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Feb. 15, 2022

Ep 117- Hivemind Headquarters/ War Room With Anthony Gaona & Daniel Martinez

Ep 117- Hivemind Headquarters/ War Room With Anthony Gaona & Daniel Martinez
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yeah i was looking at it i got called by
a couple today that looks like it could
be pretty good i gotta
run some numbers on it though and find
out for sure that's what i'm gonna do
after this call
boom boom boom boom boom man this week
has been a monster weekend
so monday we signed a contract for uh a
thousand acres it's it's thirteen
hundred acres plus but she thinks she
only owns a thousand so we agree we
signed a contract we're going to pay her
two thousand dollars per acre for a
thousand acres so she'll make like two
million or so
net to her we're going to cover
everything else on top of that
so i thought we were having a great week
and then
uh gerard gets a contract or a walk
through friday five mobile homes for 30
elizabeth gets a contract north dallas
166 for like six acres that's probably
we think it's worth about 250 to 300
and so everything was going great we've
been looking for an office here in san
antonio so we could start doing we're
going to do we're going to go live and
then just let everybody watch to see how
we're doing our marketing negotiations
all that
so we've been looking for an office we
were going to pay like 2 300 a month
for a nice glass walled office with like
a back window just like one square room
maybe 1200 square feet
um evan was texting yesterday on the
text campaign so we're all sitting at a
table just going hard on marketing i'm
taking calls for everybody closing for
evan gets a call that um you know it's a
house that's listed they want 750 000
i'm like evan that's a listed house man
don't even mess with it so he digs in
he's just talking to the people and he's
like hey this guy says that they need
out of the mortgage like uh-oh
so my sub two radar turned on
i'm like this could be a deal let's go
see it tomorrow
so we went and checked it out
and uh yeah
uh 750 000 house 2007 build they just
remodeled it with like 200 000
houses immaculate uh five bedrooms like
eight baths or nine baths
amazing five thousand square foot house
and uh we're going to pick it up sub too
we're just going to take over the
and have a balloon in 24 months
so we're gonna start officing out of
there now then we've got two verbal
agreements one for the daughter one from
the dad so we're gonna call him tomorrow
at 12 and lock it in but
yeah i think something amazing is about
to happen here but
another thing is that when you join the
hive mind if you join at the master plan
level we give you 60 000 free records
uh it's not targeted it's cost centered
data so that cost center data is just
absolutely anything like you can get you
don't know what you're going to get it
could be crap because it's completely
non-targeted so what means is nobody's
calling this list
i've never tried working it
but everybody has said so far
oh i don't know what's going on i can't
get no traction this list is no good you
know whatever i've been hearing it so
i'm like oh no we'll figure it out later
so we have only out of 60 000 records
that evan price has we've contacted 22
000 people
and we've got about four contracts one
of them he's gonna make about 70 grand
50 to 70 grand
one of them is that one we're talking
about right now a 5 000 square foot 750
000 house that you're just going to hand
us over the keys to sub 2
and then a couple other small contracts
one is that one that we're gonna look at
friday with gerrard
five mobile homes for 30 grand
and this is on what we're calling the
the [ __ ] list
it's just some some rec it's cost center
data we got 90 million records that
we're giving away when you become a
master plan user in the hiveline
and we've been hearing a lot of
complaints about it but we've only been
we sent out 22 000 records and i think
so far we're like at i don't know
net like three or four hundred thousand
in like half a week so
uh we want to plug everybody into what
we're doing
we just wanted to show you but it's just
contacting high rate of contact pretty
basic stuff and that's what i wanted to
talk to everybody about today is the
marketing i know we talk a lot about
building why you want to build all that
we that's what we're going to talk about
today but i'm going to tell you how i'm
planning to build right now
this is anthony i'm based out of san
daniel and myself we started the hive
we we wanted to have a bigger community
of people doing real estate deals so
that we can be omnipresent in every
single market
get in front of more opportunities and
help people do marketing and high volume
because my philosophy is you don't have
to have any kind of special closings
everybody asks me if i have scripts i
don't have any scripts
not that i use you know that that i can
hand out but
what i do
is i make sure that i contact people in
high volume i did it before i got into
real estate and i've been doing it now
and it's been going amazing man been
going absolutely amazing i signed up
that ranch this week a thousand acres um
we're gonna get it for roughly about two
million i think i can create about eight
million dollars worth of notes on this
on one land track
and i'm not even saying that just to
make myself sound cool my point is is
that anybody in this room can become a
multi-millionaire on one deal
one deal it doesn't you know how you
have to deal with a bunch of deals but
the only name of the game the only thing
i care about the only thing i think
about is high volume lead generation
talking to a ton of people in a very
short amount of time so that's up to you
to figure out how can i collapse the
amount of time that it takes to talk to
a ton of people
and that's all you should be focused on
so for one it's with your own hands your
own hands and feet how many people can i
get a hold of if it's only me
doing the contacting
but the business model behind the hive
mind is i'm going to tell everybody that
i know what i'm doing
every single person on the planet my dad
bless his heart love him to death
he said are you sure you want to be
teaching everybody your secrets when we
were first starting the hive bind and
i'm like yes that's the business model
i'm going to teach the whole entire
planet what i'm doing
i hope they replicate i hope they
duplicate i hope they get other people
excited and involved
because just right now with myself
elizabeth evan and gerard sitting at my
kitchen table
making contacts in three days
we have like three or four hundred
thousand on paper
so so far so good you know maybe next
week's gonna be a big goose egg but
we're averaging like a hundred thousand
a day right now on paper right these are
just contract we don't know what's gonna
um but you know that's what we're
working on
high volume lead generation high
frequency of touch
getting as many people on the phone as
possible and we're doing it in groups
so the only way that i know right
because if you're making phone calls and
texting all day you can only do so much
by yourself but if you get the people
around you excited you tell them what
you're doing you invite them to these
calls just have them take a look i
promise you what we're doing is very
very very special
very very special right
how can we capture eight million dollars
worth of notes on one deal how can we
capture a 750 000 house with zero out of
right there's no magic to it there's no
science there's no special script
tell somebody what you're doing get them
excited have them help you do some
marketing and once you get somebody
that's warm enough i'll get on the phone
and close it for you i'll negotiate it
for you i'll do whatever i can do
that's what i've been doing as soon as
somebody gets somebody on the phone
that's warm i'm like give me the number
i'll call him give me the number i'll
call give me the number i'll call them
we've been doing that for three days and
we're gonna start to do this at least
five days a week at the new office
hopefully we have an agreement on the
signed contract on it tomorrow
uh hopefully we we're planning on moving
by uh february first we're gonna set up
cameras we're gonna go live everybody in
the san antonio area is invited it's a
five bedroom house so we're gonna set it
up to where the leaders in this
community who want to do what we're
doing we're gonna make it to where you
can fly into san antonio and stay in
that house for free
so you're going to be able to stay at
the marketing base
and be able to watch what we're doing
um i'll jump on the calls for you if
you're doing the front end marketing
because our goal is for you to go back
to your home base whatever city you're
in and start to duplicate this in your
in your area
so you need two things
you need an office
which we can help you find we can help
you find a sub 2 office a great big
house or a building
and we need you to tell everybody
that you know what you're doing because
you're going gonna need personnel so
right now
with four of us we're averaging about a
hundred thousand a day plus
and when we get that office going i
think there's like 30 hive members in
san antonio so as soon as that office is
up and running in the next couple of
uh there's not going to be four of us
anymore it's gonna be like 20 maybe 15
maybe 10 maybe 30. and we're gonna we're
gonna put a board up and you're gonna
see how many contracts go down in a
single day and you're gonna be able to
watch what we're saying live um and then
if i was you i would just invite your
friends and family anybody who's
entrepreneurial minded to just come in
take a look watch live you know no hype
no no no guru stuff just us hitting the
putting up the deals going over the
numbers you can ask your questions live
this should all be up here in the next
week we thought we had an office booked
a couple weeks ago they rented it out
they leased it out from under us and
then look what happened god bless us
with something
way bigger way better i was so excited
today i was like i was already i was
like getting shortness of breath this is
stupid i thought things were going to go
good but i know they were going to go
this good
um does anybody have anything you'd like
chat about
yeah i'm going to go anthony so um as
far as him going live um that's going to
be in the facebook group on youtube on
twitter everywhere we go live it'll be
live so he's probably gonna probably go
live like five hours a day once he gets
set up
until he gets some some momentum so
um that'll be set up like i said once he
gets the keys to that and sets up um
we're shooting for next week hopefully
that we can get all that set up so we
should be going live for a couple hours
every day so you guys can hop in and see
what's going on and our goal like is
like you said is to
kind of be the model kind of be the
model of what what you can do locally in
your own market just by getting
just by getting together with other
people and making it happen
there's a lot of opportunity out there
there's a lot of leads there's a lot of
just you just got to put in the work
so one thing i like that anthony has
been talking about is that
since it's in a group setting
everybody's working
everybody's working and i'm sure there's
there's there's kicks and google's going
around and if you guys check out evan's
price's story you can see how how cool
that property is it's pretty pretty
amazing property so there's definitely a
lot of opportunity when you actually put
your head to the stone and get to work
so anthony i talked to anthony earlier
today he's like yeah this is like my
first year actually full-time real
estate because i was doing other stuff
before this and now i can really see the
momentum of
going full
entrepreneur on
real estate
we set our sights too small so i said i
told daniel i said i'm going to go hard
as possible in marketing
for the first 90 days of this year that
way we have plenty of contracts rolling
into the summer
one one contract per week was the goal
um we had a little bit of trouble like a
rough start like i said we didn't get
the office that we wanted
but if this is like the third day in the
season let's say that we've been
you know day and night day night day
night we're averaging at least one
contract per day and i think we hit two
one day
it's again less about the magic less
about the everybody wants to pull the
perfect list
if you go to the gurus they say you
gotta pull this magical list and then
you to stack it and then you got to get
it blessed by a ferry you know and then
you got to start a campfire and dance
around it
we pulled we give you the the free data
we we're giving people the free data you
join hive mind as a master plan user we
give you 60 000 we're calling it the
[ __ ] list give you just like this bulk
call center data
completely untargeted and uh
yeah we've been making contacts like
crazy on this thing absolutely like
crazy we got another house down in
rockport she wants 275 for the house and
the lot next to it we think the lot's
worth about 60 67. we think the house is
worth about 330. so there's another 50
100 000 hit just today we didn't drop
the contract but we got a verbal
agreement we're gonna send it out
but it's just again high speed of
contact and the way for you to do that
is to just have a bunch of people
working with you you can do it all
yourself if you're a maniac and you sit
there at the kitchen table as a one-man
band you can do it but
i i urge you to grab people around you
that are excited
that are motivated that would like to
make some money and what we're doing is
very very very special
i want to say elizabeth is like a
hitting 23 000 like in 14 days or
something you know she's a 24 year old
kid that was working at a call center
so there's no special you know talent
that you need there's no scripts that
you need there's no special list it's
just being able to sit down and put in
the work so we're going to go live as
soon as the office is live and you're
going to be able to watch i would like
to set up two or three different cameras
from different angles
you know maybe 10 or 20 people in the
room and i want everybody to see how
easy this thing is
how easy it is there's no magic you know
there's no magic there's nothing hard
there's nothing challenging there's
nothing that's frustrating about this as
soon as somebody's like hey i think this
guy wants to get on a call give me that
phone give me that phone number just so
they can listen in like i'm not saying
anything special
okay what do you want to do what are you
doing with that john alexander has the
best line for this
it's like it's like kind of like we're
looking for somebody that has an old
treadmill in the garage they just need
to get rid of it
and that's exactly what we did we've
been doing it for three days straight
probably eight hours a day
talk to as many people as you can some
people need to sell some do not and we
don't much care
it's gonna be amazing
keith raises hello yeah go ahead oh
yeah just real quick i just wanted to
just to say hi to everybody and and um
anthony i wanted to tell you um no
wonder daniel said hey hop on this
that's that's freaking awesome and we're
definitely going to be talking because i
know i think at least i know
um daniel probably told you a little bit
and i can't i'm sorry everybody i i
can't be as open as anthony is right now
because i'm i'm i'm kind of turning the
wheels right now i'm getting the screws
and everything tight but trust me you
will be hearing from me from me uh
everybody else but anthony that's that's
just freaking awesome and i'm right
behind you brother um that's what i'm
gonna be starting
uh me and daniel actually talked about
it before uh i got on this call um so
that's the reason he told me to make
sure i was on i'm actually on my way out
the door to a previous engagement but
i'm glad i took a couple of minutes to
hear this and i'm right behind you
brother so we're going to be talking in
depth and i can't wait for you to show
everybody else but this right here
guys i know you know there's a lot of
guys especially on this call that you
know you've done you know um
flips or you've done you know you've
done some wholesaling and and and got
some contracts but
you know what's what's about to come
about you guys is still going to blow
your mind no matter where you are if
you're nervous or you're you know you've
done many of them
what's about to come through the hive
mind is crazy you guys and i know a lot
of you don't even know me so imagine
somebody coming out of the woodworks
right out of the black and just singing
it's real
thank you for being on here man uh i've
identified keith already i've been doing
this for almost a year like in a group
setting at first we're like more private
and i can kind of tell pretty quick when
a new person comes on board who's going
to have success and then who's going to
and i called this in december like the
last call of the year
and i told i told everybody on that call
that keith is going to be one of the
ones that you're going to hear about
pretty soon and dino told me what he's
here he is you know three weeks later
four weeks later and yeah i can promise
you're gonna hear that name again and
it's again it's not because you were
special because you were born with a
silver spoon in your mouth or you have
some magical plan or anything
it's just who is willing to put in the
work somebody like like john alexander
somebody like frank somebody like
elizabeth somebody you do not have to
check in with ever i never have to call
elizabeth and say hey did you make your
follow-ups today i've never had that
conversation with her in 10 or 11 months
she's quit her job she made this like in
10 or 14 days which she would have made
like in six or seven months
in the last you know couple weeks
so it just goes to show you that if
you're willing to put in the work if you
have the work ethic you have the grit
you're going to do very very very well
in this business and then we talked
about this on another call
is that if you're only doing well enough
for yourself to fill up your own bank
account and your own bucket that's a
very very very small sad bucket because
the goal should not be
to see what what can i do you know for
myself for my own gain
what can i do to improve the
the lives of the people around me
so evan quit his job move to san antonio
so he can do real estate
dude's on his freaking second monster
deal gerard moved down to san antonio
quit his job he was a
an attorney on a reservation right on
the blackfeet tribe he moved down to san
antonio he's about to go look at five
mobile homes for 30 grand he's only been
here for like two weeks or something
and elizabeth quit her job my mom quit
her job my sister quit her job and my
wife quit her job all the people around
me are starting to be able to take
control of their own lives take control
of their own finances
and i think that over everything is what
makes me feel fulfilled is that the
people around me are starting to be
it's not about me has nothing to do with
me the people around me are starting to
be successful and that's what brings me
joy that's what brings me fulfillment
and that's what i wish everybody on this
call can experience is like what if all
the people you know all of your friends
all of your family members stopped
struggling all at the same time
and then they were able to help the
people around them and they were able to
help the people around them and that's
the hype line that's the hive mind
it's not about one person it's all of us
who would like to chime in who would
like to give some feedback who would
like to chat any questions any points
any topics you'd like to bring up
please i got a
quite a quick question oh sorry i didn't
mean to cut you off i don't know if i
haven't left fine go ahead steve
um i was really just
so i had in my mind
when i got when i first got the hive i
was like okay
i'm bringing everything to the hive
right i'm gonna consolidate all this
stuff which which i totally can um
but the the main one that i was thinking
about recently is are my numbers right
we consolidate
we've consolidated all of our numbers
onto one platform right now we're using
air call right
and that also includes our business
lines right so like just the normal
you know if it wasn't coronavirus if we
had an office those numbers would be
going there right
and i started thinking about it and and
trying to figure out okay great i know
obviously i know how to buy numbers and
all that now for the hive but is anyone
else using
the numbers like any using hive mind as
your guys's like office lines too
is anyone else doing that in here i am
yeah right okay cool yeah right five
minutes before
really okay cool yeah because that was
the idea that i had you know that i'm
gonna keep start implementing right um
and ideally
i started going on and i think i might
have been talking to you the other night
daniel somebody was chiming back with me
quick on the customer service texting
um and i didn't have that green phone at
the top of my
at the top of my my
my screen right and i was like how do i
just pull open a regular dialer you know
um but anyways
if i can use my business lines on hive
does it
is there like a call routing system that
i can set up or is it just a forwarding
system it's just a forwarding system at
the moment uh we might we're working on
getting uh
live calling abil uh availability but it
should go to your if you do call
forwarding i'll either go to your direct
phone or go to the app
i just go to the yeah i have the apple
right um
and i'm like do is there an option to do
um i would just do a different phone
the other reason why right is like for
instance you pull up my website right
and if it's the let's talk about the san
diego market we have one office line for
for the san diego market you know what i
mean and i want to make sure that you
how we did have it set up was using
extension it's like you call that number
and it's like hey do you want to talk to
you know are you a new lead basically
are you a somebody that we've already
been working with or are you trying to
reach the disposition department or
whatever right
and it's not the end of the day if i
can't if there's no extensions or
anything like that uh because you know
if i can consolidate the best i can
that's what i want to do what i would do
what i would do in your situation is
leave a voicemail where it goes
automatically voicemail hey text dyspo
to this number to reach our display
department text
to to reach acquisitions department and
those are the keywords to assign it to
your team based off the acquisitions of
oh okay got it got it got it okay yeah
that that makes sense um i think it's i
think just knowing that other people are
using this for their business line in
general makes me feel more comfortable
with it i mean because even the porting
process that happens from like that we
were talking about is you know the
porting process takes a while and air
calls not cheap dude
air calls air calls expensive um so i
most definitely want to get that get rid
of them you know sooner than later
so i think we're just going to buy new
numbers and have them be the office
lines um but is there any
is there any sight maybe in future of
like setting up like a warm connection
or or the um like you were bringing up a
second ago or any extensions and
eventually or there's some
adaptations coming up in the pipeline as
far as what they'll do and how they'll
work when we don't really have insight
to that but there's some new stuff
coming up the pipeline
cool cool
okay rad so like even like even if you
think about your text in the customer
service line i mean you're texting our
work line
yeah that's so awesome yeah i talk about
that i talk about that [ __ ] all the time
dude it's way better than having to go
live on a desktop and then pop up in a
chat bubble and yeah so i talk about
that all the time
yeah and you can do it on the go so i
mean you can do that with your customers
and clients so one thing i did uh if
everybody got a text a couple weeks ago
or last week
what i did was is i sent everybody a
contact card with hivemind's number on
it so what you can do with your clients
as once you build a rapport and verify
that them hey here's my contact card
maybe add a tag where it sends in the
contact card and now they have they can
save your number with two clicks of a
so now whenever yeah that was pretty
whenever you call they'll know it's you
so there's a lot of different techniques
you can use just to
build that relationship so what i did
now is um for new users that sign up
they get a 30 second video from me
welcoming into the hive mind and i send
that i automated that whenever people
sign up so once you verify a lead
hey this is steven from abc homes
uh we're the ones buying your property
this is our operation we hope we hope
you do we'll do best service whatever
we'll handle your transaction
whatever you want to say you know for
sure really really really build rapport
with them
and they see your face
no that's rad yes like yeah i just
thought about it because you know we're
even closer to kind of making that final
jump to cutting off other
platforms and that last one is the phone
one right one of the last ones is that
is air call so
and then i started like you know
thinking about setting up the business
lines and that's kind of what kind of
brought it up i'm like well it doesn't
really seem traditional
um but you know it'll it'll work
yeah for sure
thanks dude no problem man uh anybody
have any questions this is uh like i
said if anybody missed the beginning of
the call we're starting
anthony you want to do like a quick
overview so people that missed it
because i think we have some people jump
uh overview on what we're about to start
doing or yeah yeah just kind of what
what the war room
okay yeah so we're having a war room uh
the house we're buying we're going to
call it the castle and i think we're
going to be in the dungeon
so what we've been doing is we've been
sitting at my kitchen table
four of us
and we're just smiling and dialing
hitting the text messages as soon as
somebody gets a like a warm lead on the
phone or somebody that says hey give me
a call make sure you're not a scammer
then i'll call them personally call them
and try to get the deal locked up
so we've been looking for an office for
the last couple weeks
we thought we had a nice 1200 square
foot amazing industrial office locked up
it's one single room
nice glass view outside i mean it's
amazing and we're going to pay 2 300 a
month for it
and that's what we're going to office
out of and just set up the table and
just beat up the phones get some
today or yesterday a couple days ago
yesterday day before
evan price he hit the [ __ ] list when you
join hive mind we'll give you 60 000
records if you join the master plan
we've been getting complaints about that
list for 11 months straight um
everybody's like i can't get a hold of
everybody's saying they don't want to
talk to me so we hit it up for three
we got a lead
a house that's listed for
fifty 750 five thousand square feet
and i told evan don't even mess with
that call that thing is listed piece of
so the guy says we just need to get out
of the mortgage
oh wait a minute
ask when we can see the house
so we went to go see the house today
and we negotiated a sub 2 deal
so these people have put in about
i don't know 600 000 into this house
2007 build they just did a 200 000
remodel and they're pretty much prepared
to give us the keys uh and we're just
gonna take over the payments starting in
the month of february for about 2700
when we were at 2300 for a rented office
uh amazing beautiful house 5 000 square
feet we're going gonna start off singing
out of there we're gonna go live uh
monday through friday and that's exactly
what we're gonna do i would like to have
two or three cameras in there
um we're gonna just show you what we're
doing like literally sitting down
working the deals you're gonna be able
to hear the conversations hear what
we're saying to people hear what they're
saying to us
working on scripts so pretty much
everybody's like hey this guy said this
i'm like tell them this hey this lady
said this tell her this so you're going
to be able to hear live what we're doing
what's working right now i think we're
averaging roughly about 100 dollars per
day off of the crap list and then um we
signed a lead earlier this week thirteen
hundred acres for you know two million
plus i think i can turn it into eight
million dollars worth of notes
pretty dang good week but yeah the
people that are in this room
all i want to tell you is that what
we're doing is working um there's no
magic that you need to learn
nothing extra cool that you need to
teach anybody but you need more people
if i had had the contact we went through
22 000 records out of 60 thousand
if i had to contact twenty two thousand
people myself it probably would have
taken me about like eight point three
but what's made this very very easy for
me is that i have a bunch of other
people in the room that are excited that
are eager to learn that show up that are
interested that are fired up and i'm
like hey just get me on the phone and
i'll do the rest
so we want to like kind of make that
like as a core like a business model
find you a team of excited people get
them in the same room with you
make a couple phone calls and i promise
we'll make the magic happen and if you
come across a deal that's so good that
requires a huge amount of capital we
will source the capital we'll do it
right now
louis uh leo geary he came to my house
this weekend he was in town for a
or a debut and uh he we went to go look
at a ranch that was uh 6.5 million for a
thousand acres
and i told him i said i think i can find
the money for this deal so i checked one
of my guys i said hey i need to come up
with two two million dollars if you know
anybody that has it and he said if it's
a deal i'll lend it to you i'll give it
to myself
so we didn't even have to go to the
second or third or fourth source i mean
it was right there in front of us so
again what i've been preaching for a
year on hive mind do high volume lead
get in front of a lot of people and then
lean on the hive both for your marketing
efforts for your disposition efforts for
your uh your financial backing there's
enough of us here where we can take down
we can negotiate anything so i don't
want anybody in this room to ever feel
like somebody's table is too big for you
is this um so this this war room
what who is it reserved for and like how
do you gain access to it what's like i
guess the uh the thought process behind
as long as you're an active hive member
if you're a hive user then you're
welcome to come on board
if somebody does not have 99 a month
just call me or daniel we'll work
something out with you
if you're willing to put in the work and
sweat we'll make it happen but we would
like you to be a hive member to come on
board so that we can teach yourself so
you can teach other hive members you
know that kind of stuff and if
somebody's going to come in from out of
town and actually stay at the property
then um yeah we would like you to be a
committed like maybe like a master plan
user or something like that if you're
going to be getting free room and board
for a while so
um we're trying to make it as open as
possible but really we just want people
that are willing to put in the work and
then we'll figure out the rest later
and then the uh the master plan was that
was was that a monthly investment a
oh 199
and then um within this room you get the
support to to work i guess your leads
and things like that
yeah you're working the leads right in
front of us at a table and then you're
going to have five 10 20 other people
that can help you work on scripts jump
on phone calls negotiate look at numbers
run comps everything
live war room
okay and then this is in addition to
your marketing budget as well right
um we'll provide you free data
so if you got a text from inside of your
account you know then yeah whatever the
text messages cost that's all you got to
pay for we'll provide free data
okay all right yeah yeah because really
even like i said we're not trying to
capture your pennies we want to be able
to jv do a lot of deals with you so if
you come and you put in the work you'll
make more money than you expect
yeah go ahead
okay okay hey uh what's up everybody um
what it what about on the dispo side
um i know we've been talking a lot about
uh acquiring and getting deals and all
that um have we put any kind of strategy
together for
the dyspo of everything that we get
locked up
say that one more time
yeah it's kind of broken up
i'm sorry can you can you hear me
okay you know i was just seeing if uh
there was anything uh being put in place
for the disposition of uh
the contracts that we get locked up
uh yes we're working on it um
it's a work in progress we're trying to
launch another company
yeah we're trying to launch a nationwide
dispo company
release and push out deals wholesale
that's in the works um we know it's
needed and it's wanted by a lot of
people um it's just one of those things
that we're trying to get a working
up and running asap
but this would be nationwide deals
you'll be able to send to us or upload
um we're trying to get a web base and
app based so it'll be like another high
mind based app
we're trying at least as well
we had a working model up and running
but we're trying to find a better
version that we can use
so we're that's in the process right now
hey i'm gonna say
that uh if you have anything you need a
dyspo in texas that has a lot of profit
involved i can help move it but like i
gotta we're gonna go through agents and
they gotta get paid so if it's a deal
where there's like three grand on the
back end like we can't really do too
much with that but if you have a big
deal and there's a lot of profit on the
back end i can definitely help get those
moved in texas and we're starting to
work on this method in other states i
know john's on here i don't know if john
can talk or not but john's working on a
nationwide dyspo method too
i don't know if you want to touch on
that real quick john
if john can't talk he's working on oh
there he is
i've got a
a new phone it works a little bit
differently than the last one um
yeah i mean we've got uh we're about to
launch this thing so it's a it's a
disposition platform
and uh it's basically built
right into it'll be built right into the
hive mind so you're able to go in there
uh put in an address for example
and it pulls up all the tax records
we're hooked into every record in the
united states millions and millions of
records it fills it out for you for the
most part
you can ask some extra stuff
you can uh then you're going to select
is this a wholesale flip
or is or do you own it out wrong
basically so so that the buyer
understands how it's going to close
then we've automated it into a
nationwide title company so
automatically as soon as they as soon as
a buyer decides hey we're gonna we're
gonna hit uh we want to buy or they're
gonna make you offer
they click it it goes directly to the
title company
and title work is pulled usually within
two to three days
and now you're set up basically ready to
close uh short of having to figure out
if you have any other issues surveys uh
title issues that type of thing uh so
it's only uh it's it'll be fully
automated that way uh we're also tied
into uh qualia so everything is online
and it's all automated into qualia
so it's it's the most advanced
for this out there so this is basically
it's a wholesaler's dream
because it's a
um it's basically an off-market
mls is kind of what it is then we're
also tied into the national home
builders so we've got all the home
builders waiting to look they're looking
for land like crazy
and we've got buyers from the funds
the wall street funds we've got all
kinds of buyers we're also working right
now on building the international
buyers that want to own property uh
including houses so this works for both
land and houses here in the united
and then here's the real here's the
kicker on everything there is no monthly
fee to be part of this
it's free
you you basically pay on the on the back
side and with the savings that we have
built into the title
which is like 500 bucks for kind of
closing plus whatever title insurance
policy costs um
it basically it's like it doesn't exist
uh that's the that's the other kicker on
the whole deal so yeah we're really
excited about it and
we are hoping to launch it within
we're we're targeting right now for
three weeks from now
uh subject to any kind of delays or
anything that that that might still pop
we're also introducing it
into the hive before
even on other companies may have access
to it because obviously we want as many
participants in this as possible
but we have exclusive because i you know
own part of this company
we're getting we're giving the high
priority here
so yeah really excited about all that
and it's right around the corner
boom there you have it so yeah we're
working on dyspo stuff john's working on
dyspo stuff and the way i see it is like
i don't care how it gets sold let's sell
it somebody hit me on my phone a text
message i don't even know who it was and
they said hey i have a do you buy in
fort worth said yep and they sent me
like a city lot an infield lot on a
corner i didn't know what to do with it
but i know a guy who's up that way i
posted it in the rough deck page i said
who wants a lot it happened to be one of
my friends that sent me a message i sent
him a lot he went out there he took a
look at it i sent it i sent it to him
exactly at the price that i got it
so again my thinking is like let's just
move this stuff
whoever wins if if john gets it if one
of his teammates gets it if i get it if
daniel gets it who cares if you if you
do the work you get the contract you do
the you know you get the you put
everything in place then we're gonna do
whatever it takes to make you successful
so you know the only thing i could tell
you again is like tell the people what's
going on post on your facebook post any
stories post your instagram stories tell
them what's happening tell them that
there's a large group of people that are
putting in work on your behalf that want
to see you win
you know and a lot of times like i said
it's just like you know if we can make
it happen
you know we'll break bread on the back
end but in some cases we just got to get
it moved so yeah hit up john hit up
daniel hit myself up let us know what we
can do to help you move something if you
have a real deal
if you don't have a real deal then you
got to go back to the basics you know
you got to work on running comps you got
to work on looking into you know what
selling for in an area
you can learn that on youtube in an
afternoon so if you haven't learned how
to run comps yet you know it makes the
season people you know look at you kind
of funny like maybe you're just not
putting in the work and you just want
other people to do the work for you so
yeah bring us some good deals and i
promise you we'll make it happen for you
somebody's going to make it happen for
i think i covered everything i was going
to cover tonight i just want to tell you
guys about the brand new hive base
the the group setting
we're going to be going live in the war
room as we're negotiating contracts
right there live on the spot talking
about the deals you can hear us talking
sellers we're going to be doing that
live five days a week whenever possible
you know some days i may not be able to
be there but i'm gonna shoot for five
days a week
i think we just picked up a 5 000 square
foot office sub 2 off of a list that we
give you for free when you join the hive
um if you haven't ever received that
list hit up daniel get yourself in front
of some records so you don't have to do
it by yourself tell some people around
you get excited let them know what
you're doing
telling them to tell them that we're
getting real estate for free
yeah that's that's pretty much all we
had today
so um i will add to this is that you can
do this in your city so we're trying to
we're trying to see how it works and if
it works in atlanta and you guys can
literally watch it work so if you guys
want to do something in your city we can
definitely provide the leads for you and
work out a deal and hopefully drive
people to you in the local area that are
hive users that way you could do it too
so it's just not for us so keep an eye
out for that next week like i said we're
trying to work on that we're trying to
work that out but definitely if you want
to do this in your area you could do it
too keith just messaged me right now he
said he wants to do in atlanta so if
you're in the atlanta area
it's probably going to keith he messaged
me first so this is going to be first
movers advantage if you're if you're in
a market specific and you want to run
we can be we can feed you all the leads
you want
all right
yeah one more thing again i'm just going
to reiterate to close this out
is you can do whatever you want by
yourself i was a one-man army for 40
you can do it by yourself i promise you
you can you can do it by yourself but i
think you're going to cap out at about
500 000 to a million a year
the way to amplify yourself in this
business and to make your numbers go
crazy is to get yourself around a group
of people go to a local rhea message
your friends on facebook post what
you're doing on your stories get around
more people and you can do two three
four five ten times the amount of volume
that you can do by yourself if you're in
a group setting so that's why it's so
important invite your friends and family
and strangers to these calls let them
know what we're doing tell them we're
getting real estate for free tell them
we're locking up a single deal that can
produce eight million dollars worth of
notes tell them to come have a look at
this i promise you they'll get excited
and uh you'll be able to do a lot more
work without you having to eat all the
stress and do all the work by yourself
go ahead claude you have a question
yeah not a quick question but my
question was you said um once you signed
up with hive money you said you were you
received a list up to 60 000. who would
i have to reach out for that because i
never got that
yeah it depends what plan you are you
don't get it at the math oh
it's at the grocery plans
oh okay gotcha gotcha that's enough
yeah and anybody who didn't receive it
you should have got a text or email
about it and if you have any questions
about it you can uh text our the 210
972 1842.
uh ira says i want to do this in dallas
the call start at 7 or 7 30. it started
at 7.
iris we're about to end
it uh any other final questions
go ahead steve
god steve
you're you're i can't hear you steve
can't hear you steve
go ahead junior
so i had a new user that's coming in had
a question and
she wants to know if is there a way
like on the platform
from keeping other like her team to her
users from deleting
messages or the leaving cards
uh i wouldn't give them access to cards
if they're having if they're deleting
them um she can limit their access as
far as their uh what they're able to do
and what not to do she can make it read
um as far as permissions on that user
but what about the conversations on the
conversation that the text when they're
replying back what are they deleted
they can't delete conversations unless
they delete the contact
and the other question was
can you assign the card to more than one
i believe you can
i think it would be multiple permissions
to the same account to the same amount
of information
yeah i believe you can i believe you
can't sign it so that's a good question
um i don't use the signing thing i
feature very much myself so i think that
i don't either that's why i didn't know
uh tell her to check out the the the
education we just released yesterday
i don't think i covered it that either
because i would have mentioned it but
i'll give you an answer on that junior
steve you got your mic working
yeah i think so can you guys hear me now
okay cool um nothing i was just gonna
just gonna dive in because i have my
final like tomorrow is the final
solidified setup for my my automations
for at least my sms
and i'm still comparing
drip campaigns and drip systems with
everybody you know and i luckily enough
i've been able to talk to some big
hitters and you know some people that
are doing mass volumes that uh you know
kind of guided me along the way and i
kind of just frankenstein together
uh drip campaign system right um but i'm
still looking right i think some of them
are too aggressive and so if anybody has
any examples of any of how they're doing
their drip campaigns i would love to to
you know i would love to see what
everyone else is doing here too because
this is going to be huge for us because
this is the most intricate
automation that we've been able to set
for you know especially in the sms uh
sector for us so
anybody has any recommendations or any
uh you know doesn't mind sharing and
letting me know what they're doing for
their drips drip campaigns you know
holler at me let me know anytime so i
just kind of want to toss that out there
can i can i can i jump in on this one
guys yeah yeah
so um
i don't have a definitive answer for you
on on like a defending answer for that
question but i will say this in my
experience my short experience um that
i've already lived i can tell you that
trying number one trying to perfect
you're gonna lose you might as well just
go ahead and do and run with what you
got and see what works the other thing i
can share with you as well uh
as well as in my experience is that
it's good to have multiple
because everybody has like when you send
out your campaigns you don't know what
situation those people are in and so if
you send them out if you keep sending
out the same ones the same ones there's
nothing you might lose some people
because they're in different situations
that's just my input i could be right i
could be wrong but i when i heard you
know what i heard what you said i had
that same question to daniel uh about
two weeks ago i believe and yeah so i'm
just just sharing that
dude that makes complete sense so kind
of what i've been trying to do is
i've been trying to create so like one
drip bucket and i said let's say it's um
not interested
i've been
having that bucket break down into
smaller buckets
you know so whether they're irate or
whether they're not interested at this
time or whether they're not interested
right now because they're not equity's
not where it needs to be
for example
um but i totally hear you um so i'm
gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna yeah obviously
i gotta get going right i gotta start
messing around with it regardless
um but i'm glad you said that actually
because i that gave me some ideas right
now so
dude thank you uh for bringing that up
not a problem not a problem yeah i was
gonna say something too
just yeah
yeah i was gonna say that yeah i agree
with keep um i'm a ready fire aim guy so
if the the faster that you start to take
action then you can start to make
adjustments as you go
and then another thing i was going to
ask is like what do you mean by too
aggressive like what what are they doing
hitting them too often
yeah too often
okay so here's another thing that you
have to consider is that if you don't
hit them
early if they don't respond at all if
they're not communicating with you at
all then there's really like no amount
that's too aggressive until they
actually tell you like yes they're
interested or tell you to f off
um so i would say yeah open up the tab
at early on like in the first week two
weeks you go pretty hard and then as
they if they still haven't got a
response yeah then you can start to
slowly taper off and drip but until
they've responded you know in any form
or regard then then you're not being
aggressive at all for sure yeah we have
a no response like drip campaign too
that's most definitely heavy um
but we kind of we just did it right now
i have it into five different buckets
i have not interested
you know no response
under contract
high asking price
and listed and that's kind of how i
separated them all for now um and that's
just what i came up with and i'm gonna
just pull the trigger and start moving
but uh but yeah for not interested in
specific that one right there i wanted
to be a little bit more touchy with but
it sounds like i'm probably just
thinking too much
yeah hey yourself you sound like me i'm
sorry anthony
no go ahead dude
i was gonna say yeah that sounds like me
and i'm here laughing as i'm listening
to you because i i was saying the same
thing like i overthink it um
real quick um
a funny story i had somebody call me
today uh i don't know who they were or
whatever but you know they had their
little campaign or whatever going i know
who you know i know that they were
wholesalers because they got on the
phone and this is exactly what they said
word for word
hopped on the phone i picked up the
phone that says hello they says
yes i'm calling about your property as
such and so such and such
what kind of money you want for it
i said what
are you wholesaling uh yeah kind though
but just tell me what you want for it
and i just busted out laughing
oh boy that's funny i want to get i'd be
like oh [ __ ] i guess i want this much
are you telling my whoever whoever gives
the price first loses buddy
dude you gotta have fun with it man yeah
but the reason why i said that the
reason i wanted to mention that that
phone call today is because of what i
just said earlier just get started bro
and you know sometimes there's no right
or wrong answer you just gotta feel it
around but i can tell you one thing the
way that person started definitely wrong
yeah you know what man and we've learned
you know and i kind of you know
i kind of uh explained the hype mind
like the always sunny in philadelphia
uh episode where that [ __ ] guy has
all these like sheets everywhere with
red strings and he's like oh you can go
this many ways and you know we come from
a background where we're doing a lot of
blanket marketing
right a lot of just wide net marketing
like last platform we're using was batch
right we're using them for a long time
so i haven't been able to get this
on on even even even on our sms
department i've not been able to get
this intricate before so i totally know
that i'm building my own personal
prison of overthinking um
so i'm trying to i'm trying to back off
a bit more you know tomorrow's the final
day for last set of the last set of
automation i need to set and we're
[ __ ] going bro
we're we're not looking back so you know
knock on some wood for me brothers um
because launch day launch day is
happening so we're pretty pumped
hey dude you have if you have any kind
of like if you want to share some
feedback maybe after day one and you
want to just bang in the group and say
hey he wants to have a quick little two
three person mastermind we'd be happy to
jump on and kind of look at some of the
data see what you saw on your end and
you know just see where the tweaks need
to be made but yeah man you're taking
the right approach just let it go and
figure it out so when we launched this
thing we didn't have any tweaks we
didn't have no automations we didn't
have no systems no processes nothing but
i promise you i was working the system
for the from day one before we knew what
to do any adjustments anything
and we just ran with it and started
getting contracts right away and then
another thing i was going to mention
uh one other thing i wanted to touch on
real quick is just have fun man it's
funny because gerard he's brand new you
know he's been i think in senate he
moved from montana he was an attorney at
a uh on for uh you know for a tribe
blackfeet tribe
and uh he quit his job over there and he
came down to san antonio to do real
estate with myself and evan right so he
moved across the country and i know he
was getting pretty beat up because i
could see the look on his face because
evan just had him on a text campaign and
he's just sitting there and he looked
kind of like a little frustrated but
he's a real easy going guy he's
light-hearted but i can tell he was
getting beat up and now i've been taking
every single phone call i've been
responding to every single message like
i've been telling him what to say and as
soon as somebody dials back then i would
just get on the phone and talk to the
and then i'm literally having fun like
i'm i'm poking fun at them saying stuff
they weren't expecting completely
non-salesy who said i had a property for
sale like i don't know i'm just trying
to figure it out and then you know
they're like hey you know there's no for
sale sign in my house i'm like is there
one on your neighbor's house you know
just completely having fun throwing them
up then they start chuckling hey you
have a blessed day like i have yet to
get cussed out and i've been taking
every single phone call for for evan so
i think it's about the approach to it's
just being light-hearted who cares if
they want to sell like hey have a
blessed day you know sorry if i ruin
your day i mean just super super cool
stuff and i think that's what makes this
business super fun is just if you're not
like having doing like self-amusement
having fun then it gets difficult anyway
blast through it see what you get back
and let's fix it let's go forward yeah
no doubt i'll keep you guys in i'll keep
you guys in touch man i'll let i'll let
you guys know what's happening it's
gonna get pretty wild
so i'm pretty excited we'll we'll rock
on man i'll chime in for sure
and also like i want to add as well if i
so um
i was i was talking to a seller today
you may never know who's coming across
like deals as well like they like like
like like like they could be coming
across deals too like i spoke to this
seller his name is stephen
he lives like way out in dallas he's
getting up like
80 contracts to make his tracks to
up to like 300
like up to 300 acre tracks as well
when you contact these people like you
can do business with them too possibly
you know and of course get around the
community which is very important
i think that's it i think uh this is a
great call man i really appreciate every
coming out today
uh i'm laughing because frank looking at
my martini glass so i have a my wife
just made me a martini
this is uh i got the mandarin origins
from michael rand's house i went to my
crown's house who's one of a hive user
in san diego uh last week
so i got some mandarin so now i'm
drinking i got my i got my hive juice
with a hive meeting so i appreciate that
the martinez martinis
those mandarins hit different in san
diego bro
they just hit differently
it's it's the martinez mandarin
all right we appreciate everybody coming
out that's it for today our next call
tomorrow is at 7 00 central and this
looks like a regular hive call we
actually have a guest speaker covering
um how to hire va's
so all right thanks guys good to see you
cats have a good day guys all right see
you guys
hey thank you all for being on gentlemen