgage or they can stay with
them so it's called
partners home home partners that's what
it's called i think they're out of
so that's what i'm doing there
and i found me an agent so it's really
so we're going to work together that's
what we're doing together so
i'm on it you guys uh when when i get my
big one out
i'll probably run up and down to san
to mecca
because it's coming i know it's coming
yeah you gotta get gotta get it done
gotta get done loretta i'm gonna get it
done i'm gonna get it done so thank you
for listening no problem
go ahead ann
um is does anybody don't hear you use
deal bell
uh anthony does
i haven't used them yet
do you know if he's pretty happy with it
yeah i don't you have to ask him what
that i don't know i know he uses it
because like i know deal about does like
deep skip tracing so get you like
family members and ancestors and all
that good stuff
and it'll give you like a bunch of data
i haven't used it personally
it's pretty good stuff i've used uh i've
skipped a few lists through it or
it's pretty detailed i just went back
with the lead sherpa stuff because of
the monthly subscription aspect i wasn't
doing enough volume to justify it but uh
it really isn't pretty good data
how much was the monthly subscription
you recall
it's like uh 50 a month or something
like that
and then uh
um i think somewhere around like 10 to
12 cent or something like that per skip
and then you can get a comprehensive if
you can't find us the thing that they
keep pushing is the comprehensive report
that you get like
relatives and
neighbors and um i i mean i got one just
to see it it's like five dollars for
um and it literally was like six or
seven pages of information
good thank you
all right well uh we appreciate
everybody coming out today we'll end it
right there uh thanks for bringing the
questions thanks for coming out um our
next call is thursday at 7 central
uh we hope you have a great day thanks
for joining us we appreciate your time
have a good week let's get some deals
have a good day guys
absolutely thank you guys have a good
one hi baby