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Feb. 16, 2022

Ep 118- Cash Geeks Podcast Interview

Ep 118- Cash Geeks Podcast Interview
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what's up what's up guys this is the
cash geeks network i'm dominic and this
is the cash geeks network every tuesday
night at 9 00 pm eastern time guys we
bring you the fire all aspects of real
estate and real estate investing
including retail real estate wholesaling
flipping in all realms we're bringing
you major players that are in the local
market and all across the nation guys
tonight we have anthony iguana and
daniel martinez with hivemind crm bring
them in warren let's just go to work
guys are you guys ready to just go to
work and just give these guys the value
let's do it always awesome awesome man
listen guys i've been following you guys
for a short while here and
uh like you guys mentioned we spoke a
little bit before the show that um you
guys are really really active you're
making a lot of noise um you said that
you're small i don't think you guys are
small you guys are making a lot of noise
especially in the land realm so
what is it that you guys are doing right
that's like so different than the rest
of everyone that's in real estate
investing out there
go ahead anthony you got it that's your
question you know this come on i was
gonna say for one uh i think the main
thing that we're doing is we're
specifically focusing on land right so
if you take land as a niche a lot of
companies are going after infill lots
like working inside the city and selling
to builders one thing we've done to
differentiate ourselves is we're going
after farm and ranch so we're doing the
same thing everybody's doing sub 2
creative finance
you know all the good strategies the
burr all that but we are doing farm and
ranch properties so we like to look at
stuff that's like between 100 and 10 000
acres so i think that's one
differentiator and then second is we're
not competing with anybody a lot of
people are very secretive they are kind
of like harnessing their information
keeping it private to themselves and
then killing it in our own little you
know space and we're just helping
everybody telling everybody what we're
doing we're completely transparent uh
i've never seen anybody do that except
you guys are j being with everybody and
working with a lot of people but yeah
that's kind of i think the two biggest
differentiators is that we're just
letting our secrets out we don't have a
very high pay wall and we're going after
a specific product that not a lot of
people are focused on
okay okay well you definitely went from
zero to a hundred really quick
that ran so
so let's if it's okay with you guys
let's just bring it back a little bit
and let's just start really really
simply you talked about infill lots and
you went all the way to farm and ranch
it sounds like you went from something
that's just like two to four thousand
square feet to something that's several
hundreds of acres so what is an infill
okay so an infill lot is if you're
driving down the road you see a house
and then you'll see a flat land it's
just like the grass sometimes it's cut
sometimes it's not and then you'll see
another house
so that lot that's there that bear lot
where there's no home is referred to as
an infield lot so it's usually a
residential lot
uh inside of a neighborhood okay so you
might be driving down a city street you
might have four houses in a row and then
you have an empty space where either a
house used to be or they never built the
house or whatever the case may be
that and then another four houses until
you reach the next city corner so that
empty space you're considering an infill
yep that's it yeah the builder forgot to
make one there
you know what it's funny because there's
several times because we're real estate
wholesalers right um i think last year
we did about 308 transactions so we had
a really really great year the best year
yeah the best year that we've ever had
and we've had
probably at least three or four
scenarios where we're committing to a
transaction because we're virtual right
we do everything over the phone
electronic docusign signature right
so we
we really talk in depth with the seller
about the property and about the
condition and we come to a number and
then i send my field manager to the
and then there is no property right it's
just like you guys are calling it an
infill lot
because there was a property there but
it was in such disarray and neglect and
the seller lives outside the state and
hasn't been there in x amount of years
that the city has demoed it torn it and
has taken it away and now it's just
grass and whatever the case may be so
that's one example of an infill lot
where a house used to be there and now
you're saying there's scenarios where a
house was just never built
is that accurate
yep yep okay okay still consider infill
light it's probably you know a specific
zone i don't know six thousand square
feet or whatever the case may be
it's usually it's usually within the
city parameters that it usually
qualifies into a lot so you have infill
lots with city parameters you kind of
got rural vacant and then you got vacant
gotcha stretches out through the city
so you guys
you talked about farm and ranch is that
like the most extreme like this big hunk
of agricultural land
yeah so
so it's like it's like the the 180 of an
infield lot which we don't do any of you
are asking like right now like what size
lot is that like i have no clue because
we've never looked at them or never ever
ever gone out oh i got you yeah so um
yeah so my motto is uh if i'm gonna run
a campaign
you have that like outer circle of the
and all the activity is happening inside
of this circle right
so in my campaign i completely crop out
that whole circle and i'm not doing
anything in the city and i'm taking the
outskirts everything in the outskirts
and uh a small property for us is like
10 acres and we try to like shoot up to
like five ten thousand acres plus
that's what we're after
guys so if that's the case and you guys
are playing in a realm where
not lots of investors are playing
um does that limit your exit strategy
uh tremendously
tremendous okay yeah because if a lot of
the builders in the city there are a lot
of investors that are looking for um you
know to build a house so they got to say
like i want this info a lot to be 10 or
20 of what the houses i'm gonna build
are gonna sell for so if you're going to
build a million dollar home i need to
pick up this lot for 100 grand and a max
of 200 right
and then
the other strategy is if you're in the
city and you're
trying to sell like a 10 or 20 acre
development lot it's going to be
somebody who wants to build a
neighborhood like your leonard homes and
these big national builders that want to
pick up 10 or 20 or 100 acres and throw
a bunch of houses on
so by the time you're a little bit too
far out in the country
they're not as interested because
there's no sewer
uh you know you have a lot of other
challenges where a lot of your
traditional home builders and developers
don't want to look at
so yeah so now we start to get down to a
very very specific type of buyer
okay okay so you guys are those guys
right you guys are the guys that are a
little bit outside of where people are
comfortable is that correct or am i
yes yeah
so where everybody else where the
comfort zone drops by 90 99
um yeah that's where we love it that's
that's like the only thing that we're
interested in
okay so
let me ask a different kind of question
if that's what you guys love and that's
the area you guys are playing in
what is your success rate of
acquisitions versus dispositions
man i want to say we're like at 100
if we lock it up we're moving it
really okay
how how can you operate with such
confidence if you're so limited with
your exit strategies
our end buyer is the retail market so
tell them how big our buyers list is
so most people have like a 10 000 buyers
list and all this stuff our buyers list
is zero we don't even have a buyer's
list we don't even operate in the buyers
list realm
we have no buyers
we sell to retail markets
all right so so let me let me just try
to grasp this because this is all new to
me and as you guys know uh right before
this show we probably met we probably
had 10 to 15 minutes to talk so i'm not
well versed in your guys's space this
was why i'm so intrigued and one of the
reasons that gonzalo and i do this show
is because we kind of look at this show
uh an inconspicuous kind of secret
mastermind session where we get to pick
your brain and we don't have to pay you
for it if that works
that's what we specialize in yeah yeah
yeah i love it i love it so
in the traditional wholesale world as
you guys probably well know what we're
doing is we're pr we're putting a
property under contract under purchase
and sale agreement with a seller with
the intent to purchase it
and then we're going to investors and
we're telling them look this is a deal i
have before we close on it this is a
deal i have it's it's a good deal for x
x and x reason and if the investor's
they're giving us a purchase and sale
agreement or an assignment contract to
buy it for a certain number and then we
go to close right
are you guys doing
something along the lines of the same
kind of deal are you guys reaching an
end agreement with the seller and then
reselling it later
um so it's going to be a little bit of
both for the most part we do a lot of
double close right now we're starting to
move a lot into more whole tailing
but we know our market so well that we
actually don't
go into a contract unless we know that
we can absolutely move it so if we grab
let's say somebody has
a thousand acres and they want
50 000 an acre and we see this 100
million dollar price tag when everything
around there is selling for 13 000 an
acre yeah then we just don't even
contract it at all or worst case we'll
go into a
an option agreement and then we'll see
if we have any buyers before we actually
go under contract but today we're
negotiating one 3 400 acres for 17
million and i thought we had a solid
buyer ready to rock and roll turns out
too much of it was in the floodplain
they can't really do anything with it so
we had to uh just we're going to pass on
that one so we never contracted it we
were looking at an option agreement but
we went ahead and got it out like shot
it out to some of the local agents and
yeah we just we found out that it just
couldn't be moved at that price so it's
gonna be more like a recreational
property so we're probably gonna come
back and get 50 cents on the dollar but
they were thinking
so you guys are saying that you know
your market so well so you have a really
good feel on what to move forward with
and what to kind of back away with what
is your market is your market the entire
u.s or do you focus on certain states or
counties right now we've been focusing
primarily on texas
and now we just went into florida north
carolina and california but yeah ideally
we're going to start to move into you
know a lot of other markets montana
arizona we're just we're colorado we're
going to keep on expanding but we got
really comfortable in texas and it's
just the same game over and over again
in every market right right because it
sounds like you guys are looking at the
major metro areas and you're trying to
like how do you decide where that metro
area stops and where your desired target
area starts
i was gonna stay it's usually by the
size of the lot so
if you can find a good size lot near the
city that's usually our space whereas if
you go too far out you're venturing into
uncharted territory as far as that
vacant land so we're looking more close
to the city within 30 reasons we're like
an hour hour within the city
this is like the general general mark
we're trying to be with hour within the
city so it's a commutable drive where
city people will purchase it but we're
out the outskirts where it's not within
the city limits oh you so you can't go
really too far from major metropolitan
areas you can't go like five hours out
and there's no other
like metropolitan areas that are closer
than that yeah that's that's that's the
vacant land space
because right now yeah we don't know
anything about that either like we were
just uh we just did a podcast with clint
turner and we're talking about desert
lots and yeah we've never done one
desert live oh i gotcha so you guys
ain't going out to antarctica and you
ain't transacting deals in anchorage and
stuff like that not yet right
not yet but maybe next year q2
you know i'm doing a thousand acres in
anchorage let's go yeah for now
um i think an hour outside of the major
city is the sweet spot because um you
could still throw up some country houses
out there maybe houses like on an acre
on 10 acres you know stuff like that
these little ranches and i think people
are interested in that kind of stuff
yeah but by the time you get two hours
outside of a major city then yeah it's
pretty challenging i don't think too
many people are going to want to make
that drive if they got to drive into the
city for work and then commute that way
do you have a minimum lot size as to
where when you go below that you know
number of acreage or whatever it is it's
not really desirable
so it depends it depends because we're
trying to get into commercial which
we're looking for
in the and like i said we have we have
different niches so our
our rural vacant land is right for the
city but if you find a one uh
three-quarter to three acres in the city
good track car count we're looking at
those too
so we're looking for a high traffic
commercial properties as well that we
can do some type of tripod at least or
something as well
so i think it starts to get significant
at one acre like right now i'm locking
up one acre for 50 grand and if we do a
development deal on it and we can turn
it into a million profit
um so i think about one acre is where
the sweet spot is if you go below three
quarters in texas then you can't get a
septic tank so yeah below three quarters
of an acre we just kind of lose interest
i see yeah that makes sense that makes
sense so let's take it five or ten
okay okay all right so let's take it
back how how long have you guys been in
the business that you're in right now
three years
three years this is this is the start of
my fourth year january
kind of the start of my fourth year yeah
same here we start at the same time we
actually the same course within this
week span
the same guru course
okay that's all we met
so so let's go back to the very
beginning how did you guys even get into
real estate wholesaling did you do
what a lot of us including my company is
doing is you're just getting into
single family wholesale like contract
flips or like how did you get into real
land land it was all land we started
with land and we've been in land ever
since um my first deal was an infill lot
in florida
uh i was living in georgia at the time
somebody was dumping on her property so
she's getting fined by the city so she
that was a pain point is uh the city
i sold the basic marketplace in two days
i made like sixty five hundred dollars
and what were you
what were you doing prior to that
yeah i'm a truck driver ex-truck driver
i'm retired
okay not anymore
so so i guess that's what i'm trying to
figure out what transitioned you from
truck driving to land did you just drive
on the road you passed the piggly wiggly
and you're like you know what land is
where it's at i'm making a transition it
was it was that for me it was out of
necessity man
i actually ran and operated a trucking
business so i had five trucks under my
operating all over the southeast and
and that's what i did and it was kind of
uh a necessity i was looking for a pivot
pivot into something else and i found
real estate you bought the same course
and here we are a couple years later
okay and were you guys friends prior to
same guru course for 500 bucks so we're
on a facebook page and like you know how
people go into the group and they're
like hey i got this deal can somebody
help me i noticed that uh we were both
in the land space so we just started
like calling each other like hey i got
this what do you think hey what do you
think about this and we started just
helping each other that way it was like
and we were the only two people inside
of that group talking about land when
everybody else was focusing on houses
and just yeah gradually it just you know
kept on happening and then
i started to run my campaign's focus
around land and and and houses right
because i said i'm just going to go as
broad as possible
and i got a farm in grandview texas it
was almost 50 acres and i made 85 000 on
one of my first deals so i was like you
know what i'm just not gonna do houses
anymore it's too many too many headaches
flipping you flip for 90 days uh you
know 180 days and you make 20 30 50
grand and i'm like i'm just not gonna do
that anymore i was i'm sick contracting
i've been a general contractor my whole
life so it was just like
it's too easy to go the other way you
know cross over to the dark side
bro you're preaching to the choir man
you're talking to somebody that does a
few hundred uh transactions a year just
with single family houses so
yeah yeah i i totally hear you man i
totally i mean we don't we don't do any
of the remodeling though we don't do any
rehabs remodeling we're strictly 100
wholesale oh i love that man that's
music's in my ears right there yeah yeah
so but the land has always been
intriguing because some of the easier
transactions that we've done
were big land deals
actually the biggest transaction we've
ever done was a land deal we don't
traditionally none of our wholesale
deals have ever been 8 500 000 deals um
i think our biggest wholesale
transaction was probably about 58 or 59
we've done several deals in the 50 000
range i feel like once a month or once
every other month we do something in the
50 dollar range
um at least one or two
and our land the land deal we did was
about eighty six thousand bucks
and that was the biggest transaction
today that's a lot of money in some
countries bro congrats man you guys are
killing it i think it's a lot of there's
a lot of money in the u.s
that's amazing dude you guys are
crushing it though that's awesome yeah
yeah yeah so well i i admire you guys
man i mean because you're talking about
85 000 deals plus like it's every other
deal so i want to be you when i grow up
no they're few and far between men
honestly like everything else you know
uh and i think it's where your targets
are first we're like we'll take anything
then we started focusing on deals where
we could make at least 20 profit then we
started focusing on deals where we could
make at least 100 profit and now we're
trying to dial it up right now to deals
where we can make a million profit you
know so
we're beginners man we're just learning
right now we're bumping our head on
things as we go you know looking back
now looking at the amount of money that
we've passed up on because we didn't
know any better you know hopefully we
can you know start to move forward
uh and looking where you are right
because even us we've been very low
volume we've been like 10 12 deals a
year for the last several years and uh
you know now we're starting to be able
to do that in a month so yeah we're just
we're still learning like everybody else
but it sounds good on paper but we're
we're still in our infancy i think and
now we're gonna start to dial it up to
get us to a better place
oh that's awesome that's awesome i mean
i think the the exciting thing is you
guys are playing in
a spectrum where not a lot of people are
playing it right and land does make a
little bit of noise but people are
they're frightened of it right
it's uh
it's the unknown they don't know how to
measure it they don't know how to cop it
can you even comp it you know what i
mean like the single family realm is
well defined you can look at similar
square footage you can look at beds
baths size of the lots especially in
major cities
you know you can define it one property
next to the other next to the other you
know is it within 10 years of the
property that i'm confident against et
cetera et cetera right so you can
very closely define like what this
property's worth should be
uh at arv right land it's uh it's
undefined right it's undefined there's a
way to measure it right but not a lot of
people play there so it's not discussed
and that's why it's really really
exciting that's why my hat goes off to
you guys because you guys
know a lot of what a lot of other people
don't know
right so i'm gonna drop a nugget on you
so just like you said houses you know
the the verifiable value by that and
that's what you determine the value the
beauty of land it doesn't have that so
you can create your own value so the
beauty about land is the reason we do
bigger spreads is because we create
we the properties me and anthony work
we're creating comps
how are you creating comps
we don't look at them
you're creating pumps by not looking at
comps we don't look at comps because
we're not selling to realtors and
brokers and people that that look at
numbers we're selling to the retail
market so just for instance we're being
we're trying to move a deal right now
southeast of southwest of houston and
the agent called me
uh we were trying to market it for 10.5
and he's like hey we'll offer 9.1 i was
like dude don't waste our time he's like
would you even want me to ride it up
like don't even write it up
right and i told him i said just come
with a full price offer or don't even
call us back just you know let us know
he's like you realize if you sell this
property for 9.1 you're going to be the
highest sold property in that area like
in the last 10 years and i'm like yep
and he was like well uh can you give me
something so i can take back to my buyer
and let them know why this property is
so much more nope
we just do this for a long time and we
know what we're doing and that's the
price so if you want to put in a full
price offer let us know if not you know
we appreciate you coming out and taking
a look at it that's it gotcha gotcha and
you're in the middle of that transaction
right now yeah
yeah just saying hey we you know we we
know we're making new comps everywhere
we go we apologize we don't look at that
okay okay so you have a lot of viewers
right now that are salivating because
you guys say i don't run comps you know
what you're doing how does that help
everyone that's watching
you wanna go down you want me to go
um so
we don't we look at what people are
willing to pay us so we look at exit
strategies differently so we create our
own value when when we negotiate with
sellers we usually ask them what price
they want to sell to us and then we just
say yes because we we create our value
on the back end so we're willing to
the pro the problem with land is doesn't
cash flow it's a burden they got to pay
um they've usually passed down they've
usually passed it down so there's no
attachment to it so with us we're like
hey we'll give you you want you got to
give us what we want yeah we we go the
sub 2 route we create we create a
win-win in scenario you give us
we give you your price you give us our
and that's where we create the value
what's the ideal timeline six months
depends on the property
okay bigger the property longer time
frame you need 100
exactly yes minimum we shoot for 60 to
90 days that's like our bare minimum if
somebody needs to go faster than that
then we're gonna say hey then we're
gonna be like everybody else and give
you 50 cents on the dollar
but um ideally for a farm and ranch
we're at 60 to 90.
if you're if you are like in the five to
ten million dollar range plus yeah then
we need every bit of six months
for commercial anywhere in texas one to
five acres
um we're going to need every bit of six
months because we're really going to do
a development we're going to try to
bring like a starbucks or chick-fil-a or
chili's or texas roadhouse or something
like that but yeah we're easy between 90
and 180 days
um so that's kind of our minimum we
don't get into to matches where the
seller says no i need to close this out
in 45 days or i don't want to do the
okay we'll follow up with you next time
so the beauty about land is they're not
motivated they've been sitting on it for
20 years what's six months what's a year
they don't care
if we give them that price point they're
willing to work with us
gotcha so you guys aren't specifically
closing and holding on to these and
reselling them later you're building in
your due diligence period so you can
work on your exit strategy and locking
in an end user is that right yeah oh
yeah that's it
another thing we don't do is we don't
negotiate with the seller if she says i
need 10.5 million guess what we're gonna
go find you the 10.5 million so we can
easily come back and say hey we're gonna
try to give you seven or eight or
whatever and then try to squeeze
ourselves in 100 or 500. but we just
don't do it like i very very rarely i
would say one side of
50 times that we go back in and try to
negotiate a lower price whatever they're
asking we're gonna give it to them
that's awesome and then you agree you
you build a great name for yourselves
right you have a great track record when
you do that yeah
that's awesome that's awesome
how many like
so you you have
you have your target deals you're giving
the sellers the prices that they want
you're building in what you guys feel
are the right due diligence periods and
closed periods
what kind of like
success track record do you have versus
fallout if you don't mind me asking you
guys said your open book so i know
that's a sensitive question
if you don't have the answer that's okay
do you mean like deals that we go under
contract that we don't close
don't perform on correct
dude we're like
yeah we don't contract unless we know we
can move it and if we're not comfortable
it or we don't think we can move it at
then we'll do an option agreement
because we'll straight up tell the
settler like you know what you want way
too much i don't think we can perform at
that price but i'm going to go ahead
if you sign this i can get this in front
of some other people and see if they can
do it
and then if we had to we'll come back in
and say hey we tried it yeah but we
don't contract anything we can't move
gotcha gotcha and how are you finding
your your investors for these products
the retail
so we will
yep but does that mean finding a way to
list it on the mls
i don't know i think anthony's cutting
can you hear me well or anything cut out
anthony looks like he's on pause it
might take a second for him to kick back
okay so i'll answer this question so
generally we try and go the sub two
route so right now we're trying we're
looking at a deal
and uh we're trying to cut we're trying
to get deep title ownership of the
property with little to down littleton a
little little down payment so we're
giving them five thousand dollars down
and then we'll we'll take title two and
sell its retail market so that's another
strategy we like using is we'll give
them five to ten thousand dollars down
take title and sell uh mls
okay okay yeah that's amazing that's
amazing and with a 100 track record i
you guys are very confident in your
performance which is awesome we're
you're snipers
um how how do you measure the value of
what you feel the property is worth
uh we let the market tell us so we use
facebook marketplace and we just pull it
up and see what people are what people
if we put a property out there and
nobody messages us it's too high
so that's what tells us our gauge of
what people are willing to buy it for
and then the thing was with land is
we're willing to be the bank so we can
like i said we kind of create our own
comps by being in the bank so let's say
you have a fifty thousand dollar
property you ask for uh you get it for
twenty five thousand you can go to the
retail market and say i'll take twenty
five thousand dollars down i'll sell it
to you for sixty
gotcha gotcha so are you saying when you
say you let the retail market tell you
what it's worth do you put feelers out
there before you're even ready to
transact it yeah yeah we put feelers out
there um we talked to agents in the area
we get a lot of feedback from the areas
where we're working just to kind of see
what the what the market telling us is
worth because like i said if it's not at
a good price point we're not going to
contract it
unless they're gonna give us an option
agreement and then we can kind of do
what we do anyway i gotcha hey warren
are you gonna work on trying to get
anthony back in there
yeah so have you guys ever tried to
transact any other types of real estate
anything along those lines
um we do like i said we if we get
opportunity we're not gonna we're not
gonna say no to it so we've done flips
mobile homes anthony's a general
contractor uh we flipped land we flipped
the house we've taken houses up 2. we
still do all that stuff but our main
focus is land
we're not going to take we're not going
to say no to a deal just because it's a
gotcha gotcha and can you tell me
with regards to to doing land
transactions it sounds like you guys are
starting to be really well versed in the
type of land that you know you can
perform on
but you also know about the type of land
that you really have no experience with
i think anthony talked about i don't
remember if it was on this podcast or
right before we started filming the
desert land and you know other types of
land whatever where do you guys where
does your well-versed
experience end
and and then the the unexplored realm
man that's a hard question because like
anything we don't know we can usually
ask somebody in our space to help us
with that's the beauty of a community so
anything we don't know we're me and
anthony we're we're we try and surround
ourselves by many counselors
so anything we don't know we usually try
and find the answer and find the source
to the answer whether it's an attorney
or someone who's been operating that
space before we usually try and network
and find the right answer
okay okay so it seems like you guys are
part of groups that
are experienced with transacting
well like a person from our community so
uh i don't know if you know uh john
alexander jen alexander was doing land
for 30 years
he's uh and i'm only 29 years old so
he's been doing he's literally been in
real estate investing longer than i've
been alive
we can go we have a lot of
we have a lot of people in our group
that we can count on that can help us
find the answers that we don't know
wow 30 years holy moly
yeah i mean i'm 43 years old but i mean
he started land transactions when i was
that's incredible holy moly
yeah so when you have when you have
access that the difference between is
you can really do a lot you can really
do a lot of damage
just by connecting with the right people
what's the largest piece of land that
you guys have transacted
uh we bought 107 acres in san antonio uh
we negotiated a partial owner finance
and uh we're still working it right now
but it's uh
it's in process right now but we've we
contracted it own it we took
we took deed and title to it and uh
we're still finishing off the final
oh hell yeah
that's gonna be a monster deal huh
yeah we're looking to
make a half a million plus
hell yeah oh yeah do i get 50 because we
spoke about it on this podcast or
is that not how it works
with everybody man so we do bring us
something like that where it turns into
five six seven hundred plus yeah we go
5050 with a lot of people
i got you i got you anthony is that is
that you with the feedback do you think
close all your apps on the on the laptop
close all your apps on your phone
wow secondary feed coming from my laptop
okay i'm sorry about that everybody
hey that's no worries hey really quick
tell me how how does the team look you
guys talked about the team
are you guys still heavily involved in
the transactions do you have acquisition
managers are you just overseeing it or
how does that all look you don't want to
hear this man because you're going to be
real sick after this
so we we are running the traffic and
then we have yeah people doing
acquisitions and dispositions
uh based on the percentage so we're not
even almost looking at real estate deals
anymore so we only will only come in to
negotiate and close really big stuff or
if we got to go out and find the capital
but other than that yeah man we're uh
we're not doing anything inside of our
real estate company anymore except
running traffic
when you say running traffic do you mean
marketing yeah yeah so we'll just as
soon as we get a fresh lead a warm lead
then it goes to our to the whole team so
there's not an acquisitions in the
dispositions department it goes to
everybody and then whoever comments i
got it inside the group takes that lead
and if they lock it up they get their
percentage already locked in and then
everybody on the team is allowed to go
to dispo on it so yeah we're just like
trying to make it rain leads on
okay okay so so the team is pretty
versatile you don't have acquisitions
separate from dispositions you have just
full-on sales individuals that buy and
sell the deals that's it man so we want
to incentivize as much community inner
communication between all the team
members as possible
so yeah we want everybody working
together everybody helping everybody
trying to dyspo and then i'll
specifically i'll get on the phone if
it's a larger scale transaction more
high risk more money involved then i'll
get on the phone and i'll
talk to the seller and try to lock it up
and then even on the sell side if it's a
you know a high risk deal or it's a you
know a lot involved lots of capital
involved then i'll get on the back end
and i'll kind of be the hammer to get
stuff moved as well
okay and are you doing what a lot of
other typical real estate agents are
doing but on the land side
um and what i mean by that is just you
know good old-fashioned cold calling sms
techs digital marketing things like that
for the most part yeah we're doing a
pay-per-click on google and sms and then
we have been doing a little bit of
facebook marketing
okay okay and you're seeing success with
all that for sure
awesome awesome so let me ask you guys
this obviously you guys are seeing a lot
of success you're playing in a realm
where a lot of other people are not
playing in
um i don't know if this episode is
giving people the encouragement to play
in it or if it's scaring them away to be
honest with you because uh it's just
different which is exciting to me but to
other people like it really can be
intimidating um where do you guys see
yourselves in the next few years what
are you looking to do what are your big
hairy audacious goals
so anthony i kind of want to answer your
first party question though
anthony can you cover uh if they're
intimidated how can they get into
transactions like this
the easiest thing in the world the whole
entire business model is like like if
you will be in if
you'll be the robot
to do some of the front-end marketing um
then we'll come in on the back end and
help you lock it up close it sell it
everything you literally have to do
nothing except bring us a hot lead where
the people know that they want to sell
to an investor i don't care what size
deal it is
well does it matter where it is in the
nation we prefer texas within an hour of
any major city but like i said now we're
we're taking the same business model
we're expanding into florida north
carolina right now and
all of the coast in california but
big audacious goals yeah we want to be
in every state that where it makes sense
awesome so for now you bring me
something in delaware i would i'll give
it a stab but yeah if somebody really
wants to work with us yeah if you work
in the markets that we're working in
that's where our investors are willing
to place hundreds of millions of dollars
in capital
awesome awesome man yeah honestly
speaking i have a 55-acre deal right now
in winston-salem north carolina so we
might have to talk after this
i'd love to get the details on that yeah
yeah we're definitely like like i said
for me if it works in texas it has to
work everywhere but like everybody else
we're trying to step outside of our
comfort zone and you know we might
like we said we don't have a buyer's
list but we have a handful of people
that we can dial up if the retail
market's not responding and we know it's
a great deal uh but a lot of these guys
if they put in 50 million dollars they
want to take out like 2x 2.5 x
so we don't like just blast every deal
to them we just bring them in once
so if you showed us 55 acres in north
carolina our texas buyers might shoot it
down but that doesn't mean that we can't
pull a list of uh you know a 100 000
real estate agents and then blast it to
them um but as far as like big audacious
goals man
we want people to build teams so we
focus specifically on a network we want
people to connect with us and we want to
teach them exactly what we're doing how
we're marketing the types of properties
that we're going after
then um once we have hundreds of
thousands of people doing this this type
of marketing going after these types of
properties we also want to help them
dyspo and then we actually set up our
our payment structure so that it's
um tiered right like a network marketing
program like of old of olden days
so that when you're getting you're
eventually going to get paid a
percentage of all the deals happening
inside of your organization so our main
thing is like we just need the human
capital we'll push the traffic we'll
find the money we'll help you move the
deals and everything we just need more
and more people to come in see what
we're doing and then help us kind of
build this thing out so that we can
penetrate all markets
gotcha gotcha gotcha
so it sounds like you guys have your
biggest influence in texas and some of
the other markets are a little bit newer
but you have confidence that you're
going to perform well there like you
said if it works in texas it's going to
work well in other markets 100 chance
man yeah like i i would say we're going
to be in all 50 states but you know i
know maybe like one or two states just
might be like some weird one-off state
where there's no development happening
so yeah if we're in 40 or 45 states you
know boohoo we'll do our best
sounds like it sounds like the states
you're gonna have trouble in might be uh
new york and uh in california huh yeah i
don't know man i opened my my heart told
me to go after california you know i
heard of a guy that did like a 600 000
wholesale fee in l.a so i'm like you
know what i want to try that i feel like
even a small deal in l.a or a small deal
along the coast of california is going
to be a good sized deal like a big deal
in texas
are you guys and i i know it's different
when you're working with a little bit
bigger numbers
but are you guys getting your spreads
via assignment fees
no man we do a lot of double closing
because our numbers are very offensive
um okay okay
yeah and what kind of costs are that
costing you
for double closing
i don't know if i should say this on a
public forum but a lot of the uh the
title companies that we work with
uh they want to help us do these types
of deals so we we bring in transactional
funding when it's absolutely necessary
you know if we don't have to we won't
gotcha gotcha so let's go a little bit
in on
um your guys's side of things right
because a lot of people that watch this
whether they're watching it live or
after the fact they come across deals
that they don't know what to do with it
but it might work for you guys right and
you guys can help them exit those deals
um you guys talked to me about hive mind
and hivemind crm you even gave in a
phone number so can you guys talk a
little bit about how people can get more
interactive with you guys to transact
more deals
yeah so um our our whole business of
hide mind is to help people automate and
accelerate their businesses
um we've had
we started february of last year we're
not even a year into it and we had uh
four people have six figure months
we'll probably make a millionaire this
year using our product and service and
uh we're just trying to help you make
more money if you can align with that i
mean come check us out if not oh well
um we have a free facebook group um you
can text us at 210-972-1842
we offer
how to make six figures on one lane deal
just text the keyword h-i-v-e hive
but um really really trying to provide a
lot of value
and it's an exchange so if we provide
value to you you provide value to us
it's in exchange there's no we're not
taking money up front it doesn't really
matter uh our most expensive product is
if that's offensive to you i'm sorry
but um we really try and keep everything
at a low low tier point and we're really
trying to share as much information and
knowledge as possible
yeah with that being said yeah we don't
have any kind of paywall so we have
three weekly calls monday at 5 pm
central time thursday at 7 pm central
time they're on zoom at the and anybody's welcome to
join so there's no pay wall there you
don't have to subscribe or buy anything
we invite the public
and like coach sean simmons shout out to
sean simmons he's the triforce in the
headline he's one of the owners um
he said to check us out on hivemind crm
at and that's a free group
anybody can come in whether you you are
a paid subscriber or not we help
everybody so you bring us a deal and we
will see if we can help you either move
it lock it up or find the capital to get
it done and the the beauty about it it's
not even us in most cases it's usually
our community so our community helps out
other people in the community where
um we've been there's been transactions
happening behind us and we don't hear
about it until later on it's just our
community assisting the community yeah
everybody inside the community helps
everybody man it's beautiful it's like
if you could have a dream business model
or a dream community yeah this is it
that's freaking amazing yeah we love our
people like we've cried with our people
when somebody loses a family member like
they get flower like i mean we
we absolutely love our community and
they love us back and it's cool to see
you know the organism that is the
community that is the hive mind helping
each other helping each other grow and
do deals it's like it's crazy yeah so if
you get close to it you'll see what we
yeah that's fantastic yeah guys if you
guys see at the bottom we have a link to
the facebook group and then you can see
it looks like the instagram handle at
hivemind crm so guys go ahead and check
all of that out
so and these are free to join you guys
are saying yeah
okay and you also talked about a phone
number what does the phone number do
i always do the demonstration if you
want to see automation text the phone
number the keyword hive and you'll see
what automation looks like
a lot of people we do a lot of our
outbound marketing just with the phone
number it's on all of our podcasts it's
on everything that we do because it's
just the way that people connect to us
so invites them to the facebook group
invites them to the youtube channel
offers you a dollar course uh what that
that uh that user that helped us bring
that 100 acre deal we're giving her 100k
once it closes so she's making 100k on a
deal that she just brought on a platter
to us so if you want to make 100 can a
go buy the dollar course the one that
claudette king was doing today we're
trying to close for 17 million um we
were we were targeting two to three
hundred a piece you know between hive
mind and her so
we're trying and like frank said
resistance is futile our goal is to make
everybody around us mega wealthy that's
the goal and then we'll figure out what
to do from here forward
that's amazing guys i love what you guys
are doing i appreciate that you guys
gave us the time today i'm glad that
we're able to have you on talk about
what you guys are all about i feel like
we're definitely destined to do a
transaction real soon together so we're
gonna bring you guys some stuff
um if you can leave
the viewers
with anything whatsoever what would you
say to people before we end this
i got one you got one danny go ahead go
for one can we buy some of those shoes
there are those is that a product
yeah yeah i mean 10 grand for the left
pair 11 for the right pair
i love it that's cheap it's a good price
cheap man man you do a land deal you can
pick it up easy let's go
um i would say that i would encourage
people to stop letting um
the numbers of of a property
affect your mindset
i'm sure for a few years and they said
don't try to buy the product with your
own wallet right because we were selling
a product that was like over 60 000.
so if you come across a deal and it's
like 5 million or 10 million or 50
million don't worry about it if you
don't have that in your bank and you
don't have the resources lean on
somebody else find somebody else that
can bring that amount of capital to the
just bring the deal to somebody else
that's playing at that level and stop
trying to do deals with what's in your
own bank account
nice how can you make those
to the capitol
right right i mean you have a fifty
thousand dollar deal you know it's a
deal because you can flip it for a
hundred to two hundred thousand dollars
how do you find those relationships if
you don't already have them well hive
mind crm at facebook
it's true it's true so
what i'll say if it's a land deal
sell it yourself you ask for fifty
thousand dollars down and click payments
for five years
like sell it yourself if it's a land
deal like what what's stopping you from
selling yourself
yeah i'll tell you what i did is um
immediately just went and posted it on
the public groups on facebook man that's
how i sold my very first deal i posted
it in a group a guy named ryan mcdonald
hit me up he said hey man i'm gonna buy
that deal can you go delete your post i
said yes and dude's been my mentor ever
since so if you have that mindset of not
worrying about again your own capital
and your own knowledge
bring it to the community bring it to a
larger community and you'll be
unstoppable like like frank said if you
use that mindset then resistance is
futile like it's it's gonna happen no
matter what
uh what i'll say is that there's always
more deals
uh don't get hung up on one single deal
there's always more
there's a limitless supply of
opportunity so as long as you're
marketing and consistently marketing
opportunity is going to come across your
path that's all we care about it's all
we talk about is a high frequency
marketing high volume marketing putting
yourself into a high volume transaction
environment getting around those types
of people that are doing it so that it
becomes more real for you
that's amazing gentlemen
so yeah so
you gave us the facebook group you gave
us the instagram handle
um if people want to reach out to you
guys directly are you willing to give
your own handle so they can reach out to
you with questions
oh i'm i'm at uh daniel underscore dot
underscore martinez
on facebook but um i mean on instagram
but i'm on facebook too but yeah if you
talk about
mind crm on any platform you'll find us
i'm anthony guyona at hivemind on
instagram but yeah just check us out at
hivemindcrm you'll find everybody super
super active community and uh you know
same for you man if you can let us know
what we can do for you guys for your
community please let us know we'll be
we're we work with everybody the way we
say it is there is no competition we're
helping everybody we want to see
everybody win
i love it there is no competition well
guys thanks a lot so much for hanging
out with us giving us all the value that
you guys are giving you guys are doing
amazing things you're stepping outside
the box um and i admire you guys for
that so once again i appreciate it enjoy
the rest of you guys this evening we'll
touch base soon and for everyone out
there guys you guys we know know that we
bring the heat every tuesday night at 9
00 pm eastern time it's the cash geeks
network guys i'm dom and you guys have a
good evening enjoy